How to connect Wi-Fi on a Samsung tablet


  • Open the list of available wireless networks.
  • Tap on the pictogram in the form of a pair of arrows.

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  • When a window appears asking you to press the WPS hardware key on the router, we do this.
  • We are waiting for several tens of seconds required to pair the devices.


  • In the list of available connections, open additional parameters by tapping on the button with three dots arranged vertically, and select “Login by WPS PIN”.
  • The PIN code shown in the next window is entered in the router settings (section “WPS”).

The first time you have to add a new device. If you have problems, make sure the WPS option is activated.

How to connect your tablet to the Internet via Wi-Fi: step by step instructions

Greetings to all readers of our portal! Let’s talk about how to connect your tablet to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Although these gadgets are as easy to use as smartphones, questions still arise. I decided to let this topic be on our site too.

Tablets are catching up in power, and some have even surpassed computers of 10 years ago. And in terms of usability and portability, these gadgets sometimes bypass laptops, especially when it comes to leisure. Most often they are used precisely for spending free time on the global network. Today we will consider how to connect these tablets to the Internet via Wi-Fi on a home router, because it is not always possible to use the mobile Internet.

How to use Wi-Fi Direct on a Samsung Galaxy tablet

Wi-Fi Direct is used to connect your tablet to another Wi-Fi Direct device. This is not necessarily an internet connection, but rather sharing with other mobile devices.

Follow these guidelines to use Wi-Fi Direct to connect your Samsung Galactic tablet to another Wi-Fi Direct device:

If necessary, tap the Connections tab to view the Wi-Fi item.

Your tablet starts searching for another Wi-Fi Direct device.

On the other device, select Wi-Fi Direct, and then select your Galaxy tablet from the list of available devices.

For example, on an Android mobile device, select Wi-Fi Direct and find the Galaxy tablet name and ID in the list of available networks.

If scanning stops while you are preparing another device, click the Scan button at the top of the screen to start scanning again.

On the Galaxy tablet, press the Accept button.

On both devices, on their respective Wi-Fi Direct screens, you see the other device listed and marked as connected.

The key to working with Wi-Fi Direct on a tablet is using the Share icon. For example, to share a photo, view the photo in Gallery, and then tap the Share icon. Select Wi-Fi Direct as the sharing method.

Select another device from the list of Wi-Fi Direct connected devices and click Finish. Accept the transfer request on the other device, however it works. A notification should appear on the screen.

The best way to share files from tablet to computer. use USB connection.

Your tablet was named when you first set it up. You can reset it by selecting About Device in the Settings app. (If necessary, select the General tab.) Select Device Name on the right side of the screen, and then enter a new name.

Hidden network

In order to hide your home network, for example, from neighbors, wireless routers have a function that allows you to hide the broadcast of its name. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to connect Wi-Fi on an Android tablet.

If the access point is not displayed in the list of detected networks and rescanning does not give the desired result, you can go in two ways:

  • enable broadcasting SSID;
  • establish a connection to a hidden network.
  • go to the router settings from the computer through which you configured it;
  • go to the section “Wireless mode”, where we go to the subsection of its configuration;
  • check the box “Enable SSID Broadcast”;
  • in the “System Tools” tab, reboot the device;
  • go back to the previous section and connect to the access point as described in it.

In the second case, if you do not want to make your home network visible to all devices in its area of ​​operation, we perform the following steps:

  • turn on Wi-Fi on the tablet (how to do it, described earlier) and go to its settings;
  • click on the plus sign;
  • in the pop-up window, enter the name of the network, the type of its protection and the password to establish a connection.

You can use WPS to connect your tablet to your home Wi-Fi network. It is a protocol for securely connecting to an access point without a password by means of:

  • PIN-code;
  • a special button on the router.

How to enable Wi-Fi connection

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Configuring on different operating systems

The first step is to control the traffic limit. Mobile packages related to the Internet are rarely provided as unlimited. Most often there is a traffic limitation. Connecting multiple devices to your tablet computer will speed up your bandwidth usage. Further settings depend on the operating system of the gadget.

Wi-Fi connection of the tablet

It remains only to connect the tablet to the newly created network. The steps will depend on the version of Android on your tablet. If you have version 4 or higher, the first Wi-Fi item is right in the settings. We include. If you have Android version 3, you also need to go to the wireless settings item. And there already turn on Wi-Fi.

