How to enable power saving mode on Samsung

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How to Enter Safe Mode on Android Samsung?

To enable safe mode on Samsung with Android 2.3 and below, do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After Samsung appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the download.

To enable Safe Mode on Samsung with Android 4.0 or higher operating system, do the following: 1) Turn off your phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) After Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume down.

Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung Android phones.

Question: How to disable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones with Android operating system. What is Safe Mode on Android Samsung smartphones and how you can turn it on and how to get out of it?

Answer: First, let’s figure out what Safe Mode is on Samsung smartphones and other Android devices. For security purposes, phones are designed to boot in Safe Mode. this is when only those applications that were installed at the factory will work on the smartphone, that is, all applications that you installed after purchasing the phone will not work. This mode is needed to diagnose, identify and troubleshoot the phone. After booting the phone in safe mode, you will see an inscription at the bottom of the screen informing that the phone is working in safe mode. If you have installed any application, after which there are problems with the phone, you can enter Safe Mode and uninstall this application. For example, there is a ransomware virus on your smartphone that cannot be removed and which requires you to pay money to unlock the screen. To remove such a virus, you can go to safe mode on Android in which it is not automatically activated when you turn it on and delete it.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Samsung?

To turn off safe mode on Samsung with Android 2.3 and below, we need to turn off and turn on the smartphone again. If suddenly after that the safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After Samsung appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the download.

To exit safe mode on Samsung with Android 4.0 or higher, you just need to turn off and on the smartphone. If after that the smartphone does not come out of safe mode and the safe mode remains on the screen, then do the following: 1) Turn off the phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) When Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume key up until the phone turns on completely.

How auto-rotate screen works?

The accelerometer is responsible for the correct orientation of the phone in space. Without it, automatic image change from vertical to horizontal position and vice versa is impossible. An accelerometer is a sensor that detects the angle of the device in relation to the earth’s surface. The software, based on the data received from the accelerometer, rotates the image on the screen in accordance with the position of the phone in space. The phone is in an upright position. the picture has adjusted to it. It is worth turning the device on its side. the image will automatically assume landscape (horizontal) orientation.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung Galaxy A51 and other models of the brand

By default, the auto-rotate display function on Samsung smartphones works automatically. But in some cases it needs to be connected manually.

  • through the “Settings” application;
  • through the notification curtain on the device screen.

How to disable auto-rotate mode on a Samsung smartphone

The auto-rotate function is disabled in the same way as its activation: through the notification curtain or in the device settings.

How to activate auto-rotate screen on Samsund smartphones through the notification shade

This method is more convenient, since you do not need to open the settings menu and look for the desired option to connect.

  • pull the shutter down and make another swipe down to see all the icons on the top control panel;
  • find the auto-rotate icon called “Book Screen” and click on it;
  • it should change its color from gray to blue. this means that the auto-rotate function is now active;
  • if there is no option icon, add it to the quick access panel;
  • To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper corner of the screen, select the “Button order” item in the menu, click on “Change” and drag the auto-rotate icon to the desired place in the control panel.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung phone

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We figure out how to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung and why this function is needed.

What is auto-rotate screen?

Auto-rotate the screen on a smartphone is a special function that automatically adjusts the image to the current position of the mobile device in space. When the phone is positioned vertically, the image will also be vertical. If you turn the device on its side, the picture will change position and become horizontal.

Auto-rotate is necessary for a more comfortable viewing of content, especially widescreen videos, for certain applications such as pedometers, and for many games.

How to enable Battery Saving mode on Android 5.1

Android 5 is no longer a rarity and many people like it due to its multitasking functions and high level of energy efficiency.

One of the features that Android 5 beats the previous version of Android with is the new battery saving mode. The available mode on Android 5.0 and 5.1 helps us get the most out of our smartphone and ensures that we extend battery life by limiting apps in the background and slightly lowering the performance of the gadget.

Battery saving mode is ideal when the battery is very low and you need to make a few extra calls. Google claims battery life can be extended by up to 90 minutes with battery saver enabled.

Some smartphones from leading brands such as Samsung, HTC and LG have their own version of the battery saving mode. Devices that run the Android 5.1 operating system give us the opportunity to enjoy this function, regardless of whether you are using a branded device or not.

