How to enable second line on iPhone

The second line on the iPhone. What you need to know?

All modern smartphones support call-hold functionality, and iPhones are no exception. The option allows you to find out about the arrival of an incoming call during a conversation with a subscriber, allowing you to switch to another interlocutor if necessary. Let’s take a closer look at what this opportunity is.

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Please note that Call Waiting is supported by all operators operating in the Russian Federation. The service is provided free of charge, but you should be aware that billing is carried out according to the terms of your plan. over, each of the calls is paid separately.

So how do you know about a second mowing line??

After the phone receives a call while talking, you will hear a characteristic sound signal, and the iPhone screen will display the caller’s number and three possible options:

Thus, the “Call Waiting” option will allow you to always stay in touch and not miss an important call while talking with other subscribers.

It’s easy to do. You need to go to “Settings”. “Telephone”. Call waiting. We translate the slider to the active position.

If the function is disabled, then all incoming calls will be transferred to voicemail. In some countries and with certain operators, this service may be provided for a fee. Therefore, if it is not possible to activate the option through the settings, you need to make sure that it is available by contacting your service provider.

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How to install a second line on an asset?

@ aaamir7 the second line can be connected in the phone settings or by dialing 43 # and the call button.

How to avoid having a second mowing line?

use the phone menu, go to the item “Second line” (“Call waiting”), select the command “Cancel”.

How to answer a call on a second line?

When a call appears on the second mowing line, you will hear intermittent beeps that are superimposed on the interlocutor’s voice. To switch to a new conversation, it is enough to answer the call. the first call will be put on hold. If you do not want to interrupt the current conversation and answer the second call, reject it.

How to activate the Call waiting service?

  • to connect, dial the command 43 #
  • to check the status, dial the command #
  • to disable, dial the command #

How to set up a second line on Xiaomi?

So, to activate the second mowing line, you need to go to the Phone app and click on the three horizontal stripes in the lower right corner.

  • Next, you need to find the item “Call Waiting”.
  • Here you should activate the slider opposite the item “Call waiting”.

How to turn on the second line on Beeline?

You can set up a second call to receive calls during a call in your Personal Account or by using the 43 # command. After that, a special signal will inform you about the arrival of a second call. You can choose who to talk to first and talk alternately with each of the interlocutors.

Call Waiting in iPhone Settings

No in-depth knowledge or extensive experience of using mobile phones is required to activate a parallel dialogue. The manufacturer made everything simple: put the option in the “Settings” of the device. We are guided by a short instruction on how to enable it:

  • Go to “Settings”, select the item “Phone”.
  • Click on the line “Call waiting”.
  • Move the slider to the right to the active state (green light turns on).

Disable this function in the same way. The standby adjustment is now complete. When someone else calls the phone during a conversation, a second line will be created.

Enabling a second line cutter on iPhone

It’s all. Now the second line of your iPhone is activated and you will not miss a single important call, even if you are busy talking with another interlocutor.

To all of the above, it should be added that for some operators the call waiting function may be disabled on their side or even be a paid service. In this case, the slider for enabling call waiting will be inactive, and to activate the service, you need to contact your mobile operator.

If you see the message “Failed to save“ Call Waiting ”setting, try restarting your phone. If this did not help, check the availability of the service with the operator. If the operator says that the service is available to you, reset your phone settings. in this case, the option appears in 100% of cases.

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After adjusting the waiting settings when talking on iPhone smartphones, there is no reason to worry about a missed call, which is important to the user. As you can see, connecting this option is easy. In case of an unsuccessful attempt to activate it, it is recommended to contact the mobile operator and inquire about the availability of the service.

How to make a second line on an iPhone

convenient than a phone than iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS, no! I will be able to give 100 reasons “FOR” anyone who doubts this.

The point is that you need to know how to use them. And often, the most elementary things can cause a stupor in an ordinary user, just because the controls are not the same as on push-button telephones. So during a conversation, all additional features such as holding a call, conference calls, calling on a second mowing line are naturally possible, only in their own way.

