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How to connect sony headphones to phone

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth

The procedure for connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone is very simple. It needs to be done only once: then when devices appear in the coverage area of ​​the “blue-tooth” connection, they will be connected automatically. So how to connect to wireless headphones from your phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal. Find the model name of your headphones in this list: most often the manufacturer gives its gadgets this name.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it. After that, it will most likely ask for a password (pairing code).
  • The most popular factory password is 0000. But the headphone manufacturer may provide another one: in this case, find it in the user manual.
  • After entering the correct pairing code, the devices will connect via Bluetooth. If the earbuds have an indicator light, it will light up or start flashing.

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Some headphones come with a charging case. Sometimes the cases indicate a specific place where you need to put your smartphone. Alternatively, take out the “ears” and carry out the standard procedure.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone?

It would seem that everything is simple, but not everyone succeeds. We tell all about wireless headphones for a Bluetooth phone: how to connect and what to do if you can’t do it.

It would seem that everything is simple, but not everyone succeeds. We will tell you how to connect a wireless earphone to your phone and what to do if it does not connect.

and more people are choosing comfortable wireless headphones over traditional wired ones. If you have not yet chosen the ones that suit you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our selection of the best options.

You can connect such headphones to a smartphone via the Bluetooth protocol: the corresponding module is now available even in the simplest phones.

How to connect headphones via NFC

NFC is a wireless technology that works over a very limited (up to 10 cm) distance. If the headphones have an NFC option, this does not mean that they will work precisely through this type of communication. This function is designed to simply make it easier to connect to the same Bluetooth. you do not need to make any settings, enter a password: you just need to touch the headphone with your smartphone. NFC is available both for full-size on-ear headphones and for “plugs” such as:

  • Make sure the headphones are turned on. Many models have an indicator light that comes on or starts flashing.
  • Unlock your smartphone screen and slide the back cover in close proximity to the headphones.
  • The status of the indicator light (if any) will change: for example, it will start blinking more often or light up with a constant light. If there is no indicator, most likely, a phrase about connecting the device will sound in the headphones.

TIP: Connect the headphones before inserting them into your ears. In case you left them at full volume, a phrase like “Connection established” suddenly and loudly sounding in your “ears” can scare you a lot.

Remember that when you connect a new device, connections with the old ones are broken. That is, if you had the speakerphone connected via Bluetooth in the car, and you decided to connect the smartphone with the headphones, “hands free” will be disabled.

General rules

Wireless earbuds are the best choice for those who play sports. It is desirable that they be protected from moisture ingress. as, for example, this model Awei A885BL.

I can’t connect headphones via Bluetooth: what is the reason?

Despite the simple connection algorithm, users occasionally encounter problems when trying to connect the phone and wireless headphones. The reasons are usually commonplace: we have compiled a list of the most popular.

  • Headphones are off or not in pairing mode. It is banal, but true: many forget to turn on the “ears”, and the smartphone, of course, cannot find them among the available devices. This often happens with simple models without light indication.
  • The headphones are out of pairing mode. As a rule, the connection mode works only for a certain time: for example, 30 s. If you’ve fumbled with your smartphone for too long and it’s time out, chances are you won’t be able to find the device on the list. Pay attention to the indicator light and try to understand if connection mode is activated.
  • The distance between the devices is too great. For a reliable connection, two gadgets must be at a distance of up to 10 meters in the line of sight. If suddenly you are trying to connect from the next room through a couple of walls, you may not succeed.
  • The headphones were named with a mysterious name. This is often encountered by those who bought cheap wireless “ears” on AliExpress: the Chinese can name the model in the most unpredictable way, including designating it with hieroglyphs. In this case, it will be difficult for you to find the device in the Bluetooth list when connecting. The recipe is simple: turn off the headphones, press the “Search” or “Refresh” button on your smartphone. One of the devices should disappear. Turn on the gadget again and update the list. watch the appearance of a new line. She is your device.
  • The headphone battery is dead. Another popular scenario for those who have been messing around with the connection for too long. Many models do not warn you in any way that the battery is low. In others, the “alarm indicator” is activated, that is, the LED starts blinking red or with an increased frequency. If it does not light at all, then it needs charging.
  • You have rebooted your smartphone. If you turned off your phone (for example, when boarding an airplane) or rebooted it (for example, after an update), you will have to reconnect; Bluetooth devices will not automatically pair. The technique is the same as we described earlier.

