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How to find your Samsung phone serial number

Is it possible to fake the serial number?

The Samsung S10 is a popular phone and you may run into scammers trying to sell fake phones online. They may even show you the real IMEI numbers, which unfortunately can be faked.

In addition, the box and phone may also appear completely legitimate, which may lead some consumers to believe the phone is not a fake.

But the only thing they can’t fake is the serial number. So, if you are not sure about the authenticity of the device, ask the sellers to apply the dialing code.

If the phone is fake, it will most likely display something like “123456789ABCDE”. Plus, if the price seems too good for the Samsung Galaxy S10, then the phone is almost certainly a fake.

Understanding IMEI

Serial number and IMEI code can be easily confused. They have some similarities, but in fact they are different.

A serial number is assigned by Samsung to identify everything related to the device when it leaves the factory, including tablets, smartphones, televisions. literally everything electronic and electrical, from all well-known manufacturers.

On the other hand, IMEI codes are only for communication devices. over, at the international level, which has nothing to do with device manufacturers, including Samsung.

How to find the serial number of a Samsung Galaxy S10

You usually don’t bother with your phone’s serial number. This is until you need it, for example, when you need to service the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Or if technical support asks for a serial number when you are trying to resolve a problem. If you’ve never had to look up a phone serial number before, it’s understandable that you might not know where to look.

Find out all about it here, including the IMEI number.

How to find the serial number on your Galaxy S10

The serial number on your S10 has a special purpose. it is the identification number of your particular phone. The number consists of 11 characters consisting of numbers and letters. All information about your phone can be obtained if the serial number is known (of course, only those who have access to the Samsung system).

By the serial number, you can identify the factory where your S10 was built. You can also check the model and year of the phone and even the color of the case. There are two ways to find out the serial number of your S10.

Option 1

Unlike some earlier Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the S10 serial number can be found in the phone’s settings:

  • Click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Scroll to “About phone”.
  • A list of information appears. Immediately under the “Model number” you will see “Serial number”.
  • If necessary, click on the number to copy it to the clipboard for pasting into another document.

Option 2

This method will work in most cases, but the likelihood of success will depend on whether your carrier supports this feature. All you have to do is use the Samsung Galaxy dialing code that works with most Galaxy smartphones:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Enter “#”.
  • Click the dial icon.

You should immediately see two numbers. The first is the 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The second, commonly referred to as “SN”, is the serial number.

Can you find the serial number inside the S10?

Some S10 users rightly wonder if you can just read the serial number on the phone case or under the battery.

This is because many Samsung and Android smartphones have a serial number label affixed in these places. However, this does not apply to the Galaxy S10.

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The serial number is not physically recorded anywhere on the phone. If you’re curious, you can’t find it on the box either.

Tracking the serial number of your S10

If you’ve always been faithful to Samsung Galaxy, you probably know that a dialing code is a quick way to find out your phone’s serial number. But with the S10, you can also get this information in the settings menu.

While it might be a little confusing at first, the IMEI code doesn’t match the serial number. It is possible to change the IMEI code, but not the serial number, which will always give you accurate information about your phone.

Have you ever had to look up your phone serial number? Let us know in the comments below.

Other ways to determine

The above is the most efficient way to determine the period when a smartphone or other Samsung device was released. If necessary, you can use other methods.

Serial number on the box of the device

find, samsung, phone, serial, number

New smartphones always come with packages with up-to-date information about the gadget. The box must be labeled with the date. It is glued exactly when the device is released from the conveyor and undergoes a control check. The disadvantage of this method is that sometimes the sticker may be missing. If you buy a used device, there may be no packaging at all, or an unscrupulous seller may provide a box from another smartphone.

Each Samsung has its own unique IMEY number, which will help to find out the release date of the phone. The official website of the manufacturer offers a service that offers to receive data using a unique number. To do this, you need to enter your IMEY. You can find out the combination using the service code (#), by typing which the IMEI will appear on the screen.

You can check the link. You will need an up-to-date email address, and a response from the customer service will be sent to the owner’s mail. The downside to checking online is that the response does not come immediately. In addition, the reply letter may end up in the “Spam” folder and the user will not receive the necessary data. IMEY is available in the ways described above through the settings.

