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How to Delete Instagram Conversations on iPhone

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How to delete posts from Direct on Instagram

If cleaning up the conversation is not enough, and you do not want to receive new SMS from a certain user, you can block him. He will not be able to send you new messages and view your page.

Select the required item in the context menu. The system will ask for confirmation, click “OK”. The same action can be performed if you go to the personal page of the person you want to block. There is a button with three dots next to the avatar, click on it to see additional options. The list contains the inscription “Add to black list”. If you wish, you can exclude the Direct interlocutor from the blacklist by following the same steps.

How to delete post in Instagram direct from iPhone

The procedure is the same on all devices, so we will make general instructions. First you need to run Direct. On the main page, which appeared after entering the username and password, there is a camera button and a built-in messenger. Click on the second option to move to private messaging mode.

It displays a list of dialogs and a search bar with which you can find new interlocutors. To remove a conversation, follow these steps:

  • Hover your finger over the conversation you want to remove from Direct.
  • Swipe (swipe your finger across the touchscreen) left or right.
  • If necessary, confirm the action with the “OK” button.
  • Another option is to hold down the desired dialog and call the context menu.
  • The list will have two options shown in the screenshot above.
  • Click Remove. If notifications on Insta bother you, click the corresponding button.

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The correspondence will disappear from the screen, but the interlocutor’s materials will remain in the same state. He will be able to view materials, including photos and videos that you sent him. When the messenger just appeared on the social network, it was not possible to remove the chat with a specific person. In the next update, the developers have fixed this bug.

How to delete an Instagram conversation in Direct on iPhone or Android

Direct is the full-fledged “private messages” that Instagram was lacking so much. But the new feature has its own nuances, for example, a lot of spam emails from advertising profiles. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to delete Instagram posts in Direct. We will also look at other features of the built-in messenger.

Correspondence between users of the social network is available only in the official mobile client. The web version, which can be opened on a computer in any browser, has limited functionality. If you want to chat on Insta, install the mobile application. Today Instagram runs on three platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

How to delete posts on Instagram in Direct

There are other privacy settings related to the built-in messenger for the social network Instagram.

You can turn off notifications for a specific conversation. In the future, the system will not notify about new actions related to this correspondence.

You can also turn off all notifications associated with this mode on iPhone or other device. You will not know about new SMS until you enter the menu.

You have familiarized yourself with the features of this function and know how to delete a conversation in Direct on Instagram. Share with your friends and subscribers our article, and also follow our regular updates!

How to recover Instagram messages that have been deleted from your phone

None of the modern users of popular social networks is immune from a different plan of force majeure, from situations in which it becomes necessary to resolve the issue of how to restore messages in Instagram that have been deleted. If you follow the instructions and tips presented to your attention, there will be no problems with recovery.

On Android

Many users need to return messages that were sent and received via Direct. Such information is automatically saved on special servers of the social network, so it can be found on a PC, but also on a phone that runs on Android OS. To understand and then follow how to recover deleted messages in Instagram, you just need to click on the button with the settings located at the top and select the desired option in the menu presented.

You need to know that information with other users that was deleted by the command to undo the edit is not saved anywhere, therefore, it will not work to decide whether it can be returned. If the chat was deleted from one of the interlocutors, you can ask him to copy the correspondence and send it through the chat in the form of screenshots.

On iPhone

If it is necessary to return information data through the phone of this brand that have been deleted, you will need to use a special software that is understandable for users. Owners of modern iPhones have the opportunity to try restoring the application settings. This is a chat from iCloud or iTunes to Instagram.

For this purpose, you will need to use the special FoneLab application. There are different software, but few provide the necessary guarantees for the full return of the required information, and some are paid.

The undoubted advantage of these applications is the ability to solve the problem on a larger scale without any special problems. Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram messages? Yes, you can restore an individual chat, but the entire correspondence. The main condition for carrying out such a process is the presence of special root rights. This will allow the software to save the category files, but the APK, but also the messages in the chats.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages from Phone?

Quite often, users are faced with a situation when, due to a certain failure or inaccurate action, the correspondence with the user was completely deleted. If this happened, and the correspondence is urgently needed, you will need to choose one of the methods presented and carry out an effective and quick resuscitation of lost messages from the phone. There are two main options that are very popular:

  • Correspondence with users.
  • By contacting specialists.

