How to disable Google Assistant on Android Honor

Voice control

Voice control involves the use of commands. Their list has expanded significantly, now you can not only perform voice dialing of contacts, but also, for example, call a taxi, launch the desired application, etc.

It has become even more convenient to use voice search. You do not need to open a browser and type something on the keyboard, it is enough to voice your request. An automatic speech recognition system converts sounds into text, which will be processed by an application or a search engine. PWC research shows that 71% of users prefer to enter a search query by voice.

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Voice control on Honor, using Google Assistant and Alice

The voice control feature of phones is not new. In the late 90s, the flagship models of ordinary Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola and Samsung already knew how to execute a simple command “Call the subscriber”, which the owner gave to his device by voice.

In 2002, when smartphones began to appear, Google launched its legendary Voice Search service. This voice search was the ancestor of many programs and applications that are widely used today.

Progress gained momentum, and in 2011, at the presentation of the iPhone 4s, the first voice assistant Siri was officially announced. Soon, similar solutions began to appear on other platforms:

  • 2014. Microsoft launches its Cortana assistant.
  • In the same year, Amazon has a smart assistant Alexa;
  • 2016. A separate personal assistant (Google Assistant) released by Google. It has existed before, since 2012 Google Assistant has been part of Google Now;
  • 2017. the Russian company Yandex announced the release of its own voice assistant “Alice”.

Today Google Assistant is installed by default on all Android devices. As for Alice, it is integrated into the proprietary smart column “Yandex.Station”; if you wish, you can install it on any smartphone.

How to enable (disable) Google Assistant on Honor phones

Note: if this is your first time calling an assistant, a window may also appear on the phone screen asking you to activate it. In this case, you will need to record the command “OK Google” four times on the microphone.

If the service has already been used and the user’s voice samples were recorded earlier, calling GA is even easier. just say: “Ok Google”.

To turn off voice control, go to Settings and then Control Voice control Voice activation. Set the switch to the “Off” position.

To disable the Google Assistant, launch the Google app, open the menu and go to the Google Assistant Settings. In the Assistant, open the Device Settings Phone. Disable the slider opposite the corresponding item.

Learn more about Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an AI-powered smart assistant. The company markets it as “Google’s personal service” designed to help people solve a variety of tasks in their daily lives, similar to how Google search helps navigate the World Wide Web.

Built into most Android phones, Google Assistant allows you to use both voice and text commands.

How to use Google Assistant

All Honor phone owners need to call the Assistant is to say “OK Google” or “Hey Google,” and the assistant will appear at the bottom of the screen.

When this service is launched, what exactly can you do with it? In fact, there are a great many tasks that he can perform. For example, he can:

  • provide a summary of the news (upon request or at a scheduled time);
  • play music from various services (Yandex Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, etc.);
  • play movies or TV broadcasts from phone to TV with Chromecast;
  • answer questions (about the weather, sunrise or sunset times, etc.);
  • give information about plans and events from the calendar and much more.

There are more complex tasks with which the voice assistant will also cope quite successfully. For example, you can ask him to translate from a foreign language, both textual and oral, in real time.

Google is constantly expanding the capabilities of its assistant. The Google I / O 2019 presentation announced the creation of the next generation version of Google Assistant. The assistant needs 100 GB of memory to work properly using a network connection. But with the development of new algorithms, this volume was reduced to 500 MB. This means Google Assistant will work great on any phone.

about assistant Alice

The Russian voice assistant became available to users in October 2017. The name “Alice” was chosen according to the results of the Internet voting.

Alice will help you dress for the weather, call a taxi, tell you what is in the photo, or just talk. Through the use of neural networks, the program is able to learn how to communicate like a living person. You can even play cities with Alice.

This assistant is integrated into other Yandex products, in particular, Yandex.Poisk, Yandex. Maps and Yandex. Music. Like the “apple” Siri, Alice knows how to dare, argue, express her own opinion and sometimes even refuses to obey commands. Users also note that Alice is critical of Russian politics, understands slang and reads poetry.

Via Google Account Settings

The second method also does not take much time and does not require much effort.

  • 1. Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • In the displayed list, click on “Assistant” / “Google Assistant”.
  • click “Uninstall” to remove the program from the phone.
  • Click “OK” to confirm the actions performed on the Android device.

After the actions taken, the assistant will cease to function.

