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How To Fix A Button On Your Laptop Keyboard


When the keys are not working, you need to understand what exactly caused the problem. Function keys (pages F1-F12) often become a problem, which, unlike others, can simply be disabled in one way or another.

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Since the most used component of any laptop is the keyboard, problems can be expressed in different ways, and therefore a thorough diagnosis should be made according to the recommendations described by us in another article. If only some of the keys do not work, the prerequisite, most likely, is a controller malfunction, which will be difficult to restore at home.

Fixing buttons and keys on a laptop

As part of this article, we will look at the diagnostic procedure and possible measures to repair the keys on the keyboard, as well as other buttons, including power management and touchpad. Sometimes there may be other buttons on the laptop, the restoration of which will not be described.

Recovering keys and buttons on a laptop

Keys and buttons on the laptop keyboard often break due to careless use of the device or due to the influence of time. In such cases, their restoration may be required, which can be done according to the instructions below.


Just like the keyboard, the touchpad of any laptop is equipped with two buttons, completely analogous to the main buttons of a mouse. Sometimes they may not work correctly or NOT respond at all to your actions. The reasons and measures for elimination of difficulties with this control element we have made in a separate material on our website.


For the purposes of this article, problems with the power button on a laptop are the most difficult topic, since you often have to completely disassemble the device to diagnose and fix it. You can get acquainted with this process in detail at the following link.

    After opening the laptop, you must carefully inspect the surface of the power board and the button itself, which often remains on the case. Nothing is obliged to prevent the use of this element.

With the help of a tester, if we have the proper skills, we will make diagnostics of contacts. To do this, you need to connect the two plugs of the multimeter with the contacts on the back of the board and at the same time press the power button.

If the button also does not work during diagnostics, you should clean the contacts. It is best to use a special tool for THESE purposes, after which you need to assemble it in the reverse order. Do not forget that when installing the button back into the case, you must replace all protective covers.

If the problems persist, the second solution to the problem will be a complete replacement of the board with the purchase of a new one. The button itself can also be re-soldered with Some skills.

In case there are no results and the opportunity to fix the button with the help of specialists, check out another guide on our website. In it, we tried to describe the procedure for turning on a laptop PC without using a power control.

We hope that with the help of our instructions you managed to diagnose and restore the buttons or keys of the laptop, regardless of their location and purpose. You can also clarify aspects of this topic in our comments under the article.

Working with large buttons

For “long” elements (input, tabulation, etc.) Due to a slightly different design, slightly modified installation rules are required. The differences in design are not only in their size, but also in the presence of a stabilizer made of rigid metal wire, which ensures uniform pressure along the entire length of the element. “Space” even has two metal rocker arms, so it is somewhat more difficult to install.

In the places where large buttons are installed on the metal substrate of the input device, there are a couple of additional ears for fixing the stabilizer.

But in general, the whole process even for the “Space” button differs little from the one described above:

  • Install the first stiffener in place, insert the ends of its fasteners into the holes on the substrate of the input device. At the same stage, the second stabilizer must be fixed in plastic grooves, which are located directly on the inside of the button cover.
  • The attachment ends of the second “rocker” will lead into special loops on the keyboard, put the button in place and press on its lower part with a click.

The other large buttons, which are designed with only one gimbal, are easier to work with. For them, the action is limited only to the last item of the sequence of actions described above.

Asus laptops

Basically, ASUS notebooks are very similar to Acer notebooks in terms of external and internal key structure, no major differences were found. So, when fixing buttons, you can follow the recommendations written above.

Button installation process on laptop

The installation process is as follows:

    Installing the swing on the metal part of the keyboard. over, it is necessary first to get the antennae under the most part, and then, by slight pressure, the two remaining antennae will enter the grooves.

Installation of large buttons is carried out as on a conventional keyboard. There is a small metal stabilizer that needs to be inserted into the slots on the keyboard. And then you need to lift it in order to install the lid strictly on it. If the setting is not correct, there will be no spring effect.

If the antennae of the key are broken, but you managed to find them, then you can use super glue to fix them.

What is required for DIY repair

If you decide to insert the key yourself, then you definitely need a needle and a paper clip or items that can replace them. If you need to make minor repairs, additionally take a soldering iron, knife, screwdriver, glue and small tweezers.

