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How to disassemble iPhone se at home

How to dry your phone from water: step by step instructions

By negligence, a phone that has fallen out of your hands and found itself in the water can be saved from imminent death at home. The main thing. act quickly, then you can save money on buying a new gadget. You can dry the phone from water using improvised items and unusual means: napkins, a vacuum cleaner, rice, cat litter and silica gel. Also, to solve the problem, you can take the device to a service center.

After the phone is in the water, every second can be decisive in saving the gadget. Since even a drop of liquid that gets inside the device can cause a short circuit.

Step-by-step instructions will help you quickly take the necessary measures:

  • 1. Immediately remove the phone from the water and turn it off. If the gadget has already been turned off or was in “sleep” mode at the time of the fall, it is strictly forbidden to turn it on. It will be possible to check the device for operability in at least a day. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur, after which it will no longer be possible to reanimate the device at home.
  • 2. Now you should remove all foreign objects from the phone: cover, protective film, SIM-card, remove the headphones (if at the time of the fall they were in the slot of the device). The gadget should be kept level, in a horizontal position, do not shake it. Attempts to pour water out of the speakers and connectors by shaking only lead to the fact that the liquid penetrates even deeper into the device.
  • 3. After turning off the device, it is necessary to disassemble it as much as possible: remove the back cover, remove the battery, even remove the buttons (if the model is old). In this case, special care should be taken so as not to damage the internal device and not to touch the contacts. During disassembly, you need to try to remember where each part is located and what it is attached to, so that after all the manipulations you can independently assemble the gadget correctly.
  • 4. All parts should be wiped dry with a napkin, paper towel, rag, rag. whatever is at hand. The main rule is that there should be no lint on any of the above items. After that, it is recommended to treat all metal contacts, cables, the motherboard with alcohol. This will allow moisture to evaporate faster and prevent further corrosion. A device with a non-removable battery should be wiped very carefully with a dry, clean cloth where there are connectors and other openings. You can twist the paper strands and gently blot hard-to-reach areas. It is not recommended to wrap sharp objects such as the tip of a pen or pencil with paper, as this is unsafe for small parts and is not useful.
  • 5. After all manipulations, the device must be left to dry naturally. This will take 24-48 hours. If possible, it is recommended to withstand the maximum time. It is impossible to turn on the phone earlier than the specified time in order to check its operability, because even if the device is dry on top, the parts and contacts inside remain wet.

If your iPhone falls into the water, take it to a service center after first aid. This rule applies to all touchscreen phones that cannot be disassembled. If you simply dry the device without processing the internal parts, there is a great risk that after a while it will fail. The water contains salts and minerals, which dry out and leave particles. They must be removed from the microcircuits in order to avoid further damage and corrosion.

It is very problematic to disassemble the device at home, since special tools are required for work: a Phillips screwdriver, a plastic spatula, a vacuum suction cup to detach the screen. Even if the necessary devices are at hand, there is a great risk of ruining an expensive device without the appropriate skills. Only specialists in the service center will be able to disassemble the device down to the last screw, assess the degree of damage and take the necessary measures.

Forced retreat, or How to disassemble “iPhone 4” without consequences

Attention: any slipping of the tool, useless rotation (demolition of persistent chamfers) with the use of excessive forces, as well as shaking hands are absolutely unacceptable in the process of an extremely important job. dismantling. All that you can achieve under such operating conditions is mechanical damage to the case (deep scratches, chips, and delamination) and torn off screws.

Important “little things

Now it remains to remove the “attached” parts, and the question of how to disassemble the “iPhone 4”, the photo of which you see in the disassembled version, can be considered almost solved.

disassemble, iphone, home

  • At the bottom of the phone, unscrew the two screws holding the bottom ribbon cable.
  • On the right, carefully pull out (knock off!) The microphone, which is located in the end cavity of the case.
  • Disconnect the Home button ribbon cable and remove it.
  • Now dismantle the system connector.
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By the way, it is in the little things that the processes of dismantling the iPhone 4 and modifying its receiver with the significant letter “S” differ. However, the essence of the question: “How to disassemble” iPhone 4 S “- is identical to the described process, apart from a few bolts and some dimensional differences in details. For example:

  • The upper part of the smartphone is simply “strewn” with various small details. Therefore, utmost attention. an essential element in such a responsible process as the final stage of disassembling an iPhone device.
  • The audio unit is fixed to the inner end screw.
  • The front camera is simply pulled out of the grooves of the body frame.
  • The speaker, buttons and sensor are removed, in general, elementary. It is only important not to make sudden movements and be extremely careful.

