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How to Find Your Android Phone Screen Resolution

How to find out the screen resolution on your phone

There are 3 ways:

  • Open Yandex.Market, enter the model name in the search term, select a suitable device and go to the “Characteristics” subsection.
  • Enter in the search engine a query like “Phone_model characteristics”.
  • Open “Settings” on your smartphone and go to the subsection “About phone”.

All about smartphone screen resolution

Studying the parameters of the smartphone in the Yandex.Market service or on the site, in the “Screen” section, users see the “Resolution” term and 2 multiplied numbers. This article will tell you about what the screen resolution is in a smartphone, why you need it, what happens on different devices, and also whether you can change this parameter.

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Screen resolution of popular devices

It may vary depending on the manufacturer. Android smartphone companies use standard values:

  • 720×1280. for budget smartphones;
  • 1080×1920. for mid-range smartphones;
  • 2560 × 1440. flagship models.

For Android devices

model Diagonal, inch Resolution
Zenfone 2 Lazer ZE500KL 4.99 720 × 1280
Zenfone 4 A450CG 4.4 480 × 800
Desire 600 4.45 540 × 960
Desire C 3.52 320 × 480
Desire SV 4.31 480 × 800
Desire V 4.1
Desire X 4.1
One 4.8 1080 × 1920
One 32Gb 4.6
One S , 4.2 540 × 960
One SV 4.2 480 × 800
One X, X 4.8 720 × 1280
Windows Phone 8s 4.1 480 × 800
Windows Phone 8x 4.2 720 × 1280
Ascend G630 5.1 720 × 1280
Honor 5X 5.4 1080 × 1920
Honor 6, 7 5.1 1080 × 1920
IdeaPhone P770 4.6 540 × 960
IdeaPhone S720
K900 5.4 1080 × 1920
P70, S60 5.1 720 × 1280
Vibe Shot 5.2 1080 × 1920
G2 5.2 1080 × 1920
Nexus 4 4.8 768 × 1280
Nexus 5 4.97 1080 × 1920
Optimus 4X HD 4.71 720 × 1280
Optimus G 4.71 768 × 1280
Otimus G Pro 5.51 1080 × 1920
Optimus L5 4.1 320 × 480
Optimus L5 II Dual 4.1 480 × 800
Optimus L7 II Dual 4.4
Optimus L7 4.4
Optimus L9 4.6 540 × 960
Activ S 4.75 720 × 1280
Galaxy A5 5.1 720 × 1280
Galaxy A5 2016 5.1 1080 × 1920
Galaxy Mega 6.3 6.4 720 × 1280
Galaxy Nexus 4.7 720 × 1280
Galaxy Note 5.4 800 × 1280
Galaxy Note 2 5.6 720 × 1280
Galaxy S Duos 4.1 480 × 800
Galaxy S2, S2 4.4 480 × 800
Galaxy S3 4.7 720 × 1280
Galaxy S3 Mini 4.1 480 × 800
Galaxy S4 5.1 1080 × 1920
Galaxy S4 Mini 4.2 540 × 960
Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 Zoom 4.1 540 × 960
Galaxy S5 5.2 1080 × 1920
Galaxy S6 5.2 1440 × 2560
Galaxy Win 4.6 480 × 800
Sony Xperia
Acro S 4.35 720 × 1280
E Dual, Go 3.51 320 × 480
Ion 4.56 720 × 1280
J 4.1 480 × 854
L 4.35
Miro 3.6 320 × 480
P 4.1 540 × 960
S 4.4 720 × 1280
Sola 3.75 480 × 854
SP 4.62 720 × 1280
Tipo 3.21 320 × 480
TX 4.57 720 × 1280
V 4.33
Z, Z1 5.05 1080 × 1920
Z1 Compact 4.33 720 × 1280
Z2 5.24 1080 × 1920
ZL 5.1
ZR LTE 4.52 720 × 1280
Xiaomi Redmi
3, 3S five 720 × 1280
4, 4A, 4X, 5A five 720 × 1280
4 Pro five 1080×1920
five 5.7 720×1440
6, 6A, 7A 5.45
five 5.99 1080×2160
6 Pro 5.84 1080 × 2280
7 6,3 720×1520
Go five 720×1080
S2 5.99 720×1440
K20 Pro 6.39 1080 × 2340
Y3 6.25 720 × 1560
Xiaomi Redmi Note
2, 3, 4, 5A Prime 5.5 1080 × 1920
five 5.99 1080×2160
6 Pro 6.25 1080 × 2280
7, 7 Pro 6,3 1080 × 2340
eight 6.4
8 Pro 6.53
Xiaomi Mi
4 five 1080×1920
5, 5S, 6 5.15
6 5.7
5X 5.5
7 5.65 1080 × 2160
7 6
8, 8 Pro 6.2 1080 × 2248
8 Lite 6.25 1080 × 2280
nine T, Lite, Pro, T Pro, Explorer 6.39 1080×2340
SE 5.98
A1 5.5 1080 × 1920
A2, Mix 2 5.99 1080×2160
A2 Lite 5.84 1080 × 2280
A3, Mix 3 6.4 1080 × 2340
A3 Lite 6 720 × 1560
Play 5.85 1080 × 2280
Max 6.9 1080 x 2160

