How to connect honor band 5 to iPhone

Application for Mi Band 3 on the IPhone

Tracker utilities are constantly updated. This makes them better quality and more functional. Each new version comes with noticeable improvements. This approach to continuous improvement allows users to take into account incoming shortcomings and comments without any discomfort for users.

The application itself does not fully work. For this reason, the installation of the application, communication with the smartphone and subsequent settings are immediately reflected on the screen. At the same time, the smartphone and its fitness app are doing professional work. It works smoothly.

IPhone does not see Mi Band 3

If the tracker does not see the signal from the gadget in Russian, if it fails to connect, you can independently decide how to connect Mi Band 3 to the iPhone. This can be done in different ways:

  • Using BLE Scanner, Bluetooth Pair;
  • It is possible to activate Bluetooth self search using the settings of a regular phone.

As soon as the Mi Band application is reflected in the list of visible devices and devices available for compatibility, it will automatically bind to the software.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to IPhone?

To get such a device at their disposal, the user configures the application on the iPhone. The setting consists in the following actions:

  • You need to download the application from the App Store and install it on your phone.
  • Your own account is created. You will need work mail and mobile.
  • Setting up and then enabling the application. For this purpose, height, gender, age and weight are entered into a special table.
  • Binding to a device.

After completing such actions, the installation is complete, the compatibility of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with the IPhone is carried out. The operation takes a few minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 iPhone compatibility: how to connect, features

How to connect a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet to an iPhone is a question that interests all, without exception, owners of modern devices. Both gadgets are in demand, as they differ in a functional and status design solution. The article discusses the question of how to quickly synchronize and start using the device, regulating physical activity.

Russian firmware for IPhone

Normal operation of a smart tracker cannot be achieved without first binding it to a smartphone and providing Russian firmware. In turn, this can be done only after the Russification of the existing firmware. It is because of its absence that the new tracker does not connect to a personal phone. To install the firmware on iOS by following steps such as:

  • The Mi heart rate program is being installed.
  • The binding of the purchased tracker is activated in the software.
  • Mi gang 3 is selected.
  • The device is linked to the mobile.
  • Select “Update Firmware”.
  • Russian language is selected.

When performing such manipulations, the bracelet and the phone must be kept close to each other. As soon as the Russian utility is installed, the Mi Band 3 ios tracker will reboot and display information in Russian. Exactly the same manipulations can be performed, if desired, to configure the tracker for absolutely any language.

IPhone notifications do not come. what to do?

This problem is one of the most common. Many people are confused by the low-quality work of the sent notifications, which is noted even after the smartphone has been synchronized. Some people complain that notifications from certain applications do not come at all or are constantly duplicated. If there is such a problem, you need to pay attention to such points as:

  • Availability of the right to work in the standard background, as well as access to notifications.
  • Only one application needs to be used to process incoming notifications.
  • It is worth making sure that there are no restrictions for the background mode of the application.
  • Check that the software is activated in autorun.

In the OS of modern phones, you need to check all the necessary settings. Quite often it happens that the checkbox for the notifications sent does not work in the main settings. You should periodically go to a special section of the program and set the necessary checkboxes. It is also important to update the application in a timely manner.

How to set up Mi Band 3 on an iPhone?

For the full and effective use of the bracelet, you will need to carry out a standard binding and synchronization with the phone. A similar operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • Bluetooth turns on;
  • the application opens;
  • a Mi account is created;
  • the device to be connected is selected;
  • waiting for connection.

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After carrying out such an operation, the tracker will be completely ready for use. A competently carried out binding not only ensures the operation of the Mi Band device, but also allows you to effectively save all acquired and accumulated information.

By creating your own account in any version, you can enter the application from a regular smartphone, nothing else needs to be configured. This will allow you to always track the required level of activity and adjust it at your own discretion.

