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How To Find Mac Address Of Laptop

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What is MAC-address and what is it “eaten” with

This abbreviation stands for Media Access Control. “media access control”. The MAC address is a sequence of six pairs of hexadecimal digits, for example 08-ED-B9-49-B2-E5. The first three groups are assigned to a specific manufacturer, followed by a unique serial number. Thus, each of the hundreds of millions of devices released, from phone to TV, has its own MAC address.

An Internet provider can use a MAC for authorization NOT a username and password. If you switched from connecting a network cable directly to a computer to connecting via a W-F router, then access to the Network may be lost. This is because the MAC address of the Wi-Fi router is different from the previous one used for authorization by the ISP. There are two options for solving this problem:

  • First, find out the new MAC address and report it to technical support;
  • Change to the old one yourself, since every router has a SIMilar functionality.

How to determine the MAC address of a router

In the SIMplest case, it is indicated on the device itself, on the underside of the case.

It is enough to call the provider, report the problem and dictate the MAC addresses of the router to the operator, after which he will take the necessary actions, and within 5-10 minutes access to the network will be restored. If this sticker or MAC address is missing on it, then in order to find it, you will need to do the following steps.

  • Determine the IP address of the router.
  • Using it, enter the control panel of the router.
  • Find the section with device parameters, where the physical address will be indicated.

Consideration of the concept of an IP address is beyond the scope of this article, but it is not difficult to find it out.

  • Press the “Start” button, select “Control Panel”.
  • Next, the section “Network and Internet” and, finally, “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Click on the text “Change adapter settings” located on the left, we see the “Local Area Connection” icon.
  • Click on it with a double click. A status window will appear, in it, click on the “Information.” button. The matter here is the inscription “IPv4 default gateway” the address of the router will be written, most often it is or

At the second step, we enter these numbers into the address bar of the browser, after pressing Enter, a window opens where we enter the administrator’s login and password. You can find them out from the instructions from the router, in most cases it is admin / admin.

Important! Carries out all the settings of the router, regarding changing the Mac address, or the firmware of the router is recommended

Now let’s move on to the third step. The menu items for MAC address information are slightly different for different routers. For example, consider a couple of common Wi-Fi routers. D-Link DIR 600 and TP-Link TL-MR3020.

  • For D-Link: go to the Status menu, you can find the information we are interested in in the Internet section.
  • For TP-Link: after entering the administrator login and password, it immediately goes to the Status menu, where the physical address is indicated in the WAN section.

Let’s move on to the second method.

Mac address of the Wi-Fi router

Today, the vast majority of home users are NOT limited to the introduction of only a computer to work on the Internet and organize access of all their digital equipment to the network through a wireless Wi-Fi router (router). At the same time, many are faced with a new concept of a MAC address and such related questions as:

  • What is the MAC address of a router;
  • What are the ways to recognize him;
  • How to change MAC addresses if necessary.

In this article we will try to answer them in a SIMple and interesting form for all readers.

Changing the MAC address of the Wi-Fi router

To do this, you need to perform the following set of actions.

  • Find out the previous physical address.
  • Go to the control panel of the Wi-Fi router.
  • Replace the “native” MAC with the one we need.

It will be most convenient to perform them by connecting the router to the computer on which we initially worked on the Internet.

Follow the same steps as for determining the IP address, but now we are interested in the “Physical address” line. We write it down in order to keep it in front of our eyes, after which we carry out point 2 in a way already known to us. An alternative option would be to find out the old MAC addresses in technical support.

It remains only to replace the current address of the W-F-router with ours. Again, we will give examples for D-Link DIR 300 and TP-Link TL-WR741N. Worth Please note that both Wi-Fi routers have the ability to clone the physical address of the current computer.

  • For D-Link: go to the Setup menu, then click on Manual Internet connection setup. In the Dynamic IP Internet connection type section, enter the address in the Corresponding fields. If you enter the control panel of the router from the previous computer, we can change the MAC, just clicked the “Clone MAC adress” button.
  • For TP-Link: in the Network menu, go to the MAC clone section and enter the one we need or “clone” by clicking on the button.

Watch the lesson below:

So, we have studied how to find out and change the physical address of a Wi-Fi router. We hope this information was helpful to you.!

