How to find out which Samsung TV

How to choose a Samsung TV: an introductory guide for buyers

The key to a successful purchase is to clearly understand how to choose a Samsung TV from a wide range. Modern models are high-tech and multifunctional. These are no longer simple television receivers, but a multimedia center, a TV tuner and a computer in one device. It is important that the purchased TV in terms of design and size corresponds to the room in which it is planned to install it, perform the necessary set of tasks and correspond to the declared price range. Buying the best Samsung TV that meets all these requirements without overpaying for unnecessary functionality is the result of an exceptionally correct choice.

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Deciphering the marking of Samsung television models. source of information from the manufacturer

Useful information about the TV can be obtained from the model designation, which is a list of specific characters: letters and numbers.

  • U. LCD TV with LED backlight;
  • K. display with an OLED matrix.

Further. the continental affiliation of the television receiver:

  • E. Europe;
  • N. Korea, USA;
  • S. Iran;
  • A. Africa, Asia or Australia.

The next 2 digits of the marking are the diagonal of the TV screen (measured in inches). Following them is the letter designation of the model year of manufacture:

  • K. 2020;
  • J. 2015;
  • H. 2014.

In the absence of additional letters, it is customary to consider an LED HDTV TV, otherwise:

  • S. SUHD model;
  • U. the presence of a 4K UHD screen.

The next digit from 4 to 9 describes the series of the device. The higher it is, the more modern the TV is.

Next are the three modification digits. After them, information about the tuner is presented, and the last 3 characters (X are two letters) mark the country of sale of the TV receiver:

  • RU. Russian Federation;
  • UA. Ukraine;
  • CS. Kazakhstan;
  • BT. Baltic States.

Existing types of screens

Modern televisions are mainly equipped with liquid crystal screens (LCD). The principle of operation is as follows: liquid crystals, passing the light of the lamps through themselves, form an image.

The quality of the resulting image directly depends on the type of matrix. The following varieties are popular:

  • TN. cheap technology, provides poor viewing angles and low color rendering, while fast response time;
  • VA. improved color reproduction and viewing angles, deep blacks, but lost details in the shadows;
  • IPS. good viewing angles and excellent color rendition, sharp details in the shadows, but poor blacks;
  • OLED. near perfect viewing angles and color reproduction, excellent blacks, fast response times, but short lifespan.

Samsung has developed some proprietary technologies in matrix manufacturing. In the description of TVs from this manufacturer, you can find the S-PVA matrix. an analogue of VA, as well as modified IPS matrices, called PLS, AD-PLS.

The properties of LCD TVs were improved through the use of LED backlight technology, which uses LEDs instead of lamps, which is presented in several variations:

  • Direct LED: diodes are evenly distributed over the screen surface.
  • Edge LED: diodes are on one side of the display, but supplemented with a backing to diffuse light.

Recently, Samsung TVs use state-of-the-art quantum dot technology (also called SUHD, QDEF, Color Prime, Triluminos, etc.) to produce LED backlighting in Samsung TVs. Crystals that emit light with well-defined color values ​​for improved image quality.

Resolution of Samsung TV Receivers

The quality of the displayed television picture is in direct proportion to the number of pixels. the screen resolution. This parameter is especially important for models with a large diagonal. There are several popular TV display resolutions:

  • 1280 × 720 pixels. HD-quality resolution;
  • 1920х1080. Full HD quality resolution for viewing high-definition movies;
  • 3840 × 2160. Ultra HD resolution (4K), supported by modern multimedia devices.

In order to get a good picture, it is recommended to select the TV screen resolution in accordance with the type of input video signal. Therefore, when buying a TV, you need to consider what you plan to use for watching: cable TV, DVD format, Blu-Ray discs, etc.

How to find out the exact TV model

Tip: Check any characteristics of the TV device at the office. manufacturer brand resource.

There are other ways how to most accurately find out the model, series, year of release of a Samsung TV or another brand, which will be discussed below.

