How To Connect Internet To Laptop From Phone

Connect the Internet to your laptop via a USB cable

The previous methods are good, but if you are on the road, wireless connections are an additional power consumption. Laptop and smartphone batteries are running low. The most economical way to use a smartphone as a modem is via a USB cable, which is used to charge the phone.You must first connect your smartphone via a USB cable, and then only turn on the USB modem option:

The more modern the smartphone model, the easier everything will go. If all is well, then the computer will immediately react without any additional settings:

All you need is a working USB cable that fits well in the socket. The option is good because the smartphone is charging, less energy is consumed. My cable connection speed is pretty good:

How to connect internet to laptop via Android phone mobile hotspot or cable?

All good to fast-wolker.Ru! A laptop is a portable device for work, which is indispensable for business trips, trips. If you work moving from point A to point B, at remote work, on a train or in the evening on a long business trip, then of course you need the Internet.

In today’s article I will tell you in SIMple ways to go online, which is always at hand. And you will always be “in touch” at the right time.

How to connect the Internet to a laptop by phone?

You can use your smartphone as source of the Internet when there is no second provider at hand. Let’s consider three options for using a smartphone as a modem. No need to go to a cafe for the Internet.

Wi-Fi connection. The smartphone must have a stable Internet connection and a traffic package for the tariff. Your laptop has a wireless network card. And the smartphone has a mode for switching the phone to “modem mode”.

On the smartphone, you need to make settings in such a way that it can not only perceive, but also distribute the Internet. Each phone model has its own visual features of the settings, but the essence is the same. In the Wi-Fi settings, this option is often hidden in the “advanced settings”.

We need to switch the phone to the Internet distribution mode, the source of which will be the mobile operator who issued the SIM card. And then configure access to this point from second devices, in our case a laptop.

Since the phone has a relatively small range and I do not plan to use the Internet for a long time, I am in the mood to access it without a password (open network). I will leave the network name as it is.

And I will not invent a password. However, you can come up with a password if you plan to use this Internet regularly. And I chose “Net” on the “Protection” settings:

If, nevertheless, there is a password, and you want to connect users to a new access point (no more than six), then in the settings there is an emulator of the “WPS” button (like on a regular router) so that the user does not need to enter a password on his device:

Tip: Your smartphone is now in high power consumption mode. If possible, connect it to the charger during operation.

Connect your laptop to the Internet. Our network has appeared in the list of networks, and its status is “open”:

Now we just click on this connection, and you are on the Internet. Its real speed depends on the coverage area of ​​the cellular operator.

The next option in which you can use your mobile phone as a modem is connecting via the Blue Tooth channel. Perhaps this is the trickiest way to use your phone as a modem.

The bluetooth adapter must be activated on the laptop (not available in all models). After connecting it to the computer in the “second bluetooth parameters”.

You need to allow By detecting the laptop to the second devices (that is, your smartphone):

For a stable connection, place your smartphone no further than 1-2 m from the laptop. We activate the “bluetooth modem” mode on the phone. In the laptop through the “control panel” we are looking for our device and pairing between them. First, on the phone (clicked on the bluetooth icon and Search), we make sure that the laptop appears in the list of devices.

And for pairing, we come up with any code of numbers, for example 1234.

Then on the laptop we enter the same code.

Then you need to turn on the appeared “network card” bluetooth and try to connect. If there are no conflicts between the phone, adapter drivers, then the system will detect a new network and connect to it:

How to connect the Internet to a laptop via a 3g-4g modem?

You can use a 3g / 4g modem for communication with a separate SIM card. If possible, take universal modems, which are suitable for any cellular operator and you can then insert any SIM there. They are more expensive. With good coverage, the quality and speed of the Internet are decent, you can buy SIM cards for them on the road according to the situation.

Take a modem for the future 4g / LTE, Hi-link category. This means that there is no need to install a special program on the laptop. it is already inside the modem. It updates itself, which means that its firmware will always be up to date.

When using the modem for the first time, the laptop may not start automatic start (I have this function disabled by antivirus). Through the explorer, manually start the startup file as administrator:

After the first launch, shortcuts may appear on the desktop. This is normal. Is the connection established? Then be sure to update the firmware

If the connection is successful, the modem’s diode should glow solid blue, green, or red (depending on which network it “saw”). If the diode blinks, it means a problem.

