How to delete a folder from Samsung phone

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung from Cloud

Samsung Cloud and Google Drive provide users with cloud storage for storing Samsung files, including text messages. If you’ve synced your SMS messages to a cloud account, you can even get them back without backing up this way.

Here’s how: (The buttons may differ on some Samsung devices.)

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  • Find out and click “Cloud and Account”.
  • Select “Samsung Cloud”.
  • Select “Messages”.
  • Click “Cart”.
  • Select the text conversation you need.
  • Click RESTORE NOW to recover deleted texts in your galaxy.

It also has a Google Drive Trash feature. You can try to recover lost SMS from Google. Deleted files can be stored in the “Recycle Bin” for some time. (Google stores 30 days.)

Keep in mind that you need to enable message sync before data loss.

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy to Cloud?

How to Recover Deleted Texts on Samsung with Samsung Data Recovery

Data loss usually happens by accident and we never have time to back up files. If you lose text messages on your Samsung Galaxy without backup, the easiest way to recover deleted texts is. use the best professional Android recovery tool. Samsung Data Recovery.

The software supports almost all Samsung devices on the market, including Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5, Galaxy Note 9/8/7/6, Galaxy A series, J series, etc. It also convenient for other Android brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Sony and others.

With Samsung Data Recovery, you can:

(1) Get music, videos, pictures and documents from SD card losslessly (no root).

(2) Recover SMS, contacts, call logs, media files and documents from internal memory and from SIM card (requires root access).

(3) Recover deleted data without backup in 3 steps.

Please note that you need to root your Samsung Galaxy first. Otherwise, the program will not be able to access the internal memory. This means that it cannot recover lost text messages on your Samsung Galaxy. So, root is required for data recovery. If the phone is rooted you can follow these steps.

Free software download:

Steps to recover deleted texts on Samsung:

Steps 1: Connect Samsung Phone to Computer.

After downloading the program, launch it and connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer with a USB cable. Then enable USB debugging as prompted. Follow the onscreen instructions for the program to recognize your Samsung Galaxy. After that, you can see the interface as shown below. Click “Next” and continue.

delete, folder, samsung, phone

View and select lost text messages.

Now you can go to the Messages folder, view all the text conversations and select the texts you want to receive. Please check them. (Deleted texts are marked in red.)

Start Downloading Deleted Texts to PC.

After selection, you can tap on the “Restore” button. Select a local folder to store the recovered SMS. Then the deleted texts are restored to your computer.

Note: This software is used to recover data in normal situations. Some people also want to recover files from broken Samsung screen You can read this article: Recover Data on Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen

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Information about professional Android data recovery software

Get back lost or deleted photos, videos, audio files, contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, WhatsApp, documents from Android phone and SD card on your Android device.

Recover lost data for Android phone due to accidental deletion, factory restore, system crash, forgot password, flashing ROM, rooting, etc.

Preview and spot check to get back lost or deleted data from Android smartphone and tablet.

Restore Android phone system to normal state such as frozen, broken, black screen, virus attack, locked screen and retrieve data from dead / broken internal memory of Android phone,

Almost all Android smartphones and tablets are supported, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, Sharp, Windows phone, etc.

Download a free trial of this software to your computer.

How to Delete Conversation on Samsung?

To delete a conversation, go to “Messages” and long press to select the conversation that you want to delete.

The selection menu is activated, where you can mark other conversations that require deletion, and then click on the icon with the trash can in the upper right corner of the screen.

When asked “Delete conversations?” you must click on the “Delete” button.

Recover deleted texts on Samsung from telecom operators

Many carriers keep users’ text messages, call logs and other personal data for 3 to 6 months, so you can recover deleted text on Samsung from your carrier. However, like ATT, T-mobile, Verizon and other mobile operators collect your personal information mainly for political purposes. It can be difficult to recover deleted Samsung SMS message this way.

over, you may have to pay for it. But you can try this by logging into your cellular carrier’s website and finding your Samsung text messages. You can also ask their support team for help.

How to Delete SMS from Samsung Phone

Extra: how to avoid repeated data loss?

Completed data recovery, don’t forget to back up your Samsung Galaxy if you don’t want to lose data again. Data loss always happens unexpectedly. In this case, you may have no time to back up your files. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your Samsung data daily. You can use this professional software. Samsung Messages Backup to Backup Android Files to Computer with One Click.

You can download the program for free and try:

Here is the main interface of the program, you can use it to backup and restore Android files on computer intuitively.

Choose one method you like to get deleted Samsung texts. Keep in mind that there are two things that are more important than data recovery. in case of data loss permanently, you need to stop using Samsung Galaxy after accidental data loss, and you should get into the habit of backing up Samsung files to daily after returning the lost data.