Another way:

After activating the battery saving mode, in the same menu, you can configure the automatic activation of the mode when the battery discharge reaches 15% or lower. By default, power saving mode is not activated, and never automatically turns on.

How to enable battery saving mode on Android 5.1?

We know of two ways to activate this mode on Android devices.

First way:

  • swipe down, trying to open the list of notifications, and you will see the battery icon and the display of the percentage of the remaining battery charge;
  • we tap on this icon;
  • we get into the battery settings, then click the menu (3 small dots in the upper corner on the right side);
  • select the battery saving mode;
  • ready!

Now, whenever the phone discharges to 15% or 5%, the phone will give a notification prompting you to enable battery saving mode.

After turning on the battery saving mode, the screen should be highlighted with two orange stripes: one at the top of the display and the other at the bottom. The function will automatically turn off as soon as you put the device on charge.

How to Enable Power Saving Mode in Samsung Galaxy A50

Have you ever had to use the battery saving mode? Share your experience with this feature!

Stay tuned, there is still a lot of interesting things to come.

How to disable or enable power saving mode on Samsung a50

There are several ways to save power in Samsung a50 phone, but it has its own built-in mode that can be turned on or off very quickly.

What are the prospects for you? The battery runs out too quickly and you have to constantly connect your smartphone to charging.

By turning on the power saving mode, you will reduce the discharge by 3 times. Yes, this is not bad, but there is also a drawback.

As a rule, this is a decrease in the capabilities of Samsung a50, but if you approach this issue correctly, then a lot will fall to fix.

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2019, in which, in fact, Samsung a50 appeared, brought us new solutions that will help save battery power.

In general, the more features we optimize, the longer the battery life will last. Now let’s get down to specifics.

How to enable maximum power saving mode on Samsung a50

To enable the energy saving mode, the first step is to open the application menu and go to the settings.

There we find a category called “Device Maintenance” and click on the icon with the name “Battery”.

Here we select “Power mode”. We will open three modes: optimized, medium and maximum.

When you click apply on any of them, the settings will immediately begin to change, and it will take over.

Don’t be in a hurry. There are two more important points: restriction on the Internet, Bluetooth, applications, etc.

Naturally, the more you turn on the restrictions, the better the energy saving will be. The choice is yours.

I did not turn on the restrictions, so the energy saving only doubled, but if you turn it on, it will double again.

How to disable maximum power saving mode on Samsung a50

Disabling is much easier than enabling. To do this, simply hook your finger on the top of the screen and pull it down. There, at the top you will see an active battery icon.

Just click on it once and you’re done. The countdown will start and you will receive Samsung a5o, such as it was at the beginning.

Keep in mind that the screen is always dominant in these statistics. It is responsible for over 30 percent of the battery consumption.

Of course, using a smartphone with a minimum screen brightness setting is very inconvenient, especially in summer, when light falls on the display and it is difficult to see anything. This is why it is worth changing the settings based on your needs and saving energy.

It is also worth using the “Night mode” function, which you will find in the display settings. This limits the emission of blue light, which not only tires the eyes but also requires more power.

Location services also consume a lot of power, only when disabled, some apps even require locations, especially Google Maps if we’re on the go.

It’s also worth remembering to reboot your Samsung A50 from time to time. This allows the system to operate more efficiently, resulting in lower battery consumption.

You can write a lot more, but without departing from our topic, I will say that the Power Saving Function can often extend the life of a smartphone to the house or the nearest power source and provide charging.

Google Chrome Internet Browser:

First, let’s check the setting of the Google Chrome browser for the automatic setting of the dimming mode.

To do this, first open the Google folder.

And then we launch the Google Chrome application.

Screen 0. on the Home screen of the phone, open the Google folder. Screen 1. launch the Chrome browser in the folder.

Next, in the browser, you need to enter the Main Menu. To do this, you need to click on the “Ellipsis” button in the address bar at the top of the screen.

After that, in the opened Main menu, you need to click on the “Settings”.

Screen 2. click on the “Ellipsis” button in the address bar. Screen 3. select the item “Settings”.

In the opened Settings of the Chrome browser, you need to activate the item “Themes”.

