How To Disassemble Hp Pavilion G6 Laptop

Removing the motherboard

  • Fixing screws required Unscrew.
  • Disconnect all cables and connectors.

Now the motherboard can be freely removed from the “bowels” of a contaminated laptop. In the case when “something” does not start up, but do not use physical force! Perhaps there is an untwisted screw somewhere.

How To Disassemble Hp Pavilion G6 Laptop

Removing the attachments

The back of the case has special compartments for quick access to RAM, various network modules and the computer’s hard drive. The protective covers can be easily removed by unscrewing the fixing screws. Sometimes only a slight slackening of the tightening bolts is sufficient. The above components must be dismantled. Of course, observing all the same golden rules of “accuracy and attention”. The optical drive must also be removed. By the way, the reader is attached with just one screw, which is usually located in the middle end of the device for recording and reading information.

Unfastening the Keyboard module

When dismantling such a delicate part, it is necessary to pry very carefully (using a flat screwdriver) the upper right corner of the keypad. Then, moving to the left, release the locking locks of the remaining restraining elements with prying movements. The decision on how to disassemble the HP Compaq Presario CQ57 laptop can be radically different (from the second series of an identical model) precisely by the moment of removing the keyboard module. The secret to successfully removing the key block is SIMple:

  • Make sure the keypad bezel is NOT split into two independent parts. In the case where the body element is monolithic, the above removal method should be used. Otherwise, you must first remove the top deck of the panel, “undermining” the plastic first from the sides.
  • Newer HP models use an adhesive tape retainer and metal latches around the keyboard.
  • When releasing the keyboard, be extremely careful, as impulsive and careless movements can have disastrous consequences. a damaged loop (often breaks), which is a link between the key module and the device’s motherboard.

Maybe some would like to know how to disassemble HP G62 laptop? It’s SIMple, apply the material of this article and remember: accuracy in the disassembly process is above all!

How to Disassemble HP Laptop: Step-by-Step Instructions

First of all, you need to de-energize the electronic device and remove the battery from the laptop. Eliminate any possibility of damage to the integrity of the lacquer coating of the upper part of the body (cover). Any dense non-slip fabric can be used as a lining. Make a schematic drawing of the back of your laptop. Subsequently, the removed screws should be positioned according to their removal points. This will greatly facilitate the correct assembly of the device after the completion of preventive actions. How to disassemble an HP laptop, you will understand in just a few minutes.

Direct cleaning process

Only now you, dear user, can freely penetrate all parts of the device in order to complete the preventive work. The practical solution, how to disassemble the HP Pavilion G6 laptop for cleaning, can be considered fully described. However, a few recommendations will help you to remove dust accumulations in the best possible way using effectively used tools.

  • Household vacuum cleaner. An irreplaceable helper in a situation where you need “delicate” and at the same time high-quality cleaning.
  • Hard-to-reach places can be freed from dust with a regular household brush.
  • Does not shake or deform loose housing.
  • DO NOT use any liquid.
  • Check the Cleaned Surface. There may be brush bristles, wiping fluff, or other foreign material in the grooves or crevices.

Disconnect the internal connectors and remove the residual fixing bolts

Under the keyboard module, which was dismantled by you, there are connecting cables. As a rule, there are 2-3 of them. Disconnect devices from the motherboard.

  • Two touchpad connecting cables.
  • USB power connector.

After you have performed all the above steps, the top cover of the laptop can be removed. As you can see, the question of how to disassemble the HP Pavilion G6 laptop, in fact, I can easily solve myself. However, in order to thoroughly clean the inside of the device from dust pollution, it is necessary to remove the main part of the electronic machine.

Important information

The presented recommendations are also relevant in deciding how to disassemble the HP Pavilion G6 laptop. Since the principle of dismantling the case for most of the HP modifications is, in general, identical and does not make a significant difference. The only exception is the removal of the keyboard unit, since the location of the fixing bolts and latches for many models is strictly individual. This “developer inconsistency” can cost you a broken case. However, everything is predictable, you just need to conduct a thorough examination of the laptop and study the issue more carefully.

Workplace and tool

Smooth surface and stable table legs. 25% of the success of the conceived enterprise. A special cross-head and flat screwdriver is another 25%. You already know the other 50%, which is the main ingredient in a job well done. And do not forget about the folk wisdom “measure seven times.”.

Freeing the structure from fixation

The next step in the practical decision on how to disassemble an HP laptop will be the “total” unscrewing of all the fastening screws, which are located on the back of the device. When screwing the bolts, do not forget to put them on the diagram of the original location, since their length is regulated by the design features of the case. After completing the “Remove all screws” operation, make sure that they are actually removed. As often, some of the bolts remain intact. Exclusively for this reason, the user applies unnecessary force and, as a rule, breaks or deforms the body parts of the laptop.

