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How to Download Books to Your Tablet

Use network libraries

Network libraries (ODPS directories). This is another way to upload a book to an e-book. A relatively new technology is an electronic variation of libraries: network libraries, like ordinary ones, are located at addresses and have catalogs.

Advantage: easy search (thanks to catalogs).

ODPS can only be used through applications that support them. Some e-books like ONYX have built-in applications. For others they need to be uploaded (for example, via a computer).

Network library applications:

  • Oreader;
  • Alreader;
  • Coolreader;
  • Fbreader and several others.

To access the ODPS directories, you need the Internet, so turn on Wi-Fi, and then follow these steps:

  • Run the application.
  • Go to the menu (in OReader it opens with the button in the center).
  • Select item “Open book”.
  • Please select “Network Libraries” from the list that appears. Some applications will already have multiple directories. If not, or you want to add your own directory, select “Add catalog”. In the window that opens, enter the address of the library in the appropriate field. The ODPS directory lists of most popular book reading services are publicly available on the Internet.
  • Select a directory or open the added.
  • Search by genre, author, or book title.
  • Select a book and click on it. The download will start automatically.

Use USB cable

This is a way to upload a book to a Book e-book from your computer. Also suitable for devices of any model and any manufacturer.

Advantage: versatility, because there is a USB connector in every book and every computer or laptop (and some smartphones too).

The e-book comes with a USB cable. It is required to connect to a computer. Thanks to the drivers and the cable, the e-book is perceived by the device as a flash drive. Open it and you will see folders: with music, pictures and documents. Perform the following actions:

  • Find a folder with the name documents, books or something similar;
  • Download the desired book in a suitable format to your computer;
  • Copy or Move the file with the book to the appropriate folder;
  • Click on “Safely Remove Hardware”;
  • Disconnect the cable.

Before uploading

In the instructions for the gadget or on the Internet Find out what formats your book supports. Basic formats. These are txt, pdf, doc, fb2 and rtf, they are usually read by any device of this type. If the format is not supported, the downloaded book will not open.

How to upload a book to an e-book? Three easy ways

After choosing and purchasing an e-book, users want to know how to use the device. In this article, we will answer the question of how to upload a book to an e-book.

Use memory card

This method, how to upload a book to an e-book (Book, Kindle, Nook, etc.), is used if the device supports SD cards. The idea is the same as in the first method. Copy or move the file to the memory of the book. The difference is that with USB, the file was copied to the internal memory, and with SD. To external.

Advantages: no USB cable required, no drivers needed, it is possible to insert different memory cards into the device and read files from cards on different devices (for example, on a tablet or smartphone).

Disadvantage: computers (not laptops!) Do not have a built-in microSD card reader.

To upload, follow these steps:

  • Remove the SD card from the book (it is recommended to turn off the gadget first)
  • Insert the card into the Corresponding slot;
  • Wait for the card to appear in the list of devices;
  • Open the map, select or create a folder for books;
  • Copy or Move the previously downloaded book file to the folder;
  • Take out SD card from laptop and put it in e-book.

You can also move a file to a memory card using a USB cable. The SD (external memory) folder will be displayed next to the gadget’s internal memory folder.

USB copy

The easiest and most obvious option. No need to register an Amazon account and internet. All you need is a computer and cable.

download, books, tablet
  • Connect your Kindle to your computer with a cable.
  • Open Finder or “File Explorer” and find a mounted removable disk called Kindle.
  • Go to the documents folder and drag the books you need into it.
  • Remove the device.

Sending via Send to Kindle

Another option for sending books from a computer. It is no longer necessary to connect the Kindle with a cable, the content is synchronized via Wi-Fi. Account registration required.

  • Download the application from the link and install it.
  • Launch and login to your Amazon account.
  • Drag the book into the application window and select the devices to which it should be downloaded.
  • Click the Send button and wait for the download to finish.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on on your Kindle and after a few seconds the book will appear on your device.

How to upload a book to Kindle

Download by cable, send by email, download from the browser and other convenient methods.

Amazon Reader supports many file formats, among which there are DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, as well as the most convenient MOBI and PDF. Common ePub and FB2 without preliminary conversion, unfortunately, Kindle will NOT be able to read.

