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How to enable Find iPhone on iPhone 11

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Customization and use

    Returning to the Yandex Finder interface after activating it in the “Settings” or simply re-launching the application, you will see information on how to check the number, as well as how to enable the ability to complain about spam and use it in the future. Let’s start with the last.

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Tap on the item “Report spam (SMS / calls)” and check the box next to “Yandex”.

In the pop-up window, click “Enable“, after which the function will be activated.

Now let’s look at how to use the included feature.

    Open the Phone app and go to its Recents tab. Find the number you want to report and swipe from right to left until more action appears.

Tap “Report”, and then select one of the two available options. “Yes, this is an important call” or “No, this is an unwanted call”.

When you select the second item, you will be able to “Block the number” and, if you have communicated with the caller, provide additional information, indicating why you were called and from where, as well as, if there is such a desire, “Add a comment”.

If the number from which you were called was not identified, but is marked with warnings like “Unwanted call”, “Perhaps intruders”, you can check it. The same works with other unknown numbers.

    In the “Recent” tab of the “Phone” application, find the number you want to check, and click on the “Information” button located to the right of it (the letter “i” in a circle).

Scroll down the list of available actions a little and tap on the item “Check in Yandex”.

In the window that appears, you can confirm the service’s assumption about who called you, or correct it, call or write to the number, as well as “Find a number in Yandex”.

Note: If you notice that Caller ID has stopped working, delete and re-download the number database. To do this, use the corresponding link in the Yandex application located directly in the service section.

Automatic caller ID works in the background, this service does not have its own interface, and we examined all the available settings in the fourth paragraph of the previous part of the article and the first of this.

Enabling Yandex Caller ID on iPhone

Yandex has developed quite a few Internet services and mobile applications. Among them is the Caller ID, which allows you to find out who called and, if necessary, report potential intruders and possible violations and / or simply get additional information. Here’s how to activate this feature on iPhone.

Important! Caller ID is one of the features of the Yandex application, and therefore, in order to follow the recommendations below, it must be installed on the iPhone. Use the following link for this.

Enabling Yandex Caller ID

    Launch the Yandex application, open its menu (the button with four squares located in the right corner of the bottom panel) and tap on the “Caller ID” icon.

Immediately after that, a step-by-step instruction will appear telling you how to activate the function. In order to do this, you need to “Go to settings”.

Once in the “Settings” iOS, if necessary, return to their home page, scroll down and open the “Phone” section.

After a few seconds, Yandex Number Identifier will be activated, but in order to use all the features of the service, you need to perform a few more manipulations, which we will discuss below.

What to do if “Block. and identif. call “is missing in the settings

In the latest versions of iOS, starting from 14.3, you can often encounter a problem in which the “Block. and identif. call “required to activate a third-party caller ID, which is Yandex, is not available in the phone settings. To solve it, you need to do the following:

    Open the “Privacy” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Deactivate and then reactivate the switch next to the item “Tracking requests for applications”. If required, confirm this action.

Check for the “Block. and identif. call “in the” Phone “settings section.

If it does not appear, tap the “Report spam” item below and turn it off.

After completing these steps, the “Block. and identif. call “should become available and it will be possible to enable caller ID.

If this does not happen, uninstall the Yandex application, then install it again, enable the Detector and configure it according to the instructions above.

Note! Instead of the Yandex application with Alice, considered within the framework of this article, you can use Yandex Browser to enable Caller ID. the necessary feature is hidden in its settings.

iPhone 11: How to Turn On Find My iPhone

In conclusion, we note that only one caller ID can be used on the iPhone at a time, so if you have several such applications installed, remove all of them, leaving only Yandex.

Location services on iPhone. What is it and how are they useful??

Geolocation in iPhone is an integral part of your device. They allow you to track your location all day long. It all depends on the settings, which have a rather flexible functional interface. One of the most striking examples is the search for the most convenient restaurant or cafe for you, the nearest taxi, car-sharing car, as well as an available hotel room.