Now that you know how to disassemble your HP Pavilion g6 laptop, let’s move on to the assembly stage

  • We install the cooling system on the motherboard. Connect fan power.
  • We install the motherboard into the laptop case and perform the same actions as when disassembling the laptop, but in reverse order.
  • Connect cables and connectors to the motherboard.
  • We tighten the screws that secure the motherboard.
  • Installing the Wi-Fi module. And connect his contacts.
  • Installing the optical drive.
  • Install the top cover of the laptop case and connect the power cables.
  • Connect the keyboard power and Install it in place.
  • Installing the hard drive and connecting its power.
  • We tighten the screws that secure the keyboard and optical drive, as well as the rest of the screws on the bottom cover of the laptop.

This completes the disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop. As a result of cleaning from dust and replacing thermal paste, the operating temperature of the laptop dropped from 79 to 46 degrees.

Unable to disassemble the Pavilion g6 yourself? Need urgent computer help? Do you want to reinstall windows or need to set up a Wi-Fi router? Please contact us. Computer service Kompolife. We are always happy to help you.

Even more interesting and useful information

Almost everyone has a bad habit of having breakfast, lunch.

This tutorial is dedicated to disassembling the Asus Eee PC1008P netbook and.

This tutorial is dedicated to the complete disassembly of a laptop Samsung R425.

This article provides you with some brief information.

How to disassemble and clean HP Pavilion g6 laptop

Computer help center Compolife.Ru presents to your attention a lesson on disassembling a laptop HP Pavilion g6. One of the problems with this laptop was Severe overheating of the central processor and chip.

To fix the malfunction, it took a complete disassembly of the laptop, cleaning the cooling system and the interior of the case from dust and replacing the thermal interface.

To work, we need a regular paint brush, a few napkins, thermal paste, a set of screwdrivers and a vacuum cleaner.

If you do not have the opportunity to watch our lesson on how to disassemble an HP Pavilion g6 laptop, then you can read the detailed text instructions, supplemented with images and photographs of all stages of work.

Consider the main stages of disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop

  • We start disassembling the laptop from the bottom of the case. Remove the protective cover, which is fastened with two screws. Please note that the screws are NOT completely unscrewed and remain in the cover.
  • We take out the laptop battery and then remove the protective cover.
  • Turn off the power of the hard drive and take it out.
  • Disable the contacts of the Wi-Fi module.
  • Unscrew the three screws under the laptop battery.
  • We unscrew the screw with which the keyboard is attached.
  • Unscrew the screw that holds the optical drive.
  • Using a thin screwdriver in five places, open the clamps that hold the keyboard and take it out.
  • Turn off the keyboard power and two touchpad power cables.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the top cover of the laptop case.
  • Disconnect the USB power cable.
  • Next, to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the lower cover of the laptop case.
  • We unscrew the screw that secures the Wi-Fi module and take it out.
  • Now we can remove the top cover of the laptop case.
  • We take out the optical drive.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the motherboard, and disconnect all connectors and contacts from it. After that, the motherboard is easily removed from the laptop case.
  • Unscrew the screws that secure the cooling system to the motherboard.
  • Turn off the power to the cooling fan.
  • Using a napkin Remove the old thermal grease from the processor and the heatsink of the laptop cooling system.
  • Using a brush and a vacuum cleaner, remove dust, fine lint and dirt from the laptop motherboard. Thoroughly clean the fan, laptop heat sink, and the inside of the laptop case.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of new thermal paste to the processor cover

Comments (12)

Please tell me what kind of screwdriver set in the photo and, what is it called ?? Really needed !! Tell me please.

This set has a special name. This is a regular screwdriver set with removable bits (various shapes). Convenient when there is a magnet in the handle. This allows the screws to “stick”. Convenient when disassembling laptops.

And tell me how long it takes your master to clean the laptop exactly pavilion gi 6, as well as if I can be present during this process?

Cleaning Takes about 1-1.5 hours and can be done at your home.

Hello help. Please, my laptop worked, but there was a strong sound from it and it was very hot when they turned on for a long time, so I tried to do everything as in, but then the laptop did not turn on and it still does not turn on I did everything nothing helped I live not

Hello. You could have made a mistake during assembly and did NOT connect any contact when accidentally damaging something during disassembly / assembly, etc. To not make it even worse Contact service.

Thank you very much, it helped a lot! True, my pavillion r6 turned out to be a little different, but the principle is clear) I wish you success, and great luck!))))

