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How To Connect iPhone To Tablet

How to connect a 3G / 4G modem to an Android tablet

How to connect a modem to an Android tablet via USB? Quite a SIMple way to get access to the Internet using an adapter. It can be either a standard USB cable or a more “advanced” OTG. The latter has its own peculiarity. It is not suitable for Apple tablets. Android tablets have more options for cable connection.

Which modem to choose

In connection with the proliferation of tablet devices, the demand for 3G modems for Android and Windows is growing. Most of the tablets on THESE platforms are manufactured in China and Korea, so they have the ability to work with modems, which, by the way, are mainly produced there.

However, the ability of the tablet to support the use and connection of the modem does not always guarantee correct operation. It often happens that one of the devices cannot be identified, or it SIMply refuses to function. The reason may lie in the wrong drivers or lack of settings. In addition, before purchasing and starting work, it is advisable to check that the modem complies with the following:

  • ZTE MF-100;
  • ZTE MF-112;
  • ZTE MF-180;
  • Huawei E171;
  • Huawei E173;
  • Huawei E352.

Note! Here are exactly the modems, Which with 100% accuracy support the work with devices on the operating system “Android”.

Work setup

For tablets that run on different operating systems, the sequence for activating and configuring the network is identical:

  • The first step is to first find out the information from the operator in the following parameters: username and APN. You can do this on the official website or using the support on the hotline.
  • You need to enter the device settings.
  • Find and name the item “Cellular network” in them.
  • Open the Data Transfer tab.
  • Enter the obtained values.
  • Return to the “Cellular network” and activate the slider for the cellular network and 3G or LTE standard.

Connection rules

When connecting, you must take into account the following rules, which will help to carry out the operation more correctly and avoid errors:

  • Check if the Wi-Fi module is disabled in the parameters of the tablet device.
  • Check activation of the parameter “Wireless networks”.
  • Before connecting the modem, it is recommended to check its serviceability on a personal computer or laptop. It must have a connection to the operator.
  • It is recommended to turn off the PIN code request function.
  • When the modem functions normally from a PC, but refuses to work when connected to a tablet device, activating the “Modem only” mode in the settings can help.
  • Also, the modem may NOT work due to low voltage. In this case, it is recommended to connect the gadget to an outlet.


There are two ways to cable the tablet to the modem: via USB or OTG. It is desirable for every Internet user to know the principle of operation and settings of each of the presented.

A large number of devices today are equipped with USB ports for just such cases. These ports are popular due to the compact size and battery-operated capability of the plug-in device. And the fact that many Tablet devices do not have the ability to connect to the network using mobile Internet at all makes the port proliferation even greater.

In addition, many gadgets have a function for connecting to wireless networks called Wi-Fi, but it is not always possible to find a suitable access point. In such cases, 3G modems come to the rescue.

Thus, there are two ways to access the Internet from a tablet:

  • Wireless network. You can use a portable router to which the gadget is connected.
  • Connecting a modem with a mobile Internet.

Most mobile operators provide their own modems for work. They have a built-in SIM card, are activated and ready to go. In addition, it is possible to purchase such a device from one of the world’s manufacturers.

To connect, you need the following:

  • Connect the modem to the tablet using the USB port, install the drivers.
  • Switch the modem to “modem only” mode. To do this, you need to download and install the 3G Modem Mode Switcher program. Almost all of them are equipped with Zero CD technology (drivers are installed automatically). This prevents the Android system from correctly determining the port through which data exchange will take place.
  • Launch the 3G Modem Mode Switcher program, and when connecting the modem to the computer, click “Only modem”.
  • Insert the modem into the USB port of the tablet computer.
  • Launches the sequence “Settings”. “Wireless networks”. “APN access points”.
  • In the menu that appears, enter the settings of the selected operator.
  • Reboot.
  • Then insert the modem into the USB port of the tablet. After 10 seconds, the 3G symbol should appear next to the battery icon.
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Important! Carrying out any manipulations with the device specified in this manual, the responsibility for its operability lies entirely with the user.

How To Connect iPhone To Tablet

This can be decoded as USB On-the-Go. It is a special feature for the Android operating system that allows you to connect the gadget with other devices. This feature does not work with Apple manufacturer. Installation and configuration is done in this way:

  • Connect all connected devices with a wire.
  • You must wait a certain amount of time until both devices recognize each other.
  • After that, you need to follow the sequence: “Settings”. “Data transfer”. activate the “Mobile traffic” slider;
  • Go to the section with the name “”. select “Mobile network”. “Access point”.

Note! Next, you need to create a new point and enter the necessary settings.