Getting mac address using Speccy

Installation and use of this utility will be useful even for those who are NOT going to master the profession of a system administrator. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, as well as XP and Vista, 32- and 64-bit versions.

In order to find out the physical address:

  • Follow the link to the official Speccy page.
  • Select Download free version. It will be enough to view the data in the configuration of your computer and get the mac-address of the connected network device.
  • Install the program.
  • Through the Start menu or search term, by entering “Speccy”, run the utility.
  • In the sidebar on the left, go to the Network tab.
  • Information about all network devices will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the list of adapters: for each of them the mac-address is displayed in the corresponding field.
  • Speccy also provides for saving test results as a snapshot, text or XML, which allows you to share information. You can use the options through the file menu (Save address to snapshot or text file).

Change the mac-address of the network card (cloning)

In the case when the mobile network operator binds the user to the mac-address, then when the home equipment (network adapter, router) is replaced, the subscriber’s access to the Internet is blocked. Cloning will solve the problem.

To change the physical address of a network card:

  • Log in to the Network and Sharing Center, via Start. Control Panel. Network and Internet.
  • Go to the tab “change adapter parameters”.
  • Select the connection through which your computer is connected to the network.
  • Click “configure”. This button is located under the name of the network card.
  • In the window that appears, find the “advanced” tab and enter.
  • From the list select the term Network Address (or the options “Physical address”, “Network address”).
  • In the field that appears, write down a new mass of addresses without separating characters: colons, spaces, dashes.
  • Press the “ok” key to save the parameters.
  • Reboot your PC.

How to find out and change the mac address of the router

Each router has a tag that shows the physical address of the equipment. The label is glued to the bottom of the device.

When the inscription is erased or the sticker is torn off. look at the mac address in the interface settings.

  • In the search bar of your browser, enter the address or to enter the web interface. Of the two addresses, choose the one indicated on the labels of the router.
  • Log in. The data for this is also on the label. As a rule, the login and password are admin. Second option. leave the password field blank.
  • Adjust the options you want.

You will have to clone (change) mac addresses during the initial installation or replacement of network equipment. It’s easy to do.

  • Enter the router settings.
  • Open the “WAN” section or, alternatively, the network / Internet settings.
  • Delete the entry in the MAC field and enter the mac address of the old network card.
  • Apply settings and restart WI-FI router.

Two ways to see the mac address of a network card. Method for Linux and Mac OS

  • Linux users need to enter the ifconfig command
  • For Mac OS users, networksetup-listallhardwareports.

In the first case, the physical address will be visible in the HWaddr field, in the second. in the Ethernet address.

Using the command line

  • Open the command term using the keyboard shortcut WINR.
  • In the window that appears, enter cmd and Confirm the entry by clicking “ok”.
  • The described method of opening the command line is universal. It is applicable for Windows 7, 8 and 10. (You can use PowerShell instead of cmd, by the way.)
  • Type ipconfig / all in the command line that appears, hit enter to confirm.
  • The console will display all the necessary address of the network equipment that is installed in the user.
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What are Mac addresses

Each device on the network has its own unique number. This identifier is called the mac address. It consists of numbers and Latin letters. When writing, characters are divided into six groups, between which they put a dash, but a period or a colon is also found. For example, a mac might look like this: 58-6D-BC-47-С8-9D.

Mac addresses are assigned virtually, it is registered in the equipment itself, therefore it is often called physical.

  • You need to know the MAC addresses when setting up Internet access,
  • Devices of new equipment: network card, router,
  • This code serves to identify the device through which the user went online.

MAC addresses: how to find out through a PC or laptop and hide

From time to time a situation arises in Internet users. it is necessary to find out mac addresses. How to view it and what problems can be solved with it. find out from this publication.

Who can find out your Mac addresses

Mac addresses are transmitted by the device further to the router, but outsiders can easily find it out as soon as the user connects to the public network.

Special sensors are installed in shopping centers, entertainment complexes, hotels, popular recreation areas to collect information about visitors for marketing purposes. Data is transmitted by a gadget with WI-FI enabled.

The only way to be safe is not to connect to the public network. Remember that the error in locating the device by mac address is 10 meters. Even the state of the wallet of the owner of the device is analyzed: it is clear that the latest iPhone does NOT belong to a poor person.