There are several ways to download books, both with the introduction of a computer, and without.

Import from Caliber

Like the previous method, this one does not require registration. And thanks to the capabilities of Caliber, you can immediately convert books from incompatible formats.

  • Download the program from the link and install it on Mac or PC.
  • Connect your Kindle to your computer with a cable and wait for Caliber to detect it.
  • If the books are NOT yet imported into the library, add them by simply dragging them into the program window.
  • Select the desired items and click the “Send to device”.

Sending to Kindle Mail

Another option for downloading via the Internet. Using a computer is optional. Any device will work, but you will need a registered Amazon account.

Sign in to your Amazon account by opening this link in your browser.

Go to the Devices tab and find the device you want in the list.

Open the details and copy your personal Kindle email.

Go to the Preferences tab and open the Personal Document Settings section.

Scroll to the very end and, by clicking on the Add a new approved e-mail address button, add the trusted address from which you are going to send books to the Kindle.

Send an email to the Kindle, as you learned in the third step, a letter with the desired file in the attachment.

A couple of minutes after Wi-Fi is turned on for the reader, the book will appear in the library.

Download via browser

The most self-contained option without the use of additional devices, applications and account. Books are downloaded directly from the built-in browser.

Open the menu and select “Experimental Browser”.

Enter the library URL in the address term. For example gutenberg.Org.

Find the book you want and click the download link.

Confirm the download and after a few seconds the book will appear on the Kindle screen.

How to download e-books to a tablet or mobile phone instead of connecting it to a computer!

In order for the user to be able to read e-books on his tablet or mobile phone, he needs to connect it to a computer and copy the necessary files to it. This is the standard way to transfer information from a computer to a mobile device. There is nothing wrong with it if you copy all the necessary e-books at one time and then start reading them in your free time.

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But as practice shows, people very often have a need to add several new e-books to their mobile device and at the same time they DO NOT want to connect it to the computer again and carry out a copy operation.

I myself have come across a similar situation more than once, and every time it pissed me off, especially if I needed to add a new e-book to my iPad 4 tablet, which they planned to read in the evening while sitting on the couch with a cup of aromatic coffee.

It was so annoying that I had to look for an alternative solution to copy the e-books I needed to my mobile devices, NOT Using a physical connection to the computer.

I found a solution. A good solution, but I’ll tell you a little later in it.

In order for you to understand the essence of the problem, I will tell you a little how information is copied to a tablet or mobile phone with Android and iOS operating systems.

Android tablet / mobile phone

In order to copy the required information to a tablet or mobile phone on the Android operating system, it must be connected to a computer, as a result of which its internal memory and / or external memory card will be defined as an external drive. Now you just need to copy the information we need to these media, and we will have access to it using our mobile device.

At the same time, it is not necessary to install additional drivers and special software on the computer. they simply connected the mobile device to the computer and got access to all its files.

IOS tablet / mobile phone

In order to copy the required information to a tablet or mobile phone running on the iOS operating system, it must be connected to a computer on which iTunes must be installed. Only after fulfilling this condition, users get the opportunity to download the files they need to their mobile device.

It seems to be not a bad decision, but in the mobility of transferring data to a mobile device, there is NO speech. you need a computer with iTunes installed.

As you can see, in order to download even one e-book to a mobile device, it must be physically connected to the computer and perform the corresponding move and copy operations. This is not always convenient, not always possible, and occasionally irritates.

How I solved this problem?

Everything is actually very simple and you can put this method into practice right now. You will be able to access your library of e-books from anywhere in the world, having access to the Internet and a mobile device on the Android or iOS operating system.

To do this, follow these steps:

Create a folder “My Books” on your computer and copy all the eBooks that you have read or plan to read into it. Thus, your e-book library will be collected in one place on your computer.

In the folder “My books” you can put e-books of various formats, for example, pdf, fb2, epub. In order for you to be able to quickly navigate in e-book formats, I advise you to create subfolders inside the “My Books” folder with the name of the e-book format. For example, in the “PDF” folder you will copy all e-books in pdf format, in the “Fb2” folder. e-books in fb2 format, in the “ePub” folder. e-books in epub format.