1 Cleaning features

The performance of a laptop directly depends on how efficient the cooling system is. The air that passes through it should also leave unhindered.

For this, there are ventilation holes on the bottom of the device. But over time, dust tends to accumulate.

And how quickly this happens depends, first of all, on the mechanism of the air cooling system.

So, the need to clean an HP laptop from dust arises after about two years of operation.

Due to clogging of the cooling system with dust, the laptop can become very hot, since thanks to a layer of pollution, the outflow of hot air is difficult, and as a result of overheating, one of the microcircuits, a chip, etc.

In any case, the heating of the laptop leads to “freezing” and its spontaneous shutdown.

So that all this does not lead to the death of equipment, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mechanism, since repairs can cost from 4000 to 6000 rubles, even if it is an Asus VivoBook U38N laptop.
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How to disassemble hp pavilion g6 laptop

Once again, I had to face the system fan 90B error. Which warns about a malfunction of the cooling system, in particular, the error text says that: the cooling fan cannot work properly. It is necessary to disassemble the HP Pavilion G6 laptop in order to find out the reason for this warning when the laptop starts.

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The most likely reason for the system fan 90b error is dust, due to which the fan clogs up and cannot spin at the speed set by the laptop. See for yourself below, for example we will use the HP Pavilion G6 laptop.

To disassemble the hp pavilion g6 laptop you need to remove the battery

Remove the two screws securing the rear panel cover

Disconnect and remove the hard drive

Remove the screw holding the DVD drive

Gently remove the DVD drive

Disconnect the wires from the Wi-Fi card, and unscrew one screw holding it

Unscrew all remaining screws on the bottom of the laptop

Turn the laptop over to its original position to remove the keyboard. The keyboard is held by five small clips

Unscrew the two screws and disconnect the three cables

Detach the top cover of the HP Pavilion G6 Laptop from the bottom. Disconnect all cables indicated by the arrow and unscrew one screw

Separate the motherboard from the bottom of the laptop

As you can see in the picture below, there is dust on the cooling fan, but this dust is not the cause of the system fan 90b error on this laptop

Turning over the motherboard and unscrewing the four screws and disconnecting the cooler

Clean up old thermal grease before applying new one. To disassemble the fan, unscrew the two screws

After disassembling the fan, you can see the accumulation of dust. the cause of the system fan 90b error

Clean up any remaining dust, apply a new coat of thermal paste and Reassemble your HP Pavilion G6 laptop in reverse order.

Quick cleaning HP Pavilion dv6 laptop from dust, without disassembly.

Let’s try to make an express cleaning of the HP Pavillion dv6 laptop.

First, turning the laptop over, disconnect the battery.

Then you need to Unscrew the 4 bolts that hold the cover in the middle of the laptop.

After unscrewing all the bolts, remove them to the side and carefully remove the cover.

Here’s what happened:

In order to reach the fan and radiator, which we need to clean, we need to Unscrew the bolts that hold the keyboard.

After the keyboard bolts are unscrewed, turning the laptop over and carefully detaching the keyboard, starting from the top, we swing it up so that it comes out of the grooves.
At the bottom, it connects with a loop, disconnecting it and removing the keyboard to the side.
Attention, if the keyboard is detached for the first time, then it may be glued with double-sided tape, so you need to be very careful.

We removed the keyboard and we see a fan under it.

There is also a heat pipe for the radiator, which may look something like the photo.

Everything is clogged with a thick layer of dust, due to which the air flow is very small and heat is not dissipated.

In order not to disassemble the laptop, which will take more than an hour, let’s just try to remove that dust.

To do this, you can use any thin object, for example, a needle, wire.

In this case, we will use a conventional medical needle.

In each hole on the radiator, in turn, insert the needles and gradually Remove the dust.

There are 11 ventilation holes on the side wall of the laptop, we insert a needle into each one in turn and try to remove dust.

Turning the laptop over and repeat the procedure on the lower fan vents.

Now you need to blow holes in order to blow out dust from there.

Preferably blown with compressed air using, for example, a compressor or vacuum cleaner.

In this case, at least just blow through the mouth.

Then turning the laptop over again and trying to clean the fan with a brush.

They blow again so that the dust flew out, but it remains there.

If we have a vacuum cleaner, then in order to completely get rid of the dust, we use tongs and manually pull out large clouds of dust.

This completes the cleaning of the laptop.

Putting it back together and checking the work.

The laptop is less noisy and heats up less.

However, such cleaning does not help for long, you need to carry out a full cleaning after 3 months or repeat this cleaning method.

