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How To Connect Samsung Buds To Laptop

Easy switching between devices

Galaxy Buds make it easy to switch between major devices within the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

This function depends on the model of the main unit, operating system and conditions of use. The user interface is subject to change without prior notice. Product and user interface images are provided for reference only and may differ from the actual product and user interface.

How To Connect Samsung Buds To Laptop

Live sound energy

Premium sound masters from AKG have done a great job: Galaxy Buds deliver incredibly rich, rich sound to your favorite tracks, creating a real-life effect. With Galaxy Buds, your playlist will give you an emotional charge, comparable only to the concert of your favorite band!

Convenience and safety

With Galaxy Buds, you don’t need to turn down your music to hear what’s going on around you. The background sound function will help you NOT to lose touch with the outside world. You will NOT miss airport announcements or a friend’s greeting anymore. Use this feature in default mode or enable it only when needed, live your rhythm with Galaxy Buds!

Fast and easy syncing

The Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds make friends with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone easily by opening the battery case. And voila, the connection was made! Live to the beat of your favorite tracks with Galaxy Buds!

Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Badja. The pop-up window appears only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.1.1 and above and with the SmartThings app (Smart Fings) preinstalled. If the pop-up window does NOT appear, update the SmartThings app to the latest version. This function depends on the model of the main unit, operating system and conditions of use. The user interface is subject to change without prior notice. Product and user interface images are provided for reference only and may differ from the actual product and user interface.

Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Badja. The pop-up window appears only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.1.1 and above and with the SmartThings app (Smart Fings) preinstalled. If the pop-up window does NOT appear, update the SmartThings app to the latest version. This function depends on the model of the main unit, operating system and conditions of use. The user interface is subject to change without prior notice. Product and user interface images are provided for reference only and may differ from the actual product and user interface.

Unleash your maximum with Galaxy Buds

Galaxy buds

Comfort 24/7

Enjoy superior sound in total comfort. Galaxy Buds offer a comfortable fit thanks to their ergonomic shape and customizable brackets and ear cushions, and their light weight allows you to enjoy your music all day long without any discomfort.

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Live sound energy

Battery standard capacity

Communication without borders

The future is here: adaptive microphones let you use the Galaxy Buds as a headset, even in very noisy places. “Smart” headphones will analyze the environment and, if necessary, switch from external microphones to internal ones in order to filter out extraneous sounds during a call.

Galaxy Buds package contents

The headphones come in a small box, which also contains a charging case, ear pads in several sizes, and cartilage clips.

Along with the flagship Galaxy S10, S10 and S10e smartphones, Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Buds fully wireless headphones. This is not the first such model in the company’s portfolio, in 2016 it introduced the IconX headphones, and in 2017 their update. IconX 2018. But for more than a year, Samsung was silent about the new completely wireless headphones, and only now they showed them. Let’s see how the Galaxy Buds differ from their predecessors and if they really have sound from AKG.

Connection and management

For wireless connection, Galaxy Buds uses Bluetooth 5.0, while the headphones support A2DP, AVRCP and HFP profiles, as well as AAC, SBC and proprietary Samsung codecs.

To connect the Galaxy Buds to a second device, press and hold the touchpads on the outside of both earbuds. A SIMilar system has already been used by Sennheiser in the Momentum True Wireless model. And it’s worth noting that this is NOT the most convenient way by which the headphones can be put into connection mode, but Samsung has done a better job of implementing it. Since the touchpads in the Galaxy Buds are less responsive and better at recognizing touch. The first time, of course, it is not always possible to perform the desired action, but the percentage of errors here is less than in Momentum TW.

Owners of Samsung smartphones are more fortunate, they will not need to go through the entire connection procedure, just open the charging case and the Smart Things app will automatically detect that the headphones are nearby. Then you just need to press one key on the smartphone screen and you can listen to music.

Once connected, Galaxy Buds switch between audio sources very easily, without the need to first disconnect them from one device to connect to a second.

It was already mentioned above that control in the Galaxy Buds is implemented through touchpads, which are located on the outside of the headphones. They have a small area, so you have to press them carefully, because it is not always possible to perform the desired action the first time. But in general, as for such compact headphones, Samsung managed to squeeze the maximum out of the touch controls. With its help, with a single touch, the user can start playback or pause it, double. switch to the next track, triple. to the previous one. A long press on the right earpiece can increase the volume, and on the left one can decrease it. In this case, the same action can be assigned to launch voice commands or a function that turns on microphones so that the user can hear ambient sounds through the music.