What is screen resolution and why you need it

This value shows how many pixels can fit on the screen.

The higher the value, the better the image will be displayed. There will be no graininess (like on push-button telephones), the letters will be neat, without “jagging”, and more elements will fit in the workspace. Therefore, it is recommended to buy devices with a resolution NOT lower than 1280×720.

For Apple devices

iPhone model Diagonal, inch Resolution, pixels
4.4S 3.5 640 × 960
5, 5C, 5S 4 640 × 1136
6, 6S 4.7 750 × 1334
6, 6S 5.5 1080 × 1920
7, 8 4.7 750 × 1334
7, 8 5.5 1080 × 1920
X 5.8 1125 × 2436
SE 4 640 × 1136

Is it possible to change the resolution

The procedure will require: ROOT rights, the Root Explorer file manager and a text editor. The procedure is as follows:

  • Launch Root Explorer and find the prop file in the System folder (root section).
  • Open the document in a text editor and find the line ro.Sf.Lcd_density.
  • Increase value by 10 and save changes.
  • Reboot smartphone.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the image quality is no longer acceptable.

To summarize, we can say that resolution is an important characteristic of a display. The comfort of using the device depends on it, the quality of the reproduced video and graphics in games.

How to find out the DPI of your phone screen?

At the moment, more than 24 thousand models of various Android devices have been released in the world, and they all have a different set of electronic components. This is why many developers create and publish multiple versions of their applications. In most cases, these versions allow you to improve the adaptation of the graphic design of applications to a specific screen size and resolution in Android tablets and smartphones.

When there are several variants of an application, the Play Store online service automatically selects the correct version for the configuration of a particular device. But if you try to install the app from second repositories like APKMirror, then you will have to choose the version yourself.

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Most of these applications stored on third-party resources are categorized there, depending on the type of processor or DPI of the phone screen. The last parameter characterizes the pixel density of the display screen (dot per inch). Knowing the DPI of the screen, the application calculates the degree of its scaling to fill the entire screen. Therefore, in order to understand which version of the application you need to download, you first need to find out the DPI of the phone screen. Below I will tell you how to do it.

Installing the Display Info application

In order to understand which version of APK you need to download, you need to know the DPI of the phone screen. The easiest way to do this is to install a dedicated application. For example, Display Info from developer Stefano Sanna. Find it on the Play Store and install.

Open the Display Info app. It doesn’t require any configuration. In the first window on the “Display” tab you will see a field called “Density”. It is in it that you know the DPI of your phone’s screen. In our case, this value is equal to 442dpi (442 dpi) and with a 5-inch screen diagonal corresponds to FullHD resolution. Remember or write down this value. We’ll need it later.

Now let’s find out how we can use the knowledge gained!

Determine the APK version for the DPI of the phone screen

Open the APKMirror website and find the application you are interested in. Let it be Google Photos. At the moment, the site has 15 versions of the APK for this product. Each version in the table has a description in terms of architecture, minimum Android version, and acceptable DPI. On the second resource, it may look different. the acceptable characteristics can be encrypted in the file name. For example, like this: AppName442dpi.APK.

It is possible that the DPI of the phone screen, as you learned from Display Info, will not match any version of the application on the APKMirror website. In this case, choose a version designed for a lower pixel density or one that includes your value in the DPI range. For example, in our case, for 442dpi, select the version of Google Photos for the range of values ​​400-480dpi. The screenshot below shows that the selected version is suitable only for devices with an arm64-v8a processor.

At the end of the article, I note that sometimes you will come across the fact that the APK of an application on a third-party storage has the status “nodpi”. This means it has responsive graphics to fit any smartphone. So, if all other versions did NOT fit or you could not find out the DPI of the phone screen, try it.