5 GHz Wi-Fi wireless network

Setting up a Wi-Fi 5 GHz wireless network is available in Keenetic models with support for a dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n / ac network (frequency range 2.4 5 GHz).

NOTE: Important! Not all mobile devices can connect to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. Only devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) that support work in this range will be able to. If your device does not support operation in the 5 GHz frequency range, then it will be able to operate on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. You can find information on setting up this network in the article “Wireless Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network”.
You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the bands in the article “Differences between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands”.

When you turn it on for the first time, Keenetic deploys the most secure WPA2 dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 5 GHz) wireless network for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. A separate Wi-Fi network is provided for guest devices with access only to the Internet without access to the home network. The optimal working channel is selected automatically based on periodic analysis of the radio broadcast.
In most cases, you do not need to make any additional settings for the main Wi-Fi access point. It is enough to know the name and password to connect to the router’s wireless network (they are indicated on the sticker on the bottom panel of the Keenetic case).

If necessary, you can independently configure the wireless network settings.

On the Home Network page in the 5 GHz Wi-Fi Wireless Network section, you can change the name of the wireless network, its password, and other parameters. If you only want your wireless network to work during certain hours, set up a schedule for it. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi wireless network settings are almost the same as the 2.4 GHz network settings, with the exception of some parameters.

To change the preset network name and password, refer to the instructions “How to change the name and password of a Wi-Fi network?”

For a secure wireless connection, the Network Security is set to WPA2-PSK by default for maximum security.

NOTE: Important! Using an open (unsecured) network is insecure.

In the “Schedule” field, you can specify specific hours for the wireless network. For more information on setting up a schedule, see the article: “Connection Schedule”

To configure additional parameters of the Wi-Fi network, click on the link “Additional settings”.

In the “General Wi-Fi settings” section, in the “Country” field, manually select the country in which you plan to use the Keenetic. For correct operation of wireless devices on the territory of Russia, you should install “Russian Federation”.

In the “Standard” field you need to specify which standards are supported by the available wireless devices. Today the 802.11a standard is obsolete, if there are no such devices, then select the value of this field 802.11nac.

The Channel field is set to Auto by default. In this case, the Internet center automatically selects the optimal working channel based on the periodic analysis of the radio broadcast.

If necessary, you can manually set the channel number (from 36 to 165) in which the 5 GHz access point will operate (about some features of channels in the 5 GHz range, see the article “Mobile device does not connect or does not see a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network?” ). There are 17 working channels available in the 5 GHz band. We recommend choosing a channel with a lower number in the range from 36 to 64 (the lower the frequency, the better the signal penetration).

In the field “Select the optimal channel” is preset value “When turned on”, but you can select “Every 6 hours”, “Every 12 hours”, “Every 24 hours” or “Dynamically”, when the choice of the optimal channel is performed once an hour, when condition of minimum traffic.

TIP: Note: In Keenetic Giga (KN-1010), Ultra (KN-1810), Speedster (KN-3010), Viva (KN-1910), Hero 4G (KN-2310), Air (KN-1611) ) and Extra (KN-1711) on the wireless settings page, you can additionally enable support for Beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies.

For the Keenetic Ultra model (KN-1810), the option to use the channel width of 160 MHz is available.

For 5 GHz wireless network, Band Steering is available (disabled by default). Band Steering determines the optimal Wi-Fi range (2.4 or 5 GHz) for each dual-band client on your network.
For more information on how Band Steering works, see How does Band Steering work and why turn it on?

NOTE: Important! Band Steering requires the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi network names to be the same.

TIP: Tip: In Keenetic, by default, the same network name is used in both ranges. If dual-band mobile devices frequently automatically switch between 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks, which is inconvenient, we recommend setting different wireless network names. And then connect the client to the desired network.

Starting with KeeneticOS 3.1 for all Keenetic models with the KN-xxxx index and ZyXEL Keenetic Air, Extra II, Giga III, Ultra II, support for new WPA3-PSK and OWE security algorithms has been added for a wireless Wi-Fi network. For more information, see the article “New WPA3-PSK and OWE Wireless Security Mechanisms”.

