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How to enable Bluetooth on acer laptop

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In the “control panel” click on the link “Network and Sharing Center”

In the “Network and Sharing Center” go to “Change adapter settings”.

Right click on “Bluetooth Networking” and select “enable”.

Find the line “Bluetooth radios” in the list of devices. Right click on the respective model (highlighted in yellow) and select “Properties”.

Go to the “Driver” tab and if it is missing then go to “Update”. If everything is ok, close the window.

Windows 10

  • In the “Start” section you need to open “Settings”.
  • Then open “Devices”.
  • Select “on Bluetooth”.

How to enable Bluetooth Windows 7, Vista

Check if the module is in the list of devices “Bluetooth radio” (step 3).

Necessary steps to enable Bluetooth on laptop:

Go to the “Start” menu, find “Control Panel” there and follow the link.

Find in the control panel “Device Manager”.

How to turn on Bluetooth on Mac

On Mac laptops, the process is even simpler:

Features of selected laptop models

On ASUS or Acer laptops, there is a light that tells us that bluetooth is on. On them, a burning light bulb carries completely different information. Notebooks have a sticker on the case showing the main characteristics of this laptop. On these stickers we can see either just an icon in the form of the letter “B” or the full word Bluetooth. Turning on is done by clicking on the button above the keyboard in the upper left corner.

  • F6 button;
  • right-click on the Bluetooth shortcut by selecting “Enable”.

On laptops, not all brands have special drivers installed, which can be installed from the manufacturer’s official website.

Enabling Bluetooh on Laptop: Step by Step

To enable Bluetooth on your laptop, you need to do a few fairly simple manipulations. First, make sure your laptop supports this technology. Second, identify your operating system: Windows or Mac. After that, go to the appropriate section in the table of contents and go through the step-by-step instructions on how to turn on this device.

Checking if the connection is correct

First, check how Bluetooth works on any device. When you try to connect your phone to other devices, in the program window you can see phones that were detected with Bluetooth enabled and available.

Above shows how it looks on the Iphone. In the section “Settings”, subsection “Bluetooth” you can find and check the functionality of the Bluetooth module.

Turn off the “In flight” mode

This mode completely blocks communication on the laptop. That is, no wireless communication, including Bluetooth, will work. It is very easy to check if the mode is on. Just look at the bottom right corner. It should look like this:

If you see an airplane icon in this list, it means that Airplane mode is on. To disable it, press the Fn and F2 keys. On some laptops, you must press F3, or some other key from the F1-F12 row. In general, look for the antenna icon on the panel. The key may be different, but the overall styling is similar. She is in charge of the “Airplane” mode. Looks like that:

After that, the connection should appear, and the airplane icon will disappear at the bottom right.

Downloading drivers

You need to download the firmware in order to select them later in the “Search for drivers on this computer” item. To do this, follow the manufacturer’s official website, in the case of Asus, here:

  • Scroll below and select the item “Leptops” with the image of an Asus laptop;
  • Next, indicate the model and series of your laptop. You can find out on the box;
  • After selecting, click “Drivers Utility”;
  • Then find “Bluetooth” in the list of drivers;
  • Click “Download”;
  • Upload the file to any convenient place so as not to forget where it is.

After that, the downloaded file must be opened through the “Device Manager” according to the second instruction. It will be installed and the module will work properly. If not, then this is most likely a breakdown at the complete level, and the laptop will have to be carried to a service center. You can check the health of Bluetooth by simply connecting something to it.

The file that you downloaded from the site can now be deleted, since it is not needed and will only take up space. It is not necessary to download it on a laptop. You can download the file from any device with Internet access, and then transfer it to your laptop and install. The installation itself does not require internet access.

How to turn on Bluetooth on an ASUS laptop: is it there?

All modern laptops have convenient Bluetooth technology. It is used to connect various peripherals to a computer, for example, mice, headphones, etc. The main advantage of this connection method is the absence of wires.

ASUS laptops also have this technology. But sometimes it may not work, although the user is sure that it is available. This article will discuss how to enable Bluetooth on an ASUS laptop if you are the unlucky user.

We include in the “Device Manager” and update the driver

It is possible that Bluetooth is disabled on your laptop. It’s easy to enable it, just open the “Device Manager”. To enable, follow the instructions:

  • Open “Start”;
  • Search for “Device Manager”;
  • Press Enter;
  • In the window that appears, find “Bluetooth” and right-click on it. You can immediately determine if there is Bluetooth in the laptop. If this module is not among the list, then it is not installed on the computer either;
  • In the context menu, select Enable. After that, the module is activated.

