How to delete search history on laptop

How to delete your browsing history

Any browser installed on a computer keeps a history of visits and movements of users on the Internet. This happens by default and can be viewed by anyone. If you need to delete these entries, the browser itself provides such an opportunity.

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How to view deleted browsing history

In order to find out the history of browsing sites, you can use a special program. For example: DiscDigger, Easy File Undelete, Recuva. After downloading and installing the program, you need to run and find a special file called Places, which has the sqlite extension. This is the history of browsing Internet projects.

You need to know that if a user has deleted such a list using specialized programs, then it will be very difficult to restore it. In this case, the browsing history will be lost forever.

To view it in a browser, press the CtrlH key combination. All history is saved in the memory of a personal PC in the form of files. When you delete it, you are, in other words, deleting certain files from your hard drive. You just need to know where they are located.

In Firefox browser: C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \

In Google Chrome, the file is located here: C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default

Here it is necessary to replace the “user” with the name of the one whose history we need.

Browsing history. How to view and clear it

All people are naturally very curious. Therefore, it is always very interesting for them to know what others are doing at their personal computer. There are several ways to view your browsing history. It all depends on what exactly you need. You can see the history of browsing the Internet or track what kind of correspondence a person had, and so on. You can see which programs were launched on the computer, what is the browsing history of sites.

Another situation may arise. For example, you read some interesting article on the Internet. You like it, but you haven’t added it to your favorites. It was not possible to find this page again, especially if you got to it completely by accident. This is where the browsing history is needed. In it you can see a list of all visited Internet projects. In a browser, browsing history includes browser cache and cookies.

Another interesting program for viewing history

Let’s consider another option with which you can view history. To do this, you can use a program called Punto Switcher. This program has a very convenient function. It’s called Diary. It is there that the recording of everything that the user did on his PC takes place. In order for only you to have such access, you can set a password for it. It must be remembered that this file must be cleaned periodically, otherwise the program may not work correctly.

Let’s see how to do it in the most popular browsers.

  • If you need to clear the history in the Opera browser, then you should follow these steps. Open the browser menu and find the “Settings” section. Here you need to select the option “Delete personal data”. In the settings window, the settings are hidden by default. They need to be expanded by clicking on the “Detailed settings” link. It is necessary to check the box next to the item “Clear browsing history”. You also need to look carefully so as not to delete something necessary.
  • In Firefox, we do this. We find a section called “Tools”, and there we will need the line “Settings”. A new window will open, and in it we need the “Privacy” tab. In it, click on “Clear immediately”. Next, a window will open called “Delete unnecessary data”. In it we check that there is a label on the item of the visit log. Select what you want to delete and click on the “Delete” button.
  • If you have Explorer installed, the story is named “Browser History”. To get there, you need to find a section called “Service” in the menu and select the line “Delete log” there. After that, a new window will open, and there we find “Delete history”.
  • In the Google Chrome browser, you can do this: use the CtrlShiftDel key combination. And you can do it differently. Go to the “Tools” section and find the “Delete data on viewed documents” button. The browser removes the history to a depth that you can specify yourself. This can be done in the dropdown list. We put a tick next to the item “Clear history” and click on the delete button.
  • If you are using the Safari browser, there is a separate section called “History”. It is located in the browser menu.

How to delete history in Yandex

Yandex also provides many opportunities for users. It saves every visited internet project. If necessary, you can view both the browsing history and the download history.

To delete the visited Internet pages, open the browser and click on the icon that looks like a wrench. It is located in the upper right after the address bar. Here we find the item “History”, and there will be a list of all visited pages. We put a tick on the pages that need to be deleted and delete them.


Here I also want to show a couple of tricks on how to clean something:

  • how to clear history in skype on a computer I also told you in a separate article, so there is no point in repeating
  • how to clear the history of visiting sites on a computer is very simple if you do not want to use utilities, then in your browser press the CTRLH key combination, and depending on the browser, press the desired button, in Google Chrome it looks like this
  • Clear the event log with a handy script that will delete all event logs in the system, thereby hiding your actions.