After the device thinks, it will show you a list with found networks. Choose the network that you created in the 1st part (this network will be named as you named it in the “SSID” field), or which you already have and to which you have been connecting your laptop for a long time. Next, you will be asked to enter a password for her. Again, enter the password that you specified in the “Pre-Shared Key” field. After all the actions, the tablet should connect to the network, which you will learn about by the antenna icon that appears next to the clock.

How to know if your phone supports Wi-Fi or not

To make sure that the gadget supports wireless networks, you need to carefully read the technical specifications described on the box or in the accompanying documentation. It is better to do this when buying.

Already during operation, it is enough to go to the “Settings” and among the available options find the section “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless networks” (the name of the section may change depending on the brand of the phone and the version of the installed operating system).

What you need to use Wi-Fi Calling

To use this feature, Honor needs the following:

  • the service must be provided by the provider;
  • technology is required to be available at the smartphone level (usually flagship models and mid-range smartphones support it).

Popular mobile operators that support Wi-Fi Calling

MTS was the first among cellular providers to launch Wi-Fi Calling at the end of 2016. At that time, only the owners of several models of Samsung smartphones could use the function without installing the application on their mobile. To date, the list of devices for which the service is available has significantly increased and includes devices from such companies as Huawei, Alcatel, Apple, Sony, LG, Asus. For a number of manufacturers, Wi-FiCalling is available on one or two models (Highscreen Power Ice Evo, Motorola Moto Z2 Play and G6 XT1925-5, Nokia 8, Xiaomi Redmi 6A, UMIDIGI A3 Pro).

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The function works on some proprietary MTS smartphones: Smart Pro and Smart Race2 LTE. The geography of the service has also expanded: now the connection via Wi-FiCalling is available in 26 cities and regions of Russia.

To use the service, an MTS subscriber must activate the “Internet calls” option by dialing the command 1116 #. At the same time, the phone settings need to be changed to allow the device to use the wireless network for calls.

Setting up a router without a computer. From a tablet or smartphone

First of all, you need to connect the router, prepare it. Plug the router into a power outlet, and connect the Internet to the WAN connector (cable from an ADSL modem, or an Internet provider). You can see the connection of the router using the example of Tp-Link

No matter what brand of router you have, turn on the power and connect to the Internet. Also, connect antennas if they are detachable.

Immediately after turning on the router, it will start broadcasting the Wi-Fi network. If the router is new, then the network will have a standard name. Something like: “Asus”, “Keenetic-7534”, or “TP-LINK_0919”. It all depends on what kind of router you have. The network will be without a password.

If the network that your router starts to distribute has some non-standard name, or is password protected, then you need to reset the settings and then continue. You can reset the settings by holding down the RESET button on the router itself for 10 seconds. Here is an instruction on how to reset the settings using the example of Tp-Link.

We take our tablet or phone, go to the settings, to the Wi-Fi tab, and select our network in the list of available networks. We connect to it. It should be without a password. If a password request appears, then we reset the settings (see above). In some cases, the code for connecting to the network is indicated on the bottom of the router.

Next, on your tablet or smartphone, open any browser (Opera, Chrome, Safari), in the address bar, type the address, or and go to it. You can see the address of your router on the sticker, which is usually located on the bottom of the device itself.

Depending on the router, you can go directly to the settings, or a window will appear asking for a username and password. Typically, these are admin and admin by default. We indicate them and get into the settings. You can look at the universal instructions for entering the router settings.

If you did everything correctly, you will be taken to the settings of your router. I went to the Tp-Link control panel without any problems.

And then we set it up as usual. If you do not know how to configure your router, then see the instructions on our website in the section “Configuring the Router”.

Other operators

Motiv, one of the most significant regional cellular providers, whose services are used by 2.5 million subscribers of the Urals Federal District, announced their plans to introduce the VoWLAN function. The announcements were published at the end of 2018, more specific information is not available at the moment. Most likely, this is due to the high cost of development, which made it possible to fully implement the service only for operators of the Big Three.

How to connect Wi-Fi on your phone

Many owners of modern smartphones, especially for novice users, are concerned with the question of how to connect Wi-Fi to the phone. 4G standard has a wide range of advantages, but it is not always suitable for home use.

