How to disable safe mode on huawei tablet

Safe Mode in Huawei tablets

In today’s world, not every user is aware of Safe Mode on their Huawei tablet. In addition, the smallest number of device owners also know about the functionality of this mode. At the same time, all users will probably be interested in learning about Safe Mode, as well as how to enable / disable it. It is with the help of the Safe Mode (Safe Mode) that you can get rid of various braking, examine the errors that occur, and also eliminate malfunctions in the operation of the device.

The Android operating system has won many hearts of users around the world. People like this OS for its intuitive and simple interface, for its reliability and convenience. Almost all elements can be edited and changed, and every owner can understand the settings. It is worth remembering that it is still better to change settings and various files carefully so as not to damage anything, which sometimes, unfortunately, still happens.

In addition, you need to be careful about the sources from where games, films, etc. are downloaded from. It is preferable to use a trusted and official resource. For example, you can download a lot on Google Play. The Android operating system, despite being very popular, is susceptible to virus attacks. Therefore, you should treat the device with care during operation.

About Safe Mode Operation

Safe Mode is an integral and important part of the OS (in this particular case, we are talking about Android). The main and most important task of this mode is to help diagnose the device.

You can consider the situation. For example, a tablet owner downloaded several programs to his device, then installed it. After the performed actions, the tablet computer began to freeze, slow down and even arbitrarily reboot or shut down. Safe Mode will help a lot here. It will only be necessary to activate this mode, as at the same moment all installed programs will be automatically turned off.

There is also an important drawback. In Safe Mode, there is no Internet access, because of this, the owner of the tablet can use a clean OS. In Safe Mode, only system applications installed by the operating system developer operate. In this case, the system will work without any braking. If the tablet no longer freezes, then this means that you should delete everything that was downloaded from an unknown source. In most cases, this will solve tablet braking problems.

Thanks to Safe Mode, the user can easily find out if there are more serious faults. Unfortunately, sometimes there may be situations where the Huawei tablet computer runs out of power quickly or a key is not active. In this case, you should start safe mode. If at the same time all the problems are eliminated, then this means that some program that loads the battery or disconnects part of the system’s functionality is to blame for the poor-quality work.

Method 2

Unfortunately, the above method does not work effectively on every tablet. There are also exceptions. What to do in this case? If using the described method did not work to start the tablet in safe mode, then you can try another method.

The initial sequence will be the same:

  • You need to press the power button while holding it.
  • Wait for the menu with a list of several options to be displayed: turn off the power, restart, activate airplane mode, turn on silent mode.
  • To switch to safe mode, you need to click on “Restart device” while holding down the key.
  • After a few seconds, a window should appear where you will be asked for permission to switch to Safe Mode.
  • Press the “OK” button.

After the performed procedure, the tablet will reboot into safe mode.

Enabling Safe Mode

Nowadays, there are several ways to enable Safe Mode on a Huawei device.

Method 1

In cases where an Android OS with version 6 or higher is installed on a Huawei tablet, the instructions for enabling Safe Mode will be as follows:

  • Initially, you need to press the power button at the end of the device while holding it.
  • After that, a menu will be displayed, where there will be a list of several options.
  • Select the “Turn off the power” item. In this case, you need to hold your finger until information is displayed on the display, where the user will be prompted to enter safe mode.
  • You need to press the “OK” button. The tablet will start to reboot, turning on in safe mode, which will be reported at the bottom of the screen.

Using these actions, you can quickly switch to Safe Mode on Huawei devices.

Method 3

There is another way to enable Safe Mode. You must completely turn off the power of the device and then turn it on. At the moment when the HUAWEI logo appears on the screen, you need to press the volume up and down buttons at the same time, holding them for a few seconds.

Disabling Safe Mode

After completing all the necessary work in safe mode, many users have a logical question how to get out of this mode. After all, applications that were installed by the user do not work in Safe Mode, and there is no Internet access. All of this taken together severely limits work.

To disable safe mode on your tablet, you will need to take the following steps:

  • turn off the power of the tablet computer;
  • pull out the battery for about a minute;
  • put the battery back into the tablet;
  • turn on the tablet.

After that, the tablet will start in normal mode.

If it is not possible to remove the battery from the device, since, for example, the battery is not removable, then there is another option for disabling the safe mode. It is carried out through a factory reset.

