How to Connect Bluetooth to Tablet

Useful Bluetooth software

The following are the most popular Bluetooth configuration software.

How to connect Bluetooth to a Windows tablet

  • When you connect the adapter to your tablet, Windows should automatically recognize the device and prompt you to install the drivers. This applies to branded adapters. For Chinese-made Bluetooth adapters, it will be necessary to install the drivers manually or install a special program for Bluetooth. Most programs automatically recognize devices from almost all manufacturers.
  • In order to install the drivers on the tablet from the disk, you will need to do a few manipulations. The easiest way is to open access in the local network to the floppy drive on the computer. But you can do it in another way. Make a disk image, download it to your tablet and launch it in a virtual drive (Daemon Tools, for example). If you know exactly the model of your Bluetooth adapter, then you can download the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • In most cases, not one driver is installed, but several. for different services. It is recommended to reinstall the drivers so that all services and services are recognized by the device.

BT Reader

  • Platform: Android.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Compatibility: full with LG.

The application not only connects a Bluetooth headset, but also reads incoming SMS to you.

Turn on Bluetooth

Let’s take a look at how to enable Bluetooth on a tablet (under different operating systems). To begin with, we will assume that the module is already preinstalled on the tablet. How to connect an external Bluetooth adapter will be written below.

The situation is easiest with Android and iOS devices. So in iPAD, you just need to go to Settings, go to the “General” section and turn on Bluetooth or move the Corresponding slider.

On Android devices, the procedure is the same. You need to go to the Options, where you select the Corresponding item. In versions Android 4.0 and higher, Bluetooth can be turned on directly from the notification panel, clicked on the icon with the “Bluetooth” symbol.

Slightly heavier on Windows tablets. Actually, the Bluetooth icon should be on the taskbar, but if it is not there, it may be disabled or there are no corresponding drivers. In the first case, you need to go to the Device Manager through the Control Panel and turn on the device. If there are no drivers, then the device will be unrecognized. In this case, you need to download the Appropriate driver. If you do not know which adapter you have, then you will also have to download the Everest program or a similar program that specializes in device recognition.


  • Platform: Android
  • Cost: Free

With this program, you can access the Internet through other devices at the expense of the latter. You can also just connect to the second gadget to navigate its file system.


  • Platform: Android
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility: full with MSI and ZeeMote.

A program for connecting joysticks and other gamepads to the tablet.

My Bluetooth Places

  • Platform: Windows
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility: full with manufacturers Mobidick, Jabra and Smart and partial with Prolife.

The program is interesting in that for each device, you can select specific profiles and services. The interface is similar to a standard Windows window, making it easy for beginners.


Let’s consider the most common reasons for which Bluetooth does not work on a tablet:

  • Some external adapters have an on / off or “Connect” button. It is also possible that there is a dead battery or batteries.
  • The device may NOT be recognized immediately. Try to remove it and reinstall it.
  • But not all tablets provide adequate power to USB hubs.

IVT Bluesoleil

  • Platform: Windows
  • .
  • Compatibility: full with manufacturers Orient, Prolife, Billiontone and partial with Smart.

A very easy-to-use program. At startup, you just need to click on the kernel in the center so that the application finds all devices within range. The connection is made using a jointly entered PIN-code, which can be turned off. The program is completely Russified and presents more features in comparison with its counterparts. In addition to data transmission, you can distribute the Internet, synchronize, etc.

If you are familiar with tablets, here’s a simple algorithm:

  • Turn the headphones into pairing mode
  • Enter the Bluetooth settings menu on the tablet, with Bluetooth turned on
  • Find the name of the headphones in the search for new devices and click on them

Everything, gadgets are connected.

Still not working? Perhaps this article will help you defeat the malfunction of one of the gadgets.

How to connect wireless headphones to your tablet

You can connect any wireless headphones to your tablet in the same way as to a modern smartphone. The algorithm of actions does not change.

Steps to connect bluetooth headphones to tablet

The steps for connecting to a tablet running Android OS and OS iOS are exactly the same, only the appearance will differ. I only have an iPad in my hands, so I will take screenshots with it, but you can follow exactly the same steps, if you have an Android tablet, everything will be the same.

We have a separate article on connecting AirPods.

Step 1. Enable Headphone Pairing The headphones always have a power on / off button. In the vast majority of cases, this button also turns on the pairing mode, if you hold it for 7-10 seconds while the headphones are off.

