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How to connect wired headphones to iPhone

What do you need

If you have Airpods Pro, you need at least one of the following devices.


If you have Airpods (2nd generation), you need at least one of the following devices:

If you have Airpods (1st generation), you need at least one of the following devices:

You bought a brand new, glossy, cool iPhone and now you want to listen to music, play games or watch movies with it, all this can be done using the built-in speakers, but very quickly you realize that you want to get high-quality sound. and for this you need to connect headphones. How to connect headphones to iPhone. answer below.

How to connect Airpods wireless headphones to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch

In the case of Airpods, it is enough to open the charging case with “drops” lying in it in front of the unlocked device.

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.1 or later,
  • Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later installed,
  • Mac with macOS Sierra or later installed.

The setup interface appears on the device screen. Select “Connect” and click “Finish”. If the device is signed in to iCloud, then Airpods will automatically set up using any of the compatible devices linked to iCloud using the same Apple ID.

On a Mac computer

Click the volume control in the menu bar and select the Airpods Pro 2 or other speakers under Output.

How to choose a music playback source

Apple Airpods wireless earbuds can connect to iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. In this case, the sound will switch between devices automatically.

You can select source for music playback (for example, Airpods, iPhone built-in speakers, or Apple TV) by following these steps.

How to connect Airpods wireless headphones to an Android device

After the release of Airpods, many for some reason decided that they could not be used on non-Apple devices. This, of course, is nonsense: in essence, Airpods are, albeit improved, but still Bluetooth headphones. The last doubts were dispelled by the official Apple instructions, in which there was a place and instructions for using headphones with smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers:

Place your Airpods in the charging case. 2. Open the cover. 3. Press and hold the setup button until the status indicator turns white. 4. Pair with your device.

How to connect a wireless earbud to an iPhone

Today we are talking about how to connect wireless headphones to Apple iPhone via Bluetooth and configure their work. Since the audio connector has been removed in the latest iPhones, in order not to buy an expensive adapter, it is advisable to take a step towards meeting wireless technologies and switch to Bluetooth TWS headphones. However, it is not necessary to buy expensive original Apple Airpods. For all iPhones. 5s, 6, 7, 8, Plus, SE, XS, XR, 11 and 11 Pro Max. any inexpensive wireless headphones or headsets with Aliexpress will do. Xiaomi, QCY, Awei, Blitzwolf, Hoco, Haylou, Havit and etc.

Controlling playback with Airpods Pro

With Airpods Pro, you can control the level of ambient sound. Press and hold the pressure sensor to toggle between Active Noise Canceling and Open Headphones. To customize the action that is activated by pressing and holding, go to the Settings menu Bluetooth Airpods Pro Press and hold Airpods.

Making Bluetooth headphones visible to your phone

connect, wired, headphones, iphone

Button for Bluetooth pairing / turning on the headphones. For pairing, you need to hold down for 3-6 seconds.

Make Bluetooth headphones visible to your phone. Most often, there is a separate button in the headphones for Bluetooth pairing. press (hold) it.

If there is no separate button for Bluetooth pairing, the power button is responsible for this button. Turn off the headphones, then turn on and do not release the power button, holding for 3-6 seconds, until a beep or a change in the indicator color (the indicator may flash or behave differently).

Turn on Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth on your phone

Turn on Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth on the phone. in the upper curtain.

  • Turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings (or in the top curtain or in the settings). Main menu → settings → connections → Bluetooth (set to On).
  • Then turn on your wireless headphones. For on / off. there is usually a separate button. Sometimes this is a start / pause button. We turn on, sometimes holding for 2-4 seconds.

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How to connect wireless headphones?

To connect wireless headphones to your phone, you need to do 3 simple steps:

This is the most simplified instruction on how to connect wireless headphones. Below we will figure out how to connect any wireless Bluetooth headphones to a phone on Android or iOS (the principle is the same).

Go to the Bluetooth settings and connect the Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth settings and search for devices

Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone.

Search for devices. The phone needs to find the headphones.

Select the model of your headphones from the list of found Bluetooth devices and connect the headphones.