How to disassemble “iPhone 4” without special tools

Water trapped in the inside of the iPhone is the most common reason when an urgent dismantling of the case of the device is required. However, in order to remove the phone battery and protect the electronic components from the damaging effects of the liquid, you must have knowledge of how to disassemble the “iPhone 4”. At the same time, not every owner of a branded device has technical means in the form of a specialized mobile tool. Nevertheless, the situation requires decisive action.

Removing the System Board

This is the most critical part of the how-to guide on how to disassemble the “iPhone 4”.

  • A protective strip is located near the connector pad of the battery connector. Unscrew the two fixing screws and remove it.
  • Disconnect the system ribbon cable from the board and slide it to the left.
  • Now at the bottom of the phone on the right, unscrew the polyphonic module fixing bolt. After disconnecting the coaxial cable, remove the plastic part.
  • In the middle of the motherboard (closer to the middle of the case) there is a fixing screw that must be unscrewed in order to release the smartphone’s motherboard.
  • Gently pry off the “heart of the iPhone” and remove it from the body frame.

Final stage of work

It is not recommended to touch the screen module. Even if you detect a clear ingress of moisture into the inner area of ​​the display, you can hardly eliminate the unpleasant liquid penetration factor at home. If your iPhone is completely wet, a visit to a specialized workshop simply cannot be avoided. If, when disassembling, you did not find traces of water. well, you only have one thing to do. thoroughly wipe the connector pads with alcohol and reassemble the device in its original state.

Dismantling the main camera

  • Pulling out the SIM tray.
  • Unscrew two bolts horizontally located at the top, as well as two lower ones closer to the left edge. Remove the protective steel plate.
  • Dismantle the vibration motor (upper right corner — screw).
  • Disconnect the connectors of the 5 loops.
  • Take off your camera.

We solve the problem without using a professional tool

However, without a thin Phillips and flat screwdriver, all your attempts to neatly dismantle the panel of your smartphone are doomed to failure. However, even with the aforementioned tool, difficulties in disassembly are still inevitable. The fact is that already at the first stage of dismantling, you will need to unscrew two pentalobe screws. The five-pointed sprocket (the profile of the bolts fixing the lower end part of the body) can be easily unscrewed if you find a “stable” stop for the screw faces.

Remove the battery using a pick or other sharp plastic object:

For this procedure, any sharp plastic object can be used that will not damage the components of the device.

Remove the speaker and device charging modules:

During this procedure, you should be careful not to destroy the specified modules and other components.

Remove the device motherboard:

During this procedure, you should be careful not to destroy the motherboard and other components of the device.

Using tweezers, remove the main camera and antenna elements:

For this procedure, ordinary tweezers from any manicure set can be used.

Use tweezers to remove the off keys and volume rocker:

For this procedure, ordinary tweezers from any manicure set can be used.

Thus, in order to replace any failed components, with the help of a couple of tools, only some of which are special, you can disassemble the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in just a few minutes, even at home. Nevertheless, it is better to use the services of trained professionals of the company “EtoService”, who certainly will not cause any harm to the components of the device.

Open the device using a suction cup or special tape:

For this procedure, a special iSlack suction cup or the most ordinary double-sided tape that does not leave marks can be used. Since during disassembly at home there is a great opportunity to drop the phone, it is better to hold the device over a soft surface.

Remove the vibration motor module using tweezers:

For this procedure, ordinary tweezers from any manicure set can be used.

How to reflash iphone without computer and without iTunes

To reflash the iPhone without iTunes, that is, there is no possibility with the phone’s tools. you can only update the device using the iCloud storage, or rather restore it, if, of course, a copy is stored there.

For this, you will definitely need the Internet to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi, since a large amount of data will be transmitted and it is better if it is high-speed.

To reflash without a computer all the more will not work. all this is done for security purposes. You can also restore iPhone without iTunes using CopyTrans Shelbee.

She is also able to store data, and later move it to the iPhone (you need to create a backup file with contacts, messages, photos, videos, settings, and so on)

Step three. reflash the iPhone yourself

ATTENTION: be sure to charge the battery to 100%, otherwise you can be very sorry (if the battery cannot withstand you will have to open the device).

NOTE: be sure to disable the “Find Iphone” function before flashing.

Now, for flashing, you need to enter Recovery Mode or DFU on the iPhone. One won’t work use the second.

To use Recovery Mode, turn off the iPhone completely, then connect it with a cable to a computer or laptop while holding the Home button.

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Now launch iTunes and wait for iTunes to find the iphone. If the “Restore” window appears, click “OK”.