For those who do not want to use the touch control in the headphones, there is an option to turn it off completely.

Design and usability

Compared to previous Samsung fully wireless earbuds, the shape of the Galaxy Buds has practically risen, but their dimensions have become noticeably smaller. The company claims that they are 30% more compact than the IconX 2018, and this has a positive impact on both the appearance of the headphones and the usability.

Galaxy Buds practically DO NOT protrude from the auricle and generally look neat in the ears. This compares favorably with the past models of the company, as well as some competitors. In addition, the anatomical shape of the headphones allows them to fit comfortably into the external ear canal.

In turn, the intra-canal fit and soft cartilaginous anchors provide Galaxy Buds with a secure fit in the auricle, and without creating pressure on its walls. Comfortable use is also facilitated by the fact that each earphone weighs only 5.6 grams, so they are practically NOT felt during use.

Galaxy Buds sound

On the box of Galaxy Buds and Charging Case, the inscription Sound by AKG flaunts, which Samsung, after the purchase of Harman International Industries (owned the AKG brand), uses to emphasize the sound quality in its devices. At the same time, Samsung does not say whether Harman’s developments are used to create headphones with the inscription Sound by AKG, but notes that the company’s specialists help to customize their sound. However, as for the compact wireless model, the Galaxy Buds generally sound good, although not without remarks.

With a good volume reserve, they provide a wide stage, a well-developed middle and a sufficient upper range, but low frequencies are lost. In total, the sound is smooth and one might even say universal, but without good bass, which, in principle, can be attributed to most compact wireless headphones.

As mentioned above, Samsung used proprietary audio codecs for its devices, and for the rest: SBC. as the standard codec of the A2DP profile, as well as AAC for the iPhone. The presence of aptX was undoubtedly a plus for this model, but it is worth noting that there is a striking difference in sound quality, especially for compact headphones, between SBC and aptX comments, the latter codec wins in latency due to the higher bitrate of 352 Kbps versus 328 Kbps s in SBC.

The in-ear fit provides the Galaxy Buds with good noise isolation. And although there is active noise cancellation in this model, a sensitive microphone is installed in each headphone. They are used, firstly, for voice commands of the virtual assistant, and secondly, in order to listen to music, and not cut off external sounds. The latter will be useful when jogging or cycling.

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Galaxy Buds are completely wireless Samsung headphones. Charging case and autonomy

Each Galaxy Buds has a 58mAh battery, which is enough for a little more than 5 hours of continuous music playback. Headphones are charged through a special case, which also has a built-in 252 mAh battery. The latter is enough for another 7 hours of listening to music. At the same time, the headphones support fast charging, 15 minutes in a case add 1.5 hours of work.

The case itself can be charged via the USB Type-C port, but also supports wireless charging.

How to connect wireless headphones to your computer

You will be interested in:

To connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to a computer or laptop, you need to make sure that the computer or laptop itself has a Bluetooth adapter, it is connected, activated and the latest drivers are installed for it. If these conditions are met, then you can start connecting the headphones.

Follow these 10 steps to connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 10 PC or laptop for the first time.

10 steps:

Step 1 Click “Start” button, a pop-up window will appear. In the lower left corner you will see an icon resembling a gear, which is called “parameters”, click on it.

Step 2 You will see a window that I took a screenshot of. We are interested in the “Devices, Bluetooth” menu. Click on it, it is highlighted with a gray frame in the screenshot above.

Step 3 You will see the window that you see in the screenshot. Make sure the Bluetooth Other Devices menu is highlighted in the left column. Your window should look like mine. At the moment my Bluetooth adapter is turned off, I will turn it on in the next step. If you already have it enabled, go straight to step 4.

Step 4 Click on the “Off” button, if the appropriate drivers are installed for the Bluetooth adapter in your system, the slider will change its color and the inscription “On” will be displayed. This means that the computer’s Bluetooth adapter is turned on and ready to function. Only when the Bluetooth adapter of your computer is in working order, the button “Add Bluetooth or a second device” becomes available to us. Click on it, it is at the very top and is indicated by a large button with a plus sign.