  • Go to Device Settings.
  • Open the section “Backup and reset”.
  • Follow instructions.

Honor says this is a last resort, as a factory reset will delete all files from your Huawei tablet:

When to enter Safe Mode?

It is recommended to launch the smartphone in safe mode (BR) after installing the application that disrupted the operation of the device. This is manifested:

  • in a slow response of the system. after tapping or swiping on the screen, the phone reacts after 10-30 seconds;
  • in the uncontrolled launch of other applications, their removal;
  • in disabling part of the functionality.

Such problems arise for novice developers testing software on a tablet or smartphone. Ordinary users face this after installing software from an unprotected source (by downloading the APK file on the Internet).

Interesting fact! Safe Mode, aka Safe Mode, is implemented on almost all devices running on Android.

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What features are available in Safe Mode?

The smartphone will continue to work normally, will be able to receive calls and access the Internet. Access to third-party software will be limited. For example, you will not be able to run messengers or games installed from Google Play. only a pre-installed set of software from the manufacturer is available. This allows you to go into the system settings and remove from there the program that caused the device to malfunction.

How to turn on

Starting with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, to enable Safe Mode, you need:

  • Hold down the power (lock) button and wait for the “Restart” and “Shutdown” options to appear on the screen.
  • Hold your finger on “Shutdown”.
  • Select “Safe Mode”.
  • Confirm Action.

Loading will happen automatically, at the bottom of the screen a transparent line with the corresponding caption will appear.

If the phone does not respond to touching the display:

  • Hold the lock key for 10-15 seconds to reboot the device.
  • When it turns on, hold your finger down on the volume key and hold it until the desktop appears.
  • Successful launch of the BR will be confirmed by the corresponding inscription at the bottom of the screen.

Safe Mode on Huawei: How to Disable and Enable

Safe Mode on Huawei smartphones is designed to diagnose and fix errors in the operating system. After activating it on the phone, the device will be launched with system applications, ignoring the software installed by the user.

How to disable

To exit safe mode, use the system hint. located in the notification shade, it offers to return to the normal type of work. The second option is to turn off and turn on the device manually by holding down the lock key. “Restart”. In case the phone starts to slow down and does not obey commands. hold down the lock key for 10-30 seconds so that the device will automatically restart.

In case when it is not possible to disable safe mode on Huawei using standard methods and the device refuses to restart, it remains to use “Hard Reset”. Before you go to it. this is an extreme measure, after using it, all contacts, photos, videos and other documents will disappear from the smartphone’s memory. How to do it:

  • Turn off the device.
  • We start it again by holding down both volume keys and the power button.
  • We go down to the item “Wipe Data” at the bottom of the list.
  • Press the lock key to select (you will not be able to remove the selection after accepting it).
  • We are waiting for the system to reboot, we connect the charger so that the battery does not run out at this time.

Why do you need a BR and how to enter it?

In order to get into safe mode, you must press the lock button as you would to turn off the gadget. The “Disable” item must be tapped and held until a request to switch to the BR appears. Select “OK” and wait for your device to reboot and turn on already in the BR. A separate topic for conversation is safe mode on the tablet, we will tell you how to turn it off just below. In the meantime, I would like to say a few words about the general possibilities.

BR. this is a mode for diagnosing the device. If you know what Windows Safe Mode is and you have come across it. then you shouldn’t have any problems with using it on the tablet. In this state, all third-party applications, drivers, utilities and components are disabled in order to easily test the system and identify existing errors. In this position, you can see how “smart” can work “naked” Android, as long as it is not burdened with third-party programs, various widgets and other similar components. It is important to note that the Internet connection is also disconnected in the BR.

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Safe Mode on a tablet: how to disable and how to use this feature?

The Android OS has found millions of fans around the world. Its success is not surprising, because all rights belong to the global giant “Google”. Users choose it for its convenience, intuitive interface and democracy. After all, almost all elements are amenable to changes, up to editing system files. However, such modifications do not end well if the device is in inept hands. In addition, if you thoughtlessly download various content, for example, applications from unknown sources, it can harm even the highest-quality version of the shell. And the “robot” itself, like no other OS, is susceptible to virus attacks and errors during operation. To solve such problems, the developers have provided the platform with the ability to enter safe mode. What it is, how to use it and how to remove Safe Mode on a tablet and smartphone, we will talk in this article.