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PC connection

We take the cable and connect it with one side to the smartphone, and the other to the USB port of your computer (laptop). It is assumed that you have already installed a more or less modern version of the operating system (Windows 10 or 7) and you will not have to manually install additional drivers.

Unlock the phone and in the notification curtain, click on the appeared USB charging notification.

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A list of possible connection options will open, in which, to work with the file system of the smartphone, select the “File transfer” item and proceed to work on the computer (in this case, the smartphone can be locked).

How to connect honor band 5 to iphone

From time to time there is a need to “reset” data from a smartphone to a computer (and vice versa). Well, if the volumes are small, then they can be safely transferred, for example, via e-mail, file exchanger or the cloud. But this is completely unacceptable when you need to download an archive of photos, a collection of music or an entire season of a series. How to connect Honor to a computer and quickly “transfer” the necessary information?

The fastest way to transfer data is via the USB cable that comes with your smartphone. Of course, you can use cables from other devices (for example, cameras, players, etc.), but some of them sometimes have a different pinout, which is suitable only for charging the phone and nothing more.

Working with smartphone files on PC

On the desktop of the computer or in the quick launch panel of the “Start” menu, click on the icon “My Computer” or “Explorer” and in the section “This computer” we are looking for a new device, the name of which, as a rule, corresponds to the name of the connected smartphone.

Click on it and go to the conditional list of disks that the mobile device contains. In the event that a microSD is installed in the smartphone, in addition to “Internal memory” (device memory), there will also be an SD card (external memory).

Depending on your needs, we click on the required disk and work with it in the same way as with ordinary files and folders on a smartphone (copying, cutting, deleting files, creating folders).

For example, to upload photos from an Honor smartphone to a computer, you need to go to “Internal memory” (if you have not selected recording photos to a microSD card in the camera settings), go to the DCIM folder, select the Camera folder in it, and all photos and videos are already there filmed by smartphone.

Select all (or only the necessary files) and copy them to your computer, after the files are copied to the PC. they can be deleted from the smartphone.

After the work with the file system of the smartphone is over, it can be disconnected from the computer without any additional actions. While connected to a PC, the mobile device will continue to receive calls, messages and other information, that is, the connection will not affect the phone’s operation in any way.

How to connect WI-FI on an iOS phone

If you have a phone from Apple, then in order to connect WI-FI you need to open the settings and go to the WI-FI section. Here you need to turn on the wireless WI-FI connection. To do this, simply move the switch to the “On” position.

After turning on the WI-FI wireless connection, you need to click on the WI-FI network to which you want to connect.

If the WI-FI network is not password protected, the connection will take place almost immediately. A check mark will appear next to the selected WI-FI network, signaling that you are connected to this network.

If the WI-FI network is protected, then you will see a line for entering the password. Enter the password from WI-FI and click on the “Connect” button.

How to connect Wi-Fi on your phone

Without access to the Internet, a modern telephone probably loses half of its functions. Of course, you can use mobile internet, but more often than not it is too expensive and not very fast. Therefore, most advanced users exclusively use Wi-Fi. In this article, we will talk about how Wi-Fi connects on different phone models.

How to connect Wi-Fi on an Android phone

In order to connect Wi-Fi on your Android phone, you need to open the settings and turn on the Wi-Fi wireless module. This is done using the blue switch, which is located opposite the Wi-Fi section. If you already have Wi-Fi enabled, then just skip this step.

After Wi-Fi is turned on, you need to open the list of available Wi-Fi networks. To do this, just click on the Wi-Fi label, which is to the left of the switch you just turned on. After the list of available Wi-Fi networks opens, click on the network you need.

If the network you have chosen is not protected by a password, then the connection will take place immediately after selecting the network. If the network is protected, then you will see a small window in which you will need to enter the password from Wi-Fi.