Source: http: // kom-servise. Ru / index. Php / remont-noutbukov / 48-hp / 862-862

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I also got him somehow. It took a long time to disassemble and assemble. I do not recommend doing this for those who first encountered cleaning a laptop on their own.

To remove the keyboard, you need to click on it from the to install the DVD. it pops up without any effort and you don’t need to hook anything (which is fraught with scratches)
question. 4 keys in one column do not work. what could be.

Recheck the connection of the keyboard cable, after cleaning with cleaning agents there was a short disconnection of some keys, after drying everything worked.

Class! At 65, I cleaned the HP pavilion G6 in 1.5 hours and saved 1,500 rubles by following your recommendations. Hemorrhoids-in the removal of Claudia. The problem is solved by watching on Youtube. Count the screws carefully! Good luck

First of all, thanks to the author for the instruction.

HP pavilion g6. great variety. Their disassembly scheme is different. This manual helped to disassemble the 1124er.
Would NOT be useful in life if NOT for Strong overheating of the laptop and, as a result, hard brakes.
A cooler with a radiator is at the very end of the instructions. And it was at the very end that it hung at the stage of removing the cooler from the oregano. It is firmly glued to the mother, so there was a feeling that some screw had NOT been unscrewed. After viewing this manual, I slightly helped the cooler body to peel off the mother with a little foot, left a sticky layer on the mother.

Replaced even the cooler the error is still

Alex, check the power supply of the cooler, if the cooler spins try updating the BIOS.

Ruslan, please tell me, where are the latches in the pavilion g6, where is the touchpad cover or in the bottom cover?

The top panel latches are located below the touchpad, if all the screws are unscrewed, the top panel can be easily detached from the bottom.

Thank you very much helped thanks again.

Now at least I understood what the mistake was, but I’m afraid to disassemble it as I haven’t done this in my life and I’m afraid to do something wrong there

Thanks to the author! The laptop is warming up, you need to disassemble it in order to clean it inside. Tried it but couldn’t find all the screws myself. And I DO NOT want to break.)))

Thanks a lot to the author! The laptop was slightly different, although the model is the same. Everything is clear and accessible. But unfortunately, the owners first decided to open it themselves and broke the screen attachment to the bottom. Looking for how to connect both parts. Can I fill it with something? over, the sockets for all four bolts are broken. Are there any ideas about this.

Demis: hot melt

When I unscrewed the bolts, I put them in one pile. When assembling, I discovered that they are of different lengths. Tell me, good people, which ones are from =)

Laptops are good because if it is necessary to tighten a bolt of a different length, then it is worth marking that bolt

What is the name of the thing that is located above the battery on the last screen and how can you solve the problem with cooling it?

This is a built-in card, and as a rule, it does not require additional cooling.

I wanted to open it in order to clean the dust, but I cannot, it seems that I unscrewed all the screws, but the case does not open. I went to this site, it turns out the keyboard should have been removed. There were still screws under it.

Here’s what I learned importantly:

Turn the laptop over to its original position to remove the keyboard. The keyboard is held by five small clips

thanks for the info!

I changed the thermal paste, cleaned everything up. After I came across your article. The cooler is still humming, vibration goes through the body. What else could be the reason? Can the cooler somehow lubricate something? Or will you have to replace it already? (Note G6)

First, try to lubricate the cooler, check the rotation of the cooler After removing the cooling system, if the cooler touches the case, there was such a case in an asus laptop. I sharpened the impeller with a file, the problem disappeared. If this does not help, then it is better to replace the fan, and do not wait for your cooler to stop altogether.

Hi, I have a question. Is the processor soldered to the motherboard on the G6-2201er or is it removable? thanks.

Thank you, my friend, I hope that you are NOT mistaken, otherwise I just cannot find information on this in the internet # 128578;

Friend! Thank you very much! Thanks to your instructions, my laptop is as good as new after cleaning it from dust and replacing thermal paste. And all with their own hands, and not repairmen, among whom there are also a lot of random people.

I am very glad that you yourself coped with cleaning the laptop.

I would like to add:

1. When disassembling the bolts, lay out on the table in order, then you will never mix them up.

2. In the battery. The batteries on the scarf are two wires gray and black, and do not be lazy and sign the colors of the wires (s and h). It would seem a trifle. but they are regularly confused.

3. As Vladimir wrote: to remove the keyboard, you need to click on it from the to install the DVD. it pops out without any effort and you don’t need to cling anything (which is fraught with scratches). Well done !

4. Lubricate the cooler with synthetic or semisynths. Engine oil. It does NOT thicken over time, so the motor does not go crazy.

5.Thermal paste isp. A good type Arctic MX-4, see the temopast test. Alsila and KPT-8 have some of the worst performance.