How to install regular square buttons

If the usual square button fell out, then it is very easy to return it to its place. But first, carefully inspect the structure of the element, all grooves and fasteners. If the design is standard, the process will consist of just a few simple steps:

  • Install the folding mechanism (the so-called lift, rocker) on a metal base and place it first under the large and then under the two small ears, slightly pressed on them. If the lift elements are separated from each other, Assemble them (the connection is made by the articulated trailer in the middle).
  • Fix the “lift” in the raised position with a regular paper clip.
  • Fasten the button cover to the folding mechanism, lightly press it down until it clicks lightly. You need to snap it first on the lower mounts, then on the upper ones. When installing, make sure that the cover is located strictly in the center, without moving, since the element fasteners are very fragile.

Everything described is true when the entire button fell out together with the fastener. If only the top cover has “fallen off”, then putting it back into place is much easier. you only need to complete the third paragraph of the description. Perhaps it will seem difficult to someone, but with proper skill, the key can be fixed in this way in just a few seconds.

Acer Laptops

Buttons on Acer notebooks are arranged as follows: inside there are two frames connecting in the middle and forming a so-called clamshell. Two protrusions are also attached there, which serve as a fastening of the button to the keyboard. Button designs are simple.
You may have such a situation that the connection of 2 frames is broken.

To solve this problem, you should take a thick needle with which you will push the small pins into the grooves. After the work done, you should put the button in its old place. To do this, you should fix the clamshell in a slightly raised position, you can do this with a paper clip.

Insert Button

And now we will figure out how to make a space bar on a laptop.

First, we have to pry the old key from the bottom on both sides with a screwdriver or a non-sharp knife and pull it up slightly. In this case, the button should bounce itself. Malfunctions could be caused by a breakdown of the system itself. If the system is really broken, then you should select some other button, for example Ctrl, Shift, CapsLock and uncheck it.

Carefully detach the spring mechanism, which is provided by pressing the button, and insert it into the space bar. After the work done, return all the buttons to their place.

If suddenly the button refuses to work due to the fact that it broke, you should take super glue and fasten the parts of the button. A small amount of adhesive is applied to both surfaces. The parts must be pressed together and held for 10-15 minutes. It is also important to remove excess glue residues before it dries, so that later you will not have any problems with it. Ideally, you should wait 12 hours before sitting down to work on your laptop again.

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What is a keyboard button in a laptop

Here are the elements of a button on a laptop:

    The lid itself is made of plastic with a lock;

How to repair broken keys

Usually, any repair of this laptop element comes down to replacing a broken part from a donor device. If you independently try to fix damage, for example, plastic clips or the “lift” connection, then the smoothness of the movement, noiselessness and softness of work The restored element can differ significantly from the neighboring one.

Sometimes, together with the button, a rubber spring glued to the film of the input device falls out. In this case, before installing the dropped element, it will need to be carefully glued strictly in the center with the wide part to the bottom. It is not allowed to move it to either side, since it must be located exactly under the conductive track and close it when pressed.

Note that the recommendations below are valid in most cases, but not always. Some manufacturers (especially Apple) previously differed in the original device of the buttons.

Therefore, always carefully study the structure before disassembling / assembling them. For example, for the case in the photo, the rule applies. first, you need to fix metal elements on the keyboard, and already a cover is put on them. However, for the most part, all modern laptops have a similar design, and all buttons on them are installed in the way described above.

Sometimes the keys will fall out as a result of improper handling of the notebook or a strong impact. If it is easy to insert it into a keyboard for desktop computers, then skill is required here. If you are NOT ready to put the key in place on your own, then you should contact the service center. Specialists will be able to perform all the necessary actions within five minutes. AND.

How to disable the keyboard or an individual button on the keyboard

Interaction with the computer largely takes place from the keyboard, which, if necessary, can even replace the mouse. The keyboard often breaks, for example, one of the buttons that is often used may break in it. In such a situation, it is not worth getting rid of the keyboard, since at the software level you can reassign the functionality of the faulty button to any other. In this case, there are opposite situations in which, for example, you need to completely turn off the keyboard. We will consider how to perform certain non-standard actions with the keyboard in the framework of this article.