How to turn off safe mode?

Safe Mode does not need any special shutdown. As a rule, it is enough to simply reboot the device and it will start as usual. But sometimes it happens that even after a reboot, the gadget still returns to safe mode, quite often tablet owners complain about this. How to proceed in this case?

How to return the tablet to normal mode

To do this, you need to start a system reboot. When you turn on the tablet again, you must press the “Home” button. It should not be released until the gadget is fully turned on.

The variety of models of tablets produced under the OS “Android” is really great. Some of them don’t even have a built-in reboot feature. Then you need to completely turn off the gadget. And immediately after starting, hold down the button already known to us.

Safe Mode on Tablet: How to Disable?

If, after you rebooted the system, the device did not return to its previous state. try just turning it off, wait a while, and then turn it back on. In some cases, you also need to get the battery out. But how do you disable Safe Mode on a tablet? After all, not all such devices have a back cover removed. Of course, you can return the gadget to a state with the functioning of all components, and there are even several ways.

Reboot the tablet using recovery mode

For each device model (it does not matter if it is a tablet or a smartphone) there is a way to get into the “recovery” mode. First, you need to turn off the gadget. Then try holding down the power and volume down buttons at the same time (you can also try to increase the volume). This is the most common way to log into the console. If not. it is worth reading the instructions on how to enter the “recovery” from your tablet.

In the console, you will see the R eboot system item. this is a reboot. You can get to it using the volume keys, and make the choice with the power button. Using the Wipe data / Factory Reset item, you can reset to factory settings. This should only be done as a last resort, if all the previous methods did not help you return the tablet to normal operation. All custom settings will be deleted, but the information on the memory card will remain.

We told you about Safe Mode on your tablet. You now know how to disable it, and therefore do not be afraid to use this method for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.

How to enable safe mode?

There are several ways to activate Safe Mode on your tablet. Therefore, let’s at least briefly talk about the most popular of them.

If you have Android 6 or higher installed on your tablet, you must first press the power button on the device’s case. Then wait for the window to open, in which there will be several options to continue. turn off the power, switch to flight mode or to silent mode. Then you need to click on the “Turn off the power” item and hold your finger until a message appears on the screen, suggesting to put the tablet into safe mode.

It remains only to press the “OK” button. The device will reboot. After which it will operate in a safe mode. By the way, a special inscription at the bottom of the screen will inform about this.

Thus, the transition to Safe Mode is carried out on devices of many manufacturers, including budget models of tablets from Xiaomi, dexp, irbis, etc.

It does not work on some tablets due to the peculiarities of the firmware. Therefore, to start safe mode, you need to select the “reboot” item in the same shutdown menu, click on it and hold it for a while. Usually, after a couple of seconds, a dialog box appears asking if you want to enter Safe Mode. All that remains is to confirm your choice by clicking “OK”.

There is another way how to run this feature on a tablet. The first step is to turn off the tablet device, and then turn it on. At the same time, at the moment the logo appears, simultaneously press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons.

On some Samsung models, when turning on and the company logo appears, press and hold the Menu button. This is what will enable safe mode.

Everything about safe mode on your tablet

Not everyone knows that there is a safe mode on the tablet. At the same time, not all users know about its functions and capabilities. Although it will be useful for every owner of a tablet device to learn about what Safe Mode is, how to enable it or, conversely, disable it. Ask why? Yes, everything is simple: it is Safe Mode that allows you to cope with many “glitches” and errors, diagnose which application is causing the operating system (OS) to freeze, and many others. dr.

What is Safe Mode?

Let’s figure out what Safe Mode (aka Safe Mode) is. To begin with, it is an integral part of the OS (be it Android or Windows 10). Its main function is to help diagnose the device.

For example, a user has downloaded and installed several applications on their tablet. After that, he began to hang strongly or even turn off. This is where Safe Mode comes in handy. After all, it is enough to activate Safe Mode on the device, as all third-party applications, drivers, utilities, programs and components will be disabled.

True, in safe mode, Internet access will also be closed.!

As a result, the user will be able to use the “bare” Android. Only standard applications installed by the manufacturer will work. Various glitches and freezes will go away. Therefore, you can safely remove recently installed programs, which, most likely, caused crashes and malfunctions in the system.