How to connect two wireless earbuds to your phone?

A logical question: what if you want to listen to music together from one source? I would like to be able to connect two pairs of wireless headphones to a smartphone at once. Alas, it is not so easy to do this, or rather “by default” it is simply impossible to do it. But there are some tricks.

Many manufacturers provide for the connection of second headphones to the first, of the same model. For example, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth has a hybrid connection: they can be connected both wirelessly and using a regular cable. And there is such an option: you connect the “ears” via Bluetooth, and the second copy. to the first one using a cable. So you can, for example, watch a video or listen to music together.

The “sharing” function is also available in some JBL models. It’s called ShareMe. In this case, the signal is transmitted to the second headphones also wirelessly.

useful information about wireless headphones:

The smartphone was rebooted

Usually, after the first connection, the smartphone “remembers” the headphones and subsequently connects them automatically. But if you rebooted the phone, this connection will need to be made again.

Can’t find headphones in the device list

Users who have purchased budget Chinese headphones may face unexpected difficulties when searching for a device in their smartphone settings. Some manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom call the headphones complex combinations of letters and numbers, or even hieroglyphs. As a result, you cannot understand which device from the list you need to connect to. To detect the headphones, turn them off and the corresponding name will disappear from the list.

Out of RAM

If your Android smartphone does not “see” the headphones, the problem may be that the RAM is full. In this case, you need to roll back the device to the factory settings. To do this, open the “Settings” menu and select “Restore and reset”, then click “Reset all settings”. After this operation, the files will be deleted, so transfer the necessary data to a memory card or other medium prematurely.

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How to connect wireless headphones to your phone via Bluetooth

Since in the age of high technologies, manufacturers are trying to make the operation of devices as easy as possible for the user, it will not be difficult to connect wireless headphones to the phone.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. To do this, go to the settings menu and select the appropriate function.
  • Turn on the headphones by pressing the button on the case. You need to hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Return to the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Search for paired devices. Headphones should appear in the list of devices.
  • Select headphones from the list of devices and connect them.
  • In some budget models, each headphone needs to be connected via Bluetooth separately.
  • There are headphones that connect if you just bring your smartphone to them.

Why won’t the headphones connect: finding and solving the problem

If you can’t connect your phone to the headphones, it’s most likely one of the following problems:.

How to connect Beats wireless headphones

Beats headphones connect to your smartphone using a standard algorithm:

  • Please turn on Bluetooth on both devices before connecting the headphones to your phone.
  • On headphones, this is done by holding down the button with the Bluetooth icon for 8-10 seconds.
  • The smartphone starts searching for devices ready to connect. Select headphones from the list.
  • Sometimes, in order to connect the headphones to the phone, you need to enter a password. you can learn more about this about Honor in the instructions supplied with the device.

How to properly connect Airpods headphones

Before the first connection, the manufacturer recommends that you check the relevance of the software installed on your smartphone. Headphones are connected according to the following algorithm:

  • On your phone, go to the Home screen.
  • Open the headphone case near the smartphone.
  • The iPhone will automatically launch the setup menu.
  • Select “Connect” in it.
  • At the end of the installation, click “Finish”.
  • To transfer audio to your headphones, open the Control Center menu by swiping down from the top-right corner or up from the bottom of the screen (depending on your iPhone). Select the desired device from the list.

Connection dropped

It often happens that the connection mode in the headphones only works for a certain time and then turns off automatically. If your headphones have a light indication, check it, if not, refer to the instructions to understand how to put the device back into pairing mode.