Listen to your favorite music in good quality And don’t forget to take a look at our latest TOP of the best wireless headphones (freshly).

  • In rare cases, headphones, for correct connection, ask for a pin code (according to the standard, these are 1111, 0000, or indicated on the box / in the instructions for the headphones).
  • To connect Bluetooth headphones to another phone, you need to break the connection and re-pair with another device (in headsets with multipoint, you can not break the connection). Often, if the phone does not see the headphones, it means that they are connected to some other phone nearby.

Video option for connecting wireless headphones in 1 minute:

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The process of connecting wireless headphones is a little more complicated. Today, there are several ways to connect them to a smartphone. The distance between devices should not be more than 10 m. Premium models assume support at a distance of 100 m. The basic pairing method can be found in the manuals of the headphones themselves and the phone:

  • Before connecting the headphones, you need to activate them.
  • After the headphones are turned on, you need to go to the Bluetooth section through the Smartphone Settings Menu. Most often, it turns out to be among the first from the general list of settings.
  • After selecting the line “Bluetooth”, you need to move the slider to the “on” position
  • Next, a window appears on the smartphone screen with a search for new devices
  • In the list that appears, you need to find the name of the headset
  • To pair, you will need to enter a code. Most often it is 0000.

If the bluetooth headset is used only for talking on the phone, it will be impossible to listen to music through it. However, the developers of the Android operating system have managed to find a way out of such situations. They have created a special “Bluetooth Router” application that is available to all users on the PlayMarket platform. After downloading this utility, you need to connect Bluetooth on the audio headset and smartphone, then follow the standard pairing procedure and only then run the program to install the router.

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Instructions for connecting headphones

Modern headphones for smartphones are a specialized audio headset through which you can not only listen to music, but also receive incoming calls. Built-in microphone, despite its miniature size, clearly transmits sound information.

Modern headsets for phones are classified according to their technical characteristics. But first of all, the connection method is considered:

  • Wired headphones. They are connected to the phone via a mini jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm.

Also, headphones are divided by form factor. Wireless models lock on one ear.

Wired devices have a standard droplet or vacuum headphone shape. The model is not very common in society, as it requires a lot of battery power. Most often they are used to connect to a PC, laptop or TV. But this does not mean that they cannot be used to connect to a smartphone. over, the Android OS assumes the use of a headset of different designs.

In general, connecting a headset to a phone is not difficult. Each individual headphone model comes with instructions. Wired models just need to be connected via a mini jack to a special connector on a smartphone. But to connect wireless headphones, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection.


The process of connecting wired headphones to your phone is very simple. First of all, you need to inspect your smartphone.

Most often, the headphone connection is located next to the charging jack.

Today there are 2 options for connecting a wired headset:

  • Micro USB. This connection method is used for many operations with the phone, such as charging or transferring data. It is also suitable for connecting headphones.
  • Mini jack with standard size 3.5 mm. This type of connector is the most popular. Through it, you can connect not only a headset, but also stereo equipment, namely front, stationary and portable speakers.

To make the wireless headset active, it is enough to connect its plug to the corresponding jack. The smartphone instantly detects the connection of a new device and starts transmitting sound only to the headphones.

How to setup

Connecting headphones to a smartphone is one thing, but setting up a headset is a completely different matter. Before proceeding with the standard operation of wired headphones on smartphones with Android OS, it is necessary to determine the compatibility of the devices:

  • You want to view the headset resistance reading. It is indicated in ohms. Its digital value is located on the headset packaging. Headphones with an impedance of 16-32 ohms are ideal for smartphones. Some models of smartphones can be in contact with a headset with an impedance range of 50-64 ohms. Modern smartphone models do not have an amplifier. If you connect a headset with a high impedance level to your smartphone, the sound will be faint and indistinct.
  • It is necessary to clarify the type of connection. In this case, the options for audio jack trs and trrs are considered. In simple terms, trs is a regular audio jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm, and trrs is a mini jack of a standard size, which has an additional contact for transmitting a microphone signal. A good headset often comes with a balanced cable and balanced jack that look like a plug in appearance. However, you cannot connect them to the phone.
  • Volume check. If the headphone specifications match smartphones, and the sound is quiet when connected, you should check the volume level for applications. This feature is present in all phones with the Android operating system. For each individual application, you can set its own volume. Most likely, the player has a low sound value.
  • It is necessary to test the headphones by calling. If you can hear the interlocutor well during the conversation, there is no interference, then the headphones fit perfectly and went through the required setting. If suddenly there is no sound, you should check the health of the audio jack or the microcircuit operating the sound effects of the phone.
  • After connecting the headphones, you need to check if the smartphone has recognized the new device. Quite often, when a headset is connected, a headphone icon appears at the top of the phone’s operating panel. If it does not appear, then you need to check the tightness of the plug into the connector. As an additional check of the functionality of the purchased headset, you need to take other headphones with the same type of connection. If the other headset works perfectly, then the purchased headphones are faulty.
  • After checking the fit of the headphones and determining that the headset is working, you need to proceed to the sound setting. To do this, you can use a standard equalizer or an additional application corresponding to the operating system. It’s worth noting that third-party apps are the best customization option for smartphone users. They can be used to change the general nature of the playback of sounds, increase the standard maximum volume, add bass and much more.

But the owners of a wireless headset for smartphones with the Android operating system are doubly lucky:

  • A wireless headset is most convenient for continuous use, although it requires timely recharging.
  • Setting up these headphones is much easier. There are practically no problems when connecting them.

To set up a wireless headset, you must turn on Bluetooth and use the system equalizer of your smartphone. You can also download a third-party application that matches your headset type. With him it will be possible to establish not only the general configuration, but also different sound effects.

Every headphone user needs to remember that prolonged listening to music at high volume can damage your hearing and cause the headset to malfunction.

How to connect headphones to your phone?

Today, headphones are an integral part of the life of any smartphone owner. This statement is especially true for young people. The headset allows you to receive calls without taking your phone out of your. which is very pleasant in winter. Headphones for phones are especially popular with drivers. With them there is no need to let go of the steering wheel to pick up the phone, besides, talking on the phone while driving is prohibited in many countries of the world.

Possible mistakes

When connecting a wired headset, problems are extremely rare. Modern users don’t even look at the instruction manual. With her, everything is extremely simple and understandable. But when pairing wireless headphones via Bluetooth technology, some difficulties may arise:

  • A common mistake of smartphone users when pairing a bluetooth headset is the disabled visibility of the smartphone to other devices. It is enough just to disable this parameter.
  • The lack of connection between the headset and the smartphone may be due to the mismatch of the Bluetooth versions. This is, of course, extremely rare. But to resolve this issue, only updating the wireless technology will help either on one or on both devices.
  • After pairing, most gadgets remain connected until one of the devices is reset to factory settings. However, some phones will still require re-pairing with the headset on subsequent connections.

A detailed overview of connecting wireless headphones to your phone is presented in the following

Connecting Xiaomi Wireless Headphones to iPhone

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has become well known all over the world for its quality and affordable smartphones. In addition to this, no less high-quality accessories are now produced under this brand. smart watches, fitness bracelets, wired and wireless headphones.

Wireless earplugs from “Xiaomi” are very popular. They are stylish, fairly simple and reliable devices to use. Any of the models, be it Redmi AirDots, AirDots Pro, AirDots Pro 2, etc., can be a worthy replacement for more expensive headphones of this type. For example, the functionality of the Xiaomi Pro is comparable to that of the Apple Airpods.

The Pros boast attractive design, great sound, long battery life and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The value of ANC lies in the fact that the surrounding noise becomes inaudible, and the user can completely immerse themselves in the world of music or focus their attention on telephone conversations. Another huge advantage of the inexpensive AirDots Pro headphones over Airpods is the IPX4 waterproof rating and advanced touch controls. Taking into account the affordable price and impressive technical characteristics, many owners of iPhones instead of Airpods choose Airdots for themselves.