Most of the services that determine the location of you and your iPhone in particular are easily configured through the standard settings. Apple for setting up geolocations on the iPhone highlights a whole menu item in which you can enable or disable items that use location data, including system services.

You must understand perfectly well. The more apps use your location data, the faster your iPhone’s battery will drain and deteriorate over time. That is why flexible configuration of geolocations in the iPhone is so important, which we will tell you about in more detail below.

How to enable location service on iPhone?

To answer this question, we need to find the location of the geolocations in the iPhone settings. Go to the “Settings” section. “Confidentiality” “Geolocation Services”.

You can customize each app to your liking. We advise you to understand in detail the services and applications or games that you use most often. Flexible customization can significantly save your iPhone’s battery.

To enable the Coarse Location service for your iPhone, check the slider that was moved to the right. If tracking is working properly, the slider will be green, as shown in the screenshot.

For reference! It’s easy to enable geolocation on iPhone 6 or newer iPhone 7. Our instruction is universal and is based on the updated version of the software. iOS 11.

Geolocation on iPhone. Enabling, disabling and configuring tracking

Today we will look at how to enable geolocation on the iPhone 5s (for example) and related services that ensure the smooth operation of the device, as well as programs for collecting and processing confidential information.

To answer the question “Where to enable geolocation in the iPhone”, we will try to figure out what the meaning of this function is and to whom it will be useful.

Many of us do not know how to turn on the location finder service on the iPhone, nor do we know how to turn it off. This is not difficult. Read carefully the table of contents in the instructions and choose the most suitable solution to the problem.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone?

The needs of the applications that users install on their devices are different from others. That is why we cannot say for sure what you should enable or disable in the geo-location data settings. But, we will try to provide detailed information about the system location data so that you can make the most informed decision when enabling or disabling various functions.

To set up geolocation on the iPhone, go to the “Geolocation Services” menu item, which you already know from the previous step of the instruction. Scroll down the list of suggested options. Go to “System Services”. It will also allow you to answer one of the popular questions: “Geolocation in the iPhone, where to find?”.

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We advise you to leave enabled services such as: “Calibrate compass” and “Tracking”, “Find iPhone”, “Time zone” and “Find cellular network”.

To determine the location of a person or iPhone, you should carefully prepare your geolocation settings. This is necessary so that no one else but you can change the GPS settings or completely disable the tracking services “Find iPhone”.

You should impose restrictions on the use of settings in the menu of your iPhone. Go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Restrictions”. Enter the preset passcode. Scroll through the restriction settings to the “Privacy” section. “Geolocation Services”.

Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

Finding where the voice recorder is located on an iPhone or iPad is not difficult. As one of the basic features, the application is located on one of the device’s desktops and is indicated by a special icon. The appearance of the icon, depending on the version of the iOS operating system, may have slight differences.

The iPhone voice recorder can be compared to a full-fledged sound editor

For your information! The pre-iOS 12.0 icon depicts a black recording wave on a white background. Subsequent versions show a red and white waveform with a blue slider on a black background.

Before iOS 12, the voice recorder icon was white

American developers of apple devices are trying to ensure the maximum comfort of using devices, therefore all available applications are signed.

How to find voice recorder on iPhone or iPad

All applications on the desktops of Apple devices are mobile. They can be moved to a folder, which often makes it difficult to find the icon. There are three ways to find the app you want:

  • self-detect on the desktop;
  • use the search (swipe the screen from top to bottom and enter the name of the desired application in the search box that appears);
  • ask the mobile assistant Siri to open the required program.

A little advice on how to keep the recorder always at hand, so as not to lose it or be able to use it even when the screen is locked. add the application to the control point that appears when you swipe up the screen for models with the Home button (5 and 6 S, SE, 6) or down if the iPhone has a bezel-less screen (from iPhone 7).

If you take the recorder to the control center, you can turn it on when the screen is locked

For your information! The developer of the iPhone photo editing application M. Rundle noticed that the sound wave on the voice recorder icon was not accidental. It displays a record of the word Apple, which can be easily verified using the same application. Such attention to detail is a definite plus, as it inspires confidence.

