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How to enable tablet mode on Huawei

How to enable and disable this mode on Windows 10

The developers have provided the ability to switch a personal device to tablet mode by default. in automatic mode by changing the laptop configuration. However, in some cases, the option may not work, so it is important to know in advance how to switch the operating system to a new operating mode on your own (enable or disable).

Via Notification Center

The Action Center is a whole set of settings that allows you to personalize how your hybrid laptop works. The configuration changes according to the requirements of a particular user. folders, design of the background area of ​​the desktop, graphic or sound data.

In this settings area, you can change the parameters of some of the panel groups. For instance:

  • virtual network;
  • focusing attention;
  • Extra options;
  • night light triggering, many others.

How To Disable Or Enable Tablet Mode On Windows 10 Laptop/ Lenovo 920

The area is easy to use, most of the functions are intuitively hand-tuned. No special education is required, but some basic skills are required. Changing the mode of use through this section is made as follows:

  • simultaneously hold down two hot buttons “Win” and “A” (in the Russian layout. “F”);
  • another way is to open it through the taskbar;
  • in this area, the first panel will be “Tablet Mode”.

If the system is not working, the block will be pale in color. The panel is clicked once with the mouse button. After that, the hue will become brighter, which means the device has switched to a new way of displaying system panels. You can remove the built-in function in the same way.

Why do you need tablet mode

Manufacturers need to maintain an ongoing interest in their own brand devices. Laptops have become hybrid (multifunctional). This means that the mechanisms have become peripheral. for example, removable keyboards, tablet mode. The last Microsoft corporation put into work with the development of the tenth series of the operating system.

An additional function allows you to adapt the operating system to hybrid mechanisms. Tablet mode is a redesigned interface. The desktop and some other visual panels look differently. The development of the tenth variation works comfortably and quickly with “transformers” (hybrid computers). Initial differences:

  • the location of the buttons changes in full screen format (Start and other program icons);
  • some utility symbols move from the main panel of the desktop;
  • individual components of the “Notification area” are removed to free up space.

The changes were thought out in such a way that it was convenient for the user to press the screen keys the first time.

It is necessary to press the “Start” button. it is located in the same place as in the standard mode. The usual icons will be displayed on the left.

Through “Parameters”

You can independently activate the tablet image of the workspace of a personal device through the “Settings” of the Windows OS. Instructions:

  • click on the item “Start” (image of the gear), an additional way is to press the combination of hot keys “Win” and “I”;
  • a panel will open where tiles with different sections are located, select the “System” section (the section that allows you to configure the external screen parameters, the theme of notifications and power supply);
  • then you need to select the “Tablet Mode” item (usually the sixth in the list on the left);
  • the lines of the additional menu drop out, find the value “When entering the system”.

Next to it, select the Use Tablet Mode value. After that, you need to close the panel, restart the personal device, and you can start using the mode.

How to turn tablet mode on and off in Windows 10 on a laptop

Microsoft produces new variations of the operating system with the aim of unifying the program, improving and adding new functions. One of the new developments is work in a tablet format. In order for the user to cope on their own, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in advance with the question of how to enable or disable tablet mode in Windows 10 on a laptop.

Useful Tips

A laptop with a convertible system of work switches to the new scheme automatically. the function is set by default by the developer. You can change such parameters if you go through several available steps:

  • go to the “System” subsection, open the desired item;
  • in the menu that opens there will be a line “When the device automatically turns on or”.
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A list of options will open, where you need to choose the desired way to switch work schemes. do not ask or renegotiate, always ask before changing, do not ask, but always switch.

It is recommended that you customize the display of system icons in the desktop area for the first time. This can be done in several ways, you do not need to contact a specialist.

Tablet mode is a special setting in the tenth version of the Windows operating system. The option allows you to work on one hybrid device in several formats, depending on the situation. Switching is configurable in several ways, you can choose what suits best.