Now you need to update the drivers. To do this, in the same context menu, select “Update drivers”:

Next, a window will appear with a choice of method for installing drivers. You can select “Automatically search for updated drivers” and then the system will try to do everything itself. Sometimes it works. But it is better to use “Select search for drivers on this computer” and install the driver manually:

After selection, you will be prompted to select a driver to install. Click Browse and select the required firmware. Now you need to download this same driver from the Internet, and then specify the path to it in the menu.

Why does not it work?

There are many reasons for a disabled Bluetooth module. All of them can be solved quite simply. It is enough to have an Internet connection, know the basics of using a personal computer and have the desire.

Here are the main reasons that any user can fix:

  • In-flight mode is on;
  • The module is disabled in the “Device Manager”;
  • Required drivers are missing after reinstalling the system.

Let’s move on to solving these problems on our own. Below will be an instruction to turn on the Bluetooth module.

It is recommended to use these methods in turn, they are ranked according to ease of implementation and frequency of occurrence.

If you don’t want to read, watch the video with instructions on how to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Asus laptops:

We connect the gadget

To connect a bluetooth device on Windows, you need to open the control panel of the module on the laptop. This is done as follows:

  • Find the Bluetooth icon at the bottom right;
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Add Bluetooth device”;
  • Next, move the slider to the right, that is, enable;
  • Find the one you need among the list of devices and click on it;
  • Wait for connection.

This is how gadgets connect to Bluetooth on an Asus laptop. At any time, you can disconnect the device in the same menu, reconnect or activate a new one. If the Bluetooth module is always on, then the devices previously paired with it will connect automatically (this applies to headphones, keyboard, etc.).

To connect a mouse, you may need a separate USB controller, which always comes with the device.

General instructions for activating Bluetooth are here:

Hope you did it! But if you have any questions, be sure to write! We will help and tell you everything we know ourselves! Regards, your Wi-FiGid!

Why do you need Bluetooth in a laptop?

This channel provides excellent uninterrupted communication between two devices. The user can transfer any files: photos, videos, music, texts, etc. There is no need to use network equipment. an adapter or a router. The radio module can be used as an element of a local network. For example, connect it to another PC using the PAN protocol or use a smartphone as a modem.

  • file sharing;
  • control of the gadget from a computer;
  • laptop control from a third-party device;
  • connection of peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headphones, pen, etc.);
  • broadcasting audio tracks and videos from a gadget to a PC and vice versa;
  • data backup;
  • making calls;
  • Internet connection and retransmission;
  • creation of a private network;
  • organization of laptop access to a printer, fax or scanner;
  • using a SIM card simultaneously on a smartphone and a laptop.

Among the advantages of Bluetooth on a laptop, it is worth noting high data transfer speed, uninterrupted operation and a wide range. Gadgets can be located at a distance of several hundred meters from each other.

Today, all portable devices are equipped with wireless technology: laptops, tablets, smartphones, speakers, headphones, mice, etc.

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop

In this version of the OS, communication is activated using the factory utility. Alternatively, you can use the icon located on the control panel. You need to right-click on it (RMB). The icon should appear in the control menu. In this case, Wireless must be enabled. It should be borne in mind that this switch is not always available. It may not be present on outdated units.

If there is no icon and the drivers are in order, you need to use a different algorithm. The first option for setting up Bluetooth on a laptop:

  • Go to the Start menu, then to Control Panel and click the Devices and Printers button (Device Manager).
  • Right click on the Bluetooth Adapter. Item name may be different.
  • If the button is available, go to “Options” (“Properties”). All characteristics of wireless communication are displayed here: icon on the panel, visibility mode, etc. If the icon is absent, you need to click on the “Add device” link. The system will automatically find and connect to the gadget
  • Click “Driver”. If not, click “Update”. The window can be closed if everything is in order.
  • Go to the “Network and Sharing Center”. The button is in the “Control Panel”.
  • Click “Change adapter settings”.
  • Next, you need to enable Bluetooth in network connections.

If this scheme did not work, you can use the second connection option. In the “Control Panel”, right-click on the Internet connection icon. Enter the “Control Center”, then. “Change settings”. In the window that opens, there should be a wireless channel icon. If it is absent here, then you can make an assumption about the problems with the drivers. They may not be on the computer (laptop). Then you need to download and install the drivers, then configure the channel as described above. Drivers should be downloaded only from the official website of the laptop manufacturer!

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The wireless communication channel allows you to transfer large amounts of data. The connection is reliable and uninterrupted. Before turning on Bluetooth, you need to make sure your laptop supports this technology. All modern models have a built-in wireless communication channel. The only exception can be outdated gadgets. Then you need to identify the operating system. the Windows version. Next, you need to do a few manipulations according to the schemes below.