Register in the YANDEX.DISK file sharing service and copy the “My Books” folder into it. After completing this operation, you will transfer your e-book library to the network and can Access it online from anywhere in the world.

Install the YANDEX.DISK client on your tablet or mobile phone using special software for Android and iOS operating systems:

After completing the preparatory steps, you can start downloading the necessary e-books to your mobile device on the Android or iOS operating system.

Downloading e-books to a tablet / mobile phone on the Android operating system

To download e-books to your mobile device, you must:

Launches the YANDEX.DISK program on the mobile device;

In the YANDEX.DISK program, select the “My books” folder;

Select in the list of e-books the e-book that you want to download to the memory of the mobile device, and specify the folder where it will be saved;

The e-book will be loaded into the memory of the mobile device, and you can start reading it.

If there is a need to download the entire library of e-books to your mobile device, you need to mark the “My Books” folder and specify the path where it will be saved on this device. All materials in this folder will be downloaded and you can read e-books at any time convenient for you.

Downloading e-books to a tablet / mobile phone on the iOS operating system

To download e-books to your mobile device, you must:

Launches the YANDEX.DISK program on the mobile device;

In the YANDEX.DISK program, select the “My books” folder;

Select an e-book from the list of e-books that you want to load into the memory of your mobile device and open it in a viewing program, for example, in iBooks;

The e-book will be loaded into the memory of the mobile device, and you can start reading it using the iBooks program.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated and supernatural in this method of downloading e-books to mobile devices without a physical connection to a computer. The main thing is to have access to the Internet and the desire to read e-books!

By the way, this method of downloading e-books is used by me on all my mobile devices. iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Nexus 7, HTC Desire.

I really like him! And you?

Free Apps

There are also applications in which audiobooks are available Not only legally, but also for free. Thus, the Bibe.Ru program and the mobile clients of the LibriVox online library allow you to download and listen to books that have become public domain. These are classics, well-read in Russian and other languages, or works of contemporaries, available with the permission of the authors. Alas, there is much less content in THESE applications than in the ones mentioned above.

By the way, the program “Listen to Audiobooks” also has a section with free works, but you can’t find potential hits and bestsellers in it.

But there are plenty of free audiobooks on Telegram, torrent trackers and YouTube. Finding books using THESE services is more difficult, but this way you can get access to books that are on sale. For example, to old works, read by wonderful Soviet actors.

You can download audio files from Telegram directly in the official application. To download from trackers, you just need to install a convenient torrent client. There is also a way to save audio from YouTube. But all of these options are only suitable for Android, especially when the device has a good audiobook player.

How to download audiobooks to your tablet or smartphone

Paid and free ways for Android and iOS.

Paid Apps

The most convenient way to download books is from paid apps with legal content. It’s simple, fast, and there are plenty to choose from: in each such program, thousands of books are available. To download a work, you just need to find it inside the program and click on the download button. In the applications “Listen to Audiobooks” and “Google Play Books”, each audiobook is purchased separately, the rest of the programs offer the user all the books at once for the period paid by him.

How to download audiobooks using apps. 2. How to download audiobooks from computer

Let’s say you saved an audiobook purchased as a disc or downloaded from the Web on your computer, and now you want to download it to your mobile device. To copy audio files to an Android device, you just need to send them from Telegram or use any cloud storage.

But to download an audiobook from a computer to an iPhone or iPad, you need iTunes and a few non-trivial steps.

Connect your mobile device to your computer and launch iTunes if it does NOT open on its own.

If your audiobook is in M4B format, drag it to the iTunes window and go directly to the eighth step. If the format is MP3 (most likely it is), follow these steps in order.

Select the Music section above the iTunes sidebar, and the Library section on the right side of the window.

Open the audiobook folder on your computer.

If you have Windows, select all audiobook files, right-click and select “Properties”. In the next window, uncheck the “Read only” box and click OK.

Drag the audiobook to the iTunes window. it will appear as a music album.

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Right click on an audiobook in iTunes. Select Album Info → Options → Music. Change “Metadata Type” to “Audiobook” and click OK.

Select the “Audiobooks” section above the sidebar: if you did everything correctly, your audiobook will be displayed on the right side of the window.

