How to connect Samsung a50 to TV

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Used only for modern “Samsung TV” with a built-in transmitter.

  • In the TV settings in the “Connection” section, you need to find the Bluetooth item.
  • Next, you need to click on “Select device” and select the desired device from the list.
  • If the desired smartphone is not in the list, then you need to start a search.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to transfer media content.

  • Connecting devices using a router.
  • Pairing via Wi-Fi Direct. The main task of the option is to synchronize devices without an access point. The TV acts as a screen for the smartphone.

“Android” devices and Apple?

iPhone can be connected to a TV via USB or using a special expensive set-top box.

There are no special restrictions for smartphones based on the “Android” platform. The user can choose any of the presented synchronization methods.

No wires

For this type of connection, it is enough to have a TV with support for wi-fi, which, when connected to the network, can be turned into a monitor for a mobile device.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect your phone to a Samsung TV

The process of pairing devices does not take much time and depends on the selected connection type.


The method is suitable for owners of LG mobile phones of the G2 and Nexus 4 line. Media devices are synchronized via the adapter using the cable that comes with the kit.

Used for Samsung TV with HDMI, DVI or VGA ports.

Stream YouTube

Used to view a wide range of video content. Provides the presence of the YouTube service on both devices.

  • After launching the application on your smartphone, you need to go to the settings menu and activate the Watch on TV function.
  • The service is turned on on the TV and the manual connection mode is selected in the settings.
  • A code will appear on the screen, which must be entered into the corresponding window of the smartphone, add “Samsung TV” to the list of devices and give permission to broadcast.

What gives the connection of the phone to the TV “Samsung“?

Synchronizing devices provides users with many benefits:

  • the smartphone can be used as a full-fledged TV remote control;
  • the implementation of the transfer of video content and photos for playback on the big screen of media equipment;
  • connecting a joystick or keyboard along with a smartphone turns the TV into a large gaming console;
  • the ability to conduct a full presentation;
  • convenient search for sites on the network via a mobile device, information is viewed on a larger display.

Connecting using RCA

For many years, so-called tulips have been considered the most popular method of connecting any television or video device. The RCA connector has three colors: red and white for audio playback, and yellow for video. Such connectors can be either on one side of the wire or on both sides. In order not to make a mistake and correctly connect the dividend to the TV, it is necessary to combine the plugs with connectors of the same color.

connect, samsung

Available connectors

Before connecting a DVD player, you need to familiarize yourself with the ports on your TV. As a rule, manufacturers equip equipment with the maximum number of connectors to make it easier for the user to connect various devices. The most popular are HDMI and Tulips. But also Scart and S-video ports are used.

ways to connect DVD to TV

DVD players are quite common because they can significantly expand the world of entertainment. Their cost is low, so anyone can buy such a device. There are many ways to connect a DVD player to a TV, and all have their own peculiarities, but they are not complicated. After setup, you can watch movies as many times as you like and countless times.

Ways to connect DVD to TV

If you have no idea how to connect a DVD yourself, then you do not need to immediately call the wizard. To enjoy your favorite videos and TV shows, you need to get connected properly. Before connecting the dvd to the TV, it is necessary to read the instructions and check which ports on the TV are available.

Among the popular connection methods, the following are known:

  • using HDMI cable;
  • using an RCA cord;
  • Scart connection;
  • method using S – video ports.

Component cable connection

The component cord contains five plugs that you must connect to your DVD player. You need to be guided by the color coding and Output labels. The audio ports are red and white, and the video is another red, green and blue. In order not to get confused in the red “tulips”, lay them out on the table and make sure they are in the correct position: green, blue, red for a video picture and white, red. for audio accompaniment.

Sometimes component cables are only three-colored. green, blue and red. and are intended for the transmission of video content. Therefore, using such a cord, you will have to use an additional red and white cable to transmit sound.

The other end of the cable is connected to the outputs of the corresponding color and the inscriptions Input on the TV. Before turning on, make sure that all plugs are firmly seated in the connectors. Turn on the TV using the required datsource.