Removing the call gesture

The instructions for removing a gesture are as follows:

  • open “Advanced settings”;
  • click on “Buttons and gestures”;
  • scroll through the displayed information, click “No”.

Previously configured special gestures to speed up the launch can be easily deactivated using the above method.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor Phone

Google Assistant is a gadget owner’s assistant developed by Google LLC and available on Android smartphones. It helps to set up voice control, answers basic tasks, searches for the necessary information on the network and works with the programs that are installed on the gadget. That is, to conduct a dialogue with the user. But the program has significant drawbacks: it does not always recognize speech correctly, launches unnecessary programs, calls those people with whom the owner of the gadget did not plan to communicate. Usually the option is liked by those who prefer voice guidance instead of the standard input of words into the search.

If you are not satisfied with the benefits of this feature, here are the details on how to disable Google Assistant on Huawei and Honor. But keep in mind that simply deleting it will not work, since the option is system.

How to remove Google Assistant from Honor and Huawei screen

Removing a program from the display is as easy as any other picture.

  • Click on the shortcut, hold until the cart image appears.
  • Don’t lift your finger and immediately drag the widget onto it.

After that, you can place other widgets in the free space. But keep in mind that in this way you simply free up space in the menu, but the program remains in the system.

Via Phone Settings

If you don’t need voice commands, then to disable, follow the algorithm:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • click “Device” / “Applications”.
  • click on the gear that is at the top of the screen;
  • after opening the additional menu, click on “Assistant and voice input”;
  • select “Assistant” which is at the top;
  • a window will appear where you can select the application you need to uninstall;
  • click on “No”.

Keep in mind that Google Assistant features and functionality will become inactive as usual. A recovery process will need to be carried out.

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How to disable Google Assistant on Huawei and Honor phones

“How to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei?” Is an important question for Android users. But if you don’t want to use it, you can either change the settings or turn off the function completely. The program is considered standard, but some users noted that sometimes it interferes with the user experience of the smartphone. How to do it in this article.

How to remove Google Assistant from your phone

Before proceeding with the removal of the option, you need to understand where the Google Assistant is located. It has several components. The first one is for the widget on the desktop, which is also responsible for searching. For users who do not use the function of displaying this picture, it is a waste of free space. Users know this widget as an annoying message that appears when the Home button is pressed for a long time.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android 2020. Disable / Deactivate Google Assistant

To fix it, you need to request objects on the screen in the displayed window.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

If the button could not be found, then you can activate the option manually by clicking “Objects on the screen”. The program will analyze the context, display a list and suggest further options for action.

Please note that completely uninstalling the application will not work without root rights.

  • go to “Applications” / “Additional menu”;
  • select the “Assistant and voice input” section, click on “No”.

It is noteworthy that the standard option accepts different languages: English, Arabic, Vietnamese and others. The developers report that they only plan to expand this list. Some users, by changing the settings, practice pronunciation while learning a foreign language.

If you like the main application, but the functionality is in doubt, you can not immediately delete the application, but try to update it. To do this, open the Play Store, enter the name of the program in the search bar. Then click on “Update”. If “Installed” is displayed, it means that the gadget already has the latest version of the option. If this inscription is not there, start the update. Test the function again, decide on the final solution.

Turn off Google Assistant

It’s been a long time since Google Assistant launched. The search giant’s voice assistant has received a huge number of updates during its existence. While it can be a very useful tool for Android users, the Google Assistant can get in the way at times. What if you just don’t need Google Voice Assistant? In this article, you will learn: how to disable the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Why is it activated without the user’s knowledge?

The fact that the Google Assistant activates on its own is not very pleasant. The assistant can be activated at a time when it is completely unnecessary: ​​when unlocking the smartphone. As a result, you have to close it yourself before performing any action on the screen. There are quite a few reasons for spontaneous activation. This usually happens due to accidentally pressing the Home button, which is also responsible for launching the smart assistant.

As soon as the application starts, it will begin to process your voice and execute the given commands. Even if your smartphone is in your. the Google Assistant can be activated by voice. If you are talking at a certain moment with a person, the system may think that you are referring to it, and then answer you. So, for example, words about an Egyptian pyramid and its history may begin to come out of your. although your conversation was absolutely not about that.

Turn off Google Assistant

If you constantly encounter a similar situation, it’s time to turn off the assistant. You can do this in three ways.

Disable Google Assistant completely.

