How to connect Mi band 3 to iPhone

Registration and authorization

Before starting the full operation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, it is necessary to complete the registration and authorization procedures. Only in this case it will be possible to enter personal data, generate statistics and optimally use all the functionality of the program.

You can only log into the application after creating an account. The program offers 2 ways to register it: via email and mobile phone number.

In the first case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • selection of the current location (if the user wants to skip this step, press the “Next” button);
  • agreement with the Privacy Policy (tick in the “Accept” field);
  • creating an account (by logging into We Chat, Google,);
  • authorization (you need to select your country or region of residence, and then enter your work email address);
  • creating a Mi-account by clicking the corresponding button;
  • password selection (alphanumeric code of no more than 16 characters);
  • duplicate password;
  • entering captcha (in the Captcha field, repeat the numbers or letters shown in the verification picture);
  • account activation (using the “Login” button).

The second method involves registration via a mobile phone number. In this case, the procedure will be similar, only at the “Authorization” step, instead of an email, you will need to enter a phone number. After that, the system will require you to enter a captcha, at the end of the registration procedure. personal data.

Next, the program will ask you to choose the number of steps that will necessarily be completed per day. This value will be monitored every day. The next point, the utility will prompt the user to choose which device he wants to connect: a watch, a fitness bracelet or smart sneakers.

Putting a tick in front of the bracelet, you need to bring the latter to the smartphone in order to start the synchronization process. The end signal will be a slight vibration of the tracker. You can turn it off by pressing the touch button of the device display.

This completes the authorization connection process, and the user can go to the individual settings of the device.

Instructions on how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet to the phone

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle has made popular and gadgets that allow you to track the health and sports achievements of the user.

One of these devices is a bracelet from the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi.

Devices of this type, as a rule, work in tandem with a smartphone.

Before using the tracker, you need to find out how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet to the phone and which application should be chosen for its operation.

Mi Fit app in Russian: installation on Android or iOS and a brief overview

The users of the Mi Fit application are both active athletes and people who take care of their health. This program provides the work of all trackers of the Mi Band series.

The application is in demand among users of Xiaomi bracelets, primarily because of its rich functionality. It allows you to:

  • track your heart rate;
  • calculate the distance traveled, pace, elapsed time;
  • track changes in weight;
  • count calories;
  • monitor sleep, including its phases;
  • notify about incoming calls, messages, notifications from social networks;
  • use the alarm clock, taking into account the phases of sleep (depth, duration);
  • unlock the phone;
  • view statistics.

Interesting! The wristband can track the mileage of not only outdoor jogging, but also treadmill workouts, bike rides and hiking. Based on the heart rate, the program makes recommendations for reducing or accelerating the pace of running.

The application is able to build a training plan based on the indicators and goals set in the personal profile. When measuring weight, the program also calculates the percentage of body fat, showing whether it is normal.

The Russian-language version of the program can also be found on the Internet. This is version 3.5.8. To download it, just click the “Install” button. Before downloading, you need to make sure that the smartphone meets the requirements of the program, namely, Android OS version 4.3 or higher. and bluetooth 4.0 module. It should be noted that most modern smartphone models comply with these specifications.

Owners of Apple gadgets with iOS installed on them download Mi Fit from the App Store. The main requirement is to have iOS 9 or later installed on your smartphone.

How to untie a device from a smartphone

In some cases, the user needs to untie the device from the phone. So, the reasons for this may be:

  • loss of a tracker;
  • change or loss of a phone;
  • transfer of a fitness bracelet to another person;
  • failure of device settings.

There are several ways to cancel synchronization:

  • through the application;
  • by contacting Support;
  • using the Diagnostic system.

Unlinking via Mi Fit is the most common. To perform desynchronization, you need to enter your profile, select the Mi Band line in the list of devices and click on the “Unlink” button at the bottom of the page. After that, it remains only to confirm your action and wait for the end of the procedure.

Support is often contacted when problems arise with the first method. Everything is simple here: you need to contact the service and provide them with all the required documents (photo of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker, payment document, whole package). The service specialists will provide access to the account in the Mi Fit application, which will allow the owner to untie and bind the device to a new smartphone.