Step 5 After you have clicked on the “Add Bluetooth or second device” button, you should see this window. To connect wireless headphones to your computer, select the first item, which is called “Bluetooth. Mice, keyboards, pens and other types of Bluetooth devices “.

Step 6 After you have completed the steps in Step 5, take your eyes off the computer. Pick up your wireless headphones, which should be completely turned off at this moment.

When pairing wireless Bluetooth headphones for the first time with any sound source, whether it be a computer, phone or other device, Sparta needs them so that they remember each other. The headphones usually enter this mode if you hold the power button of the wireless headphones for about 10 seconds. Some models turn on this mode a little earlier, there will be no big deal if you overexpose it for a few seconds. If your headphones have an LED, it should flash in different colors during pairing mode. This is not required, but it is the most common behavior. If you did everything correctly, held the power button for about 10 seconds, then your headphones should turn on and start searching for the source device, which in our case is a computer.

Step 7 If you did everything correctly in step 6, a new device should appear on your computer screen in a few seconds, usually it is named the same as your headphones. Click on this device for the computer to remember it.

Step 8 Your window will take on a new look, the computer is actively pairing with wireless headphones. Wait a few seconds.

Step 9 Your window should now look like you see above. This means that the computer has successfully paired with your wireless headphones and they are completely ready to use. Click the Finish button.

Step 10 New wireless headphones have been added to the list of devices your computer knows. Now you can turn the headphones on and off as usual. You do not need to carry out the pairing procedure every time. The computer remembers the settings for your headphones. You just need to turn on the Bluetooth adapter on the computer and turn on the headphones, after a few seconds they will automatically establish a connection and start working.

That’s all, we have made a successful connection of Bluetooth headphones to a computer, which will be ready for use at any time.

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer via USB?

Quite often there is a need to connect your smartphone to a computer. For what? At least in order to transfer images from a smartphone to computer memory. Well, someone charges sensor devices in this way. conveniently, you know. In short, the need exists. Another question is how to connect a smartphone to a computer. In this article, we will show an example based on a Samsung device.

We need a cable (MicroUSB or USB Type-C. no role to play), the smartphone itself and a computer or laptop.

Connect one side to your smartphone.

The other side is to the USB port.

Actually, the connection can be called successful. The smartphone started charging, which means everything is in order (in some cases, the gadget may NOT charge, but this does not lead to panic).

If you’re only using the USB cable and computer to charge your touch device, you can stop there. But if you need to transfer some data from a computer to a smartphone or vice versa, you need to do a few more steps.

When you connect Samsung to computer, the following message appears on the smartphone screen (after unlocking the screen):

The system asks you whether to allow access to data on the phone. For charging, you can click “Deny”, but to transfer data, you must click “Allow”. What happens if you don’t? We open “My Computer” and see our smartphone. Click on it twice with the left mouse button.

And nothing is visible, because we have denied access to the file system of the smartphone. If you GRANT permission, the file system will be available for viewing and working with it. feel the difference.

Please note that the example above reflects both the internal memory of the smartphone and the external memory card.

Now you can work with files and, for example, transfers them.

If the sign with the choice of connection does NOT appear, the computer does not see the file system of your smartphone, it is likely that the default USB configuration uses only device charging. This option is relevant if the developer mode is enabled and someone has managed to “dig” in it. The solution is this. Go to developer mode (what is it. in this article), then find the item “Default USB configuration”.

Specify “File Transfer”.

Now, when connecting a smartphone to a PC or laptop, the choice of access to data on the smartphone should appear.

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How to connect Galaxy Buds to Windows 10 devices

You can pair the Galaxy Buds with a Windows 10 PC. First, open the Start menu and search for “Bluetooth” in the search bar. Having entered the settings of the wireless interface, we will proceed to the list of available devices, where you can already select Galaxy Buds.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to iOS devices

If you want to disconnect Galaxy Buds from iOS devices, then open the menu “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and find the headphones in the list. Click on them to pair.