First, let’s look at the Active Call Menu.

Pressing the Off button. sound, will lead to the fact that you will hear the interlocutor, and he will hear silence.

The Keys button is used to send signals in tone mode, used when dialing extensions or managing Service Guide services from mobile operators.

Speaker power button (Speaker), activates the speakerphone during a call, while changing the volume using the side volume buttons.

Add. the same button that allows you to dial the second number during a conversation, select a number from the list of contacts, call the second mowing line, holding the first one, and create a conference call (so that all interlocutors can hear each other and communicate).

The name and purpose of this button changes depending on the settings in the iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS menu. When the FaceTime video communication service is activated, the button makes a video call to the subscriber with whom you are currently communicating, and it will be crowned with success if your interlocutor has FaceTime supported and activated, and everyone has stable Internet access via Wi-Fi network. If this service is not activated on your iPhone, then pressing the button will put the call on hold, as a result of which the interlocutor hears long beeps or a melody (depending on the operator), and you do not hear anything, since the call is put on hold. Pressing again will return you to the conversation.

The Contacts button will allow you to access the list of contacts during a call, to view information and make a second call. Limited functionality of the Add button.

And these are just the possibilities of the menu during the conversation. Pressing the lower iPhone button (Home, Home) during a call will minimize the menu, turning it into a green bar on the desktop at the top of the screen, and without ending the call, you will be able to use all the phone’s functions, except for GPRS Internet access. Data transmission via GPRS Edge (the E icon next to the clock) is not possible during an active voice call. That is, the Internet on the iPhone during a call, without Wi-Fi, does not work.

How Dual SIM on the iPhone Works

So, how, in the end, make a second call on the iPhone without ending the first?

During the conversation, click on the Add button, we get into the standard and already familiar phone call menu. Next, select the required number in the Contacts tab, or type a new one in the Keys tab. iPhone will start calling the other party by holding the call with the first.

To change the interlocutor, in the menu for a voice call, click Replace, to combine the interlocutors, click Connect. If you want to disconnect any of the interlocutors, you can select it and press the red end of the call button. The connection with all other interlocutors will remain active.

We figured out how to communicate, but we already know how to cancel the call and make the sound mode Quiet.

How to turn second line on and off on iPhone

Many smartphones have the function of switching the call to the second line. With its help, you can put a conversation with the interlocutor “on hold” and at the same time answer another incoming call. Let’s see how to enable second line on iPhone.

How to enable second line on iPhone

The inclusion or activation of the second parallel cutter line for calls on the iPhone depends on the gadget model. If it belongs to a new generation and has a second SIM card at its disposal, the user will have to additionally configure the payment method for communication.

However, the sequence does not initially differ depending on the model:

  • Open device settings.
  • Go to a subsection called Phone. It is located in the last, lowest block.
  • In the penultimate line of the menu that opens, you will see the Call waiting line, which you need to click on.
  • The only item will appear on the screen, in which you need to move the slider to the right so that it turns green. You can do it with one touch.

If there is more than one SIM card, then the entire sequence is saved, however, at the penultimate step, the device will ask you to specify for which particular tariff the access to the second mowing line is activated. This is necessary because some operators charge a fee to activate the feature. Other than that, don’t expect both calls to cost as usual. As a rule, each call is charged separately.

Important! Neither the manufacturer nor the device itself will report the cost of the function, since only the operator providing communication has access to this data.

What is Second Line, Call Waiting and Call Hold on iPhone

First, you need to understand the terminology. Call waiting on iPhone. what is this function and how the subscriber should understand that it is currently active?

There are situations when a person talks on the phone for a long time. At this time, others cannot get through to him, and the sociable subscriber does not know about their desire to receive attention from him. To prevent such unconscious ignoring from happening, the functions of the second mowing line, holding and waiting for a call, are needed.