Is it possible to connect a modem to a tablet using an adapter

You can make such a connection using an adapter. Most tablets have the ability to directly connect to a modem using an adapter. To a greater extent, this applies to devices that run on Windows and Android operating systems.

Note! Tablets on the iOS operating system are produced by the American company Apple and have modest connectivity compared to competitors.

All of the tablet devices on the market (except iPad) have built-in USB ports for direct connection. Older models used the familiar USB 2.0 option. Newer device models can be equipped with compact micro-USB connectors.

Important! For the second option, you will need a special wire with an adapter.

Due to this, regular USB cables and ports seem to be preferred.

As for Special adapters, they are called OTG-wire or host wire. With its help, it is possible not only to connect the tablet to a modem, but also to use a mouse, flash card or other device.

Network settings

For the modem to work correctly, you need to enter the data of the cellular operator. This often happens automatically, but in the case of tablets, manual input may be required.

Note! Each of the Domestic operators requires different values ​​for APN, username and password. You can find them out on the official website, called the hotline, or in Internet sources.

Change of operating mode

When using a mobile network in the 4G standard with a deterioration in communication, the gadget will automatically switch the operating mode to a lower standard, that is, 3G.

Note! In the same way, the mode will be downgraded in the case of the third generation, it will switch to EDGE. This will greatly affect the speed and quality of the signal.

If the connection quality is poor, then there is always the opportunity to connect the Wi-Fi mode. To do this, turn off the mobile connection and activate the wireless network. However, it is necessary that there is an access point available for connection nearby.

Potential problems and solutions

It happens that the modem refuses to work with the tablet. This may be due to inability to support some of the operating system files and drivers. It is recommended to try to install the “Terminal Emulator”, it will provide root access for the correct operation of the equipment.

Note! Quite often, the inability to access the Internet can be the result of an outdated version of the operating system or software. This can be fixed by updating them.

You can connect the tablet to the modem using Special adapters. It can be a regular USB input or an OTG cable. In this case, you can get full access to the network.

Ways to connect phone and tablet

Consider wireless technology.


To transfer files from one mobile device to another, bluetooth technology is often used, which is present in almost any modern gadget. The aLGorithm is as follows:

  • Make sure this technology is available on both devices. Versions compatible.
  • Activate the Bluetooth module on both devices.
  • On the one from which you want to transfer files, enable device search. Highlight the list.
  • Find the second device, click it, the most activate.
  • Find the file you want to transfer. Open the window, select the “Send via Bluetooth” item, select the recipient.
  • To allow data transfer, give permission. click “OK”.
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Important! To save battery power, when the session ends, do not forget to disconnect the connection, turn off the modules.

The main disadvantage of such a connection is its low speed. Transferring “heavy” files can take quite a long time. Therefore, for such cases, we recommend using Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex. Disk). After placing the files there, access is possible from all devices with the Internet.

In addition, through this technology it is possible to create a VPN connection.

  • To do this, we find, download the BlueVPN program.
  • Launch, open the list of devices, find a smartphone.
  • We click on it, we make the connection.

You can make your smartphone and tablet friends with the introduction of Wi-Fi, but this will NOT be a file transfer, as it was with a Bluetooth connection. Here it will be the reception and distribution of the Internet from one to another.

  • Modem mode is activated in the dispenser.
  • The host starts a search for valid Wi-Fi networks.
  • After detecting the network, it is activated by pressing. If necessary, enter the password specified in the settings of the dispenser.

Using this protocol, you can also connect your handheld to the Internet via a “Friendly” smartphone. To do this, he must maintain a connection with a 3G, 4G network, and this is embedded in almost any modern device.

Important! For such an action, no additional software installs the device. All parameters are set by settings.

  • Mobile gadget settings. go to “Wireless networks”. section “”
  • Activate the “Modem Mode”, switch the “Access Point” switch to the “On” position
  • That’s it, an access point has been created on the smartphone. It is possible to connect to it from any device that supports the protocol. In the parameters. network name, password for access, encryption method. information in the settings.
  • On the handheld, we start the search for available networks, find, connect. Enter the password if necessary.

How to connect a phone to a tablet

Mobile devices have already become a part of our daily life. Each successfully fulfills its tasks, but if a few are “brought together”, then their capabilities will undoubtedly increase. Today we’ll tell you how to sync your tablet and smartphone. This is the ability to transfer data between them, distribute the Internet, control one device from the screen of another. Since devices based on Android OS implement data transfer at a high level, let’s talk about them. There are several ways to “make friends” two mobile devices. wireless, using a cable.