Now the option “By default. use a dark theme when a dark theme or power saving mode is enabled on the device” is enabled. This is what we wanted to make sure of.

Screen 4. click on the “Themes” item. Screen 5. view of the “Themes” section. “By default”. active.

Next, on the smartphone, you need to turn on the “Dimming mode” on the “Quick settings buttons panel”. To do this, you need to repeat the steps described in paragraphs 3 and 4 of this Instruction.

After turning on the night mode, we return to the Chrome browser page by clicking on the “Back” navigation button.

We can see that the Chrome browser also automatically switched to dark mode and its background is now black. And everything worked out well here.

Screen 6. view of the active page of the Google Chrome browser in the “Dimming Mode”.

And how to properly configure the Internet browser to automatically switch to “Dim Mode” when you turn on the dark mode on a Samsung smartphone?

Next, we will describe the procedure for enabling the “Dark theme” in major Internet browsers using the example of the Samsung Galaxy A50 editorial smartphone under the One UI 2.0 proprietary shell for Android 10 for the following applications:

Branded Internet browser “Samsung Internet Browser Beta”:

First, let’s check the Samsung Internet Browser setting to automatically adjust the dark theme.

To do this, launch the Samsung Internet Browser application from the Home screen.

Next, on the main page of the application, you need to enter the Main menu of the web browser. To do this, you need to click on the “Three mowing lines” button at the bottom of the screen.

Screen. launch Samsung Internet Browser by clicking on the “Internet” icon. Screen. in the Internet browser, click on the button “Three mowing lines”.

In the opened Main menu, we see the presence of the item “Darkening mode”, which is now gray. Let’s try to turn on the dark mode by clicking on the “Darkening mode” icon.

As a result, a window appears with a hint: “To activate night mode in the Internet application, enable this mode on the quick access panel.”

Let’s use the hint and try to turn on the night mode on the smartphone.

To do this, open the Notification Panel by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Screen. click on the “Dimming Mode” icon. Screen. a window with a message has opened. Open the Notification Panel by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Now, to fully open the “Quick Settings Buttons Panel”, you need to swipe down the first line of the Quick Settings Buttons down.

The Blackout Mode button is on the 3rd page. To go to page 3, you need to swipe left with two swipes.

Screen. swipe down to fully open the “Quick Settings Buttons Panel”. Screen. swipe to the left 2 times to scroll through the “Quick settings buttons panel”.

Turn on night mode by pressing the “Darkening mode” button.

Dim Mode is on and the background of the screen turns black.

We return to the page of the open application “Internet” by clicking on the navigation button “Back”.

Screen. press the “Darkening Mode” button. Screen. a view of the “Quick settings buttons panel” in night mode. Click on the “Back” button.

The “Internet” application page automatically switched to night mode, and its background turned black. We did it.

How to enable Dark Mode in browsers on a Samsung smartphone.

The appearance of the “Dark Theme” mode (“Dimming Mode” or in the English version “Dark Mode”) in the Android 10 OS interface, according to Google, has become one of the most important innovations in this Operating System. The use of a dark color scheme on smartphones Android 10 and later, according to the developers, makes it easier to read text on the smartphone screen and helps to extend battery life, especially on phones with AMOLED matrices.

On smartphones with Android 9 and earlier versions, the “Dark theme”, or the so-called “Night Mode” (Night Mode), could be set both through the phone settings, and by changing the main theme of the smartphone to any theme you liked in a dark color scheme through the application “Galaxy Themes”.

Now, on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the release of the new proprietary One UI 2.0 shell, turning on the “Dimming Mode” on the smartphone causes an automatic change of the color gamut to dark in most installed applications, including Internet browsers such as Samsung Internet Browser Beta and Google Chrome. It is very convenient.

But for some other popular browsers, such as Yandex Browser, the automatic theme change does not occur, so the color scheme must be changed in the Settings of the browser itself.

Browser (in English “web browser” or “browser”. “web browser”, “browser”, where the prefix web (in English web. “web”) means the Internet space) is a program for viewing sites on the Internet.

Internet browser Yandex.Browser:

Enabling a dark theme in Yandex Browser is very simple:

The Yandex Browser application is launched from the applications screen.