4. Thermal paste Spread with a very thin layer, a thick layer is not needed. I smear both the crystal surface and the radiator. Regularly you have to observe excess thermal paste, a thick layer of which also disrupts cooling.

5. Remove old dried thermal paste with a soft wooden or plastic stick. In order not to scratch the crystal. It is better to wipe clean with alcohol. The crystal cannot be scratched !

Source: http: // kompcheb. Ru / hp-pavilion-g6-kak-razobrat. Html

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6 if the laptop gets very hot?

Has your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop become very hot and noisy even under light loads? Most likely, it’s just time to clean the dust-clogged cooling fan. So how to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6 laptop and return it to its previous working state?

HP Pavilion dv6 notebooks are powerful, stylish, multimedia devices that have become quite popular in their segment. HP managed to create a quality product, but, unfortunately, it has one drawback. a high level of heating and, as a result, noise. The laptop cooling system has two modes of operation. quiet and loud. At minimum loads, the dv6 works silently, however, as soon as the device is loaded, the cooling system is actively included in the work, making some noise. Over time, the fan supplying air to the system becomes clogged with dust, its efficiency is seriously reduced, and such indicators as noise and heat increase. In this case, the laptop should be disassembled and cleaned. Previously, you can find out the temperature of the processor under load and compare it after cleaning.

How to clean HP laptop dust?

Cleaning your HP laptop and ASUS VivoBook S300 laptop may need to be cleaned at different times, depending on the brand of device.

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If an increased noise level is detected during operation, which is heard all the time while the laptop is turned on, you should think about cleaning the cooling system.

As a rule, the productivity of the equipment is also further reduced.

2 Step by step cleaning instructions

If you know how to clean an HP laptop, you can independently carry out this procedure, without additionally spending on a service center.

It’s pretty SIMple:

  • The battery is removed by removing the panel of a special compartment (like in the ASUS X54C laptop) on the bottom cover.
  • Then the hard drive is removed.
  • The next step is to unscrew the screws, which are located in the compartment of the already removed battery.
  • Then it is necessary to Unscrew the screw by means of which the keyboard is attached.
  • Removing the bolt securing the disc drive.
  • It is necessary to raise the keyboard by pulling it out of the grooves. It is attached with a ribbon cable to the motherboard, you should disconnect it.
  • The touchpad power must also be turned off.
  • Then the top cover of the device is removed, before that it is necessary to Unscrew the screws.
  • Then unscrew the screws around the bottom cover.
  • Removing the Wi-Fi module.
  • Now the top cover of the laptop case is removed as on the ASUS X402CA laptop.
  • At the last stage, you can see the cooler and the degree of its contamination.
  • For better cleaning, remove the optical drive and the motherboard itself.

Cleaning your HP Pavilion Laptop Takes a little time, but you have to work hard to disassemble the device itself.

You can use the services of a service center, but it will cost about 2,000 rubles. And for the ASUS X53U laptop all 3000.
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Source: http: // entercomputers. Ru / noutbuki / chistka-noutbuka-hp. Html

How to disassemble hp pavilion g6 laptop

In this article, you will learn about the subtleties of disassembling notebooks version HP-Pavilion-G6. To disassemble your Pavilion-G6 laptop successfully and without complications, use the tips in this manual to help you disassemble it correctly and effectively.
HP makes good electronics, but like all other gadgets, the HP-Pavilion laptop can break.

Laptop components and components are available and easy to replace. To get inside the HP-Pavilion g-6 laptop system, to clean it from dust, replace any board or change thermal paste, you will need to open the case. It should be remembered that disassembling a laptop is a quivering business, and does not tolerate haste or oversight, so please be patient, set aside a moment in time so that no one interferes with you, and you can get down to business, using the instructions below.
The first thing that needs to be done is to remove the battery from the laptop (the person who is not Patient in disassembly may NOT take it off). This is the SIMplest action, but you must complete it first. Now you need a screwdriver to unscrew the screws securing the laptop case. Turn the device over to gain access to the rear plastic compartment, which covers the main elements responsible for the computer. When the screws are unscrewed, you can remove the cover, under which you will immediately find a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, a RAM card (4 Gb DDR3), a network access card and a CMOS element that provides power for BIOS.
To remove the hard drive, you must remove it from the clips. This is done by gently pressing the hard drive case with a shift to the left. You will feel when the latches release it. Then take out the memory card, loosened the locking latches, after which it will easily be fed for removal.
Now we remove the DVD drive. The bolt that holds it can be easily identified visually. We also carefully unscrew it so as not to damage the adjacent parts, and pull out the DVD-Rom without effort. Be careful, if the bill does not want to go out, Inspect carefully if all the bolts are unscrewed, one of which is discreetly located near the network access card.
After removing all the most important parts, you can start removing the keyboard. Its mounting system is quite SIMple, but it takes a little dexterity and patience to remove the keyboard from the HP-Pavilion G6 without damage. In total, the keyboard on this laptop is held by five latches located on the top of the keyboard.
For work, you need a flat screwdriver, which you need to press down on the latch and slightly raise the dial. In this position, the clip does NOT block the keyboard. You need to repeat this procedure with all the clips, and when they are disconnected, you can slowly unfold the dial and Disconnect the ribbon cable on the main board.

