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How to Hide App on Android Samsung

Apex launcher

First you need to download and install Apex Launcher. After that, you can proceed to the configuration:

  • In the program, select Apex Launcher as the desktop.
  • Click on an empty space on the desktop and hold for a few seconds. The program menu will open, where the main options are displayed.
  • Click on “Apex Launcher Settings”.
  • Select the section “Hide applications”.
  • Check the boxes for the applications you want.
  • Finish the action by clicking “Hide Applications”.

Now everything you need will be hidden from third parties.

How to find hidden programs

The search sequence depends a lot on the way the application was originally hidden. If you have used the smartphone settings functions, you must:

  • Open “Settings” in the main menu.
  • Select the section “Applications” or “Application manager” or “All applications”.
  • Click on the icon in the form of three dots and on the button “Show all programs”.

If you used a third-party program, you need to either reset the settings, or download the extension again using the Play Market.

Hide it pro

Hide It Pro is one of the best data hiding apps for pictures, videos, music and apps. You will not be able to see it as it is hidden in the menu under the Audio Manager multimedia player, which is protected by a user-defined password.

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Hide It Pro has the following features:

  • the extension is hidden from third parties under the multimedia player;
  • files inside the program can be sorted by folders;
  • it is possible to create a backup copy;
  • existing files can be shared through instant messengers, for example, WhatsApp or;
  • internal player can play video;
  • there are several lock options: by means of a digital password or fingerprint.

Thus, Hide It Pro allows you to move, distribute, delete or share files, while the application is hidden from prying eyes.

Note! Hide It Pro is not compatible with cleaning programs such as Clean Master, as they can view files and delete them as “junk”.

App Hider

Another application to hide private files is App Hider. The principle of operation is based on creating a clone of the extension that needs to be removed. It is she who is located on the desktop and in the task manager.

Note! This method has a significant drawback: in order to restore a hidden application, you will have to install it again by downloading it from the Play Market, since the original is deleted after creating a clone.

The sequence of work in App Hider is as follows:

  • Install App Hider by downloading it from the Play Market.
  • Open the application and select the program you want to hide.
  • Press the “Import Apps” button. When finished, the copy appears on the desktop and the original is deleted.
  • To uninstall, press the “Uninstall” button and wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

To enter a hidden extension, you need to click on it once and select the Launch option.

This method is considered the best if the user does not have root rights.

Why hide

The latest versions of Android have quite a few different applications and extensions that run in the background. In addition to those already installed by the manufacturer, there are others downloaded by the user. All this provides convenient work with the device, provides users with all the necessary options and capabilities.

Hidden built-in programs include:

  • GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.APK, which provides phone book synchronization;
  • DownloadProvider.APK, which allows users to download various data from the Internet or Google Play;
  • PackageInstaller.APK responsible for installing software.

For your information! Open the listed extensions on their own, the user cannot make changes to them, since the shortcuts for these applications are not displayed on the desktop or in the task manager.

What are hidden apps for? As already mentioned, they are responsible for the normal functioning of the device. You can access these extensions if you have root rights or using an android program to hide applications (if there is no ROOT rights).

However, experts do not recommend making changes without good reason, because:

  • making changes to the software can lead to unintentional violation of files, their deletion, unforeseen errors;
  • incorrect changes to the settings can lead to a decrease in the autonomy and performance of the device;
  • the warranty for the device will not be valid if you change the software settings yourself.

Note! The device will not be warranted if tampering with the software is detected by the user. He will also not be taken to the service center for repair.

Hidden programs on Android are mainly software packages installed by the manufacturer. They run in the background to optimize the device. Removing them can lead to irreparable errors.

Use to hide desktop icons from launchers

Another way is to use launchers to hide icons on the desktop. They are available for download in the Play Market. The only caveat is that not all versions of devices based on the Android operating system support them. The most popular are:

  • Apex Launcher;
  • Nova Launcher.

