How To Flip The Camera On A Laptop

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How To Flip The Camera On A Laptop

Asus laptop owners often face the problem of rotating the camera to its normal position. In this article, the instructions are disassembled step by step, using which you can easily solve this problem. Even a novice user can cope with this task.


How to flip the camera on an Asus laptop? Users often encounter such a problem after updating the operating system or with an accidental software flip of the screen. In the first case, the problem may lie in an incorrectly installed device driver. Then you will need to uninstall this software and install the software recommended by the device manufacturer. It is better to check with the card manufacturer for the sequence of actions to be performed if the image is accidentally rotated. You can rotate the picture on the screen to its original position using the map control panel or special key combinations. In this review, we will consider in more detail both the first and second cases.

What to do when you rotate an image?

With the transition to the Windows7 operating system, all major graphics adapter manufacturers have reserved special key combinations for screen rotation. In the process of chatting on Skype, you may accidentally flip the picture. As a result, the image from the webcam will turn out inverted. You can return all settings to their original state using a special key combination. So, for example, to work with Intel products, the CtrlShift combination is used, as well as the cursor buttons.

This issue is much easier to solve when using a special control panel for the graphics adapter. In this case, you must use the following aLGorithm of actions. Close all open programs and carefully examine the computer desktop: it should be upside down, just like the picture received from the webcam. Move the mouse pointer over the taskbar to the area where active tasks are located. If the image is upside down, then you need to aim at the upper left corner. Expand the list of active tasks. To do this, press the left mouse button once.

Then expand the graphics adapter control panel. She usually hides behind a special pictogram. At Intel, it looks like a black monitor, at Nvidia it looks like a green logo, and at AMD it looks like a red label with the company name. In the list that opens, you will need to select the “Graphics Options” section, then expand the “Rotation” item and select “Normal View” in the list that opens. After carrying out such manipulations, the image should automatically return to its original state. How to properly flip the image?

In a laptop manufactured by Asus, any webcam works under the control of drivers. If the wrong version of the driver is installed, the image may be displayed upside-down. In this case, you will need to reinstall the drivers. You can download the correct driver from the official website of the manufacturer. There you will be offered several options to choose from, so you will NOT do without manual selection. The operation may have to be performed several times before you can achieve the desired result.

To reinstall the driver, follow these steps. Calling the context menu with the right mouse button on the My Computer icon. In the list that appears, select “Properties”. After that, select the item “Device Manager” in the right column. Proceed to the Imaging Devices section. Next, you need to select the webcam you are using and call the context menu for it in the previously given way. Here, as in the previous case, you need to select the “Properties” item. Go to the “Driver” tab and click on the “Uninstall” button. The driver in use should be uninstalled.

How to find the right driver?

If you get an inverted image on your laptop’s camera, then most likely the reason for this situation lies in the installation of an incorrect driver. As mentioned in the previous section, drivers that are not working correctly need to be removed. New drivers can be picked up as follows:


After every reinstallation of the driver to fix the problem of the inverted image on the laptop camera, you need to check the operation of the device. The easiest way to complete the test is using the Skype program. Let’s describe the procedure for testing using this program for communication on the Internet as an example. The testing process is carried out in several stages. First, you need to go to the official website of the Skype program and register on it. After that, you can download the Skype program and install it on your laptop.

Launch the tool for communicating on the Internet by entering the password and login, which were selected by you during the registration process. After the program is installed, go to the “Tools” menu item. Here you need to select the “Settings” item. In the right column of the window that opens, select “Settings”. In this case, the current image received from the webcam should appear on the right side of the window. If it is displayed normally, then it does NOT need any further action. Otherwise, the process of selecting drivers should be continued.

Asus products are of superior quality and reliability. No laptop model from this manufacturer is an exception. But still, the owners of Asus devices sometimes face some problems, one of which is the incorrect operation of the webcam. This problem is not related to the hardware inside the laptop. In most cases, it is caused by improper installation of drivers. The most correct solution in this case would be to manually reinstall the drivers. You can find the correct driver on the official website of the manufacturer. The procedure for reinstalling drivers was described in detail in this review.

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How to flip the camera 180 degrees on pc and android

To flip the image on the screen 180 degrees and return it to its normal appearance, check for the causes described above and, if necessary, correct them.