How to disable keyboard in Windows

This may sound unusual, but some users in one situation or another have to think about how to turn off the keyboard completely. For example, it may be needed on a laptop, if it is left to the child as a TV, or if he has launched cartoons on the screen. To prevent the child from accidentally closing the video, it is enough to turn off the keyboard and mouse (touchpad). This can be done both by means of the system and by some third-party applications. Let’s consider the main options.

How to disable the keyboard using the system

To completely disable the operation of keyboard keys, it is enough to make changes in the “Device Manager”. You will need to do the following:

  • Right-click on “Start” and select “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu;
  • Scroll down the list of available devices to the Keyboards section and expand it. If there is only one keyboard connected to the computer, then there will be one in the drop-down list. Right-click on it and select “Disable”;
  • After that Confirm your decision by clicking “Yes”.
  • By following 3 simple steps, it will be possible to completely disable the keyboard on the computer, after which not a single key will work on it. To turn the keyboard back on, you will also need to go to the “Device Manager”, again right-click on the disabled pointing device and turn it on.

    Please note: In rare cases, the “Disable” button is inactive when you right-click on the keyboard. In such a situation, in order to disable the manipulator, it will need to be removed. When it is removed, you can enable it by clicking in the “Device Manager” button “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”.

    How to disable the keyboard with third-party applications

    There are a number of third-party programs that allow you to completely disable your keyboard. They do not differ much in terms of functionality, but they do have some differences in the interface and controls. There are two most popular programs that allow you to disable the keyboard of a laptop or any other computer on Windows:

      Keyfreeze. A very simple application that can be downloaded for free from the developers site. Launched it, you will see a window with a single button, which contains the inscription “Lock Keyboard and Mouse”. Clicked on it, the keyboard and mouse (touchpad) will turn off. To make the manipulators work again, just press the CtrlAltDel key combination, after which the Windows menu will open. Press Esc to exit the menu.

    There are dozens of other applications that allow you to completely disable the keyboard in Windows.

    How to replace or disable a button on a keyboard in Windows

    There are situations when you only need to disable one button, for example, if it sinks and is spontaneously pressed. You may also need to replace the assignment of one of the buttons to another, for example, if Esc is broken, set its action to the F12 key or another “useless” key on the keyboard. In such a situation, you can use the MapKeyboard program, which has the necessary functionality.

    Download the MapKeyboard application from the official developer site and run it to replace or disable a key on the keyboard. Next Do the following:

    • The keyboard map will open, which allows you to visually make the necessary settings. Press the key you want to reassign (or disable)
    • The button will be highlighted in green, after which you need to find the button in the drop-down menu in the “Remap selected key to” column, the actions of which must be assigned to the previously selected one. If you want to disable a key, then just set the Disable option;
  • When all the settings are done, click “Save layout”, then click “Yes”. Next, it remains to restart the computer or re-enter the profile so that the actions are applied.
  • It should be noted that if you need to reset all the changes made and return the buttons to their default values, you must click “Reset keyboard layout”.

    Non-separable keyboard repair

    Non-separable keyboards, from which it is impossible to remove the keys at home by yourself, are installed, for example, in some HP notebooks and modern MacBooks. And if sticking of the keys caused by the ingress of crumbs or dust can be eliminated by blowing the non-working area from a cylinder with compressed air, then only a service center or a complete replacement of the keyboard with a new one will save the spilled liquid.

    How to fix broken keys

    With physical damage

    If, for some reason, the key flew out of its place, it is worth returning it there. To do this, you need to prepare a seat for the button, removing all dirt and dust, as well as wiping the contacts and rubber gasket with alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to use acetone.
    When the alcohol is dry, you need to put the key back. There are two types of laptop button dropping out:

    • The key drops out together with the “rocker”;
    • The key falls out, but the “rocker” remains in place.

    In the first case, you first need to install the “rocker” in place, and only then the button itself by inserting the protrusions into the grooves. If the key cannot be fixed evenly, then its fastenings may be irreversibly damaged. In this situation, you need to contact the service center.

    Breakdown reasons

    The most common causes of laptop button breakage are:

    • Strong physical impact;
    • Spilled liquids;
    • Sticky keys.