Further, on the main page of the application in the address bar, you need to click on the “Ellipsis” button to activate the main browser menu.

Screen 7. click on the application icon with Yandex Browser. Screen 8. in the address bar of the browser, click on the “Ellipsis” button.

To enable the browser night mode, you need to click on the “Dark theme” button.

After that, the screen will change the color scheme. the background will turn black, and the fonts will turn white.

To return to the main page of the browser, you need to click on the navigation button “Back”.

Screen 9. in the Main menu, click on the “Dark theme” button. Screen 0. view of the main Yandex Browser menu in dark mode. To return to the main page, click on the “Back” button.

This is how the main page of the browser looks like in “Blackout Mode”.

Screen 1. view of the main page of the Yandex.Browser browser in “Shading mode”.

As we can see, enabling the dark theme in browsers is easy. At the same time, by pressing the same button again, you can turn on the Light theme.

How to turn it on?

Windows battery saver isn’t just automatically enabled. It can be activated at any time. So, if you turn it on immediately after disconnecting the power supply (without waiting for the charge level to drop), then you can significantly extend the autonomous operation of the device. To do this: 1. in the system notification area, find a small battery icon;

and then just activate “battery saver”.

For quick access to the main power configurations, open the Windows 10 Action Center (which is located on the right side of the screen by default) and select the desired block. To turn off power saving mode, follow all the steps described in reverse.


To change the basic power saving settings: 1. open “start” and go to “parameters”. “system”; 2. find the “battery saver” block here.

A dialog box will open where you can: 1. disable power saving mode (its automatic activation); 2. change the minimum battery charge threshold when it will turn on (for example, not 20%, but 50% or even 90%). To do this, simply move the slider to the desired location;

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disable automatic dimming of the screen. It is not recommended to do this, since the most system resources are spent on highlighting; 4. allow the system to send push notifications to the user.

To allow (or vice versa, prohibit) programs to run in the background after activating energy saving, you must: 1. put a “tick” in front of “always allow”; 2. after that, click the “add application” button and select those that will work despite the savings.

Perhaps the most consumed resource of all is screen brightness. Therefore, if you want to reduce power consumption as much as possible, then it is not recommended to change this option.

Battery use

After going to the “battery usage” block, you can find all the information about where the charge is spent and which applications consume most of it.

Here you can find the percentage of battery consumption by the main components: 1. Wi-Fi wireless connection; 2. display; 3. system.

This information can greatly help in building energy conservation policies. Since with its help you can determine which programs consume the most and which ones are better to disable. In addition, if you plan to extend battery life, turn off Wi-Fi if possible.

Here you can also find other data regarding the operation of applications. For example, energy consumption in normal mode and in hidden (background).

Starting with the seventh version, Windows operating systems have acquired extensive user settings to control power consumption and save battery power. Thanks to this, the battery life of Windows 10 on a laptop or tablet can be significantly extended.

Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Enable / Disable Ultra Power Saving Mode

The function works in the same way as the power saving mode on mobile devices. After its activation, the system changes the parameters so as to maximize the battery life of the computer (or tablet), namely:

dims the display; 2. disables applications running in a hidden (background) mode; 3. cancels the issuance of push notifications.

By default, the function turns on automatically when the charge percentage drops to 20%. If the device is reconnected to the network, Windows power saving mode is disabled and the device starts normally.

What is kid mode?

This system of settings allows you to restrict the use of materials intended for adults. Children can often use their parent’s smartphone to play games and watch cartoons. Some kids have already acquired a telephone by themselves. The variety of applications, sites and files for modern devices can be dangerous for minors. To keep parents calm about their child, there is the possibility of temporary or permanent activation of the child’s safe profile. In this profile, the child can safely play, read and watch content, and the list of allowed applications and sites can be manually regulated by the parent (administrator).

This account has the following options:

  • The ability to make calls to specific phone numbers. the contact list is defined and controlled by the parents.
  • Special version of the camera with a set of stickers for children.
  • Galleries with filtering of drawings and photos uploaded or taken under parental control.
  • The “My Browser” option allows you to view the list of sites allowed by the parents.

