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How To Find Your Packard Bell Laptop Model

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Packard bell how to disassemble. Model Q5WTC

Customer Complained about fan noise during CPU load. The noise began to appear when working in programs and games that are demanding on laptop resources, when the load on the processor and card is maximum. A Packard bell laptop is four months from the date of purchase, since it is still under warranty, the customer went to the service center, where after three weeks! Diagnostics, a conclusion was issued for cleaning the cooling system from dust, and this procedure is paid and takes up to five working days.

He took the laptop from the service center, the client contacted us. Let’s see how to disassemble a Packard bell laptop for cleaning from dust, and how much dust has accumulated during four months of operation.

As with any disassembly of a laptop, we begin by removing the battery. Next, let’s remove the back cover of the compartment where the hard drive, RAM and Wi-Fi module are located. The cover is fixed with two screws (fig. 1)

Fig 1 Removing the back cover

View of the Packard bell Q5WTC laptop without a back cover (Fig. 2)

It is necessary to release two wires of the Wi-Fi module (black and white) and Unscrew the Wi-fi module itself (Fig. 3)

We unscrew all the screws under the lid, circled in circles (Fig. 4)

With this part sorted out, now it is necessary to Unscrew all the visible screws on the back cover (Fig. 5). Please note the photo of this stage was taken with the back cover of the hard drive compartment, you will have it already taken.

Removing the CD-ROM from the Packard bell laptop (fig. 6)

Next, you need to turn the laptop over with the keyboard up and remove it. The keyboard is held in place with latches along its entire length. By pushing in these tabs (Fig. 7), you can easily release the laptop keyboard.

Disconnecting the 3 cables under the keyboard of the Packard bell laptop, and remove the top cover of the laptop (Fig. 8)

After removing the top cover of the laptop, you need to disconnect the five connectors shown in (Fig. 9)

Well, here it is an almost free motherboard of a Packard bell Q5WTC laptop, it remains for a small one Unscrew the two screws holding it on the back cover of the case (Fig. 10 and Fig. 11)

We carefully remove the motherboard from the laptop case. To see the amount of dust on the radiator grill, you need to remove the cooling system of the Packard bell laptop. To do this, unscrew the nine screws circled in (Fig. 12)

We remove the fan together with the heat pipe and see how much dust has accumulated over the four months of operation of the new Packard bell laptop (Fig. 13)

If necessary, clean up the remnants of the old thermal paste and apply a new one (fig. 14 and fig. 15)

Cleans the fan itself. In order to disassemble the fan, unscrew the four screws on the fan casing (Fig. 16)

Output. Even such a short period of use can affect the performance of a new laptop due to such a slight layer of dust on the laptop heatsink. Clean your laptop periodically (see Recommended laptop cleaning periods for details). Use laptop cooling pads, which can significantly reduce the temperature of the main processor under high loads.

Restoring the system from an image if Windows cannot boot

  • Set the BIOS or UEFI to boot the operating system from CD, DVD or USB disk (depending on the media of the installation disk).
  • Insert the disc with the system image into the drive (or Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port). Reboot your computer.
  • From the menus, select Diagnostics / Advanced Options / System Image Restore or System Restore (depending on the desired recovery method).
  • Continue the recovery process by following the instructions of the wizard and clicking Next. The program will carry out further work automatically.
  • Wait for the process to finish and restart your computer.

Run the sfc / scannow system file checker

Using this command, you can restore system files if Windows is functional and starts.

  • In the command prompt window, enter the command sfc / scannow and press Enter.
  • Run Command Term as administrator.
  • After restoring system files, you need to restart Windows.

Recover laptop files

Are you looking for a way to recover files from a Packard Bell laptop?

Packard Bell laptop data recovery

Repair and recovery of data from laptops of any manufacturers

What to do if your Packard Bell laptop breaks down:

Restoring your Packard Bell notebook may be required due to operating system malfunctions or hardware errors. The causes of failures can be clogging of the laptop with unnecessary or malicious software, the presence of bad sectors of the hard disk, overheating of the motherboard or card.