Each of them has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

All ways to hide an app on Android

The telephone has become an indispensable assistant in the life of a modern person. It stores a huge amount of information, personal photos and media data, work documents, various applications. If some extensions are available to the user, open, others are hidden from his eyes. Why is this needed? How to make an application invisible on an Android device? This article is about this.

Through the option “Second space”

On some smartphones, for example, Samsung, Honor, Huawei or Xiaomi, there is an additional function. the second space, which also allows you to hide programs on Android. It involves the creation of a second desktop.

Important! If this option is not installed by default, you can download it through the Play Market.

You can hide through the second space

How to hide an Android app with a second space:

  • Open “Settings” in the main menu.
  • Select the section “Second space”.
  • Click on the button “Create second space”.
  • Set password.
  • Choose the most convenient way to switch between the two desktops.

Now those applications that need to be hidden can be moved to the second space.

App Cloner

The utility helps to create a second version of the required social network, messenger or game, but with a changed package name and signature. In this case, the owner of the device does not need to have superuser rights. After the applications are installed on the device, the user can uninstall the software. This will not affect the work of the created clones in any way. They will continue to function smoothly.

In the main menu, you can select those programs for which it is possible to create a copy. But App Cloner doesn’t stop there. In addition to creating a clone of the application on Samsung, the program allows you to modify the icon. This is for ease of use. Changing the inscription, color and appearance will not confuse the owner of the smartphone. The product has a premium (paid) version, it allows you to make deeper settings: prohibiting access to data, transferring data to removable media, setting a password, prohibiting autorun and others.

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In order to use the option, the following conditions must be met:

  • set permission to install APK files from unknown sources;
  • run the program.

After installation, the clone will function simultaneously with the main messenger or game, it can be transferred to another device without additional settings and App Cloner.

How to create a clone of an application?

Modern devices already have a built-in option that allows you to perform cloning operations using built-in tools. You don’t need to download additional software or select various components. The latest models of smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer (for example, the flagship S8) have such a function. The Android One UI operating system shell offers a solution for copying applications. But there is a significant limitation. the system allows you to create a clone of only the messenger.

  • go to the section with settings;
  • then “Additional functions”. “Dual application profile”;
  • here you need to make a choice of the Samsung application, a copy of which will be created.

As already noted, the user will be offered a choice of those messaging services that are installed on the smartphone. After making your choice, a second utility icon will appear on the main screen. Each of them will be linked to their account.

In other versions of smartphones, the firmware offers a wider range of cloning utilities. details about creating copies can be seen in the video (for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

How to clone an app on a Samsung phone

Situations often arise when you need to have two copies of the same program or application on one device. The need may arise to separate private and public networks, work and personal account of the owner of the device, share the utility with a friend, etc. Let us find out: how to create a clone of an application on Samsung, will standard tools help with this, or will you have to use third-party utilities.


Mostly used to clone social networks or instant messengers. Features:

  • creating three or more accounts;
  • ROOT rights are not required;
  • free;
  • the created duplicate has a size that does not exceed 5 MB;
  • nice interface;
  • the developer has added design themes.


The principle of operation and creation of clones is similar to the above product. The 2Account program also creates a virtual environment in which the created clones are placed. There is a specially provided notification that signals the closure of the program in order to avoid accidents. The owner of the phone does not need super user rights. Features:

  • changing the location of shortcuts;
  • you can clone in whole packages;
  • copies are not available from the application manager and menu;
  • new shortcuts can be placed right on the home screen;
  • multiple copies cannot be created.

Users note that 2Accounts lacks additional options: you cannot set a password, there is no private mode. In addition, the software increases battery consumption.

Parallel Space

The utility has a different approach to creating clones. it creates a virtual shell sandbox, inside which additional programs are launched. This gives much greater compatibility, but there is a significant inconvenience. cloned applications will not be able to start outside the Parallel Space shell. Only the main ones will function. Super user rights are not required, but the program will always be in the smartphone’s RAM. Features:

  • there is no need to install APK files. the environment of the program itself is enough;
  • the process is extremely simple using the “Add Application” button;
  • mono shortcuts to bring to the phone desktop and run without a shell;
  • only one copy can be created;
  • the possibility of private installation from Google Play;
  • the user can create a protective field, inside which to place the selected copies;
  • no autorun after reboot;
  • notifications are sent separately for each copy.

