How to distribute Internet from Samsung to laptop

Smartphone connection

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  • We activate wi-fi in the tablet.
  • In the list of networks, we find the one that was recently created on the phone.
  • Right-click on it.
  • In the window that opens, prescribes the password.
  • To plug.

If you need information about the number of connected users, use the “User Management” menu item.

Setting up VirtualRouter Plus

Download the program and from it the VirtualRouterPlus.exe file.

A window will open in which only the main fields are to be filled in: name and password.

And report the connection that suits you.

And near the Shared Connection section, you need to enter the desired pairing. The Internet will diverge from him.

Click the Start Virtual Router Plus button.

Setting up a connection using additional programs

This is Osmino. You should download it through the GooglePlay application.

Install the application. After power on, set the name and password for the network.

It is better to configure in such a way that there is always a password.

We connect to the access point, before that you must turn on the Internet.

In order to then turn off the network output, you just need to drag the cursor and turn off the Internet.

How to Share Wi-Fi from Windows Phone

Windows 7, built-in Wi-Fi, share internet on Android. How to distribute wi-fi from a phone: Windows.

You need to get a command line with access level not lower than administrator.

Running the system as administrator

To do this, you need to follow the path: Start / cmd / run as administrator and arrange such a command.

In the provided case, “MS Virtual Wi-Fi” is the name of the wireless network, “Pass for virtual wi-fi” is the password to access the provided network (you can apply your parameters).

It is important to know that if your device does not have the ability to obtain an ip-address, and therefore connect to the created access point, then in the configurations (phone, PDA, laptop) to which we want to distribute the Internet, enter the following.

Subnet mask:

And in accordance with this “Wireless Network Connection 1” should be:

Subnet mask:

Phone. modem that transmits the Internet via USB

In order to work with USB as Wi-Fi, you need to provide a Bluetooth module.

Most often it is already in your laptop.

Before work, you need to check again if the phone is working, as we can.

To do this, you need to go to the control panel to the sub-item “display of large icons”

And add the phone as a modem to the system. To do this, follow the path “Devices and Printers” / “Add a device”.

The system will start looking for devices available for connection to the network online.

When your phone is found, click on it and wait until a window appears with an 8-digit code.

Upon completion of the process, we move along the path “Control Panel” / “Phone and Modem”.

A window will appear in which we enter the area code, after entering any three digits, it goes to the “Modems” tab.

Here we click on the configuration of our phone and in the “Properties” tab we come to the “Additional parameters”, in which you need to enter the data for the mobile operator.

Now you need to create a connection via Bluetooth, like a modem.

“Control Panel. Network and Sharing Center”. “Creating a new connection or network”. “Setting up a telephone connection”.

Next, we enter the information that is standard for all telephone operators.

Used number. 99 # Username. not specified; Password. not specified; Connection name. the name that will be displayed in the list of connections.

Click on the Connect button. All is ready.

Share Wi-fi from laptop to phone

There are two ways to distribute Wi-Fi: distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop using the Virtual Router Plus program or by creating an access point on a PC. You need to register the network address.

How to distribute the Internet from a Samsung phone via USB in tethering mode

Smartphones of this brand have a built-in function that allows you to use the phone as a USB device. But from a stationary computer in this way it will not work to distribute the Internet. for this purpose you will need a router.

Important! This option is only suitable for owners of Windows 7 and higher.

Using a smartphone in USB mode makes it possible not only to distribute mobile Internet, but also to access a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the phone will act as an adapter. The guide on how to share Internet from Samsung phone in USB mode is as follows:

  • The smartphone is connected to the computer via a cable.
  • Next, you need to open the notification panel and select the connection via USB.
  • Then you need to select the item USB-cable.
  • Then the OS will perform automatic settings to use the device as a modem.
  • A new connection should appear. Ethernet. If it is not activated, you need to right-click on the name and click on “Enable”.
  • If the connection remains inactive, you need to go to the phone settings.
  • The required parameters are found in “Connection” in “Mobile hotspot and modem”. It must be disconnected and select the item USB-cable.

After these manipulations, the connection will become available. The advantage of this method is that the phone is simultaneously charged. If you compare the data transfer rate with the first option, it will be higher. But there are also disadvantages to such a distribution. Only one device can be connected via a Samsung smartphone.