In addition, through the safe mode, you can diagnose the tablet for the presence of rather serious breakdowns. For example, if the device runs out of battery quickly or any button does not work, then put it into this “service” mode. If the tablet’s performance is restored, it means that some application is to blame, which loads the battery or disables a certain function.

How to turn off safe mode on a tablet?

Often, users do not know how to disable Safe Mode, which may cause some applications to simply not work. Including, in safe mode, the device does not have access to the Internet. And this, you see, fundamentally limits the capabilities of the tablet.

To remove safe mode, you must:

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Then remove the battery from it for at least 30-40 seconds.
  • Then install the battery back.
  • Turn on the device.

The tablet should now boot normally. This means that all applications will work, including the fact that the user will have access to the network and various OS capabilities.

If, for some reason, you cannot remove the battery from the tablet (perhaps the battery cannot be removed, as in some models from Samsung and Lenovo), then you can disable safe mode in another way:

  • Start device reboot.
  • Further, as soon as the download starts, you should press and hold the “Home” button. However, it must not be released until the download is complete.
  • The tablet should work normally. However, again, there is one caveat. Not all models of tablet computers can be exited in this way from safe mode (for example, this is not possible on some Irbis, ZTE, Huawei, Dexp tablets, etc.).

Therefore, we will tell you about the third method. It consists in the fact that you can turn off safe mode on the tablet and a trivial reset to factory settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” item, then to the “Backup and reset settings” subsection. However, this is an extreme measure. After all, after such a procedure, the tablet will become as good as new. In the sense that all applications, photos, games and other information (contacts, messages, etc.) will be deleted.

It should be noted that it is often possible to disable Safe Mode on Android by simply rebooting the device. Therefore, it is worth trying all the methods described above only when restarting did not help to exit Safe Mode.

How to enable and disable safe mode Huawei Mediapad

A special security mode is available on tablet computers of all manufacturers, including mobile devices from the Chinese brand Huawei.

There are times when this option is triggered by accident, so it is important to know how to disable Safe Mode on your Huawei tablet.

How to turn off sleep mode on a Huawei tablet

How to disable sleep mode on a Huawei tablet is no big deal. But as with inclusion, there are two options here depending on the operating system.

When your tablet is running Android, you just need to restart the device to remove Safe Mode. After reboot, the device will be in standard state.

If you need to know how to disable sleep mode on your Huawei tablet running Harmony OS, the instructions are different.

Step-by-step steps to remove sleep mode on a Huawei tablet:

  • Turn off the device.
  • When turning on, keep your finger on the power key, and at the same time hold down the volume down button.

What is Safe Mode

First, I will explain what safe mode is, which is also called sleeping.

Important! Calling a safe state asleep is incorrect because the term “hibernation” refers to the screen turning off after a certain amount of inactivity. Nevertheless, in this material they are synonyms, because in colloquial slang both concepts mean the same thing.

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The purpose of a safe state in starting a tablet with only the basic functions that are needed to keep the device running.

Third party programs and even some built-in functions do not work. Thus, the mobile device is launched in a shell with maximum security.

Why is this needed? Most often, this mode helps diagnose a software or application error. If the failure is not related to the basic capabilities of the device, then the gadget will work properly in a secure shell.

Through it, you can fix the problem by deleting the folders with problem software, or by resetting the settings to factory settings in the device settings.

There is another example of the effectiveness of this function. If a tablet computer is infected with malicious software that is not stored in the built-in utilities, then through the safe state you can find and delete it.

True, you will have to try, uninstalling applications separately, and then launching the device back in a normal shell to check if the virus has disappeared. Fortunately, modern devices are rarely exposed to malware.

How to turn on

The activation of the secure shell depends on the version of Android and the filling on top of it.

But since in 2020 Huawei severed ties with the government of the United States of America and Google as well, new or updated models of the Chinese manufacturer’s tablets are running a different operating system. Harmony OS.

If your Huawei tablet is still running on Android, then follow the standard instructions for that operating system:

  • Turn on mobile device.
  • Press and hold the power button when the device is already fully turned on.
  • A small window will appear with buttons for restarting, locking and shutting down the machine. Hold your finger on the shutdown icon.
  • After a few seconds, you will be prompted to start the tablet in safe mode. Confirm Action.