You can find out the MAC address of the computer by looking at the information in the network connection

The easiest way to find out the MAC of a computer is to look at the network connection information. To do this, click on the network connection icon on the taskbar and click on the link “Network and Sharing Center”.

You can also open the “Network and Sharing Center” and through the Control Panel, for this you need to call the link “View network status and tasks”.

After you open the “Network and Sharing Center” window, you need to name it by the link “Local Area Connection”.

And in the window that opens, click on the “Details” button.

After that, a window with information about this network connection will open in front of you.

Here you can find out the MAC of the computer, as well as the IP address and other data about the configuration of the local network.

How to find the MAC address of a computer

How to find the MAC address of a computer? Many wired Internet users face this question. The need to find out the MAC addresses of a computer may arise when configuring a router or other actions related to a local network.

In this article we will look at several ways that allows you to quickly find out the MAC addresses of your computer. But, before starting the main part of the article, you need to make one important remark. MAC addresses are not at the computer, but in the network card. In other words, a computer can have multiple MAC addresses if it has multiple network cards. For example, a computer might have an Ethernet network card and a Wi-Fi module. In this case, the network card and the Wi-Fi module will have different MAC addresses.

How to find MAC addresses using the GETMAC command

If the above method seems too complicated for you, then you can use the command line. Open the command term and enter the command GETMAC. After that, the system will display a list of network cards with their MAC addresses.

This method allows you to very quickly find out the MAC addresses of your computer.

You can find out the MAC address of the computer with the command IPCONFIG / ALL

Besides GETMAC, you can use the IPCONFIG / ALL command. Open the command line and enter the command IPCONFIG / ALL. After entering this command, you will see detailed information about all connections on your computer.

In order to find out the MAC addresses, find the connection you need and see the physical address. The physical address is your MAC address.

When using IPCONFIG / ALL, you need to be careful, because this command displays information about all connections at once, each of which has its own MAC address. In order not to get confused, it is easiest to focus on the name of the network card, it is indicated in the “Description” field.

By the way, the IPCONFIG / ALL command is available in all popular operating systems. The only difference is the spelling of the command itself:

We look through the connection

1. Press SIMultaneously the “WIN R” keys on the keyboard and enter the command. ncpa.Cpl

2. Open an active internet connection and go to “Details”. The data we need will be written in the “physical address” properties.

Interesting! An active connection does not need to be marked with a red cross. Also, it should not be written. “Unidentified network” or “All connections”, or “Network cable not connected”.

Information in System Information

1. Press “WIN R” on the keyboard and enter the command. MSInfo32

2. In the left column, expand the “Components” section, then “Network” and open “Adapter”. The right column displays information about all adapters on the computer. See the poppy in the active one that you use. unlike the second ones, all the data will be filled in.

Interesting! The method is suitable if you need the most complete data in general about all the adapters that are currently in the system. There will be Bluetooth connections too.

We look at the body of the device

It is always indicated directly on the body of the router itself, on the back side. It also contains information on how to access the router’s management settings. We will need it.

It is not always this poppy that can be Effective, since some providers, when initially setting up the Internet, can change it to other values. Therefore, it would still be better to check it out.

Looking through the team term

1. Press the “WIN R” keys on the keyboard together and enter the command. cmd

2. In the console that opens, enter the command (one of two):

  • Getmac / v / fo list
  • Ipconfig / all

In the first case, a list of connections with a name and physical address will be displayed. In the second, in addition to it, you can see in general the parameters of all available Internet connections.

How to find the Mac address of a computer. easy!

You can find out the poppy address of a computer or laptop, like other devices, by looking at it in the system settings. Also, there is often an opportunity to change it.

First of all, this information is needed to properly configure access to the Internet and transfer it to your provider. We will figure out how to view the Mac address as SIMply and quickly as possible.

The previous article was devoted to what mac addresses are. Now we are in detail and with explanatory pictures, consider how to view the Mac address on a computer or laptop with Windows 10, 7, 8 and earlier.

Interesting! Mac addresses are assigned specifically to the network card of a computer or laptop, so if you have several of them, then there will also be several poppies.