How to pair Galaxy Buds with any of your gadgets

To date, almost all manufacturers of headphones for mobile phones have presented their versions of the “killer” AirPods. However, one of the most successful (or at least the most famous) is Galaxy Buds from the South Korean company Samsung. At the same time, these small “ears” can work perfectly Not only with “native” devices from the Galaxy series, but with any other gadgets. And today we’ll show you how to pair Galaxy Buds with any of your devices.

In this article, we will break down the most popular device pairing options. It makes a special sense to disassemble each specific model of smartphones running Android, but the general principles of connecting to gadgets running OS from Google will still be affected. And one more important point: if you plan to use Galaxy Buds with Multiple devices, remember to disconnect them from one gadget before trying to connect them to the second.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Samsung smartphone

Pairing Galaxy Buds with your Samsung Galaxy device is quick and easy. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the protective case. Your device will automatically detect them, and a pop-up message on the smartphone screen will allow you to immediately connect the headphones.

If this suddenly did not happen, then go to the settings menu, find the “Bluetooth” item there and find the headphones in the list of devices, then create a pair.

Setting up headphones using the Samsung Wear app

Once the earbuds have been connected, your phone’s Samsung Wear app acts as a “control center”. Here you can check the battery life of the Galaxy Buds and use the Find My Earbuds feature. You can also control Equalizer, Notifications, Touch Bar and other options.

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Android devices

Thankfully, the Galaxy Buds work with other Android devices as well, although the pairing process may differ depending on the model. For example, on Google Pixel smartphones, you will need to enter the notification and shortcut menu (finger down from the top of the screen). Here you will need to hold down the Bluetooth button. You will see a list of devices in which you should select Galaxy Buds and pair with them. It is also possible to make Pairing from the general settings menu.

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How to connect Galaxy Buds to MacOS devices

Pairing the Galaxy Buds with Apple computers is also pretty easy. Open System Preferences and go to Bluetooth settings. When you see the Galaxy Buds appear in the list of available gadgets, click the Connect button.

What kind of headphones do you use? Tell us about it in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

The Android operating system opens up truly great opportunities for users. Thanks to its openness, you can do anything with it. from customizing SEPARATE interface elements to installing any kind of applications that can be downloaded from anywhere. But if in careful customization of the operating system, as I have already found out, there is nothing wrong with downloading software from unreliable sources. read from the Internet. I would strongly recommend that you forget. I have several objective reasons for this.

Let’s be honest. Android today is one of the most recognizable brands, which has already become a household name like jeep, copier and slates, it has served as a designation in general for all smartphones NOT from Apple. Is it bad? Of course not, many would say. After all, positive recognition is always good. However, like actors who become hostages of one image and then cannot get rid of it for years, brands are also subject to negative manifestations of such a phenomenon as associativity. And their owners have to do something about it.

Online life has become an integral part of our modern life. We post everything on social networks, communicate there with friends or business partners and just have a good time, Learning the world. The problem is that many of us invented our nicknames or, as they are also called, “usernames” (id) many years ago and since then a lot has changed. Someone just wants to change their name, but someone understands that it is already a little embarrassing to be the “Dark Lord of ALGord”, became the head of a large company. As a result, the names have to be changed, but this cannot be done not on all social networks. We’ve been asked several times how you can change your Instagram username. Due to the fact that this topic is so interesting to people, I decided to prepare answers to questions and tell you how to do it in different ways.

Installing drivers

Drivers are required for the printer to function correctly. They are usually contained on a disc, which is included with the printer with the cables upon purchase. To install the drivers, you need to place the media in your laptop’s drive and wait for it to start automatically. If the disc does not open by itself, you should do it manually through “My Computer” by double-clicking on the name of the drive with the driver.

The installation program is launched through the “Setup.Exe”, “Install.Exe” or “Autorun.Exe” file. Its interface differs in different printer manufacturers, but the general structure in most cases remains the same. the owner of the computer must carefully follow the instructions of the system to install the drivers. The program will ask you to agree to the terms of use, select a method for connecting the printer, specify a folder for installing files.

Important: if you have a disc with drivers for your device, you can download them through Windows Update and on the manufacturer’s website. These methods are described in more detail below.

How to install a printer without an installation disc?

It is not uncommon for printer owners to lose driver discs. In addition, not all modern laptops are equipped with CD drives, so installation will not be possible even with media. In this case, you need to resort to alternative methods of installing drivers.