Special programs for creating clones on an Android phone

If you cannot install the second version of the application on your phone using standard tools, you can use special software products.

Why clone an app?

Clones are copies of applications that function equally well, have no slowdowns, lags or glitches. Making a copy is easy, but here’s what it might be for. For example, a user has an account on any popular network. When registering, it goes through verification and links the page to a phone number. Officially, social networks do not allow the same user to have multiple accounts. In addition, many networks or forums can ban these users. But no one can prohibit having another application in which a single account will be registered.

This applies not only to social networks, but messengers, computer games. The whole family can play the same toy, but each member needs their own game account. A clone of the game will come to the rescue.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another convenient launcher for hiding apps. The program may require root rights, you can get them in the following ways.

To hide program icons using Nova Launcher, you should:

  • Open the app drawer.
  • Nova Settings Application Drawer Groups in Application List.
  • Tap on the item “Hide applications”.
  • Highlight the required programs and go back. Changes will be saved automatically.

Hide icons using the app drawer

Android 4.0 and higher has a built-in function for hiding application icons. To use it you need:

  • Enter the application panel. On the screen, it is indicated by a round or square symbol, inside which there are several squares. This section contains all installed games, utilities, etc.
  • Open the Applications tab at the top of the display.
  • Open a menu of additional options. You can find it either at the top of the screen on the right, or at the bottom in the right or left corner.
  • Highlight the icons you want to remove from the Android home screen.
  • Confirm hiding by clicking “Finish”.

To return hidden program icons to the screen, you can use the same instruction, at the last step unchecking the corresponding programs.

Apex launcher

Open Apex Settings Tab.

Enter “Application menu settings” (if there is such an item in the launcher), and then “Hidden applications”.

Highlight applications that need to be removed and tap “Save”.

Usually even the icon of the Apex itself is hidden. By unchecking the checkbox, it can be added to the Android home screen. Conversely: hidden applications can be displayed.

Hiding applications with third-party programs

Sometimes it is necessary to hide an application from prying eyes so that it continues to perform its functions without being displayed on the screen or in the menu. It is not always possible to do this by the forces of the operating system.

There is a way out. install the launcher (application for changing the interface) and use its functions. This method is applicable for Android versions that support the installation of such utilities (from 4.0 and higher). We list the launchers and methods of masking applications.

Hide it Pro (Hide Pictures)

The application can hide pictures, music, videos, other files and applications. In addition, you can set a password to open certain programs. You will need root rights to work with Hide-it-pro.

  • Run the program (in the menu it is disguised as Audio Manager). To do this, you need to click on the icon and hold it.
  • The application will ask you to set a password, as well as provide an email address. After these actions, the main menu will open.
  • Click on the “Hide Applications” icon.
  • Hide-it-pro will ask for permission to install the plugin. Confirm the action. In addition, the program will notify you of the need for root rights.
  • Open the item “All applications”.
  • Select the application icons that you want to hide, click “Ok”.

How to hide unwanted apps on Android OS

In this guide, we will look at how to hide an application on Android using various methods (including the standard one) and applications.

How to hide apps on Samsung phones in 1 minute

Manufacturers of Android devices (Google, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi) often add branded applications, of which there can be quite a few. At the same time, the owners of gadgets rarely use them. Removing applications using standard methods will not work, since they are built into the shell. But there is an opportunity to hide them; this will remove downloaded updates, application icons and unload the smartphone’s memory.

The need to hide the application also arises if the user wants to classify photographs or correspondence. In this case, you can hide the icons of the corresponding applications (instant messengers, social clients, Gmail mail) from prying eyes.