Finding the information you need through the menu

One of the simplest and most affordable ways is to go to the TV menu and get information from there. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will be provided with a full TV view. You will know detailed information: brand, type of software, series, release date, etc.

How to find out your TV model Samsung, LG, SONY, PHILIPS: 5 tips

When you need to find out the nuances of operating a TV, you need to know the model. And how to do it if the device is “100 years old at lunchtime”: stickers are ripped off, designations are erased. However, there are 6 simple ways to correctly determine not only the model, but also the series, as well as other TV parameters. About this. further.


The simplest option is to use the buttons on the remote control. We press in sequence: 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4. The buttons must be pressed one at a time, as when switching TV channels. On the first line of the menu displayed on the screen, the numbers-letters-numbers that make up the TV model will be written. Return to watching TV will help the universal Home key on the remote.

Why Know TV Model

The owner of the TV will need this info in the following cases:

  • repair of equipment. you need to purchase new parts to replace those that have failed, invite a master or contact a service center;
  • if you have any questions about operation. search for answers on the Internet or contact Support;
  • TV upgrade. download the latest version of the firmware to expand the functionality of the TV, find instructions on how to connect, for example, a gaming console or laptop;
  • purchase of a new remote control. if the old one is broken or lost.

over, it is best to know also the series and the year of release of the TV in order to take into account all the features of the device.


The procedure for finding out the Samsung TV model through the menu:

  • Select the classification “Support” → go to the sub-item “Contact Samsung”.
  • Scroll down the page to Model Code. Here the modulation will be indicated in letters and numbers. For example, UE43NU7090UXUA.

Instructions on how to quickly and 100% find out the LG TV model:

  • Find and press on the remote control an oblong button labeled Settings.
  • Go through the following path: Menu → Settings → Support.
  • The product / service information will show the TV model / type.

There are several options here, taking into account the peculiarities of TV:

Nuance: The procedure may change as new models and firmware versions are released. The latest information is always provided on the official Sony website.

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Fortunately for Samsung Smart TV users, home workout videos catering to almost every interest and ability are just a few taps away.

Just click on the exercise service of your choice, select a workout to stream and get started. It’s that simple. With high definition TVs, you’ll never miss a step while working in a sweat. And with the variety of services available and more, it’s easy to find content to take your fitness to the next level.

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Samsung’s new Samsung Health service offers a simple solution to meet the fitness needs of Smart TV users. Scheduled to launch in late May in the US, UK, Canada and Korea and new markets on the horizon, Samsung Health brings together free fitness content from world-class partners, including the popular Calm meditation app as well as obé Fitness, Fitplan. Echelon, barre3, and Gillian Michaels: Compatible with 2018-2019 Samsung Smart TVs, these apps allow users to work at home with ease. four

With Samsung Health, users will also have access to the service’s extensive catalog of content completely free of charge for one year after the service is launched.

tips to get the most out of your Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Global Newsroom

From working at home to working in a sweat, you may be surprised at how many possibilities you can do with your Samsung Smart TV. This is because Samsung‘s latest TVs not only offer a new level of viewing experience, but are also equipped with innovations designed to make us even more interesting for all kinds of content.

Immersive TV displays are just as good for streaming a frantic workout as they are for watching the last memorable show, and with simple controls for apps and connected devices, they make it much easier to be productive at home.

Read our tips to get the most out of your Samsung Smart TV.

How to set up OTA channels on Samsung TVs 2018

If you want free TV shows, movies, sports and news, there is still nothing better than the free channels available with an antenna. While there are options large and small, all the best TV antennas connect to your TV in the same way. You can tune the antenna during the initial TV setup or tune in terrestrial channels at any other time. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the “Source” menu. First go to the main menu and navigate to the Source icon in the far left corner. In the secondary menu, select TV as the source.

Connect the antenna. If no antenna is connected, the No Signal screen appears. Connect the antenna to the RF connector on the back of the TV and select “Search for channels”.