How To Connect Internet To Laptop From Phone

These methods have helped me out more than once. I had to use both a modem and a smartphone on business trips. according to the situation. There is experience in flashing Some models of 4g modems for all operators. it also helped out. Good luck!

How to connect the Internet to a laptop via Wi-fi?

The ability to connect to the Internet via a laptop is only when there is an appropriate adapter. It can not only perceive the signal, but also become an access point. At the same time, the speed of the distributed Internet will NOT be too high, and the distance at which such an access point operates is not huge. But if there is no second exit, if there is no Wi-Fi router at hand, then there is a point in such a connection.

So, step by step instructions.

Action 1. Again the command line. To call the command term, you must press the WinR key combination and type cmd in the window that appears.

Step 2. Enter the term:

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = d55Ivan key = 1a2a3a4abC

Here d55Ivan key is the name of the connection, 1a2a3a4abC is the password to it. You can change these values ​​arbitrarily, Do not forget that only numbers and Latin letters are used.

Action 3. Enter the term “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” and press Enter. If everything is done correctly, a message will appear stating that the network is working.

Step 4. We are looking for in the control panel Network connections in the already tried way, there we click on “Change adapter parameters”. This is followed by the selection of the context menu on the active connection, the selection “Properties” and the tab “Access”. In the checkboxes, check the boxes and use the already working access point for its intended purpose.

How to connect the Internet to a laptop?

A laptop, like other types of computers, cannot be fully used in the absence of high-quality Internet access. The World Wide Web is interaction and communication with people, these are the sources of the necessary information, as well as the place of business. Portable computer manufacturers take all of these considerations into account by providing, from a technical point of view, several options for connecting to a much-desired resource. As you understand, in this article we will answer the question “how to connect the Internet to a laptop?” and times

A modern laptop can act as a device that provides Internet access to other computers. The laptop itself can be connected to the Network in several ways, which is very convenient in changing circumstances. Understanding how to connect the Internet from a phone to a laptop can be useful, for example, outside settlements, on the road, wherever it is impossible to do it in other ways. Fast Wi-Fi connectivity comes in handy at airports, train stations, cafes and other public places.

The connection process itself is working with the settings of the corresponding functions. From external actions Only cable connections to a network card or router are possible.

How to quickly connect the Internet to a laptop?

How do I connect my laptop to the internet? The answer to this question depends on which resource is available in a given case. The possibilities of a laptop in this regard are, if not limitless, then quite large. There are at least three ways to organize a connection.

  • Wired Internet. Its advantages are obvious: the speed is generally higher than with other connection methods, as well as stability. The disadvantages are no less obvious: in the case of such a connection, the laptop turns into a stationary computer.

Sometimes it is enough to SIMply plug the plug into the socket of the network card and the Internet will become available. But it is advisable to make some settings, they are not difficult. Below is a short step-by-step instruction for operating systems from Microsoft, “sevens”, “eights” and “tens” too.

Step 1. In the control panel, click on “Network and Internet”.

Step 2. Click on the link “Network management.”.

Step 3. Enter “New connection settings”.

Step 4. Select new and option two in the window that opens.

Step 5. Enter the data provided by the provider in the login and password forms.

It turns out how SIMple and easy it is to connect your laptop to the Internet. There is nothing strange in this, a laptop is intended for ordinary users, and not for trained specialists.

  • Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet access is set up just as quickly. The first three steps from the previous instructions must be repeated, on the fourth. select “Wireless connection”. It remains to select a network from the list of available ones and connect. If the network is protected by a password, you must enter it twice in the Appropriate forms.

All these actions are possible only if there is a Wi-Fi adapter. If there is one (which is rare), do not despair, the adapter can be purchased separately.

  • Modem. The device must be connected with a cable to the USB port of the laptop. This is followed by the very first three steps with instructions for wired connection, and on the fourth. the selection of the “dial-up” item. A window appears with fields for entering the dialed phone number, username and password. All this data is provided by the provider, if an agreement is concluded with him, of course.
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Actions are available, and do not require special knowledge and hard work. The main thing is not to make a mistake in the entered data.