Also, the profile contains several varieties of games, educational applications, coloring pages, image editors and sticker sets. Access to social networks, YouTube and other applications are installed by parents separately.

How to turn off kid mode on a Samsung phone

Child mode allows you to restrict access to web resources, applications and files 18. With an active lock, even the smallest users can use the phone. If you no longer need to control the applications and sites you use, you can turn off blocking. Learn how to get out of Samsung Kids Mode today.

How to get out of child mode

To unblock content, you must enter a special pin code that is set by the parent. If you have forgotten your password and cannot remove the lock, try the following again:

How to Turn On / Off Power Saving Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20 – Save Battery

  • Hold the power button on the side panel of the phone, hold it until the screen displays the inscription “Turn off the device”.
  • Tap on this inscription and hold until the inscription “Safe Mode” appears. Click on this inscription. the device will start to reboot.
  • After restart, open device options.
  • Find the children’s mode tab through the search and hold it down.
  • In the context menu that appears, select the “Delete” line, then click the “OK” button to confirm.

Press the power button again and select the reboot icon. this will leave safe mode.

Hard disk metamorphosis

The computer switches to Stand-by mode after saving the intermediate results of the work of open applications in RAM. At the same time, access to the hard disk stops.

The state of Hibernate (hibernation) differs from the previous one in that on the open spaces of the hard disk (and not in the RAM), the entire state of the OS will be captured at a certain moment, to which it will return when it is next turned on.

The Hybrid Sleep mode, which appeared for the first time on Windows Vista, combines the features and consequences of both previous ones. both saving files of open applications in RAM, and the state of the system in the file “hiberfil.sys” of the hard disk.

How to turn off on a laptop

Most often, users turn off and turn on power saving mode using the Start menu. This is the simplest and most reliable method that is available in most cases. You can also go to the menu called “Personalization”. In order to do this, you need to right-click on the desktop, and then select the appropriate item in the menu that appears. This will be enough to enter this mode, to turn it off or on. Sometimes the system writes that it is not recommended to turn off this mode. You just need to ignore this message and exit.

Then the user needs to find the power settings. There are also settings that allow you to reduce power consumption. To cope with such a setting is within the power of every user who needs to increase the battery life of their laptop. Usually this is what energy saving is used for.

In the case of a laptop, there are a number of features. In particular, by enabling this mode, the laptop will run much slower. This is due to the fact that effective energy saving is possible only if some functions are disabled in the laptop. That is why those who prefer to play computer games rarely use this mode. If it is on, then games can slow down. Then it will be uncomfortable to play.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended to enable power saving mode only during office work or when performing tasks that do not require a lot of productivity.

There are tons of features with laptops. For example, some manufacturers have already provided a separate button next to the keyboard, which is designed to enable energy-saving mode. It allows you to achieve excellent results under any circumstances. In this case, energy saving software is not needed at all.

How to turn off power saving mode on Android

Monitor states

During normal operation of the monitor, both of its blocks are active in it. horizontal and vertical. This mode is called Normal and the consumption is up to one hundred watts.

Almost instantly, the display will return to work from the stand-by state, in which the horizontal sweep is turned off and the consumption consumption is reduced to ninety percent of the usual.

When switching to Suspend mode, only vertical sweep will be disabled, the flow rate will already drop to ten to fifteen percent, but the monitor also leaves it a little longer.

The use of the Power-off mode entails the shutdown of both scanners, while the power consumption is reduced to a minimum of five percent. But returning to normal operation will take as much time as switching on from a “cold” state.

Via the quick access menu

In the notification shade, tap the “Economy” icon.

Please note: the icon becomes inactive. This indicates that Power Saving Mode is disabled.

Samsung Smartphone Automatic Optimization

On modern devices, the battery is automatically optimized by default, which, as expected, leads to “killing” applications running in the background.

If the functioning of the messenger or navigator is extremely necessary for you, it is better to go into the settings and prevent automatic optimization from interfering with their performance. This can be done by going along the following path:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • We go to the menu (three points).
  • Choose “Special Access”.
  • Tap on “Optimize battery usage”.

Next, we find the required program in the proposed list and make sure that it is not subject to automatic optimization. In the same section, you can prohibit the system from turning off unused software, send it to hibernation, and remove any restrictions.