  • 1 How to find out the MAC address of a computer and laptop
  • 1.1 1. We look through the connection
  • 1.2 2. Looking through the team term
  • 1.3 3. View in network properties in Windows 10
  • 1.4 4. Information in System Information
  • 2 How to find out the MAC address of the router
    • 2.1 1. We look at the device case
    • 2.2 2. Information in settings
    • 2.3
    • How to find out the mac address of a computer and laptop

      Important! Most often, this information is needed to maintain the value when changing hardware or reinstalling Windows. If you use a router, you can look at the Mac directly on its case from the back side or in the router’s management interface in the browser. This will be discussed in the last chapter.

      Information in settings

      It is necessary to go to the interface for managing the router, we need data from the router’s case. address, login and password. Also, in how to enter this interface, there is a detailed instruction in the material. how to enter the settings of the router.

      Enter in the browser the address for managing the router, which is written on its body. For example, this is Log in and look at the information in the current connection on the main screen, the Mac will also be indicated here.

      In T-Link, Asus, Zyxel, D-link, if you are not of all types, then go to the “Connection” section. By clicking on it, the Mac can be changed, for example, to the original one, which is indicated on the case.

      How to find the MAC address of the router

      View in network properties in Windows 10

      1. Press SIMultaneously the “WIN I” keys on the keyboard and open the “Network and Internet” section in a new window.

      2. Scroll down the page and click on the “View network properties” link. All information with the data we need will be shown here.

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop

      Every electronic device that is connected to a network has a physical and network address. The network address is known to users as IP, and the physical address is the MAC address. In this publication, you will learn how to determine the MAC of a laptop. There are several main ways, which differ depending on the version of the installed Windows operating system on the device.

      How To Find Mac Address Of Laptop

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop operating system Windows 10

      Getting information about the physical address on this operating system is a little more difficult than in the previous versions, but this should not cause difficulties:

      • Through the tab on the taskbar, go to the attachment “Network and Internet settings”;
      • In the “Parameters” tab, select the “Change connection properties” item. The information you are interested in should appear below.

      What are laptop MAC addresses

      All devices connected to a computer network, when created, receive a special code. It consists of 48 bits of data, represented as a combination of twelve pairwise combined characters. As a rule, they look like this: 00-00-00-00-00-00. The code can use both numbers and letters. Russian letters are not found in the code. These characters are the physical MAC address. It is most commonly used to control access and configure restricting security settings.

      MAC addresses are connected directly to the computer, and with the adapter, through which device it connects to the network. There can be two or more such adapters in a computer. Every standard device usually has a network card for connecting an Ethernet cable, as well as a wireless adapter. It connects the computer to Wi-Fi. These two adapters have two different MAC addresses, so, depending on the choice, the devices will have different physical addresses.

      You can find out the MAC addresses of the device on the box, since it is determined at the production stage and cannot be changed. If the box is lost, there is no need to get upset, because you can get information about the physical address through the operating system. All information can be found in the relevant sections where the network information is stored. Its location depends on the version of the operating system.

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop in Windows 7 and 8

      To determine the physical address on these operating systems, you need to go to the “Network and Sharing Center”.

      Then go to the “Local Area Connections” tab, usually it is located at the top of the screen. If you did everything correctly, a special window should open, where all information about the network is indicated, including Mac addresses.

      Determine MAC addresses in Windows XP

      Despite the fact that XP is rare among active users, there are people who will need help to determine the physical address. This usually happens when a computer or laptop has problems with the Internet connection. To determine the MAC address in the Windows XP operating system, the name “Network Connections” is required in the computer settings (usually represented as two flashing screens). Next, go to the “Advanced” tab. In the paragraph with detailed information, the physical connection address will be indicated.

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      Using the command line

      This method is the easiest to get information on a computer, but many people are afraid of the command line interface, despite the fact that it is more convenient to use. The command line is usually used by a confident user whose activities are related to work in IT. To get a physical address, you must:

      • Hold down the “WinR” keys, after which a special menu will appear on the screen;
      • Type “cmd” then press the Enter key;
      • Type “ipconfig / all” then Enter again;
      • The screen will display information about the network settings of the device, among which will be indicated both the address of the Ethernet adapter and the wireless.