Scart connection

A not very popular method of connecting a DVD to a plasma TV is to use the Scrat connector. The transmission of sound and images is carried out in the same quality as when using HDMI. But the problem is that this port is quite rare on modern devices. To connect the player and TV, you will need to purchase a special Scrat-RCA cord, where one end is inserted into the player, and the other (where the tulips are) into the TV.

�� Samsung Galaxy A50. Smart View (conectando na smart TV)

HDMI connection

The HDMI port is considered optimal when connecting a dvd player to a TV, because it provides the ability to transfer video to the screen without loss in quality. Outwardly, it is somewhat similar to a USB connector, but only thinner and longer. Experts say that in this way it is best to connect the divide-player to the plasma. It is desirable to use cable models 2.0 and higher, which are marked “High speed with Ethernet” and only from leading manufacturers. If you have no idea how to connect correctly, then check the inscriptions on the connectors.

Possible problems and solutions

If during testing it was revealed that there is no sound, and only a video picture is displayed, this means that the cable is not connected correctly. Check that all color marks match. To connect the DVD to the Samsung TV, you need to use a cable, and the player itself must be connected to the outlet. After turning on the TV-panel, select exactly the mode to which you connected the DVD.

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If the TV does not see the DVD, then replace the cables. Over time, the cord could be damaged, and the connectors lose their tightness. High humidity could affect the connector. When buying, try to choose a well-known manufacturer to be sure of the quality of the wire. After connection, the cable itself should not be stretched, but it is desirable that it sag a little. Pulling too tight may distort the image.

How to set up a universal remote control for a Samsung TV: codes, instructions

How to set up a universal remote for a Samsung TV? The universal control element is increasingly used for contact with home appliances, as it is simple to set up and easy to replace in case of loss or breakdown. However, not all users know how to debug, and what to do to start working with TV. This article provides not only a guide, but also an alternative way to control the technique.

How to find the TV code

To find the Samsung TV code for the universal remote control, you should look at the instructions (paper or electronic version on the manufacturer’s website). It is also possible by the selection method to enter general combinations 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.


To quickly connect the universal remote to your Samsung TV, and follow the guide:

  • enter the combination 9999 on the remote control and after the fourth pressing of the nine, hold down the key;
  • then wait until it turns off completely and turn on the TV again;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try to repeat the action a few more times.


If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

The manual method is more time consuming, because you have to wait for the indicator to work and specify some parameters;

How to connect Samsung A50 Plus mobile to LED TV

  • turn on TV;
  • simultaneously hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release after about 5-7 seconds when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens (you can find it in the instructions)
  • confirm the action;
  • test the performance, check with the volume keys.

Setting up a universal TV remote control for Samsung TV

Debugging can be automatic or manual. If the user wants to establish contact without a code, then the automatic method should be chosen.

  • Automatic. quickly starts scanning and automatically detects the contact. The advantage is that you do not need to search for a pairing combination and enter something manually.
  • Manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters.

Connecting to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

This feature works well on modern TVs from the 5th generation, where manufacturers have already implemented unified wireless direct drivers. This is the so-called. connecting a second wireless monitor, where the TV acts as an external display device for everything that happens on the screen of your mobile device, such as a laptop or smartphone.

In the first case, you need to have Windows 7, 8 or 10. A home network is not required with this connection, and authentication and connection is carried out through a connection request on the TV screen itself.

Such a connection is convenient because you can see on the big screen everything that is done on the screen of your PC or laptop, including working in the browser, viewing photos or videos, as well as the process of playing. The only drawback here is a slight delay in displaying content on TV and slightly fewer colors than on a PC display.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? Making a Wi-Fi Direct connection is pretty straightforward. To do this, turn on your TV and laptop. Wi-Fi adapters must be activated on both devices.

