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How to enable home button on iPhone 7

IPhone. disabled Home and Power button

iPhone. disabled Home and Power button Our digital magazine:.

Why activation is needed

As mentioned above, to activate means to make the very first turn on if you just took the device out of the box and removed the protective film. Or just turn it on, if the phone was flashed before or the settings were reset.

Activation is the initial setting of the gadget’s parameters, namely: language, region of residence, selection of a backup copy (if there is one: this is described below) and calibration of some additional functions and services. If you have already activated the iPhone, then some of the points should be familiar to you, otherwise. read our detailed article to the end.

Activation is also required for the device to identify your cellular operator and register it in the network database. After the owner inserts a SIM card and turns on the device, the iPhone sends information from the SIM, namely, a unique IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) ​​code. In a matter of seconds, all data is analyzed, all information is confirmed, and it is also checked whether the subscriber can access the requested network in which he is located.

Activation on iPhone

To activate, you only need an iPhone, no more devices are needed. All you need to do is do a series of the following:

  • Insert the SIM card into the special tray. The slot is located on the side of the device, namely on the right side (on very old devices, starting with the first iPhones like 2G, 3G, 3GS, the slot is at the top). The hole can be opened using the tool that comes with the device itself on the spread of cardboard paper. If you do not have this device at hand, you can use a paper clip (do not open the tray with sharp objects, such as needles, as this may cause damage). Insert a paperclip or tool into a thin hole and remove the slot, then insert a SIM card of a suitable size (recall, these are micro or nano sizes);
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  • Launch the gadget. After you have inserted the SIM card, turn on the iPhone. To do this, you need to hold down the power button for a few seconds. When the branded apple icon appears, the key can be released. A welcome screen should appear. Press the Home button or pull up the shutter on iPhone 10 and above;
  • Calibration of basic settings. The welcome screen does not leave much choice of actions: you just need to select the language in which all information on the phone will be displayed (application names, notification texts, system labels, and so on). The next step is to select your region of residence;
  • Internet connection. It is best to use a wireless Wi-Fi connection to make the setup more stable. After selecting the region and language, the smartphone will check for available internet networks. If there is one, you will have to enter a password. In another case, you can use the mobile Internet if it was previously connected to the SIM card. To do this, click on “Use cellular network”. Both LTE and 3G will do. Important note! iPhone cannot be activated if you use a gadget that distributes mobile Internet as a Wi-Fi connection;
  • Configuring services and authentication. Wait for the sync to finish after the last step and proceed with the next settings. Some of them are optional and can be skipped by calibrating a little later.
  • Set up Face Activation via iTunes

Another method of activating the “apple” device is to enable it for further work through the iTunes utility. The multifunctional program allows you to organize space, buy and download content, back up or delete data. It can be downloaded for free on the official Apple website. For the following instructions, you can not do without a PC and a USB cable.

  • Connect the USB cable to the computer (for smooth operation it is better to use the original one);
  • The program should start automatically. If it doesn’t, turn it on yourself;
  • Wait a while for the utility to recognize the connected gadget and connect to the company’s servers;
  • On the left side of the screen, find the icon of your device and click on it;
  • The program will ask you to log in to Apple Restore data from backup if required

Everything is simple here: when completely deleting data, make a backup copy, and then, when setting up a new gadget, select “Restore from iCloud copy”. Log in with your ID and find the most recent backup in the list. Recovery can take several minutes, and the process cannot be interrupted!

Programmatic method for solving the problem

If the above methods did not lead to the desired result, and the question why the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work remains open, you can use the programmatic method to solve this issue. This is a temporary measure to help you use your smartphone. How to connect a computer to a TV, connection requirements, what problems arise if the sound does not work, different screen resolutions, the connection process, screen mirroring. It is impossible to call the option convenient, but it is better than a completely inoperative button. How to do it?

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It is necessary to bring the image of the Home button to the smartphone screen. To do this, you need to go to the iPhone settings. In the settings, select the “General” tab. Your mobile is blocked and you don’t know how to unlock your phone if you forgot your PIN code. Then, as described earlier, go to the “Universal Access” category. Next, go to the AssistiveTouch category, after which four options for continuing the event appear on the screen, as shown in the figure above. We select the Home button. After that, on the screen of your iPhone there will be an application that simulates pressing this button. How to turn off iPhone if the button doesn’t work? Three. For a while, this will be the solution to your problem. However, it is not perfect, and you may be a little annoyed, but it will allow you to use the phone until you get to the service center.

Having become the happy owner of a gadget from Apple, you will have to understand not only the system, but also understand how to activate it. Launching is required for the device to start working. This process is easier than it sounds, and the setup itself will take a few minutes. The user may be surprised by the number of lines and fields that need to be filled in completely. In the article material, we will tell you what to enter and choose in each of them. Follow the instructions below carefully, and if you do everything right, then there should be no problems. We will analyze all possible ways to activate a new iPhone.