If the user contacts the person from whom the messages were sent, he will be able to provide such assistance. This is the simplest and quickest option that allows you to quickly resolve the issues that have arisen.

Contacting specialists is no less convenient, but a safe option for getting lost correspondence. To carry out such an operation, you will need to go to the Help section and in the window that opens to your attention on the iPhone, indicate the problem to the support employee. If possible, specialists will definitely help and quickly return what was lost. As noted above, this is a reliable method, but will take relatively longer than getting help from the other person.

Summing up

You need to know that the social network and its well-thought-out functionality allows you to return lost or accidentally deleted information, but remove information on Android. If you do not want to receive messages from a specific user or group of subscribers, you can block it via direct and thanks to this you do not have to waste time on unnecessary manipulations, deleting or completely returning a chat with certain users.

On Android

If you have a smartphone of this OS, comments should be returned through the diagram:

  • Required to click on settings.
  • The option you need to work is selected.
  • After completing the operation, comments appear in the conversation that needed to be returned.

Please be aware that SMS data deleted via the cancel send command is not stored in memory. You cannot get them back. If the conversation is kept by the interlocutor, you should ask him to forward it, having previously made screenshots.

How to recover deleted messages on Instagram direct: on Android and iPhone

How to restore Instagram correspondence is a question that arises for social network users after deliberately or accidentally deleting conversations or individual comments. If force majeure happened, messages disappeared, you will need to carry out certain manipulations and return the content. The article describes the main methods of returning text and the benefits that are gained from these operations.

How to recover Instagram messages?

If the correspondence has disappeared, but you urgently need to return the information, you should act according to one of the action schemes presented below. With strict adherence to the instructions, it is possible to easily reanimate lost notifications. A clear scheme of action depends on which OS phone is in the user’s hands.

Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram messages?

The answer to this question can be given in the affirmative. Users can return all messages in a separate chat. The main condition is considered to be strict adherence to the instructions. If applications are used, then you should monitor the presence of special root-rights. This will save APK files and chat messages.

On iPhone

If you want to solve the question of how to recover deleted messages in Instagram, you need to act through special custom software. It’s about the FoneLab app. The sequence of actions in this case is as follows:

  • The utility is downloaded and installed;
  • Insta opens through it;
  • Go to the Direct section;
  • The required correspondence is selected;
  • Removal in progress.

This application is considered to be one of the most effective. There are other options, but not all provide the required guarantees for the return of information, and there are also paid options.

To return correspondence on a social network without any problems, you should conduct it correctly. Here are the rules for using Direct:

  • The section of the photo network with correspondence opens.
  • In the list of messages, slide your finger over the desired correspondence.
  • A couple of options will open to your attention.
  • Among them, you need to select Uninstall and activate it.
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All conversations cannot be removed at once. You will have to act in turn. After deleting, the conversation will not be visible in the list. It can only be returned using the method described above. Remote chat does not close communication with the selected user. Should write again and the conversation will start again.

Summing up

The well-thought-out functionality of Instagram is designed so that you can easily restore an accidentally deleted or lost text of correspondence. If after deleting the conversation, the iPhone or Android user does not have a desire to continue to communicate with the interlocutor, he can always be blocked.

Recover conversations on iPhone

For mobile devices running iOS, two applications are suitable: U.fone and Fucosoft service. Both tools require an iCloud connection and a computer. The first refers to computer programs that can be installed on Mac OS and Windows.

To restore a conversation in Direct via U.fone:

  • Download and install the program from the official website.
  • Open: iPhone Data Recovery
    – connect your smartphone via USB to your computer.
  • Click: “Start Scan
    “- a list of applications and files that can be restored will appear.
  • Select: App Document Instagram. wait for the end of the scanning process.
  • Select messages to download or restore.

In addition to downloading programs, the user can request a copy of the chat from the recipient. By deleting the correspondence on its side, sent and deleted messages are not seen by only one user. In the second Direct, all copies of received messages, photos are saved.

This method does not work for deleted text messages through the function: “Cancel sending
“. The message was deleted by two users at once, so it cannot be restored.

How to recover Instagram messages?