How to connect the Internet to a laptop by phone?

How to connect the Internet from phone to laptop if nothing else is at hand? You don’t have wireless access everywhere, you have a 3G modem with you, but you need to enter the World Wide Web from a laptop? Then you need to make your smartphone (tablet computer) an access point. A mobile phone will not offer particularly high speed access, but it will be possible to use such a connection for its intended purpose.

Android. The most common operating system for mobile devices, its market fortune is reported to exceed 86%. Therefore, it is logical to consider creating an access point using the example of an Android smartphone. Of course, smartphones are different, there may be some features of the settings, but not Fundamental.

And so, an Android smartphone, for example, HTC One V at hand, then step by step.

Step 1. Connect the Internet, check the connection.

Step 2. Go to “Settings”, select the items “Wireless connections and networks”. “”. “Wi-Fi router and USB modem”. “Router settings”.

Action 3. Fill in the settings items. They should NOT cause any special questions, unless it is worth mentioning that the “Router Name (SSID)” is the name of the connection.

Action 4. Press the “OK” button and we can assume that we figured out how to connect the Internet from a phone to a laptop. The network is working, it remains only to use it for its intended purpose.

Ease of settings is the main advantage of modern laptops. This also applies to manipulation of the Internet.

If you have any questions about the question “How to connect the Internet to a laptop” you can ask them in the comments and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Connection diagram and required equipment

From the automatic telephone exchange, a signal is sent to the Internet rack via copper wires through a special filter that separates the frequency of the equipment with the voice signal. This ADSL splitter does NOT pass the RF signal back from the rack to the PBX. A subscriber ADSL splitter is also installed on the side of the subscriber’s phone, rather than passing the High frequency from the modem to the user’s phone.

Internet tariffs for ADSL

Variations of the tariff plan for servicing Rostelecom’s communications depend on the choice of methods for providing services. When choosing a low-speed tariff with a phone connection from Rostelecom, it offers two tariffs with a monthly subscription fee:

  • A connection with an access speed of about 8 Mbps costs from 300 to 550 rubles;
  • With an access speed of 8 to 15 Mbps. that’s 550 rubles and above.

After connecting the services, each subscriber, if desired, registers in the personal account of Rostelecom. In case of choosing a game tariff for 850 rubles per month, subscribers will receive an elite tank in the WorldOfTanks game as a gift. It is much more difficult to issue such an application on the websites of second companies.

The rear panel of the case contains:

  • ADSL line connector;
  • Ethernet socket for standard RJ45 telephone cable;
  • Hidden miniature Reset button for quick reset to standard settings;
  • Power button for turning on and off the telecommunication device;
  • Connector for power supply cord.

Front panel of ADSL modem

In the front panel of the ADSL modem, there are five indicator lights that display various equipment states:

  • Power. indicates the state “on” or “off”.
  • ADSL Lights (Link and ACT).
  • LAN lights (Link and ACT).

Contents of delivery

The scope of delivery for Internet connection via a Rostelecom telephone line includes:

  • Modem
  • Standard power supply;
  • CD with electronic user control and drivers;
  • Connectors to a standard telephone socket with a telephone cord;
  • Ethernet cable for computer connection.

If it becomes necessary to distribute the Internet to other devices, you will also need a router.

To connect to the local network of the Rostelecom provider, you will need a splitter that, on the one hand, has an output to your home phone, and on the other, two sockets for connecting a modem and communication with the telecommunications line of the Rostelecom provider.

What is ADSL technology

The connection connecting the PBX and the subscriber’s telephone via the asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) system includes an Internet rack directly connected by a telephone line to the telephone and the ADSL modem of the connected subscriber.

The technology for Internet connection “ADSL” provides high-speed signal transmission. At the same time, a public city telephone line “Rostelecom” is used with an available channel bandwidth in the range from 1.5 to 8 Mbit per second.

The channel width is distributed asymmetrically between the upstream (from the user’s computer to the network) and downstream (from the network to the subscriber) data stream. over, the indicator of the speed of the upward flow is lower than the speed of the downward.

Broadband access methods and technologies are focused on the frequency range from 26 kHz to 138 kHz from the subscriber and on the range from 138 kHz to 1.1 MHz for the downstream.