Communication setup does not depend on the brand and model of the device. It is determined by the operating system. If you follow the instructions, you can quickly set up Bluetooth on your laptop. The technology runs in the same way in laptops of any brands:

  • Acer;
  • Asus;
  • HP;
  • Lenovo et al.

On laptops, the wireless connection is turned on by pressing the F1-F12 keys. It should be borne in mind that they only work in the park with the Fn function key. The key combination can be different. Some gadget models have F3Fn, others. F7Fn, etc. When you enable this option, you need to navigate by the picture on the key. It will display a wireless icon. For some models, the button for enabling this technology is located above the keyboard.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop in Windows 7 and 10. step by step instructions

How to use wireless technology

In the seventh version of the OS, after turning on the adapter, you need to click on the RMB icon. In the window that appears, click on the line “Add device”. In this window, icons will appear indicating gadgets with an enabled adapter in range of the network. To establish a Bluetooth connection for a laptop and an external device, you need to click on the desired icon.

The current connection status appears. To establish communication, you need to enter a password on the connected device. It will be highlighted in a window on the laptop display. After entering the password, the pairing icon will appear. The OS will automatically find the driver for the wirelessly connected gadget.

To start working with a connected device, you need to click on its RMB icon. In the context menu, click on the “Control” line. The functionality will depend on the connected device.

Connecting and managing devices in the tenth version of the OS is performed in the same way. You need to go to the “Go to parameters” menu and click on the “Add device” button. Then you need to select the type of connected device. Next, you need to act according to the above scheme.

How to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10

In this version of the well-known operating system, it is much easier to enable the wireless channel than in the previous one. You need to click on the “Action Center” icon located in the lower right corner of your desktop. At the bottom you will see the channel icon. If it is missing, click Expand. To enable, just click on the icon. When the link is active, the icon is highlighted in blue. To turn off the channel, you need to click on the icon. The blue will fade away.

Bluetooth does not work on a laptop for two reasons. the adapter is disconnected or the driver is not installed. It’s easy to check. You need to enter the “Device Manager”, then. in the tab of the wireless channel. If there is an arrow next to the icon, then right-click. In the window that opens, click “Activate”.

If the icon is missing, then the driver is not installed. This happens very rarely. Typically, when installing the OS, the driver for the wireless adapter is downloaded automatically. If this did not happen, before connecting Bluetooth on a laptop, you need to download a driver. After installing it, the system should work stably. If it crashes, you can update the drivers.

To see the channel options, go to the “Notification Center”. Right click on the adapter. The Go to Settings icon will appear. There is an On / Off button here. and “Link” to connect to external devices.

If the smartphone or tablet does not recognize the laptop, you need to go to “Other options” and check the box on the button “Allow devices to find this computer”. The developers took care of the intuitive interface and settings.

Why doesn’t Bluetooth work on my laptop? The main reasons and how to fix problems

There are many reasons why an adapter may stop functioning. First of all, you need to know about the presence of a built-in module. As mentioned above, older laptops may not have the ability to wirelessly connect to third-party gadgets at all. Then it’s worth checking if the adapter is enabled. How to do this is described above. You need to go to the “Device Manager” and start the channel.

The second reason is the lack of a driver. This is easily verified. If there is no software in the dispatcher, instead of the channel icon, there will be undefined devices. The driver must be downloaded from the official website of your laptop manufacturer. After installation, the desired icon will appear in the manager.

Another reason Bluetooth won’t turn on on a laptop is a hardware failure. In this case, the adapter will not work with the installed drivers. First of all, you need to restart your computer. If that doesn’t work, you need to reinstall the driver. Go to the dispatcher, double-click LMB on the radio module icon, click “Delete”. Then download the new driver. The system will automatically find and install the downloaded software.

If reinstalling the software does not help, you should check your PC for viruses. They can interfere with the normal operation of the radio. The last reason why Bluetooth cannot be installed on a laptop is a module failure. In this case, you need to take the laptop to a service center.

We examined all the ways to enable wireless data transmission technology, got acquainted with the operation of the module and the main causes of failures. We hope the article was useful to you.!

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

Directly enable bluetooth on acer aspire laptop

Very often, even having installed what you need, Bluetooth may not work, you need to turn it on directly in the laptop itself.

This is a bit of a hassle, since each model can have its own nuances, and there are hundreds of models.

If after installing the drivers, Bluetooth does not turn on, first look for buttons on the sides or even on the front. if you find, put them in the on position. (ON).

Also look for the antenna key on the keyboard and hold down the fn key, click on it (if you find it).

In acer, bluetooth is usually turned on by simultaneously pressing the Fn and F3 keys, but other options are not excluded.

Therefore, if you still have not been able to turn on Bluetooth, experiment with all the F1….F12 keys while holding Fn. Success.