If the correspondence has disappeared, but you urgently need to return the information, you should act according to one of the action schemes presented below. With strict adherence to the instructions, it is possible to easily reanimate lost notifications. A clear scheme of action depends on which OS phone is in the user’s hands.

How to recover messages after deleting from a computer

Instagram has two ways to use Direct: from an app on Windows 10 and an Android emulator. In the first case, it will not be possible to return the lost data. For emulators, there are standard ways, as for mobile devices. install the “Recovery” application.

  • for Windows 10. the Backup for Instagram application;
  • for emulators. App Back Up.

Using the latter option, functions become available to the user: restore photos and videos, correspondence and initial data. The disadvantage is that the user has to install the program in advance in order to recover information.

How is the restoration of correspondence in Instagram:

  • Go to the installed Bluestacks emulator.
  • Click: “Play Market”
    – enter the name of the application in the search.
  • Wait for the installation to complete. open.
  • Click on the section: “Archive”
    – select the Instagram file.
  • Install.

The owner of the page must save the Instagram file beforehand in order to access the recovery. Also, you can set up automatic backups.

Recovering correspondence on Android

It is possible to recover deleted Instagram correspondence through third-party applications that create a copy of data from social networks.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible to return chats that were cleared before installing the application. Such services work to copy already available information without connecting to the official Instagram servers.

  • AppBackup: Restore Transfer. There is a selection of applications that need to be saved in APK format;
  • Super Backup. Also creates a file, but transfer to Google Drive is available;
  • Backup. Less functional because it may not work on different versions of Android.

How to restore correspondence with AppBackup:

  • Download and install AppBackup.
  • Open. tab: “Applications
  • Choose from the list: “Instagram
    »- Make a backup.

But this method is suitable for one time, if the owner of the device needs to save only one correspondence or some data from the social network.

For regular saving of the selected application, you need to set in the settings: “Automatic saving from the list
“. Below is the number of versions that will be created as a copy.

Is it possible to recover deleted Instagram messages?

The answer to this question can be given in the affirmative. Users can return all messages in a separate chat. The main condition is considered to be strict adherence to the instructions. If applications are used, then you should monitor the presence of special root-rights. This will save APK files and chat messages.

Lost correspondence in Direct Instagram. what to do

Private messages are stored on the app itself and on Instagram’s remote servers. Therefore, if the correspondence disappeared or was deliberately deleted from one interlocutor, it is most likely kept by the other. If the messages contained important information, then you can ask this user to copy them or send screenshots.

If the correspondence was not deleted on purpose, then you should try:

  • restart the device;
  • reinstall the Instagram app;
  • log out and log back into your profile.

Perhaps, after that, the missing messages will be displayed again. If not, then you can try to restore the correspondence on Instagram.

Methods for recovering deleted correspondence in direct Instagram

It is impossible to restore Instagram correspondence by official means. When deleting correspondence, the user is warned that the lost data cannot be returned. Therefore, there are only 2 ways to view an accidentally deleted chat.

How to delete an Instagram conversation?

How to delete Insta chat on Android?

Direct is a repository of dialogues on Instagram. Previously, communication on this social network was only through comments, but now you can correspond. The function has appeared relatively recently. With it, you can exchange disposable Stories with your interlocutor, send your favorite publications and just communicate.

In this case, he is depicted as an airplane.

Second step: click on the dialog you want to delete and hold.
A window pops up with a suggestion to delete the correspondence, disable notifications.

Note: after deletion, it is impossible to restore the correspondence.

How to delete an Instagram conversation

Tired of keeping old correspondence? Want to clean your account of unnecessary messages?

There are times when it is necessary for certain reasons to delete several posts on Instagram or the entire correspondence. How can this be done? This article will help you figure it out, find answers to your questions.

How to delete one message from an Instagram conversation?

The function of deleting a single message is not provided on Instagram (Instagram). But what if you want to take a screenshot without any message? The first thing to do is to see who sent the message.

  • In the case of sending from the interlocutor.

Let’s use Photoshop. You can also (in the absence of Photoshop) simply open Paint on your computer. As the simplest option, ask the user to repeat the dialogue specifically for the screenshot, or cancel sending the message. Read more about canceling messages below.

  • In case of sending from your side.

