How to find out the password from Wi-Fi via iPhone

Situation 1. iPhone connected, you need to connect your Mac

CHALLENGE: Connect your Mac to the wireless network that iPhone was previously connected to.

SOLUTION: All the user needs to worry about is setting up a Keychain. You will find detailed instructions on how to configure this function in the corresponding material.

Keychain (iCloud Keychain) keeps up-to-date usernames, account passwords, card details, and information about previously connected wireless networks.

If your smartphone has already connected to this wireless network, then the Mac running under the same Apple account as the iPhone will automatically receive the password from the keychain.

Note: To sync passwords in Keychain Access, your laptop must first be connected to the network to download new data. This can be done by distributing the Internet from a smartphone (by turning on the Modem Mode), or by connecting it to a Mac (the Internet on the smartphone must work).

Situation 2. iPhone connected, there is a Mac and you need to connect a third-party device

TASK: Another scenario for the development of the scenario looks like this: your iPhone has already connected to a specific wireless network, you have your Mac with a configured Keychain at hand, and you need to find out the Wi-Fi password for the third device.

SOLUTION: As mentioned above, by setting up a Keychain, you get access to all the passwords you use from the devices that are included in the Keychain. Signing in to accounts on sites from a Mac can later come in handy to automatically fill in passwords from an iPhone using the same Apple ID.

Open Utilities and launch the Keychain Access app.

You will be presented with an impressive list of strings, numbers and dates. All of this is your passwords from accounts, app accounts and other secret information.

Go to the iCloud tab. Once you tap on the heading of the “Type” list, you will sort the displayed lines by type.

Scroll down to find the AirPort Network Password data type. These lines store passwords from Wi-Fi networks to which your iPhone or Mac has ever connected.

After selecting the required network name, right-click on it and open Properties

In the window that opens, put a checkbox (tick) opposite the Show password item. The system will ask for the full administrator name and corresponding password. Please note that the name will have to be entered FULLY and only manually.

After verification, the system will show the current password for the Wi-Fi network you are interested in.

Instructions How to find out the Wi-Fi password if the iPhone is already connected to the network

It is not always possible to delve into the web interface of the router. An iPhone or Mac will come to the rescue, provided that one of the devices has already been connected to this network. We offer three options for solving a common problem.

How To Show WiFi Key or Password on your iPhone

Situation 3: iPhone is connected, but there is no Mac

TASK: An iPhone is connected to a wireless network. You do not know the password, but there is a need to connect additional devices, and, therefore, you need to find out the very coveted combination of numbers and letters for a wireless Wi-Fi network.

SOLUTION: Apple announced the keychain with the release of the mobile operating system iOS 7 back in 2013. In iOS 7, you could view all information about passwords (including passwords for Wi-Fi networks) directly from your iPhone or iPad by going to the corresponding menu item. But the company decided to complicate the task a little and by opening the Settings. Safari. Passwords item, you can find passwords exclusively for web pages and accounts of the web services used.

Attention! The administration of the resource does not bear any responsibility for the safety of data and the performance of the device that has passed the jailbreak procedure. Everything you do, you do at your own peril and risk.

In the standard set of repositories there is a tweak called Wi-FiPasswords. Install.

We restart Springboard, then open the installed utility and immediately get access to passwords from all ever used Wi-Fi networks.

Helpful advice

We strongly recommend that you always set a password for locking and verification using Touch ID. Otherwise, if the smartphone is lost, its “new owner” will easily get full access to all accounts, logins, passwords and cards that you used.

If a terrible thing still happened and at the moment when you lost your smartphone, a password was not set on it, try to open the keychain on Mac as soon as possible (Utilities. Keychain) and delete all information from the iCloud tab.

Then change the password for iCloud Pairing from Settings. iCloud. Keychain. Options. Change Security Code.

How to View Wi-Fi Password on iPhone: 3 Proven Ways

After entering the security key from WI-FI, the data is saved. This eliminates the need to enter code every time you go online. And many people forget the information that has become unnecessary. However, there are situations when a password from WI-FI is urgently required.

As a rule, the key is needed when you need to connect to the network from another device. I want to please you. If the data is forgotten, this is not a hopeless situation if you know how to view the Wi-Fi password on iPhone. There are several ways to do this on 5S, 7, 8 and others. Each of the methods will be discussed in detail below.