The third way to cancel syncing is by using the Diagnostic app. This program is unofficial and only works with the Android operating system. First, you need to install it on your smartphone, and then synchronize the Mi Band series bracelet with your phone. As soon as the tracker is indicated in the detected devices, you need to select it and click the “Reset to factory settings” button. The result of such actions will be the decoupling of the device from the mobile gadget.

Connecting a fitness watch

After creating an account and synchronizing the Mi Band and the phone, you can start the connection procedure. First, you need to turn on Bluetooth, after which the recommended algorithm of actions will be displayed on the screen:

  • click on the “Connect device” button;
  • choose Band from the provided list of accessories;
  • after the application makes a request to press the fitness bracelet, it is quite easy to tap the device with your finger;
  • wait for the completion of the operation and the corresponding notification.

Important! After binding, the installation of updates to the current version will start automatically. To facilitate the operation of the device, you need to position the fitness tracker as close to the phone as possible. Once the update download is complete, the user interface appears on the display.

Main conclusions

In order to make the best use of the fitness bracelet, as well as all the features of the Mi Fit application, you need to understand how to properly connect it to your phone:

  • Connection is preceded by registration and authorization procedures.
  • You can create an account in 2 ways: via E-mail and mobile phone number.
  • To connect the device, follow the procedure suggested by the device.
  • In some cases, it is required to untie the bracelet from the phone (loss, change of gadget, reset of settings).
  • You can unlink the tracker through the application, contacting Support or using the “Diagnostic” program.

There is nothing complicated in the registration, authorization and connection procedure. A user-friendly interface and clear instructions allow you to carry out these operations within a few minutes.

Available functionality

User reviews claim that smart alarms may malfunction on iPhones. This is due to the fact that the Bluetooth range of these devices is not high.

connect, band, iphone

Therefore, while sleeping, the phone should be near the clock. The App Store has dedicated apps for Mi Band 3 iOS. However, the manufacturer recommends using only Mi Fit. Available Benda functionality on iPhones:

  • Notifications. The device receives information from applications. In addition, the bracelet displays notifications about SMS messages and calls. This function is very convenient, since the user does not need to take the phone out of his to see who is calling. Vibration of the unit informs about SMS messages.
  • Reminder option. In the new bracelet, you can configure the function so that the device shows important events. The technology displays the specified message at a specific time. This is useful for people who forget a lot of information.
  • Sleep mode adjustment. This feature will be especially useful for students and employees with a disrupted schedule. Since the built-in sensors are able to track human activity. The alarm clock adjusts to biorhythms. Therefore, he will wake up a person at the most suitable moment for this. He wakes up with vibration. Thus, the surrounding people will not be affected in any way. Feedback from many users suggests that this feature is one of the most important on the tracker. Thanks to the precise operation of the sensors, users are able to get up vigorous every morning. Even if 5-6 hours were allotted for sleep. The bracelet takes into account the heartbeat, which is why it can wake a person up 10-15 minutes earlier. However, this will not affect the quality of sleep.
  • Weather display. Leaving home, the user can see the weather on this device. To do this, you just need to scroll through the menu and find the appropriate section. This feature is useful for people who are constantly in a hurry.
  • Smartphone search capability. To do this, you need to hold down the central button and the music will turn on on the phone. Due to the fact that the device is paired with a Bluetooth connection, a person can find his phone.
  • Built-in stopwatch and 3 clock display options.

These are the main features that work on the iPhone. They work as well as they do on Android devices.

Users will not have any complaints about the application. Since Xiaomi just ported the program to the Apple operating system.

What gadgets the device supports

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fully interacts with the iPhone. However, for this you need to have the latest iOS.

If a person wants to use Xiaomi Mi Band with an iPhone, then he needs to update the firmware.

This can be done through the settings. Mi Band 3, iPhone Compatibility:

If a person has an iPhone 3, then he will not be able to use the Gang. Since this platform is not compatible with the Xiaomi app. This is stated by the manufacturer and users from the community. Independent developers were unable to create a program for such an old device.

User reviews

Most of the users who use the technology are happy with its work. However, they point out that iOS 10 is required for the application to function correctly. Therefore, all iPhones below the fifth generation may not work correctly. This reduces the measurement accuracy of the device.