USB connection

Important! If a non-original wire is used, the connection speed may be slower. Also, for normal operation, you need to install drivers. This usually happens automatically. But to download them manually, you need to go to the website of the smartphone manufacturer and indicate the model name.

If the standard mobile hotspot is not suitable, the user can enter the new data on his own. To do this, you need to turn off the mobile point and go to additional settings. The user should pay attention to:

  • list of allowed devices. only devices whose MAC address is stored in the phone will be able to establish a connection with the smartphone;
  • timeout settings. the time period after which, if the device is not connected to the mobile device, Wi-Fi distribution stops.

However, be careful when changing the parameters of the standard point. Some of them are only available to advanced users. It is also worth making the connection secure, otherwise other users will be able to connect to the network. This will lead to slower work and faster traffic consumption.

Wired connection

How to distribute the Internet from a Samsung via Wi-Fi

It is most convenient to distribute the Internet in this way to a stationary computer, TV or other mobile. It should be borne in mind that the mobile operator’s Internet will be used. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly calculate the traffic and choose a suitable tariff. Instructions on how to distribute the Internet from Samsung:

  • On a Samsung smartphone, go to “Settings” and select “Connection”.
  • In the “Connection”, among the proposed options, you will need “Mobile point and modem”. If a message appears asking you to turn off Wi-Fi, you must agree.
  • To distribute Wi-Fi, you need to create a mobile point.
  • To change the standard data, click on the name of the point and make changes.
  • After that, the user will be able to connect to a wireless connection from other devices using the traffic of the cellular operator.

But before sharing the Internet with Samsung, Honor needs the following nuances:

  • make sure that the signal of the mobile connection is stable, otherwise the connection may be malfunctioning;
  • if the phone does not distribute Wi-Fi, you will have to familiarize yourself with the features of the tariff. Some operators impose restrictions on the use of this feature;
  • to speed up the connection of another smartphone to a wireless connection, you need to use a QR code. To do this, go to the access point settings on your Samsung phone and click on the code icon;
  • when downloading updates, movies, music, mobile traffic is consumed faster.

Sharing Wi-Fi from a smartphone is not that difficult, but it is most economical to do it for another phone or tablet. The reason is to save traffic, because these devices do not download files that weigh a lot.

For reference! Samsung has an additional feature to activate a connection using a QR code, but this option is not suitable for all devices.

Honor needs the distance between the smartphone and the connected device to matter. If they are too far apart, the signal will be weak and unstable. Wi-Fi sharing also uses up battery power faster. From the pros. several devices can be connected at the same time and you do not need to use a cable.

Distribution of a Wi-Fi signal

Sharing via Bluetooth on Samsung phones

Another connection method, which is less popular than the previous two, is via Bluetooth. But this option has significant drawbacks:

  • low speed of the wireless connection;
  • signal instability.

This function is not available for many users. A step-by-step guide to sharing Wi-Fi over Bluetooth on a Samsung smartphone:

  • All the necessary parameters are in the item “Mobile hotspot”.
  • Next, there you need to activate the Bluetooth modem function.
  • Then you need to connect another device. Windows 10 users may experience difficulties because regular pairing may not work.
  • On a computer / laptop, right-click on the Bluetooth icon.
  • In the menu that appears, select the item “Joining a personal network”.
  • In the list of devices, you need to select a smartphone and right-click on it and select a connection. via an access point or direct connection.
  • The smartphone will ask you to allow the connection.
  • On the computer, in the list of available devices, “Network connection via Bluetooth” should appear.

Attention! Due to the fact that such a wireless connection has an unstable signal, the smartphone cannot be held at a great distance.

Many users report that the network is malfunctioning and pages load slowly. So they choose to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot or using a USB cable.

Bluetooth connection

How to distribute the Internet from Samsung to a computer or tablet

Samsung smartphones have the function of distributing Wi-Fi to other devices. There are several ways. using a cable or a mobile hotspot. Of course, the data transfer rate is lower than with a standard connection. However, this option is used if there is a problem with the router or the Internet has not yet been established. It is not suitable for constant use: an unstable signal and the inability to download large files reduce all the advantages of the method to zero.

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What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone does not share the Internet

Usually, setting up a wireless connection is straightforward. The creators of the Android platform made the connection clear even for novice users. But sometimes it happens that all the settings are made correctly, but the connection is not active.