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In order for the connection of a Xiaomi headset to an iPhone to be successful, you need to know that it supports a Bluetooth version of at least 4.2. That is, the pairing will be possible with the models of iPhones and iPads that were released in 2014-2015. At least iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and up, and iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and newer tablets will work. If you have an iPhone 5s, then the “ears” from “Xiaomi” do not fit it.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots with an Apple Phone or Tablet

Charge the batteries of these devices before pairing TWS headphones and Apple smartphone. Working Bluetooth modules, especially in search and pairing mode, require extra power. It is enough to put “dots” in a case for this, and put the iPhone on a wired or wireless charger. You do not need to strive for the battery indicator to show 100%, half of the maximum level is enough for connection. Pairing AirDots with an Apple phone is almost as easy as connecting Airpods to an iPhone, although the process has its own quirks. To make everything work out the first time, follow the step-by-step steps that are described in the instructions.

Take the earbuds out of the charging case. They will turn on automatically.

Before pairing with iPhone, AirDots must first establish a connection with each other. Therefore, turn off the headphones by pressing the touch or physical button (depending on the model) on each of the “dots”. When turning off, do not release the buttons for 3 seconds.

Turn AirDots back on. Press and hold the buttons at the same time for about 30 seconds. The LED indicators should flash first red, then white. Wait for two series of such signals to pass. This will mean that both earbuds are in pairing mode. You need to put them back in the charging case for about 5 seconds, then take them out to connect them directly to the iPhone.

At this stage, you need a phone. Since AirDots are already prepared for pairing, open Settings, then Bluetooth on your iPhone and activate the wireless module. The smartphone starts searching for devices. Compatibility is the most decisive factor for successful detection, but we have already indicated above which models of Apple smartphones Xiaomi headphones work with. The line “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” or “Mi AirDots BASIC_L” will appear in the list of detected devices. Select her.

Perhaps such an entry will not be found in the list. Then the headphones need to be placed closer to the phone and the list of devices should be updated. In a pair of AirDots, the right earbud is the main one, so the new item in the list will be “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” (in fact, the device name may be different, not the same as in this example, it all depends on the headphone model). Click on it to start the connection. The indicator on the earbud will flash white while pairing is being established. Sometimes you need to enter a code to confirm the connection. Enter 0000.

When the process is complete, the indicator will turn white again and turn off. You can now use your headphones. Check the quality and, if necessary, adjust the sound settings.

After you manually connect the dots to your smartphone for the first time, they will automatically connect to it every time you take them out of the case. If you have problems with pairing, you will need to remove Mi AirDots BASIC_R from the list: click on the name, and then select “Forget this device” and repeat the steps described in the instructions.

By the way, “Airdots” are connected not only in stereo, but also in mono mode, when only one pair of headphones will be paired with the phone. This method of connection can be convenient in cases where complete isolation from ambient noise is not required. For example, on a busy street for greater safety, it is better to hear what is happening around. Another way of using AirDots significantly increases the battery life of the headphones: while one of them is in operation, the second is charged in the case, then the plugs are swapped. To pair only one of the two headphones, take out only the left Airdots from the charging case. Let the right one remain in the case.

Situations when the pairing between the headphones and the iPhone, as well as between the right and left “dots”, disappears from time to time. Then you have to do a reset and pair it again, in the order recommended in the detailed instructions given above.

In general, the compact budget earplugs “Xiaomi” or “Redmi” are a good choice for those who want to take advantage of modern wireless technology in their daily life, but do not yet decide to buy Apple Airpods of the first or second generation or more expensive Airpods Pro.

How to connect Airpods to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch

First, it is worth talking about a few nuances that users need to know. wireless “droplets” are compatible with gadgets from Apple only if the latter support:

  • smartphones, players and tablets. iOS version 10;
  • Smart watches. watchOS version 3;
  • laptops. macOS from Sierra and later.

This concludes the introductory part. You can proceed to the process of how to connect Airpods to iPhone, MacBook and other devices from Apple.

  • First you need to unlock the device and open the case with headphones;
  • Then you need to place the box next to the device;
  • After that, information on the ability to customize Airpods will appear on the iPhone screen;
  • Further, everything will be clear intuitively.