Pairing is needed so that the tablet and headphones exchange security codes, which are necessary to decrypt the data exchanged between devices. Have you ever wondered how it turns out that if there are 10 tablets and 10 Bluetooth headphones nearby, which are connected in pairs, then their signals should not be mixed and everyone will hear what they should and will never hear what the person sitting next to him hears ? The fact is that all data that is transmitted via Bluetooth are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the device that has the same security key as the second gadget. Thus, the signal is available only to you and no one else.

Step 2. enter Bluetooth settings on your tablet Turn on Bluetooth. Now enter the settings menu for this communication type. You will see a list of devices in which the tablet already knows, and below there is a menu “available devices”, which displays third-party Bluetooth gadgets, which are ready to exchange security codes with you if you wish. It is in the list of available devices that you should see the name of your headphones.

Step 3. Completing pairing The name may NOT appear immediately, you need to wait a while, but usually it does NOT take longer than 15-20 seconds, as soon as it appears, click on it. After that, Pairing will be completed automatically, the tablet will remember the headphones and the next time you just need to turn them on, and not enter the pairing mode, and they will automatically connect. Of course, if the Bluetooth module in the tablet is active.

Sometimes additional requests may appear on the screen, for example, on the Android OS, the function of unlocking the device is available, if there is a Bluetooth device next to it, which has already been paired with. It is understood that if the tablet sees your headphones, then it means that you are somewhere nearby, which means that the screen can not be blocked. In some cases, this is indeed a very convenient feature, but be careful not to let your personal device into the hands of a stranger and crooks.

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth to Android

To get started, go to the phone in the “Settings” menu and select the “Bluetooth” tab in the “Wireless networks” item. Turn on Bluetooth. After that, a search will begin for all Bluetooth devices within its range. When the search process is complete, in the “Available Devices” item you need to find the name of your wireless headset. To pair the devices, click on this period, and then wait until the end of the process.

What if I’m asked to enter a PIN to complete pairing? This is usually the standard set of numbers “0000”, “1111” or “1234”. If this option is not suitable, you should carefully look in the instructions for the headset. After this final stage in the “Connected devices” item you can see the connected headphones.

The connection process is the same for all Android gadgets, regardless of their brand, be it Xiaomi, Huawei or another. It also doesn’t matter. connect to a smartphone or tablet.

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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows Phone

The simplest preparation of this device for the start of use occurs with smartphones with Windows system. The user needs to turn on Bluetooth and wait for the end of the search for wireless devices. At the end, select the term with the name of the desired headset and click the “Contact” button.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone?

Nowadays, the choice of headphones is huge. and more people prefer to use the wireless version of this device. It is very convenient, there is no need to get tangled in the wires. Bluetooth devices give freedom of movement and expand the range of their use. over, modern Bluetooth technology fully provides:

  • Fast data transfer rate. up to 6 Mb / s;
  • High range: indoors. up to 40 m and outdoors. up to 200 m;
  • Security due to encryption of the sent data;
  • High sound quality;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Interference protection.

This article will be useful to those who have just become the proud owner of Bluetooth headphones. We will explain in detail and teach you how to start using this useful device. Let’s consider how to connect headphones via bluetooth to gadgets running on different operating systems.

How to connect headphones via Bluetooth to iOS

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to iPhone devices is no different from how it happens with Android-based gadgets. You may also need to enter a pin code. After activating the Bluetooth search and completing it in the “Other devices” item, you can see the name of the desired headset. To make device pairing happen, click on the term with this name. You may also need to enter a PIN here. At the end of all THESE actions, the name of the headphones will appear in the “My devices” tab. Now you can use the headset.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones Airpods

Connecting Bluetooth headphones Apple Airpods to all Apple electronics, be it a tablet or smartphone, is as quick and easy as possible. On the screen of the gadget, go to the “Home” menu. The next step is to bring the headphones to the device at a distance of 5-10 cm. After that you can see on the screen that the setup program has started. Finally, click the “Connect” button and select “Finish”.

Smart technology from Apple will do everything for their owners. The happy owner of THESE gadgets will only have to enjoy how Airpods work.

Can I connect 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones at the same time?

Unfortunately, connecting two pairs of audio devices via Bluetooth at the same time will NOT work with either a smartphone or a tablet. Since via Bluetooth, sound is output in one stream only to one headset. There is no function of simultaneous transmission of audio signal to several directions simultaneously in the sound settings.