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How to disable the application

You can turn off unnecessary apps that waste your phone’s resources. As a result, the application will stop working even in the background. Disabling and hiding apps in this way is very easy:

  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Open the section “Applications” or “Application manager” (depending on the OS version).
  • In the list that appears, mark the applications that need to be disabled.
  • Click on the “Disable” button.
  • Confirm the action by clicking “Ok”.
  • The system may ask for permission to revert to the original version of the application. You must agree, otherwise disabling the application will become unavailable. Just click “Ok” and wait for the process to complete.

You can activate the program through Settings: go to the “Disabled” section and activate the required application.

How to remove a mobile application from the menu

We will describe the simplest way to remove a program from the general menu. But at the same time, it will continue to work and will issue system notifications (when you click on which you can activate the application).

Let’s take a look at hiding apps using Samsung Galaxy as an example. There are several steps to follow:

  • Enter “Settings” Android.
  • Select “Display”, and then “Home screen” and “Screen settings”.
  • There is another way: enter the list of applications and use the menu button to find the tab “Home screen settings”.
  • In the list that appears, open the item “Hide applications”.

Specify the programs that need to be removed from the menu and click “Apply”.

The marked programs will no longer be visible on the Android home screen, but will continue to function. To make them visible again, you can perform the same actions, respectively, unchecking the hidden applications.

Note. This method of hiding apps will not work if you are using any alternative launcher that is not installed by default on your Samsung phone.

Hide apps without changing the launcher

If you don’t want to change your launcher to hide apps, you can use the original way to mask an app in the app bar. You can simply change the icon image to a regular application (for example, the Calculator or Dialer application) so that no one can hear your application. Thus, the application will be in the application drawer, but hidden in plain sight. This is how you can do it.

Now select the application, select an icon from its library and click the “OK” button. Now it will change the icon image from the app drawer.

Note. If you are using Android 9 or 10, it cannot change the icon image in the app bar. Instead, a new shortcut with a new image will be created on the home screen. If you want to hide apps on Android 9/10 you need root and you can find the steps below.

Hide apps on Xiaomi devices (Mi / Redmi / Poco)

Open Settings and go to Applications. App lock.

Then swipe left and go to the “Hidden Apps” section located at the top. Here, turn on the toggle for the apps you want to hide. That’s all.

Hider App

Hider App, available for free in the Play Store, makes it very easy to hide apps on Android. After installation, configure the Protect AppHider option to set a PIN or fingerprint to protect your application from being deleted.

This will turn App Hider into a fake calculator that will allow you to access the hidden application and hidden applications only after you type the desired combination. It reminds me a bit of a Harry Potter passport, but forget about it.

At this point, use the Add app option to add apps to hide. Click item one and select Import Applications. Now make sure that the clone of the selected application is working. Then touch it from the inside and select “Hide”. Then tap the “Delete” option. The original app will be removed and disappear from the app list on the home screen.

I remind you, however, to be careful when working with WhatsApp or other applications that create local databases, because after deletion, this data will be deleted. This way you can hide easily. Messenger or Instagram. For WhatsApp, however, I suggest activating the block using pw or a biometric sensor (see below for how to do this).

How to find hidden apps on Android

First of all, download Lawn (Free) and install it on your Android device.

Hide Apps on Android OnePlus Devices

Swipe up from the home screen to open the launch menu. Now swipe right and Hidden Space will open. Click here “”.

Now select the apps you want to hide on your Android device. You can also click on the 3-dot menu and enable password to access hidden apps.

What third-party tools can do this

Approximately as easy as in ASUS ZenUI, you can hide the icon in Nova Launcher, GO Launcher, CM Launcher, Smart Launcher, downloaded from the Play Store. The first two are very popular among users all over the world, so we will focus on them.

In Nova Launcher, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the app drawer.
  • Select “Nova Settings”.
  • Open the list of “Applications menu” and in the “Applications” section select “Hide applications”.
  • Mark all necessary and exit by pressing the “Back” button (changes will be saved automatically).

Recently, developers have provided this feature for a fee. in the Nova Launcher Prime version.

Do not be upset for those who do not plan to spend money in the Play Store to buy a new design for their gadget. Smart Launcher offers all the same and with some add-ons for free! To hide the icon, just make a long tap on it and select the crossed out eye.