Such a frequency range is NOT intended during telephone calls for voice transmission, which has a frequency band of 0.3. 3.4 kHz, which allows data to be transmitted at the same time as a conversation on the phone. When using “ADSL” data is transmitted over twisted pair in full duplex mode.

How to connect the Internet through a home phone from Rostelecom

The telecommunications network of Rostelecom, the most popular fixed-line operator, already covers millions of subscribers throughout the country. The provider also provides an Internet connection and modern IPTV.

The article will consider the question: how to connect the Internet through a home phone from Rostelecom. Note that in order to obtain high-speed and high-quality access to the network from a landline phone, which is provided by the home Internet provider Rostelecom, you need to perform the correct configuration on the computer.

How to connect the Internet via a home phone from Rostelecom

First of all, insert the twisted pair connector connected to the ADSL line into the splitter. Plug the connector on the other side of the cable into the ADSL socket on the modem. Then insert one side of the patchcord into the Ethernet socket on the device, and the other into the computer.

In order for the real data reception speed displayed in the modem settings to coincide with the one declared in the tariff plan when connecting to the Rostelecom telecommunications network, it is necessary to correctly set the speed of connection with the port. If problems occur with the Internet, there are often breaks, calls from the phone become a hindrance, then it is not worth “overclocking” it and changing the settings.

Step-by-step aLGorithm for connecting the Internet via a home phone from Rostelecom:

  • Enter the “Control Panel” of the OS, select “Windows Components”. Enable the checkbox “Telnet Client”, confirm with OK.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut on the Win computer keyboard (the button to open the Windows main menu) and R. A small Run dialog box will open.
  • In the input field of the window that opens, type from the keyboard: telnet, that is, indicate the actual IP addresses of the modem, written on its back side. Confirm by clicking OK.
  • In the opened black window of DOS emulation, enter the login and password from the registration card of the Rostelecom provider, pre-switch the keyboard layout from Russian to English.
  • Next, at the prompt, enter from the keyboard: adsl start.snr 1, press Enter. This Injected command will reboot the modem.

Doing so will increase the speed of the modem from 2 to 5 Mbps. This reduces the SNR Margin to 4.3, which reduces the noise level during transmission.


  • “Settings”. “Network and Internet”;
  • “Access point and modem”;
  • Now overtake the slider to turn on the access point. To change the network name and password, click “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot”. Further, nothing is difficult, just come up with a network name and password. After that, we look for a Wi-Fi from a laptop and connect to it.

How to connect laptop to phone

The situation here is slightly different. If you need to have access from a computer or “laptop” to the data that is on a mobile phone or tablet with Android OS. To do this, download and install the MyPhoneExplorer program on a laptop (client version) and phone (server version). It is imperative that both devices are connected to the same router. We launch both programs on two devices and on the laptop press “Search for devices” or the “F1” key. Next, just connect to the phone.

How to connect a phone via Wi-Fi to a laptop and vice versa?

Hello everyone, and today we will analyze all the variations of connecting a phone to a laptop via a Wi-Fi network. In fact, each of the possible connections has a completely different instruction. The thing is that a smartphone and a laptop use different operating systems, which complicates our task a little.

  • Phone to laptop
  • How to connect laptop to phone
  • Share internet from phone to laptop
  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Share internet from laptop to phone

Share internet from phone to laptop

Now let’s look at another question. how to connect Wi-Fi from phone to laptop. There is nothing complicated here, so let’s go.

NOTE! If your provider invites an additional fee when distributing the Internet, then you need to perform several actions on your computer. You can read about this in this article. no matter which provider you have, the instructions are suitable for everyone.

Phone to laptop

Now I will try to answer the question. how to connect a phone via Wi-Fi to a laptop. Here the question immediately arises, how to do it. Usually, the connection takes place in two ways: via Bluetooth or via a USB cable. But what if you want to have access to extended folders on your computer. For example, you want to watch a movie or photos. don’t download them now to your phone, on which, by the way, there may not be room.