Using Windows Update:

  • Enter “Control Panel” and open “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the “Printers” section and find your model in the drop-down list. Name the device with the right mouse button and click “Update drivers”. Select the option “Automatic search” and follow the further instructions.

Tip: If your operating system’s main menu isn’t working, learn what to do when Start won’t open in Windows 10.

Manually via the website of the printing device manufacturer:

  • If Windows Update cannot find the driver you are looking for, you should download it yourself.
  • The actual files are most often located on the support page of the official website of the printer manufacturer. In the same place, the user is provided with detailed instructions for installation and configuration.
  • Links for downloading drivers for printers from popular manufacturers:
  • HP.;
  • Canon.;
  • Epson.;
  • Samsung.

Print setup

After successfully connecting the printer to the laptop, it remains to complete the print setup. This procedure is carried out through the control panel of the computer. The user is required to:

  • Enter the “Control Panel” and select the category “Devices and Printers”.
  • Find the name of your office equipment in the list, name it with the right button and click “Print Settings”.
  • In the window that opens, set the appropriate parameters: paper size, page orientation, number of copies, image quality, paper source, etc. Click the “Apply” button for the changes to take effect. The specified settings will be used when printing documents from a laptop.

How to connect a printer to a laptop via Wi-Fi?

Many modern printers can be connected to a computer via Wi-Fi. Before installing such a device, you need to make sure that the wireless function is enabled and available on it. The button with the corresponding icon allows you to find out. On most models of office equipment, it is highlighted in blue if the connection is functioning correctly. Also, to work with a wireless printer, you must have access to the Internet. After checking the connection, the user should add the printer to the system for further configuration:

  • Windows 10 (same aLGorithm as wired printer):
  • If the system does not automatically identify office equipment, open “Start”, go to “Settings”, in the “Devices” section, select “Printers and scanners”.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • If the device is not found, it will be named “The required printer is not in the list” to proceed to manual configuration.
  • Windows 7, 8 (the aLGorithm is the same as with a wired printer):
    • Enter the Start menu, open Devices and Printers.
    • Click “Add Printer”.
    • Select the option “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”.
    • Find the model you need in the list suggested by the system and click “Next”.
    • Confirm Driver Installation.
    • Follow the instructions of the installation wizard until the process is completed successfully.
    • Tip: If you are having difficulty using the scanner, learn how to Scan a document to your computer.

      How to install a printer on a laptop?

      The printer is a popular peripheral device that has found wide application in offices, enterprises, government agencies and at home due to the ability to instantly print any documents. It is quite easy to use and does not require any special skills from the owner. However, sometimes the owners of office equipment have problems with setting it up.

      Printer connection

      Installing a wired printer begins by connecting it to a power source and to a laptop or computer. For THESE purposes, the device is supplied with two corresponding cables. Established a USB connection to the computer, the printer should be turned on by pressing the power button on the case.

      In most cases, Windows automatically detects a new device in the system and installs the necessary software to work with it. However, if this did not happen, the laptop or PC owner needs to follow these steps:

      On Windows 10:

      • Open the “Start” menu, go to “Settings” and select the “Devices” section.
      • Named by the line “Printers and scanners”, click the “Add printer or scanner”.
      • Wait for the computer to complete the search, and select the appropriate option from the proposed list. If the laptop cannot find the printing device, you must click “Update” or “The required printer is not in the list” and follow the further instructions of the system.

      On Windows 7 and 8:

      • Find the “Devices and Printers” section in the “Start” menu.
      • Press the “Add Printer” button. Will call the option “Add a local printer” in the opened manager.
      • On the Select Printer Port page, click Use Existing and Recommended.

      Tip: Check out our list of the best MFPs for home use if you are NOT deciding what to choose.

      How to connect a printer to a laptop?

      Let’s consider all the actions in more detail.

      Summing up

      Manual installation of the printer on a laptop is carried out in three steps. It is necessary to connect office equipment to a power supply and to a PC. Then install the current version of the drivers from the disk or from the Internet on your computer. The final stage is setting up printing options for future documents. On Windows 10, wired and wireless printers are connected using the same aLGorithm. Slight differences are present in earlier versions of the operating system.