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When activating the second parallel cutter line function during a call with one person, the user receives an audible signal if he receives a call from another person. In this case, 3 answer options are displayed on the screen:

  • The first allows you to interrupt the current conversation to answer a new incoming call. This option is located at the bottom left of the display.
  • The second involves continuing the conversation with the first interlocutor. An answering machine symbol is displayed in the center in such situations. This means that when you click on it, the conversation continues, and the new interlocutor is redirected to the voice message recording service.
  • The third option, for which you need to click on the icon to the right of the center, helps the subscriber to pause the current call, while answering the new caller.

When a call comes in, it is also possible to ignore it, which will lead to the continued conversation, and the new caller hangs up. In this case, only the notification will interfere, which is repeated if the second call is not interrupted.

Note! When a new call arrives during an ongoing call, the subscriber receives a signal that the other party cannot hear.

Not everyone knows, but there is call waiting on the iPhone, which means it’s worth working out. For a subscriber who is already talking, the function provides the ability to join the second conversation without losing contact with the first user.

Holding a call helps to set up communication with two subscribers at once, alternately switching between dialogs with them. To do this, during the first conversation, you need to select hold the call to answer the second interlocutor. After that, it will be possible to swap partners on the screen.

Managing both calls

When a third subscriber connects, when one of the interlocutors is on hold, another access panel to call control opens in front of the user, which helps to work with both calls.

There are three options in total:

  • The first is to press the red center call cut-off key. This will reset the conversation with the current caller, automatically switching to another caller.
  • The second option is designated as switching. The button for this action is located in the bottom row of the panel in the center. The action will switch places, that is, the current one will go into standby mode, and the person with whom the conversation was on hold will be heard again.
  • The third step allows you to combine both calls. This creates a conference with two interlocutors.

Important! It is worth noting that the cost of a conference with two subscribers will be more expensive, but only the operator can specify the exact price.

How to turn off second line on iPhone

To find out how to disable the second line on the iPhone, you must also refer to the gadget’s settings. In the section called Phone, for this purpose, the Call Waiting tab is clicked, in which the slider moves to the inactive position (to the left).

How to turn on the second line on iPhone. detailed instructions

Each function on the gadget is intended to expand the user’s experience in a narrow area, but this may turn out to be an unnecessary addition that you want to disable. For this reason, you should pay close attention to the settings of smartphones. Not all people using Apple products know how to enable second line on iPhone. However, it can be useful for advanced call management.

Self-call on the second mowing line

If the subscriber is busy talking with one person, this should not mean that he does not need to call another. In situations where the conversation requires a short break for consultation, for the sake of convenience, you can make a parallel call yourself. To do this, in the quick access panel that is open during a conversation, you need to press the lower left button, under which there is an inscription “Add”. After that, a call to the second subscriber will become available, while the first will be on hold at this time.

How to enable second line on iPhone. instruction

Modern smartphones, and Apple is no exception, have a “second line” function. Oa allows you not to interrupt the current call when you receive another call from another subscriber. The function is convenient and useful, so it is advisable for users to know how to turn on the second line on the iPhone.

This is useful because it allows you not to miss important calls.

The function is supported by all mobile operators, most of them are free of charge. All details need to be checked with your mobile operator.

The disadvantages include the fact that money is debited from the mobile account balance for both calls.

If you are wondering how to set up a second line on your iPhone, follow the instructions below.


Initially, call waiting is disabled on Apple devices and needs to be configured. After that, when a call comes in during the current call, it will be possible to immediately switch to the second line.

The second line can be enabled in the smartphone settings. Procedure:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the “Phone” section.
  • Next, go to the “Call Waiting” section.
  • Flip the toggle switch to the active position so that it turns green.

Done. Now you know how to enable second line on iPhone using settings. It is not difficult at all, and no special skills are required from the user.