If the entered password is correct, your phone will connect to Wi-Fi.

How to connect WI-FI on a Windows Phone

If you have a phone with Windows Phone operating system, then in order to connect WI-FI you need to open the list of all programs and find there “Settings”.

After that, slide the WI-FI switch to the “On” position and select the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect.

If the WI-FI network is not secured, the phone will connect immediately. Otherwise, you will need to enter a password.

After connecting, next to the selected WI-FI network, the message “Connection established” will appear.


The FreeLace feature is a hidden USB hidden between the volume buttons. The model is sold without a charging case, and you can charge them using a laptop or other device where you can connect USB.

The activation procedure itself is simple. Hold the power button and wait for the indicator to activate, it should blink. In the smartphone, check the search for devices, click on the detected headphones and you can start listening.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via bluetooth

Bluetooth is a special technology for wireless communication. The function is available in all modern smartphones. If earlier it was used exclusively for file exchange, today it allows you to connect devices with each other. That is, technology is the only way to connect headphones.

The connection procedure itself is straightforward. It is divided into three steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Detection.
  • Pairing.

Flypods lite

FlyPods Lite are connected in the same way as the model presented above. Insert them into the case, hold down the power key until the light turns white. Then in the phone in the Bluetooth setting, select the detected wireless accessory and you can enjoy listening.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a phone that has already been connected

Re-pairing is done in much the same way, but without the extra steps of detecting and entering a password. Let’s say you want to connect Honor Sport AM61 from Huawei. just turn on Bluetooth on two gadgets.

Enabling Bluetooth on your phone

First of all, activate the wireless function on your smartphone. For this:

  • Swipe to open the top notification panel.
  • Find Bluetooth among the icons (shown as B).
  • Pinch your finger on the icon to launch settings.
  • In the same window, you will see the detected gadgets.

Connection to PC or laptop

A wireless headset is connected to a laptop or computer in the same way. As noted, the main thing is Bluetooth. Activate the function on the PC and then search for gadgets. Select a headset from the list and you can use.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones Honor and Huawei to the phone: instructions, methods

Earlier, wired headphones were the only option for all smartphone users. Today, a wireless headset has gained popularity. This is mainly due to convenience and reasonable cost, because the price does not differ much from wired devices. In the article, we will explore how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone.

How to pair with other phones?

The smart bracelet is connected to various mobile devices. Use on Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei. Be sure to pair before starting work. For troubleshooting, take a look at quick tips.


If you have purchased Xiaomi equipment, then download the program from Huawei. After starting the program, we carry out the confirmation. Next, we fill out a full application form and fill in the information. Try to fill in all the lines. We connect two elements via Bluetooth. In the new list, click on Honor Band 5.


  • open the utilities “Health”;
  • in the list we are looking for the item “Sending data;
  • press the key marked “Google fit”;
  • confirm the operation and go to your account.


Pairing Honor Band 5 is quite simple. To do this, use the instruction:

  • Run the Health utility and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Add a fitness bracelet on the main screen.
  • Click on the line with Honor Bend 5.
  • Find the line with the name “Pairing”.
  • We confirm the parameters, determine the geolocation and synchronize the data.
  • At the end of the page clicks on confirmation of the operation.
  • Checking the connection.

Tracker Running Edition Suitable for active people. With this option, you will be able to control the calories burned and keep track of the training time. Run fitness classes and keep track of your activity. Notifications notify about incoming SMS and calls. Stay connected, regardless of where your phone is located.

How to connect the Honor Band 5 bracelet to the phone: pairing instructions

Not sure how to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone? Smart watches are a cool gadget for daily use. The device contains many useful options. The sensor monitors health parameters, reads the pulse and determines the number of steps taken. In addition, the watch shows the quality of sleep and is able to prevent health problems. Turn on the alarm and forget about being late. Watch the weather right from your watch. They must be worn on the hand at all times. In this case, they will be able to warn of problems with blood pressure and dizziness. Do not put your Smart Watch away even when you sleep. The soft bracelet does not crush and is practically not felt on the hand. Immediately after purchase, you need to connect the gadget to your mobile phone. The instruction will help you understand the issue. Follow the steps to get the result.