Voice recorder on iPhone. where is it, how to set it up

Apple devices can be compared to a full-fledged computer, photo and sound studio. A dictaphone in apple devices is a basic function that allows you to record, store, modify and transfer sound recordings.

How to enable voice recorder on iPhone and iPad

How to enable voice recorder or how to record audio on iPhone? After starting the application, a working screen appears on a white background with existing entries. At the bottom of the screen there is a black strip with a red touch button, which repeats the “Home” button in size and appearance.

After pressing the button to start recording, the inscription “New recording”, a time sensor and an audio track will appear in a black frame. During the operation of the recorder, one working button will remain, which is a circle with a red square in it. In this mode, you can only start recording and end it by pressing the red button.

Important! The mode is suitable for recording short information or for saving recorded data as separate files.

If you need a selective recording, but save it in one document, you need to expand the black working screen. The Pause and Resume buttons appear. In the pause mode, you can listen to the recorded information. While recording, you can work with other smartphone applications by pressing the Home button. The voice recorder will continue to record in the background.

To record a phone call from an iPhone, a dedicated app or device is required

Note! Only information from external media can be recorded on iPhone, iPad. If it becomes necessary to record a telephone conversation, Apple’s technology will not help with this. This option is not available in the basic configuration. This can be done only through additionally installed applications. The company takes the privacy of personal information very seriously.

Where are voice recorder recordings stored on iPhone

Sound files recorded on the voice recorder are stored in the application itself. When you start the program, a list of audio recordings available on the device appears. Files are placed in the chronology of creation, indicating the date and duration of each.

Apple cares about the safety of information, so it provided users of Apple devices with the ability to create an iCloud backup. Cloud storage of several terabytes will contain all the necessary information. However, it costs Honor that 5 GB is provided for free.

You can create a backup copy manually or configure the automatic backup function. To copy, you need a wireless Internet connection and a power supply.

Voice recorder recordings are stored in the application itself

Note! Files that are sent to the trash do not disappear without a trace. Some time (depending on the selected option in “Clean up Deleted Data”) are stored in the “Recently Deleted” folder. If you delete files from this folder by mistake, you can recover without loss of recording quality.

How to set up voice recorder on iPhone

The function of creating audio recordings has been available since the days of the iOS 3.0 operating system. The first voice recorder had limited capabilities:

  • creation of monochrome audio recording;
  • listening;
  • file storage and deletion.

In this form, it existed for a long time. Voice Recorder iOS 12.0 and later is a true audio editor that allows you to:

  • create a record;
  • edit (trim, duplicate an existing record);
  • share by sending to e-mail, social networks, instant messengers or save to the “Files” folder;
  • adjust the sound quality;
  • set the frequency of cleaning deleted files;
  • customize geo-contextual names of audio files.

Setting up the voice recorder does not take long. The updated version of the application has some small subtleties. In particular, in the voice recorder settings, the Siri and Search tab contains the Quick Commands function to make the program easier to use. The function makes it possible to control the recorder using voice commands. You can use the requests offered by mobile assistants by clicking on the icon. or set your own, saving them for Siri.

Using the “Clean up Deleted Data” tab, you can set the optimal deadline for permanently deleting files that have already been placed in the trash.

Note! For the scrupulous, the item “Never” has been added, which includes the eternal storage of deleted audio recordings. However, keep in mind that unused files will clog your phone or tablet memory.

When you select “Never”, all deleted files will be stored forever in the “Recently Deleted” folder

The “Geo-contextual titles” function has appeared in the settings, after activating which new audio recordings will be automatically named with the address where the recording was made. However, when geolocation is turned off, the function is useless and the files will still be saved as a “New entry” with a sequential number. Both in the first and in the second case, the name of the files can be changed manually.