When using a smartphone with support for two SIM-cards, the device will offer to choose the tariff in which you need to activate the second line.

If you are wondering how to enable the second line on the iPhone-6, don’t worry. On all models of Apple smartphones, except for very old ones, this option is configured in the same way.

Calls can be combined by communicating with several subscribers at the same time.


When a call comes from another subscriber during the current call, a characteristic sound signal of two beeps in a row will sound and the following options will appear at the bottom of the smartphone screen:

  • “Hang up Answer”. The current conversation with the first subscriber will be ended, and you will answer the incoming call of the second subscriber.
  • “To an answering machine.” When this option is selected, the incoming call will be transferred to the answering machine, and the current call will continue. It is worth considering that not all cellular operators provide subscribers with an answering machine, this point will have to be clarified with the operator.
  • “Retain Answer”. This option will pause the current call and allow you to answer the incoming call. You can return to the first call at any time.
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How to set up and use Dual SIM on your iPhone — Apple Support

If the conversation with the second subscriber promises to be long, it is better to terminate the current call. First, the first subscriber may be uncomfortable with a long wait. Secondly, money is debited from the account in two conversations, so it will be more economical to finish one of them.

This was an instruction on how to turn on the second line on the iPhone directly during a call.


If you don’t want to use the second line, you can turn it off. This is done through the settings. Procedure:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Phone” in the menu.
  • Go to the “Phone” section.
  • Move the toggle switch to inactive mode so that it turns gray.

Now, during the current call, other subscribers will not be able to reach you, and the device will not offer the option of a second mowing line.

If call waiting is not working

Most mobile operators: MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Iota, Beeline and others have this service enabled by default. If after activating call waiting the second call does not come, you should contact your mobile network operator and ask to activate the service. To contact the operator, use the following numbers:

  • For MTS subscribers 8 800 250 08 90.
  • Megafon network: a call to 8 800 550 0500 or to a short number 0500 from a mobile.
  • Tele2 subscribers: 8 800 555 0611. Or by short number 611. After connecting, press 0 to connect with the employee.
  • Subscribers Iota 8 (800) 550-00-07.
  • For Beeline 8-800-700-0611 or 0611.

Why do I need a second line?

The most striking example is waiting for an urgent call at work or from relatives. Let’s say you are on the phone and someone else calls you. If the option of the second line cutter (or “Call waiting”) is disabled, the person will receive short beeps “Busy”. If call waiting is enabled in the settings, you will receive a second call and you can switch between them. In simple words:

The second line is the ability to switch to an incoming call during an active conversation on the phone. On smartphones, this option is called “Call Waiting”.

How to turn on the second line (call waiting)

For example, we will write an instruction for Xiaomi Redmi 5 smartphones. On models of other companies, the actions are similar.

  • Open the smartphone settings, go to “Applications”, System applications ”. Your item may be called “All Applications”.
  • We are looking for the “Phone” application in the list and go there.

Activate the slider and turn on the function

If you cannot find any of the items in the settings, use the search. In the top line, you can immediately type the appropriate settings section or the name of the function. This feature is implemented on all Android smartphones of the latest generations.

You can combine incoming calls and talk to three or even four. To do this, with two calls, the screen will display the message “Combine” or “Conference” click on this button to start a simultaneous conversation with all participants in the conversation.

Useful Tips

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How to enable and configure a second line on your phone. 3 easy steps

Today we will tell you how to turn on the second line on your phone. This is a useful service if your work and life are connected with frequent phone calls, or you do not want to miss an urgent or important call. The instructions for turning on are focused on smartphones running Android: Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, for owners of iPhones, all actions are similar, only the names of the items can differ. At the beginning of the article, we will briefly describe what “Second Line” or the “Call Waiting” function is, and below we will give recommendations on how to enable this option. Be sure to read the article to the end. there we will tell you how to protect the device by disabling the installation from unknown sources, as well as how to deal with annoying ads and spam in instant messengers.

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