General information about the connection. How a smartwatch connects to a phone?

When buying a smartwatch, make sure your phone is compatible with the watch. Perhaps the Smart watch can only be connected to Android, and you have an Iphone. So that you don’t have to buy another phone for your new watch, consult a specialist or carefully read the user manual. Although many modern models connect to both OS.

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How to connect Smart watch to phone?

Smart watches have been popular among a wide variety of target audiences for several years now. Young people and adults, parents and schoolchildren. everyone can find a smartwatch on their wrist. Sometimes the Smart watch does not come with instructions, and it is not always clear how the smart watch connects to the phone.

Why connect them

A smartwatch without connecting to a phone loses many of its functions. There are models with a SIM card that can be carried without synchronization with the phone, but more usual models require it. When you connect your Smartwatch to your phone, you will discover many new functions and capabilities, namely:

  • You will be able to track the location of the watch. This is useful if you have lost your watch or if your child is wearing it. This feature is also useful for caring for the elderly.
  • With Smart watch, you can send emergency signals to your phone. The child will be able to call for help, even if he does not have access to the phone or does not carry it with him at all.
  • Receive a signal that the device has been removed from your hand.
  • Receive notifications, messages and calls from phone to watch.
  • Change phone volume settings and create call restrictions.

A smart watch that is not connected to a phone does not fulfill some of its functions, and therefore is not effective. It takes a couple of minutes to connect the device to a smartphone, and if you didn’t find the information in the user manual and don’t know what to do, use the instructions below.

How to connect to Android

Different watches have different applications for syncing with your phone. This is often Android Wear. the base app that supports the vast majority of watches. But it is possible that your Smart watch requires a different app. In any case, the actions are almost the same, so don’t be intimidated. Instructions on how a smartwatch connects to a phone is given for Android Wear:

  • Download the WearOS app from the Play Market (it used to be called Android Wear, you can find it by its old name).
  • Wait for the download and installation of the application, turn on the application.
  • After starting, click “Configure”, the phone will display the name of the clock. If this does not happen, try to bring the watch closer to the phone, check if bluetooth and WI-FI are turned on on the phone and watch.
  • Select the hours you want. The codes will appear on the watch and phone. Make sure they are the same and click “Connect“.
  • Follow the further instructions of the app, it will help you set up your watch.

If this application did not see your watch, it may need another application. Try to enter the name of your watch in the Play Market search and repeat similar actions with the found application.

How to connect to iPhone

Chances are, the Samsung Galaxy Watch app (formerly known as Gear S) will work for your Smart watch. Here’s how to pair your Smartwatch with your phone:

  • Download Samsung Galaxy Watch from AppStore.
  • Wait for the application to install and turn on the watch. Turn on WI-FI and bluetooth on both devices.
  • On the start screen of the application, press the “Start” button and follow the instructions of the application.

If the application does not see the watch, try to find another one by typing the name of your watch into the AppStore search. The name of the recommended app can often be found in the user manual.

How to connect multiple smartwatch to one smartphone

You can track several hours at the same time or even add the whole family to one smartphone. To connect a second watch to one Android smartphone, in the WearOS app, find the down arrow on the home screen. By clicking, a window for adding new hours will open. Next, the application will tell you what to do to synchronize with the second watch.
The third and all subsequent watches are connected in the same way, there is no limit in WearOS.

If you have a different application, try to find similar functionality.
It’s even easier on the iPhone: on the home screen, you’ll find a settings button, where you can add a second clock.

After the initial setup of the watch and synchronization with your phone, you can start setting up Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, you can customize widgets and access to applications, disable and enable reminders and notifications. This electronic device is very flexible and will adapt to you with a little time.