Enabling the dark theme via the settings menu

The simplest option, which does not require much effort on the part of the user, is to activate the appropriate toggle switch located in the settings in the “Screen and brightness” section. It is enough to click on the switch located to the right of the name of the item of the same name and the color mode of the interface will immediately change to dark.

How to enable dark mode on Huawei and Honor smartphones

As mentioned earlier, the dark theme is present in firmware based on the current (at the time of the article’s release) version of the Google operating system. In the case of EMUI, the tenth version of Android corresponds to EMUI 10. Therefore, in order for the night mode to become available, first of all, you should update the software of your mobile device to the latest version.

Night mode is activated in two different ways: through the “Screen and brightness” section and using the corresponding button on the quick settings panel. Both methods will be discussed in detail in this tutorial.

How to enable dark mode on Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 10

Dark (night) mode was first implemented at the system level in Android 10. From stock Android, the function migrated to proprietary firmware, which run mobile devices from different manufacturers: Samsung Galaxy with One UI shell, Xiaomi based MIUI, as well as Huawei and Honor run by EMUI. It is about the devices of the last two brands that will be discussed in this article. from it you will learn how to enable the dark theme on Huawei and Honor smartphones, what benefits it brings and in which applications it works.

In addition, many users activate the black theme for aesthetic reasons, because its effect extends both to the elements of the system interface and to applications, including Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, and other popular programs.

Turn on dark mode using the button on the quick setting panel

The second way to activate the dark theme is to use the quick settings panel. In the “shutter” on Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 10, by default there is no item responsible for switching light to dark mode and vice versa.

It takes a few simple steps to add the corresponding button to the Quick Settings panel. The first step is to open the “curtain” and click on the pencil icon. A list of options will open, divided into two parts: the first half consists of buttons that are located on the notification panel by default; the second. from the options, the icons of which can be moved to the upper section, after which they will be displayed in the “curtain”.

Also, any of the available functions can be activated without dragging its icon to the notification panel. just click on the required icon. But doing this every time is inconvenient, so it is recommended to move the button that activates the dark mode to the top of the screen.

After that, the item “Dark Mode” will appear on the quick settings panel in the place set by the user. To enable or disable the dark theme, it will be enough to click on it.

Other helpful guides for Huawei and Honor smartphone owners:

How to enable multi-window mode on Huawei. How to open two apps on one screen.

On this page, you will find information about the multi-window mode on Huawei. How to run two apps at the same time on Huawei P10 and similar Android devices. This function allows you to open several applications on one screen, for example, you can work with one application while another application is open on the screen. I would like to warn you that not all applications support multi-window operation, and some may work incorrectly. Below we will look at several ways to enable multi-window mode and other features associated with this function. Good luck!

1) Open an application that supports multi-window mode and with a knuckle (as shown in the picture below) touch the screen and without letting go draw a line across the screen (as if we were dividing the screen in half). If the smartphone or tablet is in a vertical position, then we draw a horizontal line, if the device is in a horizontal position, then we draw a vertical line.

2) The second method allows you to enable dual-window mode using the “Browse” button. Open the application that supports this function and press and hold this button for a while. (On devices with a fingerprint sensor located on the front, the navigation bar is disabled by default. You can turn on the navigation bar by opening “Settings” next “Navigation button” next “Virtual navigation bar”. This action will turn off the navigation button and the smartphone will no longer will respond to pressing or holding or swiping on it.)

3) The third method also allows you to open simultaneously two applications with a gesture on the same screen of an Android smartphone or Huawei tablet. Launch an application that supports multiple windows and swipe up from the bottom of the screen with the tips of two fingers.

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How do I switch to full screen mode? To exit the dual-window mode on Huawei, you need to press and hold this button.

How do I move screens? You can swap two simultaneously open applications in places, sometimes it is necessary for comfortable use of some applications. When you have two applications open, you need to click this button. and then this button.