Methods for restoring a laptop are in many ways SIMilar to a desktop computer, but there are also some features peculiar only to laptops.

Start the recovery environment

If, as a result of damage to system files, the operating system loses its performance and does NOT boot, then the recovery environment will help you return the files.

You can start it: pressed the F8 key during computer startup or using a boot disk (or flash drive).

Note. The first option is possible only if a boot partition was created during the installation of the operating system. This partition is created by the system to restore it and, depending on the system, can have a size of 100 MB, 350 MB or 450 MB.

Launched the recovery environment, select System Restore or Troubleshoot PC. Menu item names may vary depending on the version of the operating system and how the recovery environment is started.

Recover laptop with hidden recovery partition

Starting with Windows 7, when installing the operating system on a computer, in addition to the main (work) partitions, hidden (system) partitions are also created. These sections are NOT visible in Explorer, they are only available in Disk Manager. Section titles: System Reserved and Untitled (Recovery Partition).

The System Reserved section stores the boot store configuration (BCD) files and the system boot loader (bootmgr). Thus, the system protects the boot files from being overwritten, and using this section, you enter the system recovery environment.

Also on laptops there is a hidden laptop recovery partition preinstalled by the manufacturer. Using this section, the laptop is returned to factory settings.

Factory Restore Packard Bell Laptop

To recover the system on a laptop, the same methods apply as for a desktop computer. An additional option for restoring your Packard Bell laptop is the option to return to factory state using a hidden recovery partition as preinstalled by the manufacturer.

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Note. When restoring the factory settings of the laptop: all user data will be deleted from the system partition of the laptop; the system partition of the laptop is formatted; all programs and applications pre-installed by the manufacturer will be installed.

To restore the laptop to factory settings:

  • Run the laptop factory reset (system reset) program.
  • Select the system restore (or factory settings) function from the proposed menu and follow all system instructions.
  • Wait for the process to finish and restart your computer.

Note. This happens differently in different laptops. In some manufacturers this utility is launched by pressing one or a combination of keys while turning on the laptop, others carry out the process using their own software (usually preinstalled).

Use the program to recover deleted files

In cases where files have been deleted from the Recycle Bin and it is not possible to return them using standard operating system tools, the most effective way is to use the Hetman Partition Recovery program.

  • Download the program, install and run it. Check out the program features and Step-by-step instructions.
  • By default, the user will be prompted to use the File Recovery Wizard. Click the “Next” button and specify the drive from which you want to recover files.
  • Double click on the disk and select the type of analysis. Specify “Full analysis” and wait for the disk scanning process to complete.
  • After the scanning process is finished, you will be presented with the found files. Select the files you need and click the “Recover” button.
  • Choose one of the suggested ways to save files. DO NOT save recovered files to the disk from which these files were deleted. they can be overwritten.

Where are the serial number (SN) and serial number identifier (SNID) of the device on my laptop or netbook?

The Serial Number (SN) and Serial Number of the Device Identifier (SNID) are located on a white sticker on the bottom of the device.

Where is the serial number and serial number of the device ID on my Acer TV?

The serial number and serial number of the device ID are found on the white sticker on the back of your Acer TV.

Using an Acer Identity Card to find your serial number.

For computers with a pre-installed Windows 7 operating system, Acer pre-installs a program that displays the serial number of the computer using an ID card.

In order to launch the ID card, you must:

  • Go to menu nbsp Start nbsp. Next nbsp All programs.
  • Click on the nbsp folder Acer nbsp
  • Click on the nbsp Identity Card program.

Also, the serial number is indicated in the BIOS, to enter it you need to press F2 at boot.

For Windows PC

To find out which version of Windows you are using, please click nbsp Start Course Pad System and System Security

You can see the Windows version in the window that opens

Where are the serial number (SN) and serial number identifier (SNID) of the device on my desktop computer?

The serial number (SN) and serial number of the identifier (SNID) of the device are indicated on the white sticker (label) in the lower right corner.