If you decide to completely disable the voice assistant, do the following:

  • Open the application itself and press the “Menu” button (three strips).
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • In the “Assistant” section, tap on “Settings” “Phone” and disable the Assistant by moving the slider.

Disable activation of the Google Assistant on the Home button.

In most cases, the above method will suffice. But, it is much safer to remove the activation of the assistant by pressing the “Home” button. Thus, you will not see constant recommendations on what to enable the Assistant, as is the case with the first method.

  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. “Default applications”. “Assistant and voice input”.
  • Here you can choose which voice assistant you want to use by default. Select “No” from the list of available helpers.

Another plus of this method, in addition to annoying reminders, is the ability to use the Assistant at any time convenient for you, without having to turn it on again. It should be noted that the path may differ on different devices.

Another simple but effective way. Just uninstall all Google Assistant updates. Of course, there is one drawback, you will not be able to access all the features of the application that work only on certain versions of Android.

Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Application Management”, and search for “Google”.

When you open the menu (three small dots), you will see the line “Uninstall Updates”.

What do you think of Google’s voice assistant? Does he interfere with you? Have you had any strange experiences with the Assistant? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

For now, Google Assistant should be available on all modern Android phones, but don’t like it. If you no longer want to use it, then you have several options: You can change the way you use the assistant or turn it off completely.

The biggest complaint from users is that the long-press Home button that was used to launch Google Now now activates the assistant. If you are one of them, then there is good news: you can use both of these functions together.

Option 1: Using the What’s on My Screen helper feature

If you remember the times when the long press of the Home button was used for contextual information, then it will be good news for you that the Assistant also has this function.

Go to the screen where you will be using Google Now on Tap, then press and hold the Home button.

When you do this, an assistant will appear. Now you can say “Objects on the screen” or just click the button at the bottom of the page (if it appears).

Now you can do this right inside the helper.

Disable Google Assistant as default assistant

If Google Assistant appears while holding the Home button and it annoys you, then this option can be easily disabled.

The steps may differ slightly on different versions of Android and on devices from different manufacturers, but you can easily find and repeat them. In this case, we are using Honor 8 Lite with Android 8 OS as an example.

Then select “Apps and notifications”.

In the menu that opens, we need the item “Default Applications”. On devices from other manufacturers, you can use the settings search to find this option.

There are many different options, but in this case we are interested in the option “Help and voice input”.

The first item here is setting up the assistant. Click on this item.

In the menu that appears, select “None” as the default helper.

Now, when you hold down the Home button, Google Assistant will no longer make itself felt.

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How to completely disable Google Assistant

If you just want to get rid of Google Assistant, you can also turn it off completely. This will disable all the helper functions that have now become the main part of Android, but if you are ready for this, then let’s do it.

Launch the Google app and open the menu and then select “Settings”.

In the “Google Assistant” section, select “Settings”.

In the “Devices” menu, click “Phone”.

The first option here is Google Assistant. Just toggle the slider to turn it off.

Again, keep in mind that this will disable all helper functions completely. On newer phones that come with the Google Assistant, this means you won’t be able to say “Ok Google” and start voice commands.

If you want to turn the assistant back on, just return to this menu and turn the switch to the “On” position.

Option two: set a custom shortcut for the google app

If you want the best of both apps, you can use both Google Now and Google Assistant.

But first of all, let’s clarify: Google Now is no longer available. It just doesn’t exist anymore, at least in name. What we used to think of as Google Now is basically the Google app at the moment. essentially the same thing. Google recently added new features to it to make it better than Google Now.

If you want to use both, you can easily add a custom action to your home button using Nova Launcher. In short, you will need:

Now, a long press on the Home button will still launch Google Assistant, but if you press the Home button on the home screen, the Google app will launch.

Via Phone Settings

This is the easiest way. No internet connection is required to implement it. Next, let’s look at how to turn off the Google Assistant voice assistant on Huawei and Honor step by step:

  • go to the general settings of the phone;
  • find the section “Applications and Alerts”;
  • in the manager we find the item that is responsible for the default programs, click on it;
  • select the line “Voice input”;
  • the first line says “Assistant”, open this task and select “No”.

After that, we exit the system partition and reboot the phone.