How to disable Windows 10 tablet mode permanently

Turning off tablet mode is not a difficult task, but some people find it turns on again on touchscreen laptops. A complete list of actions to turn off tablet mode, so that it does not turn on automatically in the future:

  • In Settings. System. Tablet, in the “When logging in” item, select “Never use tablet mode”, in the “When I use this device as a tablet” item, set “Do not switch to tablet mode”.
  • In the notification area or under Settings. System. Tablet. Change advanced tablet settings, disable tablet mode.

How to enable tablet mode

In Windows 10, there are two ways to enable Tablet Mode (besides the automatic enable, which will be discussed in the next section):

  • Using a button in the notification area that opens by clicking on the notification icon. The button may be missing. Then we use the following method.
  • In the Settings section (you can open it with the WinI keys or click on the gear icon at the bottom left). System. Tablet. Change additional tablet parameters. Turn on the top switch to activate the desired mode.

Done, now the Windows 10 interface will be displayed as a tablet.

Additionally, in Windows 10 there is another mode, somewhat reminiscent of the tablet mode. the so-called “Full-screen Start Menu”, when enabled, Start opens in full screen, and the appearance of the search window in the taskbar changes (opens in full height).

This function is toggled in the Settings. Personalization. Start. Open the Start menu in full screen mode. on the topic: How to disable Start and Search in full screen in Windows 10.

How to turn Windows 10 tablet mode off or on and what to do if it turns on by itself

Tablet Mode is a variant of the Windows 10 interface optimized for touchscreen control. Sometimes it can be useful, but more often users are faced with the fact that they need to turn it off, as well as with a situation when the tablet mode is turned on by itself.

This tutorial details how to enable or disable Windows 10 tablet mode in the latest versions of the system, as well as how to make sure that it never turns on by itself.

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Hello! Please tell me what you can do if the tablet mode on Windows 10 is disabled, but continues to work, i.e. does not turn off? thank.

Hello. And in the parameters and everywhere? Is the full screen Start menu enabled in Settings. Personalization. Start?


All the main features and benefits of tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop have been taken apart. There are some useful tips that can be successfully applied while working in this mode:

  • To close the application, you can simply pull it down, like on a tablet or phone.
  • You can take a step back by clicking on the “back” button, which is also present in tablet mode. If you need to return some action, this button will help you.
  • If you need to use two applications at once, then you can pin one to some part of the screen and simultaneously use another program.

Main functions

Let’s take a look at the main features of Tablet Mode on a Windows 10 laptop:

  • “Start” has the most important buttons that are necessary for use. They are now accessed instantly. You can also change them and select the necessary services for yourself.
  • It is possible to view the most used applications and launch them. This is also convenient in terms of quickly finding the buttons you need.
  • As with all tablets, there is a main menu with all applications installed. To open it, you need to swipe left on the screen in tablet mode on a laptop with Windows 10.

As you can see, this mode simplifies the user experience. This is achieved by rebuilding the interface, where everything unnecessary is removed, and the most useful remains. In addition, it does not reduce the capabilities of the device: all the functions of the laptop can still be accessed.

History of creation

It’s no coincidence that manufacturers introduced the tablet feature on a Windows 10 laptop, and for good reason. From the very beginning, when this mode first appeared, it was implemented on the Windows 8 operating system.

Users did not approve of the new product, as there were many problems with contact between a computer and a person. In general, the new function only complicated the work with the laptop and required changes.

Windows 8.1 brought some improvements, but users were still experiencing discomfort. That is why the new Windows 10 operating system was created, and with it the improved tablet mode.

Switching on and off

How to enable tablet mode on a laptop? This is done quite simply:

  • You need to find the notification center on your laptop, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • By clicking on it, you need to open the “Tablet Mode”.

This mode is configured as follows:

If you do not need to use this function, then you need to turn off tablet mode in Windows 10 on a laptop. This is done in the same way as turning on: in the notification center, you must press the necessary button again and configure the desired parameters in the laptop settings.