To fix everything, do the following:

  • Checking which webcam driver is installed. If necessary, reinstall it or Install a new one. The problem with the driver will be indicated by an exclamation mark next to the display device in the task manager;
  • Go to “Webcam Settings” and look for the option to rotate the image. It can be named in different ways: turn, turn, flip vertically. For some cameras, the function name will be written in English: Rotate, Flip Vertical. In the settings of some devices, this option is available. This is especially true for webcams built into a laptop;
  • We are looking for a SIMilar function in the installed program to change the image, picture for an avatar. One of the options is WebcamMax. On our website you can download this program and read about it in a separate article. “Skype program for changing the face of webcammax”.

These methods work on ASUS laptop, pc, tablets that have Windows installed. If someone has such a problem on a phone with an android, there is an obvious solution to how to turn the camera so that it takes pictures correctly.

You should try to do the following:

  • Close Skype, restart it;
  • Reload the phone;
  • Update the version of the messenger or reinstall it.

Why does the camera show upside down on skype. what is wrong

There are several reasons why the camera on a pc, asus, dell laptop is upside down and shows us upside down.

This trouble occurs for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect drivers installed. This often happens during unattended installation, updating Windows 7, 8, 10 or using a standard driver pack. Another explanation. the driver does NOT work correctly;
  • Webcam settings. Most external and some built-in computer cameras have controls that allow you to flip the image;
  • Settings of the programs that were selected as the source of the image for the messenger;
  • Web camera. During surveillance, when you are filming something, an external Logitech device or any other device can sometimes be accidentally returned. Maybe that’s how it happened.

However, sometimes this is NOT a nuisance at all, but a trick. In skype, vk, chat roulette it’s cool to look different from everyone else. For many, this is such a publicity stunt. You can create your own mirror image, put my photo or background upside down and earn an extra hundred likes for this.

Fixing inverted skype image on pc and laptop

Hi everyone! As they say, if you don’t do something, then you don’t have any problems. So it is with skype. As soon as you start using this application, questions arise. One of the problems that many users face is the inverted image on the webcam. Perhaps you specifically photograph this way. And if not? Let’s see why the problem occurs and how you can solve it. This article will show you how to flip the camera in skype on a laptop or computer.

If you encounter the problem of an inverted image when making a call in skype, try to solve it using one of the methods suggested in our article. And if you find one that was not listed by us, we will be glad if you share it.

How to flip a webcam image?

Good day everyone, Dear Friends!

I, as usual, advice all of you to welcome on my blog!

Tell me, did you have such a situation. after reinstalling the operating system, your webcam showed an inverted image? Or maybe NOT inverted, but the display was mirrored, that is, from right to left? The latter is less common, but still it happens. In today’s article we will talk about how to return our webcam, or rather, the image from the webcam, to its normal position.

Inverted skype image

Most likely, you might have noticed such changes in your webcam in the Skype program, which is designed just for calls. Perhaps the problem is in the settings of the Skype itself? Worth checking.

We go to “Tools”. “Options”. “Options”. Here you will see your inverted image

Under the image, press the button “Webcam settings” and in the opened “Properties” window we can see all the available settings

Here, depending on your “problem”, you can choose one or both options:

Image Mirror Flip. an option that changes the mirror image from left to right;

Image Vertical Flip. the option that is responsible just for the “flip” of the image from top to bottom.

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Set the necessary settings, keeping everything and enjoy the normal display.

BUT! We may NOT see THESE settings. They are SIMply not available. As, for example, in my case

If in the case of Skype we only had to dig deeper into the settings of the program itself, then this is not really a problem. In the second case, the reason lies in the incorrectly installed driver or, rather, in the incorrect driver of our inverted webcam.

How to flip a webcam image?

We’ll have to work with pens.

Read further carefully, because errors are unacceptable here, otherwise you risk that the process will have to start over.

Well, download the latest driver from our webcam. I wrote here how to find a suitable driver. Or you can use the special program UpdateMyDrivers. Do you have a driver CD? Then you will need to copy the entire folder with files to your computer and make all the changes there. On the disk, you SIMply will not be able to save the edits that we make. By the way, try installing the native driver from the disk, it should also help and then you can not read the article.

And we will change the program code in one of the files.

I hope you’ve downloaded the required driver? For those who downloaded it from the Internet, most likely the folder is in a rar or zip archive. here you need to unzip it into a separately created folder. The picture is clickable.

Next, open this folder and look for a file with the.Inf extension. For webcams installed on ASUS laptops, for the most part, this file is called snp2uvc.Inf.

