How to disassemble huawei ags l09 tablet

How to disassemble Huawei Mediapad tablets

Next, we will consider a detailed disassembly plan using the example of several popular models.

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AGS L09 is another model of the Chinese manufacturer. There, the disassembly algorithm is the same, only more clamps and fasteners. This is due to the larger screen size.

How to remove the back cover of a Huawei tablet

Reasons why disassembly is most often required:

  • repairs;
  • replacement of parts;
  • the need to dry the product after ingress of water or moisture;
  • internal cleaning;
  • interest.

Whatever the reason, there are always risks:

  • the manufacturer’s warranty expires (if the back panel is non-removable);
  • there is a possibility of damage or loss of other parts;
  • incorrect assembly.

Step-by-step guide how to open Huawei tablet:

  • first, inspect your device to make sure the panel opens manually;
  • if not, find a thin plastic card, it will help to remove the latches;
  • usually screws are not used for closing;
  • so find a gap, insert a card or a flat object there to begin to separate the cover and the unit of the machine.

By opening the gadget yourself, you take responsibility for its performance on yourself. We also draw your attention to the fact that if you open the phone, the warranty will be canceled. This is indicated by the manufacturer in the coupon and instructions.

MediaPad M3 Lite 10

To repair your MediaPad M3 Lite 10:

  • separate the cover and the main module using a thin flat object or a special lock pick;
  • insert the pick between the screen and the case;
  • press a little;
  • smoothly separate the sides;
  • after removing the display, the battery, boards, and other parts will be visible;
  • be careful not to lose important particles.

Avoid getting moisture and dust into this space. The number of latches around the perimeter depends on the model and assembly method.

How to open the back cover and disassemble a Huawei tablet. step by step instructions

How to disassemble a Huawei tablet and is it possible to do it? Each manufacturer provides for different device designs. Some lend themselves to disassembly, others not. Most often, the question of the possibility of disassembly arises when the device needs repair. Many DIYers choose to value their gadgets on their own rather than carry them to a service center or craftsmen. Therefore, we have compiled a step-by-step instruction on the capabilities and features of disassembling digital gadgets of this company.

Mediapad 10 Link

The Mediapad 10 Link device has a non-removable lid, but craftsmen at home have learned how to remove it with screwdrivers and sharp objects. In this way, it is possible to remove the back panel, but scratches and scuffs form at the opening site. Therefore, use screwdrivers, cards, sharp objects carefully.

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How to disassemble Huawei Mediapad tablets

After removing the back of the case, the “inner world” of the device is revealed. Here is the battery, slots, chips, microcircuits, etc.

To disassemble and replace parts, it is important to carefully and consistently remove the components, and put them not on the table, but in a small container. This way you will definitely not lose anything while working. Using the example of several popular models, we will consider a complete disassembly.

AGS l09

This Chinese model is similar to the mediapad, so the guide is the same:

  • remove the back cover with a suction cup;
  • get rid of screws and staples;
  • disconnect the battery;
  • remove the SIM slots;
  • remove the rest of the parts using screwdrivers and tweezers.

How to remove the back cover of a Huawei tablet

Most modern media pads and tablet computers are presented with a one-piece body, that is, it will be impossible to remove the back cable without special tools. To open the gadget you will need:

  • plastic card;
  • screwdrivers;
  • hairdryer;
  • special vacuum suction cup.

To begin with, we warm up the back case a little with a construction or ordinary hair dryer, so that the sealant and glue become softer. However, do not turn on the hot air flow, as this will damage the parts and microcircuits. When the cable is warm enough, firmly and sharply apply the suction cup to its upper side. When you are sure that it is firmly connected to the surface, begin to gently pull it back. Next, let’s look at how to open a Huawei tablet:

  • start to smoothly pull back the suction cup at an angle;
  • when the upper corners begin to open, insert a plastic card or any other flat insert there that will prevent the parts from closing again;
  • when opening, do not pull the cover, as loops and contacts are often attached to it.

MediaPad M3 Lite 10

  • separate the cover from the device using the specified method;
  • remove the screws using screwdrivers;
  • take tweezers and free the parts from the staples;
  • a screwdriver will help to remove or replace any part;
  • first, to avoid short circuit, disconnect the battery from the motherboard;
  • then dismantle the SIM card slot;
  • and remove the parts in order.