    Depending on the cause of damage to the keys, a different approach is required to repair them.

    Spilled liquids

    If any liquid, especially sweet and sticky liquid is spilled on the keyboard, it must be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. For disassembly, use a plastic card or a small spatula, which gently remove the keys in the affected area, prying them from the bottom side.

    Then, using cotton pads with alcohol, the board and gaskets are wiped, and the keys themselves are wiped with damp wipes. After all the parts are dry, the keyboard is assembled in its original form.

    How to fix a button on a laptop DIY repair

    Many modern laptops have fairly compact and thin keyboards with very fragile keys. A broken, dropped or torn button on the keyboard is one of the most common reasons for contacting modern service centers. Is it possible to fix the button on the laptop itself and how to do it?

    DIY complete keyboard replacement

    If the keys are damaged irreversibly, you will have to replace the Keypad completely. Each manufacturer has a different way of fixing it: grooves around the perimeter or bolt-fixers from below. To change the keyboard completely, you must perform a certain sequence of actions:

    • Take a plastic card or putty knife and pry off the keyboard from the top edge.
    • After a section of about 10 cm rises, draw a map around the entire perimeter, and do not apply much effort.
    • If there is a lot of resistance, you need to check the bottom of the laptop for the presence of a screw with a keyboard icon and unscrew it.
    • Separate the keyboard from the case.
    • Pull the ribbon cable out of the connector on the motherboard.
    • Install the new keyboard in reverse order.

    If you are NOT confident in your abilities, it is better to contact the service center.

    Repairing a faulty laptop keyboard is a rather complicated process for the average user. Therefore, it is better to take care of it from the beginning: do not subject the keys to strong pressure, refrain from eating food at the computer, so that the buttons never need to be repaired.

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    Function Keys

    This section will be completely devoted to an overview of the main functional buttons that are used in the computer, as well as talk in detail about the purpose of these keys.


    When translated from English, you can understand that the main function of this button is to stop or cancel an action.


    It is also at the stage of extinction, since the combination “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V” has been used instead of it for a long time. You may have already guessed its function, and if, then its function was to copy and paste files, folders. It is most often used in conjunction with Ctrl and Shift. If used together with the first key, the “copy” command will be issued, and if used together with the second, the “paste” command will be initialized.

    Now let’s talk about the button, which today is a universal solution for all laptops. Its essence lies in the fact that, when combined with different keys, it is able to turn on and off different hardware parts of the laptop and change their states. Its functionality is best seen when combining with f1. F12. Take a closer look at the icons next to the name of THESE keys, they are highlighted in the same color as the “Fn” button. With the help of them you can understand what will happen when used together with “Fn”.

    Below is a series of function buttons with an icon; on your laptops, they may be different. Let’s figure out their purpose.

    Pressing together with the “Fn” key:

    • F1. Enabling or disabling computer hibernation
    • F2. Enabling or disabling Wi-Fi module on a laptop
    • F5.Decrease monitor screen brightness
    • F6 Increase monitor screen brightness
    • F7 Monitor off
    • F8 Switch display modes between laptop monitor and external device. Second monitor or projector
    • F9. Disabling the touchpad when using a computer mouse
    • F10 Mute
    • F11 Decrease sound volume
    • F12 Sound volume up

    Entering text information

    Typing text on the keyboard is carried out using an alphanumeric block. The location of the characters in it determines the keyboard layout. Today, the Latin QWERTY layout is common, the name comes from the first five English letters in the upper row for dialing, and the Russian one is QWERTY.

    Notebook. How to use the keyboard

    Hello to all blog readers. Tell your friends, have you ever wondered what great functionality the keyboard has in itself? Most people do not even suspect that with its help you can perform actions that can facilitate and speed up your work with your computer. Is it not sad that application developers sit and sometimes write commands every day that assign useful functions to key combinations, and only a few use these combinations?

    So, it seems to me that the time has come to correct this mistake, so that it would be easier to work, and the work of the developers was NOT in vain. In this article I will try to analyze in detail how to use the keyboard on a laptop. Agree, not everyone knows what is needed, for example, the “pg dn” button. But there are still a lot of such buttons, and they all carry some kind of useful function. These are the functions they conceal, we will understand together today. For clarity, I have placed below two photos with a keyboard: with and without a number pad. They are most commonly found in laptop designs.