  • First of all, you need to allow the connection of third-party devices on the “laptop”. You also need to create some kind of shared folder to which the phone will have access. I already wrote about this in this article. If you skip this step, then connecting to a laptop you SIMply will NOT see anything.
  • Once the folder is configured, we need to find out the IP address of the computer. To do this, through the command term, “ipconfig”.
  • We are interested in the string “IPv4”. write down or remember the number. In my case, this is
  • We connect to the Wi-Fi network where our laptop is located. You need both devices to be connected to the same router. Download and Install a special application with ES Explorer.
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ATTENTION! Google has removed this program from the trusted list, so it is better to use CX Explorer. read the instructions here.

  • We launch the application and go to the settings. Next, select “Network”;
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Create”.
  • In the “Domain” field, you can enter any name. But below we enter the IP address of our “laptop”. By the way, in this way you can also connect to a computer that is connected to the network. If you can’t connect, then enter the name of the folder that you created and “shared” through the slash.


  • “Settings”. “Modem mode”;
  • Turn on the mode;
  • We select “Turn on Wi-Fi”. But you can distribute the Internet in the same way through the wire. After that, we just connect to the wireless network. The password will be a little lower. it can also be changed or removed altogether.

Share internet from laptop to phone

Therefore, I have a detailed article about it. Do not look that it is written for the Windows 10 operating system. This instruction is suitable for all operating systems of the Microsoft family. Also, as a tip, I will say that it is best NOT to use third-party programs, but to use the command line and “BAT” files.

Preliminary activities

But if a user has a question how to connect the Internet to a laptop, then first you need to decide on the choice of a provider. To do this, it is recommended to analyze the following conditions:

  • Possibility of cable connection to the system of the communication service provider;
  • The price of the services provided;
  • Providing the provider with an acceptable data transfer rate for the subscriber’s requirements at an optimal cost;
  • Availability and speed of response of the provider’s technical support service;
  • Additional criteria (promotions, special discounts, etc.).

Further, in order to connect to the wired Internet, you need to form an application on the official resource of the selected provider or by phone. Also, if possible, it is recommended to SIMply personally visit the nearby office of the communication service provider to draw up a contract.

Windows XP

In the case when the user solves the problem of how to connect a laptop to the Internet, on which the good old Windows XP is installed, then only a few steps should be taken:

  • Open “Control Panel” through “Start”;
  • Then go to the “Network Connections” section;
  • Then they will name the PKM on “Local network connection”, click on the “Properties” line;
  • Click once on the line “Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)” and then call it “Properties”;
  • Next, in the displayed window, mark the item “Use the following IP”, indicate the data specified in the subscriber’s agreement with the provider;
  • Done! Internet configured.

Connection procedure

There are 2 types of connection in total:

  • Wirelessly
  • Through the network wire.

The setup process after connecting via a network cable differs slightly depending on the Windows version. Functioning in the PC. But the procedure itself is very SIMple, since it is only required to insert the cable from the provider into the socket of the laptop’s network card. All laptops have a connector on the side of the case.

The connector requires the installation of a wire coming from a distribution device installed in the house.

Setting procedure

It is not enough just to connect the PC to the cable, because the Internet must also be set up. First, let’s take a step-by-step look at the entire setup process using a laptop with Windows 7 installed as an example.

You must perform the following sequential steps:

  • Through “Start” enter the “Control Panel”;
  • Then go to the “Network and Internet” tab;
  • Then open the section “Control Center for Networks and General Access”;
  • They will call it “Setting up a new sub. Or networks “;
  • Then click on “Connect to work place”, call “Next”;
  • Click “to the Internet (VPN)”;
  • In the input field “Internet address” and “name”, print the one specified in the agreement with the service provider and check the box “Do not connect now.”, they will call “Next”;
  • Then, in the next window displayed, type your name and access code to connect to the network;
  • Name “Close”;
  • Re-enter the “Control Center of Setiama and General Access.”;
  • Go to the section “Changing adapter parameters”;
  • Check the correctness of the display of the Internet address;
  • Next, open the “Settings”, where you need to uncheck the box “Include the domain for logging into Windows”;
  • Then go to the “Security” tab, where specify L2TP IPSec VPN (may differ depending on the company providing communication services). Check the box “CHAP password verification protocol”;
  • Name “Ok”.
  • Done! Now the Internet on the laptop with Windows 7 is configured.