How to connect a USB speaker to your phone?

The smartphone has only one mini-jack (3.5 mm jack), so you cannot connect an ordinary stationary audio system to it: it requires two connectors of this kind. With portable speakers (for example, models designed to connect to a laptop), it’s easier. They connect to the smartphone as follows:

  • Through an adapter and a special AUX cable. It is a cable with two mini-jacks at the ends: one connector is inserted into the phone, the other into the speaker. When it comes to stationary speakers, which usually do not have their own power source, proceed as follows:
  • Buy a USB to mini or micro USB adapter;
  • Insert the corresponding connector into the phone and connect its other end to the speakers (now the smartphone will become a power source for the audio device instead of the mains);
  • Connect two devices with an AUX cable.
  • Via AUX cable. Speakers that can play music without an external power source use the same AUX cable without an adapter. If everything is in order, the message “Audio jack is connected” will appear on the smartphone screen.
  • Via USB cable. This method is also suitable for devices with their own battery or accumulator. You can even use a charging cord if it fits. Usually, a USB cable is included with the phone, in which on one side there is a regular USB connector connected to a charger, and on the other. a mini or micro USB. Disconnect the cable from the charging, insert the standard connector into the speaker, the second into Smart.

Limited mobility is the main drawback of wired connectivity, which is why more and more users are choosing wireless devices.

How to pair SONY MDR-ZX330bt bluetooth headset to Samsung Android

How to connect the speaker to the phone?

The smartphone has long ceased to be just a means of communication. They play games on it, watch movies and, of course, listen to music. The built-in speaker of the phone is not designed for loud sound reproduction, so many people think about connecting speakers to the phone. over, the market for portable audio devices is simply teeming with a variety of models.

How to connect a mini speaker to your phone?

So, you became the proud owner of a portable audio system. There are four most popular ways to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. 3 of them are wired (via USB or AUX cable), the last one is wireless (via bluetooth). Wired are most often used at home, wireless. on the street, when you least want to think about where to put the wires.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone?

Most modern gadgets are compatible and easy to connect with each other. How to connect a Sony speaker to a Xiaomi phone? It’s just as easy as if the manufacturers switch places and you need to connect a Xiaomi speaker to Sony. Use the universal instruction:

  • Turn on the speaker (if necessary, activate Bluetooth or manual search mode)
  • Go to the “Settings” or “Options” menu, select the section with Bluetooth.
  • Turn on device search.
  • In the list of gadgets available for connection, find your audio device, connect.
  • When both devices are connected, try playing some music.

Interesting fact: If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to connect a JBL bluetooth speaker to your phone, the process is slightly different. The device is turned on as follows: press the button and hold it until a characteristic signal is heard and the rim around the speaker starts flashing in two colors: red and blue. After that, follow all the steps from the instructions above.

What to do if speakers won’t connect?

If none of the above methods helped, it is better to contact specialists who understand all the intricacies of modern gadgets.

Instructions for connecting headphones

Modern headphones for smartphones are a specialized audio headset through which you can not only listen to music, but also receive incoming calls. Built-in microphone, despite its miniature size, clearly transmits sound information.

Modern headsets for phones are classified according to their technical characteristics. But first of all, the connection method is considered:

  • Wired headphones. They are connected to the phone via a mini jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm.

Also, headphones are divided by form factor. Wireless models lock on one ear.

Wired devices have a standard droplet or vacuum headphone shape. The model is not very common in society, as it requires a lot of battery power. Most often they are used to connect to a PC, laptop or TV. But this does not mean that they cannot be used to connect to a smartphone. over, the Android OS assumes the use of a headset of different designs.

In general, connecting a headset to a phone is not difficult. Each individual headphone model comes with instructions. Wired models just need to be connected via a mini jack to a special connector on a smartphone. But to connect wireless headphones, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection.