How to Recover Lost Data on Broken or Dead Android Phone

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How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy Series?

How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Tablet?

Best Ways to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone in 2019

Samsung File Manager. how to manage Samsung files efficiently?

Remove specific photos from gallery

  • Turn on your Samsung Galaxy phone and tap on the Gallery app.
  • All pictures, photos and videos will be displayed here.
  • Press and hold the photo you want to delete and mark other photos you like.
  • Click on “Delete” to delete photos from your Samsung phone.

How to Delete Albums on Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you delete the whole album from your device, it will delete all the photos contained in the selected album folder. Basically, the images taken from the camera are stored in the camera album, the downloaded images are stored in the Downloads section, the WhatsApp images are stored in the WhatsApp folder etc. Therefore, if you delete any folder, it will delete all images from that particular folder. It’s easy and your phone will be streamlined.

Open the menu and click “Gallery”.

Select an organization and click “Albums” to get all the images in their respective folders.

Press and hold any folder and tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner.

Select “Delete” and it should completely remove the selected folder from your phone.

How to Delete Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 / S6 Permanently

, such as the S8, S7 or Note 8 have decent cameras, so taking photos with your phone is a good idea. Typically, hundreds of high quality images can be stored on your Samsung Galaxy phone. But when the storage runs out, you will no longer be able to store new photos or data. In this case, you will have to delete some photos from the device, and then you can save the new data. However, if you are selling or upgrading an old phone, it is advised to delete photos permanently so that no one can view photos with data recovery tools.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to delete photos on Samsung Galaxy phones in three ways. However, you can use the same methods to erase photos from any other Android smartphones as they all work and have the same functionality. So let’s see how to delete photos on Samsung Galaxy phones in detail.

Set up back up photos to Google Photos

  • Sign in to your google account first.
  • Go to Settings, then Google, on your phone, then Backup & Sync and tap Done to complete the process.
  • This will back up your photos and videos to Google Drive on your Samsung phone.

Note. However, this method has a drawback. Deleted photos in Google Drive can only be stored for 60 days. before they are permanently deleted.

Guide to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung

Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Create / Delete Folder With My Files

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If you have a Google Drive backup of your photos, here’s how you can recover deleted images on Samsung.

  • Open the Google Photos or Photos app on your Samsung phone.
  • You will need to click on the drawer icon. three parallel lines. in the upper left corner of the app.
  • From here, select the trash can and view the files.
  • After making the decision, select the photos you want to recover and click “Recover” to return to your phone.

scan all photos on Samsung Galaxy phone

Select “Erase Private Data” from the top menu bar and click the “Erase” button to thoroughly scan your device. It will take a while, depending on how many photos are on your phone right now. Wait and leave your phone well connected to your computer.

How to fix the situation with data synchronization and delete files from your smartphone permanently

If you need to delete data to free up memory or for any other reason, you just need to get rid of the reason for data recovery. Data sync is just a feature that can be turned off. You just need to determine which program or application is responsible for its operation. The paths to the settings may differ in different phones, but in most cases the settings are very similar to each other.

Most often, media files, photos and videos are recovered. The synchronization function in this case is often found in the gallery settings.

    Open the Gallery environment and tap on the icon with a vertical ellipsis.

Tap on the icon with a vertical ellipsis

Select the item “Settings”.

We transfer the toggle switch from the item “Synchronization of photos and videos” to the inactive position, then restart the phone.

We remove the toggle switch of the item “Synchronization of photos and videos”

Synchronization is removed in the same way in the messages menu.

    Go to the “Settings” messages.

Open the menu “Synchronization with”.

In the “Synchronization with” menu, turn off the data storage toggle switches

  • Disable the toggle switch for storing and restoring messages on the phone.
  • Wider and general opportunities for synchronization are provided by a Google account. It can store a ton of data from your smartphone and restore it without the owner’s special consent.

      In the smartphone settings, open the tab with the Google account.

    Open Google accounts in the phone settings

    Selecting the current account from the list.

    We uncheck the necessary items of the synchronized data, and then click “Synchronize” so that the information in the cloud is properly overwritten.

    Uncheck the boxes and click “Synchronize”

  • We reboot the smartphone and repeat the procedure for deleting unnecessary data.
  • On later versions of Android, you can turn off sync faster.

      Open the smartphone settings and go to the “Synchronization” item.

    In the settings of the smartphone, click “Synchronization”

    Turn off the “Auto-sync data” toggle switch, then reboot the device.

    We remove the toggle switch with automatic synchronization and restart the smartphone