Now on your Windows 10 laptop go to Start | Parameters | System | Display ”and on the right side under“ Multiple displays ”click on“ Connect to a wireless display ”. A vertical shutter with the “connect” menu and a list of detected devices will appear on the right side. In our case, this is Samsung 6 series (49). Click on the selected model, then on the TV itself, agree to the connection request. It should be noted that the connection may not happen on the first or even on the second attempt, since the computer needs time to transmit the TV signal encryption keys. But after the TV is connected to the laptop via WI-FI, you can broadcast the video even from another room.

In order to disable the transmission of the wireless video signal to the TV, click on “Connect to wireless display” again and click on the “Disconnect” button in the right curtain of the menu.

Connecting to a TV via DLNA

This type of connection is that on a computer or laptop that is part of the home network, access is organized to certain folders where you place multimedia files. photos and videos. Only your TV can play them with its built-in player. A prerequisite for this is that the TV supports DLNA technology. a set of standards that allow devices connected to a home network to transmit and receive over various media content.

This can be done both from an Android smartphone and tablet, as well as from a TV (playback functions only). The question also arises of how to synchronize a laptop with a TV via WI-FI. In general, everything happens automatically.

The main task is to organize a shared folder on a laptop. To do this, you need to make it available to other devices on your home network, and also assign permanent IP addresses in the router for gadgets connected to the network. This is necessary so that the TV does not have to scan the network every time in search of this folder.

To do this, on the laptop’s hard drive, create a shared folder named in English, for example, MediaTV. Go to the “Access” tab in its properties. Then click “Advanced settings”, put a check mark next to the phrase “Open public access” and confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

If your TV with Smart TV is an old model and its system does not allow you to connect to devices on Windows OS, namely, the TV simply does not see the shared folder with files, there is another option to organize the broadcast of media content on its screen. But first you need to make sure that your TV is visible on your home network.

To do this, click on the “Network” icon in the Explorer on the left. After that, the devices available on the network will be displayed in the right pane. Now select a video file in MP4 format in any folder, right-click on it and select “Transfer to device” in the context menu, in our case to Samsung.

This will launch the Windows media server, which will display a list of files transferred to the TV. Don’t miss the request on the TV itself to play a file from an external source.

What you need to connect a laptop to TV via Wi-Fi

Many people ask the question: how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? The main condition for the possibility of such a connection is the presence in the TV itself of Smart TV technology and a Wi-Fi module with support for Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA functions. The first allows you to connect a laptop to a TV directly, without using a home network and a router. However, not all TVs (especially older models) can be connected to laptops in this way. The second technology. DLNA, makes it possible to go from the TV itself to the network storage (for example, a folder on the hard drive of a PC connected to a home network) and start playing multimedia content from it. viewing a photo or video. You can also launch a media server from the laptop itself with broadcast to the TV.

The difference between these two connection methods is quite significant and below we will tell you what is the difference and how to organize such connections and how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi

Connecting a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi wirelessly is a cherished dream of all online movie theater lovers and gamers. We will tell you how to do it quickly and without complicated settings.

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Oddly enough, but not many people know that you can connect a laptop to a TV without wires in just a couple of mouse clicks. This will allow you to sit on the couch and broadcast your vacation photos or video to the big screen. You can also play your favorite games using not a small laptop display, but display the picture on a device with a huge diagonal. However, in the latter case, it is worth considering that the picture will be broadcast to the TV with a slight delay. When watching movies and photos, you will not notice this. Below we will give step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

Connecting using Wi-Fi adapters

If you failed to connect the laptop to the TV via Wi-Fi, but this method remains more preferable for you, as compared with the HDMI connection, you can try to connect the laptop to the TV using an intermediary. a TV set-top box on Android or a Wi-Fi dongle. for example Google Chromecast. In this case, you just need to connect to the Wi-Fi network organized by this adapter and broadcast the signal to it.

However, such an extravagant solution will be justified if cable connection is almost impossible, such as for a video projector suspended from the ceiling. It is much cheaper and more reliable to use an HDMI connection and connect the laptop to the TV through the appropriate cable.

How to connect to TV

The option is activated on the TV using a special docking station DeX Station. The station has two USB connectors and an Ethernet connector. Supports Full HD resolution as much as possible. HDMI cable, so you need to use your own if necessary or purchase it separately. A more compact option is the DeX Pad. There is already an HDMI cable and a charger in the kit. There is also a USB Type-C connector, which is convenient for owners of new smartphones.