The activation process may vary slightly. it all depends on the specific model of the gadget. But in general, the procedure is identical for every Apple device, and the instructions below will work for any model. If you are holding an iPhone in your hands for the first time and / or have switched to a device from the Android operating system, then we suggest reading this detailed guide and learn how to activate on a new device.

Home button software problems

One of the reasons why the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work is to update the operating system to iOS 10. After installing this update, it turns out that after pressing the button when turning on the phone, it does not enter the PIN-code input mode. And it feels like the button has broken.

There are two ways to solve this problem. First, get used to the fact that in iOS 10 you need to double-click a button. This is the easiest way. Secondly, you can go to the main settings of the phone, select the “Universal access” category, and in it the “Home” category and select “Apply finger”. After this operation, the phone will return to its previous reactions to your actions. But most likely, you will have to get used to such features of the operating system. It is likely that in future versions there will be no such return.

The chemical way to solve the problem

Quite often, the reason that the Home button on the iPhone-5S stopped working is its contamination. How to unlock a Lenovo tablet if the data does not charge Lenovo phone k. It happens if the phone is taken with greasy hands or spilled drinks get on it, flowing under the case. For those who have never made backups, how to create took the iPhone 5 to. A fairly effective way in this case is to use WD-40 aerosol or isopropyl alcohol, which is part of many windshield wipers. It is important to remember that the chemical must be applied to the button, not to the screen. Errors can lead to additional problems. After this application, you must repeatedly press the button and allow the liquid to fall under it. Broken power button on iphone? Entering iPhone into iphone 5s mode touch ID does not work. The cleaning agent will then remove grease or beverage residues and the button will function as before.

How to activate iphone without home button

The Home button is the most important in iPhones and in all other Apple technology. With its help, a whole bunch of different actions are carried out, the most important of which is unlocking the phone. Therefore, if the Home button stops working, the user has big problems.

Their degree depends on several factors. The worst situation is when the device is turned off. In this case, there is no way to bypass the Home button and you will have to disassemble the device. Those who have a button failed due to the contacts of its mechanism will be very lucky. Then you can detach the screen, however, at this time the phone must be turned on, and close the button contacts with something metallic. After that, the phone will determine that you have pressed the button and will give you the opportunity to enter the password and continue using the device. If the problem is in the loop, then without replacing it, the device will remain a brick.

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After the above action is completed, let’s start creating the so-called virtual Home button. Fortunately, Apple takes care of its users and duplicates buttons programmatically.

    To do this, go to the “Settings” and go to the item “Basic”.

Now you should have a virtual Home button on your screen, which can be placed in any convenient place. She knows how to do everything that is built into a mechanical button. Algorithms also do not change: one click. minimize the application, two. call the task manager, etc.

Now that we have a virtual button, unlocking the phone is easy. It will also remain when the phone is restarted. You can remove it in the same way as you turned it on.

It is much easier to unlock the phone if the user does not have a passcode and is running iOS version 9.3.5 and earlier. There you can simply press the phone lock button and swipe the screen in any direction, after which it will become available for use. In iOS 11, unlocking will no longer work, so in any case, you need to press a button or use a fingerprint scanner.

Home button on iPhone-5S does not work: how to remove the problem?

Apple phones are not only one of the most expensive devices in the world, but they are also famous for their reliability. How to set up if all of a sudden you didn’t get the sound to choose a channel on the TV. How to use ios 10 if the home button does not work ways to activate assistive touch. Therefore, they have quite a lot of admirers and users, despite the high price. Quite often you can meet users who have not yet abandoned the models of the fourth and even third series. But for now, let’s talk about the “iPhone-5S”, which was released at the end of 2013 and is quite the newest model. But do not despair, because you can get back all the lost files, the main thing is to know how to restore iPhone without a backup. But still, everything made by human hands breaks down at times.

But do not rush to run to the service center and carry your iPhone for repair, maybe not everything is so bad. One of the more common defects can be voiced like this: the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work. What may be the prerequisites for the appearance of such a malfunction, and how to remove them?

New features of the Home touch button

Apple phone models, starting from version 7, have been significantly improved. They have a special design, where the home button on the iPhone, unlike previous models, is tactile. It is complemented by a Taptic Engine that generates sensory feedback rather than mechanical feedback. Now, when touched, the vibration of the iPhone 7 home button is triggered. Depending on the strength of the impact on the key, the user can unlock the screen, open the list of “Quick Actions”, “Reminders”, “Messages”, etc.

Home Button Advantages and Disadvantages

The home button on the iPhone 8 and other touchscreen versions of the smartphone has both pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • significant reduction in the likelihood of breakage of the mechanism, thanks to the installation of a touch key.
  • there was an option to adjust the force of pressing, which makes it possible for any user to adapt the operation of the apple phone to their preferences.

The disadvantages include the fact that the touch button on the iPhone 7 works only from interaction with the skin of the fingers without gloves. This can be difficult for users living in the northern regions.