Instagram has a function to cancel sending a message. Using it, you can delete a message that was accidentally sent to the wrong user. It works both in a few seconds after sending, and in a month, a year. To use it, just open a dialog, hold the selected message and click “Cancel message sending”.

How to delete correspondence on Iphone (iPhone)?

Similar to the above described material, go to Direct. To do this, click on the icon marked on the screen.

After switching to Dialogues, swipe the desired dialogue to the left with your finger. The “Delete” window pops up. Click on it.

You won’t be able to delete a single message from the conversation, but you can cancel sending, just like on the Android system. We hold our message and click “Cancel sending”.

We hope our article will help you, we will be glad to your comments.

How to delete an Instagram conversation

Instagram users send personal notifications to each other from direct. This is a special section where chats with users are presented. Direct to Instagram is available from a mobile device and when working in a browser. Although in the latter case, in order to view the message history, you will need to fulfill special conditions for logging into your account. All correspondence with subscribers or just acquaintances is displayed as an individual dialogue. With a large flow of messages, it is sometimes necessary to clear the direct so that unnecessary information does not accumulate. How do I delete an Instagram conversation? In fact, this process is not difficult, you can carry it out from the phone of any operating system. But there will be slight differences in the actions.

Is it possible to recover deleted correspondence in Instagram

In the Telegram, it is allowed to send chats to the archive and restore with one click, if necessary. After the complete deletion of the correspondence, 5 seconds are given to cancel the rash action. This is convenient, and often helps out in case of a mistake. But there is no way to return deleted messages from Instagram to their place. The service is constantly overloaded due to the large number of users, and therefore free space for storing data is worth its weight in gold. For this reason, the developers did not implement the recovery option. This is not convenient for Instagrammers, but it is quite reasonable. Therefore, when making a decision, you need to think carefully.

How to delete a direct and prevent writing messages

Instargam is used by people all over the world. It is a social network for sharing multimedia information. People write posts, upload images and videos up to 1 minute long. Previously, these were the only ways to interact with others. But now it has become possible to maintain live and confidential communication. True, not everyone likes it when strangers constantly write to them in direct instagram. Stars and bloggers, with whom fans tirelessly want to communicate, are especially inconvenienced, which makes it necessary to prohibit sending messages for an individual.

If you want no one to even try to send messages, then it is enough to hide your account. Now, for any action, the Instagrammer must first request the right to subscribe. This will allow you to see messages in the direct only from subscribers.

There is another option, how to delete a message on Instagram and at the same time block an outsider or friend. This is done through a ban. Go to the person’s profile, select three points from the top and send the person to the ban. Blocked users will no longer be able to send you messages.

On the question of completely rejecting direct. This option is available to all Instagrammers, without exception, and is an official section of the photo network, like a feed or a home page. Therefore, you cannot refuse to accept notifications. Hiding your account will reduce the flow of messages, and if you do not add anyone to subscribers, then users will not be able to correspond with you without consent. This is the only thing that Instagram has to offer, otherwise it adheres to a policy of openness and all accessibility.

How to delete one message

How to delete posts on Instagram absolutely everything is already known, but is it possible to make a selective delete? For a long time, the photo network did not have such a function, and the entire chat had to be cleaned. Now you can selectively erase SMS. How to delete your post in Instagram directory:

  • On the screen, click on the social network icon.
  • Login to the messenger.
  • Go to the dialog box.
  • Find sent message.
  • Pinch it with your finger.
  • Click “Cancel Submission”.

You can only cancel your own messages, someone else’s message for editing is not available to you. Another nuance that many do not know about. cancellation does not make the letter disappear completely, it disappears only in your dialogue. Even the complete deletion of the correspondence will save the sent message in the direct of your interlocutor. Nothing can be done about this, than people who are accustomed to the convenient option in Viber are upset. In this messenger, it is allowed to withdraw the message from both yourself and your friend.

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Apple device owners are also interested in the question “How to delete messages in one chat on Instagram?”. For them, there is a simple instruction on how to clean direct on an iPhone:

  • Log in to the photo network.
  • Go to the aircraft section from the main page.
  • Select chat.
  • Pinch it with your finger to show the context menu.
  • Click on the delete option.

