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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard

Disable keyboard using command line

Open the command line as administrator and run the following command:

Rundll32 keyboard, disable

After doing this, your keyboard will not work and will cause inconvenience. You can re-enable it using similar commands:

Rundll32 keyboard, enable.

Temporarily disabling laptop keyboard

At this point, there are again two options for disabling: regular, that is, using Windows and using third-party utilities.

How to disable the keyboard using programs?

There are many different programs to disable the keyboard, so I’m not going to list them all, but I’ll talk about Toddler Keys. If you wish, you can enter “Programs to disable laptop keyboard” in the search engine and see other options.

So, download Toddler Keys and Install. After installation, launch the program from the control panel. The icon will be indicated by black letters “TK”.

Click on this icon with the right mouse button and select the “Lock Keyboard” item from the drop-down menu. After that, the keyboard should stop responding to pressing.

In addition, you need to do a couple of actions: uncheck the Disable Power Button and Lock Drive Doors items. For those who DO NOT know English, I explain, these two parameters block the on / off button of the laptop and disks.

To re-enable the keyboard, you need to uncheck the corresponding box in this program, that is, from the “Lock Keyboard”.

4 ways to disable keyboard on laptop

If you have a laptop, the keyboard and touchpad on it are essential components, without which it will be difficult to work on the device. Of course, there are alternatives in the form of keyboards and mice, which are connected via USB, but now NOT about that.

If you are going to replace the keyboard or the floor, you put an external one that can press on the laptop keyboard, thus interfering with comfortable work, the question arises, how to disable the keyboard on the laptop? It is possible that the keyboard is so damaged that it can cause defects in the computer, so it should be turned off altogether. In this article, we will analyze such points as temporarily disabling the keyboard, and disabling permanently.

How to disable laptop keyboard permanently?

Perhaps the keyboard is physically damaged, many keys do not work, or there is another reason. Then you can disable the keyboard permanently. precisely, not in the physical layer, since after reinstalling the keyboard will be turned on again.

You can permanently disable the keyboard completely using the Group Policy Editor. I want to say one important point. this option is available only in professional versions of Windows, but not in the initial and home ones. In Windows 7 it is in all editions by default.

First, open the Control Panel. This can be done through the Start menu, or by right-clicking on the Start menu and selecting “Control Panel”. Switch the display mode to large icons and find “Device Manager” there. By the way, you can still open it by right-clicking on Start, there is also this option.

Open the “Keyboards” tab and right click on the device by selecting “Properties”.

In the window that opens, go to the “Details” tab, and in the “Property” drop-down menu, select “Equipment ID”. Then copy the first line of the value. DO NOT close the window.

Now open the Group Policy Editor. To do this, press WinR and enter the command gpedit.Msc.

Then you need to go to the next item “Computer Configuration. Administrative Templates. System. Install Devices. Restrictions on Installing Devices”.

On the right side of the window, we can prevent the installation of devices. The item is called “Prohibit the installation of devices with the specified codes.” Click on this with the right mouse button and select “Change”.

Including this function and at the bottom click on the “Show” button. In the window that opens, paste the copied keyboard ID and click OK.

Do not forget to check the box below the “Show” button, it is called “Also apply to the corresponding devices that have already been installed.” Apply all changes and exit the Group Policy Editor.

Now you need to restart your computer. The keyboard will work only after reinstalling the system. If this method seems difficult to you, you can stop at the first two versions of this article.

What to do if you spill liquid on the keyboard

Let’s say it so happened that the laptop keyboard was flooded with juice, beer, water, wine or tea. What to do in such a situation? First of all, don’t panic. The first step, of course, is to remove the container and get rid of the spilled liquid. This can be done with a napkin, rag, toilet paper or sponge (just blot, not TRITE).

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Then you need to disconnect the laptop from the mains and remove the battery (if you get the battery, at least just turn off the device). You need to do everything quickly and clearly, because if you are Madley, you risk not only the keyboard, but also the laptop as a whole.