Android parental controls remontka.Pro

But at the heart of Android is a well-thought-out operating system, which from version to version becomes more secure. Or rather, it becomes more and more secure if the user does everything correctly. In order to lay his paw on some interesting data that is stored in a common parts of memory, or to gain access to a particular function, the use of which may be unsafe, an Android application always needs to Obtain user permission, and in an explicit form. We have already described how to properly configure these permissions in Android 6, and now let’s talk in a more recent version of the operating system. Android 8.

There are much more settings in it, which is both good and bad. On the one hand, there are more opportunities to make the system safer; on the other hand, the settings have become more difficult to understand, and you have to spend more time on them. Yes, and these settings are now located in different places, including rather unobvious ones.

But with the help of this Guide, we will try to make it easier for you. This list includes permissions that allow applications to access the personal data of its owner stored in the smartphone. contacts, call history, short messages, photos, and so on, as well as those built-in devices that allow personal data Receive and record. camera, microphone, phone and GPS-receiver. Issuing any of THESE permissions to an application means that it will be able to get this type of information and upload it somewhere to the cloud, and without asking more of your explicit consent. what exactly is it going to do with your data.

How to find out and change the screen resolution to

Or Encrypt your files and demand a ransom for decryption. This permission is also dangerous because many applications use a shared memory area to load and temporarily store their additional modules and updated, and a malicious application can infect them at that moment. Where to configure: What is it: Permission to read and change call history; Reading your phone number, data of the cellular network and the status of outgoing calls; adding voicemail; access to IP telephony; viewing the number you are currently calling, with the ability to end the call or forward it to another number; and, of course, outgoing calls to any numbers. What is dangerous: In fact, having this permission, the application can do anything it wants, if it concerns voice communication.

Find out when and to whom you called, or, say, prevent you from calling (to a certain number or in general) by constantly canceling the call. Eavesdrop on your conversation. or call anywhere at your expense, including “very paid” numbers.


Nbsp windows | for beginners This tutorial provides step-by-step steps on how to change the screen resolution in Windows 10, and also provides solutions to possible resolution-related problems: the required resolution is not available, the image looks blurry or small, etc. There is also a video showing the whole process Before talking directly about changing the resolution, I will write a few things that can be useful for novice users.

It can also come in handy: The resolution of the monitor screen determines the number of dots horizontally and vertically in the image. At a higher resolution, the image, as a rule, looks smaller. For modern liquid crystal monitors, in order to avoid visible “defects” of the picture, you should set a resolution equal to the physical screen resolution (learn which can be seen from its technical characteristics).

Member of the Bar Association

At the bottom of the page, you will see an item for changing the screen resolution (in earlier versions of Windows 10, you must first open “Advanced display settings”, where you will see the option to change the resolution). If you have multiple monitors, then by selecting the Corresponding monitor you can set your own resolution.

When finished, click “Apply”. the resolution will change, you will see how the picture on the monitor has changed and you can either save the changes or cancel them. If the image from the screen has disappeared (black screen, there is a signal), do not press anything, if there is no action with your sides within 15 seconds will return to the previous resolution settings. If the choice of resolution is NOT available, the instruction should help When installing drivers for popular video cards from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel, in the control panel (and, sometimes, in the menu by right-clicking on the desktop) is added utilities for configuring this video card. NVIDIA Control Panel, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD Graphics Control Panel. These utilities, among other things, there is also the ability to change the screen resolution.

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The screen resolution can also be changed in the control panel in the more familiar “old” interface of the display settings. Update 2018: the specified option to change the resolution was removed in the latest version of Windows 10). To do this, go to the control panel (view: icons) and select “Display “(Or type” Screen “in the search field. at the time of this writing, it displays exactly the control panel item, not Windows 10 settings).

In the list on the left, select the “Adjust screen resolution” item and specify the desired resolution for one or more monitors. When you click “Apply”, as in the previous method, you can either confirm or discard the changes (or wait, and they will be canceled by themselves). First. a video that demonstrates how to change the screen resolution of Windows 10 in various ways, and below you will find solutions to common problems that may arise during this procedure.

How to Remove Screen Lock on Samsung J3

For a spy app, this is a very useful permission. Where to configure: What is it: Permission to access your address book. read, modify existing and add contacts, as well as access the list of accounts that you have registered on this smartphone. What is dangerous: Having received this permission. the application can get your entire address book. and send this data to the server. This is abused even by legitimate services, to say nothing of all kinds of scammers and spammers. for them this is just a godsend. This permission also gives access to the list of those accounts with which you enter applications on this device: for example, to Google accounts, Yandex.. Telegram and many other services.

