How to copy on a laptop without a mouse

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How to copy and paste text on MacBook without keyboard?

If you are using a connected computer mouse, then use the following instructions:

  • hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor so that the required text segment is highlighted;
  • right-click on the selected area. In the open window, click the item “Copy or Copy, if you are using the English version of the operating system;
    copy, laptop, mouse
  • go to the window where you want to insert the text. Right-click and select the Paste menu item;
  • Done! The text will appear in a new window.

How to copy text without a mouse?

Initially, the computer was equipped with only a keyboard, and the computer mouse appeared much later. Such a gadget is undoubtedly convenient, but many manipulations can be performed without it.

How to copy on MacBook | Insert text without mouse

In Mac OS, all keyboard shortcuts are different from Windows. Therefore, new users of this platform should familiarize themselves with the submitted material to learn how to copy on a MacBook.

Paste the excerpt copied to the clipboard

To paste the passage that you copied, just hold down Ctrl and V (the letter “m”). The fragment will be automatically inserted in the area where the cursor is (vertical blinking stick).

You can also insert text by opening the above-mentioned functional window by selecting the “Insert” item with the arrows. The excerpt will also be inserted in the area where the cursor is.

As for the window, to the right of the name of the operation, it contains the very combination that can be used to put the document in order.

Page up and Page down.

The pg up (page up) and pg dn (page down) keys are used in both text editors and browsers (see the article What is a browser). Needed to scroll pages up and down, respectively:

Pg up (page up). move one page up;

Pg dn (page down). move one page down;

We can say that these buttons move the visual display up or down one screen.

How to copy text using the keyboard and paste it into a document, video tutorial

The increase in the amount of information requires its faster processing. In this case, the secret keyboard functions will come in handy. For example, following this step-by-step guide, you can duplicate and paste text data faster when editing it.

When working with text documents on a computer or laptop, you always want the workflow to be more convenient and faster. Various hidden functions available in computer technology help to optimize the work. For example, when editing text documents, you have to copy something from time to time. If you use a mouse at the same time, it takes an order of magnitude more time than using special button functions. Let’s figure out how to copy text using the keyboard.

How do I select text using the keyboard? Ways to select all text and parts of it on the keyboard

When you may need to copy from the keyboard

Most likely, every user is familiar with the function of copying any elements with a mouse. But this is not always convenient. For example, when you need to duplicate a lot of information, and the workplace is equipped in such a way that it is inconvenient to use the mouse, the mouse may not work or simply be absent.

  • if you are working on a laptop. place the cursor at the beginning of the desired area, hold down shift and, without releasing it, move the cursor to the end of the TouchPad;
  • if you are working on a stationary computer, place the cursor at the beginning of the desired fragment, hold down shift and, without releasing it, select the area with arrows (left, right, up, down). When you press the “left” and “right” buttons, the arrows will move the selection area in the selected direction in increments of one character, and when using the “up” and “down” buttons. in one line.

Tip: if you need the entire page to copy, select it by combining the ctrla buttons.

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Duplicate the selection to the clipboard in one of the following three ways:

  • by pressing simultaneously ctrlc
  • a set of hotkeys ctrlinsert
  • using the “copy” button on the taskbar

Tip: if you do not need to duplicate a fragment, but move it, use the cut function (there is a ctrlx keyboard shortcut for this)

To insert a fragment that is on the clipboard, place the cursor at the desired location. Next, use one of two options:

  • by pressing the hotkey combination ctrlv
  • by pressing the key combination shiftinsert

By following the steps above in turn, you can easily copy the information you need. This will help you significantly speed up your work on editing text documents. A similar method is used to duplicate any other elements on the computer, for example, this way they copy shortcuts, folders, audio and video files, programs, etc.

How to navigate the editor menu without a mouse

So, we have figured out how to select text using the keyboard in the event that the mouse is broken. But how do you work with the editor menu? With a laptop, everything is simple. In this case, the same convenient TouchPad will help. On the computer, you will have to use certain keyboard shortcuts. Which ones, we will consider using the example of the well-known program “Word”.