Theoretically, this is only possible if the sound source and the device receiving it support Multipoint technology. But almost always the audio source does not support this function. And the possible connection of 2 pairs at the same time is only applicable to the computer.

Wireless headphones working principle

The principle of operation of wireless headphones, if you do not go into technical details, is quite simple: there is a radio signal source. a telephone, there is a radio signal receiver. headphones.

First of all, we need to tell the phone (or any other sound source) that it needs to send a signal to these specific wireless headphones and not to any others. To do this, during the first connection of the headphones, we need to carry out the pairing procedure.
How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Android, iOS or Windows Phone

During the pairing procedure, the phone and headphones exchange unique identification numbers by which they will recognize each other. Thus, the next time you want to listen to music, you will just need to turn on the power of the headphones, and if the phone is within the Bluetooth range, the headphones will automatically connect to the phone within a few seconds and will be ready to work.

On subsequent connections, the pairing process does not need to go through, the headphones will connect to the sound source automatically within a few seconds.

As soon as the headphones are connected to the phone, you can listen to music using them in the same way as with wired headphones. You just need to launch the music application, select a song and click on the “Play” button, after which the sound should begin to be transmitted to the headphones. The sound from movies and games will be transmitted in the same way, no additional actions on your part will be required.

Remember: the bluetooth signal is low-power, so it does not work well if there are obstacles between the source and the signal receivers. For example, if there is a serious concrete wall between the headphones and the phone, this will significantly impair signal reception, or if there is a powerful source of radio emission in the signal path. You can make sure of this if you use wireless headphones on the day, turn on music playback from your phone and place your head next to a working microwave. Almost always, you will begin to notice the arising noise in the transmission of sound.

Types of wireless headphones

Before connecting a device, it is important to know which type is in front of you. We will NOT divide devices according to sound quality and technologies, we will divide devices according to the type of connection to a PC, for 2019 there are two main types:

  • Bluetooth headphones;
  • Dongle Headphones.

The former. Bluetooth headphones. account for more than 95% of all variants. In this case, the device itself has a built-in Bluetooth module, and if you also have it in your PC or laptop, then you do not need to buy anything extra and physically connect it.

Dongle-connected headphones. that is, with the help of a special information transmitter, are rare in 2019, but they are found, they are especially common among older models. On this page, we considered the option of connecting any modern headphones using Bluetooth technology.

Before proceeding with the instructions below, check which model you have and if it supports Bluetooth. This applies to both the headphones themselves and your PC. If everything is in order, then proceed to the next steps.

How to connect wireless headphones to your computer

The process is slightly different if you have Bluetooth (blue tooth) in your PC or if you don’t. Therefore, we will divide our instructions into two large parts. To make sure for sure, you need to go to the Device and Component Manager, and for this:

  • Press the Windows button and R at the same time.
  • A command execution window will open. To this window you need to enter the following line “devmgmt.Msc” and press “OK” or Enter.
  • This will open the device manager.

In this manager you need to find the Bluetooth tab.

If there is such a tab in this window, then you have Bluetooth in your PC or laptop, if there is a Mention (any), then you have this technology.

Connecting bluetooth headphones to laptop or computer with bluetooth

Connecting wireless headphones to a computer or laptop that already has Bluetooth is much easier than if it is.

Step 1. Make sure the device is working correctly. To do this, click on Bluetooth in the device list and open the device window. In this window, in the General section, note the status:

If the authentication device is working properly, proceed to the next step. If not, then it may need to be turned on. To do this, follow the instructions that Windows will give you on the screen.

Step 2. go to additional desktop tabs. This is done by simply clicking on the arrow in the bottom line on the desktop. Usually this arrow is next to the clock, see an example:

If you have Bluetooth, it will be here too. You need to call this icon, shown in the picture above, and in the menu that appears, select “Add Bluetooth device”.

Next, you need to turn on the headphones. To do this, press the power button on the device, as shown in your headphone manual. Wait for the device to turn on completely. As a rule, this will be reflected by light or even a sound signal.

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Next, in the window on the computer, your headphones should appear. By the way, this way you can not only connect wireless headphones to a Windows 10 computer or laptop, but also connect any other wireless devices.

As soon as the headphones appear, click on them.

In most cases, the system will ask you for a confirmation code.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone

The process of connecting mobile devices and wireless accessories is quite simple, since both devices have a built-in Bluetooth module.