One of the most important tabs in the recorder settings is “Sound quality”, which contains two items “Compressed” and “Lossless”. The recorded voice information in a compressed form will have less weight, which means it will not take up much space in the phone’s memory. When choosing the second option, the sound quality will be much better, but the weight of such a file, accordingly, will be much larger. This mode is more useful for professionals or in the case when recording is carried out in difficult conditions (extraneous noise, poor sound). For domestic use, the “Compressed” mode is quite enough.

When the geo-contextual names of the record are enabled, the address where the file was created will be automatically assigned as the name

For your information! To adjust the volume, you need to move the device closer or further away from the sound source. If it is not possible to bring the device closer, you can connect an external microphone, with which the recorded voice will be more clear.

How to trim voice recorder on iPhone and iPad

After creating an audio recording, you can edit it. To see all the available editing options, you need to go into the application, select the file, and then click on the button in the lower left corner of the record field, indicated by three blue dots. After clicking, a menu of three tabs will appear:

  • edit the entry;
  • duplicate;
  • to share.

By selecting the “Edit Recording” tab on the iPhone, and “Edit” on the iPad, a black working screen with a red “Replace” button at the bottom of the field, a sound track in the center and a blue square above it will appear. After clicking on the square, another screen will appear with two audio tracks. The top track has two yellow sliders at the beginning and end of the recording. The lower one is enclosed in a yellow frame with direction arrows (oscillogram overview). What you need to do to trim an audio recording:

  • Determine the boundaries of the beginning and end of the desired segment by dragging either the sliders on the top track, or the arrows on the bottom.
  • Listen to the selected area to make sure the boundaries are correctly defined.
  • Press the “Trim” button to remove unnecessary areas and save the desired fragment or “Delete” to erase the selected area.
  • To complete editing, click “Save” and “Finish”.

The yellow sliders and direction arrows are initially located at the beginning and end of the audio recording. If you need to trim an audio file only on one side, then just use one slider or a directional arrow.

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Note! After executing the “Save” command, you cannot change actions or undo editing. To be able to return to the source as a backup, you need to use the “Duplicate” command to create a copy.

Prevent apps from accessing the microphone

Warning: This paragraph only applies to the paranoid. If you’re sure Big Brother is following us all, then you should check the list of apps that use your iPhone’s microphone. At the first launch, the applications will ask you for permission to do this, but later you can control access to the microphone here: Settings / Privacy / Microphone.

IOS security settings everyone should know about

iOS 7 brought us many innovations, among them. opportunities related to privacy and data security. And it should be noted that many of these capabilities enable Apple to collect and store information about you. This review will focus on the security settings of iOS 7 that you might not have gotten to yet. Despite the fact that many of them are not innovations, but were present in previous versions of the OS, information about where to find them and what to do with them can be useful for novice users.

Safari Private Browsing

Safari now allows you to browse pages without saving information such as history, cookies, or auto-complete options. Also, “Private Access” prevents advertisers from tracking your actions. To enable this mode, go to Safari, open all tabs and in the left-right corner you will find Private Access.

Clear history and cookies

This, of course, is not new, but every user should know that they can delete history and cookies from their Safari browser in one swipe. And if you have something to hide. do not forget to do it more often here: Settings / Safari. Almost at the very bottom. Clear history and Delete cookies and data

Blocking cookies

Cookies allow websites to remember information to log into your accounts. login, email, etc. If you do not like the idea that this important data will be stored on your iPhone. you can choose one of three options when to save the cookie here: Preferences / Safari / Block. cookie.

Autocomplete passwords and credit card details

For added convenience, Safari prompts you to save information such as usernames, passwords, and even credit card numbers. Perhaps, it’s not worth explaining the pros and cons of such a function. they are already understandable, especially if you do not use a password to unlock your device. To enable or disable autocomplete options, you need to go here: Preferences / Safari / Passwords and AutoComplete.

How to unlock iPhone without pressing a button?

How to unlock iPhone or iPad with one tap without pressing the Home button (for iOS 13 and newer)

  • Open the “Settings” application;
  • Go to the section “Accessibility” → “Home button”;
  • Activate the “Swipe to open” option.

How to access profiles on iPhone?