For the avoidance of misunderstanding, the serial numbers of Acer computers do not contain the letter “B”, only the number “0”.

How can I find out the OS version? Where is the serial number and serial number of the device ID on my Acer monitor?

The serial number and serial number of the device ID are located on the white sticker on the back of the monitor.

How do I find my model name / serial number (SN) / serial number of device identifier (SNID)?

Keypad sticker

The easiest way, which users often ignore, is to look at the device. You can find out the model of your laptop by the stickers on the top keyboard panel of the case. This is exactly a bright piece of paper, which indicates the type of processor, card brand and other data.

The model name on the stickers is in the very first line. Unfortunately, information about the performance identification number is not indicated here. However, the name of the laptop may be sufficient for the purposes of its owner.

Stickers on the bottom and inside the case

If you need complete data to answer the question of which laptop model I have, you should refer to the manufacturer’s certification labels. The same method is used when the keypad sticker is missing or damaged. For example, due to careless tearing of the price tag applied by sellers.

A sticker with full manufacturer’s data is located on the bottom of the laptop case. Here are listed:

  • Model series name;
  • Alphanumeric performance identifier;
  • Unique serial number of the device;
  • Date of manufacture of the product and the name of the manufacturer;
  • Factory code;
  • Data on used supply voltage and operating currents.

This sticker is found on all laptops HP pavilion, Acer, Lenovo, Packard bell worthy. But what if the manufacturer’s certification mark is completely absent? Then you need to find the second one, which is always located in the service area of ​​the case, namely under the battery.

Disconnect the laptop battery. To do this, release the locks that fix the latches. How to do this is clearly indicated by an icon on each of them. After removing the battery, the user can see the manufacturer’s sticker with all the necessary data on the bottom of its compartment.

On a note! In SEPARATE brands, the service information tag may be located directly on the battery. This applies primarily to Sony products using only certified power supplies.

Third party utilities

Today there are many systems that allow you to programmatically find out the name of the laptop model. It is almost impossible to give a complete list of them, since new utilities are constantly being released. The most popular is Aida64. It is paid, but the developer offers a test period of 30 days, during which you can use the program without restrictions. After installing and launching Aida, just refer to the sections Summary Information or DMI. System. Here in the items Motherboard or Manufacturer, Product there is sufficient information about the device.

The second SIMple and popular utility is called CPUID HWMonitor. It is free and is designed to monitor CPU temperature. However, along with this data, it correctly determines the name of the laptop model. The sought-after information is thrown immediately after expanding the main section on the screen. These devices are listed as Manufacturer Model Name. Decrypting them is completely easy for any user.

How to determine your laptop model

The most diverse users often need to look at the laptop model. This can happen when buying a device from hand, or when looking for spare parts to increase system performance. Determining which modification of the product belongs to or is only considered for purchase by the user is quite SIMple. The way to find out the model of a laptop can be either referring to the manufacturer’s documentation and certification, or using software utilities.


The name of a laptop manufactured by one of the most common brands on the market is always given in the settings, mandatory means of monitoring the operation of the motherboard. To get the information you are looking for, you need to enter the BIOS. Login order may vary.

  • In HP, Asus laptops, including the popular Asus rog series, you need to press the F1, F2, F10 button. Most second-hand models can use the same key.
  • In Lenovo, Sony VAIO laptops, you need to press the hardware button to enter the BIOS. In Sony, this is Assist above the keyboard, in Lenovo. a small round switch in the far corner of the end of the case, usually on the left.
  • Dell, Packard bell may require pressing one of the F2, F1, F3, Del buttons.

See Main or Info for model name information. This is usually the screen that the user immediately gets to after entering the BIOS. Here, in the Product Information (Name), the short name of the model is given.

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In the operating system

Data on the name of a laptop on Windows 7 or on Windows 10 is easy to find. To do this, just right-click on the Computer icon and select Properties from the drop-down menu. In the window that appears, in the data area in the system, the short name of the model is given.