Samsung Phone Info App

In addition, the utility collects and stores more detailed information about the device.

Phone settings

To find out the serial number and IMEI, you can use the data stored in the operating system. For this:

  • go to smartphone settings;
  • select the section “About device”. Note that in some models, you will additionally need to go to the “Status” section.

Special sites

Third-party services will provide the necessary information about the phone. It is worth choosing with caution so as not to learn viruses and other malicious programs from the network. For example, the SNDeepInfo service. On the page that opens:

  • in the upper field, select a manufacturer from the proposed ones;
  • enter a combination of letters and numbers into the search line and tap on the “Check” button. The data page will instantly open.

How to Determine the Date of Manufacture of a Samsung Phone

For buyers of new Samsung smartphones, the date of their production does not really matter. However, there is a wide market for mobile devices that have already been in use. Then information about the series, the year of issue is of particular importance. For example, to understand if the seller is bona fide. Let’s find out: how to find out the release date of a Samsung phone, in what data it is encrypted, when exactly the device was activated.

Determining the release date of a Samsung smartphone by serial number

The official website of the South Korean manufacturer allows you to check the release date of the phone by the serial number. Each device produced is marked with a unique identification number. Serial combination locations:

  • directly under the battery inside the case (provided that it can be removed);
  • on the back cover of the gadget;
  • in the system information (section “About the device).

The number on Samsung Galaxy can be of two types: ending with a number or a letter. If there is a letter at the end of the combination, you must count five characters from it (excluding the letter). If the last digit. counting to the left is carried out taking into account it (five characters). details can be seen in the picture.

The sixth and seventh positions are of interest to the owner:

  • the sixth is the month of release (indicated by a serial number);
  • seventh. year of production, encrypted with a symbol.

What does ZoZPP say?

Thus, if the Samsung phone fails after the expiration of the warranty period, but within 2 years, the buyer will be able to make the relevant claims to the seller. At the same time, the owner of the phone will have to prove that the breakdown is related to a defect that arose at the production stage. It is possible that in this situation there may be a need for an independent examination.

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Paper and electronic types

Samsung has two types of warranty cards:

How do I check my Samsung phone warranty? Is it possible on the Internet?

This article will help you learn how to check the warranty for the products of this brand, as well as figure out what it includes.

How to check the warranty card by serial number or IMEI?

Users of Samsung products have the option of checking the electronic warranty online. This may require the serial number of the product or IMEI.

IMEI consists of 16 digits and is usually located on the nameplate under the rear access panel or written directly on it (if it cannot be removed). In addition, you can find out your IMEI through the phone settings by going to the “About device” section.

So, in order to check the phone warranty, you must proceed as follows:

  • First you need to follow this link.
  • In the window that opens, an empty form will appear called “Electronic guarantee check”. It should be filled in, indicating the IMEI of the phone (tablet) or the serial number (if you need to check the warranty of other equipment).

What is the commitment?

The warranty provided to customers of Samsung products protects the purchased equipment for a specific period of time established by the terms of the contract. This period starts counting from the moment of purchase of the product.

  • screen flickering due to improperly soldered display;
  • inoperative state of the cooling function of the refrigerator (due to defective compressors);
  • sudden shutdown of the washing machine during operation due to poor-quality waterproofing, etc.

In all these cases, the buyer can count on a free restoration of the purchased equipment at Samsung authorized service centers.

In general, the warranty provided by Samsung includes two types of services:

How to view / find IMEI and serial number on Android device

Warranty period for Samsung phones in the Russian Federation

According to the information posted on the official website of Samsung, the warranty for phones sold in the Russian Federation is 1 year.

After the specified period of time, any repairs to the product will be made at the expense of the buyer.

What is electronic design and what are its advantages?

This type of guarantee has a number of significant advantages over a paper coupon. The main ones include:

  • the ability to contact an authorized Samsung service without presenting any documents (receipts, packaging, etc.);
  • a defective product can be returned for repair anywhere in Russia;
  • if the buyer wants to give this or that equipment to someone as a gift, then he does not need to hand over the present along with the check (sometimes it is not very convenient to do this).

How to find the production date on a Samsung phone?