You can selectively clean chats, getting rid of irrelevant information, and also erase incoming SMS-ki that you don’t want to read. How to delete an Instagram message in direct does not depend on what device a person is using. Previously, the interface for Android and iPhone was different, but for convenience, the creators decided to make the network the same on all gadgets. Therefore, even if you are holding an apple phone in your hands for the first time, you shouldn’t have any difficulties cleaning chats.

How to remove an Instagram message from a direct message from a friend

How often do we send the wrong people, we quarrel and do not want to leave personal information to the enemy? Remote chat does not yet guarantee complete erasure of data from the database. You only get rid of cleared notifications for yourself, the interlocutor stores everything in direct.

The only way to root out what was sent is to ask your opponent to clear their incoming dialogue. If he goes to a meeting, then posts, publications, emoticons, voice and text notifications will disappear from the world wide web forever. This option is only suitable for interlocutors who get along and maintain a good relationship. If people are in a quarrel, then the only option is to submit a request to block the instagrammer because of offensive content. Then the moderators will be able to check the application and, if the requirements are met, remove all notifications.

How to delete a post on Instagram

The need to delete the sent SMS sometimes arises in people with an erroneous sending. And it doesn’t hurt to sometimes clean the direct from old unnecessary correspondence so as not to clog up the phone. Since how to carry out this operation on a mobile device or PC?

From android

If the user operates from a smartphone of this OS, he can use one of two options for deleting the correspondence. The first option for solving the question of how to delete posts on Instagram is to perform the following operations:

  • The required dialog opens.
  • The message is pinched.
  • Selected to cancel sending.
  • Confirmation of the operation is carried out.

An alternative method can be used if desired. It consists in performing actions:

  • It is required to go to direct;
  • You need to find the necessary dialogue;
  • You should click on the conversation and hold;
  • The required option is selected in the menu window that opens;
  • Confirmation of the operation.

After carrying out the listed manipulations, the correspondence will not be reflected in the list of conversations. Getting rid of the conversation does not close the possibility of further communication with the person. You can send SMS to him according to the standard scheme.

How to delete Instagram messages to direct from the interlocutor right away: on Android and iPhone

How to delete Instagram correspondence is a question that allows the user to get rid of unnecessary information that takes up the smartphone’s memory. This is the only purpose for which such an operation should be carried out. There is no point in deleting so that the message is simultaneously removed from the interlocutor, since this is impossible. The article provides information on how the manipulation is carried out and what advantages are provided.


A similar option for clearing memory is available to users who regularly update the social network. If it is necessary to carry out the removal selectively, you will have to act according to the schemes presented above.

Acting according to the described instructions, a person can remove from the memory of a social network and a gadget not only selective sentences, but full-fledged correspondence with one user or a group of interlocutors. For the reason that it is impossible to return back what was deleted. If there are photos in the correspondence, they should first be saved in your gallery, otherwise everything will disappear.


In this case, you should consider the option of getting rid of one message. Instructions for resolving the issue of how to delete the correspondence in the insta, in a similar situation, is as follows:

  • A section with dialogs opens.
  • It is necessary to move into the conversation that must disappear.
  • One dialog is selected with a simultaneous finger hold on it.
  • After that, a window pops up where the required option is clicked.

Having completed these manipulations, the person gets rid of unnecessary correspondence that takes up the memory of the smartphone.

How to remove an Instagram message from a direct message from a friend?

If everything is clear with deleting a conversation in your own profile, then the answer to how to remove messages from your interlocutor can only be negative. The only option for solving the problem is to send a request to the interlocutor to carry out an operation to delete in the profile. There is no other option.

This rule automatically applies to both text and photos and sent videos that you previously wanted to see. This is content that was previously sent to the user.

Such a request is motivated by the desire of the account owner to permanently eliminate traces of previous correspondence and, as a rule, a violation of relations. If it is impossible to get an answer from the interlocutor, you can act in a different way, click on the “i” icon. After clicking on it, the attention will be presented with two options for action:

  • Complain. this option is suitable if the notifications sent are offensive.
  • Block. a universal option.

After selecting the desired option, as an addition, you need to click on OK, which is considered a confirmation of the selected action in the application. With the right manipulation, unwanted users will no longer bother the account owner. They won’t be able to send him texts.

Is it possible to restore deleted correspondence in Instagram?