If the device is already logged into iCloud, then no additional manipulations are required. The headset will automatically adjust to work with compatible accessories. The main thing is not to forget to open the case with the headphones, otherwise nothing will work.

Connect and use Airpods. 5 steps to set up

Airpods are stylish wireless headphones that work perfectly with all gadgets of the “apple” family. With their help, you can not only, in fact, listen to music, but also give commands to Siri, answer phone calls and much more. But is it possible to connect Airpods, for example, to a computer on Windows or an Android device? Of course, you can, if you know how to do it correctly. This and other features of the already legendary “earbuds” will be discussed further. Let’s explore from “A” to “Z” how to control these headphones.!

How to set up Airpods headphones

In general, it is usually enough for the user to open the cover and get the “droplets” already ready for work. The playback of tracks from the connected gadget will start immediately, as soon as both headphones are in your ears. Therefore, a long and complex setup is not needed here, but the user should still know some of the nuances of the AirPods operation.

Airpods control methods

There are 2 options here: double tapping on the headphone casing or removing them from the ears. Siri can also come to the rescue. No buttons, very convenient and mobile.

How to set up headphones on iPhone

You usually only need to set up wireless headphones. If they are used for the first time, then you need to make sure that the latest version of the software is installed on the smartphone. Then you should perform the following actions:

  • Go to Home Screen.
  • Open the case with the headphones and place them next to the phone.
  • Wait for the setting animation to appear on the display.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • In the case of the Pro version of the headset, carefully study all the instructions.
  • Click “Finish”.

The accessory may not connect due to moisture getting into the phone case

Important! If you’re signed in to iCloud, the headphones will automatically set up to work with any supported Apple ID-connected devices.

One earphone from the iPhone stopped working: what to do

Unfortunately, the quality of the Apple headphones is poor. Airpods have certainly propelled the company forward in this regard. But after constant use for a couple of months, they also often fail. The most amazing thing is that most often it is one earpiece that breaks, and it is the right one, which contains the microphone and the volume or video switch.

It would seem that you have to buy a new accessory or use it in one ear, but there is one catch. All sounds in the phone are reproduced in stereo mode: the song is decomposed into left and right channels. One can hear a voice, and another, for example, the sounds of individual musical instruments. This is why you may not always enjoy the sound quality when listening in one ear.

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Aftermarket iPhone earphones not working, not connected, solution

Airpods may not be supported on older iPhones

How to Connect Regular Headphones to iPhone 7 with No 3.5mm Headset Jack

The solution to the problem is peculiar, since it does not make the second earpiece work. The point is to set the sound to play only in mono mode. It uses only one canal and all components pass through it to one ear. To switch to mono, you need to go to the phone settings, find “Universal Access” and switch the desired parameter.

How to turn on wired headphones on iPhone

The headset from the iPhone can be easily used on the iPad or iPod touch. If these are wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack, you just need to insert it all the way into the corresponding jack on the phone. This should be done as carefully as possible, without connecting the accessory abruptly, moving it along the sides. If everything is done correctly, an icon will appear on the display, symbolizing that all contacts in the socket are closed and the headphones are successfully connected.

On iPhone 7 plus, the jet connector is at the bottom

Note! You can perform all these actions with other accessories with a 3.5 mm audio jet, but remember that it makes no sense to connect headphones with an impedance of more than 32 ohms. The power of the phone and the battery is not enough to produce the same high-quality sound that they are capable of when connected to a computer or laptop.

Why iPhone doesn’t see headphones. what to do

Many people love to listen to music, it inspires and gives strength. It is better to do this with headphones so as not to disturb others, especially since their tastes may not coincide with the musical preferences of the music lover. Sometimes with accessories of this kind, or rather with their connection, problems arise. The owners of expensive technology are not immune from this, as are the lovers of cheap smartphones. It happens that the iPad, iPod or iPhone does not see the headphones. This material will tell you in as much detail as possible what to do if the headphones on the iPhone 7 do not work, how to set up the connection and what to do if one headphone suddenly stops functioning.