If a wire was used, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • Corresponding drivers not installed.
  • An unauthorized cable was used, resulting in unstable connection.
  • The Internet traffic has run out or there is no money on the balance of the mobile phone.
  • Your smartphone or computer has malfunctioned.

If you cannot activate the distribution of Wi-Fi, then the reason may be:

  • the password or username was entered incorrectly;
  • weak network signal;
  • lack of funds on the balance sheet;
  • the connected device is included in the blocked MAC addresses;
  • if the connection is established and the high-speed icon is displayed on the Samsung smartphone, and the devices are working slowly, it means that neighbors have connected to the traffic.

You can solve problems with the distribution of Wi-Fi in one of the following ways:

  • Reboot both devices and then try to establish wireless connection again.
  • Purchase an original cable or connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Top up balance or change tariff.
  • Check the correctness of the entered data.
  • If the device is included in the blocked MAC addresses in the access point, you must disable filtering by MAC.
  • If neighbors are connected to the distribution, you need to put a password for the connection. This can be done in the settings of the mobile point and modem.

Sharing via Wi-Fi or USB cable from Samsung Galaxy phones is straightforward. Bluetooth can be challenging and is rarely used. The listed options will help out in the event of a router breakdown. But this method is suitable for home use in order to economically spend mobile traffic.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

The first time you launch the WI-FI Password Viewer, the app will ask for superuser access. Click “Provide” in the pop-up window, after which you will be taken to a list containing all the Wi-Fi networks to which you have ever connected, where a password is indicated under each entry.

If you’ve connected to different Wi-Fi networks during your Android ownership, your list can be quite long. In this case, you can find a specific Wi-Fi network using the search button in the upper right corner.

Android 10 and above

This first method does not require root or even an additional application. But this requires your phone to be running Android 10 or higher. If your phone has been updated to this version, I will describe a quick and easy way to see saved Wi-Fi passwords below. If not, you can go to method 2.

How to distribute the Internet from a Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) via Wi-Fi

In this short tutorial, I will show you how you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from a Samsung phone. I had the opportunity to write an instruction using the example of a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone with the new Android 7.0 Nougat system already installed. Same as Samsung Galaxy S8 and other models. I think this article will be relevant for a long time and will be useful to many. In fact, setting up Hotspot & Tethering on Android 7.0 is very simple, just like on other versions and devices. But many users still have questions about this function.

We will distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi network to other devices. It will be possible to connect other smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices. We will have a Samsung phone as a router. In the “Access Point and Modem” settings, you can also distribute the Internet via Bluetooth and even via a USB cable. Bluetooth is not very relevant now, but cable may come in handy. For example, if you need the Internet on a stationary computer that does not have a Wi-Fi adapter. You can use your phone as a wired modem to access the Internet through a mobile operator.

Note! Since we will distribute mobile Internet, I advise you to clarify the conditions of your tariff plan. What is your megabyte limit and what is the over-limit fee. Devices connected to the hotspot may siphon off all traffic and additional charges may apply.

Some operators block the distribution of the Internet to other devices. Therefore, there is an option that it may not work to share the Internet.

Install Wi-Fi Password Viewer

There are several apps that claim to be able to display your Wi-Fi passwords in the Play Store, but the only one we’ve found works on all of our devices. this is a Wi-Fi password viewer by SimoneDev.

How do I programmatically connect to a specific Wi-Fi network in Android?

Sharing saved Wi-Fi passwords

If you need to transfer one of these passwords to another device, you have several options. Start by clicking any entry in the list, then a small menu will appear. From here, you can click “Copy Password” to copy this network’s password to your clipboard, making it easy to paste into your favorite texting app and send it to another device. Or you can skip the step and tap Share and then select your favorite texting app from the menu that appears to send your password.

Finally, you can also tap “QR” for the app to generate a QR code containing information about the network. If the other device is a Pixel or iPhone, you can simply open the camera app, hover over the QR code, and then tap the pop-up to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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Cover and screenshots. Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks.

How to see passwords for Wi-Fi networks You have connected your Android device to “Android :: Gadget Hacks

In the process of owning an Android device, you’ve likely connected to dozens of Wi-Fi networks. School, home, work, gym, home of your friends and family, cafes. every time you enter one of these Wi-Fi passwords, your Android device saves it for safe and easy future access.