How to download a driver from the official website to enable Bluetooth on acer laptop

To download the driver for acer laptop (otherwise you will not be able to turn it on), copy the link below, paste it into your browser and follow it to the manufacturer’s website.

Next, click in the first of the three blocks on the laptop. Then in the second for the model and in the third for its variety. Take for example: acer aspire e1-570g. After finding your model, click on it.

After that, scroll down the page and you can download the Bluetooth driver by clicking on the “download” line opposite it.

Then download and install and reboot your laptop, but this does not mean that Bluetooth will work right away, it may still need to be turned on.

How to enable bluetooth on acer laptop

To enable bluetooth on acer laptop aspire one e1-570g, e1-571g, 5742g, v3-771g, e1-522, v5, v3-571g, e1-531, e1-531g. 5530 or any other, you need to perform two operations: install the bluetooth driver and turn it on directly.

When buying an acer laptop with the installed operating system Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, the driver is usually installed. you only need to turn on Bluetooth.

If you install the OS yourself or do it by “craftsmen”, then the driver will have to be downloaded.

There are several reliable sites on the net where you can download the bluetooth driver for your acer laptop, but it is best to download from the manufacturer’s website.

There are times when the required driver may not appear on the manufacturer’s website. this is not a problem. It can be found in another way. How. read here.

Also, the driver can only be for Windows 8 or 8.1, and you can have Windows 7 installed, then download it and install it in compatibility mode.

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And you need to download two of these at once, or there you need only one buyout that suits my laptop?

Thank you so much.
Solved the problem of Aspire E1-522 ON Win 7 × 74 the Win 8 × 64 drivers came up.

I have drivers, Bluetooth is on, but there are no items in the context menu. send a file, and receive a file. it turns out that when Bluetooth is turned on, it is impossible to send or receive a file. I tried to update the drivers. the same result. what to do?

Sometimes you need to check the box next to the line to display the icon in the notification area. Control panel, devices and printers, right-click on the Bluetooth adapter and select “Bluetooth options”.

You can send and receive without the icon. Right-click on the file, move the cursor to the word “send” and point to Bluetooth.

Yes, this is all clear, she has not been married for the first year)) I worked on XP and 7, now I bought a new beech, it costs 8.1. and for a month of use they got tired of such minor problems and inconsistencies, although it seems that everything was set up as the doctor ordered
I REPEAT AGAIN. in the context of the menu the words “send”. no Bluetooth, not at all, and there are no words on the tray icon in the context of the Bluetooth menu. ” send “and” receive! ” already crawled all the forums tried all sorts of advice. the result is zero! by the way, judging by the forums and questions. such cases are overdof, and no one knows what to do

and by the way in devices and printers, after PCM, there are NO “parameters”, any other shnyaga comes out,

So it’s the drivers. Remove everything related to Bluetooth (in the device manager) and install new ones after downloading from the manufacturer’s website. Also, don’t forget about the specials. buttons and key combinations that enable and disable Bluetooth. I don’t know your combinations, you can ask in the instructions.

in the device manager I tried to delete all these firewood, but when the configuration is updated, they are all restored))) it feels like they are not removable some. and after rebooting the beech. they are all in place again. what the hell? by the way, on the website of the manufacturer of Bluetooth firewood, not one but four, all have different sizes. from 5 mb, 77 mb, 185, 228 mb. which one to download or all at once?

If these are versions, then download the latest one. If different, then you need to find out from which manufacturer your adapter is installed, otherwise it happens that the same model is produced with adapters from different manufacturers. I think you need to try from the largest, maybe everything is included there and the system itself will choose what to install.

I have from the manufacturer Atheros. there are two drivers of this company. and there’s one from Intel, and one from Broadcom. the largest from Atheros. I’ll download it later well, in general, I’ll try everything in order. But about the release date. they were all released on the same day. 2015/04/21, such is the epidemic.

So your laptop model comes with different adapters. You can find out which one you have by the pick number. it is usually spelled out on the bottom sticker. Also on many on the bottom and the manufacturer of the Bluetooth adapter is written.

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I looked at the sticker on the bottom of the laptop, there is such a crap it is written:-
this devise contains WLAN Bluetooth module
Contains FCC ID: PDD-QCNF A335
Contains IC: 4104A-QCNF A335
ETA. 050/2014-RLO (SRV1431
CMIT ID: 2013DJ9646
CNC C-12770
Well, and also all sorts of crap. barcodes, all sorts of badges in short, I honestly did not understand much.
what does it give me? now I don’t have time to bother with this, how will the time be, I will start downloading firewood, then if I succeed I will unsubscribe here. In any case, thank you for your patience and advice!

This crap indicates that you have a Bluetooth adapter from Qualcomm Atheros.