Using a router

You can find out the network code on the iPhone using a router. The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to install various applications on the gadget and hack the operating system.

To get access to view the password on the phone, you need to find out the IP address of the router. The easiest way is to look at the data that is located on the bottom panel of the device. If the router is out of reach, you can find out the address like this:

  • they lower the wings of the phone and are redirected to the WI-FI section;
  • find connection information;
  • look at the address of the router and remember it.
  • logging into the browser from the iPhone;
  • enter the router’s IP in the address bar;
  • enter the login and password in the corresponding columns;
  • redirected to the “Wireless Mode” subsection of the router’s menu;
  • click on the column “Wireless protection”;
  • open the section “Wireless network password”.

find, password, wi-fi, iphone

Here is the code from WI-FI. Copy it or write it down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget again.

With iOS

You can view the corresponding code using iOS. This method is suitable for a device that was previously connected to WI-FI.

To view the code on an iOS smartphone, do the following:

  • enter the settings;
  • redirected to the “Safari” subsection;
  • find the “Passwords” column and look at the necessary information.

But! You will not find the password for the wireless network here. As far as I know, the method will work only on old Apple phones, for example, 4, 5, 5s.

If you decide, the standard Cydia storage set has such a feature as Wi-FiPassword:

  • install the program on the phone;
  • reboot Springboard;
  • launch Wi-FiPasswords.

After that, on the phone, you can view all passwords from networks saved earlier.

For instructions on Wi-FiPasswords, see the following

Using Mac

The phone itself does not store information about the entered security keys. You can view the code on iPhone through apps or on other devices. These include Mas. This is the easiest way to find out the password for your WI-FI on a smartphone with an apple.

The method will work if the phone was previously connected to the desired wireless network. Requires iCloud Keychain setup.

The main condition is that the smartphone and laptop must be combined by one account. To synchronize devices, you need to either connect your smartphone to the laptop, or distribute the Internet from the iPhone.

  • log into utilities;
  • launching the “iCloud Keychain” application;
  • redirected to the “iCloud” sub-item located on the left side of the monitor;
  • sort the items on the right side of the monitor by type;
  • click on the inscription: “AirPort network password”;
  • select the name of the network from which the key is needed in the list, and click on its “Properties”;
  • put an icon in front of the “Show password” column;
  • enter identification data on the device that needs to be connected to WI-FI.

This allows you to view the code from the network on an iPade, iPhone or other device from Apple.

For an overview of the iCloud Keychain password manager, see this

If you open access to view the password on the iPhone, in the event of loss or theft of the device, third parties can gain access not only to WI-FI, but also to all folders and files stored on devices in the home network. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to set a code to lock the gadget and identify the user using Touch ID. This will protect the device from hacking and will not be afraid for the safety of personal information.

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If the iPhone was lost or stolen before setting the power lock and identity verification, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • log into utilities;
  • choose the iCloud Keychain program;
  • go to the iCloud sub-item and delete all the information that was saved here.

After that it is recommended to change the code. To do this, perform the following procedure:

  • enter the settings section;
  • redirected to the “iCloud” sub-item;
  • open the column “Keychain”;
  • go to section parameters;
  • select the inscription: “Change security code” and make changes.

That’s all I wanted to say today. Write down your passwords so you don’t have to think about where to find them later. And if you haven’t written it down and forgotten, go to Wi-FiGid! Here you will find a lot of useful and necessary information! And if you don’t find it, write in the comments under any article or in the online chat. Our team will definitely answer! Until!

Use iCloud Keychain

If you need to connect your MacBook to a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already connected to, you can use iCloud Keychain.

To do this, you need to activate Keychain on your Mac and iOS device.

  • Go to Apple menu.
  • Then go to system settings.
  • Go to Apple ID tab.
  • Then open the iCloud menu.
  • There you will see a menu called Keychain Access.
  • Check the box next to this box.
  • Follow the instructions to set up your keychain: you will need to confirm the action again and enter your Apple ID information, and (optionally) create a password for the keychain item.

Note: We recommend creating a password if you are going to transfer sensitive data and do not want to risk your security.

Then you need to activate Keychain on iPhone:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the passwords and accounts tab.
  • Then open the iCloud tab.
  • Activating the keychain.
  • Enter the required passwords.
  • Setting up a keychain password.

