How to cut ringtone on Samsung

How to cut mp3 music on computer: programs and online services

Do you want your favorite melody to accompany you always and everywhere, do you want to create a unique audio composition from several musical “cuts”? A variety of special programs and online applications will help you create your own musical masterpiece.

creates a backing track in any key

The first service, the functionality of which allows you to remove a voice from a song online, is the Resource format allows you to work with audio files no more than 50 megabytes in size, while the quality of the results obtained varies from song to song.

  • To use the functionality of the service, go to resource.cut;
  • Click on the “Select file” button, and specify the service path to the audio file on your hard disk.
  • After downloading your file will be processed, you can listen to the result, and if the latter is acceptable, you can download the file by clicking on “Download”.

Vocalremover chokes voice

The third service that allows you to remove words from a song online and leave only music is Vocalremover. Note that it does not work on all browsers, on Chrome it worked without problems, and on Firefox, for some reason, refused to process the downloaded file.

  • The principle of working with it is similar to the services described above: click on the inscription “Download audio file”.
  • We indicate the path to the corresponding file on your disk, wait for the end of processing.
  • We listen to the result, and then download it to our PC.

Vocal Remover Pro

An English-language resource that allows you to remove vocals from a song, while the online service has built-in the ability to create a karaoke file from a video.

  • To work with it go to it.
  • Click on “Browse” (or enter the link to the video in the corresponding field), specify the path to the required audio file on the disk for the resource, enter the verification code, and then click on the button “Create Karaoke Track”.
  • After the end of processing, you will be able to listen and download the result obtained (by clicking on Download).

Online services

If you need to cut one or two songs, you can do it without programs. There are a large number of resources that allow you to work with music online. The set of functions of such sites allows you to trim songs, cut out a section to create a ringtone, and you can also glue different fragments of a composition. Online services support major music formats. mp3, wav, aac, flac and others.

To search for the desired resource, it is enough to create a search request for trimming music in the browser and select the site you like from the list.

Then download the song, format it and save the result to your computer. The procedure is quite simple.

As you can see, there are several ways to work with audio compositions. For constant work with music, it is better to download and install special software. If you need to cut one or two songs, then it is more advisable to use online services.

will remove vocals from a song

Another service to make a high-quality backing track is.

  • The algorithm for working with it is similar to that described above. you click on the “Browse” button, specify the path to the audio file for the service, and then click on “Download”.
  • After downloading the audio file, you must click on the “Make a crush” button, listen to the result, and then click on “Download the resulting file”.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Set MP3 Song as a Ringtone

Trim songs online

The Internet is teeming with various data processing sites, on some of them you can convert documents, on others you can change images. But we are only interested in those that allow you to quickly and easily cut music to the desired size.

How to trim a song to ring from your Android phone?

We often store dozens and even hundreds of MP3 songs on our smartphones. However, none of them are suitable for the call. Do you want to listen to the intro, which is often very long, as a ringtone? This is why trimming the music is imperative. It allows you to get rid of the intro and first verse. As a result, a perky chorus will sound during the call. How to cut a song from your phone. read below.

Application use

On Google Play, you can download about a dozen programs for free to trim an MP3 file. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Ringtone Maker is quite an advanced application. Directly from it, you can assign a ringtone to a specific contact. Also, sorting of music is conveniently implemented here, which can be carried out by albums, performers and tracks.
  • Cut Song Music Editor. the creators of this utility have incorrectly translated its name, but the essence of its work is easy to grasp. This Android music cutter supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and M4A formats. Here, too, directly from the application, you can assign a ringtone for one purpose or another.
  • Cutting ringtones. has a nice interface. Often, you can open this application even from other programs that are used to edit sound files.
  • Ringdroid is a utility that has existed since 2008. It differs not only in its freeness, but also in the complete absence of advertising. The program works stably on operating systems starting from Android 3.0. And on the developer’s site you can find older versions of the application that even support the ancient Android 2.0.
  • Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor is the simplest program that supports many music formats. Allows you not only to cut files, but also immediately assign them to an alarm, a notification signal or a call. There is also an opportunity to share the resulting ringtone with friends.
  • Ringtone Slicer / Maker MP3. at the time of this writing, the program was in beta status. However, it already copes with its task well, providing the user with basic functionality and an excellent interface. Supports several common formats, and the Russian language greatly simplifies the creation of a ringtone.
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We will show you the process of trimming a song using Ringtone Maker MP3 Editor as an example. So, download, install and run this program, then perform the following manipulations:

Select the song from which you want to create a ringtone. Clicking on the name of the track starts listening to it. You also need to click on the vertical ellipsis, which will display a context menu.