    Numeric keypad

    Keypad without number pad

    Entering numerical information

    Any keyboard contains numbers in the top row, but it is not always convenient to type numbers from it. It is more customary to work with the location of the buttons as on a calculator, therefore there is an additional numeric block on the keyboard.

    The first step is to learn how to turn on the digital panel, although it should be said right away that it does NOT exist in all laptop models, but now it is already a rarity and, as a rule, it is installed in almost every laptop.

    To better understand how to include numbers, we will use two keyboards from different laptops (for clarity), one with a built-in Numpad, and the other without it.

    • A laptop with a digital block (see the picture at the beginning of the article). In order for it to be activated, click on “Numlock”.
    • Laptop without a digital block (picture below).

    If you do not have one, then you can use an additional USB keyboard, although this was provided by laptop manufacturers. When you turn on “Numlk” on a laptop keyboard without a separate numeric keypad, its role begins to play certain symbolic keys. In the next photo you can see it.

    The red circles show what will be printed on the screen when “Numlk” is turned on.

    Features of typing

    In this section, we will focus on the very aspect of typing on the keyboard, and also consider how to insert and use different characters. Let’s start.
    First, let’s figure out how to change the input language on the keyboard. To change the language, hold down “Alt Shift” or “Ctrl Shift” the language designation will change in the lower right corner.

    To enter a capital letter, simultaneously press the Shift key and the desired character.

    Sometimes, when typing, you have to kill some kind of abbreviation or something else, where only one capital (uppercase) letters go. And it seems to be nothing, but while typing the text while holding down the “Shift” button, unfortunately, it is not at all convenient, that’s why “Caps Lock” was invented. This button switches and fixes the input mode for only uppercase (Uppercase) or only small (lowercase) letters.

    There is a need to type something in large letters. you turned on this button and you type yourself as much as you want, while DO NOT hold down Shift all the time, and then press this button again and start typing in small letters.

    Now let’s walk through how to put certain symbols:

    Take a look at the picture above. On the buttons with numbers, symbols are highlighted in the second color: quotation marks, number, semicolon, colon, etc. This means that you can print them when you turn on the Russian language mode with the Shift key pressed. But in English mode, together with the pressed Shift key, other (white) characters will be printed.

    Don’t know how to put punctuation marks? The mechanism is the same “Shift” one of the buttons presented below. In this case, the Shift key calls up the symbol drawn at the top of the button.

    • How to put an apostrophe. You just need to press the Russian letter E in English mode. And if we press together with Shift, we get. Quotes.
    • Underscore: absolutely identical.
    • Multiplication sign. On the button with the number eight in English mode.
    • Roman numerals: just put English and write Corresponding capital Latin letters that make up the Roman number.

    I think the principle of getting a symbol from a button is clear to you, and you will figure out how to put other signs on your own. You can read more about hotkeys in my other article here.

    “Scroll lock”

    This button is almost never used today, at least for me. When turned off, it does not perform any functions, except for changing the position of the cursor, and when turned on, it makes the mouse cursor move the screen itself, for example, moves the page in the browser without any clicks.

    “Page up” and “Page down”

    Translated from English, “page”. Page, but “up, down”. Up, down. These buttons are used to scroll the visible part of the screen exactly to the height of the viewed application window in the operating system. But today the mouse wheel is used more often for this purpose.

    This button on the keyboard is presented in the form of a logo, a flag in circles. Also referred to as “win”. Used to activate the “start” menu, which in turn serves as one of the ways to launch various kinds of programs. Also in some applications it is used in combination with others, in order to activate or launch some additional option, function.

    For example, WinL. Blocks the computer. To continue working, you must enter the user password.

    I think I shouldn’t talk a lot about the “del” button, that is, “delete” is not worth it, as it is immediately clear that it is used to delete various files and folders.

    Some keys have been overlooked, such as Ctrl, Alt and Tab, due to the fact that they are normal shortcut keys and do not perform any fundamental functions by themselves. Although “Tab” and performs different functions: switching between items in the system windows, tabulation in a word processor. But for all the time that I use the computer, I rarely used it, only “Alt” “Tab”. Switch between windows.