How the Wi-Fi icon is displayed on smartphones with Android OS

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the common misconceptions about the use of wireless networks by modern phones:

  • almost every smartphone, even the most budgetary modifications, is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The success of authentication in the system and access to the Internet do not depend on the brand and model of the device. Even the classic version of a push-button telephone can be connected to the Network via remote access points;
  • the connection of the mobile wireless network is also independent of the Internet provider: if a remote access point exists, therefore, you can connect to it, and who provides this access does not matter.

Note! As for the operating system installed on the smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), they only affect the way of activating / deactivating the network module. Advantages of Wi-Fi (wireless networks) versus 4G connection:

Advantages of Wi-Fi (wireless networks) versus 4G connection:

  • significant saving of battery power of the gadget. This is due to the fact that the Wi-Fi application is less power intensive;
  • financial benefit. The user does not need to pay for the additional consumed traffic, since the home Internet is mostly unlimited;
  • independence from mobile operators. If there is no mobile signal, this will not prevent a person from spending time on the Internet. On some devices, you can connect Wi-Fi even with a missing SIM card;
  • unlimited Internet. This has already been mentioned earlier. Convenience lies in the fact that the user does not need to count the spent megabytes, and also pay extra for traffic in case of overuse.

How the smartphone specifications describe the presence of a network adapter

Important! Find wireless networks (home and public) at almost every turn. The main condition is that the device supports the Wi-Fi function.

How to connect Wi-Fi on a tablet

A tablet, like a laptop, cannot be fully used without an Internet connection. Without an Internet connection, you will not be able to download applications, update Android, or use applications that need access to the World Wide Web. Therefore, the first problem faced by users who have bought a tablet for themselves is how to connect Wi-Fi on the tablet. We will tell you how to solve a similar problem using the example of the Android tablet Samsung Nexus 10.

The first thing to do when connecting your tablet to Wi-Fi is to make sure the so-called “Airplane Mode” is turned off. “Airplane mode” is a mode in which all wireless modules are turned off. Therefore, while “Airplane Mode” is on, you will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

After we have checked the “Airplane mode” we need to open the Android settings. You can open the settings using the upper curtain, which opens with a swipe down, or using the icon on the desktop.

In the Android settings, we need to find the Wi-Fi section and turn on the Wi-Fi wireless module. Most often, the Wi-Fi section is at the very top of the settings window, and the switch with which you can turn on Wi-Fi is to the right of the Wi-Fi section.

After you have enabled the Wi-Fi module on your tablet, you need to open the Wi-Fi section. After that, a list of all available Wi-Fi networks will open in front of you. Select the Wi-Fi network you need and click on it.

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After that, you will see a pop-up window in which you need to enter the password to connect to Wi-Fi. Enter your password and click on the “Connect” button. If necessary, you can check the box next to the “Show password” function. In this case, the password will be displayed as you type and it will be easier for you to type text.

If the password you entered is correct, the tablet will connect to Wi-Fi. This completes the process of connecting Wi-Fi on the tablet, and you can use the Internet.

How to connect your tablet to Wi-Fi with a hidden SSID

It should be noted that Wi-Fi networks with a hidden SSID are not displayed in the list of available networks. If you need to connect the tablet to such a Wi-Fi network, then you must press the button with the plus sign.

After that, a pop-up window will open in which you need to enter the name of the desired Wi-Fi network and the password.

How to connect Wi-Fi on a tablet using WPS

WPS (or Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a protocol for securely connecting to a Wi-Fi network without using a password. There are two methods of connecting using WPS, this is connecting using the hardware button on the router and using the client PIN. Consider both of these options.

In order to connect Wi-Fi using the WPS button, you need to open the list of available Wi-Fi networks on the tablet and press the button in the form of two arrows.

After that, a window will appear asking you to click on the button on the router (router).

Without closing this window on the tablet, we find the WPS button on the router and press it.

After pressing the WPS button, you need to wait about 1 minute for the tablet and router to connect to each other. After that, you will see a message stating that the connection to the Wi-Fi network is complete.

Connection using the client’s PIN code is similar. Open the drop-down menu and select the item “Login by WPS PIN-code”

Next, you need to open the router settings, find us the WPS section and enter the PIN code that you see on the tablet screen. After that, the tablet will connect to Wi-Fi.

How to connect your tablet to the Internet via Wi-Fi

The iPad tablet can connect to the Internet either via the WI-FI module or via the 3G module. The 3G module is present in more expensive models, so setting up a connection via WI-FI is simply more profitable.