Select source. Select the signal source (air, cable or both) If you are using an antenna, select Air to search for terrestrial channels.

Start channel scan. Once you start scanning, the TV will cycle through all possible channels and automatically detect which ones are transmitting and which are not.

Complete the setup. Once the scanning process is complete, you can close it and start switching between channels. Samsung is also adding separate channels to TV Plus. These are live channels that are broadcast over the Internet, giving you the option to choose live streaming even without an antenna.

Start watching live broadcast. Once you’ve added your local channels, you can watch all of your live TV directly from the home screen by selecting the Live tile from the feed menu. You will also be able to open the current programming guide, a channel list that lets you edit channels as you see fit, and a schedule manager for upcoming shows.

Use a channel guide. All of your live streaming options will be included in the channel guide, allowing you to see current and upcoming broadcasts. Please note that it may take time to download program information.

How to find out the model

All the necessary data for each product model is encrypted in the marking.

Samsung TV has 2 types of information:

They are distinguished by the presence in the cipher code of the country for which this equipment was manufactured. The technical data sheet is issued for several models at once. In it you can find out all the characteristics and functions after determining which series of the TV.

  • on the box;
  • on the back of the TV;
  • on the menu.

The full name of the model consists of the name of the company, followed by a list of groups of numbers and Latin letters. There is a sticker on the side of the box.

The rear panel contains all the model information in the Samsung logo plate in the upper left corner. The model code should be found in the “Model Code” line. Above the code on the page, the official website of the manufacturer is indicated. If you need additional data or need to clarify something, you should go to it and select your country. After that, contacts will appear for communication with a specialist of the company in Russian.

How to know the series of your Samsung TV

Where to find the IP address of a Samsung TV

All devices that connect to the Internet have personal coordinates indicating that they are in this place. The code is indicated by 4 groups of numbers separated by dots. The address of the Samsung TV should be found out after connecting it via a cable to the modem.

To find the IP address, just go to the Menu, section “Support”. Then select the designation “network”, it is on this page that it is indicated. If instead of numbers there are only zeros, then the equipment is not connected to the network. It remains to determine the reason and try again to connect to the Internet.

To recognize the device when working on the network, there is a Mac address. It is indicated on Samsung Smart TV by pairs of numbers and letters separated by a dash. His knowledge is extremely rarely required, only for equipment settings.

To find the MAC address, follow the steps sequentially using the remote control.

  • Go to the menu. Open the Support section.
  • Open the Contact Samsung page.
  • To scroll through the page with the code, just press the down arrow on the remote control.

Below the list of different versions are the Mac addresses of the cable and non-wired TV. They start with f8, differ in the second part of the code.

If the IP address changes when connecting to another modem or after turning off the equipment, then the Mac address does not change and, on this TV, remains constant as an individual number.

This is one of their unique identification codes. In this part of the page, if you wish, you can see the serial number, the unique ID of the TV and the cipher of other devices.

TV series

The following numbers represent the series and sub-series of Samsung TVs.

As the series descends, the price decreases and the technical characteristics deteriorate, or, more precisely, the devices become simpler, without additional functions.

The second number denotes the podcast of the series. According to some experts, various technical data may be hidden in this figure. There is no official explanation from the company about this figure, so it is difficult to say for sure.

The third number refers to the design, so it will not reveal any technical parameters.

Screen view

The first letter denotes the screen manufacturing technology:

  • U. backlighting of an LCD matrix with light-emitting diodes (LED. Light-Emitting diode);
  • Q. QLED, an LCD matrix using quantum dots for backlighting, Quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF);
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All modern models of Samsung TVs use liquid crystal matrices (LCD) as a display, the matrix backlight and the quality of the matrix itself are different. Therefore, there are regular U models and premium Q TVs.

  • K. matrix of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED. Organic Light-Emitting Diode);
  • P. plasma screen (PDP. Plasma Display Panel), discontinued since 2014;
  • L. matrix illumination with fluorescent lamps (CCFL. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), not available since 2013;
  • C. kinescope (CRT- Cathode Ray Tube. Cathode ray tube), not available today.