Well, in a nutshell. I downloaded both files from Atheros, 228MB and 77MB, first installed one, it installed incredibly long, I thought it was frozen, I looked in the manager. there are no all the rules, but this installation did not change anything as a result, then I installed the second driver. also the result is zero! firewood from the manufacturer’s website has already been installed by both Atheros and intel, there is only one left that has not yet downloaded, from Broadcom 185MB, I feel it too As bewitched, there are no items to send and receive. The device is displayed, installed, paired, etc but does not work! I wanted to add a bluetooth shortcut to the “send to” folder. it doesn’t work out what is needed. there is no such program shortcut that can be dragged there, the brain is already going crazy)))

Well fsё! Made! Then I will explain and tell you how I went to sleep! It wasn’t about the wood.

Well, in short, I was happy early,))) after shutdown. and then turning it on again does not work. all day dancing with tambourines.First, I opened the Sendto folder and created a Bluetooth shortcut there, indicating the path. my PC-disk C-program files (x86).Qvalcomm Atheros-Bluetooth Sute- there are about 4 Bluetooth icons for different purposes, I tried everything, most does not work when installed in the sendtoo folder, but one of them does not start working right away, but when you click on it three times, the RMB context menu appears. “SEND BY Bluetooth DEVICE” After the overload disappears deleted all the Bluetooth firewood via Uninstall Toll. which were reflected in it. and a menu context appeared on the Bluetooth icon, and on RMB! By the way, there was firewood in the device manager. some others but despite this, although there is a menu and firewood, now the beech cannot communicate with the device to transfer the file! deleted the device. but with a new installation, they don’t see each other at all! I had to install firewood again. the device was installed immediately. but again the context menu disappeared!
Apparently not destiny

cleaned the beech from unnecessary files, cleaned the registry, then re-created the shortcut. Bluetooth in the sendto folder, and it worked! Only when Bluetooth is OFF there is no icon in the context of the PCM menu, but when I turn it ON, it appears after a few seconds! And everything works fine.

will a wireless mouse work with laptop bluetooth

for the Aspire E15 this driver came up. Bluetooth Atheros Bluetooth Driver 7.7 MB
Downloaded from the official site.
everything worked from the FnF3 buttons
the Bluetooth icon appeared in the tray and the RMB menu accepted the files. everything is good! thanks to the author.

Bluetooth mouse on a laptop works the same as on a computer.

Hello! My problem is. what. the printer and scanner are working. and I accept the files without problems. But I can’t connect a stereo system. I ask for your practical advice.

as? I have nothing nifig did not work! (((

It means that you are doing something wrong, I do not see it remotely, but I can help. I have a new service: REMOTE COMPUTER REPAIR. By clicking on the link behind you will find out what’s what and, if you wish, I can set up Bluetooth for you.

thank you guru. installed the atheros driver from the official site and executed your Fn F3 command and bluetooth was installed and started working. icon appeared!

I have a Fn F 3 button, it turns on Wi-Fi. I can’t find Bluetooth, maybe it’s not at all in Aser Aspire V3-551 G ?

I wish you good health, Yaroslav.
I describe the problem.
There is a computer Acer Aspire 1810TZ.
There is a Bluetooth adapter, plugs into USB.
At some point, the data stopped being transmitted. All devices are visible though. On the speakers, the indicator lights up in the correct blue light. But the sound doesn’t go. I thought the problem was in the speakers. no, the story is the same with the phone: the phone can be seen, and the computer can be seen from the phone, but files are not transferred. No explanation. “Failed to send” and that’s it. And through the wire, the speakers work normally, the sound is reproduced normally.
I thought the problem was in the adapter. Because the sound before the breakdown began to be transmitted with delays, with pauses, as if something was overheating. I bought a new adapter, factory drivers, everything is according to the instructions. and the same story: devices are visible, but data is not transmitted.
Fn F3. shows a Bluetooth icon with a cross like “does not work”, but it seems that it should be so, because there is no built-in Bluetooth in this model.
Accordingly, the questions. What could go wrong? Can the problem be treated? If so, is it surgery or outpatient? Is there something in the computer itself that can fail and make it difficult / impossible to transfer data via Bluetooth?

UPD to the top.
It works. Why. I don’t know (and I don’t know why it didn’t work), but the file was suddenly transferred to the phone, then I got into the Control Panel to deal with the sound. it turns out that the speakers were not automatically turned on there as an actual device for playback. Fig knows why. Before that, they turned on normally, but no one climbed into the settings. Friday the 13th. Not otherwise.
I can’t delete the previous post, but you can probably. Together with that. Sorry to bother.

site for modernists and what to do if the model is so old that it simply is not there, having the ACER Extensa 7230E

No difference old or new. You put the drivers and all the cases. If there are no drivers, questions to the manufacturer.