Note. The display of file extensions is disabled in modern Windows operating systems. To enable it, it is enough in ANY folder, in the upper left corner, click the “Organize” button. Select the “Folder and Search Options” menu item. Go to the “View” tab and find the term “Hide extensions for registered file types” in the long list. Remove the checkbox from this period, click “Apply” and “OK”.

Did you find the file with the.Inf extension? Excellent! Open it with Notepad (right-click on it, select the “Open with” menu item and select Notepad itself in the window that opens). Pictures are clickable.

Now the fun begins! We need to find all the timelines that contain the Flip parameter. This is done SIMply: press the key combination CTRL F. In the window that opens, write the word “flip” (without quotes) and press the button “Search next”. The picture is clickable.

As you can see, the parameter itself is automatically highlighted (highlighted) in blue and the number “1” is at the end of the line. Which we need to change to “0”. we SIMply erase one and write zero. Next, we repeat the search procedure for a term with the flip parameter, in each line Do the same until the search “says” something like “there are no more records with this parameter”.

Then, saving everything, clicked in the upper left corner “File”. “Save”.

All. Then we start directly installing the driver. In total, you should get something like this (the picture is clickable.):

  • In your specific case, the Initial digits in the flip parameters can be zeros, then we change them accordingly to ones. The rest of the procedure is the same. In my case, to “flip” the webcam image, it was required to make changes in two lines, in your case there may be more or less of them.
  • As I said above. repeat the search procedure for the flip parameter until the search “cannot” find any more SIMilar terms. And one more thing. if you need to change the mirroring, then the procedure is the same, only the parameter changes. you need NOT search flip, and Mirror and also change values.

All. That’s all for today, Friends! Tell me, did you manage to fix the “inverted webcam”? Share in the comments.

How to flip the screen on a laptop: different ways

When you play games or look at your smartphone, you rotate your mobile to a comfortable position 90 degrees to the right or left for your convenience. At the same time, the automatic screen rotation function is immediately triggered on the phone. Did you know you can also rotate the screen on a laptop? When you rotate it, you can view pictures from a different angle, adjust a more comfortable position for watching a movie, or just play your colleague, set the screen upside down or drop it on its side in a laptop with Windows 10 or 7.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a few SIMple ways to rotate your computer screen to Portrait mode (portrait orientation), and also show you how to quickly return everything to its normal position.

Rotate the screen using your map control panel

You can flip the screen on your laptop and in the settings panel of your card. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select the appropriate option which will open the “Adapter Control Panel”. Intel, NVIDIA or AMD. Alternatively, you can press the Win R key combination or enter “dxdiag” in the command field to access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. This is necessary in order to find out which card is installed in your PC.

If you have a card NVIDIA:

  • Right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the menu that opens;
  • Then select the “Display” category, and in it (the menu on the left will open) the item “Display rotation”;
  • Select the display (monitor) on which you want to return the screen;
  • Select the required orientation for the screen and press the OK key.

By default, the system uses the normal landscape orientation. But the user has other options for screen rotation:

  • 90 degrees left (portrait orientation)
  • 90 degrees to the right (reversed portrait orientation)
  • 180 degrees (landscape orientation reversed).

To return multiple screens at once:

  • In the NVIDIA Control Panel Navigation Pane, under Display Click the Rotate Display link. The corresponding page will open;
  • Select multiple displays if you want to return multiple screens;
  • Select the required screen orientation.

If you have a card from AMD or ATI:

  • Right click on the desktop and select “AMD (ATI) Catalyst Control Center”.
  • In the “Desktop Management” section, find the “Rotate Desktop” item.
  • Next, select the appropriate option:
  • Portait (portrait orientation)
  • Landscape (flipped). landscape orientation (reversed)
  • Portrait (flipped). portrait orientation (flipped).

After choosing the desired option, do not forget to name it OK for the changes to take effect.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to select Russian in the Control Center for Drivers and Settings from AMD, so you have to deal with English.

Rotate the screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10 through the “Control Panel

Like the method described above, changing the orientation of the computer screen through the “Control Panel” does not cause problems. Even a beginner can use it.

Press the Windows key (the logo key between Ctrl and Alt), type in “screen resolution” and press Enter.

If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows 8, click the Start button and go to Control Panel. Click the “Appearance and Personalization” section and then select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.