The most modern option is a USB-C to HDMI cable or DeX Cable. All you need to do is connect the two devices with this cable and the function is automatically activated. Unfortunately, this option is only available for mobile Galaxy S9 and above.

What is Samsung DeX

This technology allows you to switch between multiple devices and create a workspace. They are controlled using a touch-screen on a phone or tablet, or a computer mouse and keyboard. A special docking station or a special adapter (for older models) is used to synchronize devices. For versions above S9, no additional devices are needed. the mode is turned on simply on the phone screen, in a pre-installed application.

Samsung dex allows you to use mobile apps on the big screen, create and show presentations, use instant messengers, and even play mobile games. Some applications are optimized for use in this mode.

How to connect and turn on Samsung DeX

If you own one of the mobile devices of a well-known Korean manufacturer, it is helpful for you to know how to enable Samsung DeX. This unique service first appeared on mobile phones above the S8 series. It allows you to sync your workspace between your phone and your computer monitor. Read more about this technology in our material.

How to connect Samsung DeX

The service is connected in several ways. Unfortunately, there is no wireless option yet, but there are several devices that allow you to connect.

We connect to a laptop or computer

In this way, you can connect not only a TV, but also a laptop and a stationary computer.

After connecting, a window appears on the screen of a laptop or computer that looks like the Windows operating system. Here will be located icons of mobile applications that can be opened and used just like on a mobile.

What to do

First of all, check that the cable connection is secure. Try disconnecting and reconnecting one of the gadgets. Check if the connector is working properly by connecting other devices. If the connectors and cables are working, it looks like your device does not support this option. If the option was declared by the manufacturer for your model, contact the service center.

How to connect headphones to a Samsung TV?

Most of the models that Samsung produces are already equipped with a Bluetooth module. However, there are some nuances. Older models only connect directly to a subwoofer, mouse or keyboard. You cannot connect a Bluetooth headset via this channel. That is why a dedicated Bluetooth transmitter and digital-to-analog converter are needed. These two devices paired are responsible for pairing the headset with the TV.

How to connect wireless headphones to a Sony TV?

By analogy with previous brands, a Bluetooth headset can be connected to Sony devices in all the above ways. You need to have a TV model with a built-in module and follow the instructions from the first paragraph of our article. If it is not there, then the headset can be connected using an external receiver or through one of the other external devices, which we will write about below.

How to connect headphones to a TV?

Modern TVs are equipped with powerful speakers. So, it would seem, why create pairing between TV and wireless headphones? This is supported by two reasons at once:

  • Creates the effect of complete immersion in what is happening on the screen, because you are not distracted by extraneous noise.
  • You can watch your favorite movies at any volume without disturbing the rest of the household.

The connection is as follows:

  • Wireless headphones must be put into search mode. If they are turned off, hold the power button for a few seconds (when turned on, the device will give a characteristic signal).
  • The next step is to go to the TV settings. They will contain the item “Search for Bluetooth devices” (it is located in the sound settings).
  • Open the menu of this item and find the name of your device in it.
  • The last step is pairing. Now you can watch TV through headphones.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV?

Connecting headphones to a TV is a simple process and is largely identical to pairing with any other device. An appropriate Bluetooth module must be built into it. If it is not there, pairing can be done through a TV set-top box, special external adapters, game consoles.

The procedure for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV is as follows:

Done! Headphones are connected to the Samsung TV.

How to do screen mirroring in Samsung Galaxy A50s

How to connect headphones to your LG TV?

Pairing your headset with an LG device if it has a Bluetooth module is the same as the step-by-step guide above:

  • Go to the “Bluetooth” menu, select the “Bluetooth headset” item, click “OK”.
  • In the list of devices, you need to select the model you want to connect.
  • Enter the PIN-code (it should be indicated in the instructions, most often 0000 is indicated in the factory settings).