      Can Galaxy Buds take a shower? How are things going with moisture protection??

      The headphones are protected according to the IPX2 standard, which imposes a number of restrictions (for more details on IP protection, see here):

      • Galaxy Buds are completely NOT dustproof. The company recommends that you DO NOT store your headphones in dusty places as this may damage them.
      • Galaxy Buds are NOT waterproof. They are protected only from sweat and light rain, so taking a shower with headphones is strictly prohibited.

      Review of wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds

      Samsung is gradually updating all its wearable devices, absorbing the Gear prefix from their name: first, the Galaxy Watch smartwatch replaced the Gear S line, then the Gear Fit bracelets were replaced by the Galaxy Fit fitness tracker.

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      Please note: a review of the updated Samsung Galaxy Buds (2020) is available on our website

      And today we’ll take a closer look at Samsung’s next generation True Wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds (formerly Gear IconX).

      True Wireless are headphones that are not even connected with a wire

      This is not just a model update, but a completely new product. With the Galaxy Buds, the company has completely ditched all the fitness features we saw in the Gear IconX (calculating calories burned, distance traveled and speed), focusing only on sound and usability.

      What happened in the end. let’s figure it out. And at the end of the review, we will answer all the most frequently asked questions.!

      Does Galaxy Buds support gesture control?

      No. Headphones are controlled by touching the touch panels. As mentioned above, single touch, double and triple touch, and long touch are supported (touch and DO NOT release your finger for about 1-2 seconds).

      Galaxy Buds review. Sound quality

      First, a few dry facts. Firstly, the headphones only support 3 codecs: SBC, AAC and Samsung’s proprietary codec Scalable. That is, unfortunately, there is no support for high-bitrate audio. By the way, if these names DO NOT say anything to you, be sure to read our article on Bluetooth codecs, where it tells in detail “on the fingers” what codecs are, how they affect the sound quality and which of them are most preferred.

      Secondly, AKG, which Samsung acquired together with the entire Harman concern, is responsible for setting and sound quality. That is, Galaxy Buds is, first of all, a music product, not a gadget.

      To be honest, the first impression from listening to THESE headphones was completely unpleasant (do not forget that any assessment of the sound is subjective). The sound seemed too “flat” and insipid, despite the good detailing of the high frequencies, problems with the lows were clearly felt. After changing the ear pads (there are 3 pairs of them in the kit), the situation changed noticeably, but still the usual amount of bass was NOT enough.

      And now, after activating the Dynamic Equalizer function in the Samsung Galaxy Wearable program:

      The sound acquired volume, low frequencies appeared, and with it the pleasure of listening to music. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the dynamic equalizer mode (unless, of course, you think that the bass in the headphones is weak), and also try all the replaceable ear pads and brackets (the correct fit of the headphones in your ears has a big impact).

      Overall, the sound quality is good, on par with other headphones in the same price range. Even listening to music for a long time does NOT cause fatigue.

      Updated 08.08.2020: At the moment there are many headphones on the market (even cheaper ones) with much better sound.

      Galaxy Buds review. Autonomy

      The headphones are charged only from the case. The case itself supports both wireless charging and Type-C charging. The headphone battery capacity is 58 mAh, the case capacity is 252 mAh. That is, the case when fully charged is able to fully charge the headphones twice.

      We measured the battery life of the Galaxy Buds from a full charge, turned on the music at half past nine in the morning at 60% volume and did NOT turn it off until the headphones were not discharged. Results in the table:

      Time charge percentage
      9:30 100%
      10:30 90%
      13:30 45%
      14:30 thirty%
      15:30 fifteen%
      16:15 0%

      Samsung claims up to 6 hours of continuous use for the headphones and our test showed almost identical results. After 6 hours of listening to music, the headphones still have 15% charge. Thus, I took only a case with headphones on a trip, you can count on at least 12 hours of continuous work!

      To charge the headphones, you need to place them in the case, and the case itself should be connected to the USB port of your computer or to any 5-volt power adapter. The charging time for the headphones is as follows:

      Time charge percentage
      13:15 0%
      13:35 50% (in 20 min.)
      13:55 80% (20 min.)
      14:15 90% (20 min.)
      14:35 100% (20 min.)