How to Disable Google Assistant Voice Assistant on Honor and Huawei

How to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei? All Android smartphones after 4.4 have a built-in voice assistant. It helps you quickly find the options you want and activate them with one phrase. The function is modern and in demand, but it did not suit everyone. Therefore, there was a demand for how to deactivate it. In the article, we will look at various ways to deactivate the voice assistant on phones and tablets of a couple of well-known brands.

Via Google Account Settings

This can be done through your Google account. This requires an internet connection via an access point or mobile network:

  • open an account;
  • find the settings section;
  • there we go to the inscription “Phone”;
  • opposite the “Google Assistant” item, move the slider so as to activate it.

Removing the call gesture

In the settings for using the device, there is a section responsible for gesture commands. It is located in the general settings of your phone or tablet. The required item “Buttons and gestures” is called.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

There are several variations of what can be done with a wave of the hand, and what parameters will be called by this command. One option is to bring up the Google Assistant dialog box. If you want to disable this task, go down to the bottom of the list and select “No”.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Honor and Huawei Phone

Google Voice Search is a versatile technology that enables the use of a smartphone in the voice command mode. For example, it is possible to ask what the weather is in a certain city, what exchange rate, or determine which song is playing. This interface asks all the same questions as in the search engine. The client receives responses as a message from Android.

An example of an auditory query is “Ok Google, what’s playing?” Then the sensor will begin to determine what music is playing, and, like the well-known Shazam application, will display the name of the track in the background.

This function is indispensable in case of a breakdown or glitches of the screen, when the sensor stops responding. Then it is possible to dial a number by voice, make a call, set an alarm.

The speech assistant tool opens by long pressing the Home button. Then a weak vibration response is felt, and a window flies out in which a request is made. This hampers many people, and there is a need to turn it off. There are several options through which the assistant can be removed:

  • general smartphone settings;
  • google account.

Both options are free and take a few seconds.

How to Disable Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor Phone

Google Assistant is a smart assistant built on artificial intelligence. The service is an improved version of the old Google Now, the difference is that the assistant can conduct a dialogue with the user.

Thanks to the assistant, you can use a voice command to send a call, write a message, check the weather, find the information you need on the Internet, or open a specific application. Thus, the service greatly simplifies the use of a smartphone.

The main drawback, which was noted by the majority, is that the program does not always recognize speech correctly, which is why it can show an error or execute other commands. For example, launch an unnecessary application, although the user planned to send an outgoing call. This is the main reason for which the question arises. how to completely disable or delete the service.

You cannot simply erase the program from your phone, it is a Google system service. But, you can turn it off in the smartphone settings. Below we will analyze the main ways with which you can turn off the voice guidance.

How to Disable Google Assistant Voice Assistant on Huawei and Honor

Sometimes users wonder how to disable Google Assistant on Honor and Huawei. The presented service is standard in all phones on the Android operating system. Despite the wide functionality of the voice assistant, sometimes it becomes necessary to turn it off. Why? Some users noted that sometimes the system program interferes with using the capabilities of the smartphone. Let’s consider how to remove voice control.

Through your Google account settings

Second way explaining how to disable Google Assistant voice assistant on Huawei and Honor:

  • Open the Google app on the main display.
  • Go to the additional menu by clicking on the three dots located in the lower right part.
  • Go to settings.
  • Choose a voice assistant.
  • On the next page, go to the “Assistant” tab.
  • At the very bottom, click on “Phone”.
  • Drag the slider to the Off position.

How to remove Google Assistant from Honor and Huawei screen

You can remove the service application from the main screen by simply uninstalling it. Just pinch your finger on Google and drag it to the trash can icon that appears at the top of the display. Please note that this method does not completely uninstall the application. You simply remove the widget from the main screen.

Removing the call gesture

The described option above will only allow you to remove the application from the screen. But, if gestures and commands for quick launch are configured, then the program can be activated again. Let’s see how to remove gestures:

  • Go to advanced settings.
  • Select “Buttons and gestures”.
  • Select “No” from the list.
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Method 6. dramatically

A cardinal option, but one hundred percent off. Go to device settings, open applications and search there for Google and / or Google Assistant.

Delete data and turn off. You will have to use a different browser, but the offer with a request to enable will no longer be sent out.

Method 2. in the Google app

If you did not find the items from the first chapter in the parameters, and the Google application is installed, then launch it, go to the settings and already in them go to the Google Assistant settings.

Again go to the main settings and from there to the item “Voice search”.