You can return it back by going to the launcher settings (long tap on the free space of the working screen, then swipe up), section “Security and privacy”, subsection “Manage hidden applications”. In the same section, if necessary, set a password for showing hidden applications (also free).

That’s it, the application will be removed from the home screen. You can open it through the search bar. Do not forget, after rebooting, the procedure will have to be repeated.

How to hide an app on Android. 5 easy ways

Often, device owners have the question of how to hide the application icon on Android. Not everyone wants outsiders to see the icons on the tablet or on the phone, and therefore there is a desire to hide them. But how to make the application hidden and at the same time have constant access to it.

In the article we will tell you about the most common methods, among them:

  • using the application bar;
  • thanks to the settings;
  • using launchers (Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher);
  • using Hide It Pr, Hide App, Smart Hide Calculator.

Hiding the application may be necessary if someone other than yourself is using your device. The other person does not need to be aware of the installed applications and programs. Also, the solution to hide applications will allow you to clean the desktop, give it an organized look and remove the icons of applications that you rarely use.

We hope our article will be useful and interesting, and you will learn how to easily hide icons and files on your smartphone. We wish you pleasant reading!

Using launchers

Third-party launchers are not a bad idea, because they will save you time and accurately perform the hiding efficiently. But there is one point, and its essence is that not every desktop can be used as a launcher.

Apex Launcher is downloaded from Google Play, and the program loads equally well on both the old version of Android and updated Android 9 devices. After downloading the program, go to the menu and select the desktop design setting. If you don’t want to waste time, skip a step and move on. Further, the developers offer a paid version of the software, but in fact, there are many settings in the free version, thanks to them you will do the job efficiently and competently, saving a lot of money. After skipping this page, select the desktop specified in the Apex Launcher settings and let the device remember it.

Now proceed to hide applications. Squeeze an empty space on the desktop and wait for the settings menu to appear. Select the Apex Launcher settings, in the window that opens, select the programs and click on the button that confirms the actions. Have you decided to restore the software and return the applications back? Then just click the “Restore” button in the drop-down menu.

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Nova Launcher is another launcher, but already paid. True, the developers offer an attractive set of settings, and you will experience the convenience of working with the software and tidying up your desktop. To hide applications and icons in the Nova Launcher application, open the settings menu and go to the Application menu item. Purchase a version of the launcher, then in the “Hide applications” tab, select the programs to hide from the desktop. Sequential actions do not raise questions, and therefore every user, even a beginner, can easily figure out with launchers. Their advantage lies in hints, and applications work with Russian language support.

Application bar

One of the simplest ways, however, you should follow the steps in sequence. In the menu, open the list of applications and programs, find in the upper right corner the image of three dots. a menu with settings for utilities. In the drop-down list, select “Hide / Show”, and then mark the applications. Confirm the action. Restore the software visibility in a similar way.

Using settings

The easiest way to hide apps and icons is in the settings. But it should be borne in mind that not all manufacturers provide this function. To do everything as competently and accurately as possible, you need to take step-by-step actions.

The first step. go to the settings of your phone, tablet and go to the program manager.

The second step is to find the application, file, utility that you want to hide from prying eyes. By the way, most often the method will work for system applications, but today manufacturers have made the settings flexible, most likely you will cope with different utilities.

The third stage. on the page with the utility in the menu, select the “Stop” item, and confirm the selected action. There is another way: select hide system applications in the settings, and the icons will disappear by themselves. In the search you will quickly find the required software.

Using applications

Hide It Pr. the utility provides a full set of settings only if the user has super rights. You can get the rights in the programs Magisk Manage and King Root. After downloading, launch the application and set the digital pin code. Next, in the menu, grant Root rights, select applications and hide them. Confirm the action and exit the software.

Hide App. download the application and launch the software. Check the programs that need to be hidden and confirm the action. The programs will be saved in the hidden category, at any time you will return them. The application is free, uploaded to Google Play, a full set of settings opens up different possibilities for users.

