How to disassemble and clean the keyboard on a laptop


If you cannot find a special vacuum cleaner, then you can use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of a car, or even a regular household vacuum cleaner of low power. But do not forget to switch it to the lowest power, otherwise you risk pulling the buttons out of the keyboard or otherwise harm it.

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What to do if you spill liquid on the keyboard

Let’s say it so happened that the laptop keyboard was flooded with juice, beer, water, wine or tea. What to do in such a situation? First of all, don’t panic. The first step, of course, is to remove the container and get rid of the spilled liquid. This can be done with a napkin, rag, toilet paper or sponge (just blot, do not rub).

Then you need to disconnect the laptop from the mains and remove the battery (if the battery is not available, at least just turn off the device). You need to do everything quickly and clearly, because if you hesitate, you risk losing not only the keyboard, but the entire laptop.

After that, you can more thoroughly and slowly clean the flooded laptop keyboard. You need to act carefully and make sure that as little liquid as possible flows under the keys. After that, you can dry the laptop with a hairdryer (do not forget about the cold airflow). Dried residues of liquid can be removed with alcohol.

If you think that liquid has leaked inside the keyboard, proceed with elimination immediately. First of all, remove the keys where the liquid gets in. If the liquid has not yet dried, gently wipe it off. Be sure to dry everything thoroughly with a hairdryer. You also need to process the keys from all sides, under which the liquid has fallen, otherwise they will begin to seize and emit a characteristic crackling when pressed.

When the main consequences of the incident have been eliminated, you need to check the contacts of the keys. They can oxidize as a result of contact with liquid. If this is the case, then you cannot do it on your own and you will have to contact the master.

Removing buttons

For a deeper cleaning of the keyboard, you may need to remove the keys from the keyboard and then clean everything inside. This should be done if, after carrying out all the above procedures, some of the keys still do not work, they stick or a crunch is heard when pressed. The process of removing the keys itself is quite simple and straightforward.

  • First, it is recommended to take a photo of the keyboard so that when you start putting it back together, you will not have any difficulties.
  • After that, you can start removing the keys. To do this, you need to pick up the key with some sharp and thin object (a knife or a plastic card is suitable) from one of the corners, and then carefully begin to lead to another corner, then to the third and fourth, until you hear a characteristic click, and the key does not detach In this case, you need to be as careful as possible and in no case press on the keys.
  • It should also be noted that not always after this the key will be completely disconnected. In many keyboard models (for example, in the island keyboards of Acer, Asus or HP), the keys can rise, but they remain connected to the keyboard with special jumpers. You can detach them carefully or continue cleaning if you think there is enough space left.

When you have disconnected all the keys, you can start cleaning. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of dirt under the keys. In general, you may not disassemble the entire keyboard, but only disconnect the sticky keys and the keys next to them. Still, it will be better to remove all the dirt. It will definitely not be superfluous.

How to quickly and correctly clean the keyboard on a laptop from dust, dirt, debris and spills

Let’s reveal the secret of how to quickly and correctly clean the laptop keyboard at home from dust and dirt. We will tell you about the most effective means of how and how you can clean the keyboard of a laptop and computer from spilled liquid (if it has been filled with juice, beer, water, wine or tea, etc.), dust, debris and dirt.

Who among us does not like to eat next to the computer, whiling away the time watching your favorite TV series or news feed. However, this behavior almost always leads to one result. the keyboard gets clogged and has to be cleaned. Although it is worth saying that even if you have never eaten next to your laptop in your life, it will still need timely cleaning. It is not at all necessary to go to the workshop for such a trifle, you just need to know how to clean a laptop keyboard at home.

Cleaning with alcohol

Cleaning the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol is a fairly effective procedure to get rid of dirt, drips, stains and other similar contaminants (which a vacuum cleaner or brush cannot handle). However, it, in turn, is practically useless against dust and crumbs, and therefore it is recommended to combine cleaning with alcohol with one of the previous methods.

It is quite easy to clean the keyboard with rubbing alcohol. Most often, cotton swabs are used for this purpose. You just need to blot them a little in alcohol, and then wipe them on the surface of the keys and the space between them. For convenience, you can pour some alcohol into a plastic bottle cap.