Click on “Edit”.

You are now in the section where the track is being edited. Here you can see the graphical sound waves. You need to select a fragment that will be used as a ringtone. For this purpose, the limiters are intended, each of which has three vertical stripes drawn. You can start playback of the selected area by pressing the corresponding green button located at the bottom of the screen. Scaling the music track is carried out by pressing the buttons with the magnifying glass.

When you’re done, click the Set as ringtone button. Or “Save” if you just want to save the trimmed composition.

You will be prompted to choose what you want to use the cropped composition for. “Ringtone”. ringtone, “Notification”. notification sound, “Alarm”. alarm clock. Make your choice and click on the “Ok” button.

That’s all! The melody is saved. You can exit the application.


Previously, trimming a musical composition required such resources that cell phone owners could only dream of, so a computer was used. Well, now we have a device in our that is not inferior in its characteristics to a good laptop. Unsurprisingly, you can easily find a music trimmer app on Google Play. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

There are two most common ways to trim a song on onboard Android devices:

Let’s take a look at both of these ringtone making methods.

Use of online services

In theory, you can do without helper applications. It is enough to open an Internet browser and go to a special site that allows you to trim the song online. The most popular resources of this kind are:

  • allows you not only to cut songs, but also to join them. There are also functions for recording sound and converting (both audio and video). Interestingly, it is not at all necessary to upload a song here from the device. you can send the song from your page to or use the cloud service.
  • is the most simplified service. There is nothing superfluous on it, only means for trimming the composition. MP3 and AMR formats supported.
  • is another service that has nothing superfluous. But it supports many more formats. And the number of functions here is slightly more. you can even adjust the volume of the final file.

Let’s try cutting a melody using To do this, you must perform the following actions:

Go to using the browser you usually use.

Click on the “Download” button.

You will be presented with a list of applications. Choose the one with which it is most convenient for you to choose a musical composition. In our case, it will be the preinstalled “Documents” program.

Select the MP3 file you want to trim.

Wait until it finishes uploading to the site.

Then use the markers to highlight the fragment that will sound during the call. Select the save format. in the case of the Android operating system, it should be MP3. Click the “Make Ringtone” button.

Click the Download button.

Look for your melody in the Download folder. You can move it from there to another folder and perform other actions using any file manager.

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This completes the trimming of online music! This method works not only on smartphones, but also on tablets, desktops, laptops and many other devices that can access the Internet.

How to trim a ringtone on Samsung?

  • Select the song you need from the list available on your phone.
  • Listen to it if necessary. Highlight the part in the sound wave that you want to leave.
  • The upper slider should be placed at the beginning of the new composition, and the lower one. at its end.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

How to cut a song and put on a call on Samsung?

How to trim a song to ring on an Android phone?

  • Enter the word audio editor in the search bar, then press the enter key.
  • Here is a list of audio editors for every taste.
  • Install.
  • We launch the application and see the menu on the main screen.
  • We provide permissions if necessary.
  • We see a list of songs.
  • Next. “Cut with a detailed interface”.

How to set a ringtone in Xiaomi?

How to set your own ringtone and SMS

  • Select the menu item “Settings”
  • Select the menu item “Advanced”
  • Select the menu item “Melody”
  • Select the menu item “Melody” again
  • Click on the blue round “Phone” icon
  • Select a melody from the list or click “Browse”
  • Record your melody or select a track
  • Select a track from your library and click “OK”

How to Make Ringtone on iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds, Tactile Alerts menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

How to cut a song to ring on Android?

Select a song, tap on it to highlight it. With the help of the Play icon, we can listen to it. If you know for sure that you need to cut this particular melody, click on the icon highlighted in red in the screenshot. Now select the desired fragment from the song (arrows are used), if necessary, you can listen to it here.

How to trim a music track?

The process of trimming a song in Audio Trimmer is very simple:

  • Choose mp3 or any other audio file on your computer.
  • The sound will start playing immediately if your browser supports this feature. Otherwise click “Download”.
  • Drag the handles to select the part you want to remove and click Crop.

Call settings on Samsung Galaxy Android 2020 phone

Hey! The website is online. Today, you will learn how to set up calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily change your incoming or outgoing call settings. Missed calls, waiting, forwarding, second, voice, parallel call, ringtone, notifications, screen, call barring, sounds, blocking, etc. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Drove!