How to select text using the keyboard on a PC

If you are working on a computer, selecting text without using a mouse will also be easy. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the fragment using the arrows. Next, hold down the Shift key. Without releasing it, select the text using all the same arrows. In this case, pressing “right” or “left” will move the selection area one character in the corresponding direction, pressing “down” or “up”. per line. To select one word, place the cursor in front of it and use the combination CtrlShift “right” arrow.

How to select pages and all text at once

In order to select the entire page at once, you need to use the ShiftpgUp combinations if the cursor is at the bottom of it. If it is located at the top of the page, you should use the ShiftpgDown combination.

Now let’s see how to select all the text on the keyboard at once. This is very easy to do. Press CtrlA. Then everything printed can be deleted, centered, copied to the clipboard, or some other similar action can be taken. How to do this without using a mouse, consider below.

From the current cursor position, you can select text to the very beginning of the document by pressing CtrlShiftHome. Until the very end. CtrlShiftEnd.

How to select paragraphs

To select a paragraph above the cursor, use the CtrlShif up arrow combination. After that, the paragraph will be highlighted to the very beginning, regardless of where the cursor is, at the end or somewhere in the middle. To select a paragraph to the end, press the key combination CtrlShift down arrow.

How to control a laptop without using a mouse

Controlling a laptop without using a mouse is very simple. the developers themselves took care of this by inventing a touchpad (English touchpad: touch. to touch, pad. a pad). This device is located below the keyboard and is a small rectangle, usually equipped with buttons. The touchpad is easy to use, but it does take some skill with cursor manipulation. Otherwise, it is no different from a mouse.

If it happens that your mouse and touchpad are both broken, then the methods of controlling the cursor for a laptop and a simple computer are the same.

A little tip Buy an inexpensive mouse in reserve. This foresight will help you keep working in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

We hope the article was informative and provided answers to all your questions regarding computer control without using a mouse.

Working on a laptop without a mouse

Fig. 8 TouchPad on a laptop

If you have a laptop, then a mouse is not necessary for you, although it is more convenient to work with it. The fact is that laptops have a special device called the touchpad from the English word touchpad (Fig. 8).

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There are many variations of touchpads, but usually it consists of a small touch area and two buttons. The buttons duplicate the left and right mouse buttons, and the touch area is used to control the mouse pointer. By sliding your finger across the touch area, you can easily move the mouse pointer to the area of ​​the screen you need, well, and then complete the action by pressing the left or right touchpad buttons, which duplicate similar mouse buttons.


We have already written about what “hot keys” are. Here I would like to draw your attention to those keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to work more efficiently on a laptop (although they all work just as well on a PC).

The main reason why it makes sense to use keyboard shortcuts on a laptop is the slower movement of the cursor with the touchpad compared to the mouse. Accordingly, trying to get into this or that button using the touchpad, you will inevitably spend more time. What would not have happened if you had used hotkeys.

So, to control the system, it is convenient to use the following key combinations:

Combination FunctionNavigation and ExplorerFunctional row of keys (top row without Fn)BrowsersWork with text
Cursor arrowsSelecting a file, setting the cursor position in the text or switching between navigation elements on a web page (on the latter it is more convenient to use SHIFTTAB)
ALTUsually switching between the workspace and the program menu bar (ALT underlined letter. activating the corresponding item on the menu bar)
ALTTABFast switching between open windows
ALTEnterCalling up the “Properties” window of the current file or folder
WINOpening the Start Menu or Switching to the Tiled Interface in Windows 8
WINELaunching File Explorer
WINROpening the Run line
WINDMinimize / maximize all windows
WINPause / BreakOpening the “My Computer” Properties Window
WIN up arrowMaximize the current window to full screen
WIN down arrowExit full screen mode or minimize the current window
WIN side arrowDock / unpin the current window to the left or right edge of the screen
WINLTurn on the lock screen with a password (convenient if you need to go somewhere)
EscapeExit the menu / close the dialog
Deletedelete the selected file to the Trash
SHIFTDeleteDelete a file permanently without placing it in the Trash
F2Rename the selected object
F3Open search bar
F5Refresh file list in Explorer or page in browser
F6Switching between functional elements of a window
F11Enabling / disabling the display of a window in full screen without a border
ALTF4Close the active window
SHIFTF10Calling the context menu of the element under the cursor (if there is no special button)
CTRLTOpen a new tab
CTRLNOpen a new window
CTRLSSave current page
CTRLDBookmark this page
CTRLDBookmark this page
CTRLRReload page (analogue of F5 command)
CTRLHOpen Browser History
CTRLDBookmark this page
CTRLTABLoop through open tabs in order
CTRLSHIFTTABIterate through open tabs in reverse order
CTRLWClose tab
CTRLSHIFTTOpen a closed tab
CTRLFSearch by page
ALT right / left arrowForward / Backward function activation
SHIFT arrowSelect text from the current cursor position
CTRLASelect All
CTRLXCut out
CTRLSSave document
CTRLOOpen dialog
CTRL up / down arrowScrolling through the document