The answer to this question can only be given in the negative. You cannot restore previously deleted correspondence. For this reason, it is worth exercising the utmost vigilance when performing deletion of user data.

The only way to return a conversation to Android is to address the interlocutor in person. If the relationship with him has not been spoiled, it is likely that the dialogue is present in his profile. You can write and ask this person to make screenshots of important moments and copies of previously sent images and videos.

How to delete an Instagram conversation?

When performing such an operation, first of all, you need to go to the photo network and go to your own direct. Here correspondence with interlocutors opens to attention. It is necessary to perform actions:

  • The desired conversation is selected in the section.
  • Clicking on it.
  • A menu appears where you need to select the Delete option.

If there is no need to delete the conversation, you can remove one message with the user from the conversation. In such a case, you need to go to the correspondence, select a target and in the Cancel sending menu. The name of such an option shouldn’t be confusing. The word Dispatch is considered exclusively nominal. The written and sent message has already been received by the user and read.

On the computer

To remove chat from a computer or laptop, you must first install the BlueStacks emulator (or any other) on your device. The procedure is similar to the actions in the mobile application: select the chat and destroy it with a long press. But, to avoid confusion, let’s analyze the cleaning scheme again.

We go into the downloaded emulator, click on the Instagram icon. We open direct by clicking on the already familiar paper plane. Hover the cursor over the dialog that needs to be deleted. We make a click with the left mouse button, select the “Delete” line from the list. The sequential implementation of these steps will solve the problem of how to delete Instagram correspondence in direct from PC.

You can only destroy a conversation on a computer using a third-party program. The developers of the social network said that they do not plan to introduce the function of deleting SMS for the desktop version.

How to delete messages on Instagram: clear dialogue or “SMS” from the interlocutor. an overview

Since the opportunity to communicate with other users appeared in the photo hosting, users are faced with the question of how to delete posts on Instagram. To start chatting with any Instagrammer, in the upper right corner of the feed you need to click on the airplane icon.

You can correspond with one person, or with a group of people at the same time. The function includes forwarding multimedia content, accounts of other bloggers, posts from the news feed, etc.

From time to time you need to put things in order in chats or erase your correspondence so that someone else does not read it. Removal is carried out using the built-in functionality. We will tell you how to clear the entire chat or erase individual SMS-ki on your smartphone and PC.

In what situations you may need to delete correspondence

As already noted, you can view notifications sent to Direct by clicking on the paper airplane icon. It is located on the top panel of the news feed, on the right.

We’ll talk about how to remove an Instagram post from a direct message later. First, let’s find out in what situations this should be done:

  • sending SPAM from various advertising profiles;
  • an excess of chats that leads to confusion;
  • deletion of the account by the interlocutor;
  • typos in the process of typing;
  • wrong recipient choice.

Messages sent via Direct can be proHonor only by recipients. Photos, videos and other content from personal correspondence cannot be posted to the profile.

How to form a group of recipients

You can send content that disappears after viewing, both to one person and to a group of people. If you select several users, then a disappearing video or image will “fly” to each of them. This will allow you to not think about how to delete SMS in Instagram in the future. There are only three steps to create a recipient group:

  • click on the display (in the upper right part) the “New group” button;
  • select users with whom we want to start a conversation;
  • press the “Create” button.

Once a recipient group is created, you can share disappearing files with multiple people at once. Another important point: you can send disappearing photos and videos only to your followers or users with whom a dialogue was previously opened.

How to delete an individual post on Instagram

In photo hosting, you can erase individual SMS-ki, which allows you to save some important conversations. To get rid of a specific message, we perform the following actions:

  • on the main page of the insta we find the plane icon (in the upper right part of the screen);
  • choose the correspondence with the instagrammer;
  • move on to multimedia content or text content that needs to be removed;
  • hold your finger on a photo, video or text until a window “pops up” on the display;
  • select the item “Cancel message sending”.

A user who does not know how to delete Instagram posts should follow all these steps. After pressing the “Cancel sending” button, the information will disappear from the dialog. But in the conversation, the content of the person you sent it to will remain.

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How To Delete Instagram Messages on iPhone and Android

You can only erase files and texts that have been sent by you. Photo and video materials sent by other Instagrammers cannot be destroyed. You can only select the “Complain” item to inform the admins that the interlocutor is behaving indecently.