The problem occurs when you really want to see the password for one of the networks you connected to. Perhaps you want to connect a second device to a saved Wi-Fi hotspot, or maybe you are with a friend who wants to log in to the same hotspot. access. But without the ability to access the real passwords stored on your device, you’re out of luck.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this. If you’re using Android 10 or higher, you can see Wi-Fi passwords right in your phone’s settings. However, if you are using Android 9.0 Pie or earlier, please note that you will need to root.

Go to the section: Instructions for Android 10 | Manual for Android 4.4-9.0

Find Wi-Fi settings

There is currently only one flavor of Android 10, and that is the “standard version of Android” directly from Google. However, in the near future, manufacturers like Samsung will contribute to Android 10 by applying an OEM skin like One UI, which means that the settings menu on your phone may be slightly different.

So, first search your phone’s Settings menu for the Wi-Fi submenu. On stock Android, this is in Settings. Network and Internet. Once you find the Wi-Fi settings menu, select it.

How to share Internet from Samsung phone via Wi-FI, USB and Bluetooth

Almost all Android phones have the ability to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. This instruction details how to distribute the Internet from Samsung Galaxy to a computer, laptop or other phone in all available ways. The examples use a Galaxy Note with Android 10, but the other current models will be the same.

If you are interested in the same for devices with pure Android without features of the One UI interface, about this in a separate guide How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB on Android.

How to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy over Wi-Fi

The easiest way is to distribute the Internet from a phone via Wi-Fi to a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. At the same time, keep in mind that only mobile Internet (received from a telecom operator) can be distributed via Wi-Fi, the process itself is as follows:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • At the top, turn on the item “Mobile hotspot”. If you are told that you need to turn off Wi-Fi for this, agree (since we cannot share the existing Wi-Fi connection in this way, which I mentioned above).
  • In order to change the network name, find out or change the password, click on the item “Mobile hotspot” and specify the necessary data instead of the standard.
  • After that, you can connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your phone’s mobile Internet from them.

A few nuances that may be important in the context of distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi from a phone:

  • Do not forget that for the Internet to work, the mobile Internet must be connected and active.
  • Some telecom operators on some tariffs block the ability to distribute mobile Internet from the phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, in the settings of the mobile hotspot on Samsung, you can click on the QR code icon at the top right and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If your tariff has limited traffic, keep in mind that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point, you can quickly use it up (for example, if OS updates start downloading).

Sharing the Internet from a smartphone to a computer via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting your Samsung phone to a computer or laptop via USB, you can distribute not only the mobile Internet, but also access to the network obtained via Wi-Fi, using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi adapter. The steps are as follows:

  • Connect your phone with USB cable to PC or laptop.
  • Once connected, go to the notification area on your phone and tap on the USB connection notification.
  • Select “USB tethering”.
  • Windows or another OS will set up a new device (your phone as a modem).
  • A new Ethernet connection will appear in the list of connections on your computer (WinR. ncpa.cpl). If it is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.
  • If the network still remains in the “Disconnected” state, on the phone go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem, turn off and then turn on the USB tethering item, the network will become active, and the Internet is available.
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Sharing the Internet via Bluetooth

And the last method: using a bluetooth connection. Its main disadvantage is the relatively low connection speed, as well as the instability of work (and sometimes the impossibility of connecting) for many users. The procedure will be as follows:

  • On your Samsung phone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Turn on Bluetooth tethering.
  • Connect via Bluetooth from another device, and if we talk about Windows 10, simple pairing of the device through “Settings”. “Devices” may not work. After it, you need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer, select “Join a personal network” (or go to Control Panel. Devices), right-click on your smartphone in the list of devices and select “Connect via”. “Access Point” or “Direct Connection”. The phone may ask if you want to connect in Bluetooth tethering mode.
  • In the list of available connections (which can be opened via WinR. ncpa.cpl), you should see an active “Bluetooth Network Connection”.

Samsung phone as a modem or Wi-Fi adapter. video instruction

Typically, sharing over Wi-Fi or USB from Samsung phones usually works without any problems. Bluetooth connectivity is not always smooth, but I hope if you need it, it will work out.

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Everything is fine, but how to connect to the Internet of the computer? Didn’t automatically connect.