How to properly connect wired internet to a laptop

Nowadays, it is already difficult to find the owner of a laptop that is not connected to the Internet. Despite the increasing development and spread of communication via Wi-Fi connection, access to the Internet via cable attracts with its indisputable advantages, since K. It is more reliable and at the same time the lowest cost. Below are detailed guides on how to properly connect a stable wired internet to your laptop, as well as how to set it up for future work.

  • Connection procedure
  • Preliminary activities
  • Setting procedure
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 8

Windows 8

You must perform the following sequential steps:

  • Enter the “Control Panel”;
  • Go to the “Network and Internet” section;
  • Then open the “Control Center for Setiama and General Access”;
  • Place a check mark on the item “Setting up a new connection. Or networks “;
  • Specify the section “Internet Connection”, will be called “Next”;
  • Then it is recommended to set “High Speed ​​(with PPPoE)”;
  • Print the name and access code specified in the agreement with the service provider, check the box “Remember this password”;
  • Name “Connect”.

Note: after entering the parameters, sometimes it is necessary to restart the laptop for correct operation.

How to connect a smartphone to a laptop via Wi-Fi?

The issue is resolved using a special function in the smartphone called “Wi-Fi access point”. As a result, the phone will work as a 3G (4G) router with data transmission via Wi-Fi wireless technology.

Obviously, the owner of the smartphone must already have configured access to the World Wide Web through the network of the cellular operator, otherwise nothing will work.

You must perform the following sequential steps:

  • Activate the reception and transmission of data over the Internet in the smartphone (swipe down from the top of the screen to lower the menu curtain and click on the “Mobile data” icon);
  • Then go to the “Settings” and open the “Connections” section, where they will be named on the line “Other networks”;
  • Then, in the displayed menu, they will call it “Modem and access point”;
  • After that, go to the “Portable Access Point” tab;
  • In the next menu will be called “Settings” (at the bottom of the screen)
  • After that, in the laptop, go to “Settings” and activate its Wi-Fi adapter, set the switch to the “On” position;
  • In the displayed list of networks, find and name the wireless network created by the smartphone, and (the network name and access code to it will appear on the phone display immediately after completing the 5th paragraph of this instruction)
  • Done. Now the computer connected to the phone already has access to the Internet;
  • The next time when you need to access the global network from a laptop via a smartphone, the user does NOT need to follow the above points of the manual and enters a login with a password, and the connection will be made automatically immediately after activating the “Access to Wi-Fi” function in the smartphone;
  • As you can see from the above figure, you will only need to lower the menu curtain and click on the corresponding buttons “Mobile data” and “Access to Wi-Fi”. Turn on the wireless adapter in the PC and it will connect to the mobile router automatically.

How to independently connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone

In cases where it is not possible to connect a laptop to a provider’s cable or to a fixed Wi-Fi network, there is a convenient way to get access to the Internet on a laptop via Wi-Fi distributed by a smartphone, since most modern smart mobile phones have a portable Wi-Fi access point function. The main thing is that the phone has support for 3G (4G) communication and is connected to the corresponding services of the mobile operator to provide access to the global network.

Below is a guide on how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a smartphone with a detailed description of the actions illustrated with screenshots of the screen of a mobile device and a PC. And also, if the user prefers a more reliable wired connection, then at the end of this article there is a brief instruction on how to connect a PC to the Internet via a phone using a USB cable.

How to connect a smartphone to a laptop via a USB cable?

To do this, you need a USB cable, which usually comes with your phone.

The following steps must be taken:

  • Connect the mobile phone to the laptop with a cable, inserted the appropriate plugs from the wire into the USB port of the PC and into the mini USB connector of the phone;
  • The mobile device display will show a special menu to indicate the connection mode. The menu must be closed;
  • Open the smartphone settings and go to the “Modem and access point” section;
  • Check the box on the USB modem so that it is connected;
  • As a result of completing the previous (4th) point in the laptop in automatic mode, the software will be installed for the new equipment found. In the displayed window on the PC monitor, you only need to agree to the terms and conditions and put a tick in the menu that allows further connection with the modem;
  • Done. The logo of the Internet connection will be displayed in the desktop tray of the laptop.