Acer empire E5-771 laptop does it have Bluetooth?

It depends on which one. The Acer Aspire E5-771 has many models. Aser Empire E5-771 is not a full name. For example, Acer Aspire E5-771G-58Z8 has, but Acer E5-771-311G does not.

Re-enabling the touchpad using the Fn key

One story happened to me when I turned on WI-FI on my laptop and accidentally turned off the touchpad touchpad. For a long time I was looking for the reason, not immediately realizing what had happened. Everything turned out to be simple, in laptops there is a button for additional functions called Fn from the bottom left of the keyboard. To enable any function on a laptop, the combination of the Fn and F1 buttons is clamped. F12. On these same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols are drawn to apply the parameter. For example, to turn on the touchpad, you need to press FnF7, on the F7 button itself there will be an image like a touchpad. You can press all buttons in order FnF1. F12, but remember that there is a function to turn off the display, press again on those buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP notebooks, the touchpad can be turned on and off by double tapping on the edge of the touchpad itself. The asus and acer brands may have a separate button next to the touchpad. If the touchpad still does not work, then move on.

Removing Other Mouse Drivers

There are times when in the past you have connected a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices and you have never uninstalled them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers will automatically disable the Touchpad themselves. Go to Device Manager by pressing the WinR button combination and type devmgmt.msc in the line.

Find the line pointing to mice and other pointing devices, click on the shortcut to expand the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order until the touchpad starts working on your laptop. If it does not work, try restarting the system after removing all drivers. Touchpad not working? Moving on to the next item.

How to enable the touchpad

There are several ways to enable the touchpad:

  • Many modern laptops have a small indentation directly next to the touchpad. use this to turn the touchpad on or off. If you do not have such a deep button, use the following method.
  • Each laptop has a function key Fn, which serves to perform different tasks when you press it with the buttons from F1 to F12. One of them is specially designated for starting the touchpad and most often it has a corresponding mark. Therefore, try pressing Fn with one of the keys of this row, or use each of them in turn.
  • Perhaps the touchpad is turned off in the system itself, and it needs to be activated through the BIOS. go to the menu when you start the laptop or restart it, find the Pointing Device section, where the device will be indicated. To enable it, you need to select the Enable option, to disable it. Disable. Do not forget to save the changes by choosing a combination of F10 or another, opposite to which the Save and Exit option appears.

If all the above steps do not work, you should check if everything is in order with the drivers. they may be outdated. To do this, do the following:

  • Through Start, go to the Control Panel menu and select the Device Manager item.
  • Find the Mouse section, touchpad bar and view the hardware properties. if the drivers are outdated or do not work (this happens after replacing the operating system), this will be said in the window that appears.
  • If something is wrong with the drivers and they need to be updated or reinstalled, the computer will do it on its own, or you can the necessary files on the Internet and specify the path to them in the properties of the equipment.

If you cannot turn on the touchpad through the operating system, key combinations, BIOS, most likely the matter is in a hardware malfunction. in such a situation you will have to carry the laptop for repair.

Updating or downgrading the touchpad driver

Try updating or rolling back your touchpad driver. Go to the same device manager as described above. Locate the Touchpad device, usually named after the laptop brand (Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, HP TouchPad, Acer TouchPad, Asus TouchPad.) Right click on your driver and select properties. Next, click on Update to see if there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Many people have reported on the Microsoft forums that the Touchpad stopped working exactly after updating Windows 10, for this you need to choose to roll back the driver. If you do not have the Rollback button highlighted, then you do not have a previous version of the driver.

Customizing the touchpad

In addition to the fact that this part can be turned on or off, the touchpad can be configured so that it is most convenient for you to use it at work or at leisure. Let’s see how you can change its settings.

So, in order to change the parameters of the touchpad, you should follow these steps:

  • Go through Start to Control Panel.
  • Select Device Manager and Mouse section.
  • Open the line with the name of the touchpad, select properties and in the window that appears, under the name of the equipment, click on the parameters.

What settings might be helpful to you? Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • You can enable or disable scrolling, activate the ChiralMotion function, which allows you to scroll pages not only from top to bottom, but also in a circular motion. this is convenient if you are scrolling a long document or website.
  • In some cases, if you still constantly touch the touchpad when typing, you can activate its lock when using the keyboard. so you can be sure that the cursor stays in place and will not scroll the page until you enter text or click on separate buttons.
  • Additionally, the speed of movement of the cursor, the area of ​​pressure on different parts of the touch panel and the scrolling speed are configured.
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As you can see, the touchpad, although different from the usual mouse for desktop users, can be well adapted to your needs. Now you know how to enable the touchpad in several ways and configure its settings.