The second method, which also works on Windows 8, is to retrieve data using the command line. In order to programmatically determine the name of the laptop, you need:

  • Press Win (with a checkbox, on the left, in the bottom row of keys) R;
  • Enter the cmd command and click OK;
  • In the black window that appears, after the prompt, type wmic csproduct get name;

When the command is executed, the device name recorded in the BIOS is displayed on a black screen. After the required data is received through the command period, the window on the screen can be closed.

Diagnostic tools

In a system of the Windows family of any version, there are two software tools at once, the output of which indicates the name of the laptop model. One of them is called the DirectX Diagnostic Utility.

To run this program, you need:

  • Press WinR;
  • In the window that appears, enter dxdiag at the command line;
  • Click OK.

In the window that appears, the System tab contains all the necessary information. Here is the full brand name and a short model of the laptop.

SIMilar information is displayed by the System Information utility. To start it, you need to act in the already stated order, only enters MSInfo32 in the command line. In the window that appears, it is easy to find the items Model, Manufacturer, where there is the data the user needs.


The model name is always given in the passport for the laptop. The easiest way is to look at the welcome page. There, the happy owner is congratulated on the purchase of a laptop and his name is typed. In addition, there is a table in the passport for the device, which lists all the parameters of the device. Here you will find a unique alphanumeric code, as well as the serial number of the product.

How to find out the real volume of the hard drive

For a better understanding, manufacturers and sellers indicate the traditional disk sizes: 40, 60, 120, 160, 320, 500, 640 GB, and so on. However, in reality, it is always less than stated, because:
1 GB = 1024 MB
1 MB = 1024 KB
1 KB = 1024 bytes

And manufacturers round up to 1000 when calculating. Below is a table of correspondence between the marking volume of the HDD and the real.

Storage volume Total, b (rounded off) Real volume
40 GB 40,000,000,000 37.25 GB
60 GB 60,000,000,000 55.88 GB
80 GB 80,000,000,000 74.51 GB
100 GB 100,000,000,000 93.13 GB
120 GB 120,000,000,000 111.76 GB
160 GB 160,000,000,000 149.01 GB
200 GB 200,000,000,000 186.26 GB
250 GB 250,000,000,000 232.83 GB
320 GB 320,000,000,000 298.02 GB
400 GB 400,000,000,000 372.52 GB
500 GB 500,000,000,000 465.65 GB
640 GB 640,000,000,000 595.84 GB

To verify this, Right-click on the My Computer shortcut and select Manage. In the utility that opens, go to the storage devices tab. Disk management

In our case, the utility shows 465.65 GB, which corresponds to the 500 GB marking.

How To Find Your Packard Bell Laptop Model

There are few cases when you need to find out the model of your hard drive. Most often, a SIMilar question is asked when the Winchester ordered to live long. Errors appear during operation, or the OS does NOT boot at all due to a non-working disk. It happens that you need to determine your HDD in order to replace it with more capacious ones, or this information is just interesting for you.

In any case, problems with the hard drive belong to those that are eliminated in the workshops, since repairing computers at home is advisable only when the problem can be eliminated quickly and efficiently. Diagnosing HDD malfunctions It takes a long time, which means that you can quickly only replace the problem disk with a new one.

The most primitive way to find out your hard drive. Get it out of the system unit or laptop case. To do this, turn off the power (Removing the laptop battery), unscrew the system unit (or the bottom cover on the bottom of the laptop) and We take out our HDD, on which all the information of interest will be visible. Manufacturer, volume, speed of work, country of production and other parameters.

If you disassemble a laptop or untwist the system unit, you have comments, then we can find out all the information of interest using the program method.

How to find out the hard drive model

As in the previous method, Right-click on the My Computer shortcut and select Manage. In the opened computer management utility, open the Device Manager tab. Here expand the Disk devices item and you will see the hard drives installed on your computer.

In our case, there are two of them. Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 and SanDisk SSD i100 24 GB. The first. Traditional HDD, second. Solid State SSD.