The mobile device will reboot and start in a secure shell, as evidenced by the inscription at the bottom of the screen.

If you have an updated Huawei with a proprietary Harmony OS operating system, the transition is carried out differently:

  • Disable gadget.
  • When turning on, continue to hold your finger on the power button, and at the same time hold down the volume down key.

The device will immediately start in a secure shell.

How to set up sleep mode

There is no way to customize a secure shell because it is the same and there is literally nothing to customize. The tablet starts with a limited set of functions, and you cannot add or remove any features from it, and there is no point in it.

Therefore, if the user asks a question about how to configure sleep mode on the tablet, we are talking about the correct interpretation of sleep mode, which turns off the screen after inactivity.

In this case, you can configure automatic screen shutdown in the device settings by opening the “Screen” section and going to the “Sleep” tab.

At this point, you can adjust the time the screen turns off, as well as set different options for individual applications. At the same time, while watching video content, the display will not go to sleep.

Important! The process of how to turn off safe mode on a Huawei tablet has nothing to do with real sleep mode. Therefore, try not to confuse the terms.

How to remove or disable Safe Mode on Android

Let’s start with how to disable Safe Mode on Android, as this is what causes the most difficulties. There are several ways to disable Safe Mode on Android.

  • Method number 1. Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, then install it back and try to boot the Android device in normal mode.
  • Method number 2. Restart the device and hold down the “Home” button while turning it on until the device is fully loaded.
  • Method number 3. Restart the device and while turning on, hold down the volume down button and hold it until the device is fully loaded.
  • Method number 4. Restart the device and during power-on hold down the volume up button and hold it until the device is fully loaded.

How to disable Safe Mode on Android

Any advanced user of the Windows operating system knows about the existence and purpose of Safe Mode. However, few people realize that there is such a mode in the Android mobile operating system.

Android Safe Mode is a special mode in which you can boot your phone. When you boot your Android device into Safe Mode, only system apps will run. Thus, you can easily boot a device that freezes or slows down a lot from installed applications.

After booting into Safe Mode, you can remove everything that interferes with the Android device and return to normal operation. But, in some such cases, users have difficulty returning to normal operation of the device. In this article, we will show you how to enable and disable Safe Mode on Android.

How to enable Safe Mode on Android

If you have Android 4.1 or newer, then in order to enable Safe Mode on Android, you need to press the power button of the device. After that, a window will appear in front of you in which you can turn off the power of the device, switch to airplane mode or turn off the sound. Here you need to click on the “Turn off the power” item and hold your finger until a message appears prompting you to switch to safe mode.

After the offer to switch to safe mode appeared, click on the “OK” button.

After that, the Android device will reboot into Safe Mode. After loading, an inscription will appear at the bottom of the screen informing that the device is working in safe mode.

This is done in such a simple way, but you already know how to disable safe mode on Android.

If you are using Android 4.0 or an older version of this operating system, then in order to enable safe mode, you just need to turn off the device, and when you turn it on, wait for the manufacturer’s logo to appear and hold down the volume up and down buttons. These buttons must be pressed at the same time and held until the Android device finishes loading.

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How to set up sleep mode on a Huawei tablet

Sleep mode is available on all devices, including tablets, smartphones or computers. If the user does not use the gadget, the screen will go out after a certain period of time. The setting of the presented function is carried out through the parameters. The instruction itself is not complicated:

  • Open the system application “Settings”.
  • Press “Screen”.
  • Go to the “Hibernation” section.
  • Choosing a more suitable idle screen time.

Management using third-party programs

How to turn off sleep mode on Huawei tablet? Sleep mode can be controlled using applications from Google Play:

  • The most popular sleep management app is the Never Fading Screen. A simple program, turns off sleep mode and does not allow the display to go out. The program is easy to learn, has an intuitive interface and is provided free of charge. Run the utility and select applications in which the display will not turn off.
  • Hold Screen On Demo. The program uses the front camera to follow the user’s gaze and turn off the display when not needed. You can also select specific applications, when launched, the utility will work.

There are many similar applications, so if the above programs are not suitable, Google Play will easily find a suitable one.