  • Select the screen settings item, namely the drop-down menu with the options “Portrait orientation” and “Landscape orientation”.
  • Select the one you want from THESE options and press OK to confirm your choice
  • To return from portrait to normal landscape orientation, press the Escape key on your keyboard.

Rotate the screen using the keyboard

If your laptop has a card, you can use hotkeys to quickly maximize the screen in Windows 10 or 7.

  • Press Ctrl Alt. To return the screen 180 degrees (down).
  • Press Ctrl Alt → to return the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • Press Ctrl Alt ← to return the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • Press Ctrl Alt. To return the screen to its normal orientation.

With the help of buttons, the desktop changes position on any laptop, regardless of the brand, be it Asus, Acer or HP.

If using a keyboard shortcut is not your method, there are two more options you can try.

Can’t maximize the computer screen

There are situations when it is not possible to make the screen turn over neither in Windows 7, nor in Windows 8, nor in Windows 10. None of the methods described above works. The most common prerequisite for this is that screen rotation is not possible due to a long time not updated drivers. Naturally, the problem can be solved by updating the card driver to the most recent version. To do this:

  • Go to the official website NVIDIA or AMD (depending on your card brand);
  • On the site, run the auto-detect card scanner;
  • Download and install the latest drivers for your card. Choose the “with installer” driver option;
  • Try again to return the screen to the orientation you want. Check if there will be problems this time.

If you find it difficult to understand the screen through the map settings or perform the required task using Windows tools, then you can use a more suitable method. To make it very easy to return the computer desktop, third-party developers have created special applications. Here are some of them:

  • Pivot Pro,
  • Irotate,
  • Eeerotate and others.

These are free utilities in which a laptop screen can be rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees and back with one click. It is noteworthy that a quick rotation of the desktop using THESE programs is performed (if necessary) on several monitors at once.


A SIMple service that allows you to check the correct operation of the WEB-camera and microphone. To check, go to the page webcamtest.Ru, click in the player window to enable Adobe Flash and provide the service with access to your webcam and microphone. After that, an image should appear in the player window.

If the pictures are comments, make sure that the flash-player is configured correctly, for which open the right-click menu, select “Options”, in the window that appears, click on the camera icon and select your device in the drop-down list. If the picture does not appear after that, then there is a possibility that you have some trouble with the camera itself or the drivers.


An English language service available at To test the camera on a laptop using it, follow the specified link, click on the “Play” button in the player window and allow the web application to access your device. If everything is in order, your image will appear in the player window, and the number of frames per second will appear in the upper right corner of it. The service also allows you to test the operation of the built-in microphone and keyboard.

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The fast-growing Internet messenger Viber also allows you to check the camera on your laptop. Open the application settings, go to the “Audio and” tab and select, if required, your camera in the device menu. Otherwise, in general, the image in the mini-player window should appear immediately.

The camera is checked in a SIMilar way in other messengers with communication support, for example, Skype, in the parameters of which you need to select “Settings”.

Use of online services

You can make sure that the device is working with the help of Special resources on the Internet, designed to check the camera on a laptop online. This is a universal method, suitable for all versions and editions of Windows, but you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. There are a lot of the most popular services, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the three most popular.

Checking a webcam through programs

To check the status of the built-in or external webcam, you can use any desktop or universal applications that support communication, and it is not at all necessary that these were popular programs like Skype. It is even possible that a program for working with the camera is already installed on your laptop, since many models often come with discs with useful proprietary software from the manufacturer.

You can try your webcam using the popular free VLC player. Launch the application and select the option “Open capture device” in the “Media” menu.

In the window that appears with the source settings, leave the capture mode by default (DirectShow), in the device name menu, select your webcam. However, you can test the microphone by selecting it from the audio device name menu. Having decided on the settings, click the Play button. An image from your camera should appear on the screen. The player will not please you with the quality of the picture, but this will be enough to make sure that the webcam is working properly.

How to check a camera on a laptop. online services and programs for checking

Communication technologies have become so popular and in demand that, perhaps, you will NOT find a laptop or tablet that does not have a built-in webcam. Even some models of desktop computers are equipped with this useful device, but if the PC does not have its own camera, you can always purchase and connect an external one to it. But the mere fact of having a webcam is still not enough, without the appropriate drivers and software it will not work.

In general, before you can start enjoying the benefits of communication, you need to perform a camera test on a laptop. It is not difficult to make sure that the device is functioning properly. You can test it in three different ways, namely: by means of the operating system itself, using Special online services or through a desktop program.