After that, you can more thoroughly and Take your time to clean the flooded laptop keyboard. You need to act carefully and make sure that as little liquid as possible flows under the keys. After that, you can dry the laptop with a hair dryer (do not forget about the cold air). Dried liquid residues can be removed with alcohol.

If you think that liquid has leaked inside the keyboard, proceed with elimination immediately. First of all, remove the keys where the liquid gets in. If the liquid has not yet dried, gently wipe it off. Be sure to dry everything thoroughly with a hairdryer. You also need to process the keys from all sides, under which the liquid has gotten, otherwise they will start to jam and issue a characteristic crackle when pressed.

When the main consequences of the incident have been eliminated, you need to check the contacts of the keys. They can oxidize as a result of contact with liquid. If this is the case, then you cannot do it on your own and you will have to contact the master.

Cleaning laptop keyboard Lizunov. External cleaning

Outdoor cleaning is the easiest way to clean the keyboard on a laptop. It will be enough if your keyboard is working properly and the reasons for cleaning are rather preventive. This is done quite simply.

  • First you need to disconnect the keyboard from the computer. If we are talking about a laptop, you need to turn it off and then remove the battery. Only then can you start cleaning.
  • Start by wiping the keys. This is done with an ordinary cloth (it can be dry, or it can be barely damp). First, wipe the keys on top, and then pay attention to their end part. A lot of dirt accumulates there, so be diligent, but neat, otherwise you risk breaking the keyboard.
  • After that, you need to clean the space between the keys from dust. It is recommended to do this with a special brush for cleaning the keyboard, but an ordinary soft brush for drawing or a toothbrush is quite suitable. Also, do not forget about the space under the keys, there is most of the dirt. During cleaning, it will be useful, if there is such an opportunity, put the keyboard perpendicular to the surface on which you are cleaning, then all the crumbs and dust will fall down, and not clog under the adjacent keys.

The steps described above should be sufficient for preventive cleaning. But, of course, due to the nuances of the keyboard device, it will not be possible to clean it completely. Chances are, most of the dirt will remain where you cannot reach with your brush. Fortunately, there is another option, how to clean the keyboard without disassembling it.

Using them is even easier: all you have to do is direct the tube attached to it under the base of one of the keys and press the button, and then, gradually changing the position of the tube, blow out the entire keyboard.

You can also replace the balloon with a regular hair dryer, but only if your hair dryer switches to cold air. Do not blow out the keyboard with hot air, as this may harm it.

But remember that while cleaning with compressed air is much more effective, it is still prevention. If your keyboard has already begun to malfunction, more drastic measures should be used.

How to clean a laptop keyboard at home

The keyboard is still electronics, which means that any water ingress on it can cause dire consequences. Then how can you clean it if you can’t use water??

In fact, there are several ways to do this at once. Next, we will talk about each of them separately. It should be noted right away that when choosing a suitable method, you need to pay attention NOT to the degree of pollution of your keyboard and other nuances.

Cleaning with alcohol

Cleaning the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol is a fairly effective procedure to get rid of dirt, drips, stains and other similar contaminants (which a vacuum cleaner or brush cannot handle). However, it, in turn, is practically useless against dust and crumbs, and then cleaning with alcohol is recommended to be combined with one of the previous methods.

Cleaning the keyboard with rubbing alcohol is pretty easy. Most often, cotton swabs are used for this purpose. You just need to soak them a little in alcohol, and then wipe them on the surface of the keys and the space between them. For convenience, you can pour some alcohol into a plastic bottle cap.

The only caveat is that it is not recommended to use ethyl alcohol for cleaning. It won’t harm your keyboard, but it can easily remove all the paint and decals from the keys. Use isopropyl alcohol.


If you cannot find a special vacuum cleaner, then you can use a mini-vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of a car, or even an ordinary low-power household vacuum cleaner. But do not forget to switch it to the lowest power, otherwise you risk ripping the buttons from the keyboard or in any other way harm it.