Search page

We have already learned how to delete all views in a couple of clicks. Now it is worth reading the information on removing individual links to materials. It happens that you only need to remove one recent tab. How to do it? A simple algorithm of actions to remove one site of preliminary search:

  • We launch Yandex. At the top right is a small “gear”. these are settings. Click on this button.
  • A menu appears, at the bottom of the list of proposed functions, select the desired setting.
  • A list of addresses (visited resources) is disclosed. One by one, mark the lines that need to be removed.
  • Check the marked icons, make sure the selection of links is correct and click “Delete”. No one will reveal the secrets of your site visits.

Clearing history with the Ccleaner utility

I also told you how to use the ccleaner program, I will just remind you of its capabilities in the context of our article topic, namely, it can:

  • Clear browsing history of sites on the Internet (clearing browser history)
  • Recent documents what you have opened
  • Cookies
  • Windows event logs
  • A lot of rubbish from other utilities
  • Saved browser passwords

How to clear browsing history on a computer

Both browser activity and work on the computer itself will be considered under the history of visits:

  • Launching programs
  • Opening files and other actions with them
  • Network activity

We clean up with the sysprep utility

This method is ideal for those people who want to sell their computer or laptop and do not want their browsing history on the computer to be restored and read by third parties, but wants to leave their operating system and ideally clean, as if it was installed right now.

For such purposes, Windows has a built-in sysprep utility. I told you what it is, but in a nutshell, this is a program for anonymizing Windows from personal user data. The principle there was simple, you start the audit mode there, as a result, the system reboots and the next time you log in under the built-in Administrator account, thanks to this you can now go to Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System (or properties of my computer), where you click Advanced System Settings tab Advanced User Profiles Settings. You get a list of accounts that can and should be deleted.

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If you are paranoid and want to be one hundred percent sure that you have completely cleared the history on a Windows computer and it cannot be restored with special programs, then below I will show you a way to zero your hard drive with garbage data.

Types of clearing history on a computer

If you analyze this issue, and figure out what types you can divide the cleaning of activities on a computer, then there are two types:

  • Complete deletion of the entire history without the possibility of recovery, but with the safety of the operating system (example when you want to cover up your tracks or prepare your computer for sale)
  • This is a partial removal of certain activities to optimize the computer (speed up the PC)

Of course, the fastest and most reliable way to clear all browsing history on a computer is a complete reinstallation of the system

Zero hard drive

Above, I wrote to you, for the paranoid, an option, one hundred percent deletion of data from the computer without the possibility of deletion, its meaning is that you replace the deleted data, write useless garbage, in the form of zeros, and the same Ccleaner will help us with this. in the Service Erasing disks, specify the disks that need to be erased and the number of approaches, the more there are, the more reliable your disk erasure.

I think I managed to answer the question how to clear history on a Windows computer.

Best regards, the team of the site

If you notice an error, select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter

How to delete browsing history from Google Chrome?

  • Open the Chrome app. on Android phone or tablet.
  • In the upper right corner, click the History icon.
  • Select Clear History.
  • In the “Time range” line, specify the period for which you want to delete the data.
  • Check the “Browsing history” box.
  • Click Delete Data.

Which file is the browser history stored in?

View Google Chrome Browser History File

The history is stored on your hard drive in a file called “History”. It is located at the following address: In Windows: C: Users username AppDataLocaLGoogleChromeUser DataDefault.

How to remove a site from browser memory?

  • Go to Menu (three dots) History History (or press Ctrl H).
  • Check the boxes next to all pages in the list that you want to remove from history.
  • Click on the Delete button in the upper right corner.

How to view the history of printing documents on the printer on the computer?

From the context menu, open the Printer Properties and select the Advanced tab. There should be a check mark “Log print queue messages”. If the checkbox is already checked, then Windows already saves the print history.

How to delete your request history in Yandex?

Log in to the main page of the Yandex search engine using your account (username and password from Yandex email). Click on the “Settings” button, in the menu that opens, select “Portal settings”. Then, in the “Search hints” block, click “Clear query history”, you can also disable it there.

How to delete your computer history?

How to remove individual entries from your browsing history

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “Customize and manage Google Chrome” icon.
  • Select History History.
  • Check the boxes next to the required entries.
  • Click Remove Selected Items.
  • Confirm the operation by clicking Delete.

How to view history in Yandex on a laptop?