    Here’s a little reminder. I hope this article was helpful to you. If so, share it with your friends on social networks (buttons below) and subscribe to the blog update. See you in new blog posts.

    PS: Interesting facts about the keyboard

    The key on the laptop fell off

    To say often, it is impossible. But it happens: a button on the laptop keyboard falls off. It doesn’t matter why. you can accidentally hook during disassembly, maybe just like that (there have been cases). Looks pretty funny.

    At the same time, it is not possible to return it to its place with a simple firm push (well, if it worked out, thank the Supreme Administrator).

    Then you have to talk about such things as dislocation of the button. Banter of course, but very similar to dislocation. In this case, a sharp needle will help us. Of course not necessary, you can use something similar.

    So, using the chosen tool, carefully pick out the button from the keyboard. You need to look at the raised part. it will be visible there. When we dig out, we will see something similar to this.

    Pads 1 are out of place here. Geometrically, they should be slightly lower and only partially visible to us. It will most likely NOT work that way, and you need to do an “operation”. First you need to unmount this part of the button. I recommend starting in loops 2.

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    How to fix a button on a laptop in 2018

    I can guarantee that on all laptops the same as on this screen I can not. I have not even seen how many. You may have to try different options. Now you need to attach this to the keyboard using loops 1 and 2.

    I think it is clear here that 1 should be worn on 1, and 2 on 2. I would only recommend starting with 2, it will definitely be easier and safer. When we fix this part on the keyboard, we get the following picture.

    In this forography, I have already shown the target key, which will need to be fixed (it is on top). I recommend to hook the button with loops 4 on the pads 2 from the bottom up. Then the loops 3 will be put on the pads 1 with a simple push. That’s when everything is ready. we get the desired result.

    Hopefully, following these instructions, you DO NOT break a single key. I appeal only to one thing. show Prudence about the applied force.

    The owners of laptops periodically need for various reasons, whether it is cleaning the laptop keyboard, or, as I often did, the child picks out the key in the laptop, remove the buttons or vice versa, install the key in its place.

    For this, in general, a simple procedure, we need a screwdriver with a thin flat blade.

    To remove the letter key, press down the lower part with the index finger, and in the upper part from the side, gently push the screwdriver into the place where the fasteners of the latch snap into place.

    This procedure will not allow the key to bounce far, and the latch mechanism itself will remain in place in the assembled state, which in the future will allow you to install the button in its seat without any effort.

    In the photo, the key almost flew away.

    Here is the button retention mechanism.

    If the button clicked, but remained in place, then we need to pick it up and pull it up.

    In a similar way, all keys in laptops are removed, except for the wide keys “space” and “shift”.

    To install the keys back into the laptop keyboard, Install it in its seat and push it down slightly with your finger. With a light click, the key snaps into place.

    Wide keys such as Shift, Enter and others are removed in a slightly different way. Since the keys are wide, to avoid distortions when pressed and to distribute the forces evenly, a metal rocker is installed on the back of the keys and there are two latches.

    This metal bracket is installed on all large keys.

    How to clean a desktop PC keyboard?

    If, however, crumbs are the cause of the blockage, some solid objects that have sunk into the keys, it is recommended to remove them. Before removing the keys from the keyboard, take a few pictures of the location of the keys on the phone, so that in case of mass removal of the keys, DO NOT mix them up.

    Removing the key is not as difficult and dangerous as it might seem. For ease of removal, you will need a nail file or a knife, with one of THESE items we will pick keys on the keyboard.

    Gently insert the tip of the knife / file under the key until it stops and either start slowly. Lift it up, or twist the knife / file to place it on its edge. Cover the key with your palm. it can quickly fly around the house. When you remove one key, then you yourself will understand how you best act and continue to shoot yourself. In order to insert the key into place, they will fall into a special groove and press the key, with an accompanying click, it must fall into place.