On iOS, the alarm function works the same as on Android smartphones. It can monitor the quality of a person’s sleep and make recommendations for improving it. The program menu displays all the information that will help a person improve his life.

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Some users say that the application often closes on the iPhone 5. The developers advise in such cases to reinstall the program. This problem occurs even among owners of sixth generation devices.

Some people use the bracelet for 20 days on a single charge. On Android, this figure is lower. The device can work on such phones for 10 days. The battery capacity of 110 mAh is enough not to worry about charging the gadget. Even if you actively use the fitness tracker, it will last for 7 days.

Also, many people say that the new device has very good water resistance. Xiaomi has installed protection on the gadget, which corresponds to the IP68 class. This allows you to wet it in the shower, swim with it in the pool and engage in active workouts.

However, the manufacturer advises that it is not advisable to dive into water with this smartwatch. Since water can enter the unit under pressure. Thus, she will incapacitate him.

It should also be noted that the body of the device is able to withstand small drops. However, if the watch falls on the stones with the screen, a crack will appear. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends sticking a protective film on the device.

Using the Mi Band 3 and iPhone

Xiaomi fitness tracker is compatible with different phones, it is not necessary to have an Android system. Therefore, users are interested in how the Mi Band 3 and the iPhone work. The bracelet will work with most Apple phones, but the synchronization has many nuances.

How to connect the tracker

The configuration algorithm remains the same as on Android phablets. Russian language will be available in the official application. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and iPhone sync without any problems.

In some cases, it will be possible to use third-party programs. How to connect Mi Band 3 to iPhone:

  • Register on the manufacturer’s website. On it, connecting a phone number will be mandatory.
  • Download the Mi Fit app. You can find it in the App Store.
  • You can connect the bracelet after launching the application. In the menu, select the “Profile” item and enter the registration data in it. Then select the tracker from the list of devices.
  • Confirm sync on watch. A notification about this will pop up on them.

After the first connection, the device will automatically configure itself. Therefore, the manufacturer does not recommend removing gadgets far from each other. Otherwise, the fitness bracelet will not work correctly.

After the download is complete, the user will be able to use the tracker with all the functions.

The manufacturer reports that Mi Band 3 is 100% compatible with the iPhone. However, on versions of the phone below the fifth generation, the Russian language is not supported. There is no way to fix this problem. Since old iPhones do not support the updated version of the program.

Using your sports watch on iPhone

The sports functions of this gadget also work on iOS devices. Mi Band 3 records the number of steps taken and the distance. It also records the calories burned.

Thanks to the capabilities of the sensor, it can track fast and slow walking. Also, the fitness tracker detects running and strength exercises. However, all other sports users will need to enter manually.

A fitness bracelet is even able to monitor health. The application has a corresponding section where the user can customize all the necessary information. A warning may appear on the notification screen when the person needs to rest.

The sensor pays attention to physical activity. If the user works too much, his bracelet will warn of fatigue. During active work, this can be overlooked. This will lead to mental disorders. Lack of rest also affects physical health.

However, users should remember that only special medical devices can provide the most accurate information.

Mi Bend 3 monitors the general condition of the human body. Therefore, serious conclusions should not be drawn. If you suspect that something is wrong with your health, it is better to consult a specialist. Don’t rely on the device to work.

The Xiaomi bracelet works just as well on the iPhone as it does on Android devices. You don’t even need to download third-party apps for it to work. It is enough to download Mi Fit to start using this gadget.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi band from a smartphone.

To check if the bracelet is locked, you need to try to bind it to your phone.
On the phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth, install the MiFit program from the market, launch the application.

After that, go to the “Profile” tab and click the “Add device” button.

Choose the type of connected device, in our case “Bracelet”

Try to connect the device, to do this, bring the Mi band to your smartphone and shake it. If the device was previously tied to another phone, a corresponding message will appear.

In order to untie the fitness bracelet from your phone, you need to press the “Settings” button on the profile tab, which is located at the very bottom.

On this we can assume that the unlinking of the Xiaomi Mi band fitness bracelet has been successfully completed.