Samsung Smart TV | How To: get the best picture from your Samsung Smart TV

The type of screen can be attributed to the form, there are flat and curved displays. Already in 2019, only one series comes with a curved display, and before that there were more models with such a screen. Until 2018, the following letters were used in the marking:


  • F. flat screen;
  • C. curved screen;

2019 model with QLED screen

Samsung is changing the labeling of QLED TVs in 2019:

  • Now the series number can be indicated by three numbers: the first is the series number, the second is the modification within the series, and the third is added for TVs with a resolution of 8K. If the series is indicated by only two digits, then the resolution is 4K.
  • Compared to the 2018 QLED markings, there is no longer any designation for curved and flat screens. All QLED models come with flat panel displays in 2019.
  • After the letter of the designation of the year of manufacture, there is now a designation for the presence of an HDMI 2.1 port. If there is A, then there is no port, and if B. there is a port.
  • Further, as in the previous year, there is a letter designating the type of tuner. After it, the marking of the country of destination.

Let’s decipher the designation of the Samsung TV, already for the Q model:

  • Q. QLED TV
  • E. region Europe
  • 65.Diagonal of the screen in inches
  • Q9. model 9 series
  • 0. modification number and if there is one digit, then the resolution is 4K, if there are two digits, then the resolution is 8K
  • R. year of manufacture 2019
  • B. second generation means HDMI 2.1 port and new 2019 remote control (A. first generation without HDMI 2.1 port)
  • U. tuner view
  • XRU. country of destination Russia


The fourth digit indicates the presence of the tuner and its type. For example, 7 means a DVB-T2 tuner, and 0 means a DVB-T tuner. This was the case until 2013, but since 2013, the type of the tuner began to be designated by two letters, and the fourth digit also began to refer to the design.

Now the type of the tuner is designated as follows (the newer designation is indicated in brackets):

  • AW (W). tuner DVB-T / C;
  • AB (B, AU or U). tuner DVB-T2 / С / S2;
  • AK (K). tuner DVB-T2 / C;
  • AT (T). two tuners 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • SB. tuner DVB-T2 / С / S2;
  • SS. tuner DVB-T / C / S2;
  • ST. two tuners 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • SL. two tuners 2 x DVB-T / C / S2;
  • AF (BF). DTV Tuner / Digital Cable Tuner / Analog Tuner;
  • DK. DVB-T2 / C;
  • AR (DR). DTV Tuner / Analog Tuner.

Further there may be one or two letters. According to the company, these letters do not convey any information to consumers. In addition, these letters may not be in the labeling of Samsung TVs.

Samsung TV markings and series

Since 2008, Samsung has been using a single system for labeling its TVs. It is this marking that we will analyze. Earlier models may be labeled differently, but you won’t find such devices on sale.

From the labeling of the TV, you can find out the type of screen, year of manufacture, region for which the model is intended. By the number of the series and sub-series, you can also find out some technical characteristics, because the company announces in advance which series will have which parameters.

This marking is located on the back of the device itself and on the packaging box and in the TV menu. Just note that the series number is not a “serial number”, but a number indicated in the model name, for example: “Samsung UE40MU6100UXUA”.

2017 model with QLED screen

  • Q. QLED TV,
  • E. region Europe,
  • 65.Diagonal of the screen in inches,
  • Q9. model 9 series,
  • F. flat screen (for curved letter C),
  • A. date of release and start of sales,
  • M. letter refers to the design,
  • U. tuner view,
  • XRU. country of destination Russia.

Year of issue

Further in the marking is a letter that indicates the year of manufacture. It was by the letter designation of the year that Samsung went.

  • TU / T / QT. 2020.
  • RU / R / QR. 2019.
  • NU / N / QN. 2018.
  • Q / MU / M. 2017.
  • KS / KU. 2016.
  • JS / JU. 2015.
  • HU / H. 2014.
  • F. 2013.
  • E. 2012.
  • D. 2011.
  • S. 2010.
  • B. 2009.
  • A. 2008.