    If it so happened that you really spilled coffee on the keyboard or a similar drink, then here you need to:

    Remove all keys of your keyboard poured with coffee, and soak them in a container of water to eliminate coffee residues adhered to them. Then the place where the button stood, thoroughly Wipe off the coffee. You can remove only part of the buttons and soak them in water only if you are sure that only this part of the buttons has been poured and that coffee has not spilled into the keyboard. Speaking of the fillings. If you are sure that there is coffee inside (NOT UNDER the keys) of the keyboard, you can put the buttons back and your cleaning is over. If the buttons still stick, proceed to step 2 of cleaning.

    It’s time to disassemble the keyboard by screw. This is perhaps a little more difficult than the previous stage, but just as doable. Turn the keyboard over with the buttons down, you should see the screws, see what kind of screwdriver you need (Flat or embossed) and Prepare it. It is advisable to start disassembling the keyboard on an empty table so that nothing gets lost. Unscrew the screws one by one, and in order not to confuse which one, put them on the table also so that in the end they will outline the places of their screw on the keyboard. Naturally, this must be done if the screws are different, if they are the same Collect them in a handful so as not to get confused. When you unscrew all the screws from the keyboard, carefully separate the 2 parts of the keyboard. the bottom and the top.

    The key on the laptop fell off

    To say often, it is impossible. But it happens: a button on the laptop keyboard falls off. It doesn’t matter why. you can accidentally hook during disassembly, maybe just like that (there have been cases). Looks pretty funny.

    At the same time, it is not possible to return it to its place with a simple firm pressing (well, if it worked out, thank the Supreme Administrator). Then you have to talk about such things as dislocation of the button. Banter of course, but very similar to dislocation. In this case, a sharp needle will help us. Of course not necessary, you can use something similar.

    So, using the chosen tool, carefully pick out the button from the keyboard. You need to look at the raised part. it will be visible there. When we dig out, we will see something similar to this.

    Pads 1 are out of place here. Geometrically, they should be slightly lower and only partially visible to us. It will most likely NOT work that way, and you need to do an “operation”. First you need to unmount this part of the button. I recommend starting in loops 2. We work with the tool. Having released the hinges, we blame completely. When we disassemble the button, we get two components.

    If you look closely at the ends 1, you will see holes in which you need to insert the pads 2. You need to insert carefully because you will have to repeat. We will get something like.

    Here you need NOT to confuse where the top is because putting this case in place will be a bit tricky.

    Is it possible to fix keys on a laptop

    Laptop users are often concerned about a broken or missing key. After all, even one key that is out of order can become a prerequisite for great inconvenience when working with a laptop. over, taking a huge variety of computer models, advice on repairing one may not be suitable for another at all. Each laptop has a different keyboard design. Therefore, before using the general recommendations for fixing the keys, and not resorting to the services of specialists, it is necessary to determine the model of the computer device.

    How to clean your computer keyboard yourself?

    In this article, we will analyze how it cleans the keyboard, both external from a desktop PC, and a laptop keyboard. But first things first.

    Cleans the keyboard only when the computer is off!

    Replacing the keyboard on a laptop on your own

    Such manipulations should be carried out very carefully so as not to cause even more damage to the laptop. First of all, you must turn off the power, including pulling out the battery.

    Basically, the keyboard is attached to the base of the device using special latches or screws, which will NOT be difficult to remove. After that, it is necessary to disconnect the cable, which connects the keyboard to the rest of the devices. It is a rather fragile structure that can be easily damaged if careless. When replacing the keyboard, the flex cable must be disconnected by pulling up the black frame.

    Performing such actions does NOT present any particular difficulties. The only thing to remember is to be careful when handling fragile parts. So any user, having read the recommendations, can independently repair not only the broken keys, but also the keyboard itself.

    Causes of key breakages

    Most laptops have a fairly thin keyboard with short key travel. This leads to the fact that this part is most often subjected to mechanical stress. The most common causes of breakage can be:

    • Accidentally spilled liquid;
    • Clogging with household dust, dirt, pet hair;
    • Incorrect user actions during self-cleaning of the keyboard and so on.

    Of course, any breakdown caused by one of these reasons is unpleasant. However, after reading the necessary recommendations, users can fix the key themselves.

    In addition to the named reasons for the breakdown, there is also a factory defect or poor-quality parts, as well as software malfunctions that lead to a malfunction of one key or the entire keyboard. Only service centers are involved in the elimination of such reasons, since for this, first of all, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.

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