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How To Flip An Image On A Laptop

Display setting

If you have the necessary drivers on your computer, or after reinstalling them nothing has changed, and the webcam still shoots upside down, then in this case, you should look for a solution in its settings. If you don’t know how to set it up, there is no need to worry. everything is quite SIMple!

To quickly get into the settings of the web device, you need to:

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

  • Open skype;
  • Go to “Tools / Options /;
  • Click “Camera settings” under your picture;

After you have done the above steps, a new window will open. In this window, you need to find the image rotation function, which is present in most devices. In English, it is called Flip Vertical, which means “flip vertically”, or Rotate (rotation).

In different laptop manufacturers, such as Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Hp, Lenovo and for different camera models, the webcam settings window may look different.

This is the easiest way, however, to implement it you will need Skype, as most users have. If you are not one of them, then there is another option. a special program with which you can control the webcam. It is usually downloaded to the computer along with the drivers. In it you will find exactly the same function of rotation or vertical display, which was described above.

Laptop webcam shows upside down. how to fix

Quite often, this problem arises when the camera on a laptop points upside down. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? We offer three effective ways that will definitely help you. Don’t worry, the suggested methods are suitable for both PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer.

Object lesson

Application of third-party programs

If the above methods did not help you to configure the camera, and you still DO NOT know how to flip the camera image back, then only special software remains. The ManyCam utility, which you can download for free on the Internet, is guaranteed to solve this problem.

The installation process is SIMple enough that even an inexperienced user can handle it. The utility is suitable for all versions of Windows Xp, Vista 7, 8, 10 over, it is fully translated into Russian. After you have installed and run it, you need:

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

  • Open the tab / Sources and click “Flip Vertical”;
  • Close the utility;
  • Open Skype / Tools / Options /;
  • Find the “Select Camera” field and select “ManyCam Virtual WebCam”;

Now your skype image will be normal and you will always know what to do if the webcam is not showing correctly.

Driver problem

Most often, users encounter this problem on Skype. It occurs due to drivers and their incorrect installation. In our situation, this is the case when:

  • They are installed automatically during Windows installation;
  • During installation, a special driver pack was used (as an option, Driver Pack Solution)

To check what drivers are on your device, you need:

  • Go to “Device Manager”;
  • Find a webcam;
  • Name it with the right button and select “Properties”;
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab and carefully look at the supplier and the development date;

If the supplier is Microsoft and the date is no longer relevant, then the reason for the inverted image is precisely in them. How to fix it? In such a situation, you need to open the website of the manufacturer of a laptop or web device and download the current version from there for free.

Professional help

If it was not possible to fix the problem yourself,
then most likely the problem lies in a more technical level.
It can be: breakdown of the motherboard, power supply,
hard disk, card, RAM, etc.

It is important to diagnose and fix the breakdown in time.,
to prevent the failure of the second components.

How to flip the screen on a computer using keyboard shortcuts

The keys, called “hot”, the combination of which is used so that the screen, when turned over, returns to an acceptable format. this is another method that will help to cope with the task of auto products. This action is almost universal: it is used for Windows operating systems from 7 to 10 versions.

4 shortcuts that start with CtrlAlt:

  • The keyboard shortcut above, combined with pressing the lower arrow will result in the opposite display: upside down.
  • The combination with the “right” arrow turns the image on the device screen to the Corresponding side.
  • Pressing “←” is used to turn in the appropriate direction.
  • A By selecting “” the user will return to the classic display option.

Useful: if the user does NOT require a SIMilar function, and he wants to avoid such a problem in the future, then there is an opportunity to “remove” hot buttons on the keyboard of a laptop or computer: basic system settings are required. To do this, you need to call the context menu, clicked on the desktop with the manipulator right button. In the window that opens, in the graphical parameters, find the section that refers to these buttons, and turn them off.

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How to flip the screen on a laptop or desktop computer? 3 methods

It happens that the screen on a laptop has turned 180 degrees or 90. If it only looked strange, the question could have waited, but this also interferes with the comfort of using the laptop. This could happen due to an error in the system, for example, a “crashed” driver, accidentally pressing a combination of buttons located on the keyboard.