How to untie Xiaomi Mi band from a smartphone

When buying hand-held or when selling your own fitness bracelet, you must disconnect it from the linked device, otherwise the device cannot be connected to another smartphone. It is not difficult to do this, but many Xiaomi Mi band users do not know how to unpair.

How to enable developer mode on a Xiaomi smartphone?

How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone?

Xiaomi Mi Band is a series of popular fitness trackers that allows you to keep track of steps taken, calories burned, as well as measure heart rate and set a smart alarm. The advantage of this device over some other analogs is not only the price, but also the ability to connect it to both Android devices and iOS smartphones from Apple.

How to run a slideshow on Xiaomi

Improving Xiaomi Camera with Google Camera

How to connect Mi Band to iPhone?

In general, the connection of the Mi Band to the iPhone is almost the same as the pairing with Xiaomi smartphones.

After authorization in the application, you need to tie the bracelet to your smartphone and start using it.

Ideally, following the instructions in the program, everything should go smoothly, but sometimes situations may arise in which the iPhone does not see the Mi Band 2. This may be for several reasons:

  • Mi Band is not unlinked from another account;
  • your fitness tracker has communication problems;
  • devices are far from each other;
  • you bought a fake on Mi Band 2.

details about the problems that arise during connection can be found in the article:

For the Mi Band fitness bracelet, the iPhone application exactly repeats its Android version and is almost completely translated into Russian, with the exception of some points that you can easily figure out on your own.


Will it be indicated from whom the call is or only that the call is in progress or an SMS has been received? thank.

If you select English as the main language on your smartphone (the entire menu will be in English), then Mi Fit will display the option to display the caller’s name (at least on Android, this is exactly what is solved by installing a modified version of the application, which is not available for the iPhone).

Hello. The smartphone connects to the bracelet via Bluetooth, but the MiFit program does not see it. What could be the problem?

Good day. What is the smartphone model? The MiFit app currently supports smartphones no older than iPhone 5S (iPhone 5 is not supported) with an operating system no lower than iOS 9.0. Another problem, if the Mi Band is not new, may be that the bracelet is already tied to some other account.

MiFit app is not compatible with this device. iPhone 5 what to do? Please tell me.

Unfortunately, now you can install MiFit on smartphones not older than iPhone 5s with an operating system not lower than iOS 9.0.

Hello, I can not install the program on the iPhone 5. Writes: “does not match the device”.

Good day. You need to install the MiFit app from the App Store by clicking here.

Hello. Please tell me what to do if the iPhone 5s says “could not find the bracelet”, but it finds a pair in the Bluetooth settings.

Good day. There are two options:
1. In the Bluetooth settings, he really does not find it, but simply shows the previously saved device. You can check it by searching with another smartphone that has not yet “seen” this bracelet.
2. If he really finds a bracelet, but the program is buggy and does not want to connect to it, then there is only one solution. try to look more carefully around the Mi Band apartment yourself.

Is it possible to connect this bracelet to iPhone 6s with iOS 12?

Can i connect to iPhone 5? thank ?

Hello! I can’t pair Mi Band 3 with iPhone 6s Plus. Bluetooth does not see it. What to do?

good day!
MiBand 2 is new from DNS, there are no signs of a fake. I tried to create an account through the application, does not give after selecting the country. “No connection.” Created an account on the site. When entering the application, it says “Failed to sign in”.
Tried it on three different iOS and Android devices. All the same and also “Failed to sign in”. Within 6 hours.

How to connect XIAOMI MI BAND 3 IN IPHONE.(tagalog tutorial)

Good day. Try installing some kind of VPN on your smartphone. Recently, due to the actions of Roskomnadzor, such problems have arisen when authorizing in MiFit.

Dmitry, thanks! Installed Thunder VPN on Android, the app is working. How much time is lost because of them!

I also have the same problem with dns. I’m thinking of going to talk to them so that they can connect or change them.

Please tell me what to do if I did everything correctly on all points, that is, I downloaded the Mi Fit application, registered and as soon as it comes to connecting the bracelet itself, I get an error and writes “check if the bracelet is not discharged or that it is far away is”.