How to customize the Home button on iPhone 7, 8

The home button on iPhone is the most used key. Every user should know how to customize the home button on iPhone 7 and other iPhone models. This is what will be discussed.

To use your smartphone comfortably, you need to correctly configure the home button on iPhone 7. This procedure allows you to select the optimal intensity of the touch response.

How to customize the response of the Home button on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The tactile response can vary significantly. In order for the smartphone to notify the user correctly, it is necessary to set up the home button on the iPhone 7. The “Home” sensor determines the force of pressing and reacts to this by calling the voice assistant Siri, unlocking the screen or other option.

If the smartphone is supposed to be used in conjunction with a case, then before setting up the home button on the iPhone 7, you should put on a plastic or other decorative element. This, as well as the type of surface where the phone is located, affects the recognition quality.

To change the response mode you need to:

  • open “Settings”;
  • subsection “Basic”;
  • select the item “Home button” from the list;
  • iOS will offer 3 different options as numbers. Choosing, for example, 1, you need to check if it fits. To do this, touch the Home key and the sensor responds with an entry-level vibration. Decide on a convenient response type based on your preference.

Keep in mind that setting up the home key on iPhone 8 affects screen unlocking, taking screenshots, multitasking, etc. Next, in the upper right corner of the display, select the “Finish” button to save the settings.

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Double-tapping the home button on iPhone 7 moves the home screen down for a couple of seconds and lets you easily open even the most distant icon.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: How To Enable Touch Screen Home Button (Assistive Touch) For iOS 13

How to reanimate the phone

If on your device the Home button works intermittently and does not always respond to pressing, do not get upset. Once you find the root cause, you can use several methods to restore the Home button to its former functionality. These include the following:

  • calibration
  • changing the position of the keystroke connector
  • dry cleaning buttons
  • displaying the Home button on the main screen using a special program

Check the function of the key

To see if the Home button on iPhone works or not, press it at least ten times in a row. If there is no reaction to at least a couple of clicks, then there is a malfunction that affects the performance of the key.

IPhone Home button not working

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Many apple technology owners are faced with a situation where the iPhone Home button does not work. The Home key in Apple devices is made of glass, which is subject to various influences from the outside. Rough handling of the device or dropping it from a height breaks the Home button on the iPhone. In case of some malfunctions, you can repair the button yourself.

Features of adjusting the connector on iPhone

If you own an iPhone 4 and 4S and are faced with a button malfunction on your smartphone, do not rush to change it. The situation can be corrected by changing the position of the connector. For this:

  • connect the cable that came with your device to the phone
  • push down on the plug where it fits into the connector, press and hold the Home keys at the same time

Now, unplug the cable and check if the cause of the breakdown has been eliminated and the button has worked. If you cannot fix the problem, you can use another method to restore the functionality of the Home key on the main screen.

The main reasons for the failure of the Home key

The Home button can break completely or stop working periodically for a variety of reasons. Most often, the iPhone Home button does not work due to:

  • mechanical damage
  • ingress of moisture inside the case of an Apple smartphone
  • software failure

If the Home key on the iPhone has stopped working, it is most likely that the phone was previously loaded with software or an application of inadequate quality.

The Home button can break after dropping a new Apple smartphone or applying strong pressure on it. There are also situations when the button can break, as a result of which it stops responding to pressing or starts to slow down periodically, after moisture gets inside the mechanism. In this situation, when you press the button, you will hear a creak indicating oxidation of the contacts.

Fortunately for many owners of apple gadgets, problems related directly to mechanical damage and liquid ingress are not so common. Most Home button breakdowns appear due to a system failure. Because of it, the key does not work well, periodically slows down or completely loses its performance. In this case, the terms and cost of repairs will be insignificant.

Enabling a virtual button

The above steps allow you to determine the cause of the key malfunction and eliminate the breakdown. If your phone or its button has been exposed to strong physical impact, it will not be possible to solve the problem by dry cleaning, calibration and adjustment. The way out will be to turn on a virtual button with its subsequent display on the screen of the iPhone smartphone.

To replace a faulty key with a virtual one, you need to go to the settings, find the Assistive Touch section, and connect the function here. A new icon will appear on the screen. When you click on it, a special menu will open, in which you can control the old and new smartphone without the Home key. This method will help with any cause of breakdown.

The chemical method for solving the problem

A common cause of a malfunction of the Home button on an iPhone is dirt and dust particles entering it. This also happens after liquid, for example, sweet drinks, gets under the body of an old or new smartphone, or if the device is taken with dirty hands. An effective way to quickly eliminate the problem in this case will be the use of chemical cleaning agents. This can be isopropyl alcohol or WD-40. To use this method of fixing the problem, perform a few manipulations:

  • add a small amount of funds to the Home button on the home screen
  • press the button and hold it down until the cleaning agent penetrates inside
  • check the operation Home after the alcohol has completely evaporated

Apply the chemical only to the key, not to the screen. Rough handling of the cleaning agent can break other parts of the phone, increasing the cost of repairing your Apple device.