The process of connecting wireless headphones is a little more complicated. Today, there are several ways to connect them to a smartphone. The distance between devices should not be more than 10 m. Premium models assume support at a distance of 100 m. The basic pairing method can be found in the manuals for the headphones themselves and the phone:

  • Before connecting the headphones, you need to activate them.
  • After the headphones are turned on, you need to go to the Bluetooth section through the Smartphone Settings Menu. Most often, it turns out to be among the first from the general list of settings.
  • After selecting the line “Bluetooth”, you need to move the slider to the “on” position
  • Next, a window appears on the smartphone screen with a search for new devices
  • In the list that appears, you need to find the name of the headset
  • To pair, you will need to enter a code. Most often it is 0000.

If a bluetooth headset is used only for talking on the phone, it will be impossible to listen to music through it. However, the developers of the Android operating system have managed to find a way out of such situations. They have created a special “Bluetooth Router” application that is available to all users on the PlayMarket platform. After downloading this utility, you need to connect Bluetooth on the audio headset and smartphone, then follow the standard pairing procedure and only then run the program to install the router.

How to setup

Connecting headphones to a smartphone is one thing, but setting up a headset is a completely different matter. Before proceeding with the standard operation of wired headphones on smartphones with Android OS, it is necessary to determine the compatibility of the devices:

  • You want to view the headset resistance reading. It is indicated in ohms. Its digital value is located on the headset packaging. Headphones with an impedance of 16-32 ohms are ideal for smartphones. Some models of smartphones can be in contact with a headset with an impedance range of 50-64 ohms. Modern smartphone models do not have an amplifier. If you connect a headset with a high impedance level to your smartphone, the sound will be faint and indistinct.
  • It is necessary to clarify the type of connection. In this case, the options for audio jack trs and trrs are considered. In simple terms, trs is a regular audio jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm, and trrs is a mini jack of a standard size, which has an additional contact for transmitting a microphone signal. A good headset often comes with a balanced cable and balanced jack that look like a plug in appearance. However, you cannot connect them to the phone.
  • Volume check. If the headphone specifications match smartphones and the sound is quiet when connected, you should check the volume level for applications. This feature is present in all phones with the Android operating system. For each individual application, you can set its own volume. Most likely, the player has a low sound value.
  • It is necessary to test the headphones by calling. If you can hear the interlocutor well during the conversation, there is no interference, then the headphones fit perfectly and went through the required setting. If suddenly there is no sound, you should check the health of the audio jack or the microcircuit operating the sound effects of the phone.
  • After connecting the headphones, you need to check if the smartphone has recognized the new device. Quite often, when a headset is connected, a headphone icon appears at the top of the phone’s operating panel. If it does not appear, then you need to check the tightness of the plug into the connector. As an additional check of the functionality of the purchased headset, you need to take other headphones with the same type of connection. If the other headset works perfectly, then the purchased headphones are faulty.
  • After checking the fit of the headphones and determining that the headset is working, you need to proceed to the sound setting. To do this, you can use a standard equalizer or an additional application corresponding to the operating system. It’s worth noting that third-party apps are the best customization option for smartphone users. They can be used to change the general nature of the playback of sounds, increase the standard maximum volume, add bass and much more.
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But the owners of a wireless headset for smartphones with the Android operating system are doubly lucky:

  • A wireless headset is most convenient for continuous use, although it requires timely recharging.
  • Setting up these headphones is much easier. There are practically no problems when connecting them.

To set up a wireless headset, you must turn on Bluetooth and use the system equalizer of your smartphone. You can also download a third-party application that matches your headset type. With him it will be possible to establish not only the general configuration, but also different sound effects.

Every headphone user needs to remember that prolonged listening to music at high volume can damage your hearing and cause the headset to malfunction.

How to connect headphones to your phone?

Today, headphones are an integral part of the life of any smartphone owner. This statement is especially true for young people. The headset allows you to receive calls without taking your phone out of your. which is very pleasant in winter. Headphones for phones are especially popular with drivers. With them there is no need to let go of the steering wheel to pick up the phone, besides, talking on the phone while driving is prohibited in many countries of the world.