How to remove sleep mode on a Huawei tablet

Sleep mode on the Huawei MediaPad can be removed completely. When setting the interval, you must select the “Never” option. But keep in mind that disabling this way is not available on all devices. this factor depends on the firmware on the tablet. Some versions do not allow you to completely disable the presented function.

Also, do not forget that the sleep mode is designed to save energy. If you turn it off and forget to press the power button after using the gadget, the battery may simply run out.

In EMUI and on stock Android, it is possible to make the transition to sleep inaccessible if the device is charging. Instructions:

  • Activate developer mode.
  • In the settings, select “System”.
  • Go to the section “For Developers”.
  • Then click on “Leave On”.

How to turn off sleep mode on a Huawei tablet

Android phones and tablets are factory set to have a short interval of inactivity between the last action and the transition to sleep. In other words. if the display is inactive for some time, for example, 30 seconds, then it is blocked. Users often complain about the length of this interval, calling it too short. Hence, many people have a question. how to disable sleep mode on a Huawei tablet? In this article, we will look at how you can change the time the display turns off, or how to disable this function.

How to turn sleep mode back on

To reactivate the built-in function, you need:

  • Go to options.
  • Select “Screen.
  • Find the “Hibernation” section.
  • If the tab is unavailable, then turn off energy saving in the “Battery” section.
  • In the sleep mode tab, move the slider to the “On” position.

In the same section, you can choose the time after which the screen will go out.

How to prevent automatic transition to Safe Mode

The automatic transition to safe mode can be associated with the operation of a specific application, usually the last one loaded. If the device continues to return to safe mode. uninstall recent applications. To determine the latest loaded programs, do the following:

  • Open your phone settings and find the item “Applications” (also “All applications”).
  • Click on the “Sort” option and select “Installation time”.
  • The screen will display all applications in the order they were loaded: the last downloaded will be at the top of the list.
  • Click on the icon of the required application, in the list that opens, select “Remove” (Usually, this option is at the end or beginning of the list).

If the transition to safe mode occurred automatically due to a lack of RAM on the device, then after switching to stationary mode, be sure to delete unnecessary applications. If you are using all installed applications, you can try to clear the cache or uninstall some software updates that also take up additional memory on your phone:

  • Go to the “Applications” section in your device’s settings.
  • Select the program you are interested in, click on its icon to display full information.
  • In the list, find the item “Memory” and click on it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, the “Clear” button will appear, click on it, in the menu that opens, select “Clear cache”.
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In earlier versions of Android, to clear the cache memory of an application, just click on its icon in the “Applications” section and select “Clear cache” in the list that opens.

Also, a program containing malicious code can be one that is launched simultaneously with the download of Android. To cancel automatic download of an application:

  • Open all information about him through the “Applications” menu in the settings.
  • In the list of options that opens, find the “Autostart” parameter and disable it by clicking on the line with the option name.

It is recommended to run an anti-virus scan to accurately remove all suspicious files.

Is there safe mode on iPad?

Despite the fact that iOS, according to popular belief, is more protected from software problems, it is worth noting that the developers of technology based on this operating system also did not neglect the “Safe Mode” function. In case of constant forced inclusion of safe mode on Apple tablets, the user was prompted to reflash the device using special software with iTunes.

Recently, however, “craftsmen” have written many programs that allow you to disable the BR, along the way removing all the problematic programs that caused it to start. It is highly discouraged to perform such operations without appropriate programming skills, therefore, if a problem with the BR on Apple tablets appears, it is better to use the warranty repair service, or contact paid specialists.

As mentioned above, Safe Mode is not only an unpleasant “problem”, but also an excellent option in order to find out how much third-party applications affect the operation of the gadget. For example, if the tablet began to discharge quickly, slow down during operation, or there are a large number of bugs in its operation, then by starting the safe mode, you can understand what the cause of this or that malfunction is.

For example, if, when the BR is on, the tablet computer works without recharging several times longer than when launching and running third-party applications, then the latter are the reason for the rapid discharge of the battery.

Important! In the BR, you can also uninstall applications that cannot be uninstalled normally. This is possible because these applications are disabled when working in BR.

If, when starting the BR, the problems in the device operation remain the same, then you can try to clear the memory cache, as well as the data of the most “problematic” applications in the user’s opinion, or disable these applications manually.