Above the sidebar, click on the mobile device icon and then select “Audiobooks” from the panel itself. After that, synchronizing the added audiobook with a mobile device, Marking it and clicked done at the bottom of the window.

In a few minutes, the audiobook will appear in the standard iBooks application on your iPhone or iPad, where you can listen to it.

How do you download audiobooks? Share with other listeners in the comments.

Fbreader is one of the best “reader

One of the most popular programs for reading electronic sources is FBReader. The app has the following features:

  • Reading;
  • Searching the Internet for literature;
  • Simplification of the reading process, since it has a wide range of settings: Changing the font size, setting bookmarks, setting the optimal screen backlight level and many others.

The program is distributed free of charge and understands most of the available formats. Download requires a valid Google account.

How to download a book on Android using the internal tools of the program? One of the features of this application is the ability to directly download the selected literature directly to a smartphone:

  • First you need to go to the site of the selected online library.
  • Copy the link, which must be in OPDS format.

In the “reader” go to the “network libraries” tab, which is located in the upper right corner.

  • Then click the “Add” button and insert the link.
  • Press the confirmation key.
  • Once you have a connection to the online library, you can start looking for the literature you need. How to download books to your Android phone directly through the program?

    • Go to the network directory access control panel.
    • Select the “Search” menu.

    Drive in the name of the work of interest or the author.

    The user will be offered a complete list of literature suitable on request.

  • Tap on a specific name will allow you to view basic information about the proposed options.
  • If everything suits you, you should click the “Download” button.
  • After the download is complete, the work will be available for reading.
  • How to download books to Android via computer?

    Another convenient and fast way is to download literature to a smartphone using a computer.

    How to download a book on Android for free using a PC?

    • The first step is to open the browser and type the author or work of interest in the search engine line. You can specify not just a book, but immediately prescribe the format in which to search for it.
    • The search engine will return many sites.
    • Go to any resource, choose a download link, which can have a text form or a graphic display of a certain format.
  • Clicked on the link, you will need to confirm the download and wait for the file to be downloaded to the PC. By default it is located in the Downloads menu.
  • The FB2 format is recognized by the computer as an archive, but it will NOT work to unpack it.

    FB2 is transferred to the smartphone in the form in which it was downloaded.

    The final final step is to transfer the book to the device. It should be connected via a USB cable and select the connection type “external storage”.

    All e-books are located in the “Books” folder. This is where the downloaded book should be copied.

    How to Download a Book on Android. 3 Methods and the Best Book Reader App

    The purchase of a tablet or smartphone is viewed by many as not just buying a device for making calls or exchanging messages on social networks, but also as getting a gadget that can be used as an electronic “reader”. But a reasonable question arises. how to download a book on Android in order to get the opportunity to enjoy your favorite literature in any convenient place.

    The Internet offers a wide range of virtual literature, which includes both contemporary authors and recognized classics. To access the wealth of the epistolary genre, it is important to know how to download a book on Android for free.

    The injection procedure itself should not be difficult if you understand the scheme. The user can use several simple ways:

    • Download the required book directly to the smartphone via the browser.
    • Install the “reader” program and use its download capabilities.
    • Add books you like via Google Play Books.
    • Contact the help of the computer and load the book into the internal memory of the device through it.

    Using the Play Market

    The easiest way to get another bestseller on your smartphone is to download the corresponding application for reading e-books through the Google Market.

    There are paid and free applications.

    When downloading, you should pay attention to the following features:

    • The number of installations. This indicator indicates the popularity of the program and is proof of its stable operation, which is marked by the number of downloads.
    • Supported formats. When choosing the optimal program to download a book to an Android phone, you should decide on the concept of a format. There are several varieties of electronic novels.

    The simplest is plain.Txt. Any text editor understands it. But in this case, you should be prepared that the book will be a “canvas” of text without formatting.

    The next type is familiar to everyone. Doc. These are files created in Word. They can also be opened in a simple text editor.

    The work itself will have minimal formatting: indents, paragraphs, division into chapters and headings.

    The most popular format, which is supported exclusively by e-book readers, is.Fb2. This type of e-literature allows display of illustrations, includes full formatting, table of contents, pagination.