The only caveat is that it is not recommended to use ethyl alcohol for cleaning. It won’t harm your keyboard, but it can easily remove all the paint and decals from the keys. Use isopropyl alcohol.

How to completely clean laptop and computer keyboard

Keyboards clogged with dust, food crumbs, and occasional sticky keys from cola spills are common. At the same time, the keyboard is perhaps the most important computer peripheral or part of a laptop. This manual will describe in detail how to clean the keyboard with your own hands from dust, cat hair and other delights that have accumulated there, and, at the same time, do not break anything.

There are several ways to clean your keyboard, the appropriateness of which depends on what exactly is wrong with it. However, the first thing that should be done, regardless of which method is used, is to disconnect the keyboard, and if it is a laptop, then completely turn it off, disconnect it from the mains, and if you can disconnect the battery from it, then do this too.

Cleaning from dust and dirt

Dust on and on the keyboard is the most common occurrence and can make typing uncomfortable. However, it is quite easy to clean the keyboard from dust. In order to remove dust from the surface of the keyboard, it is enough to use a soft brush designed for furniture, in order to remove it from under the keys, you can use a regular (or better, a car) vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air (there are many places today. sold). By the way, when using the latter method, when blowing out dust, you will most likely be surprised how much there is.

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Any kind of dirt, which is a mixture of grease from hands and dust, and is especially noticeable on light-colored keys (dirty tints), can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (or cleaners and liquids based on it). But, by no means ethyl, since when using it, symbols and letters on the keyboard can be erased along with dirt.

Soak a cotton swab, just cotton wool (although it will not allow you to get to hard-to-reach places) or a napkin with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the keys.

Cleaning the keyboard from liquids and residues of sticky substances

After spilling tea, coffee or other liquids on the keyboard, even if this does not lead to any dire consequences, the keys begin to stick after pressing. Let’s see how to fix this. As already mentioned, first of all, unplug the keyboard or power off the laptop.

To get rid of sticky keys, you will have to disassemble the keyboard: at least remove the problematic keys. First of all, I recommend taking a photo of your keyboard, so that later there will be no questions about where and which key to attach.

In order to disassemble a regular computer keyboard, take a table knife, a screwdriver and try to lift one of the corners of the key. it should come off without significant effort.

If you need to disassemble the laptop keyboard (separate the key), then, for most designs, a fingernail will be enough: pry one of the corners of the key and move to the opposite one at the same level. Be careful, the attachment mechanism is made of plastic and usually looks like the picture below.

After the problematic keys are removed, you can more thoroughly clean the keyboard using a napkin, isopropyl alcohol, a vacuum cleaner: in a word, all the methods described above. As for the keys themselves, in this case, you can use warm water to clean them. After that, wait until they are completely dry before assembling the keyboard.

The last question is how to reassemble the keyboard after cleaning. Nothing fancy: just place them in the correct position and press until you hear a click. Some keys, such as the space bar or Enter, may have metal bases: before replacing them, make sure that the metal part is installed in the designated slots on the key.

Sometimes it makes sense to remove all keys from the keyboard altogether and clean it thoroughly: especially if you often eat at the keyboard, and your diet consists of popcorn, chips and sandwiches.

I’ll end this, live clean and don’t breed hefty germs under your fingers.

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And I was unable to fix the gap on my laptop. I removed the key, cleaned out the debris from under it, but it is attached on each side with a pair of wire hooks, I could not insert them into the mating part, very finely. The space bar, as it worked four times on the fifth, continues. I’m already afraid to touch other keys.

I have long wanted to clean the keyboard on the laptop, just disassembling it, but of course my mother said that the keyboard could not be assembled later, my friend’s little daughter almost broke the laptop. I say that everything will be normal, but still I was afraid that the buttons would not be connected later and they would stagger. Now that I have read that you can do this, I will definitely clean the keyboard.

Daria, be careful. In fact, it happens that people remove the keys, tearing pieces off them and then the keyboard is not going to be assembled. Carefully and accurately.

alcohol? horror author what are you talking about? alcohol kills the Claudia tracks

User, they are different alcohols, if that. The article is very clear about isopropyl, which is very much even used for cleaning printed circuit boards.