How to connect the tablet to WI-FI (Wi-Fi)? To do this, you can use a regular router. The router must be connected to your home Internet network. After that, create a unique password for Wi-Fi and configure an Internet connection on the router. The password should only consist of Latin letters and numbers, the number of characters is from 6 to 8. After you configure the network, you can connect the router to your provider.

On an iPad tablet, you can set up a WI-FI connection in several points:

  • Select Settings
  • From the menu you need to select WI-FI and switch to ON
  • In the Join a Network list, you need to select your wireless network
  • If the network is secure, then enter your password

After that, the tablet should connect to the Wi-Fi network. The tablet may not support all WI-FI standards (11n, 11g) and not all encryption standards. You may still have to turn off geolocation in the tablet.

How to transfer files between tablet and computer over Wi-Fi

If you need to connect a tablet and a computer (laptop) via WI-FI only to transfer files to each other, then you can do the following. For example, for an Android tablet, you need to download the On Air program from the Android market.

After starting this program, it will be possible to select ftp mode for transferring files. For a computer, you can download and install a free ftp manager.

You need to configure this manager (enter the password and login) and then on the computer in the manager window you can see all the files of the tablet. Before connecting the ftp manager, you need to select the ftp mode in the On Air program on the tablet, then the connection should be correct.

This is how you can connect your tablet to Wi-Fi to connect to your computer.

the tablet does not connect to Wi-Fi, the network sees only I try to connect to it does not write dashedly, everything else connects. what can be

Try, Victoria, to see the router settings on this page. See what addressing in the router (exact IPs can be written down), encryption.

Tell me how to connect a wi-fi router to a Samsung tab3 t-211 tablet everything I tried it does not work wi-fi icon is gray but should be blue

Hello. Help. please me to figure it out. I have ai pad at home connected to the Internet via a WI-FI router. WI-FI is not password protected. A friend connected for a long time already, now I want to put a password on WI-FI and I don’t know how to do it on the iPad, there is no computer.

Hello. Through the browser, enter the ip address that is indicated on the router and enter the settings of the router. details here.

You need a router, see how to set up a router here. Your Gmini MagicPad L972S tablet has an 802.11n Wi-Fi module. Pay attention to the last letter “n”, in the settings of the router you may have to specify.

how to connect Wi-Fi on the magicpad L972S tablet

I faced such a problem. I tried to connect the tablet to wi-fay, wrote all the time they connect, then somehow connected, but after a while it completely stopped turning on, i.e. I press the switch on, he sec. After 2 it returns to the off position. Restarting does not help, I do not want to return the add-on to the factory settings.

I had this with my phone, Wi-Fi did not turn on, wrote: unable to scan for networks. The entire list of old networks was gone, I thought it would be forever already. Only factory reset helped, forums and enthusiasts, but officially, not a damn thing, manufacturers and developers don’t give a damn about us, they got profit and goodbye.

Tell me what to do if the Internet turns off on the tablet after 5 minutes of using WI-FI?

Good afternoon! Faced with such an important question, how to password protect the router via iPad? the standard way to enter the interface does not work. Is it even possible to do this?

I go. Settings. Wireless networks. Wi-Fi settings. turn on writes “Search” a little later gives “Failed to search for a network” not a single network is shown below, although we have neighbors and have houses, it doesn’t matter does not see What to do? How to connect? By the way it worked earlier! I connected and I could go to the Internet, and later I tried to connect to another network (it didn’t work), and then I found out that I couldn’t turn it back on

connected the tablet to wi-fi, but for some reason it does not go to the Internet. writes: the web page is not available. what to do, do not tell me?

A Wi-Fi router for organizing a home network must itself connect to the Internet through authorization (login and password), and then it distributes this Internet to computer devices at home, that is, it works as a gateway. If your authorization is through a computer, then the provider will only distribute the Internet to the PC, and other devices will not get access to the Internet. Then you need to correctly register the router settings.

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If a Wi-Fi router is used, then possible solutions:

    1 Register static IP
    2 Switch encryption mode
    3 Change the channel number from “auto” to any fixed
    4 Set one operating mode “Only g”
    5 Power off / on on the router
    6 Can disable hidden network SSID


No more details? Do you think everyone here can set up an ftp connection in any manager? It would be better not to write anything if you can’t normally.