  • Free program. If the user is not ready to pay money to get the application, you should take a closer look at the free one, especially since the paid versions are not always the best.
  • Alternative methods

    How else can you download books on Android? This can be done through the Google Play Books app. This service from Google comes preinstalled on most Android phones. The main disadvantage of this method is that all submitted literature samples are paid.

    You will need a valid Google Account to download. The download process itself looks like this:

      Go to Google Books program.

  • Go to “My Library”. It contains all purchased books.
  • Next, you need to select the work that you want to load into the smartphone’s memory.
  • Press the “Download” button.
  • After that, the selected novel or story will be available for reading on the device through the installed “reader”.

    How to download books to a tablet via a mobile browser

    In order to download a book using Google Chrome, you need:

    • Launches the application;
    • In the search bar, enter the title of the novel that you want to download;
    • Follow any link;
    • On the opened web page, click on the “Download” link (usually the user has several links with different formats available)
    • In the dialog box that appeared at the bottom of the screen, select the application to download (the list of programs offered for selection includes browsers installed on the tablet, download managers or torrent clients). It doesn’t matter which program was chosen.

    Note: it is recommended to opt for FB2 among the offered book formats. Such files contain more information (illustrations, information about the author).

    The downloads can be found in the Downloads folder. It can be opened with any software for reading or will launch the file manager of the mobile phone, go to the “Downloads” folder.

    This option allows the user to upload the desired file without registration.

    Sometimes difficulties may arise when opening books downloaded to the device, because. They can be archived. To do this, the user may need an archiver application, which can be found on Google Play and installed for free.

    How to download a book on Android

    The main motive for buying a tablet or smartphone for most users is the ability to read their favorite books anytime, anywhere. A huge virtual library is always nearby and you just need to know how to download a book on Android.

    It will NOT be difficult to download the necessary literature, even for a novice user. To do this, you need to use one of the simple ways:

    • Download the bestseller to your phone via a mobile browser.
    • Download books on Android via the reading app.
    • Add a book through Google Play Books.
    • Transfer books from computer to smartphone.

    Downloading from Google Play Books

    Many smartphones or tablets running the Android operating system Google Play Books are pre-installed. But if it is not on the tablet, then you need to enter the Play Market and download.

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    To be able to use the program (make purchases, read online bestsellers), you must create a Google account.

    All books that are presented in this application are paid. Only after purchasing the literature you like can you download it to your device.

    To download a book to your phone through this program, you need to do the following:

    • Sign in to Google Play Books;
    • Select the item “My library” (all purchased works are in this folder), which is located at the bottom of the screen;
    • In the open list of purchased works, you should select what exactly needs to be downloaded to the gadget’s memory, and click on the button next to the name;
    • Select “Download”.

    Using FBReader

    You can download books to the memory of the gadget using the reading application. The most popular reading rooms. Fbreader and Cool Reader. These programs can be downloaded to your phone for free via Google Play.

    You can load a book into the tablet memory from the built-in network library of the FBReader application (not all books in THESE libraries are free and in Russian). To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Launch FBReader application.
    • In the upper left corner, click the menu icon.
    • Select the item “Network Library”.
    • Click on any library, for example “Rational Thinking”.
    • Next, you need to select any article from the list, and they will call the download icon located to the right of the title.
    • In the new window, click on the “download” link, which is located in the upper right corner (The downloaded files can be found in the “Books” folder).

    Popular online libraries can be added to FBReader. To connect each of them, you need to know the link to the OPDS catalog of a specific library.

    To add an online library, you need to do the following:

    • Enter the software menu for reading and click the “Network Library” item.
    • In the upper right corner, click on the icon.
    • Select the value “Add directory”.
    • Enter the link to the OPDS-catalog in the line for input and click “OK”.
    • Here you can change the name of the directory. For example, “My Library”.

    In a similar way, you can upload a novel using Cool Reader. To download the file, do the following:

    • Launches Cool Reader;
    • Go to the “Online Libraries” section and select the one you need to download the book from (in some cases, you will have to register or enter your data if the user is already registered)
    • Click on the title of the book you want to save;
    • If it is paid, you will only be prompted to download an excerpt.