The touchpad is an age old feature that has long since replaced alternative mouse controls. With it, we can fully control our device, be it a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, Asus, HP, lenovo, Dell) have problems with the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on a laptop in Windows 10? Let’s take a look at 5 ways to fix this problem.

Updating or downgrading the touchpad driver

Try updating or rolling back your touchpad driver. Go to the same device manager as described above. Locate the Touchpad device, usually named after the laptop brand (Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, HP TouchPad, Acer TouchPad, Asus TouchPad.) Right click on your driver and select properties. Next, click Update to see if there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Many people have reported on the Microsoft forums that the Touchpad stopped working exactly after updating Windows 10, for this you need to choose to roll back the driver. If you do not have the Rollback button highlighted, then you do not have a previous version of the driver.

Enable touchpad in mouse properties

In many cases, the device manager does not fire in order to enable Touchpat on a laptop. If your Touchpat still does not work on a laptop in Windows 10, then go to properties mouse.

  • Type mouse in the Windows search bar and go to Mouse Preferences.
  • Click Additional mouse options, in the window that opens, go to Device Settings, the Touchpad tab or as in the picture.
  • Find your Touchpad and click “enable”.

Bluetooth is disabled on Windows

In Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, the Bluetooth module can be disabled using options and third-party software, which for a novice user may look like “not working”.

  • Windows 10. open notifications (icon at the bottom right in the taskbar) and check if the “Airplane” mode is enabled there (and if Bluetooth is enabled there, if there is a corresponding tile). If airplane mode is off, go to Start. Settings. Network & Internet. Airplane Mode and check if Bluetooth is turned on under Wireless Devices. And one more location where you can turn Bluetooth on and off in Windows 10: “Settings”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth”.
  • Windows 8.1 and 8. Take a look at your computer settings. over, in Windows 8.1, turning Bluetooth on and off is in “Network”. “Airplane mode”, and in Windows 8. in “Computer settings”. “Wireless network” or in “Computer and devices”. “Bluetooth”.
  • In Windows 7. there are no separate options for disabling Bluetooth, but just in case, check this option: if there is a Bluetooth icon in the taskbar, right-click on it and check if there is an option to enable or disable the function (for some modules BT she may be present). If there is no icon, see if there is an item for Bluetooth setting in the control panel. Also, the option to enable and disable may be present in the programs. standard. Windows Mobility Center.

Function Keys

The reason that Bluetooth does not work may be turning it off using a function key (the keys in the top row can act when you hold down the Fn key, and sometimes without it) on a laptop. At the same time, this can happen as a result of accidental keystrokes (or when a child or cat takes possession of the laptop).

If in the upper row of the laptop keyboard there is a key with the image of an airplane (“in Airplane” mode) or a Bluetooth logo, try pressing it, as well as Fn this key, this may already turn on the Bluetooth module.

If there are no airplane mode and Bluetooth keys, check if the same works, but with the key with the Wi-Fi icon (this is found on almost any laptop). Also, on some laptops there may be a hardware switch for wireless networks, which also disables Bluetooth.

Note: if these keys do not affect either the Bluetooth state or the Wi-Fi on / off, this may indicate that the necessary drivers are not installed for the function keys (while the brightness and volume can be adjusted without drivers), more on See this topic: Fn key not working on laptop.

Enabling and disabling Bluetooth in the BIOS (UEFI) of a laptop

Some laptops have an option to enable or disable the Bluetooth module in the BIOS. Among those. some Lenovo, Dell, HP and not only.

You can usually find an item to enable and disable Bluetooth, if available, on the “Advanced” or System Configuration tab in the BIOS in the items “Onboard Device Configuration”, “Wireless”, “Built-in Device Options” with the value Enabled = “Enabled”.

If there are no items with the words “Bluetooth”, pay attention to the presence of the WLAN, Wireless items and if they are “Disabled”, try also switching to “Enabled”, it happens that the only item is responsible for enabling and disabling all wireless interfaces of the laptop.

Laptop manufacturer utilities to turn Bluetooth on and off

Another possible option for all versions of Windows is to enable airplane mode or disable Bluetooth using programs from the laptop manufacturer. These are different utilities for different brands and models of laptops, but all of them can, among other things, switch the state of the Bluetooth module:

  • On Asus laptops. Wireless Console, ASUS Wireless Radio Control, Wireless Switch
  • HP. HP Wireless Assistant
  • Dell (and select other brands of laptops). Bluetooth management is built into the Windows Mobility Center, which can be found in the Standard programs.
  • Acer. Acer Quick Access Utility.
  • Lenovo. on Lenovo, the utility runs by FnF5 and is part of Lenovo Energy Manager.
  • On laptops of other brands, as a rule, there are similar utilities that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

If you do not have the manufacturer’s built-in utilities for your laptop (for example, you reinstalled Windows) and decided not to install proprietary software, I recommend trying to install (by going to the official support page of your particular laptop model). it happens that you can only switch the state of the Bluetooth module in them (in the presence of original drivers, of course).