It looks like the phone can’t see the bracelet. What is your smartphone? Requires at least iPhone 4S. Is the bracelet new? If not, it must be unlinked from the old account. And, of course, when pairing, the bracelet must be charged and close to the phone.

Why won’t the MiFit app download on my iPhone 5?

Judging by the description in the AppStore, the iPhone 5 is no longer supported by the program. To install the application, you need an iPhone 5s or newer, as well as iOS version 9.0 or higher.

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Help me please. I downloaded the program for myself on the IPhone 5SE, created an account, but for the second day I can not enter the program, writes “I could not log in. Send error logs and help us find the problem? ” and another window pops up “Authorization error”. What am I doing wrong?

It’s hard to say, but an authorization error means that the username or password is entered incorrectly.

Vpn will help you.
But this is not enough for connecting a bracelet.
I went to the program using vpn and then

Good day. Can you tell me if it will work with the iPhone 4? I want to buy it, but I’m afraid that they won’t make friends with the device! Very worried!

How To Connect Mi Band 3 To iPhone | Apple iPhone SE | Complete Guide

Hello. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet will not work with the iPhone 4, since the phone has an outdated modification of the Bluetooth 2.1 wireless communication module, but the iPhone 4s already has version 4.0 installed and the bracelet will work with it.

good day!
Tell me, good people, to synchronize the Mi Band 2 bracelet with the iPhone 6 (I also tried it with the iPhone 5 and Samsung). The problem is that the phone simply does not see this unfortunate bracelet through Mi FIT and through another application. I created a new account, but if there was a link to the account of the previous owner, as far as I understand, a message would be displayed, like “the device is already synchronized with another phone”. And Bluetooth itself does not see it.
OK, read the tips! I downloaded the nRF connect application. it finds the bracelet and connects to it. At this time, using Mi FIT, I also try to connect with the bracelet, but he still does not see it! At the same time, through the settings in the phone and on the bracelet screen itself, you can see that the connection is established (via nRF connect), but there is no sense in this. There is also no way to enter the bracelet through the Bluetooth settings. it just writes that it is connected and that’s it. If you turn off Bluetooth on the phone, the bracelet will sadly vibrate 3 times and show a Bluetooth icon with a cross on the screen, they say the connection is broken, but don’t worry. I have not tried all these operations on other phones, since they are not mine, but it seems to me that everything will be the same. On the advice on some site I almost pressed the tracker itself into the phone screen when trying to synchronize. the effect is zero!
Question! Maybe this is due to an update of some kind of application, or maybe something with the firmware of the gadget itself? Or just throw that damn bracelet away?

Good day. In the event that the bracelet is tied to another account (via Mi Fit), you simply cannot tie it to your own, since it will not appear in the list of available devices, and therefore will not report that it has already been tied to another owner. But the fact that it is not on the Bluetooth list is another question. Maybe this is not a Mi Band, but a copy of it, and in the list of devices it is displayed somehow differently? Check out this article, in which I tested the original and the fake. For the “copy” it was required to use another application.

How to connect a fitness bracelet Mi Band 3 to a smartphone?

You will not surprise anyone with such a gadget as a fitness bracelet, and if earlier only professional athletes possessed these devices, today, the tracker can be seen on almost everyone on a person’s hand. A fitness bracelet helps you keep track of your activity during the day, shows the distance traveled, helps in training and monitors the quality of sleep, tracking its phases. In addition to sports “support”, fitness bracelets notify us of incoming calls, messages, notifications from social networks, wake us up in the morning and even show the weather. One of these trackers is Xiaomi Mi Band 3, if you have become the new owner of such a gadget and do not know what to do with it, then this article is for you. In it we will tell you how to connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone and make the necessary settings.

So, the first thing you need to decide is whether your smartphone can work with Mi Band 3?

If you are the owner of a smartphone on an Android platform, then it must be at least Android 4.4 and higher, and your phone must also have a working Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize with a smartphone. If you are the owner of an iOS device, then the software of your gadget must be at least iOS 9.0 with working Bluetooth. After that, going to the Apple Store or Play Market / Google Play, you need to find the Mi Fit application, and download the application to your phone, or you can make it easier, take the instruction and scan the QR code. Upon completion of downloading the application to your smartphone, you will need to turn on Bluetooth and open the Mi Fit application.