  • Go to browser settings and select “History”
  • Press the key combination “Ctrl H”

How to delete your YouTube search and view history on your phone

As a rule, to watch YouTube videos on smartphones, they use the official application, respectively, I will first show the history clearing in it, and then through a mobile browser.

  • In the YouTube app, click on your account icon in the upper right.
  • In the window that opens, click “Settings”.
  • Select “History and Privacy”.
  • Here you will find the items “Clear browsing history” and “Clear search history”.

On the same settings page, you can enable two parameters. “Do not record browsing history” and “Pause recording of search history”, if you do not want history to be recorded in the future.

If you don’t have the official app installed on your phone, you can clear YouTube history using a simple browser:

  • Use the browser on your phone to go to, if necessary, enter your username and password
  • Click on your account icon in the upper right, and then open “Settings”.
  • Use the options in the History & Privacy section to clear your search and view history and turn off YouTube history if needed.

How to clear YouTube search and browsing history on phone and computer

If you watch a YouTube video in a browser or in an application on a smartphone, logging in with your account, the history of searches and views is automatically saved to your account. If you want, you can delete your browsing and search history on YouTube, it’s very easy to do. It is also possible to automatically clear or disable the saving of this data.

This guide details how to clear the history of your YouTube activities both on a computer in a browser and on a phone (in a browser or app). Keep in mind that history will be deleted everywhere: for example, you delete it on your computer, and if you use the same account on your phone, it will also disappear on it.

How to clear YouTube history on computer

The steps for deleting YouTube history on a computer will be almost the same as for actions on a phone, however the menus are slightly different:

  • Go to with your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page and select “Personal data on YouTube”.
  • In the YouTube Settings section, you will see two sections. YouTube View History and YouTube Search History. Let’s say we want to delete your browsing history. Click “Manage browsing history”.
  • On the next page, you can: turn off the recording of YouTube viewing history, delete individual items from the history, or by clicking the “Delete actions for a certain period” item in the left menu, delete the history for the entire time (ie completely). If necessary, here you can also configure the automatic deletion of YouTube history.
  • Similarly, YouTube search history is deleted.

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It usually saves your last settings. And if this does not happen, the reason may be the following:
1. If you use Google translator on your phone. some programs to clear memory and cache.
2. If there are cache clearing programs or extensions on the computer in the browser, blocking cookies may interfere with the saving of settings.

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And if you don’t have an account, then how to clear your YouTube search and view history?

How to prevent sites from getting into history

Now every browser has a special private mode, the so-called Incognito. You can open your program for the Internet in this mode, and then nothing will be recorded. But everything will work as before: sites are opened, files are downloaded, bookmarks are added.

Immediately after exiting incognito mode, the browser will erase everything that happened there:

  • entered passwords
  • cookies
  • search queries
  • URLs of visited pages

Note: this will not protect you from viruses and will not make you invisible on social networks.


Thus, we erase log entries, information about downloads and clear the browser memory (pages, photos, videos). But all passwords and appearances that the program remembers remain in place.

This means that if you, for example, entered your mail or Odnoklassniki / Contact / without entering any logins and passwords, then everything will remain so. And anyone at this computer can do the same: type in the address and open your page. That is, he will receive full access. will be able to read the correspondence, delete something, add something.

To prevent this from happening, you need to erase cookies and passwords. And for the global cleaning, everything else. This is done by putting certain checkboxes in the delete window.

In the instructions, I recommended not to put these checkboxes.

And all because many users do not remember, and some do not even know their logins and passwords. And after such a cleaning, they cannot enter their pages and mail. And then they write to me: save, help, what to do ?! But nothing can be done about it. before you had to think and connect your mobile number to each page and mail.

How to clear history on a computer

Google Chrome. To erase the browsing history in Chrome, you need to click on the button with three dots. It is located in the upper right corner, under the “Close” button (red cross).

We select the item “History” and again “History”.

A list of Internet pages that have recently been visited opens. Individual addresses can be removed from it. To do this, click on the small arrow button next to the page name and select “Remove from history”.

And if you need to remove all pages for some time (for example, for today), click on the clear button at the very top of the list.

A small window will appear. At the top, select a period of time and mark with the birds what exactly needs to be removed.