Where to configure: What is it: Access to your location. both approximately (based on data from mobile network base stations and Wi-Fi hotspots) and more accurate, based on GPS and GLONASS data. Dangerous: Allows the application to spy on everyone On top of everything else, if you watch the movements of a smartphone for a long time, it is very easy to calculate where its owner lives (long stay at night), where he works (long stay during the day), and so on.. so as not to give this permission to just anyone: geolocation drains the battery very quickly, so the fewer applications use location determination, the longer the smartphone will live from charging to charging.

Where to configure: What is it: Permission to record sound from microphones built into the smartphone. What is dangerous: With this permission, the application will be able to record everything that happens next to the smartphone. All your calls, conversations not on the phone. everything. Where to configure: What is it Access to data from health sensors such as heart rate monitor.

Where to configure: What is it: Reading and writing files to the shared memory of a smartphone. In Android, each application has its own piece of memory, where only it has access, and all applications that have received this permission have access to the rest of the volume. The application will be able to “touch” all your files. For example, view all photos (yes, and also) and upload them to its server.

How to Change Resolution of Phone Games.

Windows 10 has built-in support for 4K and 8K resolutions, and by default the system selects the optimal resolution for your screen (Matching its specifications). However, with some types of connections and for some monitors, automatic detection may NOT work, and in the list of available resolutions you you may not see what you want, in which case try the following: Another common problem when changing resolution is a poor image on the screen. This is usually caused by the image being installed, and not corresponding to the physical resolution of the monitor.

And this is done, as a rule, after the image is too small. In this case, it is better to return to the recommended resolution, then zoom in (right-click on the desktop. display settings. change the size of text, applications and other elements) and restart the computer. But if suddenly there are comments. ask in the comments, I’ll think of something. Newsletter of new, sometimes interesting and useful, site materials. No advertising and free computer help for subscribers from the author. Other subscription methods (VK, Odnoklassniki, Telegram. Youtube, Yandex.Zen) Leave a comment Note: after sending a comment It does not appear on the page immediately. Responses to comments and their publication are carried out every day, sometimes more often. There are probably thousands of Android options now, because each manufacturer changes the system for themselves. and these modifications are far from always beneficial.

How to update WhatsApp on Android phone,

Therefore, we recommend that you think carefully before granting an application this or that permission, especially if it is definitely not required for this application to work. For example, in most cases the game does not need to have access to your contacts and camera, the messenger can somehow do without your location data, and some fancy camera filter will definitely survive without access to call history. In general, it’s up to you, but the fewer permissions you give applications, the more complete your data will be.

What it is: Permission to send and receive SMS, MMS and WAP push messages, as well as view messages in the smartphone’s memory. Why dangerous: An application with this permission will be able to read all your SMS correspondence, including messages from banks with one-time login codes to the Internet bank and confirm transactions.

Why is it dangerous Access to the electronic Diary can let you know what you have been doing in the past, what you will be doing today and in the future.

How to find out the screen resolution on an Android phone. Forgot your pattern on your Android phone

Where to configure: In the previous paragraph, we figured out the permission of applications to access personal data. But there is another list of permissions. to access various Android functions. These permissions, if they fall into the hands of a malicious application, will allow it to do a lot of bad things, so they should also be given very carefully. over, these permissions are hidden deeper in the settings, and it is far from always obvious how exactly they can be used. to understand the possible consequences, you need to have a good idea of ​​how Android works and how malware works. now we will explain all this to you as briefly and easily as possible.

How to find out the screen resolution on your phone

/ / 04.06.2020 10,806 Views Phone screen resolution is set by the manufacturer.

Sometimes it does NOT suit users, for this reason many want to change. There is no way to change the permissions using the gadget settings. Usually you need to get Root rights on your smartphone and install some applications.

However, this does not stop many, they do not want to put up with large inconvenient icons on the screen. For games, convenience of using a smartphone, you need to adjust the screen. However, first you need to find out the resolution of the device, so that, if necessary, put the same back.

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How to find out what resolution in the phone

Admin articles How to find out the resolution of the phone screen Gadgets are gaining popularity among young people.

However, not all users seem to be familiar with the functions of tablets, smartphones or laptops.

After all, only the basic functional buttons are often used, which are necessary for calls, games and sending SMS.

Therefore, questions arise about why some films are NOT watched in good quality, and games do NOT start or slow down the system a lot. The answer to these questions is one. you should study the characteristics of the gadget.

Why you need to know the phone screen resolution?

One of the main parameters in cell phones or tablets is screen resolution.

Screen resolution on Android: why change and how to do it

Advertising of gadgets often emphasizes image quality and constantly forget that it is not only about the matrix.

The coolness of the picture largely depends on what resolution the device display supports. And if everyone knows about setting this parameter on a computer monitor, then for some reason they constantly forget about the screen resolution on an Android device.