For those who use iPhone all they need is in the AppStore. Open the settings for pairing your smartphone with Health. Don’t forget to set the options you want. And turn on notifications to watch your progress.

Connecting Honor Band 5 to the phone

Before you start connecting Honor Band 5 to a mobile gadget, you need to download the Huawei Health app by opening the App Gallery, Google Play or AppStore (depending on the base on which the smartphone operates).

After installing the application, click “Open”. Read the terms and conditions displayed by the system, agree to them. Provide access to the Health program.

Enter information about yourself. your parameters: indicate height, weight and gender. Professional athletes should not miss a single indicator and clearly state each parameter in order to get the most clear results.


The owners of these gadgets, as well as the owners of models from other manufacturers, need an application from Huawei. After downloading, confirm the agreement. Next, you need to register and provide personal data. Do this as clearly as possible so that the application can calculate normal values. Turn on Bluetooth and search for your device. Select “Honor Band 5” from the displayed options. Click on the largest button on the tracker and create Connect with Health.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know


Download Huawei Health first. Then open Google Fit.

  • Turn on the Health app.
  • Click on “Submit Data”.
  • Activate Google Fit by clicking on the button of the same name.

And then just confirm the actions taken by clicking on Google Fit.

How to connect a fitness bracelet Honor Band 5 to the phone: instructions

“How to connect Honor Band 5 to the phone?” Is an important question for owners of a new gadget from Huawei in 2021. Smartwatches have become an essential part of life. The device performs many functions: it monitors the quality of sleep (sensors of the Trusleep program), measures the pulse, an alarm clock and informs about the weather. The Running Edition plays an important role during training, recording performance. The gadget allows you to keep abreast of the general condition of the body, to respond in time to negative indicators. But one of the main advantages of the new version of the fitness bracelet is full interaction with the phone. How to set up this process in this article.

Honor Band 5 does not connect to the phone. reasons and what to do?

Smart watches function without lags in work. But if there are problems with the connection, then it is necessary to get ahead of the cause of the problem. The main explanation is that the devices are not connected to each other. Disabled Bluetooth will prevent pairing between the smartphone and the tracker.

How to pair with other phones

Smart watches from Huawei can be connected not only to smartphones of this brand. They can be used together with Samsung, iPhone and Xiaomi. All you need to do is sync and pair. To avoid connection problems, read the instructions below. Many users post detailed video reviews of the first activation of the gadget. In these videos, complete instructions in a visual format.


To connect the phone to the watch, open the Health program, activate Bluetooth. Then follow a simple algorithm:

  • add a new device by clicking on the button above;
  • click on the tracker screen;
  • find the button “pair Honor Band 5”, agree with the displayed operating rules;
  • accept the data, indicate the place where you are;
  • after the steps taken, click “Done;
  • make sure to connect.

Customize Smart-clock depending on individual needs.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to the phone: smart bracelet pairing instructions

How to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone? In addition to the old functions: health tracking, heart rate reading, pedometer. new ones have been added. Now the Smart watch detects the quality and duration of sleep, calculates the level of oxygen in the blood and warns of possible dizziness. They have highly sensitive sensors that determine the current state of a person. You need to wear the bracelet constantly, even in a dream. Then in the morning you will receive a full report on the quality of sleep. Got a tracker and don’t know how to pair it with your phone? Use a quick guide.


Xiaomi owners download the Huawei app and install it. After opening the application, we confirm the agreements. Next, register and indicate your personal data (number of years, weight and height). We connect via Bluetooth and find the device. In the drop-down list, select “Honor Band 5″. Click on the big button on the bracelet and connect to Health.


IPhone owners also need to download the app from the AppStore. Next, go to the settings and pair the phone with the Health program. Set the required parameters. Turn on notifications for productive work.