How to open the back cover on Huawei tablets. disassembly instructions

If your gadget needs parts replacement or repair, then it is important to know how to disassemble the tablet. The topic is quite relevant, since users do not always have the opportunity to go to special points and give the equipment to the masters for repair. It’s easier and cheaper to do everything yourself at home. But is this possible if you have never done it before? Yes, this is real, but it is important to adhere to the instructions.

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Mediapad 10 Link

It is important to emphasize here that after opening the back part with sharp tools, scratches and chips remain on the coating, so do not try to open it without a suction cup. There is no special instruction for owners of Mediapad 10 Link, everything is done in the classic way:

  • disconnect the battery from the board;
  • take out the slots for SIM-cards;
  • remove all fasteners with a screwdriver;
  • remove your fingerprint;
  • dismantle the speaker;
  • remove the rest of the components.

If any parts are clogged inside, wipe them only with a lint-free cloth. It is recommended to put all the components not on the table, but in a special container so that nothing gets lost.

GS l09

The disassembly algorithm is the same as with the MediaPad M3 Lite 10. Only there are more latches. This model has a larger diagonal than others.

How to disassemble Huawei Mediapad tablets

Parsing the tablet interests users not only out of curiosity. Most often, this request arises when a gadget needs to be repaired. when it is necessary to repair the battery or the tablet screen. It is rational to give the tablet to a service center, where specialists will accurately determine the cause of the breakdown and disassemble the device with careful movements, change what has stopped working correctly. But if you decide to make repairs with your own hands, then follow the detailed instructions described below.

The main reasons for the need to parse:

  • repairs;
  • the need to replace certain parts;
  • the need to dry parts inside after liquid gets inside;
  • internal cleaning from dust;
  • personal interest.
  • the warranty will no longer be valid. this item is spelled out in the warranty card;
  • there is a possibility of damage to other working parts;
  • incorrect assembly possible.

Before starting, take a close look at the device to make sure it can be manually opened. For work, find a thin plastic card to easily remove the latches. If you hide the gadget yourself, then the responsibility for the result is entirely on the user.

MediaPad M3 Lite 10

To disassemble the MediaPad M3 Lite 10, follow these steps:

  • using a plastic card or a special module, separate the cover from the main unit;
  • insert the pick between the screen and the case;
  • gently press on the body and separate with a smooth movement;
  • after removing the display, you will be able to examine in detail the motherboard and other components;
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Do everything carefully so as not to lose important details.

How to open the back cover of a Huawei tablet. disassembly instructions

“How to disassemble a Huawei tablet?” Is an important question that interests many users. The parsing method depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the model and brand of the device. There are models that can be disassembled in a few minutes. on this below.

How to remove the back cover of a Huawei tablet

The method for shooting the lid depends on the specific gadget. Be careful not to touch the USB port. The difficulty is that the new models do not have a back cover. The manufacturers decided to make one-piece designs. This is not very convenient when you need to repair the gadget, replace the battery, or just clean the elements of the device. But if you wish, you can also remove such a cover.

Further, we provide specific examples. Turn off your gadget before proceeding. Clean your hands and tools that you will be using. Ideally, it is better to use a set of special screwdrivers to repair gadgets. If this is not available, then a regular plastic card will do. I

Mediapad 10 Link

The Mediapad 10 Link has a non-removable cover, but at home you can try to remove it using tools such as screwdrivers and sharp objects. But there is a high probability that chips and scratches will remain.

  • Start disassembly from the top edge. Then follow the instructions below.
  • Pry the cover with a scalpel and remove the latches.
  • Pry off the cover and remove it;
  • Remove 5 screws.
  • Using a thin scalpel, pry off the front cover as shown in the image.
  • After the cover is easily removed.

Often a gadget from Huawei is bought on Aliexpress. The absence of a manufacturer’s warranty motivates you to act carefully. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact a professional repairman to repair the device. To make it easier to complete the task, watch the video online, which will clearly show you what to do. This will save time. Now you know how to open Huawei tablet.