Installing a configuration profile on an iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click the item “Profile loaded” or “Registration in [organization name]”.
  • Click “Install” in the upper right corner and then follow the instructions on the screen.

How to enable Airdrop on iPhone 11?

  • Pull out the Control Center with a swipe. Pay attention to the section with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Press harder on this window If you do not have 3D Touch, then just hold down the window.
  • Open Settings. General. AirDrop.
  • Choose Only contacts or Everyone.

How to connect headphones to iPhone?

Using iPhone to set up Airpods

  • Go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case that contains the Airpods and place it next to the iPhone.
  • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
  • Click “Connect”.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone during a call?

To turn on the flashlight in the Iphone, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu, which is in the screenshot. This menu is called “Control Center”. Then, here, click on the flashlight icon (indicated in the screenshot by a red arrow on the bottom left). To turn off the flashlight, click on the icon again.

How to display the home button on iPhone?

Displaying the “Home” button directly on the screen of the iOS device!

  • Go to the iPhone or iPad settings. open the main ones. universal access.
  • Almost at the very bottom of the list, we find the item. AssistiveTouch, go into it and activate the function by moving the slider.

How to put the Home button on the screen?

  • Go to Settings Accessibility Touch and check the AssistiveTouch box.
  • Select the Top Level Menu checkbox, then click the icon whose function you want to reassign.
  • Using the “” and “-” buttons, you can change the number of buttons in the menu.

Locator setup. how to turn Find iPhone on and off

Go to smartphone settings, open your Apple ID by clicking on your card with your first and last name. In a new window, open the “Locator” section.

Go to “Find iPhone” and make active the item to search for the device itself and use the locator network.

Locator network. allows you to search for your phone even if it is disconnected from the network, this is a very useful feature. It works when you turn on Lost Mode. Your iPhone will communicate with other Apple devices via Bluetooth and send them location data so you can see where it is. All this is done in anonymous mode.

The last geolocation is when the battery charge is critically low and the phone can turn off at any time. It will send its current location to Apple. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are going on a hike, so you can be found very quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Go back to the previous section and turn on the Share Location feature so that added family members or friends can see it, to whom you send it yourself through the phone book. If you do not enable it, you will not be able to share the location.

For everything to work correctly and the location is determined accurately, you need to enable the “Geolocation Services” function. It is important.

Go to your smartphone settings, go to the “Privacy” section, open “Location Services” and make it active.

Fear that the battery will run out badly after activating this function. no need when certain applications will request access to it, just tell them. activation of geolocation only when using.

At any other time, it will simply not be used and will have a minimal effect on the battery.

Important! If you have lost your phone and now you cannot find it, then I recommend reading the material on this topic. find an iPhone via iCloud. It describes in as much detail as possible what needs to be done in this situation using iCloud.

Find My iPhone

The locator app for iPhone includes two other apps, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. Allows you to quickly locate your phone, send your location to your family / friends, and can help in critical situations.

Important! The application helps to search for your device, even if it is already disconnected from the Internet.

  • Find your phone: information is shown clearly on the map
  • Lost mode, when the smartphone is locked and you can leave your contact information on the screen
  • View last location
  • Play a beep so you know where to look
  • View remaining battery level
  • The finder will not be able to access your personal information
  • You can completely clear the iPhone from all the data that is on it online
  • You can send your location to family and friends if desired
  • In case of critical discharge, the smartphone will send data to Apple about your location
  • Receive data about the location of relatives or friends who will share it

It is very convenient to use this function to find your loved ones. Who, for some reason, can get lost, so you can always quickly find them. over, the route can be built, as in the navigator.

Information where your device is located is displayed on a visual map that can be turned on in satellite mode, which will greatly facilitate the search task.

Interesting! If you decide to erase all data from your iPhone. Once found, everything can be quickly returned using the iPhone backup function.

IPhone Locator. Search for Your Smartphone: Features and Settings

Find My iPhone or another way Locator is an application for iPhone smartphones that helps to determine the location of the device, find family members or friends on the map.