The process of connecting wired headphones to your phone is very simple. First of all, you need to inspect your smartphone.

Most often, the headphone connection is located next to the charging jack.

Today there are 2 options for connecting a wired headset:

  • Micro USB. This connection method is used for many operations with the phone, such as charging or transferring data. It is also suitable for connecting headphones.
  • Mini jack with standard size 3.5 mm. This type of connector is the most popular. Through it, you can connect not only a headset, but also stereo equipment, namely front, stationary and portable speakers.

To make the wireless headset active, it is enough to connect its plug to the corresponding jack. The smartphone instantly detects the connection of a new device and starts transmitting sound only to the headphones.

Possible mistakes

When connecting a wired headset, problems are extremely rare. Modern users don’t even look at the instruction manual. With her, everything is extremely simple and understandable. But when pairing wireless headphones via Bluetooth technology, some difficulties may arise:

  • A common mistake of smartphone users when pairing a bluetooth headset is the disabled visibility of the smartphone to other devices. It is enough just to disable this parameter.
  • The lack of connection between the headset and the smartphone may be due to the mismatch of the Bluetooth versions. This is, of course, extremely rare. But to resolve this issue, only updating the wireless technology will help either on one or on both devices.
  • After pairing, most gadgets remain connected until one of the devices is reset to factory settings. However, some phones will still require re-pairing with the headset on subsequent connections.

A detailed overview of connecting wireless headphones to your phone is presented in the following


  • If pairing has not been established within approximately 5 minutes, pairing mode will be disabled and the headset will turn off. In this case, start over from step 1.
  • If the Bluetooth devices are paired, you do not need to pair them again, except in the following cases:
  • The reconciliation information has been deleted after repairs, etc.
  • If the 9th device is matched.
    Headset pairing can be done with a maximum of 8 devices. If a new device is paired after performing pairing with 8 devices, the device that was paired first will be replaced with the new one.
  • If the pairing information of the headset has been deleted from the Bluetooth device.
  • When the headset is initialized, all pairing information is deleted. If this happens, delete the headset pairing information from the Bluetooth device and pair again.
  • The headset can be paired with multiple devices, but you can only play music from one paired device at a time.
  • Missing sound after updating the phone

    • The first thing you can do is check what settings are set for your device on the phone. To do this, click on the information icon next to the device name in the list of available ones and check that the profiles “for conversation” and “for music” are active.
    • Restart your headphones and smartphone. Check the charge level of the devices. If there is sound, but disappears and is interrupted, try checking the operation of the devices in another place. Strong electromagnetic radiation may cause malfunctions.
    • If all else fails, “roll back” to the old firmware or reset the phone to factory settings. this will help if the sound disappeared after installing any unreliable applications.
    • If the problem is mechanical: the battery is faulty, the headphone board is damaged, for example, due to water ingress, you need to contact the service center.

    Pairing and connecting with an Android smartphone

    Pairing is the process required to create a bond between Bluetooth devices to establish a wireless connection. You need to pair your device with your headset to make a Bluetooth connection for the first time.

    Before starting the negotiation, make sure that the following requirements are met:

    • The smartphone is located at a distance of 1 m from the headset.
    • The headset battery is sufficiently charged.
    • Smartphone user manual is at hand.
    • Enter headset pairing mode Turn on the headset when pairing the headset with the device for the first time after purchase or after initializing the headset (the headset does not contain pairing information). The headset will automatically enter pairing mode. When pairing a second device and subsequent devices (the headset contains pairing information with other devices), press and hold
      for about 7 seconds. Make sure that the indicator flashes blue and red alternately after you release the button. You will hear voice guidance “BLUETOOTH pairing”.
    • Unlock Android Smartphone Screen If Locked.
    • Search for this headset on your smartphone.
    • Select [Setting]. [Bluetooth].
    • Tap [] next to [Bluetooth] to turn on the Bluetooth function.
  • Press [WH-CH500]. If a message about entering the passcode appears on the smartphone display. enter “0000.” The headset and smartphone will be paired and connected with each other. You will hear the voice guidance “BLUETOOTH connected”. If not connected, see “AndroidConnecting to a paired smartphone”.
  • If [WH-CH500] does not appear on the display, try again from step 3.