There are other combinations, but all of them, firstly, it is unrealistic to remember, and, secondly, it is not necessary, since they are used mainly only in specific cases.

Some programs allow you to customize and change standard keyboard shortcuts, but besides this, Windows regularly makes it possible to assign combinations to launch any files! To do this, you need to create a shortcut to the desired file and assign buttons for the Shortcut in its Properties:

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The assignment of such keyboard shortcuts will allow you to remove unnecessary icons from the desktop and open the necessary programs, files and folders with one click!

Laptop management

If you think that working with a laptop without a mouse is inconvenient, try switching to managing keyboard shortcuts. This will allow you to perform routine tasks much faster.!

A real-life incident prompted me to write today’s article. On Monday evening, a friend calls and says that the children have typed something on her laptop, and now his screen has turned over. Restarting naturally didn’t help.

I immediately realized that the problem lay in the monitor settings, which are usually provided by the video card driver, but I could not explain anything remotely, so I had to go. On the spot, I found something like the following:

The laptop (like mine) had a Radeon video card, so in order to flip the screen image to the desired position, I immediately called the standard AMD Catalyst Control Center driver configuration utility and in the “Desktop Management” section in its properties indicated the “Landscape” value in the list “Turn”.

Turning the screen, as it turned out, could also be done using the standard monitor settings dialog (Control Panel. Screen. Screen Resolution):

However, I was interested in the question, what had to be pressed to turn the screen over? Looking for an answer, I opened AMD Catalyst Control Center again and decided to check the “Options” of the program itself. There the desired “Key combination” was found. It turned out that to turn it was enough to press the ALTCTRL up arrow (or down / left / right to select alternative options for turning).

Actually, this case with the screen rotation made me wonder what other “pitfalls” are concealed in the control of a laptop. Let’s figure it out now 🙂

How to use a laptop without a mouse

How to control copy and paste on the keyboard without a mouse

  • CTRL C: copy.
  • CTRL X: Delete.
  • CTRL V Paste.
  • CTRL Z: Undo.
  • CTRL B: bold text.
  • CTRL U: underline text.
  • CTRL I: Cut.

Controlling keyboard without mouse in explorer

By the way. mice are not always repaired. if the laser flew, you can forget about it forever.

This made me learn to use keyboard controls without a mouse. I think this knowledge may be useful for someone else.

I hope this text will help you to continue working on your computer (in a laptop it is easier. there is a touchpad, but with its help you can only control the cursor and call the context menu).

How to use a computer without a mouseto bookmarks 25

Sometimes there is a situation in which you only need to get by with the keyboard. For example, if the mouse is broken. Or a very precise and precise movement of the cursor was required. this happens when working in graphic editors.

Press Alt Shift NumLock to start cursor control from the keyboard. In the window that appears, click “Yes”. You can now move the cursor with the numeric keypad keys.

If you think the cursor is moving slowly, you can adjust its sensitivity as follows. Press Win U. In the “Ease of Access Center” window that appears, pressing Tab, activate the “Ease of use of the mouse” item.

Select the “Customize Pointer Control” item. Here it is worth setting a high speed of movement and acceleration. You can experiment with the rest of the settings to your liking.

When working without a mouse, it is helpful to remember the following keyboard shortcuts:

Alt Tab. switch between running applications,