      You can get the physical address of any laptop in a couple of minutes, you just need to click a few times. Digital technologies only seem complicated and confusing. In fact, everything is logical and SIMple. Good luck!

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop operating system Windows 10

      If you have a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system, then in order to find out the MAC addresses of the laptop, you need to perform slightly different operations. First you need to name the network connection icon on the taskbar and go to “Network and Internet settings”.

      As a result, the “Parameters” window should appear with information about the network state. In this window, follow the link “Change connection properties”.

      After that, a window will appear with information about the network connection. Here you need to scroll the contents of the window to the very bottom. There will be indicated MAC addresses for this network connection.

      As in Windows 7, the MAC address is referred to here as the physical address. Lee, don’t worry, this is exactly what you need.

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop

      MAC addresses are a unique address, which consists of six bytes and is assigned to network cards and the second active network equipment at the production stage. This address is used to identify senders and recipients of data in computer networks.

      When it comes to laptops, laptops usually have two different MAC addresses. One MAC address is assigned to the Wi-Fi adapter, and the other is to a regular network card that is used for wired Internet. In this article, we will talk about how to find out the MAC addresses of a laptop using the Windows 7 and Windows 10 interface, as well as using the command line.

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop operating system Windows 7

      If you have a laptop with Windows 7 operating system, and you want to find out its MAC addresses, then for this you need to name the network connection icon on the taskbar and go to the “Network and Sharing Center”.

      If you cannot find the network connection icon, then the “Network and Sharing Center” can be opened through the “Control Panel”. To do this, open the “Start” menu, go to the “Control Panel”, and then open the “View network status and tasks” section.

      After you got to the “Network and Sharing Center”, click on the link “Local Area Connection”, which is the case of the network connection, for which you need to find out the MAC addresses.

      This will open a window with information about the selected network connection. In order to find out the MAC addresses for this network connection, click on the “Details” button.

      After that, a window should appear with detailed information about the network connection. Among other things, MAC addresses will also be indicated here. In this window, it is designated as “Physical Address”, but this is just another name for the same MAC address.

      As you can see, finding out the MAC addresses of a laptop, like any other computer, is not at all difficult. Just a few clicks are enough for this.

      How to find the MAC address of a laptop using the command line

      If the methods described above did not suit you for some reason, then you can find out the MAC address of the laptop using the command line. To do this, press Windows-R and execute the command “CMD” in the window that appears. This way you will be able to run Command Timeline in any version of Windows.

      After the command line opens, execute the “GETMAC” command and you will receive information about all the MAC addresses of your laptop.

      Also, information about the MAC address can be obtained by running the command “IPCONFIG / ALL”.

      It should be noted that the command “IPCONFIG / ALL” is available not only in Windows, but also in other popular operating systems. Below is a table with the correct spelling of this command in different operating systems.

      How to find the MAC address of a Windows 10 computer or laptop

      If for one purpose or another you need to look at MAC addresses in Windows 10, you can easily do it at once in several ways: some are unique only for this OS, some were present in previous versions of Windows.

      This instruction details how to find the MAC address in Windows 10 and additional information that may be useful for a novice user. On a related topic, it can be useful: How to change the MAC address of a computer.

      • How to view MAC addresses in Windows 10 settings
      • MAC addresses in MSInfo32
      • Find out MAC addresses on the command line
      • View MAC address in connection properties
      • Instructions
      • Additional Information

      MAC address in Windows 10 command prompt

      Another way to see MAC addresses for any network adapter in Windows 10 is command line:

      • Run command timeline. The fastest way to do this is by using search in the taskbar.
      • Enter the command ipconfig / all and press Enter.
      • You will see a list of network adapters (including virtual ones, if any) with information about the MAC address for them in the “Physical address” section.
      • In a more convenient form, the list of MAC addresses can be seen using the getmac / v / fo list command

      MAC addresses in the “System Information” utility (MSInfo32)

      Windows 10 has a built-in System Information utility that allows you to view basic information about your computer, including the MAC addresses:

      • Press the WinR keys on your keyboard, type MSInfo32 and press Enter.
      • In the window that opens, go to the “Components”. “Network”. “Adapter” section. Find the adapter you need in the list of adapters and look at its MAC addresses.