Alternative keyboard shortcuts to exit safe mode

If you are the owner of a Samsung phone, and your device has an earlier version of the Android platform, then in order to disable Safe Mode, you will have to do the following:

  • Turn off the device by holding down the power button.
  • Turn on your phone and wait for the Samsung logo to appear.
  • As soon as the inscription appears, hold down the upper volume key until the phone is fully turned on.

The instructions for disabling Safe Mode on your tablet are the same as the standard guidelines for mobile phones. If the reboot does not work, then for Lenovo devices you can use this method:

  • Disconnect the device.
  • Re-enable the device, hold and hold the Home key until fully loaded.

This instruction works for most models with a Home key. To exit safe mode on Meizu and BQ devices:

  • Disconnect the device.
  • Turn on your phone and wait for the company logo to appear.
  • As soon as the inscription appears, hold down the lower volume key until the phone is fully turned on.

We return to normal operation by removing the battery

Another method that you can use to disable Safe Mode is to remove the battery. In order for this method to work, you need to follow simple steps:

  • Disable smartphone completely.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Wait 2 or more minutes.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Turn on the smartphone.

After these steps, your smartphone will boot in normal mode.

How to disable Safe Mode on Android

Today I would like to talk about disabling Safe Mode on Android devices. Perhaps, for everyone, the information is relevant that all operating systems are somewhat similar to each other, and in this case, Android OS is no exception.

Safe mode on Android is necessary first of all so that, if necessary, it is possible to stop the work of unstable applications or processes running in automatic mode. everything is similar to how it happens in any modern operating system. In order to disable Android safe mode, you can use three methods to solve the problem, each of which can work both together with others and exclusively individually, which directly depends on the class of the device and the version of the operating system installed on it. You will be wondering how to enable Safe Mode.

In order to deactivate safe mode on Android, you must turn off the device and remove the battery from it. Then, you need to wait about 30 seconds, after which you will need to insert the device battery into its regular place, and the device will have to boot in normal operation with the functioning of all applications and the operating system itself as a whole.

The disadvantage of this method is that not all devices have a removable battery, especially a number of recent Chinese models, and this circumstance does not allow the specified solution to be applicable to all Android devices.

Method 2
You will need to reboot your device, and at the moment when it starts loading, you need to hold down the “Home” button and do not release it until the device is fully loaded.

In some cases, the reboot function on a smartphone may be completely absent, and then, by analogy with the above, you will need to use the usual shutdown and then turn on the gadget, while not forgetting to hold down the specified Home key.

Method 3
This method of disabling Android safe mode is that you need to either reboot your device, or disable and then enable, and at the beginning of the download, you need to hold down the volume down key and hold it until your smartphone, tablet, etc. is finally loaded.

As a result of the actions taken, you will be taken to the system menu of the phone, where you will need to select the item “Wipe data / Factory Reset”.

The choice is made by pressing the on / off button of your smartphone. Subsequently, you will be taken to a screen asking whether you intentionally want to delete all data from the phone, which must be answered in the affirmative.

Ultimately, you will need to wait for the information to be deleted from the phone or tablet, restart it and wait for it to load in normal mode.

In some cases, instead of holding the volume down button, you may need to hold down the volume up button, which depends primarily on the device itself and the version of the operating system installed on it.

One of the above methods will help you turn off safe mode on your Android device, and your smartphone or tablet will start functioning normally again, if you started safe mode to fix any problem with your gadget, according to which it was connected either with applications installed on it, or with processes running in automatic boot mode.

Safe mode on a tablet. why?

Basically, tablet safe mode is a system similar to that found on Windows computers. The main function of such a system is device diagnostics. Using Safe Mode allows you to:

  • Disable all third party apps
  • Deactivate drivers and utilities unnecessary for the system to work
  • Identify system errors
  • Assess how much the system performance increases in a mode that does not imply “burdening” the OS with widgets and additional software.

Important! In this mode, the device cannot be connected to the Internet.

As it becomes clear, such a function does not allow you to use the device to the fullest, and it is especially inconvenient when the user, once again launching his favorite gadget, is faced with the automatic loading of the OS in safe mode.

How to disable safe mode on Android using a combination of buttons

  • At the moment when your smartphone restarts, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down button.
  • After that, it will reboot to normal operation.

This method works on most models from different manufacturers.