Note: in the case of an operating system running in a laptop that is no longer supported by Microsoft, for example, Windows XP or Vista, then the user will need to independently install the software, downloaded it from the official resource of the equipment manufacturer.

We set up the Internet via bluetooth from computer to phone

To access the Internet from a mobile device or computer through the bluetooth of a second computer, you need to complete some preliminary steps. First of all, you need to make sure that all drivers are installed and functional. You can find out through the “Control Panel. Device Manager”. If your adapter is in the list of devices, you can proceed with further actions. If the adapter is missing, then you need to download and install them from the manufacturer’s website. A utility for managing the adapter is installed along with the drivers. For example, for Broadcomm manufacturer such a utility is called Widcomm.

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When everything is ready, you need to allow the second devices to share the current connection through which the global network is accessed. This is done as follows:

  • “Start. Control Panel”. “Network Control Center”.
  • On the left, select “Additional adapter parameters”.
  • On an active connection through the context menu. “Properties”.
  • In the window, go to the “Access” tab, and activate the item. “Allow other network users to use the Internet connection”.
  • Further on the button “Settings” the following services are selected; FTP Server. File Server, HTTP. Web, HTTPS. Secure Web Server.

All actions are confirmed by the “Ok” button, and the windows are closed. Setting up bluetooth:

  • Context menu “Open Options” on the “Blue Tooth” icon in the tray.
  • On the “Options” tab, all items are canceled except for one. “Disable adapter”.
  • The Sharing tab allows you to select the following: work with files and folders, share a printer, use an internal modem to connect to the Internet.

If these settings seem too complicated, you can use the Bluesoleil utility. After starting the program, go to “My Services. Settings”, where on the “Personal Area Network (PAN)” tab, select “Bluetooth Settings (Services)”, and enable the service and activate the DHCP server. These are all actions, how to connect the Internet via bluetooth, which are NOT more difficult than creating access via Wi-Fi. Now there is only one thing left: to pair the devices. This process occurs as follows on Android gadgets:

  • In the “Options. Communication” menu, select the “Bluetooth” tab;
  • Next, “My devices”, where you select the name of the computer to which the connection will be made;
  • On the PC and on the smartphone, a request for permission to connect and enter the PIN code will appear at the same time;
  • Enter the PIN and allow further connection without asking.
  • We check that all traffic goes exactly through the adapter on the “Network Access” tab.

Internet connection via bluetooth

Connecting to the World Wide Web of mobile devices is no longer a luxury or a tribute to fashion, but most likely a necessity. On the sites you can find many ways to connect via Wi-Fi, but there is another one that has been undeservedly forgotten. the Internet via bluetooth. For this type of communication, a gadget with a SIM card will be used as a modem, and the Internet will be distributed via bluetooth. You can also distribute the Internet via bluetooth from a computer to a phone, for this this module must be installed on the computer. On all laptops bluetooth is present in the basic configuration, so this connection can also be considered relevant. Consider all Possible ways.

How to connect to the Internet from a phone via bluetooth

In previous articles, we talked about how Blue Tooth technology consumes significantly less battery power than Wi-Fi. But at the same time it is NOT inferior to him in speed. Therefore, using this communication method is a good Wi-Fi alternative when you need to increase the battery life. How to connect to the Internet via bluetooth and use a smartphone as a modem? It couldn’t be easier. The procedure is conventionally divided into two stages. At the first stage, the phone must be added to the system as a modem, and at the second stage, the connection is directly configured:

  • The “Control Panel” opens and the item “Devices and Printers” is selected;
  • The “Add device” button will search for the phone;
  • When it is detected in the system, open it by double-clicking the pop icon;
  • An information window will appear with an 8-digit access code for pairing;
  • We enter these numbers on a smartphone;
  • The search and installation of all drivers necessary for work begins;
  • After successful completion of the process, open the “Phones and Modems” section in the “Control Panel”;
  • The settings wizard that opens will offer to drive in 3 digits of the city code. you can enter any values;
  • Further, on the “Modems” tab, highlighting the Installed phone and calling its properties;
  • In the properties window, on the “Additional parameters” tab, you need to drive in the initialization period, according to which the operator is dialed (the line is different for each operator).