Also in 2015-2016, additional letters were added to those that mean the year:

  • S. TVs under the “SUHD” brand (produced in 2015 and 2016);
  • U. Ultra High Definition 4K UHD Screen.

All Q (QLED) and S (SUHD) models are 8K or 4K UHD (3840×2160).

Previously, there was such a letter (after the designation of the year): H. means a case of normal thickness;

If there are no other letters in the marking after the letter of the year, but there is a series right away, then this means an ordinary LED HDTV TV with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) or HD Ready (1366×768).

Example of decoding marking

Consider models of different years and with different display matrices. The following is a discussion of all possible labeling variations.

date code in serial number

year / month JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust SeptemberOctoberNovember December
year / month code one 2 3 four five 6 7 eight nine A B C
2001 R R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 RA RB RC
2002 T T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 TA TB TC
2003 W W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 WA WB WC
2004 X X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 X8 X9 XA XB XC
2005 Y Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 YA YB YC
2006 A, L A1, L1 A2, L2 A3, L3 A4, L4 A5, L5 A6, L6 A7, L7 A8, L8 A9, L9 AA, LA AB, LB AC, LC
2007 P P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 PA PB PC
2008 Q Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 QA QB QC
2009 S S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 SA SB SC
2010 Z Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7 Z8 Z9 ZA ZB ZC
2011 B B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 BA BB BC
2012 C C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 CA CB CC
2013 D D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 DA DB DC
2014 F F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 FA FB FC
2015 G G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 GA GB GC
2016 H H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 H9 HA HB HC
2017 J J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6 J7 J8 J9 JA JB JC
2018 K K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 K8 K9 KA KB KC
2019 M M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 MA MB MC
2020 N N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 N9 NA NB NC

00652L is the serial number of the TV, according to which the manufacturer can determine on which assembly line the TV was assembled and in which shift. The information is of interest only to the manufacturer to control the quality of manufactured TVs.

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How to find out where the Samsung TV is made

  • S. Slovenia
  • H. Hungary
  • 4.Romania
  • 1, 3. Korea
  • L. Russia
  • W— China
  • C. Mexico
  • M. Malaysia
  • E. technical code related to the plant (assembly shop code)
  • D. year of manufacture, in this serial number 2013.
  • С. month in which the TV was produced, in this serial number it is December.
  • What does the serial number of a Samsung TV mean

    Each TV set that leaves the production line of the plant has a unique serial number. The serial number is not interesting to the buyer of a new TV. The country of assembly of the TV and the date of its manufacture are indicated separately on the information sheet, which is usually placed on the back of the TV.

    But in addition, the serial number contains information that is used by service centers. This is information about which factory the TV was assembled, which manufacturer the components are installed in the TV. For example, Samsung TVs are equipped with screens manufactured by Samsung, Sharp, BOE, and many other companies. TV build date with details up to a month. The exact production date can be found in the service menu of the TV.

    Sample serial number TV Samsung ZAJ33SEDC00652L

    • ZAJ3. TV model code, the factory code which contains information about the TV’s features (codes of suppliers of components for TV assembly).
    • 3. product code in this case, the number 3 means that this product is a TV.

    Production date code in serial number

    For convenience, we present tab-TV on our website. com table with production date codes for Samsung TVs. Accurate to the month.

    How to find out the build date of the Samsung 2020-2001 TV

    year the code month the code
    2001 R January one
    2002 T February 2
    2003 W March 3
    2004 X April four
    2005 Y May five
    2006 A or L June 6
    2007 P July 7
    2008 Q August eight
    2009 S September nine
    2010 Z October A
    2011 B November B
    2012 C December C
    2013 D
    2014 F
    2015 G
    2016 H
    2017 J
    2018 K
    2019 M
    2020 N

    What’s in your name. Detailed decoding of Samsung TV marking

    Greetings, dear readers! Today we will have a purely technical, but no less interesting post. And let’s talk about decoding the marking of Samsung TVs.