In this article, we have described 3 quick ways to help you return your laptop or PC screen to a classic, comfortable position.

How to flip the screen on a laptop, PC in Windows 7,8,10

The problem of the maximized screen on stationary computers and laptops is easily eliminated, regardless of the version of Windows. Installed on the device. You can solve the problem using different methods. They are all lightweight and fast. So, the user can flip the screen using the basic Windows capabilities (for example, Windows 10 Home 32-bit / 64-bit Ukrainian USB), using keyboard shortcuts, changing the device settings, and also updating the driver version.

Among the examples given in step-by-step instructions describing the causes of a malfunction and a way to fix it, there is one that will work.

How to flip the screen through standard Windows features

To fix this kind of problem, you do not need to install additional software or have “hacker” experience. It is enough to use the classic tools built into the system.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get to the desired settings is to find the “start” button in the taskbar, made in the form of a Windows icon, and call it the mouse button on the left. After that, the user needs to find the settings related to the screen through the search field.

Note: after entering the request. do not forget to confirm it.

When the list appears, the user will need to find the Screen orientation column and switch the display mode to horizontal. Then the user is required to confirm the changes that he made in order for them to work. The monitor will display the picture in the usual way.

Screen rotation via NVIDIA and AMD Radeon adapters

You can also cope with the problem by using the menu for the settings of the adapters installed in the PC or laptop (for example, GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 OC). The icon, by clicking on which, the user gets access to adjust the parameters of the installed card, as a rule, is displayed in the tray (on the taskbar).

Clicking on the left mouse button displays a menu in which the user needs to click on an item called “graphic characteristics” to find the main mode there, and then go to the main settings. In the field called “turn” the user needs to find the desired option, then press the “ok” key twice to confirm the selection.

Interesting: there is also an alternative, faster way to solve this problem. It can come in handy in case the above example did NOT fix the situation for some reason. After clicking on the device icon, move the cursor over the item that displays the graphical characteristics. The rest of the steps are repeated in the same way as in the above method.

In the case of using an AMD Radeon adapter (for example, GIGABYTE Radeon RX 550 2GB DDR5), users may encounter minor differences in feature designations. In the open graphics settings panel, the setting related to the on-screen parameters is located in the item called “Display Manager”, and in the classic view the screen is shown by selecting the “Standard landscape” option with a zero value.

The reason for such a problem, both when using cards that waste RAM, and graphics processors with separate memory, can be a mistake made by the user during the installation of drivers. For example, when searching for drivers on the network, the user could SIMply download the “beta” drivers, the testing of which was not fully completed. To avoid this, you need to download them from the manufacturer’s website.

Important: the names of the parameters and tabs may have some differences depending on the installed driver version, regardless of the brand of the device manufacturer.

All the methods described in this article are effective and performed quickly. In addition, they are suitable for any version of the operating system created by Microsoft, starting with the seventh and ending with the tenth. The owner can use the option that is most comfortable in order to display the screen of a stationary type PC or laptop horizontally. To avoid further problems, you just need to disable the option that involves the use of keyboard buttons, called “hot”.
Watch the short one. To find out how to fix the “twisted” display problem on Windows 10.

How to return the screen on a laptop, PC in Windows 7, 8

Most people wonder how you can return the screen on a laptop or computer to 90, 180 degrees in Windows 7.8. Maybe you want to joke with a colleague at work, view content from a different angle, or you have a problem, your screen has turned over and you do not know how to return it to its original position. In our article we will tell you in detail about the methods of how you can do this.

How to return the screen using standard Windows features

Windows 7.8 has its own settings for controlling the display orientation. To take advantage of this opportunity, follow the steps below:

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1. On a free space (where there are no shortcuts) on the desktop Right-click, then a menu will open in which you need to select “screen resolution”.

2. Next, a window of screen parameters will open. Here I am interested in the item “orientation”, next to Which the current position of the screen is indicated.