    The link code may be called “Access Code”, “PIN Code” or “Password”.

    Why the connection might not be established

    For example, you do everything according to the rules, the device appears in the list of available for connection via Bluetooth, but the connection does not occur. Or your gadget doesn’t appear on this list at all. There may be several reasons for this:

    • If you turn on the headphones, but they do not appear in the list, try pressing the pairing button on them again. If this does not help, turn off the gadget and turn it on again. Then try disabling Bluetooth on your phone and enabling it again by manually searching for nearby devices. Also try to place the earbuds as close to the phone as possible, especially for the first connection.
    • If the headphones are on the list, but pairing does not work, check to see if they are already connected to another device nearby. If the connection has already been established with another smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, the second connection will fail. You need to find this device and turn off Bluetooth on it, then the connection will be cut off and you can connect to another gadget. If you do not know what kind of device it is, just turn off the headphones, place them directly next to the phone with an active network, and only then press the power button. In this case, the gadget will connect with the device that is closer.
    • Interference from other wireless devices may cause failures. Take them away and try again.
    • If the device takes too long to connect, but there is no result, click on its name in the list and select “Unpair” or “Disconnect”. Then restart your smartphone and try again.
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    What to do if only one earphone is connected

    • Try resetting your Airpods. To do this, in Settings, find the Bluetooth parameter, in the list of available devices, click on the letter i next to the name of the headphones and select “Forget this device”. After that, first put the headphones in the closed case for a minute. Then first open the case, wait for the white indicator to appear, place the device with the lid open next to the smartphone and press the connect button on the iPhone screen.
    • The problem may be with the old firmware. Try updating to the latest version. You can check which one you have in Settings. To do this, you need to sequentially select: Basic. About this device. Name of the headphones.
    • Check the volume balance on the device in the audio settings. Perhaps the slider has moved to the left or right, and the sound simply does not go to one of the headphones.
    • If devices are connected but there is no sound, clean the headphones. For this, it is better to use microfiber and cotton swabs.
    • Try connecting the headphones to another iPhone and if the problem persists, contact a service center. The battery may be out of order in the headphones, or the internal wire may be damaged.
      Only one earphone of any brand is connected.
    • Try to re-establish the connection by first removing the device.
    • Clean your headphones.
    • Try to connect them to another gadget to understand which device is the problem.
    • If the problem is with the phone, update the firmware or do a factory reset.

    Sony headphone app

    Sony has officially released the ‘Sony Headphones Connect’ mobile app for its headphones. It is available on iOS and Android in the AppStore and Google Play, respectively.

    First of all, it is necessary for Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, it can automatically adjust the playback modes, taking into account the current situation. It has an Ambient Sound feature that allows you to listen to music and external sounds at the same time so as not to miss anything important.

    The mobile application allows you to manually adjust the audio playback. The settings are implemented very widely and, in addition to the usual equalizer, there are many psychoacoustic effects.

    You can adjust the position of the sound source to make it feel like the music is playing from the front, back, or sides. There are also various 3D effects. The function of automatic determination of atmospheric pressure and the corresponding adjustment of the sound stand out prominently.

    Before connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone, you need to follow the general recommendations

    The first thing to do is plug in and turn on your headset. Some models are equipped with a charge indicator, but often it is missing. Therefore, do not forget to charge the device in a timely manner.