What if there is no Bluetooth module? Then you need your smartphone at hand. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Find the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control and press it.
  • A code will appear on the screen. It needs to be scanned using a smartphone to install a special application called “LG TV Plus”.
  • After starting the program in the list of proposed models, you need to find your TV model.
  • The TV screen will display a PIN code that activates the application: it will become identical to the remote control.
  • Find the “Bluetooth Agent” item in the application menu.
  • Put your headset in search mode.
  • Pairing and control of the device is carried out via a smartphone. you just have to choose your model of a wireless headset.
  • When you want to return to the speakers again, in the application you will need to select “Connect to TV speaker”.

General connection diagram

A separate device (set-top box) is connected directly to the signal source, power supply, TV. The general scheme for connecting the receiver to the TV is as follows:

  • Before connecting all devices in one circuit, disconnect them from the network.
  • Connect the set-top box and TV through the selected connector.
  • Connect the antenna or cable (signal source) to the set-top box. There is a separate entrance for this.
  • Turn on all equipment. Run automatic channel tuning.

With the correct connection of the receiver to the TV, the channels will be tuned in quickly and 20 free TV shows will be immediately available. If you connected to the Internet and TV for a fee from an operator offering services in your home, for example, Tricolor, specialists are obliged to connect and run the equipment themselves.

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How tuners work

Based on the types of digital television transmission signal, there are three types of receivers: cable, terrestrial, satellite.

Regardless of the type, all tuners work according to the same principle:

  • Reception and amplification of a digital signal.
  • Decode and convert to analog signal via RCA, SCART, HDMI, tulips.
  • Play multimedia from media and USB drives (optional).
  • Recording, stopping and deferred viewing (optional).

It is necessary to connect the receiver to the TV precisely for the “conversion” of digital to analog signal without loss of sound quality, image.

HDMI connection

The modern option for organizing digital television is to use an HDMI cable. It is a high bandwidth coaxial wire. Connecting the receiver to a TV via HDMI allows you to watch TV channels with Full HD resolution.

Via Scart

The wide, flat connector on the TV is suitable for digital signal reception. The Scart version is equipped with a wide connector on one end, and tulips on the other, where the attachment is. This is a more compact and faster way to connect the tuner to your TV.

How to connect the receiver to a TV

Connection via antenna input

Antennas and satellite dishes can be connected via the RF IN connector. It is versatile and suitable for analog and digital television. Such a round entrance is present on all tuners, regardless of the year of their manufacture and configuration.

Analog broadcasting is disabled in Russia. To watch digital 20 free channels, you need a modern TV with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner, Smart TV or a set-top box (receiver). This equipment acts as a decoder for the signal. It transfers the image to the screen. And the quality of broadcasting may depend on it. Let’s figure out how to connect the tuner to the TV through the various connectors provided in the kit or suitable for your equipment.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy a50 to TV

Not everyone knows how you can connect your Samsung a50 to a TV set from LG, Samsung, ergo, sony bravia, philips It’s not particularly difficult, and this explains my little guide.

You can connect the Samsung Galaxy a50 using an HDMI cable and wirelessly, but due to some differences between individual TV manufacturers, the procedure is not always the same, nevertheless, you will definitely cope.

So if you want to conveniently view photos, videos and play music files, this recording is just for you.

Because of the desire to be brief, I will not describe all the methods, but only the most accessible at my discretion, while I will not touch on the question of how to connect via a cable, because everything is simple there.

We connect the TV and the phone with an HDMI cable, then on the TV we change the settings from the antenna to USB and indicate our smartphone.

How to connect Samsung a50 via Wi-Fi to a TV

Although most modern smartphones allow wireless transmission of images from the phone to the Philips TV, Sony bravia, kiwi there are exceptions.

Therefore, before proceeding with the following steps, check the manual or specifications to see if your product supports the wireless picture and sound function.

Please note that the mere fact of using the wireless image transfer function in the menu does not mean that this function will work, because in some devices, unfortunately, this is an “empty” item.

Equipment manufacturers use different names to describe the wireless video function.