3. Tap on the screen position item (shown in the screenshot) to select a different orientation for your screen. Indicate the position you need:

  • Landscape. standard orientation
  • Portrait. rotate 90 degrees to the left
  • Landscape (inverted). 180 degree flip
  • Portrait (inverted). change position 90 degrees to the right

4. After making changes, click OK, after which you will see the screen position change and a message with a timer to confirm or cancel the changes. To avoid confusion, press the left arrow, then the Enter key. The window will automatically close and the changes will take effect.

How to flip the screen with a keyboard shortcut and through the Intel graphics interface

The method is often applicable for laptops. If your laptop or computer has an integrated Intel graphics adapter, then the easiest way to rotate the monitor image. This is using hotkeys. To do this, there are such key combinations:

  • Ctrl Alt up arrow. Returning the image to the standard position.
  • Ctrl Alt down arrow. Turning the screen upside down.

You can also do the same in the Intel Embedded Adapter settings:

1. Open Intel graphics. It is usually available in the tray next to the Minimize All Windows button. Click on the Intel icon, select “Graphics Specifications”.

2. Select the “main mode” of the application. In the section “basic settings” in the “rotation” area, set the appropriate position.

3. Click OK twice to commit the flip.

You can also, after clicking on the Intel icon, move the cursor over the “graphics options”, then “rotation” and set the required parameter. As a result, the laptop screen will return immediately.

If you have problems with the above method, and It does not work, then proceed to the steps of the next method.

How to change the position of the screen image via NVIDIA and AMD Radeon adapters

To return the screen on a laptop, computer in Windows 7.8, you can also use the software of adapters from well-known manufacturers NVIDIA and AMD Radeon. First, define your card and, depending on the manufacturer, follow the steps described below.

If you have an NVIDIA adapter, do this:

1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel by right-clicking in an open area of ​​the desktop and selecting the appropriate menu item. An alternative way to launch NVIDIA from the Windows tray or control panel.

2. In the left menu in the “display” section, select the sub-item “display rotation”.

3. On the right side, respectively, make a choice 1 of 4 screen positions (the positions are described in detail above in the way of standard Windows features).

4. Click “apply”, then click the left arrow and Enter to flip the laptop or computer screen.

Note: not all laptop models contain these settings.

How To Flip An Image On A Laptop

If you have an AMD Radeon adapter, do this:

1. As in NVIDIA, you can access the AMD panel from the menu by right-clicking on the desktop.

2. In the left pane, select “common display tasks” then “return to desktop”.

3. In the right pane, select the desired angle of rotation of the screen and click “apply”. Confirm changes.

We hope that the material helped you return the screen on a laptop, a computer in Windows 7, 8 to the position 90 (right, left) 180 degrees. If you have problems with rotation, it is recommended to update the driver. Then try again.

How to flip the Windows screen using the system

If the method with the Ctrl Alt Arrow keys did not work for you, go to the window for changing the Windows screen resolution. For Windows 8.1 and 7, this can be done by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Screen Resolution”.

In Windows 10, you can get into the screen resolution settings through: right click on the start button. control panel. screen. screen resolution setting (left).

See if there is a “Screen orientation” item in the settings (it may not be there). If there is, then set the orientation you need so that the screen is not upside down.

In Windows 10, setting the screen orientation is also available in the “All settings” section (by clicking on the notification icon). System. Screen.

Note: Some laptops equipped with an accelerometer may have automatic screen rotation enabled. Perhaps if you are having problems with an inverted screen, this is the case. As a rule, on such laptops, you can enable or disable automatic screen rotation in the window for changing the resolution, and if you have Windows 10. in “All settings”. “System”. “Screen”.

The screen turned over on a laptop. what to do?

If your Windows screen suddenly flips 90 degrees, or even completely upside down after you (and possibly a child or cat) pressed some buttons (the reasons may be different), it doesn’t matter. Now let’s figure out how to return the screen to its normal position, the guide is suitable for Windows 10 8.1 and Windows 7.

The easiest and fastest way to fix an inverted screen is to press Ctrl Alt Arrow Down (or any other, if you need to rotate) on your keyboard, and, if that worked, share this instruction on social networks.