After that, you just need to reboot the Mac device and arrange for it to connect to the network (you can share it from the iPhone by going to tethering in the settings) so that the Mac pulls up all the passwords.

When the information is updated, you will need to go to the utilities menu on the Mac and see the password for the network you are interested in / connect to it in the “keychain” application.

Note: The keychain password will only appear if you entered it on your iPhone or Mac (which has a keychain installed). It also requires one iCloud account.

Important! To find the password you need:

  • You will see a ton of passwords with different types in the list. We are interested in the “AirPort Network Password” type. You just need to find such a line in that big list.
  • When you find the line you want. tap on it with the right mouse button and open the network properties menu.
  • Then you need to enter the network name and just click “show password”.

How to find out Wi-Fi password on iPhone

Sometimes there are situations when you need to quickly find out the password from your home Wi-Fi to which your iPhone is already connected. We have collected several effective options on how to do this.

Method 1: find out the password using the router code

This method does not work with all routers, but sometimes it was he who saved in difficult situations. The bottom line is to verify the password using the router code.

  • Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open the Wi-Fi Connection panel.
  • In front of the connected network, you will see a blue “i”.
  • Click on it.
  • Look in the “Router” tab (this field should display the numbers that belong to your router).
  • We copy these numbers.
  • Go to the browser.
  • Enter numbers in the search field.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Next, you should see a pop-up dialog box with two fields (Password / Login).
  • In both fields we write “admin”.
  • Click done / okay.
  • If everything went well. the settings of the router will open, in them we are looking for a “Wi-Fi” connection.
  • Find the field with the security password from Wi-Fi.

Share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to another iPhone / iPad

In this method, you will not know how to find out the password, but you can safely transfer access to the Wi-Fi network to your friend in a few clicks.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi on iPhone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • A user who is not connected to the network should simply click on the Wi-Fi network of interest.
  • The Share Wi-Fi window should automatically appear on your screen.
  • Click “Share”.
  • IPhone user automatically connects to Wi-Fi.

Attention! Many sources advise installing a jailbreak in order to install some application and use it to find out the Wi-Fi password. We do not recommend doing this categorically. It’s just not worth it. Better to ask again, change the password than sacrifice your iPhone. Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

IOS platform

Here things are a little more complicated. The “Apple” operating system in every possible way prevents and protects system passwords, and internal. especially zealously. Multilevel encryption system carefully hides all confidential information from users.

Let’s figure out how to find out the password from the “wifa” on the phone in this case. If you need specific data on all networks, then it is better to contact the service center, where there are decoders and other specialized equipment.

But there is a little trick in this matter. You can find out the desired combination in one quite simple way: start distributing “Wi-Fi” from your gadget by turning on the modem mode in the device’s settings. After that, an automatic (intermediate) password will become available to you, which can be changed at any time. No third-party software is needed here, and you can get by with the built-in distribution application. This information will be useful before you find out the password for “Wi-Fi” on the phone without programs.

How can I find out the password for “Wi-Fi” on the phone? WI-FI password on mobile phone

Many owners of mobile gadgets simply cannot do without access to the Internet via the wireless “Wi-Fi” protocol. It is convenient and practically free, and the connection speed is noticeably higher, in contrast to the same 3G modules. To do this, you just need to enter the WI-FI password once, and the device, having memorized it, will provide you with access when you access the Internet. Without this code word, no gadget will simply let you go online.

Let’s try to figure out how to find out the password for “Wi-Fi” on the phone in different ways on the Android and iOS platforms. Let us outline several basic steps and methods that will solve this problem both with the help of internal software and with the installation of external applications.

Wi-Fi Unlocker (“Android”)

This application is one of the most popular for forgetful users and lovers of wandering around the World Wide Web, as they say, for free. Using this software, you can connect to closed Wi-Fi protocols without any problems.

The software has a convenient and intuitive interface along with simplicity. The program’s capabilities are also impressive. The application is able to establish a connection and connect to almost any Wi-Fi network at a distance of up to 1 km.

We learn the combination from the already connected WI-FI on “Android

There are times when a gadget based on Android OS used to connect to wireless protocols, but you don’t remember the encryption combination, and you can’t connect a third-party device either.