Even worse, the manufacturer often uses one name for a year or two for, and later introduces a completely new term that does not make life easier for novice users.

It should be noted that it is possible to wirelessly connect Samsung a50 to a TV without using a router.

This type of connection uses the Wi-Fi Direct function, and then there is no need for connections to the same Wi-Fi network.

If your TV allows you to connect it wirelessly to your smartphone, I recommend using this option, it is definitely more convenient.

If you have a so-called Smart TV, it probably has this option. Just in case, before buying new equipment, make sure you can connect it to the Internet using radio waves (Wi-Fi).

You have many options to choose from. You can use one of the applications developed for this purpose, such as Smart View (present on Samsung TVs), Google Chromcast, Screen Mirroring, Miracast, SmartView, Miracast, Google Cast or Fast Connect, ScreenShare, SmartShare and others.

By the way, now Miracast is slowly replacing the previously used methods of sharing content over Wi-Fi. In addition to sharing content, it allows you to duplicate your smartphone screen on your TV.

To do this, the first step is to check if your TV supports the sync function.

You will do this by entering phrases such as “screen mirroring”, “smart connection“, “fast connection”

After correct setup, the duplicated smartphone display appears on the TV screen. What to do if your smartphone does not have Smart View options?

Fortunately, this is not a problem, just download and install the Miracast app on your phone.

You can also choose a Chromcast device that turns your Samsung A50 into a TV screen. Success.

How to connect your phone to your TV: 10 ways

Do you want to show photos or video footage from your smartphone to friends and family, but do not want to huddle in front of the small screen of your mobile phone? Connect your Smart device to your TV and enjoy a high-quality picture on a large display. How to do this. read the article. We looked at 10 popular ways to connect a mobile phone to a TV screen.

Some methods are suitable for android gadgets, some for iPhones. Read on to find the one that suits you best. The article describes both connection methods that involve the use of cables and USB wires, and wireless options.


MicroHDMI is one of three high definition multimedia interfaces. This “wire” facilitates the task of connecting smartphones to an external display (or TV), which allows you to display an image on it.

  • USB microformat remains “free”: some smartphones have “embedded” HDMI-input in “micro” format.
  • No additional “recharge” is needed.
  • Fully compatible with classic HDMI type.
  • Easy to connect: the user can use several connection methods using a combination cable (classic “full Size” “micro”) or a normal full-size HDMI adapter suitable for him. In the case of a mini-format HDMI cable, the option with an adapter is also relevant.


Slimport was offered to users of smart devices by Analogix, based on the development of DisplayPort.

This standard works on an almost identical principle to the well-known MHL: support for 7.1 multichannel sound, UltraHD and 4K playback. DisplayPort or HDMI is used to connect to external image sources, USB microslot on the user’s gadget.

Important: direct connection of a mobile phone to the TV screen is not possible in all cases, so the user is advised to stock up on an additional adapter.

  • Lack of external power supply.
  • USB host capability: connecting additional devices to the adapter.
  • free of any patent fees unlike HDMI.


Development-based Wi-Fi Direct Miracast is a great option for connecting Smart devices to a TV monitor wirelessly.

  • Wireless connection: if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi receiver, it is possible to use a separate adapter by connecting it via the HDMI port.
  • The video resolution threshold is 1920×1200: if the quality of the transmitted image is higher, the system will “adjust” it to its own standard.
  • Dolby AC3 sound quality. for 5.1 multi-channel playback.

There were some drawbacks here: not every gadget supports miracast connections, besides, this standard does not have compatibility with 4K quality, while “smart” mobile phones are able to make such images.

MHL 3.0 (for 4K)

Adapters (as an option, DIGITUS MHL 3.0) have become available to users since 2013, expanding the horizons of smartphone owners:

  • 4K 30Hz image transmission.
  • High quality audio. Dolby TrueHD. for 7.1 and DTS-HD.
  • Battery charging up to 10W.

Interesting: the first gadgets to support the 3.0 standard were Sony’s technology: a Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone and a tablet PC of the same series.