    If you think that the name of your pet’s model is just a meaningless set of letters and numbers, then you are deeply mistaken. It carries a lot of useful information. which can be very useful to you.

    I will say right away that in this article the author will only talk about the main points that you, as a simple user, may really need. In general, read the post to the end, it will be interesting.

    Well, let’s start with a real example. Here is a photo of the label on the back of a Samsung TV:

    Here we are most interested in the line called “Model Code”. It is in it that the largest amount of information is hidden. A little less can be gleaned from the “Model” line. So, in our case, the model code looks like this:

    I will say right away that this is not my TV. This label is taken from open sources on the Internet and there are objective reasons for this.

    The fact is that when your humble servant (the author of the article), with the advantage of a camera, came to take a picture of the label of his favorite TV, then at that time the mask show “Dom-2” was going on on the TNT channel.

    And naturally, my wife took hostility to all my attempts to turn the TV backwards. After that, I was shamefully expelled from the audience, so as not to interfere with further viewing, with my crazy ideas. This is such a sad story.

    But since a way out of this curious situation has been found, let’s get down to business. We begin to decipher the marking of Samsung TVs, using the example of the UE32ES6727UXRU model.

    The first letter denotes the type of backlight for the screen. Here are the main options:

    • U (LED). LEDs are used
    • K (OLED). OLED is used
    • L (CCFL). fluorescent lamps are used

    So in our case, this is an LED backlight. Now let’s move on to the second letter. It indicates the regional affiliation of the TV. That is, it says on which continent it should be operated:

    • E. Europe
    • A. Asia, Africa, Australia
    • N. Korea, North America, South America
    • S. Iran

    In our example, this is Europe. Meanwhile, this is a very important indicator. Read the article about Samsung TV service menu settings and see why.

    The third indicator indicates the diagonal (size) of the TV screen. This value is indicated in inches. Let me remind you that 1 inch = 2.54 cm. So the size of our screen is: 32 inches 2.54 cm. = 81 cm:

    Go ahead. The first letter after the diagonal in the marking of Samsung TVs indicates the series and year of production of the TV. The following basic values ​​can be indicated here:

    • A (series). 2008 in.
    • B (series). 2009.
    • C (series). 2010 in.
    • D (series). 2011 in.
    • E (series). 2012 in.
    • F (series). 2013 in.
    • H (series). 2014 in.
    • J (series). 2015 in.
    • K (series). 2016 in.

    So in our case, the TV was manufactured in 2012. This information can be very useful, for example, when installing custom widgets.

    By the way, for this year’s TV, Samsung has added another additional letter, which can mean “S” (thin TV), or “H” (standard):

    Then comes the number that denotes the TV series. You can see the main differences between all series and their characteristics in the screenshot below:

    Accordingly, our TV turns out to be 6 E-series. This is a middle, budget class. 7-9 generations are considered to be the top ones. They are more expensive and technically better equipped TVs.

    Then there are two numbers that do not play a special role: one indicates the number of the sub-series, the second indicates the color of the TV case. There is nothing more to say about them.

    The fourth digit after indicating the TV series indicates the presence and type of tuner for watching digital channels:

    And the following options may be available here:

    • value 0. DVB-T tuner is installed
    • value 7. installed tuner DVB-T2

    If after the above number there is an additional letter “S”, then this indicates the presence of a satellite receiver. Think about it, you can connect a plate directly to the TV set. Cool!

    At this step, I propose to pay attention to the last three letters in the marking of the Samsung TV. And they designate the target country of sale and operation of TV:

    Well, I told you about the most interesting and useful decoding of Samsung TVs labeling. Hope you find this information useful.

    Now try to study the labeling of your pet for yourself. I am sure you will learn a lot of interesting things.

    That’s all for now. And finally, watch the video for one very old and cool song. I am sure that at one time you coolly lit up under it.