This is a very important function of the entire IOS operating system, which should be configured immediately after turning on your smartphone for the first time.

The previous article was about how to hide an application on an iPhone. Today we will look at a very important function and application Find iPhone, where it is located in the settings, how it works and helps when searching for your device. This feature works for iPad, Apple Watch, Air Pods and iPad Touch too.

Important! On how to find your device when it is lost, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed and visual instructions in the material. find an iPhone via an iPhone, computer or other smartphone.

Locator app. features

Open the locator app on your iPhone. Information about all your devices will be shown here, where they are located.

Here you can also add people with whom you want to share your location and see their location. The main thing is that they also have an iPhone.

Routes. If they have shared their geolocation with you, here you can also build a route to this person. Just like in a GPS navigator. So, if you wish, if you cannot find each other, just share the geolocation for an hour, the route will be built. Few people use this, but it’s really convenient.

Contact. person card, phone number.

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Notifications. you will receive notifications if a contact changes their location.

Also here you can set a different name for the location at your discretion.

As you can see, this is a very important part of the iOS operating system and the phone itself. Therefore, always turn it on in the settings so that your device is protected.

How to turn off Find My iPhone?

Disabling the function of determining the location and remote control of the iPhone or iPad is not difficult, you can do this on a Windows or Mac computer, on a tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). We have described 4 ways to disable Find iPhone, it is difficult to recommend one specific one, because situations are different, we will describe the simplest one again.

  • On iPhone with iOS 5.0 and up, go to Settings. iCloud and turn the switch opposite “Find iPhone” to the “Off” position;
  • In the window that appears asking you to enter your Apple ID password, enter the correct password. Done!

To turn off Find My iPhone, do any of the following:

  • Disable Find My iPhone;
  • Delete iCloud account in device settings;
  • Erase content and settings on iPhone;
  • Remove device from Apple ID on

A prerequisite when performing these actions is to enter data from the Apple ID account: login and password.

The function is disabled, iPhone will not be displayed on the map, it will not be possible to lock it, send a sound signal or a message. Disable Find My iPhone only when absolutely necessary, you shouldn’t deprive your iPhone of protection.

Special thanks to the developers for the notification to the email address registered as Apple ID that the “Find iPhone” function on the device connected to iCloud has been disabled.

The Find iPhone application has a large set of important features, it will certainly help in case of loss or theft of the device, it can protect the device from unauthorized use, although there is a small “BUT”.

How to find iPhone via iCloud without a computer?

Finding an iPhone via iCloud is possible not only from a personal computer, it can be done from any other mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), the only condition is an active Internet connection. The search procedure is completely identical.

From any available device, go to, log in, and sign in to the Find My iPhone app. In the menu “My devices” select your device and you’re done!

It may also happen that you lost your iPhone within your home or room, and your home address will be marked on the map when determining the location of the iPhone. It doesn’t matter, and in this case it will be even easier to find the iPhone via iCloud.

1 On a computer, tablet, smartphone, go to the iCloud web interface;

3 If your device is connected to the Internet, select your iOS device in the My Devices menu. In the window that appears with the name of the device, click on “Play sound”. The server will send a request to the designated gadget to automatically play a loud signal.

Find iPhone: App features, how to turn it on and off? How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud?

iOS devices, in particular the iPhone and iPad, have always been and remain one of the most desirable mobile devices not only for legitimate owners, but also for criminals who illegally acquire items that do not belong to them. How to protect yourself from theft or how to find iPhone with and without computer? Read “under the cut”.

Today’s instructions will be devoted to security issues, you will learn what the “Find My iPhone” function is (in the original “Find My iPhone”), how to set it up, how to find an iPhone with and without a computer, what to do right after buying a new iPhone for the first time turn.

At all times, Apple has paid maximum attention to security issues, take even the fact that antivirus programs are not developed for Mac computers, they are simply not needed due to some of the features of the operating system itself and Apple’s approach to its distribution. So in the case of the mobile operating system iOS, with each new version, it becomes easier to protect an iPhone or iPad from theft or loss. Even with the most unfavorable outcome (deliberate theft), it is possible to find the device, it is quite simple to do it, unless, of course, the attacker is “out of the box”, fortunately, there are not many of them.