In the “Headset” section, make all the items inactive, then go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

Method 5

Go to the device settings, open the applications and find everything from Google there and deny access to the microphone for each of them in the rights.

This can help as such software quite often likes to address the microphone when the user wants to enter something. Google itself advertises this to some extent and wants to transfer everyone to voice control of the functions of their devices.

Method 1

Open the settings, go to “Apps and notifications”, then go to “Default apps”.

Find and open the “Help and voice input” item and set the “Assistant” parameter to “No”.

Open the device settings, go to “Google” and then go to “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”. If it is not there, then look in the section “Services in your account”.

4-1. Open the “Google Assistant”, then in devices with an assistant, open your phone and first turn off the “Ambient Mode” function, and then the assistant.

The “Ambient Mode” function may not be visible if the assistant is turned off, check this by turning it on and then turning it off.

4-2. Open “Voice Input”, go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Users of phones based on the Android operating system often face a problem. turning off and uninstalling built-in and unnecessary applications.

Among which there is also Google Assistant. how to disable it? This can be done using several different options, after which it will no longer take away the resources of your smartphone and constantly pop up with a proposal to turn it back on.

You already know what a swipe is. Now we will deal with one annoying process for many, you will learn how to disable Google Assistant on Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi and other Android devices.

Interesting! It is better to try all the options, and if one does not work, try another. If you have your own method of how this can be done. share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everyone will be interested to find out.

Method 4

Download the Google app from Google Play and without launching it, uninstall it right away. Quite a few were helped by this option, tk. the parameters are reset and the obsessive inclusion offer will no longer pop up.

If it does not help, you can try to turn it on first, and then delete it. Anyway, it’s worth experimenting as in different variations, this option turns out to be working for users.

How to disable Google Assistant. permanently

It is better to do all the methods in order to make sure to turn it off and not to pop up a suggestion to turn it back on. Menus may be called slightly differently on different Android OS versions.

Method 3. for Honor

On phones with EMUI shell, open basic settings, go to “Advanced options” and go to “System navigation”.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android. Disable / Deactivate Google Assistant

Go to Gestures options and turn off Google Assistant.

Important! Remember that depending on the version of the firmware itself and the EMUI launcher, the names of the menu items may differ, and sometimes they are located in a slightly different place. Therefore, if you cannot find something, look for a name that is close in spirit.

How to disable Google Assistant on Honor smartphones

As you know, the Android operating system belongs to the world’s largest company Google. It is not surprising that the manufacturer seeks to build special services and applications into its own platform. By default, your Honor phone comes with programs like YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Photos, as well as the company’s voice assistant Google Assistant. The virtual assistant is designed to find answers to questions and perform certain actions. Not all users like this option, so they are wondering how to disable Google Assistant on Honor. This is exactly what will be discussed in our article.

Disable Google Assistant via Google Account

If in the first way you could not turn off the virtual assistant, then you should not be upset. There is an alternative option to get rid of the voice assistant through your Google account settings. As usual, the following instructions will help you to do everything correctly and avoid mistakes:

  • We launch the application called Google. Most often it is located in the folder with all Google services.
  • Click on the “” button located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • We translate the slider to the left next to the line “Google Assistant”. If the action is performed correctly, the indicator will change its color.

Move the slider to the left next to the line “Google Assistant”

As you can see, there are two ways to disable the virtual assistant.

Disable the launch of the Google Assistant with a gesture

Even though Google Assistant is already disabled, it can still be launched by pressing the Home button. To fix this, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the following instructions:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • We go to the menu “System navigation”.
  • Select the desired control option, and under it click on the “Settings” button.
  • We find here the item “Google Assistant” and disable its launch with a gesture.

Now you will not be able to accidentally launch the voice assistant, since there is simply no such gesture.

Disable Google Assistant through settings

The easiest way to disable the Google Assistant is through your device settings. Depending on the smartphone model, the principle is different, but on an Honor phone, you need to do the following:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Open the menu “Applications by default”.

Open the menu “Applications by default”

Click on the item “Help and voice input”

Now the voice assistant is disabled, which means that it will no longer bother you. To enable it, you must follow the instructions in the reverse order.

Summing up, we note that if you follow the presented instructions correctly, it is possible to disable Google Assistant on your Honor phone. If you have any questions while reading the article, then feel free to write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. The editors of our site will try to answer you as soon as possible.!