Additional features

The user can display the image on the tablet screen from the phone. Another interesting function that opens up when the tablet and the phone are “friends” is the ability to transform the latter into a remote control or a joystick (gamepad). After that, you sit comfortably in a chair, launches a toy or broadcast of an interesting match on a tablet, adjust the volume, performing actions. controls it using a mobile phone. What needs to be done for this?

The free Tablet Remote utility will help you. Its main advantage is that it does NOT require the Internet, meters of cable and other devices to control it. It is enough just to have a Bluetooth module.

  • Follow the steps described in the paragraph “Ways to connect your phone and tablet”. Bluetooth.
  • On both devices Install the utility, run it.
  • The menu opens. We go to the section “Setup” (“Settings”). Check. both options should NOT be active. If so, then the smartphone is already a remote keyboard.
  • Move on to the next tab “Connection”. We start searching for active devices. Check that the phone is turned on, otherwise the tablet will be able to detect it and, accordingly, make a connection.
  • After finding the device, click on it to establish a connection. This is done only the first time, then the process will be automatic.

Camera mounting

The easiest way to install is a camera mounted in a license plate frame. After dismantling it, it is necessary to treat the fasteners and seats with a penetrating lubricant to protect it from corrosion. Then the accessory is placed, and on top of it is the car’s license plate. If equipment with a wireless connection is used, then the transmitter should be fixed away from the rear speakers and wiring in order to increase the reliability of signal transmission to the computer. Accessories are powered by reversing lights.

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Which camera to choose

The advantages of a wireless camera for Android tablet are high image quality and no need to lay cables or connect additional devices. Cameras with Wi-Fi probably connect to a tablet computer, not one that supports OTG USB. There are several disadvantages to such devices:

  • Signal delay caused by connection peculiarities;
  • Exposure to negative effects of second wireless devices;
  • High price.

The wired camera is distinguished by almost zero latency between the real images and on the gadget’s screen, as well as being immune to external interference. But there are also disadvantages. this is the need for wiring around the cabin. And to connect your existing analog rearview camera, you need a USB capture device that must be compatible with your tablet.

The latter must have a USB On-The-Go interface. In this case, it will be impossible to connect the cable for charging the computing device from the cigarette lighter without a special bi-directional adapter or a hub for OTG with an input for charging the tablet. You also need to install a special application for recording via OTG on it.

How to install the tablet in the salon

To install a seven-inch tablet on the sun visor, you should equip a special holder there, which can be screwed on. The charger cable can be routed under the door pillar trim and car dashboard.

If the camera is connected with a wire, then it is necessary to use a USB extension cable no longer than 3 m. This circumstance should be taken into account when installing the devices. The special holder should be attached as securely as possible to the windshield or front panel so that the device does NOT fall or be damaged while driving.

Why is it needed

You can reuse an old but workable tablet.

With its help, you can go online while parking, view or listen to music if you connect the gadget to a USB modem and a car radio.

If your tablet is equipped with a cellular module, you can make voice calls. Another role of the tablet in the car is to use it as a navigator. Thus, not only can the camera and the Android tablet be connected. this device will benefit the driver.


The 7-inch tablet, which works with the rear camera, can be installed in one of the sun visors in the car. A larger computer can be placed on a stand that attaches to the dashboard. If the gadget assumes wireless charging, then you should choose a holder with an appropriate charger.

How to install and connect a rear view camera to your Android tablet

There are several ways to connect a rear view camera to your Android tablet. Depending on the characteristics of the gadgets, wired and wireless connections can be used.

Selection of components

Before purchasing, you need to make sure that the devices fit together. To connect an analog wired camera to your tablet, it must support USB On-The-Go mode. On the gadget, the codecs and sound used by the camera must be installed so that the proprietary application can function correctly.

Which tablet is right

A used tablet with a 7-inch screen is suitable for installation in a car and use with a camera. To ensure proper performance, the amount of RAM of the device must be at least 1 GB. If you have Android 4.1 or newer operating system, the required applications can be installed from the Google Play Store.

On older devices, the software for the camera or tuner with input can be installed by connecting the gadget to the computer and downloading the APK file to the latest. Installation of the application in this way is carried out if the required program is available in the Play Store.

How to connect devices

To connect the camera to the tablet in the car, you first need to insert the device tulip into the corresponding slot of the capture card or TV tuner. Then the USB-OTG adapter is inserted into the tablet, and the device plug is connected to its socket. After that, the application is launched to control the camera, to which you need to supply power from the vehicle’s on-board network. The image will appear on the screen of the computing device. If a camera with Wi-Fi is used, then the gadget must detect the access point created by the device and connect to it.