How to distribute Internet from phone to laptop and computer via WI-FI

The easiest way is to create a simple wireless hotspot on your smartphone or tablet. To which any device can then connect, even a Smart TV.

Open the settings of your smartphone and go to the section for managing wireless networks WI-FI. Next, go to “Access Point and Modem”.

Here we need the item “Wi-Fi hotspot”. enable this function. Specify additional settings. password, network name, encryption type do not need to be changed. After that, the created network will immediately become visible on other devices and available for connection.

On a computer or laptop with Windows 10 or 7 operating system, click on the Wi-Fi connection icon in the taskbar and enable the module if it is disabled. Find the network created by the smartphone in the list and connect to it. enter password.

Access to the World Wide Web should appear immediately and everything will work, you can check this by opening any site.

How to distribute Internet from phone to computer and laptop: connect

Connecting the Internet via a phone to a computer or laptop is one of the most popular functions at the moment on Android devices.

This can be done in three different ways, which we will analyze in detail today. So, you will always have the opportunity to share network access with your PC.

From the past material, you learned how to distribute the Internet from phone to phone. Now you will learn how to distribute Wi-Fi from a phone to a PC and how to transfer the Internet via a USB cable. The instruction is universal and suitable for devices of all models: Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other Android.

Important! We discussed how to connect the Internet via a phone to a laptop and a computer on Apple devices in the detailed instructions. how to distribute the Internet from an iPhone to a computer.

How to distribute Internet from phone to computer via USB

Via USB, via cable. the connection is the easiest to establish. At the same time, you don’t even need to additionally download any software on a PC for everything to work.

Open the section with wireless connections in the settings of your smartphone and go to “Access point and modem”.

A new network connection will be automatically created on the computer. Everything will work right after that.

We distribute via Bluetooth

Also open the smartphone settings and go to the section for working with wireless networks. Next, open the “Access Point and Modem”.

On a PC, press the WIN I keys at the same time and open the “Devices” section.

Click on the button for adding a new Bluetooth device, add a new one and indicate your device in the list. Click on the “Link” button.

Confirm pairing on both devices, just press the corresponding buttons on them when the screen with the connection code appears.

On the Windows taskbar in the tray, right-click on the Bluetooth connection icon and open the “Join a personal network PAN” item.

Select your smartphone from the list. just click on it once. Then, in the toolbar, click on the “Connect via” item and select an access point.

Everything, now you can go to the World Wide Web through such a connection. But remember that the speed will be an order of magnitude less than it could be via WI-FI.

Everything is done very quickly and easily. Now you know how to distribute the Internet from your phone to a computer or laptop for free and, most importantly, very quickly.

other methods

Now everyone is accustomed to using Wi-Fi, it is convenient, no wires or additional devices are needed. But sometimes there is a need to connect in a different way.

How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a computer, tablet, laptop or other phone

Mobile phones have a wide range of capabilities, but we often do not use most of their functionality. For example, I have known for a long time that a smartphone can be used as a router, but I have never done this. And just recently, the Internet was turned off for a day. For me, a day without a connection is a disaster, so I learned myself and now I will tell you how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a computer and other devices in an apartment.

On iPhone

On Apple mobile devices, everything is done in much the same way as on Android smartphones. We go into the settings and find the item “Modem mode”. We check the network name and password and, if necessary, change them.

On Android

Go to the main menu of your smartphone and open the settings. In the “Wireless networks” section, click on 3 dots with the inscription “”.

Then we go to the item “Modem mode” or “Modem and access point”. The name may be different, but similar to this.

In the window that opens, there is a subsection with Wi-Fi parameters. Go into it, look at the network name, you will need it to connect, and, of course, the password. If it is not there, then you need to install it so as not to distribute traffic to neighbors.

Then we save the settings and return to the menu. Move the lever opposite the inscription “Wi-Fi hotspot” to the active position to turn on the modem mode.

We connect the computer

After we have made the necessary settings in the phone, click on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar on your PC or laptop.

Then we select the network name, enter the password and connect the computer to the mobile Internet. Please note that the speed will most likely not be very high, and you will hardly be able to watch movies, but chatting with friends or answering emails in e-mail is quite possible.