Webcam test

A service with a self-explanatory name that allows you to check a WEB-camera on a laptop online. Go to the page, Wait for the device to be detected (you will be notified of this), click the “Test camera” button and grant the application access to the camera. In this case, in the window of the player you will have to see what the camera sees. Additionally, the service supports the definition of camera resolution, the number of megapixels, stream type, luminance and brightness values, picture aspect ratio, bit rate and many other parameters.

Windows check

First, you need to make sure that the camera is detected and does not have any restrictions on the part of Windows 7/10. Therefore, first of all, we go to the Device Manager, look for and expand the item “Devices for image processing”, find the camera there and double-click on it. In the properties window, the status field should say “The device is working normally”, if the camera is disabled, the recording will be appropriate.

If you see an error message, the camera is marked with a yellow icon in the device list, or is missing altogether (there is some unidentified device), most likely you have a driver problem. Use DriverPack Solution or a SIMilar tool to find, install and update drivers, or you can download the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website.

If everything is in order with the definition of the device, we proceed to the next stage. checking the broadcast picture. First, let’s see how to test the camera on a laptop with Windows 10 and 8.1. Both of these versions come with a built-in universal Camera application capable of taking photos and. Find it through search or start menu and run.

As soon as you do this, the picture transmitted by the webcam will appear in the application window. In Windows 10, the Camera application can also be launched using the Scanners and Cameras Control Panel applet, but this is if it is present.

But with the “seven” everything is a little more complicated, because it has a standard tool for working with the device. If you are looking for a way to test the camera on a Windows 7 laptop, then see below.


Manycam is a program designed to customize and extend the capabilities of your webcam. It is mainly used to superimpose various effects on the image transmitted by the camera, but, like all applications with support for communication, it can be used to test the operation of the webcam. Install and run the program. If the device is in good working order and ready to work, a picture will appear in the player window.

Well, now you know how to check if the camera works on a laptop. Which of THESE three ways to use is up to you. If you have Windows 8 or 10, of course, the easiest way is to use the universal standard Camera application. It will be more convenient for users of the “seven” to go to one of the above-mentioned specialized websites or install one of the popular instant messengers on their computer.

Portable programs

How to find out if the camera is working properly if there is no internet or for some reason it is impossible to enter the chat? In this case, you can download a portable version of the program that is used to work with the camera.

Attention! The portable version can be run from a flash drive, rather than copying to the laptop’s hard drive. This greatly facilitates checking and does NOT clog the RAM.

All the required applications can be easily found on the network and downloaded for free to a flash drive. This software includes many products, for example: Ava Cam, CyberLink You Cam, Webcam Max and some others. It is NOT difficult to download the required program and run it, therefore this option for checking the device’s performance does NOT require special knowledge in this area.

Checking the camera on a laptop: ways

Any newly purchased laptop has a camera, that is, you do NOT need to perform any settings. The camera requires activation, since the manufacturer has taken care of the availability of the necessary drivers.

Including any application that uses a camera, this device starts automatically. This is indicated by a flashing diode located near the camera. You can find out whether the device is working in different ways.

How to check the camera on a laptop

In almost all new laptop models, the manufacturer provides a built-in camera. And given the fact that today communication via communication is becoming more and more popular, this option is very useful. But how do you know that on a laptop, the camera really works, and you do NOT need to go to the workshop for the time.

Software check

To check the drivers, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open “Start”, then enter the “Control Manager” menu, find “Device Panel”.
  • Now in the list of installed equipment you need to find “Equipment for image processing” and open this link by clicking on the arrow.
  • Click on the device, find “Properties”.
  • In the new window that appears, find the item “General”, the status of the camera “Equipment is working normally” must be indicated in the menu “Equipment status”. If this message does not appear, then you need to go to the “Driver” tab.
  • In this menu you can update existing drivers or install new ones.

Attention! Various applications can be used to find, update, and install drivers. The most popular is the Driver PackSolution program. The main advantage is that this software is completely free.

Using “Start”

The main stages of action:

  • At the bottom left of the screen, click “Start”.
  • Go to Task Manager, go to Hardware and Sound. In Windows 10, to enter the task manager, you need to name the Win button on the keyboard, then click on the arrow on the bottom left of the screen and go down to the end of the menu. Find “Control Manager” here.
  • Then you need to go to the tab “Imaging equipment”.
  • Now they will call the webcam, right-click on “Enable”.
  • Then you need to make the last check. they will call the item “Properties”, the broadcast image should appear.