To help find the iPhone, whether it was stolen or lost, is called a special application included with iOS, called “Find iPhone”. It is it that is responsible for finding the iPhone and not only it in case of loss, therefore, first of all, after purchasing a new device, turn on and configure this function. How to do this using the iPhone as an example, read below.

Important. only works when connected to the Internet

If your iPhone is not currently connected to the Internet, and you turned on Lost Mode through Find My iPhone in iCloud, it will only be activated when the device is online.

We really hope that our instructions were useful to you and will help you protect yourself from losing your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer or unauthorized use in the event of theft. First of all, enable “Find iPhone”, set the lock password in the settings of the iOS device, these simple manipulations will certainly help you in the future.

How to find iPhone from computer?

Let’s say you lost your iPhone and can’t find it on your own. Using a personal computer with an Internet connection and the iCloud web interface, this problem can be solved quite simply.

On a computer with any operating system, in an Internet browser, go to

In the authorization window, enter the username and password for your Apple ID account

View information about your device

Select your lost device from the My Devices menu. A map of the settlement where your mobile device was located when you last connected to the Internet will appear on the computer screen

Let us remind you once again that you can determine the location of an iOS device only when it is connected to the Internet.

Note: If at the time of the search, the lost or stolen device is offline. The last known location is displayed on the map. Information will be available within 24 hours.

The Find iPhone application allows you to receive email notifications if the device appears on the network, for this:

  • In the application, in the “My devices” menu, click on the name of your device;
  • On the page that opens, check the box next to “Notify me of a find”.

How to lock a stolen iPhone?

The Find iPhone application allows you to block an iOS device and prevent an attacker from using it, and neither restarting the iPhone, even flashing from DFU mode or Recovery Mode will help.

1 In the “My Settings” menu, select the desired device;

2 In the window that appears, click on “Lost Mode”.

3 If the device is online, you will be prompted to send a notification to the device with a contact phone number and text. If you wish, enter the phone number by which it would be possible to contact you and click “Next”;

4 In the next window, enter the text of the message that will be sent to the device and click “Finish”.

After performing this operation, a text message and the specified phone number will be sent to the machine. On top of that, if you’ve set a lock password in Settings. Basic. TouchID and password, in order to unlock the device for which Lost Mode is enabled, you will need to enter the specified password.

For those devices that are not on the network, when you enable Lost Mode, you can remotely set a lock password, without which an attacker will not be able to unlock the device after logging on to the Internet.

How to Erase Personal Data from a Stolen iPhone?

In the arsenal of the application “Find iPhone” there is another great opportunity, with one movement you can completely erase (delete) personal data from a stolen or lost device. In order to erase personal data, you must:

1 In the Find My iPhone application on your computer or tablet or smartphone, select your stolen iPhone from the My Devices menu;

2 In the window that appears, click on “Erase iPhone” and confirm erasing data.

3 Erasing data in the iPhone can be performed both on a device that is online and for an unconnected iOS device. In the latter case, the data will be erased only when the device appears on the network.

Remember, if you initiate the erasure of data in the device, it will not be possible to track it in the future.

Find My iPhone Activation Lock

With the release of iOS 7, a new feature has been added to Find iPhone. Activation Lock. This feature allows you to completely block the device associated with the Apple ID account, even flashing the device will not help. It turns on automatically when you set up “Find iPhone”.

With the lock enabled, the iPhone user will have to enter their Apple ID credentials when:

  • disabling Find iPhone on the device;
  • deleting the iCloud account in the device settings;
  • erasing personal data and reactivating the iOS device.

If for any reason you forget your username or password from Apple ID, it will be impossible to activate an iOS device without it, even if you contact Support Apple! If you have access to the email to which the Apple ID is registered, the password can be restored, but the recovery does not always work. be careful.