If the message does not appear, select “Restore iPhone” while holding down the Shift key.

A window will appear in which you need to specify where the firmware is located. We indicate the firmware file that you should have already downloaded, and I recommended that you put it on your desktop. Select and click “Open”.

This stops your intervention. iTunes will do everything itself. At the final stage, we disconnect the cable and turn on the iPhone as usual.

I hope the flashing was successful, and if not, it’s certainly sad, but there is another option. through DFU.

How to reflash a found or locked iphone

A locked or found iphone can be fixed in the same way as described above. Only you can expect a very unpleasant surprise, and possibly a tragic one.

The fact is that in a locked iPhone (the blocking of restrictions is not taken into account. it is easy to remove it) the “Find Iphone” function can be enabled, and without knowing the account details and ID you will not be able to disable it.

Even services refuse to accept such devices for flashing. In the official service center, this service can be turned off, but they will require documents to confirm that this is your phone, and this service is not free.

Step two. reflash the iPhone yourself via a computer, via iTunes

As you have already noticed, you need a computer (laptop) and a cable to connect the PC to the iPhone. I think you have it.

Then if not yet, download the iTunes program from here, install and connect the computer to the phone, but do not turn it on, unless you want to make a copy, which will never hurt to recover from a flashing failure.

It is advisable to place the downloaded iOS on the computer desktop so as not to search for a long time, although this does not affect the process itself, wherever it is.

We have completed the initial stage, we move on to the second. set up the iPhone for flashing.

Since I have already mentioned the iPhone 5 above, for example I will use it, and on other devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and so on, everything happens the same way, except for entering DFU mode.

Step four. reflash the iPhone yourself via dfu

To do this, first connect your device to your computer. The second is to turn off the device.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds, then press the Home button without releasing the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button, but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes informs you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.

Further actions, as when flashing through Recovery Mode.

NOTE: There is no home button on the iPhone 7. Therefore, after connecting, press and hold the “Power” button and without releasing it, hold down “Volume Down” and hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the logo appears (picture below), then the buttons were held for too long. repeat the process.

If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Use this method if the flashing through Recovery Mode for some reason did not work.

Step one. completely reflash any iphone yourself at home

To flash any iPhone you definitely need the firmware you want to install.

Where to get it. Below there are two sites from where you can download any official firmware, just be sure to find out the exact name of your iphone and select the appropriate firmware.


By the way, if you, for example, have an iPhone 5, then there are several firmwares for it. I recommend choosing the latest 10.3.3 right away and paying special attention to modifications to GSM and CDMA (if, for example, a phone with a CDMA connection, then GSM will not be installed).

Install iphone 5 or iphone 5s with iOS 11, don’t even try. it won’t pull it because of the processor installed in it.

How to independently reflash any iphone at home

Why did you suddenly decide to reflash your iphone 5s, iphone 4s, iphone 6, iphone 5, iphone 4, iphone 7, iphone 6s, iphone se, iphone 3gs or another, now is not the time to find out.

There are many reasons: your iPhone may be locked, found, and so on. The main thing here is Stihl and the correct approach. therefore I will describe everything in steps.

From the first lines, I also want to reassure you, if something goes wrong, for example, the files are unpacked, and the installation will not work, do not panic.

You just have to go to the service, where this process will be completed with the help of more advanced tools.

Re-flashing in the service is not expensive. depending on the region, it fluctuates between 5-10.

The main purpose of this post is how to reflash an American iphone, although I think I will write about a Chinese device too.

How to reflash a Chinese iPhone

The Chinese are known to counterfeit everything that catches their eye. including iPhones. Apple says they infringe on patent by copying case design.

Their copies look so similar that consumers may not see the difference, but this is only in appearance. inside they use the developments of the android, only the firmware itself is installed from the iPhone.

Before flashing a Chinese iPhone, you first need to choose the right one. this is very important.

Next, you need to download the Flash Tool to your computer. After installation, you need to run it as administrator, click on “Scatter loading” and specify the path to the sketch file. this is the “txt” file.

After clicking “Open”, select “Download” and connect the phone to the computer using a cable, while holding the “Home” button on the phone.

When you see a red line in the program, release the Home key. After that, a purple line will appear, and then a yellow one, which will indicate the start of the flashing.

When finished, you will see a message that the firmware has been successfully installed. Now, shut everything off and start your Chinese iPhone. Success.

What to do if iPhone falls into water

What to do if iPhone falls into water? Unfortunately, this question is not uncommon among Apple users. Independent actions in this case can lead to big problems, so it is best to contact the service center as soon as possible.