It can be assumed that half the job is done, and now you should unscrew all the screws on the laptop case.
It is necessary to disconnect other cables, which opened in the place where the keyboard was.
Now Opening the HP-Pavilion G6 Laptop Case. Using a plastic card or other thin object, gently detach the top compartment. Now you will have access to batteries, coolers, USB ports and other elements on the main board.
As you can see, you can independently disassemble the HP-Pavilion G6 laptop, but be careful not to damage the fragile microcircuits. Now you can replace parts, clean the insides from dust or replace thermal paste.

Source: http: // moydrugpc. Ru / hp-pavilion-g6

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6 laptop itself?

Dismantling HP Pavilion DV6 DOES NOT involve complex actions that require special training. You can disassemble a laptop yourself at home, even if you have never disassembled computer equipment before. Following the detailed instructions from the next, you can easily disassemble, clean and assemble your HP Pavilion dv6-3000 laptop.

Briefly, the aLGorithm of actions can be described as follows:

  • Removing the battery
  • Unscrew the bottom cover (the screws are NOT removed from the cover)
  • We take out the hard disk, RAM, DVD-ROM
  • Remove the keyboard by unscrewing the necessary screws
  • Unscrew and remove the top cover
  • Turn off the display
  • We disassemble the fan, removing all the dust from it
  • Putting it all back in reverse order

Notes: there are four types of screws in a laptop (the first ones hold the bottom cover and stick to it themselves, that is, they are NOT removable; the second ones hold the keyboard and are marked with a special icon; the third ones hold the top cover; the fourth ones are very small on the fan itself), so that DO NOT confuse them with each other; when disassembling, you need to prepare boxes for each type in advance. Before removing the keyboard or anything else, do not forget to disconnect the cables, and when assembling, be sure to connect them in place! The HP Pavilion dv6 fan is seriously clogged with dust after the first year of use, so it is highly recommended to clean it every 6 months.

Replacement, removal of RAM

The RAM can also be removed SIMply, first you need to disconnect the fasteners on the sides and at the same time remove the RAM a little Raising. If you only needed to replace the RAM, then the steps below can be skipped.

Replacement, removal of a DVD drive

Replacing or removing a DVD drive on most laptops is done as follows: Unscrew one or more screws that secure the DVD, then carefully pull out the drive.

In order to clean the laptop from dust inside or further disassemble the HP Pavilion dv5 laptop, it is necessary to Unscrew the indicated screws. In this case, screws of different sizes and diameters will come across, so when unscrewing it is best to write down where the bolts come from and put them in a box signed earlier, otherwise an incorrectly screwed bolt can damage the laptop. After disconnecting the wi-fi sensor, for this, disconnecting the wires from the wi-fi, I sign where which wire was from, disconnecting the wi-fi sensor.

Turning the laptop over, we hook up the socket near the monitor, something flat and carefully detach the plastic latches. This procedure requires some experience in order not to damage the plastic latches that secure the socket. The most important thing. DO NOT make sudden movements, etc. The socket itself is still connected to the laptop with wires.

Raising the socket, unscrew the 4 screws securing the keyboard. There are contacts from the panel under the keyboard, so we DO NOT remove it yet.

To disconnect the keyboard. We turn the mount by prying it with a flat screwdriver (approximately as shown in the image). You can do it with your fingers.

Detaching the socket in two places. In the middle and SIMilarly to the left. In some cases, before removing the contact, it is necessary to extend the 2 tip along the edges (shown by the arrow) if they are present.

Next, we need to disconnect the connectors. Small pliers are convenient for THESE purposes. We perform all actions with pliers carefully, in order to avoid damage to the board.

Having removed the socket, we proceed to disconnecting the remaining contacts and unscrewing the screws shown in the figure. When everything is done We take out the panel on which the speakers are located. Speaker holes usually get dust and debris on the speakers, so cleaning the speakers from dust will NOT hurt, but it is better to use a dry cloth.