Let’s consider how to find out the password for “Wi-Fi” on the phone in such a case. To do this, we need the WI-FI Key Recovery application, which can be downloaded for free at PlayMarket. This program will automatically find the aforementioned wpa_supplicant.conf file and read all the necessary information from it. After analyzing the system, this software will have at your disposal all the passwords ever used from networks on the gadget. The program is very simple, intuitive and convenient, but it has its own fly in the ointment: root rights are required for normal operation.

iWep pro (iOS)

The application is somewhat similar in functionality to the previous cracker. The software works on the principle of exclusion, looking for the desired combination by the selection method. The program works quite fast, therefore it is very popular among other analogs.

WI-FI Map Pro (“Android”)

This application allows you to connect to the “Wi-Fi” protocol using an encrypted password. This software will be an indispensable tool for those who often travel and just like to travel.

The application calculates the encryption combination of Wi-Fi protocols and provides the user with access to maps, instant messengers and other auxiliary information for travelers.

Operating system “Android

In order to find the lost WI-FI password on the Android platform, we need to install a third-party application. RootBrowser. It is a kind of file manager that works with hidden system files.

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So, how to find the password for “Wi-Fi” on the phone using this program? After you install this application, you need to launch it and find the misc subfolder in the Data tree in the manager. The WI-FI catalog we need is located there. In it you need to find the wpa_supplicant.conf file.

Then this file must be opened in any text editor (the built-in one is fine). There you will see a full report of all of your recent connections. In addition to naming networks, you will find the passwords you need. Here you can change the required combination if for some reason it does not suit you. Keep this in mind before you change the password for “WiFi” on your phone.

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    Before you start

    • Make sure both devices have the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS High Sierra or newer.
    • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices. If your device has a personal hotspot enabled, turn it off.
    • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Then, make sure the email address you use for your Apple ID is saved in the other person’s contacts. And make sure their email is saved in your contacts.
    • Keep another person’s device nearby, within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

    How to share your Wi-Fi password

    • Make sure your device (the one using the password) is unlocked and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    • Select a Wi-Fi network on the device you want to connect.
    • On your device, tap Share Password, then tap Done.

    Install Wi-Fi Password Viewer

    There are several apps that claim to be able to display your Wi-Fi passwords in the Play Store, but the only one we’ve found works on all of our devices. this is a Wi-Fi password viewer by SimoneDev.

    Using a keychain

    Keychain is a feature that allows you to transfer saved passwords in encrypted form to all your connected Apple devices. All you need to do is use the same account on all your devices. The system itself stores up-to-date data (logins and passwords, card data and information about wireless networks). If you’ve previously connected your phone to Wi-Fi, then almost nothing is required to connect your Mac to the same network. Make sure your laptop or computer is connected to the Internet. You can distribute it from your phone by running “Modem Mode” or connect it to your Mac via a wire. In this case, turn on the Internet on your phone. After syncing, Mac will automatically receive the network name and password for the wireless network from the cloud storage.

    It happens that the password is needed in plain text, for its further use on other devices that are not related to Apple.

    To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Open the “Utilities” section on a laptop (or computer with a Mac), there we find the “Keychain Access” program and launch it.
    • We are looking for the iCloud tab in the left pane.
    • Let’s sort all the content in the right pane by type, for this we click on the corresponding column with data.
    • We find the item “AirPort Network Password”. Click on it.
    • We see the item “Show password”. To see it, you will need to enter data from the current account.

    Find Wi-Fi settings

    There is currently only one flavor of Android 10, and that is the “standard version of Android” directly from Google. However, in the near future, manufacturers like Samsung will contribute to Android 10 by applying an OEM skin like One UI, which means that the settings menu on your phone may be slightly different.

    So, first search your phone’s Settings menu for the Wi-Fi submenu. On stock Android, this is in Settings. Network and Internet. Once you find the Wi-Fi settings menu, select it.

    How to share your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Learn how to share your Wi-Fi password with friends and family.

    How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

    In a similar way, you can view the password for the connected Wi-Fi network in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. To find out the password for Wi-Fi on Windows, follow these steps:

    • On the keyboard, press the “Win” “R” keys.
    • In the “Run” window, in the “Open” field, enter the command: “ncpa.cpl” (without quotes).
    • In the “Network Connections” window that opens, right-click on the wireless network adapter.
    • In the context menu, click on “Status”.
    • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
    • Open the Security tab in the Wireless Properties window.
    • We put a check in front of the item “Display entered characters”.
    • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password for the wireless network to which the computer is connected.