    • Turn on the module on the phone that is required for pairing with a headset (Bluetooth or NFC);
    • In the headphones themselves, you will need to enable pairing mode. It turns on in different ways in different devices, but usually it requires a long press of the power key;
    • To connect both wireless earbuds to the phone, you need to place them at a distance of no more than 10 meters from it.

    Can’t connect Sony wireless headphones

    There are several reasons why the phone does not see Sony headphones:

    • detection timed out. After activating Bluetooth on the headset, it will be available for finding by devices for 5 minutes;
    • acoustics is trying to synchronize with another device. If there is another gadget nearby that was previously paired with the headphones, an unintentional disconnection may occur;
    • frequency noise. Connection problems create signals from Wi-Fi routers and other Bluetooth devices. This is especially acute in places where people are concentrated: public transport, shopping centers;
    • failure of the OS. Restart your smartphone, possibly a software violation due to downloading third-party software. If this does not help, go to the Bluetooth settings and remove the active connection with wireless headphones, then re-pair as described above.

    Users may encounter NFC connection problems, in this case:

    • hold the smartphone near the NFC tag until a successful pairing message appears on the device screen, which takes 30-60 seconds;
    • restart your phone and headset;
    • disconnect your mobile gadget from other audio devices connected via Bluetooth (speakers, earbuds);
    • bring the device with NFC connected again. When the pairing confirmation message appears, click Cancel. Repeat the operation again, just confirm the connection;
    • go to Bluetooth settings and remove the active connection with the headset. Repeat Connect with Label.

    If the headphones still do not connect to the phone, the Bluetooth module may be damaged. To verify this, try connecting the headset to a different phone or device. It is not recommended to repair the acoustics yourself because of the chance to permanently disable the gadget.


    The most common are wired headphones. Pairing is carried out using a cable, the plug of which must be inserted into a special connector on the gadget. There may be several connection options. A headset can only have one wire, while a laptop has two connectors. In this case, you will need to purchase a special adapter so that you can use both headphones and a microphone.

    When the number of plugs on the headset and the gadget is the same, then there are no problems with pairing. It is enough to insert the wire into the corresponding connector. So on a laptop, the necessary holes are on the side panel. Their color indicates the purpose of the connector: pink. for the microphone, green. for the speakers. There is a small drawing next to the holes to indicate their purpose.

    Headphone connection methods

    There are two connection methods depending on the type of Sony headphones. If the headphones are wired, then the pairing is carried out through the cable. If necessary, use special adapters. Wireless devices connect via Bluetooth. Both methods are straightforward. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions.

    How to connect Sony headphones

    Sony offers a wide range of headphones for a variety of devices. Models differ in connection method, functions, appearance. But in general, pairing with different gadgets has no differences.

    Features of connecting to different devices

    The type of gadget does not affect the sequence and the pairing process in general. Connection to a laptop, tablet and computer is carried out in the same way. The Sony headset can be connected using a cable or Bluetooth.


    Wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth. Before starting pairing, some preparatory steps are required. First, you need to find Bluetooth on the gadget and make sure it works. On a laptop, for this you need to go to the “Task Manager” and in the general properties see the state of Bluetooth. If there is a function that is not available, then you need to update or install the driver.

    Sequence for connecting wireless headphones:

    • First you need to launch Bluetooth on your gadget. You can find such a function on a computer or laptop in the “Settings” section. On the Bluetooth tablet, look in the settings. Then you need to add other devices by clicking on the corresponding item.
    • Next, you need to turn on the headphones by holding down the button on the case. Then Bluetooth is activated on the headset.
    • When the gadget recognizes the headphones (the name of the headset will appear in the “add device” list), you can start pairing.
    • The end of the operation is indicated by the inscription “Connected”.

    If you follow the instructions, then no problems should arise. But sometimes a laptop, computer or tablet does not see the headphones. In this case, you will need to check the performance of all elements, try to fix sound problems or update the driver.

    You can also go to the operating system settings through the start and go to the “Playback devices” section. Then you need to click on the headphone icon with the right mouse button and select the action “Use by default”.

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