The next step will be. Disconnecting the display. Before removing the screen, you need to disconnect the 2 contacts on the left and remove the wires from the groove, which fit the case. Now we unscrew 2 screws each case and on the left, mark where the screws were from and we can remove the screen. Even if you only need to clean the laptop from the dust inside and replace the thermal paste on the HP Pavilion dv5 processor. Without capturing the screen It won’t work.

After removing the screen, we disassemble further. We go around the perimeter and, having disconnected all the latches, remove the cover under the keyboard, for THESE purposes it is convenient to use a small knife, it is NOT desirable to perform this procedure with a screwdriver, because There is a risk of scratching the case.

Disconnecting the 2 contacts on the board (shown in the picture), and unscrewing several screws (not shown in the picture) that attach the board to the bottom.

Cleaning the HP Pavilion dv5 laptop from dust inside

By removing the motherboard. Turning it over and disconnect the laptop cooler power cord as shown in the image. Small pliers can be used.

To replace the thermal paste and clean the laptop from dust inside, unscrew the 6 bolts securing the plate and the cooler. Sometimes it may be necessary to additionally Unscrew a few more bolts near the cooler. Disconnecting the HP Pavilion dv5 cooling system from the board. It happens that it takes a little effort, because K. Thermal paste, as it were, glues the cooling plates to the processor.

We remove the old layer of thermal paste on the processor and another chip completely, even around the edges, using a cotton swab moistened with solvent or alcohol (you can replace it with vodka). It is advisable to replace the thermal pad if a crack appears on it, if it is preserved in good condition. You can leave it in place and DO NOT do anything with it. After that, you can clean the laptop from dust with a dry cloth or moistened with alcohol.Do not forget to clean the inside of the HP Pavilion dv5 case.

We perform a SIMilar procedure before replacing the thermal paste and on the cooling system. Sometimes the thermal grease dries up a lot, in which case you can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the residue. All this applies only to the cooling system. On the processor or chip, do not use an iron screwdriver tip or the like when removing the paste.

In order to be able to clean the dust inside the cooler, we unscrew the screws. On some laptop models, the cooler may NOT be disassembled, in this case, you can limit yourself to cleaning the places where possible with a cotton swab.

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It is convenient to clean the cooler with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, because. The alcohol dries quickly and the cooler can be collected immediately after cleaning, rather than waiting for it to dry. The glands itself (the cooling system) can be blown out, but it is better to rinse it under water. If you decide to rinse with water, then you need to get ready for the fact that you will need to wait a sufficient time until the water is completely dry or use a regular hair dryer.

Disassembling and cleaning HP Pavilion dv5 laptop from dust

HP Pavilion dv5 shown

Attention! Experience has shown that self-disassembly can lead to serious damage, so if you have any doubts while reading the instructions, please contact the specialists.

First of all, we remove the battery in order to de-energize the laptop and avoid the risk of possible short circuits during disassembly. The battery can be easily removed, the latch must be moved as shown in the figure and at the same time remove the battery.

Next, unscrew the screws, as shown in the image.

2) RAM

Replacing, removing the hard drive

Removing or replacing the hard drive is quite SIMple, just take it out of the recess, take the hard drive with one hand and the other. Connect contact and Disconnect.

Replacing thermal paste

The final touch. Replacing thermal paste in the HP Pavilion dv5 laptop with a new one on the processor and chip. For THESE purposes, apply a paste, smooth it with something flat. A SIM card from a phone, a plastic card or the like will do. A layer of thermal paste on the processor. About 0.5 mm, the layer on the chip is better applied more, because. There will likely be a larger gap.

After application, it is imperative to ensure that the layer thickness is sufficient. To test the layer, follow these steps:

    1) Applying thermal paste (described above)
    2) Assembling the cooling system (we tighten all the screws that attach the iron plate to the board)
    3) Remove the cooling system
    4) We look. Is there a paste imprint on the cooling system. If the print remains, then remove the thermal paste from the iron plate and re-do steps 1 and 2. If there is a print, or it does not pass completely, then you need to increase the layer. As a rule, a minimum layer is sufficient on the processor, and a larger layer is required on a card or chip.

This article described how to disassemble an HP Pavilion dv5 laptop and replace the thermal paste on the processor. If you have any difficulties. You can always use the service of cleaning notebooks from dust inside.

HP Pavilion G6 1321SE laptop disassembly. Clean from dust and change thermal grease.

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HP Pavilion G6 1321SE laptop disassembly. Clean from dust and change the thermal paste.

Not a bad laptop fell to us for another disassembly and cleaning.

We act as usual. De-energize and disconnect the laptop. We take out the battery. Move the lock-lock to the side, take out the battery from the case.

Unscrew the two screws and remove the cover that looks like a large letter G.