Installing Bluetooth drivers on a laptop

One of the most common reasons for Bluetooth not working or turning on is a lack of required drivers or inappropriate drivers. The main signs of this:

  • The Bluetooth device in the device manager is called “Generic Bluetooth Adapter”, or it does not exist at all, but there is an unknown device in the list.
  • Bluetooth module has yellow exclamation mark in device manager.

Note: if you have already tried to update the Bluetooth driver using the device manager (the “Update driver” item), then you should understand that the system message that the driver does not need to be updated does not mean that this is really so, but only informs you that Windows cannot offer you another driver.

Our task is to install the required Bluetooth driver on the laptop and check if that solves the problem:

  • Download the Bluetooth driver from the official page of your laptop model, which can be found by queries like “Laptop_Model support” or “Laptop_Model support” (if there are several different Bluetooth drivers, for example, Atheros, Broadcom and Realtek, or none. see about this situation. Further). If there is no driver for the current version of Windows, download the driver for the nearest one, necessarily in the same bitness (see How to find out the bitness of Windows).
  • If you already have some kind of Bluetooth driver installed (that is, not Generic Bluetooth Adapter), then disconnect from the Internet, in the device manager, right-click on the adapter and select “Uninstall”, remove the driver and software, including relevant item.
  • Run the installation of the original Bluetooth driver.

Often, several different Bluetooth drivers or none can be posted on the official websites for one laptop model. How to be in this case:

  • Go to the device manager, right-click on the Bluetooth adapter (or unknown device) and select “Properties”.
  • On the “Details” tab, in the “Property” field, select “Equipment ID” and copy the last line from the “Value” field.
  • Go to and paste the value you copied into the search field.

In the list at the bottom of the search results page, you will see which drivers are suitable for this device (you do not need to download them from there. download them on the official website). Learn more about this method of installing drivers: How to install a driver for an unknown device.

When there is no driver: this usually means that a single set of drivers for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is present for installation, usually located under a name containing the word “Wireless”.

Most likely, if the problem was precisely in the drivers, Bluetooth will work after they have been successfully installed.

Disabled Bluetooth module (module)

The first of the possible reasons for the situation is a disabled Bluetooth module, especially if you often use Bluetooth, just recently everything worked and suddenly, without reinstalling drivers or Windows, stopped working.

Next, what means can be used to turn off the Bluetooth module on a laptop and how to turn it back on.

Finding out why Bluetooth is not working

Before starting the immediate steps to fix the problem, I recommend that you follow the following simple steps that will help you navigate the situation, suggest why Bluetooth does not work on your laptop and, possibly, save time with further actions.

  • Look in Device Manager (press WinR keys on your keyboard, type devmgmt.msc).
  • Pay attention if there is a Bluetooth module in the list of devices.
  • If Bluetooth devices are present, but their names are “Generic Bluetooth Adapter” and / or Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator, then most likely you should skip to the section of the current instructions for installing Bluetooth drivers.
  • When Bluetooth devices are present, but next to its icon there is an image of “Down arrow” (which means that the device is disabled), then right-click on such a device and select the “Activate” menu item.
  • If there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the Bluetooth device, then most likely you will find a solution to the problem in the sections on installing Bluetooth drivers and in the “Additional Information” section later in the instructions.
  • If there are no Bluetooth devices in the list. in the device manager menu, click “View”. “Show hidden devices”. If nothing similar appears, it is possible that the adapter is physically disabled or in the BIOS (see the section on disabling and enabling Bluetooth in the BIOS), out of order, or incorrectly initializing (more on this in the “Additional” section of this material).
  • If the Bluetooth adapter works, is displayed in the device manager and does not have the name Generic Bluetooth Adapter, then we figure out how else it could be disabled, which is what we will start right now.

If, after going through the list, you stopped at the 7th point, it can be assumed that the necessary Bluetooth drivers for your laptop adapter are installed, and, probably, the device works, but is disabled.

It is worth noting here: the status “The device is working normally” and its “enabled” in the device manager does not mean that it is not disabled, since the Bluetooth module can be disabled by other means of the system and the laptop.

Bluetooth does not work on a laptop. what to do?

After reinstalling Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, or simply once deciding to use this function to transfer files, connect a wireless mouse, keyboard or speakers, the user may find that Bluetooth on the laptop does not work.

Partially, the topic has already been touched upon in a separate instruction. How to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop, in this same material in more detail about what to do if the function does not work at all and Bluetooth does not turn on, errors occur in the device manager or when trying to install a driver, or it does not function correctly. As expected.