Connecting Honor Band 5 to the phone

How to connect Honor Band 5? The clock is synchronized to the smartphone via Bluetooth. However, before that you need to install the special Huawei Health app. Download it from App Gallery, Google Play or AppStore depending on your phone model.

After downloading, click the “Open” button. Open and agree to the terms. Provide access for the embedded Health app.

Next, enter the basic parameters and fill in information about yourself. In the profile, enter the date of birth, height, weight and gender is required. This is necessary to maximize the display of health indicators. For active people and athletes, there are many characteristics to set. The more information you provide, the more accurate you will get the results.


You need to pair Honor Band 5 with your phone in the following way:

  • Open the Health app and turn on Bluetooth.
  • In the upper corner of the display, add a new device, namely Smart watch.
  • Then press Honor Band 5.
  • Look for the “Pair” button and agree to all the terms. Accept data, expose location and synchronize information.
  • Confirm the steps taken with the “Done” button, check the connection on the device.
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Smart watch setting is based on the needs. In the column “Settings” set the parameters. If you need to monitor your sleep quality, use Huawei TruSleep. After switching on, a detailed analysis of the sleep duration will begin. After analyzing the data, you can understand whether you are sleeping enough, at what time of the night you sleep more soundly. This knowledge will help improve sleep and your health.

The Running Edition is for running training. Connect the function and record every physical activity. Check your kilometers, activity and calories burned. Ideal for recording workouts.

Fitness bracelet is ready to go. Receive notifications about calls and SMS messages, monitor your health, view your pedometer and heart rate.

How to connect Honor Band 5 with Iphone Huawei Health IOS App Smartwatch


Download the Huawei Health app to Samsung. Now you need to pair the app with a special Google Fit account:

  • Turn on the Health app.
  • In the menu, look for the item “Sending data”.
  • Press the button next to your Google Fit account.
  • Confirm connection.
  • In the window that opens, click on the Google Fit account.

How to pair with other phones?

Smart watches can be connected to other phones. A bigger advantage is using the tracker on Samsung, IPhone and Xiaomi. To do this, you need to synchronize programs and make pairing. Problems may arise when turning on, so we recommend using the instructions.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

We answer the most common questions about the smart bracelet Honor Band 5

The bracelet comes with a charging clip, USB-Micro-USB cable and instructions. No power adapter included (you will need any charger with USB output or a computer with a USB connector to charge).

What’s new compared to the previous model?

The Honor Band 5 has a better screen, support for several new workout modes, different strap color options, new watch faces and a blood oxygen saturation function. He can also control the camera of the Honor smartphone.

Does the Russian version have an oxygenation sensor?

At the time of the start of sales in Russia in August, Honor Band 5 did not support the determination of blood oxygen saturation, but there was actually a corresponding sensor in the bracelet. At the end of September, the manufacturer was able to obtain the necessary certificates and released a firmware update adding this feature.

Why Honor Band 5 is cheaper than Band 4?

Honor is optimizing production and taking into account the market situation in order to keep new products competitive. We are ready to dispel fears that the Band 5 has “worsened”: the new model has all the functions of the previous one, the materials have not become worse, the screen has not decreased, the package bundle is the same. On the contrary, additional features have appeared.

What smartphones is the Band 5 compatible with? Which application do you need to install?

The Honor Band 5 can be paired with Android and iOS devices. At any time, the bracelet can be paired with only one smartphone or tablet. The device is synchronized via Bluetooth with the Huawei Health app

What are the controls for the bracelet? There are buttons?

The bracelet does not have a single mechanical button. A touch screen and a touch button below it are used for control.

Not. But Honor Band 5 can be used while jogging with a smartphone, then the Huawei Health app will record the track.

Yes, in Honor Band 5, you can turn on both regular alarms, which go off exactly at a given time, and one smart one. The sleep phase bracelet will determine the optimal moment to wake up within the interval selected in the settings.

Is it possible to control music on a smartphone from a bracelet?