How to fix Galaxy Tab A wifi issues | wifi won’t connect or keeps disconnecting

I advise Kolya from Krasnoyarsk not to be nervous, after all, the New Year is coming. About the FTP connection. Here the FTP protocol is considered as an option for using a Wi-Fi network to transfer files between a computer and a tablet.

how to register?
I have a tablet, not an iPad

To use Wi-Fi, you need to connect to a wireless access point in the Wi-Fi zone in a public place (if at home, you need to configure such a point using a Wi-Fi router). Various systems can be used to secure the connection. The easiest way is password.

To set up the connection, go to Settings, Wireless & networks, Wi-Fi settings. Activate the Wi-Fi icon and the tablet will scan for available networks. Secured networks will be marked with a lock. Select the desired network and click Connect. If there is protection, then enter the password that the network administrator knows (if you set up the network yourself at home, then you entered the password yourself).

If the Wi-Fi module on the tablet is turned on, then it will report the appearance of an available network if you get within its range. To connect to a secure network, in addition to a password, you may need to know the encryption scheme, channel number or other network data that the administrator knows.

If the network has already been added to the tablet and configured, then when it appears, it will turn on automatically and you will not need to enter data every time.

Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7300. The wai fay icon itself has gone out. I click on him, but he does not respond. Before that, Wi-Fi worked anytime, anywhere. And then it was chopped off. In the settings, they write a Wi-Fi connection, but this connection goes on indefinitely. Helpiiiiiite. I’m ready to smash my tablet (thanks in advance

Wi-Fi connection on tablet

The question of how to connect Wi-Fi on a tablet can be a daunting task for some users. In fact, this is not the case. With the right approach and consistent actions, setting up your home Internet will not take even a couple of minutes.

Connecting to a hidden network

If the name is not visible when you connect, you may have a hidden network configured.

You can find out the name of the connection and enable its visibility as follows:

  • in the browser in the very top line, where the address of the Internet sites we drive in, or;
  • in the window that appears, type in the word “admin” in the login and password fields;
  • in the firmware of the router, go to wireless mode;
  • put a tick “Enable SSID broadcasting”;

Enabling network visibility

  • the Wi-fi name will appear in the list of available.

In the event that it is necessary for access to remain hidden:

  • turn on the tablet;
  • find the settings section (the “gear” icon in the applications);
  • open the wi-fi section;
  • at the bottom we find the inscription “Add network”;
  • click on it and come up with a new name for the access point, as well as a password;

Adding a hidden network

  • connect.

Important! When adding a password, it is better to use more than 10 characters, with both lowercase and uppercase characters, as well as numbers and signs. This will make it difficult to hack your network with hacker programs.

It is also best for security when the network connection remains hidden, in which case the reliability of the connection is greatly increased.

First connection

After turning on the tablet, you need to make sure that “airplane mode” is not enabled on it (prevents the activation of all wireless modules). To do this, do the following:

  • swipe down from the top of the screen;
  • the “curtain” with many icons will go down;
  • the icon on which the plane is drawn must be inactive.

If everything is done correctly, then further connection will look like this:

  • find the settings section in the Android operating system (usually an icon on the home screen, in the form of a gear);
  • go to the Wi-Fi section;
  • find the name of your wireless access point “tap” on it with your finger;

List of available networks

  • in the window that appears, enter the password for access;
  • connection will occur.

If, when entering the Wi-Fi section, the name of the access point is not displayed, then you need to click on the two semicircular arrows at the bottom of the screen to scan visible connections.

If there is no connection, it is possible that the router settings have been changed, and the network has become hidden, in this case, go to the second connection method.

Using WPS

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a secure way to connect devices to the Internet. Pairing between router and device is available in two ways:

  • using a button on the router;
  • by entering a PIN code.

If you need to connect using a button, do the following:

  • we enter the wi-fi section on the tablet;
  • in the upper right corner, click three vertical points;
  • find the “advanced settings” mode;

Advanced settings

  • select the line “WPS. connection”;
  • a button is pressed on the router to pair the devices;

WPS connection

  • in a few minutes the connection will be established.

PIN access is performed as follows:

  • open advanced settings;
  • click on the line “Enter PIN-code for WPS-connection”;
  • in the window that appears, numbers will be displayed that will need to be entered on the WPS page of the router firmware;
  • after a few minutes the connection will be established.

All three methods are not difficult, but connecting to a hidden network can be difficult. Since you yourself need to come up with a network name and password, and then add these parameters to all your devices.

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