    How to download a book from computer to phone

    The easiest way to download a book to your phone is to copy it from your computer’s memory. Below is a step by step instruction:

    • Connect the device to a PC using a USB cable;
    • Open the explorer and select the file that you want to upload to your smartphone;
    • Right-click and select the “Send” option in the context menu;
    • Select your gadget in the list that appears.

    How to read e-books on a tablet

    For the true lover of reading, the paper book still remains in the first place, and no technology has been able to supplant the classic book. The smell of paper, mint leaves. it’s so romantic! And also, in a book made of paper, never run out of battery. But be that as it may, e-books have their undeniable advantages. For example, some people started reading only because e-books and e-readers appeared. reading paper books seemed too old-fashioned for them. And for reading at night, you do not need an additional source of light. reading with a lamp, candle or flashlight is a thing of the past. You can read anywhere at night, the backlight is always with you.

    All you need to read is to download a special program and upload books to your tablet.

    Choosing a program for reading and Installing the reader on the tablet

    Reading applications. like bees in the Hive, read until your eyes come out on your forehead. We will provide links to the most popular and high quality “reading rooms”, and also we will leave a short overview to them, and you already make your choice yourself.

    Cool Reader is probably the most popular reader for Android. Benefits. you can customize the program “for yourself”, for maximum convenience. There is an opportunity to listen to books. for this you will need to additionally swing the voice synthesizer. For lovers of night reading, the function of adjusting the brightness and background is useful. And finally, the most delicious. in order to make it seem to you that you are reading a real book, you can set up animation. beautiful and realistic page turning 🙂

    Fbreader. although slightly inferior in popularity “Cool Reader”, yet the FBI is a great reading app. A lot of settings, very quick. Interestingly enough, you can underline the lines you like (sketching the background of the letters with a second color). everything is like in real life. There is an animation of turning pages.

    Moon Reader. a feature of the program. themes for nightlights to protect the eyes of the reader. And besides, the Lunar Reader, thanks to its wide functionality, can be customized up and down to fit your needs.

    Aldiko Book Reader. The developers decided that you need to read beautifully too. And they paid off. thanks to the chic and user-friendly interface, this application has won the hearts of many. First, the interface is white, clean. a great example of modern minimalism. Secondly, the program has a virtual shelf with books. Functional and attractive. They also say that to spare the battery, unlike other readers. perhaps this is so, but it was not possible to test it in practice.

    Bookmate. And finally. a simple and cute reader without unnecessary bells and whistles. The interface style is flat. Although not very popular, it will soon become so. technical support answers almost all questions on Google Play, developers are constantly finalizing the program.

    Add a book to the reader

    If the program provides an online library, the easiest way will be to visit this section, select the book you like (you can use the search by the name of the book or the author). There are free and there are paid books.

    For example, to view books in the online library in the Cool Reader program, you need in the main application window in the section “Network Libraries” click on the name of the online catalog. Next, you need to select a book, search by genre or by author. If the book is available for download, you will see it. If the book is paid, you will see its cost and an offer to Register for payment. Naturally, the Internet must be turned on at this time. The list of libraries can be replenished. for this, just click “Add” in the same section, give the name of the catalog, and enter a link to the library site.

    If you still could not find a suitable book in the internal catalog of the reader. do not worry! On the Internet, you can download hundreds and thousands of books absolutely free of charge, and open them using the reader.

    How to record, upload a book to a tablet

    Transfer (copy or cut) the book to the / mnt / extsd / Books folder using the file manager. Open the reader, find the section “Open a book from the file system”. Click on the icon with the folder where your books are located (in this case, the Books folder). A list of Books that are in the folder appears. To start reading, just click on one of them.

    Usually e-books are in formats: fb2, EPUB, DjVu. There are also many other formats, among which.Txt is a plain text document. Other formats are less popular, and either open without readers (doc, pdf, RTF), or work only with special. Readers (LRF, MOBI). By the way. in what format to download books to the tablet.

    To download e-books, we recommend using the “Books for tablets” section of our website, or the online libraries of Flibusta, LitMir and Gramotey. Of course, you can download books from any other resource.

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