I recommend putting only three birds like in the picture.

Yandex. To clear the visit log, click on the small button with horizontal lines in the upper right corner and open the History.

If you need to delete one page, hover over it and click on the small arrow that appears. From the list, select “Remove from history”.

And if you need to erase more data from Yandex, click on “Clear history” on the right above the list of sites.

In the window that appears, select a period of time and indicate what exactly needs to be deleted.

I recommend that you put only three checkboxes as in the picture.

Opera. Menu (topmost button on the left). History

To delete a specific page in the list, move the cursor over it and click on the cross to the right.

If you need to erase more records, click on “Clear history” in the upper right.

In the window, select the time period and data type. It is better to leave three birds, as in the picture below.

Mozilla Firefox Journal. Delete history

In the window, select the time and data to be erased. I recommend leaving only three birds, as in the picture:

To delete pages manually (when you only need to erase a couple of addresses), go to the full version of the journal:. Journal. Show the entire journal. And there we already delete one by one through the right mouse button.

Internet Explorer Security. Delete Browsing History

I recommend putting three birds: Temporary Internet and Website Files, Journal, Download Journal.

To clean up by day:. the “Journal” tab. We delete the necessary pages or days / weeks through the right mouse button.

How to clear your browser browsing history

All pages that we view on the Internet are recorded in a special journal. And if someone sits down at our computer, he can get in there. And this means that he will be able to see all the places where we went, and even read the correspondence. Such a log is called History and, fortunately, entries from it can be deleted.

How to open anonymous mode

Google Chrome New incognito window

Yandex Optional. New window in Incognito mode

Opera Create a private window

Mozilla Firefox Private window

Internet Explorer Security. InPrivate Browsing

How to clear Google searches?

  • Select the “Select delete options” option in the main menu on the right;
  • In the menu, change the setting “Today” to “All the time”;
  • Then click the “Delete” option at the bottom of the page;
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on “Delete” again.

How to delete your request history in Yandex?

Log in to the main page of the Yandex search engine using your account (username and password from Yandex email). Click on the “Settings” button, in the menu that opens, select “Portal settings”. Then, in the “Search hints” block, click “Clear query history”, you can also disable it there.

How to delete information about yourself on Google?

  • Open the Google Account page on your computer.
  • In the left navigation pane, click Data & Personalization.
  • In the Activities & Timeline section, select My Activities.
  • At the top right of the page, click the icon.
  • Select Delete actions for a specific period.

How to delete history in Google Chrome?

  • Go to Menu (three dots) History History (or press Ctrl H).
  • Check the boxes next to all pages in the list that you want to remove from history.
  • Click on the Delete button in the upper right corner.

What happens if you delete Google Chrome data?

If on a desktop, users can delete data from specific sites and selectively through the developer menu, then on Android only everything at once. In addition, on mobile Chrome, deleting data entails logging out of all accounts on the sites that you use.

How to clear history in Yandex on a laptop?

How to delete Yandex. Browser on computer

  • In the upper right corner, click
  • Select “History” and in the new menu again “History”.
  • By clicking on the icons of the pages to the left of their names, select the entries that you want to remove from history.
  • At the top of the list, click the Delete Selected Items button.


  • AltArrow Left, Backspace. Back.
  • AltRight Arrow. Forward.
  • “ShiftBackspace”. Forward.
  • “F5”. Refresh.
  • “CtrlF5”. Refresh ignoring the cache, that is, load the page on a new one.
  • “Escape”. Stop loading.
  • AltHome. Open the home page. Scaling (changing the scale of the page).
  • Ctrl “”, Ctrl Mouse wheel up. Zoom in.
  • Ctrl “-“, Ctrl Mouse wheel down. Zoom out.
  • “Ctrl0”. Return the standard scale.
  • “F11”. Full screen mode. Scrolling (scrolling text, pages).
  • “Space”, “Page Down”. One screen down.
  • ShiftSpace, Page Up. One screen up.
  • “Home”. To the top of the page.
  • “End”. To the end of the page.

Using the eCleaner addon extension

You can clear your browser history using a special extension. To download and install, you need to go to the official directory of add-ons for Yandex and Opera at the link:

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In the line “Search by extensions” in the upper right corner you need to enter “eCleaner”. A page with the add-on will appear; to install it, click “Add to Yandex Browser”.