Now we know how to delete an Instagram conversation. But how to make the information disappear not only from you, but also from your interlocutor? Let’s find out now.

How to delete all correspondence in a few clicks

Cleaning up Instagram chats is best done from a smartphone. And it doesn’t matter what operating system the mobile phone runs on (iOS, Android and Windows). This must be done through the official application of the social network, since in the browser version it will not be possible to quickly complete the deletion process.

But we will analyze two cleaning methods. from a smartphone and from a personal computer. Further instructions will allow you not to puzzle over how to delete Instagram posts in direct.

How to send messages that disappear on their own after reading

The photo hosting provides the function of sending content, which disappears automatically after viewing. This function is intended for users to take care in advance about how to delete messages on Instagram.

Photos or videos sent to Direct will disappear immediately after being viewed by the recipient. Photo and video materials cannot be found in the folder with incoming messages. Exceptions are situations when the sender himself specifies the permission to re-view in the settings.

To send the disappearing file to the interlocutor, you need to click on the icon of the paper plane. At the bottom of the display, find the line “Camera”, which shows the camera. By pressing this button, we take photos or record a short video. We select the user to whom we want to send the file. In the settings, do not forget to indicate the number of views available to the recipient. Allowing re-viewing will automatically make the video loop, and the recipient will be able to view it again.

On a smartphone

To remove unnecessary chat from the list of dialogs in Insta on your phone, you need to make a few clicks. Even a beginner can do this, it is important to follow a step-by-step algorithm of actions:

  • log into your account in the Instagram application;
  • we swipe to the right on the display to go to Direct;
  • we find unnecessary conversation in the chat list;
  • click on the dialogue and hold for about 2-3 seconds;
  • in the window that appears on the screen, select the “Delete” item (the correspondence will disappear immediately).

The photo hosting does not provide the function of selecting several chats at the same time. To clear all irrelevant conversations, you need to select them in turn and click on the “Delete” key. If during the procedure we encountered an error, we check the quality of the connection or reboot the device.

Before we move on to the next point on how to delete Instagram correspondence from a PC, we will highlight one more important point. Conversations that have been deleted cannot be restored. Therefore, we recommend that you copy the text from important messages before cleaning.

Clear all correspondence

By deleting the entire dialogue at once, the owner of the profile will not be able to restore it. The only way is to install backup apps in advance.

  • Open direct, the icon of which is located in the upper right corner of the display.
  • Find the desired chat in the list.
  • Hold your finger on the line until the drop-down menu appears.
  • Click on the red “Delete” icon.
  • Confirm deletion in pop-up window.

This tutorial is suitable for both iOS and Android users. After deleting the correspondence, there will no longer be an interlocutor in the dialogs. To start communicating with him again, you need to write to direct. To do this, open his profile and click on the “Send message” icon.

How to delete one message

You can only delete a message in Yandex.Direct if you “Cancel sending”. over, if the recipient has already opened the correspondence, he will be able to read the text or take a screenshot. You can clear dialogues from both Android and iPhone.

  • Open Instagram. log in.
  • Go to the Feed. click on the icon in the form of a paper airplane “Direct”.
  • Open correspondence. click on an unnecessary message, hold your finger.
  • A menu will open where you should select the item “Cancel sending”.

To delete an Instagram message from Android or iPhone, you can use the gesture function. swipe to the side.

  • To do this, you need to open the application.
  • Go to Direct. open the required dialog.
  • Make a swipe from right to left and click “Delete”.

You can delete Instagram conversations on iPhone and Android in the same way. In this regard, the application works on all operating systems with a set of standard functions. In 2019, the Instagram developers have not yet introduced the function to delete other people’s posts. Therefore, to clean them, you should ask the interlocutor about this.

That is, if the message has already been viewed by the interlocutor, then it will be deleted only from your dialogue, it can only be deleted from it if the sending was canceled before the dialogue was opened by the opponent.

How to delete posts on Instagram

You can delete Instagram correspondence on Android in different ways: clear the entire conversation or a separate message.

Make a backup before deleting

So that in the future there is no lost information, you can save messages.