Communication applications

This test option is universal and can be used for any laptop model. This method is characterized by checking devices using Skype applications, Mail Agent and other programs through which you can communicate using the device.

Why can’t I check the camera on a laptop

Usually, during the connection of the device there are NO difficulties, and the equipment performs its main task in normal mode without any failures and various malfunctions. But there may be exceptions.

In some cases, problems appear during camera detection and operation. If this happened, then you need to carry out a full diagnosis, determine the cause and, if possible, carry out repairs or correct the operating parameters of the device. The following malfunctions are most often noted:

  • System malfunctions, which can lead to various disruptions in the performance of camera functions.
  • Incorrect connection and subsequent parameter settings. As a rule, these problems are encountered, therefore you need to know the principle of connecting and adjusting the camera operating modes.
  • The format of the graphics card that is installed in the laptop is not suitable, or it is missing.
  • Infection of the OS with virus programs while downloading files from unverified resources from the Internet.
  • Lack of drivers and required software. In some cases, the problem appears during the installed old version, and not providing support for modern hardware.

Perform an external inspection of the device case, and adjust all system parameters, separately paying attention to the above problems.

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Equipment setup. How to turn on the webcam on a laptop

Now the webcam is one of the essential attributes of a modern laptop. Indeed, calls via Skype or web applications are a very popular form of communication today. By default, it is always turned on as a computer device and is powered. But here she is in an inactive state. Therefore, a lot of users do not even suspect about this, SIMply not knowing how it can be used and surf the Internet with the question “How to turn on a webcam on a laptop.” In fact, in 90% of cases, to activate it, you just need to launch an application that can work with a webcam. Unfortunately, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have built-in webcam utilities. Therefore, third-party software comes to the rescue.
The software that comes preinstalled on the computer may include such a program. If not, you can download it from the Internet.

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Another program that most likely you already have installed and which perfectly knows how to work with the camera is Skype.
To check the operation of the laptop webcam, you need to go to the program settings and find the “Settings” subsection:

There you can take a picture and see the result.
Instead of Skype, you can also use Google Talk or ICQ.
You can also try to launch a connection on the Odnoklassniki social network.

The second reason is that the webcam may NOT work, it is not installed drivers.
Often, friends, acquaintances or the so-called “computer wizards” from the ads are called to reinstall Windows, and as a result, the user gets a half-working system precisely because some of the drivers are SIMply not installed. To see this, we launch the device manager. To do this, press the WinR key combination on the keyboard and in the Run dialog box that opens, in the Open line, type the command:

This will open the Device Manager of your Windows 7 or Windows 8. Now we look at the comments whether there are any devices in the list with a yellow exclamation mark:

In my example, as you may have noticed, the “Intergrated Webcam” element is present. an integrated webcam, and just marked with the icon. This means that her laptop sees, but She will not work until you install the driver. What to do in this case? To begin with, right-click on it in the context menu, select the item “Update drivers”:

Searching for the driver on the computer.
If the system does not find anything, then you will need to go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and find the “Support” section there. In it you will need to select your device model and go to the section of downloading drivers and software (“Download Drivers and Software”). We are looking for a webcam driver, download the installer and run it. After restarting the laptop, the webcam will be turned on, of course, provided that everything is done correctly.

The third reason. the camera is disabled programmatically in the device manager.
To eliminate it, you will again need to go to the Device Manager and find the “Imaging Devices” section there:

There we find the laptop’s webcam and see if there is an icon with an arrow down on it, which means that the webcam is disabled. In this case, click on it with the right mouse button to open the context menu and select the “activate” item:

After that, we again try to run the program in which you use the laptop webcam and check its operation.

How correctly The above methods solve the problem in 99% of cases. The remaining 1% is usually hardware damage to the device. This is especially common on old laptops and you can fix such a problem only through a trip to the service center.

Reverse webcam image on ASUS laptop. what to do?

After OS update, some ASUS notebook models have an issue where the built-in webcam starts recording upside-down image. This behavior is only seen on Windows 10 computers that have been updated from a previous OS version. Find out more about how the camera is flipped on an ASUS laptop.