Smart Hide Calculator. also use access, confirming root-rights. Go to the program and don’t forget to set passwords. The first one is the main one, and the second one turns out to be a backup in case you lose the main one. In the Freeze Apps menu, mark applications and hide from view. Save the settings, in the same way return applications to the screen when required.

How to hide apps on different smartphones

Users often ask the question “How to hide an Android application on different smartphones?”. Let’s talk about the sequence of actions on devices Honor, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi.

On Huawei and Honor smartphones, the actions are similar:

  • refer to the gadget settings;
  • in the security and privacy section, select “App Lock”;
  • use the pin code stated when the device was turned on;
  • move the sliders to the active state in front of interfering applications.

On Samsung devices, follow these instructions:

  • go to settings;
  • in the “Display” section, select the “Home Screen” item;
  • in the parameters, click on the item “Hide applications”;
  • check programs and confirm actions.

Likewise, return icons if necessary. The work does not ask for PIN codes and passwords, search for hidden applications using the file manager.

How to hide apps on samsung phone

Hiding icons on Xiaomi is carried out in accordance with the following instructions:

  • enter the security panel;
  • in application protection, enter the standard password, go with biometrics;
  • in the right corner you will see a gear icon. click on it;
  • in the drop-down menu, select “Hide applications”;
  • select the required applications and confirm the actions.

How to disable the program on the phone instead of hiding

Instead of hiding the app, you might consider disabling it. This will automatically remove the icon of such a program from the screen. The use of system resources by this application will also be suspended.

The shutdown procedure itself is as follows:

  • Go to your phone settings;
  • Select “Applications” there;

How to hide an app in safe folders on your phone

Today, some mobile phone manufacturers have added Vault to create a safe space on phones. For example, you can remember “Safe folder” on Samsung phones, or “Private Space” on Honor gadgets.

For example, some gadgets from the Samsung Galaxy line have the ability to hide applications (as well as images, documents and other files) in a special protected folder. As with the app store, you need to enter a PIN or use a biometric security key to open a secure folder. Everyone who contacts your device will need this key to gain access to everything that is hidden in this folder.

Setting up a safe folder on your Samsung Galaxy phone is easy. Go to “Settings”, then select “Biometrics and Security”, then tap on “Protected Folder”.

Next, follow the instructions to set up the folder and generate a security code. Once everything is ready, you will find a secure folder in your application organizer.

In general, Android phones don’t do a very good job of selectively displaying files that are important to the user. Therefore, it will not be difficult to hide any application on your smartphone.

How to hide an app on your phone

Hiding programs on your smartphone is one of the ways to save important data for you in a situation when your gadget has been lost or stolen. Unfortunately, the operating system of most phones does not allow us to quickly and conveniently hide important data for us. But, nevertheless, there are ways to close the necessary programs from prying eyes. Below we will show you how to hide any application on your mobile phone. And we will list the tools that will help us with this.

Using a third-party program to hide the application in the smartphone

Usually, third-party apps that you install from Google Play or other sources cannot be disabled. It is much more difficult to hide such applications on a mobile phone. To implement our plans, we need the functionality of third-party programs that you can install on the Play Store.

Such applications can be in a variety of formats. For example, Calculator Vault hides applications in a folder disguised as another application. Sometimes such a cloaking application is fully functional, and sometimes it is just fiction. The idea behind the “Calculator Vault” is that a third-party user is unlikely to search deeper than on the surface, and it is there that he will not find anything.

Also note the “Apex Launcher”, which creates a completely new skin (interface) on your phone, including protected folders. A password is required to access the latter.

AppLock-level app stores do not even hide the fact that they are designed specifically for hiding applications. You set up a pin code to access the contents of such a repository. At the same time, this storage is visible to anyone who gains access to your phone.

The “Hide It Pro” application uses an icon in the form of a “sound manager”. When you first open this application, you see some kind of sound settings. Press and hold the app logo and you will have access to the secure section of your phone.

There you can find all hidden files, applications and other previously closed content.