What to do if the iPhone 7 does not see the headphones and why

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that headphones for the iPhone, as well as for some other devices, are divided into classic wired and new wireless generation accessories. The latter were called Airpods, they are gaining popularity, gradually displacing confusing wired devices from the market.

If the iPhone 7 headphones are not working, then it may be due to a hardware failure.

For your information! Since their release, Apple has received many complaints about design and connection issues. If the phone does not see new wireless headphones, then most likely this happened due to errors in synchronization.

The reason for the lack of sound and the impossibility of identifying the device may be:

  • operating system updates that were incorrectly installed due to failures;
  • dirt, dust or sand has got into the headset jack, as a result of which the phone does not receive contact for detecting and switching to the listening mode from the headphones;
  • dirt or, more often than not, moisture has got into the phone case. It could oxidize the input pins for the headset, which also prevents the signal from passing to the processor;
  • the smartphone or headphones were dropped, as a result of which the loop responsible for transmitting signals was damaged.

iPhone 7 Plus also suffers from headphone problems

Important! It is a careless attitude to equipment and accessories that causes most of the breakdowns that may not be related to headphones. Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight, leave it in damp rooms, or drop it on a hard surface.

The first thing to do is restart your iPhone or iPad. If that doesn’t work, you can reset all custom settings and updates. Perhaps the problem lies in the software part in which the failure occurred. After restoring the phone, it is advisable to return the backup copies of the updates that were prepared before the factory reset.

It often happens that some program simply does not allow the phone to turn on the vibration option. You need to remember which updates or software products were recently installed on the device, and uninstall them manually, and then check for the connection and sound.

If water gets into the phone, the contacts may oxidize and the operation of many modules will be impaired. Needed as soon as possible:

  • Unscrew the outer screws of the iPhone case and detach the back cover.
  • Using a suction cup or a sharpened credit card, carefully remove the display and remove its ribbon.
  • Dry the device with a hairdryer and remove oxidation with alcohol, if they appear.
  • Assemble the phone in the same sequence.

If after all this music does not appear and the headphones are not detected, the problem is in the connector. It is recommended to carefully clean it with a needle and cotton swab, which will remove dirt and dust lumps that have accumulated there due to wearing in a trouser

The headset may not turn on due to a defective adapter

Why iPhone can’t see headphones via Bluetooth

Even iPhones, which are the standard of reliable and modern mobile technology, can have problems identifying the headset and other devices via Bluetooth. The most common causes of the problem are:

  • violation of the software integrity of the firmware, physical damage to the motherboard and individual contacts of the wireless module;
  • various software failures both due to unforeseen actions and during updates;
  • conflicts between system and user applications.

Important! Installing software from unverified sources can not only cause the operating system to fail and software conflicts, but also the complete or partial inoperability of the gadget.

The adapter must be plugged into the connector through which the iPhone is to be charged

The correct operation of Bluetooth is also affected by increased temperature, moisture, drops or surges in the home power supply during recharging.

How to connect the speaker to the phone via Bluetooth

For users who like to listen to music through speakers wirelessly, the method of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone will be relevant. This can be done as follows:

  • Put a speaker or a pair of them in close proximity to the phone to ensure future wireless communication. If the distance is too long, the connection may fail.
  • Turn on the speakers and switch to pairing mode by pressing the corresponding button on the case. If not, then you should carefully study the instructions for use of the speakers.
  • Go to the phone menu and select the “Settings” icon (gray gear).
  • In the general parameters window, find the “Bluetooth” item and go to it.
  • Switch on the module by moving the slider to the appropriate position. After loading, a list of devices in the immediate vicinity and ready to connect will appear on the screen. The speakers will be displayed under the name of their manufacturer or model.
  • Click on the names of the columns and connect to them. Pairing may take some time, most often it takes no more than 2-3 minutes. If the speakers are not visible, you can turn them off and on again or refresh the search list on your phone.
  • After pairing, the speakers are ready to go. You can test them, turn on any melody.

Note! Sometimes, to connect to the speakers, you need to enter a password, which is indicated on their case or box. If it is lost, please refer to the speaker manual.