How to turn off sleep mode on Samsung

Samsung Sleep Mode can be turned off as needed. To do this, you first need to make sure that the unused software is really in this status, as well as a ban on automatic shutdown is set. If this is not done, then after a few days the system will again transfer the “awakened” to “hibernation”.

To prevent the programs from eating up a significant part of the charge, it is better for them to turn off sleep mode, following the instructions above. In the Android menu, you can add them to the list of “Persistently sleeping applications” or add them to the “List of exclusions”, in the latter case games or messengers will never be put into sleep mode by the system.

Samsung app is in sleep mode. how to remove sleep mode

“Application in sleep mode” on Samsung “- Do you often see this message on your smartphone screen and do not know what it means? Many programs, even after closing, continue to work, which leads to constant freezing and braking of the smartphone, as well as to the heating of the case. But it is easy to optimize the operation of the device yourself by closing the applications.

Optimizing battery performance

So how does Android regulate the power saving process? The devices can operate in one of three directions:

  • without restrictions on full power (the charge is not saved and is quickly “eaten”);
  • Moderately (by reducing brightness, turning off background work and limiting the speed of the CPU, you can save 10 hours of energy);
  • maximum power saving (due to extreme limitations on CPU functions and data transfer, you can get an increase in the “life” of a smartphone without recharging up to 131 hours).
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But there are also “manual” battery optimization methods. To save battery power, you can:

  • Choose fast charging, which will shorten the time it takes to fill the battery with energy. Activation takes place along the Settings path. Optimization. Battery. Next, in the upper corner, select “Additional settings” and “Quick charge”.
  • Dig into the notification settings in the optimization section of the menu. Here you can turn off notifications from programs that have not been used for more than 3 days, as well as those that consume the maximum amount of charge.
  • The Energy Monitor function allows you to analyze which programs consume more power than others and, if necessary, correct the situation.

Most of all, putting applications into hibernation or completely turning off software that you rarely use helps to save battery.


It will be useful to go to the item “Battery Usage”. Here you can see which applications consume the most charge, find out in what ratio between the display, the system and the Internet connection via Wi-Fi the energy costs are distributed.

Note! This information is valuable, since it can be used to identify and turn off the program that spends the most battery power.

What is Windows 10 Power Saving Mode

This parameter allows you to reduce the electricity consumption of a stationary computer, but it is most useful for laptop owners. When using the device outside the home, it is often necessary to extend the operating time. To ensure that the equipment does not turn off ahead of time, it is required to set up energy saving.

But this mode not only dims the monitor brightness. In addition, he makes changes to the following:

  • turns off all programs and applications that run in the background;
  • completely stops sending push notifications.

Note! Most often, this mode begins to work in automatic mode when the battery charge reaches a certain value. If at this time you connect the device to the electrical network, then the energy saving will be turned off.

However, in some situations it is not necessary to wait for automatic mode action. Energy saving can be turned on and off by yourself. To do this, you need to know exactly what to do and what parameters to configure.

Power and hibernation

You can also make certain settings in the Power & Sleep tab. Several options are available to the user here. He can choose after how many minutes of inactivity the screen will go blank or go into sleep mode. over, the options differ for battery and mains power.

Windows 10 Power Saving Mode. How to Adjust Power

The latest versions of the Windows operating system have acquired many useful features and capabilities. Starting with the seventh OS, PC and laptop users can control the power consumption of their device themselves. This increases the energy efficiency of the computer and, in the case of the laptop, the battery life.

All this is achieved using a special power saving mode. It is similar to the same function on a mobile phone, only instead of the screen, the user can adjust the brightness of the monitor. However, not everyone is familiar with this possibility, so you should consider it in more detail.

Power saving mode is a new option for users

Basic mode settings in the Windows 10 operating system

Energy saving on a computer or laptop can not only be turned on and off, but also configured for this mode. To do this, the user will need to perform a simple sequence of actions: go to the “Start” menu, select “Settings”, then. “System” and click on the line “Battery saving.