How to back up your Instagram chat for Android users:

  • Download Titanium Backup App from Google Play.
  • Run the program.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Instagram backup”.
  • Wait for the end of copying.

The program does not save individual chats, but completely all correspondence in the social network. To run the application with all correspondence, you need to open a special file in the APK format. It is located in the folder with the “Titanium Backup” program. After that, you can run the application with all the recovered correspondence.

IPhone users can restore chat using iCloud. To do this, you need to download the FoneLab program from the AppStore. In the settings, you need to create a copy of the Instagram application. Then click on the archive with the program and upload it to iCloud. Then, if necessary, download the file and unzip it. The application will contain all correspondence with users.

Delete Instagram correspondence on Android using standard tools. But you need to remember that the interlocutor may have a copy of the correspondence.

How to delete Instagram Stories that won’t load on your phone

How do I delete an Instagram story if it doesn’t load on my phone? You can erase problem records directly from the “Stories” section, where the records are stored for no more than 24 hours, and from the “Relevant” section, where they are sent for subsequent storage. The need to delete the post may be required if there are problems with the download due to technical failures of the social network, or if the post on Instagram was made by accident.

On iPhone

The process of deleting stories on iPhone is similar, just select an entry in the desired section (current stories, “Actual” or “Archive”), call the context menu and use the “Delete” button to completely erase the content from your account.

On Android

How to delete an Instagram story if archived on an Android smartphone:

  • Go to your profile home page.
  • Open the side menu with the three-bar button.
  • Select the “Archive” section.
  • You will see a list of all stories that were automatically archived after 24 hours from the date of publication.
  • Select the entry you want.
  • Open the context menu with the three-dot button.
  • Select the “Delete” item, then press the button again to confirm your intention to delete the record.

After the performed manipulations, the history will be automatically deleted not only from the archive, but also from all sections where it ever appeared.

How to delete Instagram story on your phone

If, for one reason or another, you no longer need a story published on a social network, you can delete it until it disappears on its own (after 24 hours from the moment of publication, if automatic posting to the “Relevant” section is not configured).

To erase the history on our own on the phone, we follow a series of simple steps:

  • Open your personal profile on the social network by clicking on your avatar image in the bottom menu.
  • We click on the avatar, which is in the upper left part of the screen.
  • The downloaded story will open.
  • To call the context menu, you must click on the button with three dots, it is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Delete” among the proposed items.
  • Confirm Content Removal.

Keep in mind that the history is permanently deleted, there is no possibility for users to restore it in the future.

Which is not published

To delete a history that is not published for one reason or another, you can independently wait for an error message to appear with access to the download cancel button. Additionally, you can perform a number of actions to force stop the download:

  • After starting to publish content, disconnect the Internet connection using the top menu in the smartphone (deactivation of both mobile and wireless connections is required).
  • After a few minutes, reactivate the network connection.
  • Now the message “Failed to load” appears next to the published content.
  • In the upper right corner of the publication, click on the image with three dots to open the context menu.
  • Select the item “Delete“.

How to delete a story from Instagram

It is necessary to clear your page on a social network of unnecessary Stories when changing content, when it becomes necessary to hide information from unauthorized users and subscribers, when deleting a profile on a social network.

Removal can be done in three ways:

  • Canceling the loading of content if it has not yet been loaded on your page;
  • Clearing the “Actual” and “Archive” sections.
  • Clearing Stories after publication.

Deletion during the download of history is possible only if the user of the social network publishes large content. In this case, the record takes a long time to load, as a result, it is possible to click on the “Cancel” button. Deleting history during publication is also available when connecting to a network with an unstable and low speed, when downloading the user receives an error message, after which you can repeat the download or cancel it.

Which does not load

How to delete Instagram Stories that won’t load? The problem with downloading content can be associated with some actions on the part of the user or with technical failures in the social network. The most common download problems are caused by:

  • A social network user deleted a photo or video from the gallery before the files were uploaded to the story;
  • The mobile gadget is connected to the network with an unstable and slow speed;
  • Technical failures on Instagram servers;

The downloaded file does not meet the established requirements of the social network: large weight, duration, size, resolution, etc.

If an error occurs while loading stories, a red line will appear at the bottom of the loading window, notifying of the problem, as well as a proposal to remove the content or try to download it again.