Some users try to find out the manufacturing date of their Samsung phone, but don’t know how to do it right. As practice shows, this procedure is quite simple. The main thing is to know what information is needed for this and where to get it.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Five Ways to Find EMEI / Serial Number

So, the date of manufacture of a Samsung phone is encrypted in its serial number, which can be found on a special plate inside the phone or on the surface of the back panel (depending on the specific model).

The serial number is a set of characters consisting of numbers and Latin letters. For clarity, you can give a specific example. R38K503SRVD.

The date of manufacture of a Samsung phone is determined as follows:

  • From the end of the serial number, count 5 characters to the left. However, there is one important nuance here. If the number ends with a letter, then start counting the required number of characters after it.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to the 6 and 7 characters of the serial number. They represent the month and year the phone was made.

So, in the above example, the date of manufacture of the Samsung phone is May 2018.

Summing up the above, it can be noted that Samsung is available to check the electronic warranty of the phone by IMEI. At the same time, the warranty period for phones on the territory of the Russian Federation is 1 year. During this period of time, customers can have a factory defective product repaired free of charge or have their money back (if the smartphone cannot be repaired).

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Ways to determine IMEI

The simplest and most common way to check IMEI is to dial the combination #, after which the number appears automatically on the phone screen. On some models, two digital values ​​may be displayed. No need to be alarmed, this is quite normal for devices with two SIM card slots. What if the smartphone cannot be turned on, or it is locked?

An ordinary user will not be able to find out IMEI by phone number. As a rule, most devices have this information in such places:

  • the inner panel of the phone under the battery;
  • SIM card slot (if there are two of them, then each must have its own number);
  • packing box (if the smartphone is certified and has original origin);
  • warranty card.

For smartphones based on the Android operating system, there is another very convenient way to determine the IMEI. If the device is unlocked and access to its menu is open, then in the “Settings” section there is an item “About phone“. By clicking on it, you will see “Device identifiers”, where basic information about the gadget will be collected, including the identification number.

With your phone turned off or not, you can use your Google Account. After logging in, you will find a complete list of devices that have ever been associated with this user. After choosing the model you need, you will see brief information about it and the IMEI itself. Using this service, you can even locate your smartphone.

How to find out the smartphone certificate

First, let’s find out the meaning of this abbreviation. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a personal 15-digit number of a mobile device. It is unique and is assigned at the factory upon release. IMEI allows you to identify the phone, establish its authenticity and detect it if necessary, even when changing the SIM card. This often helps locate the device after theft and return it to its rightful owner.

Older models used a phone certificate. a unique electronic document that was assigned to devices based on the Symbian OS. It also determined the authenticity of the smartphone, allowing or blocking the installation of additional applications and providing access to the full functionality of the device. Now only IMEI exists for these purposes.

This digital code is actively used by mobile operators. The 15-digit number is required for authorization on the network. The company may lock the device in the event of theft and the owner claims it. It is stored in memory and is nearly impossible to change on modern devices. You can find out the phone model by IMEI, its origin, year of manufacture, market for which the device was made, as well as other data.

Finding IMEI on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Searching for a 15-digit IMEI in gadgets based on the iOS operating system has its own peculiarities. When the machine is working normally, you can find out the identification number in the settings by going to the “General” section, and then “About this device”.

On the turned off or locked iPhone of new models, you can see the 15-digit number on the back cover. For older models, the IMEI is located on the SIM card slot. This applies to the series:

  • iPhone 4s;
  • iPhone 4 (GSM model)
  • iPhone 3G;
  • iPhone 3GS;

The IMEI on an iPad or iPod touch is engraved on the outside of the back cover, right below the Apple logo. Also, this number can be found in the online service iTunes, for this you need to connect the device to the computer. In the window that opens, you need to click on the phone icon and select the desired model in the proposed list. Then click the “Overview” tab and all the necessary information will be displayed.

In the event that the device is not accessible, you can find the IMEI on the original packing box. If it is not saved, you should use your Apple ID account (through a browser on your computer or using another Apple device with iOS 10.3 or later). Then, in the “Settings” menu, scroll down the page to the “Devices” tab and select the desired model.

These methods should help even an inexperienced user find out the IMEI of the phone.