Gentlemen professionals help the amateur. I turn on the laptop, the system picks up and does not boot, I press the buttons, the download is in progress. In the process of work, the b sign is printed itself non-stop. They said on the forum that it is in a closed position, although the button looks like everything. I can’t remove the button, HP nx9010 laptop, it definitely has enough nail?

I’m not sure about the nail, I often use a screwdriver (watch YouTube videos about cleaning and disassembling the keyboard on laptops), but in general. you have a clearly jammed key, by all indications.

Tell me, even if the key is jammed, can it prevent the system from booting? The button is soft, it is pressed. I can’t work with YouTube yet. I just write from the phone. Here I pull the button for the corner to another corner and does not come off. Stronger is necessary?

Here I will not advise you better, otherwise you will break it and blame me I still recommend that you study the video, it is better even with laptops of your manufacturer, usually one manufacturer has the same fastening of the keys.
And a held down key can prevent loading, yes. And one of the reasons for the squeak when loading is just jammed or stuck keys.

He took off the button, it seemed clean, blew it out and without putting on the button, he started the system, even lifted the rubber band from the microcircuit of the buttons so that they did not touch and still beep and the same button prints. No touch, how then this button wedges?

I poured a glass of liqueur on the keyboard a day later it stopped working, I took it off and just washed it with fairies in the bathroom and everything works

There is a nonzero probability that it will stop in a week or a month (or some keys will stop). It may not be like that, but if it does, know why (water, oxidation)

My Ctrl button is clamped, I press it, it stays there, I have to pull it out by force.
The keys are close to the base of the keyboard, that is, flat, how will I stretch the ctrl? Will the key break if I use a screwdriver and other objects? On convex keys, the button is easy to reach, but here: (

Here I will not tell you for sure. at my own peril and risk. Usually, nothing breaks. But I cannot guarantee.

I press the letter “x” or delete (the button is in the shape of an arrow) continuously “b” suddenly the sign is printed, I press any other button. it stops going, but the button itself is not active. There is another incident, I press the space in the Word continuously, the cursor reaches the end of the line and disappears. Can you pull this oilcloth with a microcircuit (it’s laminated) under the keyboard and can you wash it under water? Although clean, it seems.

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No, you cannot wash it under water. Wipe with alcohol (just not the contacts themselves). you can. And also the key itself (you can also use it in water).

A friend of mine has a problem with a laptop keyboard. everywhere knocks out a huge number of ones (it seems that it jammed, perhaps her students spilled some liquid). neither create a document, nor go online everywhere, one endlessly. I went and bought her an external USB keyboard with mouse, but the question is. how to disable the built-in keyboard on a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium? (replacing the built-in keyboard, as I understand it, is a long and expensive process). Thank you in advance for your attention.

Hello. Through the device manager: in the “Keyboards” section, find the unnecessary one, right click. disable. Well, in general, I recommend watching a video on YouTube about cleaning the laptop keyboard, and then disconnecting the 1 key (if there are two of them, one more on the Num Pad, then both), clean.

Good day. There was a problem, my button began to stick (surprising for this topic and discussion), if you hold the button for a long time, then when you release it, it continues to work for several seconds. I snapped the button, cleaned it, blew it out. nifiga. There is a suspicion that the contacts are sticking together because: 1) the button sticks when the laptop heats up in games, 2) if you listen, you can hear a faint click when the contacts break apart. Tell me, you can clean it yourself somehow, or it’s better not to climb?

Artem, I give up. I would try it myself, but I don’t know whether to recommend it or not.

There are situations when ordinary cleaning will not work. For example, if you flooded the keyboard with some kind of sweet drink. For cleaning, you will have to completely disassemble the keyboard and rinse it with a special detergent. But such procedures are best carried out in a service center, the masters will carefully disassemble and carry out diagnostics, find out the serviceability of the contact tracks. In the event of oxidation, many keyboard parts will need to be replaced.

Hello Dmitry. I was cleaning the apartment and at the same time wiped the keyboard from dust when the computer was ON. How can I return the keyboard to its original state?

It depends on what happened to her. Usually nothing terrible happens from this.

Apparently, some programs have started. Something happened with the buttons Caps Lock, Shift, Kntrl, switching from English to Russian and vice versa through the keyboard does not work, when you press Shift, all letters go in capital letters, you have to squeeze it again. But sometimes it doesn’t help and you need to restart the computer.