After that, a window will open in which you can select or change the following parameters:

  • remove the automatic activation of the energy saving function;
  • adjust the battery level at which power saving will automatically start. You can choose not the template 20, but 40 and even 70 percent;
  • turn off dim screen option when starting power saving. However, this is not recommended, since backlighting usually eats up most of the resources;
  • disable the ability to send push notifications when the battery is low;
  • choose which programs and applications will continue to run in the background when the power saver starts. From the entire list, move the slider to the “On” position. for the most important applications.

Important! The screen brightness can be adjusted within reasonable limits, but it is not recommended to set it to maximum. Otherwise, the laptop will run out very quickly.

How to turn off Windows 10 power saving mode

On the one hand, disabling this function results in the device being discharged much faster. However, this is necessary for those who want to play a game with high performance without losing picture quality, slowing down and freezing.

Note! To do this, you need to correctly configure the power mode. We’ll have to change performance from optimal to maximum.

This can be done in several ways. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • simplest. Here you just need to click on the battery icon in the lower right corner of the screen and change the setting “Optimal performance” to “High performance”;
  • center of mobility. The next option is how to turn off power saving mode on Windows 10. In the Mobility Center, the user has information about the battery level, operating mode and much more. To disable the parameter, go to the “Battery status” section. In it, switch the “Energy saving” mode to “High performance”;
  • Control Panel. You can also perform certain actions in the familiar control panel. You can open it through the command line, in which you need to drive in “control panel”. Next, you need to find the item “Power supply”. It will contain the item “Show additional schemes”. You should click on it. After that, a list of features available to the owner of the device will appear. It is necessary to select “High performance” instead of the “Energy saving” option.

How to enable power saving mode on Windows 10

Since you can save battery power on your own, there is a certain sequence of actions that allows you to do this. Not all users understand why this is necessary. However, if you turn on the mode immediately after disconnecting the power cable, you can significantly increase the autonomous operating time of the device. To do this, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Go to the system notifications settings.
  • Find the battery icon and click on it.
  • In the pop-up window, select “Battery saving”.

For your information! To quickly access the main parameters of the mode, you need to go to the notification center and find the corresponding item there. In it, the user will have access to the basic energy saving features.

What to do if high power consumption in Windows 10 games

This is due to the presence of a special game mode, which allows you to increase the performance of your computer while playing. However, when it is necessary to conserve the charge level, this possibility only interferes and leads to high power consumption. Disconnection can be done as follows:

  • Go to “Options”.
  • Select “Games”.
  • In the graphics settings, change “High performance” to “Power saving”.

This will allow you to play on a standalone device if necessary and not waste a lot of battery power.

Thus, the article briefly described the popular mode that appeared in the latest versions of Windows. It is very convenient for laptops, easy to turn on and off. The instructions are simple, so even a novice user can handle them.

Power saving mode on Android smartphones and phones

Battery saving mode is present in many Android firmware today, although until recently it could only be found on some devices. over, the power saving mode has appeared even on the iPhone! What is he like?

Power saving mode allows you to extend the battery life of your device. By what means? It depends both on the firmware version of your device and on the smartphone itself. For example, on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, battery life is increased by:

  • Background data limitations.
  • Processor performance limitations.
  • Optimization of display brightness and frame rate (it is the screen that is the main source of energy consumption for modern gadgets).
  • Use of a grayscale screen (not available for all Samsung smartphones).

On other devices, some other restrictions may be used, due to which the duration of the device’s life is increased, but this does not change the main point.

How much time can you win with power saving mode? It is hard to say. It all depends, firstly, on how you use your device (for example, constantly, without turning off the screen, or rarely, turning on the screen once an hour for 5 minutes), and secondly, on the restrictions that are used on your device. Look, the same Samsung smartphones use AMOLED displays (not all), some support extreme energy saving. the image becomes monochrome, that is, black and white (grayscale). Since black dots in this mode on the matrix do not consume energy, you can get a very significant increase in the battery life of the device.

Monochrome looks something like this:

How to turn power saving mode on and off on Android?

We’ll show an example on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Lower the shade, find the “Power Saving” mode and click on it.

When activated, the icon will change its color.

The second option is through the settings. Go to settings.

Find the “Energy Saving” section, move the switch to the “On” position.

The switch will change color when activated.

Extreme power saving mode, if present, is activated via the settings. The switch must also be moved to the “On” position.

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