      How to view the MAC addresses of a network card or Wi-Fi adapter in Windows 10 settings

      First of all, I would like to draw the attention of novice users to the following important nuance: the MAC address is present in network adapters, each has its own, that is, NOT the only one for “the whole computer”. And if you have both a wired Ethernet and a wireless Wi-Fi adapter on your computer or laptop, then their MAC address will be different.

      Typically, addresses are required for an active connection. You can see the MAC addresses of the active Wi-Fi adapter in the “Options” interface using the following SIMple steps:

      • Open “Settings” (to do this, you can press the WinI keys on your keyboard or use the Corresponding item in the Start menu).
      • Go to the “Network and Internet” section.
      • Case select the adapter (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) for which you want to determine the MAC addresses.
      • Click on “Hardware Properties” and on the next screen you will see information about your connection and adapter properties. The last item “Physical address (MAC)” is the MAC address of the corresponding network adapter.

      Also pay attention to the fact that in the connection properties in the settings of Windows 10 of the latest versions there is an item “Use random hardware address”. If this item is enabled, the MAC address will automatically change with each new connection.

      Viewing the MAC address in connection properties

      You can go to the properties of the Internet connection and quickly see the MAC addresses of the adapter there:

      • Press WinR keys on your keyboard, type ncpa.Cpl and hit Enter.
      • In the list of connections, right-click on the connection and select “Properties” from the context menu.
      • Move the mouse pointer over the name of the network adapter in the upper part of the window. as a result, the device’s MAC address will be displayed in a pop-up window.

      Also, if you open NOT the properties, but the “Status” of the active network (2nd step), and then click the “Details” button, you will see the following window:

      It also displays the MAC addresses of the network card or Wi-Fi adapter in the line “Physical address”.


      Additional Information

      In conclusion, there are two nuances that may be useful for a novice user:

      • If you need a MAC address to provide it to a provider, then Considering that when connecting through a router, the provider can “see” a different MAC address. the one that the Wi-Fi router itself has. It can be viewed in the settings of the router, it is also usually indicated on the stickers on the back (bottom) of the router.
      • If you need to enter your MAC addresses somewhere, Considering that in Windows 10, the characters “-” can appear as separators between each two characters when viewing, and when entering you need to use a colon or enter MAC addresses without separators at all.
      • In the settings of the router, in the list of connected clients, you can see the list of devices that are connected via Wi-Fi and LAN. They also have a MAC address.

      How to find an ID in Linux

      The most convenient way to determine the physical address in Linux is to execute a special command in the terminal. It is usually found in the “Application Drawer” under the standard programs. In Ubuntu, it is invoked using the CtrlAltTab hotkeys. After starting the terminal, execute ifconfig.

      We will see a list of parameters and the MAC address of the devices, which will be highlighted in bold. To achieve a more concise output and specifically mapping of some physical addresses, you can use the command ifconfig | grep Ethernet | awk ”. By the way, ifconfig command works on MAC OS X too.

      Instructions for Mac OS X Users

      To view the physical address on Apple devices, you first need to click on the apple icon in the system tray (top toolbar on the desktop). We select the tab “System settings” and in the section “Internet and wireless network” go to the tab “Network”.

      On the left there will be a list of connections, click on “Ethernet”, which should be connected, in the window that opens, select the “Advanced” button. In the topmost field, we see the value of the “Ethernet ID” parameter, which is the physical or MAC address.

      Finding MAC address in Windows

      Most often, you will need to find out this parameter when setting up the Internet. If you are buying a new computer or installing a connection to some new device, you must inform the provider’s MAC addresses, or then register it in your personal account.

      Using Control Panel and System Tray Tools

      In Windows 7 it is possible to calculate MAC addresses through the Control Panel tools. To perform this method, you need to go through a SIMple sequence of actions:

      • Open the “Control Panel”;
      • Next, you need to deal with the “Network and Sharing Center”, where all network settings are configured;
      • If there is no tab, select “Classic View”;
      • Click “Manage network connections”;
      • In the network parameters there is a “Local Area Connection”, using the right mouse button, clicking on it, select “State”;
      • In the case when there is no “Local Area Connection”, you need to install the driver for the network card (included in the kit on a disk to the network or motherboard)
      • After selecting the item “Status”, we will open a window where you need to click on “Information”;
      • In the list of parameters (usually in the 3rd place) there is a “Physical address”, which we actually needed.
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      There is another way, which will only work if there is an active connection to the interface that needs a MAC identifier. You need to click on the connection icon in the lower toolbar on the desktop (on the system tray) with the right mouse button. Usually looks like a small monitor or graph. Select the item “Open Network and Sharing Center”. In Windows 8, the sequence is the same. open the desktop, right-click on the connection icon in the system tray, select “Network and Sharing Center”.