An inverted screen is often associated with a compatibility issue. Despite the fact that ASUS and Microsoft are working closely to fix driver inconsistencies in Windows 10, there are some laptop models on which users continue to experience this problem. Namely the models that use outdated Chicony drivers.

Install pending updated

Microsoft has already released several updates that fix the problem. To install them, follow these steps.

Open Windows Update with ms-settings: windowsupdate from the Win R dialog.

Click on the “Check for Updates” button to install all pending packages. If the system prompts a reboot, perform it, but be sure to return to installing the remaining packages.

When Windows is updated, open the camera and see if the image is upside-down.

Driver update

After upgrading to Windows 10, it is possible that the drivers for some reason were not updated during this process and remain from the previous version of the OS. As a result, due to car products compatibility issues, watching an inverted image when broadcast from a camera. Follow the instructions to update your device.

Go to the “Device Manager” command devmgmt.Msc from the Win R dialog box.

In the list that opens, expand the “Imaging Devices” tab and double-click on the built-in camera.

On the Details tab, click on the drop-down list of properties and select the “Hardware ID” option. Copy the value to e.g. Notepad.

Then go to the official ASUS laptop model support page and find out the name of the camera driver. Load the driver closest to the found Hardware ID.

Once downloaded, go back to Device Manager, Right click on your webcam and select Update. Then Click on “Search this computer”.

Then click on “Browse”, specify the folder with the downloaded files and follow the instructions on the screen until the installation is complete.

Restart your PC and check how the image is transferred. You may need to try several different drivers before you find one that fixes the inverted image.

Using a third party application

If the previous methods failed to fix the inverted image from the ASUS front camera, try using a third-party application. This decision is relevant in cases where ASUS has stopped supporting the used laptop model. For this we use the ManyCam program, which is available in the free version.

Download it from the official site. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen. Open the program and wait for it to initialize. Use the bar at the top of the screen to access camera settings.

On the Image tab in the “Flip Back” section, use the buttons to set the device orientation.

The only drawback is that before implementation, you need to launch the application each time to flip the camera image.

Flip the camera on an ASUS laptop

As mentioned above, the problem appears due to the wrong webcam driver. The most logical option would be to reinstall it, but this is not always effective. However, let’s take everything in order.

Flip the camera on an ASUS laptop

On notebooks from ASUS quite often there is a problem with the functioning of the webcam. The essence of the problem is that the image is turned upside down. It is caused only by the incorrect operation of the driver, but there are three ways to solve it. In this article, we’ll go over all the methods. We recommend starting the correction from the first, moving on to the next options, if it does not work.

Changing the driver manually

If the first option does not bring any results and the image from the camera is still inverted, before installing the driver, you will need to manually set certain parameters for the files in order to solve this problem. This can be done as follows:

  • First uninstall the old software and download the new archive from the official site. All these actions are described in detail above.
  • Now we need to lower the level of security of accounts so that in the future there is no conflict with the drivers. Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

Navigate to the Change User Account Control Settings menu.

Drag the slider down and save your changes.

Open the downloaded directory through any convenient archiver, find and run the only INF file. Depending on the laptop model and operating system specified, the name may change, but the format remains the same.

In Notepad, expand the “Edit” menu and select “Find Next”.

In the term enter flip and click on “Find Next”.

There will be a line in which you need to change the last number to 1 or 0, depending on what was set by default. Click “Find Next” again to find the rest of the terms with the same parameter, repeat the same action in them.

Finished editing, don’t forget to save the file and update the archive before closing. After that, reopen it and Install.

Reinstalling the driver

Some users install software for accessories using third-party software or download unsuitable, old versions from the official website of the equipment manufacturer. Therefore, first of all, we advise you to remove the old software and install the correct, fresh files. First, let’s uninstall:

  • Open “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu.

Go to the “Device Manager” section.

Expand the category “Sound and game devices”, find the camera there, right-click on it and select “Delete”.

This completes the removal of the equipment. All that remains is to find the program and reinstall it. Our other article at the link below will help you with this. In it you will find a detailed description of all available ways to find and download software to the laptop webcam from ASUS.


The only solution in case of ineffectiveness of the previous methods is to use third-party software that is suitable for Skype and other SIMilar communication services. This software can independently flip the webcam image. You will find detailed instructions on how to work in it in our other article at the link below.

Today we tried to tell as much as possible about fixing problems with an inverted camera on an ASUS laptop. We hope that this material was useful to the owner of the aforementioned devices and the process of fixing the problem was successful.