Wi-Fi connection via settings

This is the most convenient and common way to share the Internet. For everything to work out, you need an Android or iOS device that has the appropriate function and a receiving device with a Wi-Fi adapter. Most modern PCs, laptops and tablets are equipped with it, but if you have an old model of equipment, or the adapter is broken, then nothing will work.

If there are no technical obstacles, let’s move on. We check the availability of a mobile network and the status of the account. If everything is in order here, and the mobile Internet is working properly, let’s get down to business.

Why can’t I connect?

If you do everything according to the instructions, found the desired option in the gadget and activated it, but still cannot connect to the Internet, then the following reasons are most likely:

  • You are entering the wrong network name or password. This is the most common problem. When connecting your computer, be careful to check that the correct input language is selected and that the Caps Lock is not pressed. If you still cannot connect, change the password for the mobile modem.
  • There is no network connection. Perhaps you forgot to turn on the mobile Internet, pay for it, or there is simply no cellular signal. This happens a lot, especially when traveling.
  • Some kind of malfunction has occurred, or the technique “slows down”. Just wait a little and try again.
  • This is rare, but the Wi-Fi adapter can break. Try a different connection method.

In general, in modern gadgets, network problems are very rare. But if you do run into them, try to calmly figure out the reason and establish a connection.

Using third-party programs

In rare cases, after flashing or other manipulations with the smartphone, the modem mode becomes unavailable, that is, it simply is not available in the standard settings. If you do not find the option you need, try installing a special program for distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi, for example, “osmino: Share WI-FI for free” or “FoxFi”. The first application is in Russian, the second is in English.

You can install them from the Play Store. I’ll show you how such programs work using FoxFi as an example.

Click on the “Install” button, accept the conditions and wait for the download. When the application is installed, open it.

Note: before using FoxFi, check if the Internet is connected to the phone, without it the program will not work.

A list of settings appears immediately. We need to set a password and put a check mark next to the inscription “WI-FI Hotspot”, you can also change the network name. That’s all the settings.

Instructions: how to distribute the Internet from phone to laptop

Turn on the Internet on your Android phone.

The first thing you need to do is turn on the internet on your Android device. Swipe at the top of the screen and tap on the Settings icon, which looks like a small gear.

In the settings menu, find the “Wireless networks” section and click on “SIM cards and mobile networks”.

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Find the Data Transfer option and make sure its toggle is turned on.

Connect Android phone to computer using USB cable.

Now use the original USB cable to connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop.

If you are connecting your phone to a computer then it is advisable to use the USB port on the back. They tend to work faster and more reliably.

Turn on USB tethering on Android smartphone.

After you have connected your phone to your computer, go to the “Settings” menu, the “Wireless networks” section and click “”.

Here you will see an option called USB tethering. Turn it on.

Wait a couple of minutes for the computer to install the necessary drivers.

If you have not distributed the Internet from your phone to your laptop before, then your computer will start downloading and installing the drivers that are necessary for the USB modem to work. This process may take several minutes.

That’s all! Internet access should appear on your laptop or computer. Open your web browser and go to any site.

How to distribute Internet from phone to laptop via USB cable

In this article, we want to tell you about an interesting feature on Android smartphones called USB tethering. This function allows you to distribute the Internet from your phone to a laptop via a USB cable.

It is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to access the Internet on your computer, laptop, 2-in-1 tablet when you are on the go. If you do not have access to a free public Wi-Fi network, but your phone has a generous data plan, then you can distribute the Internet from your phone to your laptop via a USB cable.

We have prepared detailed instructions with pictures so that you don’t have any problems. Please note that we used a Xaiomi Redmi Note 3 Pro smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Some of the menu items may differ on your mobile device, but most of the settings should look and work the same.

Now you know how to distribute the Internet from your phone to your laptop using a USB cable. This method is especially good in that it does not require a Wi-Fi receiver, which is often missing on desktop computers. In addition, sharing the Internet from phone to laptop using Wi-Fi consumes a lot of mobile device battery.

Do you find this feature useful? Do you often use a USB modem? Let us know in the comments below.

How to share internet from Samsung Galaxy phone

Hey! Today I will show you how to share internet from your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can distribute the Internet for free from your smartphone to a laptop, computer, tablet, or another phone. You can use your device as a modem. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the home screen, swipe down from the top edge of the display.

In the window that opens, click on the Mobile hotspot icon.

You will see the Turn off Wi-Fi window. Wi-Fi must be turned off to use the hotspot. Click Ok.