Disconnect the cable from the hard drive to the motherboard. Move the hard drive to the side, and lifting it, Remove the hard drive from the laptop case.

Disconnect the antenna wires from the wireless module. We unscrew the screw securing this module, and remove the module from the connector, in which it was inserted.

There is no point in getting rid of RAM modules, they should not interfere with us disassembling our laptop.

Now, you have to Unscrew all the screws, which are marked in the picture. These screws secure the laptop case.

Be sure to take out the DVD drive. Unscrew the screw that holds the drive, and lightly push the DVD drive out of the case.

The laptop keyboard is held in place by four latches. Turn the laptop over as shown in the photo, believe me, it will be more convenient to remove the keyboard. One by one we snap off the fastening latches and throw back the keyboard, as shown in the bottom photo. Disconnect the loop and now the keyboard can be safely removed to the side.

Further, under the keyboard, you will need to Unscrew a few more screws and disconnect several loops. All this is shown in detail in the picture.

After that, you can disassemble the laptop into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. A motherboard will be installed on the bottom of the case, which we will also remove. To remove the motherboard, unscrew all the screws marked in the photo and disconnect all cables and connectors marked in the same photo.

In the next photo we see how the removed motherboard will look like. To clean the cooling system from dust, as well as to replace the thermal paste, unscrew the screws marked in the photo. Remember to disconnect the cooling fan power connector.

And this is how the removed cooling system of the HP Pavilion G6 1321SE laptop will look like. For a more thorough cleaning, let’s disassemble the cooling system into its components. How to do this is shown in the picture.

Naturally, it cleans the contact pads of the cooling radiator from the old thermal paste. Indeed, when installing the radiator in the same place from which it was removed, we will apply a new thermal paste.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in disassembling and cleaning this laptop.

Disassembly, cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust

The hp pavilion dv6 laptop has 2 types of case:

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The steps described below require experience in such work, because K. There is a high risk of damage to expensive laptop components. If difficulties arise. Contact http://www.Ander.Su/repair/lan_clean/.

Before starting disassembly:

Dismantling and cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust begins with disconnecting the battery, in order to de-energize the laptop. Move the lock to the open position and remove the battery, then unscrew the screws from the panels.

After removing the socket, unscrew the remaining screws, hook up the dvd drive. During disassembly, screws of different lengths will come across, so it is important to fold them separately and sign where they came from.

We take out the contact near the RAM by pulling up and disconnecting the wi-fi wires.

Disconnecting the hard drive contact and turning the keyboard over, because Under the keyboard there is also a connecting cable, without disconnection, which has NOT been removed from the keyboard.

Cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust will require further disassembly, then disconnecting the keyboard cable, returned the mount, as shown in the image, and in the same way Remove 2 more contacts.

It is advisable to disassemble the case of hp pavilion dv6 with a flat plastic object so as NOT to scratch it, a SIM card from the phone will also work.

Now you need to disconnect 4 pins, just pull the monitor connector (top left) up (towards you), it is convenient to remove the contact from the speakers from the bottom left using 2 flat screwdrivers (shown in the figure).

To clean the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust, you need to disconnect the monitor, for this we take out the wi fi wires from the gutter and remove the plastic cover in the upper left corner by unscrewing the screw.

Unscrew 3 screws and you can remove the monitor.

Snap off the 2 fasteners and take out the board with the usb connector and unscrew, the screw is shown below.

We remove the specified pieces of iron and then the power wire.

Now everything is ready for the final step of disassembling and cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust, proceed to detaching the motherboard, which it is advisable to put on a soft surface, such as a towel, in order to avoid possible damage.

Disconnecting the contact of the cooler and unscrewing the screws of the cooling system.

It is recommended to unscrew the screws in a vertical position, i.e. Hold the opposite side of the screw from the reverse side, because The board can bend and damage it. Disconnecting the cooling system may require a little effort since Thermal paste glues 2 surfaces.

To disassemble the hp pavilion dv6 cooler, unscrew the indicated screws.

The image clearly shows how a felt of dust formed and clogged the cooling system. To clean the hp pavilion dv6 laptop grill from dust, use a sharp object; the remains can be blown out or vacuum cleaned. The cooler is cleaned with cotton swabs moistened with vodka, water is not recommended.

We remove the old layer of thermal paste of the same theme with Cotton buds moistened with vodka.

You should get a fat-free, smooth and even surface.

Dismantling, cleaning the hp pavilion dv6 laptop from dust requires experience in such work, otherwise, even if you follow the detailed instructions, there is a risk of damage to expensive components. If difficulties arise. Contact the services of our specialists.