Then “Install” and confirm the action in the pop-up window by clicking the “Install extension” button.

To start the program, you need to click on its icon with the image of a red-gray eraser in the top bar of the browser. In the window that opens, you need to set the period for which the cleaning is carried out and select all the elements to be deleted. To delete history, select “History”. After setting the parameters for cleaning, you should click on the “Forget!”.

The interface of the utility is in English, there is no Russian language. This is the only inconvenience in using this extension.

Opening history with hotkeys

  • Launch the Yandex browser and press the Ctrl H key combination on the keyboard. A special History tab will open.
  • In the left column at the very bottom there will be an item to clear history. Click on it with the left mouse. (then use the same key unless otherwise specified) A small frame will open in the center of the monitor.
  • Click on the gray mini frame and select the lowest item of all time. Place checkboxes everywhere and click clear.

Deleting history in mobile version

In addition to deleting entries about visited pages on a computer, you need to know how to clear history in Yandex on your phone. Very similar for Apple devices and Android phones.

How to delete Yandex history on Mouse Press computer

In this article, I will show you two ways to delete Yandex history. Also, recommendations on what to do if you do not want to clear your browser history all the time.

How to delete history on a laptop: How to delete history on a laptop. “Clear Yandex history I want to clear Yandex browser history completely Command Clear Yandex browser history start cleaning”. Yandex.Q

How to delete history in Yandex

If you often use Yandex browser to access the Internet, then you probably know about the browsing history in it. This function is very handy when you need to return to the viewed page or find a downloaded file. But over time, the list builds up, resulting in more storage space. Therefore, it is recommended that you delete your browsing history from your browser. Read about how to do it right in this article.

How to delete history in Yandex browser. where is it located

To search for previously viewed pages, you must go to the browser history. This function in the program is very useful if you have not created a bookmark on the site. To edit the list of views or delete, you first need to find it in the program.

  • To do this, launch Yandex browser in the way you are used to. Usually this is a shortcut on the computer desktop or an icon in the control panel (most often it is located at the bottom of the screen).
  • In the program window that opens, select the settings item. The icon is located at the top of the window on the right side in the form of several vertical lines.
  • By clicking on it, a menu with program settings will open in front of you. Find the line “History” in the list, left-click on it.
  • As a result of these actions, an additional window will open. In it you can find recently viewed sites, as well as open the entire history.
  • In order to see all pages with the time and date of viewing, select the “History” item in the settings section.

How to delete history in Yandex on a computer

There are several ways to delete the list of viewed sites from your computer.

  • First, open the page with the history in the browser through the settings, as described in the previous paragraph.
  • If you do not have time to look through each item of history or you want to delete all information at once, then find the button “Clear history” on the page. It is located on the right side of the window at the top. This will delete the entire history of site visits.
  • This method is not suitable if you want to leave some sites in the list of viewed pages. To delete only some lines, mark them with a tick in the box opposite each item.
  • Then select the “Delete selected items” section or click “Clear history”.
  • You will see a warning window, in it confirm the deletion or refuse it.
  • As a result of these actions, the specified pages with the history of visits will be deleted.
  • If this is boring for you or you need to delete data only for a certain time, then use the “Clear history” function.
  • When you click on it, a pop-up menu will open, in which you will be able to select the deletion period in the appropriate section.

    Then carefully review the other sections of the menu. Here you can clear your browsing history, delete downloads, clear cache and remove cookies, and delete saved passwords and auto-complete information. This will also delete files on your computer about visiting pages on the Internet.

  • Confirm removal actions.
  • In the Yandex browser, there is another function for browsing history. By enabling it, history will never be saved in the browser. To do this, in an open Yandex window, simultaneously press three buttons on the keyboard. CtrlShiftN. It will enable the “Incognito” function in the program.
  • Or go to the section on settings in the browser and select “Incognito Mode”.

How to clear Yandex Browser history?

It seems that just recently we talked about how to view the history of site visits in Yandex Browser. Today we will talk about how to delete this very story. Please note that you can delete both the entire history from the browser at once, or individual pages. Of course, the removal methods differ from each other.