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Advantages of using

The new laptop system finally brought people useful tablet mode features on Windows 10 laptop:

  • The biggest problem was in the Start tab, where the buttons were in an awkward order, and there were also difficulties with the dual desktop. Now “Start” opens in full screen, where all buttons are easy to use. In addition, the tab now contains all the necessary functions for working with a laptop.
  • It is possible to both regulate this mode yourself, and to make it automatic. The second option is for the computer to go into tablet state by itself when the keyboard or other input is disabled. If such a service is not needed, then it is possible to launch this mode yourself in the settings or in the notification panel.
  • It is not necessary to have a laptop touchscreen to use this feature. Tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop rebuilds the desktop to match the format found on tablets. That is, you can also use the mouse, but in a different mode.
  • Touchpads allow you to work on a laptop without any additional devices in tablet mode. It is very convenient when traveling, as there is no need to carry a mouse or anything else besides the laptop itself.

How to use tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop?

With the development of modern technology, computers and laptops are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers are constantly improving their technology so that it is as useful and user-friendly as possible. One of these innovations is the tablet mode on a laptop with Windows 10.

Conclusion and conclusion

The Windows 10 operating system has really helped users simplify their work with Tablet Mode. All icons are located much more conveniently, which means that the interface is more pleasant and comfortable. Owners of certain devices should definitely try it.

This article provided instructions on how to enable and disable tablet mode on a laptop with Windows 10. It also discusses the main advantages and functions of this mode.

Wi-Fi hotspot

The most popular and frequently used option for sharing traffic is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone. The algorithm how to distribute the Internet from an Honor and Huawei phone is given below.

  • Turn on mobile data transfer through shutter shift or settings.
  • Go to the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on the line “Modem mode”.
  • Next, we need the “Access Point” tool.
  • By clicking on it, the settings graph appears.
  • If you are connecting for the first time, you will have to enter several items for security settings.
  • Specify the name of the network that other users will see, as the name of the wi-fay.
  • Next, choose whether there will be a cipher. If so, set it to WPA2 PSK mode. This is the default setting for this type of connection.
  • Enter your password if required. It is better not to use classic collections like “12345678” or “00000000” in it. Also, do not use personal information, phone number or name. Come up with a reliable combination that scammers can’t hack.
  • Exit the settings and use.

Share via USB to computer

This requires a cable that connects the smartphone and PC. After connecting, follow the instructions:

  • swipe the curtain from top to bottom;
  • select the type of connection “File transfer”;
  • then go back to the modem control mode on the phone, and select the “USB” option there.

Now you have the opportunity to transfer traffic to your computer or laptop. Just find your phone there among the available points and connect.

Additional Information

If you follow the instructions, there will be no problems. But there are abnormal situations and individual problems that do not allow you to perform an action.

What is hotspot in Huawei and Honor phone

Huawei and Honor hotspot is the ability to broadcast Internet access from your phone to other devices. The need for this arises when your friends or colleagues do not have the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi and access the Internet. Then you can share your mobile network with them. Fee depends on your mobile operator.

How to Activate (Enable) tablet Mode || Don’t forget to subscribe

  • If you have unlimited Internet use within the tariff, then most likely you will have to pay extra for using the distribution tool. How much it costs you need to check with the operator, are different for everyone.
  • If traffic is limited, then fees for such services are usually not charged.

We emphasize that it is possible to distribute the network only if your phone uses mobile traffic. The Wi-Fi action will not work.

Why the smartphone does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi?

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor phones: setting up an access point

How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor, and is it even possible? Yes, it is possible. But few users know the correct algorithm of actions. There are several options for distribution: built-in functionality, modem and third-party programs. They all have a different algorithm of work, which we will acquaint you with in a detailed step-by-step instruction.

Through applications

  • via Bluetooth;
  • via Wi-Fi;
  • limited access (limit data).

The second window offers to set how much traffic you are ready to give for use by another device. This is convenient, because this way you can avoid overspending. There is no such monitoring function in the built-in parameters.