How to find out all the information about your hard drive

We already turned to the AIDA64 program for help when we were looking for our network card, processor and card temperatures, battery wear, etc. This utility will help us this time too.

You can familiarize yourself with the AIDA64 program and download it for free on this page of our website.

Launch Aida on your computer and go to the Data Storage tabs. ATA. At the top of the window, select the required hard drive, if there are several of them, and the program will show all information about the hard drive. The report is split into parts, the information we need is titled ATA Device Properties and Device Physical Data.

As you can see, everything is elementary and absolutely SIMple, if you know what tools to use to find information.

How to find out the exact model of your HP laptop

Every laptop user should definitely know the model of his device. Without information about the laptop model, finding the necessary drivers or accessories for the device can be significantly complicated.

On HP notebook computers, the device model type is located near the keyboard or screen. But this data is NOT sufficient for a complete picture of the device model.

The data listed here only indicates the series of the laptop. For example, HP has released more than a hundred devices in the G62 series on the desktop PC market for a long time.

How to identify your HP laptop model using body decals

Don’t know how to set up your ZTE ZXA10 F660 router? Read here.

Sticker on the front of the laptop:

  • First you need to open the laptop and carefully examine the outer case. As mentioned above, HP most often places model information near the screen or keyboard;
  • If a sticker is found, then carefully examine it and find the necessary data in the characteristics of the device.

Sticker on the back of the laptop:

  • First, turn the computer upside down and carefully inspect the case;
  • Then look for the sticker with your laptop model data.

Sticker inside the battery compartment:

  • Turn the laptop upside down and carefully remove the battery;
  • Next, carefully inspect the battery compartment and find a sticker with data about the device model.

Sticker under the back cover of the device:

  • First you need to remove the back cover of the laptop;
  • After the cover is removed, you need to find the information sticker.

Second way to find out laptop model number:

  • Find the serial number label on the laptop case;
  • Then go to the official website of the product manufacturer, in our case, “Hewlett-Packard”;

System Information Utility or HP Support Assistant

In order to know which model of HP laptop I have, you can use the “System Information” utility or use the “HP Support Assistant”.

System Information Utility:

  • To call the “System Information” utility, press the following key combination “FNEsc” on the keyboard;
  • After pressing the key combination, the System Information window will appear on the screen. The utility window will display the following information: the name and number of the laptop. The name will reflect information about many types of laptop models. The number just opposite reflects in more detail information about the brand of the laptop.
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HP Support Assistant Utility:

  • In order to open the “HP Support Assistant” utility, press the “WinQ” key combination on the keyboard. You can also find the program through “Start” and enter “HP” in the search;
  • Then the utility must be run. In the program window, at the very bottom, information about the model will be displayed.

You can also see more detailed information about the characteristics of the laptop in the “My Computer” tab. “System Information”.
Another option to install the brand of the laptop is to visit the support site.

The method is perfect for finding out the model by the serial number:

  • Go to the support site;
  • Next, in the “Manual Warranty Check” window, enter data on the country of residence, serial number and product number;
  • Next, click on the “Send” tab;
  • After a few seconds of waiting, the page “HP Product Warranty Result” should appear, which will provide information about your laptop model.

Body sticker

You can also find out the data of your device using the stickers, which are on the laptop case. Typically, device information stickers are located on the bottom cover or inside the battery case.

How to find out your HP laptop model in CPU-Z

You can also find out information about the brand of a laptop using a program called “CPU-Z”.

With the help of “CPU-Z” you can find the following data in a laptop:

  • Processor data;
  • Card data;
  • RAM data;
  • Motherboard data;
  • Information about the temperature of the processor, card, motherboard and others.

You can find out the data in an HP laptop using the “CPU-Z” program as follows:

  • First, download the program on the official website;
  • Then we unpack the program from the archive and run;
  • The main window of the program will provide detailed information about the processor, card, memory and motherboard.