It looks like your keys are sticking, not programs. But that’s just a guess.

I decided to clean under the keys on a laptop from ASUS broke 2 mechanisms, well, when I broke it, we got out. together with the keys, how to insert back?

I hope this helps:

Good day. Perhaps the question is not very good. Some keys are printed two or three times with a single press. USB keyboard, practically new. Maybe you can advise something, usually your advice was good for me. Thank you in advance.

I don’t know. I would still think about the flaws of the keyboard itself, physical. Especially if any other on the same keys does not show this behavior.

The problem is, when I press the u or p key instead of the letter u, a number is written, cleaning will help?

How to clean a laptop keyboard at home: features of cleaning computer keys

A modern person spends a sufficient amount of time at the computer, and very often eating is also accompanied by surfing the Internet. And often the need to answer an email while eating leads to the fact that the keyboard of a laptop or computer is clogged with food debris.

If the space between the keys is clogged with crumbs and dirt, and you do not react to it in any way, then over time the keyboard will become unusable. If you have a stationary computer, then the broken keyboard can be replaced, but the built-in keyboard on the laptop will have to be cleaned. How to clean a laptop keyboard at home, we will tell you in this material.

How to disassemble and clean the keyboard. general cleaning

When deciding how to get rid of stains and dust with more radical cleaning options, it is worth keeping in mind that you will have to stock up not only with the necessary tools, but also with a fair amount of time. The main difficulty of such methods is that they require removing the keys.

Reference. To ease the reassembly process, take a photo of the keyboard in its original state.

The disassembly process itself is as follows:

  • Arm yourself with a scalpel or thin screwdriver. Use them to gently hook the keys. We must act carefully, without resorting to brute physical force! See how the locking device is constructed. Press down on the holding antennae. Gently pull the key towards you. On laptops, do not remove the Enter, Tab and Shift keys. It’s hard enough to put them back in place.
  • On some models, the listed keys have special latches. In this case, they can be dismantled and reinstalled without any problems. The latches must be unfastened, gently lifting the part.
  • When all buttons are removed, do not pull the keyboard towards you. this can damage the cable.
  • If the buttons are fixed with the internal fasteners, turn the device over and remove the back of the case. Examine the surface to determine where the retaining screws are located. Disassemble them carefully and remove the keyboard. During manipulations, try not to touch the motherboard cable.

Procedure for cleaning a removed keyboard:

  • Wipe the removed keys thoroughly. Wet wipes, rubbing alcohol or soapy water will help you with this.
  • Place the cleaned parts on a dry surface such as a towel. They must be placed flat side down and left in this state until completely dry.
  • Take a brush and gently run it over the disassembled part, sweeping away dust and small crumbs. Also, a can of compressed air does this well.
  • Wipe the part gently with a damp cloth. Do not use paper towels. there is a risk of small pieces of paper remaining on the inside of the laptop.
  • Wait until all elements are completely dry, then put the keys back in place.

What to do to clean up spilled liquid on your laptop

First of all, if you spilled tea, coffee or something else on the keyboard, do not panic. everything is fixable. Take a dry cloth and blot the “accident marks”.

  • Turn off the laptop, remove the battery. If the battery cannot be removed, at least de-energize it. All manipulations must be fast and precise. every second of time is important. After all, the speed of your work depends not only on the performance of the keyboard, but also on the “life” of the laptop itself.
  • After that, proceed to cleaning the keyboard. Arm yourself with a dry cloth and gently wipe the surface, being careful not to spill liquid inside. A hairdryer can help thoroughly dry the gadget. Remove the remaining liquid with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution.
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If you think that the liquid has managed to penetrate inside, immediately proceed to the elimination of the “accident”:

  • dismantle the buttons in places where fluid accumulates;
  • if it does not have time to dry, remove the drops with a dry cloth;
  • be sure to use a hairdryer, and do not forget about the cold air mode;
  • the buttons should be wiped on both sides, otherwise they will creak when pressed;
  • check the contacts of the keys, due to the ingress of liquid they can oxidize.

Reference. If the keyboard contacts have oxidized, you will have to seek professional help.