After opening the application, you will see a window with the input of the Mi account data. Most likely, owners of Xiaomi smartphones or gadgets will find it easier. they just need to enter an account. If there is not a single Xiaomi gadget in your house and you are not the owner of a Xiaomi smartphone, then you need to register, go through authorization and enter your data: gender, height, weight, date of birth. Having finished entering your parameters, you will proceed to the most important thing. pairing Mi Band 3 and a smartphone.

To do this, go to the “profile” tab at the bottom of the screen, click “add device” and select “bracelet” and the search for the device will begin. As soon as the Mi Band fitness bracelet is synchronized, and the program detects it, a window will appear asking for confirmation “press the button on the Mi Band 3 to confirm authorization.” Done! Now you know how to connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, other fitness bracelets and smart watches from Xiaomi, for example Amazfit Bip, will connect according to a similar principle.

The second most important thing, after connecting a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, will be its “setting”.

And we’ll start with the alert function (notification). To do this, go to the “profile”. choose “Mi Band 3″ and a menu with possible notification settings will appear in front of you:

In addition, you can configure Mi Band 3 so that it reminds you of inactivity or, on the contrary, vibrates if you reach your goal. You can also set the “do not disturb” mode so that you do not receive notifications at a certain time, for example, while you are sleeping. To set up an activity goal, you need to return to the profile menu and select the number of steps that you plan to go through in a day. According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the approximate number of steps per day is 8000, which is approximately 40 minutes. If you bought Mi Band 3 in order to get your body in shape and lose weight, then you can set the desired weight to which you strive and track its decrease. But this will only work in tandem with the smart scales Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, because changing your weight manually will not be very convenient every time.

How to set up Mi Band 4 smart alarm on iPhone

Setting up a Gang smart alarm clock via iPhone is possible with the Mi Heart Rate application installed. After syncing Mi Band 4 and iPhone, you need to do a few things:

  • Enter the MAC address is the same as the Bluetooth address listed at the bottom of the profile in the Mi Fit app.
  • Return to Mi Heart Rate and adjust the rise time there.
  • Additionally, for greater data coverage, other parameters are configured: hours of work, breaks, pauses.

After setting the parameters, the bracelet will vibrate at certain hours, helping to wake up and acting as an alarm clock.

How to set up a bracelet on iPhone

The owner of the iPhone (for example, the 6th model) is faced with the task of synchronizing the devices and understanding how to connect Mi Band 4 to the iPhone. Upon completion of the installation of Mi Fit, the user is immediately prompted to determine the daily rate of steps. The application independently sets the value based on the entered data, but the user can make changes.

Setting up the bracelet on the iPhone is carried out by first disconnecting the previous models from Xiaomi:

  • Open profile settings in Mi Fit.
  • Select the bracelet and click “Disable”.

Next, we connect Bluetooth to connect the Gang and the iPhone:

  • In the Mi Fit application, open the “Status” section.
  • We select “The device is not connected” and in the list we mark “Bracelet”.
  • We approve the requested accesses.
  • Place the Band as close as possible to the iPhone and wait for the vibration of the tracker.
  • If vibrations occur, you must press the button on the bracelet located under the screen.

Confirmation of successful synchronization will be shown on the screen of Mi Band 4.

How to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to an iPhone: step by step instructions

The newest fitness bracelet Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi is an improved model of the current line. The band has a number of functions that allow you to monitor the state of the body, observance of rhythms, coordinate work with a smartphone and household appliances. The functionality of the bracelet is largely tied to the interaction with Xiaomi technology, which has not yet become widespread in the Russian market.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to iPhone is the question that faces iPhone owners when buying a Band bracelet. This is possible with the help of a special Mi Fit application, which is installed on the iPhone and in it the bracelet is configured to the phone. The functionality of the Mi Band 4 is not limited in any way when using the iOS system instead of Android on the head smartphone.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to iPhone

A series of simple steps on how to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to an iPhone:

  • Download the Mi Fit app in the App Store and install it.
  • Pass authorization in the program: log in with an existing account or register a new one.
  • We indicate the data for the correct operation of the program: region, name, date of birth, gender, physical characteristics (height, weight).