Finding the number in the BIOS

You can view the data on the brand of a laptop through the BIOS. To do this, you need to do a number of sequential actions:

  • First you need to turn on your computer. To do this, press the power button on the case next to the screen and keyboard;
  • After that, it is necessary to immediately press the “Esc” key on the keyboard several times in a row;
  • After that, the startup menu will appear on the laptop screen;
  • Then you need to press the function key “F1” on the keyboard or select the item “System Information”;
  • Then the system information window will be displayed on the screen, where the following data will be presented: device brand, product number, serial number, date of manufacture and others.

Device documentation

You can find out about the characteristics of your laptop by referring to the documentation for the device.

To find out the laptop model through the documentation for the device, you must:

    First of all, the technical documentation for the device must be available;

This article covered ways to find out your HP laptop model information.

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The laptop owner should definitely know the model of his device, as without this information, laptop maintenance can be extremely difficult.

Papers and box

If there is still a box at home in which a new laptop was hidden when buying, then the question of how to determine the laptop model is resolved with one glance at the packaging. Here you can see the manufacturer’s brand, model name and other useful information.

If the manufacturer does NOT indicate specific laptop models on the packaging, then look for this information in the warranty card or operating instructions. If many users throw away the box right away, then the documents for the equipment can be found at home and several years after the purchase.


How to find out the laptop model if there is no information on the case? The first method is to look at the model in the BIOS. The biggest problem here is going into the BIOS itself. Usually, to enter, you need to press the F2 or Delete key when turning on the laptop.

In the BIOS, go to the tab with the type name “Info”. There, in the “Product name” field, the series and model of the laptop will be indicated.

Windows view

If you missed the moment to enter the BIOS and have already booted Windows, then here you can also quickly see the hardware brand by using the built-in tools.

  • Click Winr.
  • Run “cmd” request.
  • Type “wmic csproduct get name” and press Enter.

The command line displays the device model. If the information received is not enough, use an application called “System Information”.

  • Click Winr and run “msconfig”.
  • Pay attention to the terms “Model” and “Manufacturer”.

Another one hundred percent working way is to run the DirectX diagnostic tool and look at it for information on a laptop.

  • Click Winr and run “dxdiag”.
  • On the System tab, look at the Manufacturer and Model terms.

These methods work on any Windows laptop. Sometimes information about the device can be seen in the system properties (right-click on the “Computer” icon. “Properties”). But, for example, on a laptop with Windows 10, there is no such information in the system properties. But the BIOS or the DirectX diagnostic tool will NOT go anywhere, no matter what version of Windows you install.

Ways to determine the laptop model

To find out the exact brand of your laptop, you can use a dozen methods: from viewing the model on the laptop case to calling up device information through the command term. The methods below work on all versions of Windows.

Stickers and Battery

If you cannot find the documents, carefully examine the case of the laptop. For example, on ASUS devices, a sticker with basic information is located right under the keyboard, here is the touchpad. Sometimes on such stickers you can not only find the name, but also see the technical characteristics of your laptop. I have an ASUS X550C laptop, here is just such an informative sticker on the case.

If there are any notes under the cover that look like the name of the device, then try carefully turning the laptop over and inspecting its bottom. Here, too, you can find a small sticker on which the equipment model is indicated.

If all the stickers have been torn off for a long time or are worn so that you cannot make out what is written there, Remove the battery and see the model for us or in the battery compartment itself. Slide the latches on the back (there are different types of laptops, so there may be one latch) and carefully remove the battery. If the information you are looking for is there, install the battery and snap it back.

Using special software

The answer to the question of how to find out the model of a laptop can be monitoring programs that analyze the system, giving a detailed list of characteristics. from the name of the equipment to the temperature of SEPARATE components.

The best monitoring software is called AIDA64. In it, the information you need is located in the “DMI” section in the “System”.

AIDA64 works for free for only 30 days, after which you need to purchase a license. If you want the best free computer monitoring software, download the HWMonitor utility.

Here the brand and model are written at the top, just below the “Desktop” line. Instead of HWMonitor, you can use another free program. for example, Speccy. In general, there are many options, you just need to choose the method that suits you.