The specified key combination allows you to set the “bottom” of the screen: you can return the screen to 90, 180 or 270 degrees by pressing the Corresponding arrows together with the Ctrl and Alt keys. Unfortunately, the operation of these hotkeys for rotating the screen depends on what card and software for it is installed on your laptop or computer, and then it may NOT work. In this case, try the following methods to fix the problem.

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Setting screen orientation in map management programs

The last way to fix the situation if your image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down is to launch the appropriate program to manage your card: NVidia control panel, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD.

Examine the parameters available for change (I have an example only for NVidia) and, if the item for changing the angle of rotation (orientation) is present, set the position you need.

If suddenly none of the suggested help, write in the comments more details about the problem, as well as the configuration of your computer, in particular in the card and the installed OS. I will try to help.

How inverted

What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How do I get the image back? In addition to “hot keys”, the flip of the picture is possible using the OS settings. For Windows 7 and 8, the following solutions are relevant.

The user should right-click on an empty field on the desktop and select “Screen resolution”. A menu should open with various options. Find the “Orientation” column. Choose landscape orientation or another, in case of non-standard settings, and save the changes.

There are several ways to change orientation for Windows 10 operating system. Start icon (Desktop) Second-click and select Toolbar and Adjust Screen Resolution. Set the orientation to landscape and click “Apply” and “Save Changes”. Another way, which is relevant for the tenth version of the operating system. On the desktop, click the second mouse button, find the term “screen options”. In the system menu that appears, set the landscape orientation, which is standard for all versions, and save the changes.

Users now know what to do if the laptop screen flips over. How to get it back from Windows 10 if this OS is installed on laptops that combine the functions of a tablet and a computer? In this case, make sure your device has an accelerometer. He is responsible for auto-rotate the screen depending on the position of the laptop. This function is available in modern smartphones and tablets.


If the screen on a laptop flips, how do I get the image back? There are ways to fix the problem. The picture can be flipped back using “hot keys”, normal settings of the installed OS and flipping in the card software. All these methods are effective and solve the problem quickly and without the help of a specialist.


The Windows operating system has many settings in which the user does not even know. What to do if the screen on a laptop suddenly flips? How to get it back and why did it happen? The fact is that one of the “hidden” system settings is image rotation up to 270 degrees. You can turn the picture upside down yourself, but it happens that Windows crashes and displays the image on the monitor in a distorted form. There are several reasons why the screen turned upside down on the device.

This happens due to user carelessness. Enabling “hot keys” responsible for screen rotation (CtrlAlt arrow) accidentally leads to SIMilar consequences. Software problems also lead to screen flipping. If this happens, the laptop may need to be diagnosed to help correct the cause of the inverted image. Viruses also become a prerequisite for this phenomenon. The orientation from landscape to portrait changes if the laptop is hit. What to do if the laptop screen flips over due to viruses? How do I get the image back? First, you need to check your computer with an anti-virus program; secondly, restore the system; third, reinstall Windows.

Setting in the map

What if my laptop screen flips? How to return it back? Windows 7 and later versions of the operating system anticipate the ability to customize the display using the card. If a discrete card is installed in the laptop by the manufacturer, then it has its own software. It is the card that is responsible for displaying the image on the device screen, so if it is turned over, you should look at its settings. If the card is from AMD, on the desktop field, click the 2nd mouse button and select AMD, look for the term “Common Display Tasks”. “Return the desktop”. Apply changes and save. If the card is installed from the manufacturer NVIDIA, press, as already described, call setup, select “display”. “display rotation”. Next, set the required orientation. As you can see, the problem of screen flipping is easy to solve on your own and without outside help.

The screen on the laptop turned over. How to get it back: quick ways

It so happens that the screen on a laptop has turned over. How to get it back and is it difficult to do it? These are the questions most often asked by laptop users. But there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon. If this happens, do not rush to call the master and do not panic. Try to correct this misunderstanding on your own. The recommendations in this article are relevant for Windows 7, 8, and 10.


What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How to get back to the correct orientation of the image quickly? There is a SIMple hotkey method for this. This option is suitable for modern operating systems Windows 7,8,10. Press the key combination CtrlAlt left, down, right, up arrow depending on the direction. This combination may NOT work on some laptops due to missing Corresponding settings.