      In total, from zero to 100%, the headphones are charged in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Full charging time of the case is almost 2 hours (1 hour and 50 minutes).

      How to connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone?

      When connected to an iPhone, you will lose some of the functionality, namely the Sound environment function, Headphone search, display of the charge level and fine-tuning the sensor. That is, in the case of the iPhone, you just get high-quality and very comfortable TWS headphones.

      To connect, just go to the smartphone settings, to the Bluetooth section and search for the device. If the headphones should not be detected, then put them into pairing mode. How to do this. read the answer to the next question.

      How to enable pairing / search mode and connect Galaxy Buds to a second device (TV, laptop)?

      If you want to connect the headphones to multiple devices (for example, a smartphone and laptop), then before connecting, you need to put the headphones into pairing or search mode. It is very easy to do this:

      • Insert earphones into your ears (this will be more comfortable)
      • Touch the sensors of both earbuds with your fingers at the same time
      • Hold your fingers on the headphones for a couple of seconds
      • Done! Headphones are available for connection on a second device

      To connect to a laptop running Windows 10, you need to put the headphones into search mode (see above) and on the computer:

      • Open Start Menu
      • Select Options
      • In the window that opens, go to the Devices section
      • Next, click Add Bluetooth or a second device
      • In the new window, select Bluetooth (mice, keyboards, audio and other devices)
      • When Windows detects headphones. select them

      Can Galaxy Buds be used with any Android device?

      Sure! Headphones are NOT tied to Samsung smartphones. You can not only use them with smartphones from other manufacturers, but also connect to a laptop, TV, player and other audio devices.

      Galaxy Buds review. Functional

      To enjoy the full benefit of headphones, you need to install the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. On all Samsung phones it is installed right out of the box, that is, you don’t need to download anything separately.

      After launching the application and selecting headphones, the following options will be available to you:

      At the top, the charge of each headphone is displayed, then the Equalizer function, in which we have already talked a little higher.


      In the Notifications item, you can select applications from which notifications will be voiced. Please note that only the name of the application is announced. For example, if a new SMS has arrived, you will only hear the word “Message” in Russian without information about the sender or the contents of this message.


      At this point, you can configure the action that should occur when you long press on each earphone. All other actions are standard, you cannot change them:

      • Single press. Pauses or resumes playback.
      • Double tap. Plays the next song, you can also double-click to answer or end a call.
      • Triple touch. Plays the previous song.

      The only thing missing is the volume control function. But, as mentioned above, this is easy to fix by assigning the appropriate function to the “touch and hold” gesture:

      Sound environment

      A very interesting feature that, in fact, turns headphones into a kind of hearing aids. When you activate surround sound, each earbud will pick up ambient sounds and amplify them:

      If you set Voice Priority separately, then voices will sound louder than all other sounds. While listening to music at a comfortable volume (say, from 50% and higher). there is no sense from this function. The music sound will completely overlap the surround sound.

      So, turned on the Sound Surround function, you will perfectly hear voices without removing the headphones. Also, it is useful to enable this function during cycling trips.

      Search for headphones

      Quite a handy and practical function! Since the headphones are NOT connected in any way, sometimes one of them can get lost somewhere. After activating the search, the Lost Earphone will start making a loud squeak. By the way, if the other is inserted into the ear at this time, He will not squeak. As mentioned above, each earbud is equipped with a proximity sensor, which allows the system to detect whether the earbuds are removed or not.

      Voice Assistant

      I assigned the function of a voice assistant for a long touch to the touch panel, you can give different voice commands and receive prompts directly through the headphones.

      Fortunately, Samsung has not tied the headphones to Bixby (which still does NOT understand Russian). The first time you call the voice assistant through the headphones, the smartphone will ask whose services you want to use. Bixby or Google Assistant.

      Sensor operation

      I was very pleased with the presence of sensors and how they work. Most bluetooth headphones play as long as the music on the smartphone is turned off. Some models are equipped with magnets to disconnect the headphones when you remove them and attach them to each other.

      Galaxy Buds are much smarter. As soon as you insert the earphone into your ear, it automatically turns on (a Corresponding signal is heard), and when you take it off, the music stops and the earbuds go into standby mode. These are the very details that you immediately pay attention to and that make a good product. exceptional.

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