How to clean a laptop keyboard

There are many ways and means for cleaning equipment. For prophylaxis, the procedure should be carried out at least once a month. This will prevent the keys from sticking. Surface cleaning will remove debris and food particles. You need to open the laptop, turn it over and shake it. Many blockages will fall out. In this case, the device must be firmly held by the sidewalls. Next, you will need a brush, paintbrush or makeup brush. With its help, you need to brush away the rest of the garbage.

Before you clean your keyboard using these tools, you need to check their quality. The villi should not fall out and shed. Otherwise, their use will only exacerbate the pollution. Run a brush or brush across your hand, then shake it in the air.

After surface cleaning with a brush or brush, the buttons should be wiped with a damp cloth for office equipment. Alternatively, you can take a microfiber cloth or sponge, sprinkle it with a cleaning spray, and wipe down each button. It is better to give preference to microfiber. This material is resistant to microbes and relieves static electricity from the instrument. After use, the cloth must be rinsed under running water and dried.

Do not use sanitary wet wipes to clean the keyboard. Their impregnation contains alcohol. It can erase button labels. The oil in the wipes can cause the buttons to stick.

To clean the periphery, you can use the following tools:

  • reverse blowing vacuum cleaner;
  • compressed air canister;
  • hair dryer.

When using electrical appliances, you need to control the current strength. Strong airflow can cause the keys to fall out. When using a hair dryer, it must be kept at a distance of 15 cm from the laptop, not closer. In addition, before cleaning the keyboard on the laptop, you need to set the cool air mode. Exposure to high temperatures can damage the inside of the laptop and melt the contacts.

The original option is to use a slime. It is a sticky substance that children love so much. The slime needs to be glued to the surface with the keys. Then it must be carefully removed. Debris will stick to the slime. Then you can wipe the periphery with a damp cloth for office equipment.

Why you need to clean

The user is constantly in contact with the keyboard while working at the laptop. But many people do not think that it needs to be cleaned. After all, the trash is almost invisible outside. With active use, you can wipe the device after 10-15 days, then it will look like new. But after a year, a general cleaning should be carried out. During this period, not only dust accumulates under the buttons, but also hair and crumbs. And along with them, harmful microbes.

A lot of debris accumulates under the keys

Tea, coffee and other drinks on the keyboard are dangerous for the entire laptop. If now the computer works normally without cleaning, then after some time, for example, a couple of months, it can be thrown away. Why? Liquid seeps through the keyboard and into the case, onto the motherboard and contacts, which will short-circuit or oxidize. As a result, not only the board will suffer, but also the hard drive, processor and other components. The accumulation of dust on conductive elements also leads to a short circuit. From excess dirt and sugary drinks, the keys begin to stick.

Liquid seeps between the keys and can damage the electronics in the case

Slime for cleaning the keyboard

The slime is well distributed over the keyboard

I am the owner of a laptop with a black keyboard. Dust settles on it only in this way, although I regularly wipe it off. Plus, the cat sometimes likes to sit on the keyboard or shake the fur next to it. And no one canceled the eating of cookies over the laptop. In general, a decent amount of dirt accumulates between the keys. This thing has become my real must-have.

Removing debris from under the buttons

Often there are situations when the debris is hammered deep under the key. Then superficial cleaning will not work. You will have to remove the button and clean out the debris from the inside. The manipulation must be done with great care. Before you clean your keyboard, you need to figure out how the keys are attached. Different laptop models have different button fastening. If you pry the key on the wrong side, you will damage the structure of the entire device.

You need to gently pry off the stuck button and remove it from the base. Next, brush off the dust with a brush.

You can do without removing the keys. In this case, you will need a cotton swab. Moisten it with rubbing alcohol. For cleaning, rubbing alcohol or a special care product is suitable. Wipe off the dirty parts of the device. Instead of a cotton swab, you can use a toothpick or a match with cotton wool wrapped around them.

What can happen to a laptop

Don’t feel like cleaning your computer keyboard is just to keep it attractive and keep the buttons from sticking to your hands. In fact, if you clog the keyboard case in a laptop, it can cause a number of breakdowns, in particular, the following:

  • buttons can sink;
  • the keyboard will fail entirely;
  • clogging of the keys will lead to the failure of other parts of the laptop;
  • overheating of the machine.