Adjusting the screen resolution allows you to optimize the gadget.

Don’t confuse resolution with display size.

On devices with the same screen size, the picture may differ significantly in brightness, contrast, number of colors and the second criteria.

The fact is that the image quality primarily determines the current screen resolution, and the higher it is, the more pleasant it is for our eyes to contemplate it. In technical language, display resolution refers to the number of small dots (pixels) that fit on the screen in height and width.

What is screen resolution and how to change it?

When choosing a brand new smartphone, many buyers pay attention to the following parameters: screen diagonal, amount of built-in and RAM, battery capacity and version of the Android OS installed. At the same time, not everyone knows that an equally important indicator is the resolution of the matrix of the installed display in your future smartphone. What it is and why this parameter is so important, you will learn from today’s article. It is a certain value that is indicated in pixels and allows you to measure the display in length and width.

The higher the resolution of the installed matrix, the better and clearer the image will be. Let’s say you have a 6-inch smartphone with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD). Display dimensions are impressive, but image quality is poor.

You will see pixels, many characters in the names of applications will be fuzzy and sometimes distorted.

The reason is, you guessed it, the small resolution of the display matrix.

How to find out your phone screen resolution

December 27, 2020 By AsProsto!

Developers of modern software for mobile phones try to ensure maximum compatibility of their products.

  • How to find out the video resolution
  • How to find out the screen resolution The question “how to find out the megaphone message center”. 3 answers You will need
    Documentation or technical data sheet of the device.

Types of phone screens: dimensions, resolution, pixels, technologies, types of touchscreen.

The screen is an integral part of the design of a modern mobile phone.

Long gone are the days when the color characteristic reflected all the advantages of the model, served as proof that the pipe belongs to the upper segment and possesses Flagship characteristics.

Today, the variety of mobile phone screens can satisfy even the most fastidious buyers. The reverse side of the coin is the abundance of technologies and terms for their designation, among which it is sometimes very difficult to navigate non-professionals.

This article will allow you to deal with all of them, acquainting you with the main types of screens, their design and properties. When characterizing the properties of an input / output device, which is a touchscreen, the following parameters are taken into account: Screen dimensions, its diagonal (most often measured in inches, 1 inch is 2.5 cm). Resolution (number of active points forming a picture).

How to find out the screen resolution of an Android phone

Similarly, you can find the parameters of the gadget on the second platforms. If you decide to change the device to a more modern one, then you should study the information on each model in advance.

So, initially a range of functions is determined for oneself, which are most often used. It can be a device with a protected case (not afraid of shocks, moisture, dust), with 2 SIM cards, with a good camera or a powerful battery.

Now you should figure out which form of gadget you prefer. On sale there are cellular-type devices in the form of clamshells, sliders, with touch screens and classic versions. In most cases, the choice falls on the touchscreen.

It is subdivided into 2 types. the stylus or finger is the control element?

How to find out the screen resolution?

Many computer or phone users, especially beginners, often wonder how to find out the screen resolution of their computer, laptop or phone. What is it for? First of all, this is of interest to those who want to set beautiful wallpapers instead of the boring standard ones.

Well, it also interests those who are fond of games, both computer and telephone. Often, game manufacturers develop games for multiple screen sizes.

In order for the game to be correctly displayed on your monitor, you need to change the settings for your gadget.

The first way

It is not suitable for all users: some devices, as a rule, of the Flagship segment allow changing the screen resolution, in which case it will be indicated in the settings. Let’s show an example based on a Samsung smartphone.

Go to the section “Display”.

Find the subsection “Screen Resolution” by opening it.

And look at the maximum screen resolution. this is it.

In some cases, the default is NOT the maximum resolution, as in the example, but that’s another question.

How to find out your phone screen resolution?

The resolution of a smartphone screen or display is the dimensions of the image you see on the screen, rendered in pixels. Before, most smartphones offered several basic kinds of display resolutions of 1280 x 720 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels, etc. Today, things have changed somewhat and the display resolution of an Android smartphone can have a wide variety of numbers. In this article we will tell you how to find out the screen resolution of your smartphone.

Second way

If your smartphone uses only one resolution, do otherwise. take a screenshot. We have told you how to do it more than once. an example for a Samsung smartphone.

When the screenshot is taken, go to the gallery.

Tap on screenshot.

Press the “Menu” or “Info” button. The latter can be in the form of the letter i, in our example, you need to click on three dots.

And already here the used screen resolution will appear:

Just remember that for photos taken with a smartphone camera, this option is not suitable. the image may have a completely different resolution.