The indication of physical characteristics is necessary because the application is aimed at analyzing indicators of health and athletic performance. It also allows you to synchronize the work of a clock, alarm clock, music player, using all the capabilities of a smart bracelet.

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Why Mi Band 4 does not connect to iPhone?

Sometimes the Mi Band 4 tracker does not connect to the iPhone and the smartphone does not see it when the Bluetooth connection is on. There are several ways to fix the situation:

  • restart Bluetooth and check if there is no connection to another phone;
  • restart iPhone;
  • repeat the procedure for setting up the bracelet on the iPhone.

The reason for the synchronization problem may be a non-original Gang. it cannot be connected to the official Mi Fit app from Xiaomi. The fixable reason is the low charge of the fitness bracelet, so you need to charge it and try to reconnect.

Possible problems

Basically, the process of connection and identification is quick and error-free, but if problems still arise, check the following parameters:

  • The application must be unlinked from your previous account, if any.
  • Devices are far away from each other, making Bluetooth unable to communicate.
  • The gadget from Xiaomi was not original.

Connection algorithm

  • As with other versions of Xiaomi Mi Band, you need to download the Mi Fit app from the App Store.
  • Open the downloaded application and register / go through authorization in it.
  • In the Mi Fit menu, select “Add device”. “Bracelet”.
  • The search and synchronization of devices will start, after which a notification will appear on the screen that the bracelet is ready to use.
  • If this is the first connection, the bracelet will be updated. This can take up to 15 minutes.
  • Then you can use all the available functionality.

Connection algorithm

To connect the 3rd generation gadget from Xiaomi, you need to update the iPhone DO to the latest version of iOS. Otherwise, the Mi Fit app may not work correctly. Honor also needs that the bracelet can only be used if you have an iPhone 5S or any newer generation. Unfortunately, 3 and 4s are no longer updated to the latest iOS version.

  • Install on iPhone and launch the Mi Fit app.
  • Create a personal account linked to your mail or mobile number, if you don’t have one yet.
  • After successful registration / authorization of the account, the standard Mi Fit page will open, where the “Add device” button will be available. Click on it and in a new window with a list of devices select “Bracelet”.
  • Wait a bit for the connection to take place.
  • A connection notification will appear on the tracker screen. you must press the button to confirm synchronization.

What you need to connect Mi Band and iPhone

Regardless of what generation you have both one and the other device, for their initial pairing and subsequent work you will need:

Often, many users find themselves in a situation where the iPhone cannot find the Mi Band the first time. And this happens with any generation of a fitness bracelet. In this case, it is recommended to simply disable and re-enable Bluetooth on the smartphone.

Another common problem when connecting is the Pair device first message appears on the tracker screen. The solution can be found at the specified link in our detailed instructions.

Possible problems

  • The connection was successful, but Mi Band 5 does not respond and does not display a number of functions. Charge the bracelet battery to 90-100%, then check the functionality.
  • If the phone does not see the tracker, then the problem may be the full memory of the device. Clear the cache and possibly memory, then try to reconnect.
  • If you have problems with the lack of certain statistics, then check the connection to Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS.
  • If the notification “Reset the fitness bracelet” appears. then reset the settings. This is especially true if the bracelet has been in use for a long time. This solves a number of problems that could appear during the updates.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

This version has more extensive functionality compared to the second generation. In addition to the basic options, the bracelet includes: call notifications and alerts from connected social networks; reminder of important events and dates; sleep monitoring and adjustment; smart alarm clock that adjusts to biorhythms; weather data; stopwatch; built-in timer.


If the bracelet does not want to connect to an Android phone, users resort to installing third-party utilities. After establishing a connection, the program is deleted, the owner tries to sync again via Mi Fit. If the problem persists, you will need to flash your wrist equipment using the Gadgetbridge utility. For configuration, the software Fix-IT, NRF connect or BLE Scanner is used.