On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Phone icon and click on it.

ringtone, samsung

Further, on this page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you can customize your call settings. Below we will take a closer look at each parameter.

Blocking numbers. Here you can enable or disable blocking of unknown subscribers. You can add a phone number to the black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

Signals and ringtone. Here you can customize:

  • Vibration when responding;
  • Vibration when finished;
  • Signal when a call is connected;
  • Signal at the end of a call;
  • Notifications during a call;
  • Set a ringtone for SIM cards 1 and 2;
  • Select vibration alert;
  • Vibration during a call;
  • Keyboard sounds.

Answering and ending calls. You can include:

  • Speaking of the subscriber’s name. With Bluetooth headset or wired headset only;
  • Answering a call by pressing the Home key;
  • Automatic call acceptance. Automatically answer incoming calls after a set time if a headset or bluetooth device is connected;
  • End call. Power key.

Quick replies. You can create messages to quickly reply to SMS without entering text. Enter any entry in the field, for example: How are you? Click on the plus sign on the right to add a template.

Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

ringtone, samsung
  • Service provider;
  • Voicemail parameters, number;
  • Notifications. Alert Style, Sound, Vibration, Icon Indicators, Lock Screen, Ignore Do Not Disturb.
  • Hide contacts without numbers. Display only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the Contacts tab;
  • Information about the subscriber. Displays the latest contact information for each caller;
  • Help with roaming. Roaming Assistant allows you to make calls to your home country while traveling abroad;
  • Select the country automatically. Automatic application of the home country code when calling contacts you have already called before;
  • Always call to a roaming country;
  • Ask every time you call.
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Information about the phone. Here you can find out:

  • Phone version;
  • Call version;
  • Open source licenses.

You can enable calls in the pop-up window. Show current calls in a pop-up window instead of hovering over the screen while using other apps.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

How to solve this problem on Android

Some Android models only play MP 3 sounds, while others can play all. If the melody is heard by the player in the phone, then the device is functioning normally.

Read the instructions suitable for any smartphone model:

  • Using a file manager. It is recommended to use both the built-in explorer and the app downloaded from the official source. For example, ES Explorer. Then you should open the root folder with the track and press for a few seconds. A menu will open, then click “Set as ringtone“. If this item is not in the device model, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, the expanded capabilities of the gadget will open.
  • Through a standard player. Let’s open the built-in player. Next, we find the folder in which the desired track is located. We hold down until the context menu is displayed. Here we click “set to call”. Instead of the built-in player, use third-party programs to play songs.
  • Through OS installations. You can get into them through the main menu of the smartphone. Here we select the sub-item “Sound”, then “Vibration signal”. Click “Ringtone“, look for the desired song from the list and install it.
  • For non-rooted devices, you need to create a folder. It must be located in the internal memory of the gadget or on a memory card. Its name is media / audio / ringtones. A subsection of this folder should be created for the selected purpose of the composition: alarms. for an alarm clock, notifications. for a notification. If the owner has root rights, transfer the melody to system / media / audio.
  • To place a track on the selected contact. To do this, visit the corresponding menu, find the right person, hold down his name. In the drop-down menu, click “Change”, after. “Ringtone”. If the device does not have this feature, download the Rings Extended utility on Google Play.

Android ringtone won’t install: main reasons

Putting music on your device is easy. The platform’s ergonomics are carefully thought out and the interface is clear. But on the forums there are many topics where the owners are interested in why music is not put on a call on Android.

  • features of setting up the OS for a particular gadget;
  • incorrect ringtone format;
  • user errors;
  • “Glitch” of the OS itself.

The methods for solving the problem on Android are discussed below.

A common mistake among inexperienced users is trying to play the wrong audio format. It also often happens that after transferring a melody from another device, it stops listening. The reason for the error is a different set of codecs in gadgets.

Why music is not put on a call on Android: reasons and solution

Music is the main attribute of a mobile device. It is very important for owners to install their favorite ringtone on their smartphone. Therefore, if the ringtone is not put on the Android call, then you should find out the causes of the problem and how to fix it.

The ringtone does not change, although I did everything right

If you are wondering why the melody still does not change, although I followed all the recommendations, try taking more drastic measures:

  • Roll back to the original settings. This will fix the problem, but delete all files. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your data beforehand.
  • Remove “trash from the system”. In recovery mode, find the clear flash section, click “Activate”.

If none of the methods worked, the problem may be with the machine. Show it to the service center specialist.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question