You will be shown a notification that this feature and the modem are enabled. Click on notification.

In the settings, you will be shown the name of your network and the password for connecting other devices. Below, see the instructions on how to distribute the Internet. See, everything is very simple:

  • On a laptop, in the taskbar, at the bottom right, click on the Internet indicator;
  • You will see a list of available networks for connection;
  • Find there the name of your smartphone’s network, which is specified in the settings;
  • Click on the name of the network;
  • Enter the password, which is also specified in the settings of the mobile hotspot;
  • All is ready. You have connected the Internet from your smartphone to your laptop.

At the top right, click on the Properties button.

In the window that opens, click on the Mobile Hotspot Settings tab.

  • Hide device;
  • Select a security parameter;
  • Show advanced options.

Connect Samsung Galaxy as Modem

Another way. On the home screen, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

In the settings, click on the Connections tab.

In the connection settings, click on the Mobile hotspot and tethering tab.

Here you can enable this function by clicking on the switch on the right.

In the window that opens, click Yes to turn off Wi-Fi on your phone.

All is ready. You can now use your Samsung phone as a tethering modem.

Note. When using this function, it is recommended to connect a special MTS tariff for a laptop. Or a similar option from another mobile operator. If you connect a regular mobile Internet, you will quickly run out of it and pay more money.

Network distribution methods

There are several ways to launch a new Internet distribution point. Among the available methods are the following:

  • Using the command line. Does not imply complex configuration or installation of special software. Works on all versions of Windows, starting with the “seven”.
  • Via Mobile Hotspot. The tool was built into Windows 10 to quickly start a giveaway by selecting an active connection and adding a password.
  • With the help of third-party software. The developers have released a huge number of programs that allow you to set up a new Wi-Fi network in just a few clicks.

How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from laptop to laptop

Sometimes the Internet is connected to one laptop via a cable, and you need to distribute it for several more devices. This can occur in the event of an urgent move or in case of an unexpected failure of a single router. Fortunately, there is an effective workaround. you can share Wi-Fi from your laptop. The created point is enough for connecting and normal operation of 2-3 devices. In this article, we will show you how to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from laptop to laptop.

Command line

Despite the fact that at first glance this method may seem extremely difficult, anyone can use it. just follow the guide step by step. All work with the command line is reduced to copying, pasting and executing certain requests in the right order, and therefore the probability of making an error is extremely small.

  • Go to the command line.
  • Insert. netsh wlan show drivers. Execute by pressing Enter. This request will ensure that the equipment is capable of operating in the desired mode. You need to pay attention to the column “Hosted network support”.
  • Apply. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = ##### key = 412456fd. After “ssid =” we write the desired name of the formed network, after “key =” a password of 8 characters or more. If successful, the command line will display a corresponding notification.
  • We register. “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”. Thanks to her, the network will start.

The point has been created. To check, go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and look for the network with the desired name in the list. In the column “Access type” it will be listed as “No access”. Since this does not suit us, we continue with the configuration:

  • Without leaving the “Control Center”, we look at the value in the “Connection” column for the network through which access to the Internet is provided. For example, in the screenshot below. “Ethernet”.
  • Click on “Ethernet”, open “Properties”, activate the item “Allow other users”, select the created network in the list.
  • Save changes and try to connect.

To disable distribution in the future, you need to use the request “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork”. To start. the same request, where instead of “stop” is “start”.

Third party software

If you don’t really want to “dig” into the settings, you can use any specialized utility. We offer two popular ones:

  • MyPulicWi-Fi. select “Automatic Hotspot configuration”, write in the name and password, click on “Set up”. You can see the connected devices in the “Clients” tab.
  • Connectify. Configurable in the same way as the previous one. Available in Russian.

Do not purchase software from unverified resources. the proposed programs are distributed free of charge through the official sites.

Mobile hotspot

A special tool is available for Windows 10 users. Mobile Hotspot. To use it, you need to go to “Settings”, open “Network and Internet”, click on “Hot spot”, move the first slider to the “On” position. Generation of the network name and password from it is performed automatically.

To complete the configuration, you need to open the new access point to the network. How to do this is described in the previous instructions.

We hope that you have coped with the task. The method associated with the use of third-party applications is the simplest, since no additional configuration will have to be done.

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