Yes. This feature came with a firmware update at the end of September.

What types of workouts does the bracelet support??

  • running on the street
  • running on a treadmill
  • walking
  • walking on a treadmill
  • bicycle riding
  • exercise on a stationary bike
  • swimming (4 styles are recognized: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke)
  • rowing machine
  • elliptical trainer
  • free workout

The main module of the bracelet in all versions is black, but the color of the strap can be chosen from three options: black, blue and pink.

Either half of the strap can be detached and replaced without the need for tools.

How long does the battery last??

The battery (its capacity is 100 mAh) is enough for 14 days of operation in a gentle mode. We tried to turn on continuous heart rate monitoring, the TruSleep function and generally use the bracelet to the maximum. and the bracelet was discharged for 6 days.

How long does the battery charge?

It takes about 60-75 minutes to fully charge.

Charging clip is different from previous models?

The charging clip on the Band 5 is the same as on previous models. The name on the case may differ, but they are all compatible.

Is the bracelet water resistant? Is it possible to swim with him?

The Honor Band 5 is water resistant up to 50 meters. You can take a shower and even swim with it, but after that it is worth rinsing the device to wash off salt and similar substances that can spoil the protection.

Connecting memory cards

Why: View your camera photos on the big screen.

With this use of the adapter, there will be both positive and negative points. Almost any memory cards are recognized, the files that will be stored on them will not need to be named in a specific way (if they are actually captured on the camera). Unfortunately, in addition to the USB to Lightning adapter, a special card reader is required.

Secret features of the Lightning to USB adapter

We reveal the undocumented capabilities of the USB port for iDevices. All here.

The USB. Lightning adapter has been on sale in Russia for a long time, but few know about it. At the end of last year, after the release of iOS 9.2, the description of this model was updated on the official website and the list of supported devices was expanded. Now you can use the accessory with almost any iPhone and iPad.

Other opportunities at Apple are silent. And in vain, because the adapter rules and can really make life easier.

Connecting a MIDI synthesizer

Why: to turn your smartphone or tablet into a musical instrument.

Several professional audio accessory manufacturers have already released mixing consoles, mic preamps, and instruments with Lightning connectivity. Most similar models with a USB port will be able to work with Apple technology via a USB to Lightning adapter.

To work, you will need special software. There are a lot of suitable apps in the App Store, even Apple itself offers such features in the GarageBand program.

I want it already, give me two!

Now that the usefulness of Apple’s accessory has grown significantly in the eyes of most users, it’s time to find out about the price of the brand new Apple Lightning to USB adapter. The accessory can be purchased for RUB 2,290.

I suggest in the comments to share other devices that you managed to “make friends” with the iPhone and iPad using a USB. Lightning adapter.

Connecting an external storage

Why: hard to imagine.

The situation with external drives is no better than with USB sticks. There are restrictions on the file format and their name, drives often require more power than flash drives. Models with external power supply can be recognized by an Apple smartphone or tablet, but no one will give a 100% guarantee.

Well, imagine a connection scheme in which an external drive is connected to the iPhone via USB. Lightning, and the drive itself receives energy from a network adapter or Power Bank. Just awful!

Connecting a USB microphone

Why: to turn your Apple mobile device into a portable recording studio.

The USB interface has become one of the standards for connecting microphones to modern technology. Most bloggers and hobby vocalists use USB devices to record their voices directly on their computers. Using the already familiar adapter, most microphone models can be connected to an iPhone or iPad.

Connecting the keyboard

Why: to write letters, messages, articles and even novels on your favorite device.

Strange, but a wireless connection with a bluetooth keyboard looks quite logical, and a wired “keyboard” looks unusual with an iPhone and iPad.

If for a number of reasons it is not possible to take a full-fledged laptop with you, and a wireless keyboard has not yet been purchased, the adapter will help “make friends” almost any wired input device with an Apple smartphone or tablet.

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