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Simple tips that everyone should know will help save the phone from further problems. If the user drops the iPhone in water, then the first thing to do is:

  • Turn off the device and remove it from the case.
  • No need to shake your cell phone. It is enough just to turn it over with the ports down and wait until most of the liquid drains.
  • Remove all connected additional devices, such as a SIM card.
  • Dry the device with a napkin or cloth that absorbs moisture well.
  • Finally, it is recommended to carefully remove the back cover. To do this, you will have to disconnect the two end bolts. However, if such actions occur for the first time, it is best to refrain from them.
  • If you still manage to remove the back cover, you need to carefully dry the inside of the device. This is done using the same napkins or towels.

Important! After first aid is provided, you will definitely need to contact the service. Only experienced specialists will be able to diagnose the device and identify possible problems at an early stage.

Which iPhones are moisture resistant

Increased moisture resistance and dustproofness are the slogans that manufacturers apply to iPhone 7 and above models. It’s all about modern IP67 technology. In part, such statements are true, but not 100%.

In fact, no iPhone device, even the most modern one, is able to completely ignore getting wet. Models from seven and above are close to ideal, but still sometimes fail. Very often, even after briefly getting wet, users encounter non-working speakers or dimming of the screen.

Apple iPhone SE Disassembly Teardown Repair

How to dry an iPhone

How to dry iPhone if dropped into water? The first thing that is undoubtedly worth doing is to get the device out of the liquid and wipe it thoroughly. It should be remembered that sometimes even a delay of 10 seconds. becomes a death sentence for the phone.

Further step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Be sure to turn off the device. This will help prevent short circuits.
  • Remove the cover. To disassemble the phone, you need a Pentalobe screwdriver, it’s good if the user has it in store.
  • If water bubbles have formed under the film, you will have to remove them too, so as not to get too wet.
  • Dry the device as much as possible using wipes (only not wet), paper towels or absorbent cloth.
  • Check the condition of the moisture indicators. On older models up to 4, one is located next to the headphone jack and the other in the dock connector. In other models, the indicator is located in the SIM card slot. If everything is normal, the indicator is white. Red color means that water has got inside the device, and this is already much worse.

Note! If the iPhone was bought hand-held, then the moisture indicator is the first thing to check. In addition, for new phones, water ingress means a loss of warranty.

It is better to entrust the disassembly of the iPhone for drying to professionals.

Drowned iPhone 6

As in the previous case, the situation with the iPhone 6 drowning will be sad. They also do not tolerate moisture very well. If the phone gets into water, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences, especially if the device is not provided with “first aid”.

What not to do with a recessed iPhone

There are different methods to save a drowned phone, but users definitely need to refrain from some actions. What not to do in this situation:

  • no matter what anyone writes, you cannot use a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner to dry the iPhone. The air flow will undoubtedly accelerate drying, but at the same time it will help the rapid development of corrosion, and this is already a 100% ruined technique;
  • do not roll the device in a towel, hoping that the cloth will absorb everything. Such actions inevitably lead to an increase in humidity inside the phone, and therefore to an early failure;
  • put the iPhone in rice at night. This home method is advertised by everyone, without exception, but it does more harm than good. Of course, rice can remove excess moisture from the case, but not inside the iPhone. In addition, particles of cereal can severely clog ports, which means that further repairs will become problematic;
  • Leaving your phone in salt is another way to destroy good tech. The iPhone will not work with almost a 100% guarantee after such a treatment. The problem is that the salt will draw out surface moisture, but the oxidation process will accelerate.

Do not trust the advice and folk methods. It’s half the trouble if, after such actions, the sensor starts to junk. It may even dim the screen, but it’s not that scary yet. In the worst case, the described actions will lead to irreparable damage. The device will no longer work, which means that it can be simply thrown away.

Important! If you do not have the necessary knowledge, it is forbidden to disassemble the device yourself, especially if the equipment is still under warranty.

Drying in rice is a bad way to solve the problem.

What to do if iPhone falls into water. how to rescue your device

If the phone falls into water, that’s at least a problem. But if the liquid got into the iPhone, then it’s just right to sound the alarm. The situation is often aggravated by incorrect and often harmful actions on the part of the owners of expensive equipment. That is why it is worth figuring out what to do if you suddenly drown your iPhone.

Drowned iPhone 8

Another representative, following the IP67 manufacturing standard. In other words, 8 and other more modern models have high protection against liquid penetration. They are not afraid of short-term wetting, but long-term water procedures are contraindicated. Therefore, you should not try to photograph a beautiful fish underwater.