Algorithm of actions when using the Fix-IT program:

  • Check the charging of the battery built into the bracelet. The original cord (included in the package) is used to restore capacity. Before connecting the charging device, the wrist device capsule is detached from the strap.
  • Disconnect the communication channel between the bracelet and the smartphone (in case the devices were synchronized).
  • Delete the official Mi Fit application from the memory of the mobile device.
  • Save utility (no license or payment required).
  • Open a dialog box, enter the MAC address of the wrist device in the corresponding field.
  • Synchronize products.

When using the NRF connect software, you will need:

  • Download a utility that does not require the purchase of a license agreement, and then turn on the wireless connection on the phone.
  • Open the program window, grant permissions according to the settings menu. The Scanner window provides a key to search for devices within range of the Bluetooth transceiver.
  • Wait for the search to complete and go to the Bonded section. Make sure that the Mi Band 3 bracelet is in the list of found equipment, and then perform the synchronization procedure.

To speed up the search and binding procedure, the BLE Scanner utility is used. After unpacking the distribution, you will need to run the executable file and install the program. Enable the utility, in the main window there is a hardware search key. Some users note that the search procedure starts automatically every time the program is started. After the end of the scan, a list of detected devices is displayed on the screen. The owner finds the bracelet and tries to sync the devices.

What to do if Mi band 3 does not connect to the phone

The compact bracelets of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi support interoperability with phones running iOS and Android operating systems. The products are switched using the Bluetooth wireless algorithm. If the Mi Band 3 brand product does not connect to the phone, the owner cannot use all the functions of the bracelet.


If the user uses Apple equipment, it will be necessary to use programs adapted for the iOS operating system. Utilities built for Android will not work on iPhone smartphones. If the wrist equipment does not connect with the Apple phone, the owner restores its functionality using the Mi Band Master utility. An alternative method is to reset the settings on your smartphone.

Mi Band Master software is released in 2 versions. The basic modification, distributed free of charge, allows you to synchronize your phone and a wrist bracelet, as well as adjust settings. Advanced Pro version equipped with Wrist Hardware Firmware Module requires a license purchase. Before starting the firmware, you need to download and install the utility. Then an archive is saved with 3 files (with the extensions fw, res and ft), which are subsequently written to the memory of the bracelet.

The utility provides an adjustment menu; after activating the paid version, an additional firmware section appears. The user specifies the location of the files and then starts the installation procedure. After installing the new version of the programs, the bracelet is synchronized and tested.

The reset procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Enter the mobile device settings section.
  • Find the paragraph responsible for basic adjustments and then enter the section.
  • Press the reset button, an additional window will appear on the screen, in which the settings to be reset are selected.
  • Select the mode of resetting all settings, and then confirm the start of the procedure. When reset to zero, the parameters set at the factory are restored. In this case, the user’s files (photos, musical compositions, notebook) remain unchanged.


To connect the wrist device, you must use a mobile device equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 or higher wireless transceiver. The manufacturer recommends using equipment that meets the requirements of standard 4.2. Users note the stable operation when using the transmitter version 4.0. If the owner has an outdated smartphone equipped with a wireless communication unit version 2.0 or 3.0, it is impossible to connect the bracelet. The equipment also does not connect to iPhone version 4C and below.


The Gadgetbridge utility (freely available) allows you to replace the software stored in the bracelet memory. The technique is used after testing other methods, since flashing the product can negatively affect the performance. Before starting work, you need to install the program on your smartphone, as well as download the desired firmware version. The distribution includes 3 files with the extensions fw, res and ft.

After installation, the utility is launched, a wrist device is selected in the dialog box. Then the synchronization procedure starts automatically, the user opens the folder with the saved firmware components. The required file is highlighted with a button held down for 2 seconds. An additional window opens on the side, in which the option of opening a document using a third-party application is selected. The Gadgetbridge utility is selected from the list, the remaining files are opened in a similar way.

After completing the firmware procedure, the utility is removed. Uninstalling software from the smartphone’s memory does not affect the performance of the installed firmware in any way. Then the owner of the equipment synchronizes the bracelet through the standard algorithms provided in the Mi Fit program. If the equipment does not find the phone, it is recommended to contact a service center that repairs and maintains Xiaomi equipment.