    How to find out the password for Wi-Fi in the command line

    Windows Command Prompt will help you find the Wi-Fi password on a computer that is not connected to a wireless network. For example, in a situation where the setting for automatic connection to a wireless network has not been saved on the computer. It was required to reconnect via Wi-Fi, the system asks for the password from the network, but the user does not remember it.

    Prerequisite: this PC must previously, at least once, be connected to this Wi-Fi network.

    • First run command prompt as administrator.
    • In the command line interpreter window, enter the command, and then press the “Enter” key:
    • Enter the following command, in which you should enter the name of the desired wireless network:

    Save your password for future reference.

    Find out the password from Wi-Fi in the router settings

    The next method will help you find out the password from the Wi-Fi through the settings of the router. In order to use this method, you need to have access to the settings of the router: you need to know the username and password.

    Launch a browser on your computer, enter the IP address in the address bar, depending on the settings of your router:

    In the window that opens to enter the settings of the router, enter the username and password (this is not a password for the wireless network).

    By default, most routers use the same username and password: “admin” (no quotes). If the name and password have never been changed, then with this data it will be possible to enter the settings of the router. Next, I will show how to find the password for Wi-Fi, using the example of TP-LINK TL-WR841N or TL-WR841ND routers.

    In the settings of the TP-LINK router, open the “Wireless Mode” tab, and then click on “Wireless Security”.

    In the parameters of the active mode, in the “Wireless network password” field, you will see the password for Wi-Fi.

    Highlight and then copy the password using the Ctrl “C” keyboard keys. Open Notepad, press the “Ctrl” “V” keys to paste the password. Save a text file with a password on your computer.

    How to find out the Wi-Fi password in Windows 7

    If a laptop or desktop PC with Windows 7 is currently connected via Wi-Fi to the router, it will not be difficult to find out the password for this wireless network.

    • In the lower right corner of the screen, right-click on the wireless icon located in the notification area.
    • Click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
    • In the window “View basic information about the network and configure connections” left-click on “Wireless network connection”.
    • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
    • In the “Wireless Properties” window, open the “Security” tab.
    • Check the box next to “Display entered characters”.
    • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password from the Wi-Fi network of your computer.

    Another way to find out the password for the connected Wi-Fi in Windows 7:

    • Enter Control Panel, click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
    • In the window “View basic network information and configure connections” click “Change adapter settings”.
    • Select your wireless adapter, right-click on it, and then click on “Status”.
    • In the “Status. Wireless Network Connection” window, click on the “Wireless Network Properties” button.
    • In the “Wireless Properties” window, go to the “Security” tab.
    • Activate the item “Display entered characters”.
    • In the “Network Security Key” field, you will see the password of the Wi-Fi wireless network.

    How to find out the password for your Wi-Fi on a computer

    Users often forget the Wi-Fi password because the computer automatically connects to the wireless network. Then, after a while, when you need to connect another new device to the wireless network: a laptop, smartphone or tablet, the user has a question how to find out the password from the WiFi.

    Adapters for wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi are most commonly used on laptops and mobile devices. Wireless data transmission technology allows you to move the device within the range of signal availability from the access point, without being tied to one place, as with a wired connection.

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    Typically, users enter the password once when connecting the device to the network, and then the connection is automatic. Over time, the user has safely forgotten the password from his Wi-Fi. At one point, there is a need to connect a new device to the wireless network, and the password is forgotten or lost. What to do, how to find out the password for your Wi-Fi?

    In this article, we will look at instructions on how to find out the Wi-Fi password on a computer in the Windows operating system of different versions, using the wireless connection data, using the command line, in the router settings.

    In Windows, you can find out the password for the Wi-Fi on your computer if a stationary PC or laptop is currently connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network. You will need to enter the wireless network settings, you can do this in several ways, all of them are described in the article.

    The procedure is the same on any Windows system, there are only some differences in the initial interface of the operating systems. Read about how to find out Wi-Fi password on Android.

    How to find out Wi-Fi password in Windows 10

    First, let’s take a look at how to find out the password for Windows 10. Follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the wireless connection icon in the notification area, in the menu that opens, select “Open network and Internet settings”.
    • The “Settings” application will open, in the “Status” tab, in the “Change network settings” option, click on the “Configure adapter settings” setting.
    • In the “Network Connections” window, right-click on the wireless network adapter, and in the context menu, click on “Status”.
    • In the “Status. Wireless” tab, click on “Wireless Network Properties”.