Below is a list for the Most Popular Operators:

  • Megaphone. ATCGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “internet”
  • MTS. ATCGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “internet.Mts.Ru”
  • Beeline (Tele2). ATCGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “internet.Beeline.Ru”

Now you can move on to the second stage. creating a connection. For many users, this will NOT be difficult, because everything is done in the same way as setting up a connection with a provider, but for those who do not know:

  • “Control Panel”. “Network and Sharing Center”;
  • Click “Create a new connection”. “Set up a telephone connection”;
  • A phone is selected from the list and communication parameters are entered, which are always the same:
  • Dialing number. 99 #;
  • Username and password are not filled;
  • Connection name. at the discretion of the user.
  • After clicking the “Connect” button, the settings will be applied, and the computer will gain access to the global network.
  • Now we are convinced that it is possible to use bluetooth Not only for transferring music or pictures between two smartphones, but also for more progressive things that many did not even suspect.

    Your Setevichok. How to set up the Internet on a laptop via an iOS phone?

    Connection options are located in the “Settings. Cellular. Modem selection “.

    USB connection.

    To make the phone a modem via a USB cable, you need to have iTunes installed on the laptop operating system.

    • 1. Turn on tethering in iPhone settings;
    • 2. After that, SIMply Connect your device to the laptop: the connection to the network will occur automatically.

    Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

    • 1. Turn on tethering on iPhone;
    • 2. Set a password for connecting to Wi-Fi in the corresponding menu item.

    Wireless connection (Bluetooth)

    • 1. Make sure your laptop is equipped with a Bluetooth module;
    • 2. I will connect the iPhone with a laptop via Bluetooth;
    • 3. Select “create a pair” on the smartphone, enter the code shown on the computer;
    • 4. Connect to your smartphone from a laptop.

    How to connect a laptop to the Internet via a phone?

    Most of the articles on our site tell in detail, how to create a local network and connect a phone or TV to WiFi from a fixed router. But what to do if your mobile device already has high-quality high-speed Internet and you don’t really want to spend extra money on “classic” Wi-Fi.

    So, here we will look at how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a phone and whether a phone can generally be used as a modem.

    How to connect the Internet to a laptop using an Android phone

    To connect your phone to a laptop as a modem, you will need to change the settings of your Android device. All the options required to connect to the Internet in any of the three proposed ways are located in the menu item “Settings. Wireless networks. Additional settings. Tethering and portable access point “.

    USB cable connection:

    • 1. Connect your phone to your laptop via USB cable;
    • 2. Your laptop should report the discovery of a new device;
    • 3. Enable the USB connection option.

    This is the easiest and most reliable way to share the Internet from mobile devices, but it requires a USB cable. But what if it’s not there? How to connect laptop to internet via phone without USB cable?

    In the absence of a cable, the connection can be made through one of the wireless networks:

    Wireless connection (Wi-Fi)

    • 1. Open the settings of your smartphone;
    • 2. Enable the option portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

    The first time the option is turned on, the default settings are used. They can be changed in the corresponding menu item.

    Wireless connection (Bluetooth)

    • 1. Make sure your laptop is equipped with a Bluetooth module;
    • 2. Connect your phone to a laptop via bluetooth;
    • 3. Open your smartphone settings;
    • 4. Turn on the portable Bluetooth hotspot option.

    Everything in local networks and network equipment

    How to share internet from phone to laptop?

    To use your phone as a laptop modem, you first need to check:

    If you often surf the world wide web, it is most profitable to connect a special tariff that assumes active use of the Internet.

    How to connect a laptop to the Internet via a Windows Phone mobile phone?

    This class of devices is Plasma USB connection. However, it is still possible to connect via a wireless network:

    • 1. Open the list of settings, find the item “Internet sharing”;
    • 2. Enable this option, select the type of wireless network, create a name and password.

    How to set up a laptop for mobile internet?

    After the appropriate configuration of the phone, all that remains is to connect from the laptop to the previously created network. For this:

    • 1. Open the list of available networks;
    • 2. Find in the list the network name previously set in the phone settings;
    • 3. Connect to the selected network by entering the password you set in your phone.

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