How to quickly and correctly clean the keyboard on a laptop from dust, dirt, debris and spills

Let’s reveal the secret of how to quickly and correctly clean the laptop keyboard from dust and dirt at home. We will tell you about the most effective means of how and how you can clean the keyboard of a laptop and computer from spilled liquid (if it has been poured with juice, beer, water, wine or tea, etc.), dust, debris and dirt.

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Who among us does not like to eat next to the computer, while passing the time watching your favorite TV series or news feed. However, this behavior almost always leads to one result. the keyboard gets clogged and has to be cleaned. Although it should be said that even if you have never eaten next to your laptop in your life, it will still need timely cleaning. Going to the workshop for such a trifle is not at all necessary, you just need to know how to clean a laptop keyboard at home.

Removing buttons

For a deeper cleaning of the keyboard, you may need to remove the keys from the keyboard and then clean everything inside. This should be done if, after carrying out all the above procedures, some of the keys still do not work, they stick or a crunch is heard when pressed. The process of removing the keys itself is quite simple and straightforward.

  • To begin with, it is recommended to take a photo of the keyboard so that when you start putting it back together you will not have any difficulties.
  • After that, you can start removing the keys. To do this, you need to pick up the key with some sharp and thin object (a knife or a plastic card is suitable) from one of the corners, and then carefully begin to lead to another corner, then to the third and fourth, until I hear a characteristic click, and the key does NOT disconnect. In this case, you need to be as careful as possible and in no case press on the keys.
  • It should also be noted that not always after this the key will be completely disconnected. In many keyboard models (for example, in island keyboards Acer, Asus or HP), the keys can rise, but they remain connected to the keyboard with special jumpers. You can gently detach them or continue cleaning if you think there is enough space left.

When you have disconnected all the keys, you can start cleaning. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of dirt under the keys. In general, you can NOT disassemble the entire keyboard, but only disconnect the sticky keys and the keys next to them. Still, it will be better to remove all the dirt. It will definitely not be superfluous.

Dry the keyboard

It is attached with a plastic latch. Pry them off with a thin knife or screwdriver.
Raising the edge. Next, disconnect the rest of the mounts.
It is not necessary to completely disassemble it. In a ventilated area or under a battery, the keyboard will dry in 24 hours. Next, check that all buttons work.

What to do first

To avoid repairing your laptop, unplug it immediately. Remove the battery.

There is a protective film on the keyboard that protects the motherboard from moisture. Remove liquid with a soft cloth.

How to fix the Enter key on a laptop

Large keys are additionally equipped with a springy metal element. It is used so that the key is pressed evenly. There are two holes on the inside where you can install the stabilizer spring. Further, in the same way as described above.

How to fix a keyboard button on a laptop

What if the key is broken? You will need a thin needle and a soldering iron. We put needles on the broken place so that it goes there by 1-2 millimeters. We heat it with a soldering iron until it melts into the mount.

How to fix a key on a laptop

Let’s figure out the reason for the breakdown. If the ignition button, pull it out with a screwdriver or needle. Place it under the button, gently lift it up.
Inspect it for mechanical damage. If it is NOT the mount that breaks, but the key. glue it with superglue.
Install the rockers in the special holes. The bottom mount slides into the lugs on the key. The top is brought to the seat by pressing to a characteristic click.

How to fix laptop keyboard after water

Imagine the situation: the keyboard is flooded with water. It turns out that you don’t have to go straight to the service center. Consider how to fix a laptop keyboard after water.

How the button works

The key consists of a rubber base with a contact that contacts the circuit when pressed. This leads to the execution of the desired action. Before repair, consider the button device.
It consists of:

  • Buttons;
  • The mechanism that holds it (lift). Consists of two interconnected parts. This is an X-shaped movable structure;
  • Spring element.

How to make a button yourself

What to do if the button is broken? Make it. To do this, use epoxy and plasticine, from which the button shape is made. Fill it with resin, dip the contact into it. Smooth the surface with sandpaper.

In case of water ingress Do not rush to carry the laptop to the service center. Try drying the keyboard. Work carefully to avoid breaking the fragile parts of the button.