      In the line “Connections” we find the name of the current network connection and go to it. After opening a new window, select the “Information” tab and there will also be a window with a physical address, which we were looking for.

      In Windows 10, the process will hardly differ from the one described. We select the icon denoting the Internet connection, clicked on it with the right mouse button, we enter the “Network and Sharing Center”. Then you need to go to the section “Changing adapter parameters”. There will be an “Ethernet” adapter, use the right button to select “Properties”. All that remains is to hover the cursor in the “Connection via” field on the name of the network card and the physical address will be displayed in a pop-up window.

      Using the command line

      Using the command term, you can very easily and quickly find out the MAC address. A step-by-step instruction for everyone looks like this:

      • On the keyboard, press the combination of Special keys WinR (start button R)
      • A window will pop up, in which we type cmd and press “Enter” or “Ok” in the window. this is necessary to call the command line;
      • In the command line, enter ipconfig / all (the keyboard shortcut for pasting CtrlV does not work in this case, you can enter the command manually or select “Paste” with the right button);
      • Then press Enter to execute the command;
      • The result of the execution will be the contextual network devices, we are looking for the “Physical address” field.

      Using this method and the ipconfig / all command, you can get the MAC-identifier of not only one network card, but the Wi-Fi adapter and the second necessary devices. There is also one command that is NOT described practically anywhere, unlike ipconfig / all, and it will be useful especially if the above command does not work. In a more convenient representation, the combination getmac / v / fo list helps us to see the physical address, which is also entered in the standard way in the command term.

      How to find the MAC address of a computer or laptop on Windows, OS X and Linux

      A MAC address or physical address is a unique combination of characters, numbers and colons that is “sewn” into the device’s network card at the stage of its production. Also, the network administrator can, if necessary, set an arbitrary value instead of the default parameter. All active devices on computer Ethernet networks now have such an identifier, including Wi-Fi adapters, routers and routers.

      To configure the Internet, connect the network or organize its security, you will need to find out the MAC addresses of the computer. The classification of the device in this case does not matter, and the methods will be the same for both a desktop PC and a laptop or netbook. The methods will differ only depending on the operating systems. Below we will just look at how to define it in Windows 10, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux, and also Android phone.

      View physical address for a phone

      You can view the MAC addresses for a smartphone in different ways, depending on the manufacturer and model of the device. So, for Samsung phones and tablets, this can be dealt with very quickly and SIMply:

      • We go to the item “Settings”;
      • We select the item “About the device” or, depending on the model, there may be a section “Information about the device”;
      • Click on the “Status” tab;
      • All the information we need will open.

      In Android phones, everything is also very fast. We go to “Settings”, then you need to select the item “About phone” and go to “technical information”.

      How to find the MAC address in Linux

      In order to find out the MAC address of a network interface in a Linux operating system, use the ifconfig (or sudo ifconfig) command in your favorite terminal. The desired result will be located next to the word HWaddr:

      In Linux, the issue of determining the physical address can also be solved using the IP command (or sudo IP):

      Apple mobile gadgets

      To view the MAC address on the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, go to Settings, then General, then About this device, in the Wi-Fi address field the physical address of the wireless module is indicated.


      The method for determining the MAC address for devices based on the Android operating system, if not the same for all devices, is certainly very SIMilar. Below is an example of how to find out MAC addresses on Android (for example, Meizu M3 Note phone).

      To do this, go to “Settings”, then to the menu for managing wireless networks “WLAN”, go to “Advanced settings”, at the very bottom we see the desired MAC. Hooray!

      Looking for MAC addresses in the system information

      To access information about the operating system, you need to use the Run tool already known to you (Win R key combination), then enter MSInfo32 in the field as shown in the figure and click OK.