    How to View WiFi Passwords on iPhone/iPad. How To Show WiFi Key or Password on your iPhone 2020!

    • In the “Wireless Properties” window, go to the “Security” tab.
    • Check the box next to “Display entered characters”.
    • The “Network Security Key” field will display the password from the Wi-Fi of this network.

    Copy the password or write it down in a notepad.

    Conclusions of the article

    If the user has a question how to find out the forgotten password for his Wi-Fi, there are several ways to solve the problem. When the wireless network is connected, from the Windows operating system, you can enter the settings of the wireless adapter to get information about the password.

    Using the command line, after executing certain commands, the user will receive information about the password of his Wi-Fi network. Another way to help get the wireless password from the router settings.

    How to find out the password for your Wi-Fi network?

    Forgot your password for your own Wi-Fi? To find out the forgotten password from your own Wi-Fi network, this instruction will help. During the configuration of the router (by the way, I already wrote how to configure the TP-Link TL-WR841N). did not write down the password, or tried to remember but forgot? In fact, this is a small problem, and it can be fixed even without special, difficult dances with a tambourine.

    It’s good if all the devices are already connected, and it seems that the password is no longer needed, but still, there will come a time when you need to connect another computer, tablet, or phone and then you need the password from our wireless network, which we forgot or lost.

    To recover a forgotten Wi-Fi password, we need only one connected computer to our network. Well, at least one computer, I hope you managed to connect it. Something I am writing a lot of unnecessary text, let’s get down to business!

    Take a computer that is successfully connected to our wireless network and right-click on the connection icon (in the lower right corner). Choose “Network and Sharing Center”.

    A window will open in which on the right we select “Manage wireless networks”.

    Another window will appear, in which we right-click on our connection and select “Properties”.

    Now go to the “Security” tab and opposite “Network Security Key”. we see hidden symbols. This is our password, in order to find it out, just put a check mark next to “Display entered characters” and you will see the password for your Wi-Fi network.

    Now the most important point, write down this password on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place, just do not forget where you put it. In general, you understand me ;. Well, if your network is not yet secure, then be sure to read how to set (change) a password for a Wi-Fi network and set a password.

    And what to do if there is no “Wireless Networks Management” item?

    If you do not have a Control Panel for Wireless Networks in your control panel, then we do this:

    On the notification panel, click on the connection icon, a list of networks will open. Right-click on the network to which you are connected and from which you need to find out the password, and select Properties.

    Then just put a tick next to Display entered characters and look at the password.

    If in this way nothing works either, for example, the hidden password is not displayed, or the checkbox cannot be set, then look in the router settings. How to do this is written below.

    Due to the fact that many have problems when viewing a forgotten password on a computer, or there is simply no computer connected to Wi-Fi, from which you forgot the password, I decided to update the article. I will add information with which you can see the forgotten password in the Wi-Fi router settings. Sometimes it’s even easier than watching on a computer.

    We look at the forgotten Wi-Fi password in the router settings

    You ask: “How can I enter the settings of the router if I do not remember the password and cannot connect to Wi-Fi?” But it’s not a problem. You just need to connect the router to the computer via a network cable (it should be included with the router).

    We connect the router and type the address in the address bar of the browser. Enter your username and password to access the settings. If you have not changed them, then these are admin and admin. Or see a more similar instruction on how to enter the router settings.

    In the settings, go to the Wireless tab. Wireless Security. Opposite PSK Password: (PSK Password 🙂 a password will be written to access your Wi-Fi network (your password can be specified in another line on this page).

    On Asus routers, the password is displayed directly on the main page.

    If none of the methods helped, then you can do a full reset on the router and configure it again. Well, already in the process, enter a new password, which be sure to write down.

    Just look so that you can re-configure everything. After resetting the settings, the router will be like new, you will need to specify the parameters for connecting to the Internet, the name of the network, the password.

    If you still have a smartphone or tablet connected to the network, then you can also try to remember the password with their help. Just go to the router settings from your mobile device and see the key to the network. How to enter the control panel from a tablet or smartphone, you can see in this article.