If you are very careful in handling your laptop, then it can last a very long time. Laptops have a fairly durable case, and special bags are used to transport the device, which also perfectly protect the device. But oddly enough, mechanical damage is a very common occurrence. Most often, the keyboard takes the hit, which forces you to look for a new component or go to repair an old one. How to fix the keyboard on a laptop? There are cases when repairs can be done on your own. Let’s talk about THESE cases.

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The elevator fell

As mentioned earlier, the cover is attached to the elevators. If the lift is disengaged from the fasteners, then we will get a structure of two parts in our hands.

Such an incident can hardly be called a breakdown; rather, it looks like a construction set for adults. It is intuitively clear that the elevator must be returned to its place, and only then the cover. Don’t forget to Disconnect them. An elevator mount is usually made of a metal piece with two holes at the top and one wide at the bottom. Often they are deformed, then they need to be straightened before repair.

If the fasteners are in order, then proceed to the installation of the components itself:

  • There is a hole on the elevator where you need to insert a wide eyelet. The part needs to be corrected and lowered until the small ears are connected with the corresponding windows.
  • Everything should be installed easily. If the elevator key DOES NOT lend itself, then the matter is in the fasteners or incorrect location. Correct the situation and try again.

How to fix a keyboard on a laptop?

There is no way to return the broken mount to its place. If you decide to use glue, there are a few more keys to change. The best option is to start looking for identical analogs.

Replace the button

Let’s get down to restoration work:

laptop, keyboard
  • Examine carefully the part that has fallen off and the keyboard itself. If you DO NOT see any debris or defects, then the task is the simplest.
  • There are two grooves and two latches on the key cover. An elevator with two protrudes and two locks should have remained on the keyboard. Take a key, place it in its place and press down lightly until it clicks.
  • For high-quality fixation, it is necessary to act first on the lower part, and then on the upper one. If you did everything correctly, then the key will fall into place with comfort.

Gap dropped

It so happens that from the keyboard “escapes” key “space”, “Enter” or “Shift”. For such cases, there will be a little more operations. All these keys are equipped with a stabilizer, which evenly distributes pressing. The gimbal is the most common piece of stiff wire attached to the inside of the key. This wire has two ends, which must be inserted into special connectors on the keyboard, which are located on both sides of the elevator mount. Then the lid is installed in its rightful place, lightly pressed on it in the same order and fixed.

How to repair a laptop keyboard if both the cover and the elevator fell out? The task has become a little more difficult, but do not be afraid.

We repair the keyboard correctly

If you are still going to repair keys, then remember the following things:

  • Work only with a de-energized device. Remove the battery before work.
  • The keyboard design is usually the same on all models, so putting everything into place is not the most difficult thing to repair.
  • DO NOT use too much force during the repair, otherwise you risk breaking something.

How to fix a button on a laptop keyboard if it falls out?

The key is defective

Repairing a laptop key will only be necessary in cases where the keyboard has been attached with something hard. The lid may crack from such actions. The simplest way to solve the problem is to find a new identical part. But it is not always possible to find what you want.

If suddenly the cracks are insignificant and the lid itself does not fall apart from them, then we take glue for plastic in our hands and coat it in such a way as to hold it together. You need to glue very carefully, rub the composition evenly over the surface area.

There is another sophisticated way. to take the cover from another key of the same keyboard. You can take “

“Or another rarely used button. But there is one significant drawback. you have to get used to the new visual layout. Both of THESE methods help to resolve the issue temporarily. Better get the same cover.

What to do when sinking?

It so happens that the keyboard seems to be working, but does NOT behave properly. Here it’s not about buttons and fasteners, but about dirt that accumulates between the keys very quickly. If you are a lover of tea or coffee at the computer, then be prepared for such tricks. Have you already filled in the keyboard? Then it urgently needs to be disassembled and cleaned, but if you are late, you will have to look for a new one.

But it so happens that one button just sinks and does NOT return to its original position. The point is most likely in the elevator itself or the debris under the cover. We disassemble the keyboard, remove the blockage, dust it, dry it and check again. Most often, the simplest cleaning can solve such problems.