      In the left part of the window that appears, expand the “Components” item (by clicking the “plus” or double-clicking), select “Network”, then “Adapter”, and in the right part of the window, find the column “MAC-addresses”.

      Voila! SIMple, isn’t it?

      Find out MAC addresses through command term

      The Windows command line is a must-have tool for every confident user. The use of CMD (from the English Command prompt) in determining the physical address of the device is universal and suitable for any version of the popular Microsoft operating system (whether it is the time-tested Windows 7 or Windows 8, the new Windows 10 or the good old Windows XP).

      In order to open the team term, you must use one of the many options. We will highlight the two most convenient of them:

      • SIMultaneously press the Win key (the button with the “windows” in the lower left corner of the keyboard) and the X (X) key, after which a context menu will appear, in which you should name the item “Command line”
      • Press the Win key and the R key at the same time, and the Run window will appear. Enter the word cmd in the box and click OK.

      After accessing the command line, you can again do it in two ways, more precisely, use two commands:

      • Ipconfig / all. will show detailed information about all physical and virtual network devices used in the computer. In my case, the system detected two MAC addresses at once: the physical address of a standard Ethernet port (for a network cable) and a Wi-Fi adapter, which is used to access the network (I don’t like all these cables, you know!). Please note that, in addition to information about the MAC address, there are other network data for the Wi-Fi adapter (IP addresses, gateway addresses, DNS servers, and so on).
      • Getmac. Shows MAC address information for all physical devices on your computer. In my humble opinion, it is preferable, because it does NOT complicate the user’s life with unnecessary information.

      Using additional attributes for the getmac command (/ v or / fo list) you will get information in expanded form.

      Well, now you know how to find out the MAC address of a computer through the command term!

      Determine MAC addresses in network connections

      To access the list of network connections, Let’s use the same Win R combination (ncpa.Cpl command):

      In the window that opens, we find our active network connection and open its properties (right click on the icon):

      Then we hover the mouse cursor over the name of the adapter used and get its MAC address in the form of pop-up text!

      Perhaps the main disadvantage of this method is the inability to copy the resulting value for further use. And this method of finding out the MAC address of a computer cannot be called fast.

      How to find the MAC address of the second computer

      This section will guide you on how to find the MAC address of a remote computer. An important condition: the device with the desired MAC address must be on the same subnet as your computer (this can be a home network or, for example, a corporate network). You must also know its IP address. Below are two ways to find out MAC addresses on the network: for Windows and Linux.

      Linux ARP

      Let’s repeat the sequence SIMilar to the previous subsection, but in the terminal of your Linux distribution. As a result, you end up with something like:

      What is MAC address and why is it needed

      A MAC address is a unique identifier for a network card (interface) or wireless adapter. MAC is also called the physical address (Hardware Address) of a computer, laptop, router, smartphone, in other words, any device working, in particular, in Ethernet networks. It is the Ethernet standard that provides for the use of a unique MAC-address value, consisting of six bytes of information, for each network device.

      Interesting fact. The uniqueness of physical addresses is achieved by contacting the manufacturers of network cards with a regulatory body called the IEEE Registration Authority, which, in turn, allocates them a pool of addresses (more than 16 million values) for assignment to new devices.

      As the obtained range is used, the manufacturer can apply to the IEEE again, so to speak, for an “addition”.

      • What is MAC address and why is it needed
      • Finding MAC addresses in Windows
      • How to find the MAC address in Linux
      • Physical address in Apple Mac OS
      • Where to see the MAC addresses of a smartphone or tablet
      • How to find the MAC address of the second computer
      • How to identify the manufacturer by MAC address
      • Instead of an afterword

      In broadcast networks (for example, such as Ethernet), the physical address makes it possible to identify each node (computer) on the network and deliver data exclusively to it. It is the MAC address that forms a kind of basis for networks at the link layer. a component of the OSI model.

      The process of determining the physical address for different types of devices and operating systems is slightly different, but it is still quite SIMple.

      The easiest way to find out the MAC address of a computer is to find the corresponding information on the box of your laptop / router / smartphone (underline the correct one!) And so on.

      But, if this method is not for you, and the box was successfully thrown away, or the option with a hike to the mezzanine is NOT an option at all, please continue reading this article.

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