  • Charges and turns on Bluetooth headphones.
  • Activate the wireless data transmission function on the mobile phone (turn on Bluetooth).
  • In the list of found devices, select the model of your wireless headphones and click “Connect”.
  • Sometimes a PIN may be required. As a rule, this is a four-digit numeric code. it can be found on the original box of the accessory (most often it is “0000”). Pairing complete, accessory ready to use.

If you do not remove the device from the list of connected devices, re-synchronization will NOT be required during further work, it will be done automatically.

We should also mention the connection of headphones to the detection mode. Depending on the model, the activation method for this option may vary. The user should study the instructions in advance on how to turn on and use Bluetooth headphones. On some models, you need to hold down the power button or answer the call (in the case of a headset) for a few seconds. As a result, the LED indicator on the case should change color or start blinking in a specific order. Other accessories have a multi-function wheel that can be switched to Matching mode. After the wireless device is ready to connect via bluetooth, you should look for it in the list of available devices on your phone.

Today, you can find hybrid models on sale, which have two connection methods: wired and Bluetooth. In this regard, many users have the question of how you can connect USB headphones through a wire to the phone, because mobile gadgets do not have such a connector. In this case, you can purchase an adapter from mini USB to normal.

What to do if the sound doesn’t come

It so happens that you have done everything as we described above, but the sound does not come. Silence in headphones is not a cause for panic. over, it often happens that the sound comes, but not from headphones, but from standard speakers, if we are talking about laptops. In this case, you need:

  • Go to the computer control panel;
  • Find the section “Sound playback”;
  • Go to the “Playback” tab;
  • In this tab select “Headphones” as a priority device;
  • Apply parameters and exit.

Reboot is NOT required, but if the operation did not help you, then we recommend rebooting the system, this should help.

Is there a difference in sound quality between wireless headphones and wired?

Yes, there is a difference and in most cases wired models will sound better, of course, if we compare comparable samples by form factor, driver and purpose.

Even the most recent version of Bluetooth 5.0 needs to compress audio when transmitted from source to destination, so the sound becomes slightly worse than the original.

The highest quality codec for data transmission today is LDAC, it was developed by Sony and is used only in devices from this manufacturer: phones and headphones. It can provide the highest quality playback.

Slightly worse is the aptX HD codec, owned by Qualcomm. It is capable of transmitting sound quality close to CD. It is a Bluetooth audio codec capable of transmitting 24 bit / 48 kHz audio with a “light” compression ratio of 4: 1 at 576 kbps. This is pretty good and many listeners will NOT be able to tell the difference between aptX HD and a real CD.

The first version of the aptX codec is also one step lower. This bluetooth audio codec is capable of transmitting 16 bit / 44 kHz audio with a 4: 1 compression ratio at 352 kbps. Also a good option if you listen mainly to mp3 music aptX will be absolutely sufficient for sound transmission without distortion.

If the box and the instructions of the wireless headphones do not indicate work with codecs: aptX, aptX HD or LDAC. then these headphones compress sound using standard codecs: AAC or SBC. In this case, the headphones will play sound at an average quality level, it is enough to listen to music on the go, but if you want to enjoy high-quality sound at home, you need to look for other headphones.

Remember: in order for the aptX, aptX HD and LDAC codecs to be active, it is necessary that both the headphones and the source officially support them, if at least one of the Plasma components is the codec you need. the sound will be transmitted using standard AAC or SBC codecs.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a tablet

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How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a tablet. What are Apple AirPods

Questions on how to set up wireless headphones on an iPhone are especially relevant for owners of the latest versions of such gadgets. In the 7th generation of the iPhone, the manufacturer decided to abandon the usual 3.5 mm audio jack, and offers proprietary AirPods headphones to owners of newfangled smartphones.

It should be noted that they connect in the same way as regular Bluetooth headphones.

Management is thought out to the smallest detail. Thanks to optical sensors and an accelerometer, the accessory recognizes the need for a ready mode. The headset turns on automatically and does NOT require additional configuration. The playback of audio information starts after the user puts them on, and stops when they are removed. To switch the volume, answer a call or get directions, the user needs to activate Siri by pressing the sensor.

In music mode, AirPods can run for up to 5 hours continuously. There is the possibility of quick recharging, thanks to a specially wireless case. With it, you can not charge the headphones for more than 24 hours.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones to an Android tablet.

The wireless headset can be used by connecting to a smartphone, laptop, or a second device. Consider in stages how to connect a Bluetooth gadget to an Android tablet:

  • Turn on the headset.
  • Pull down the notification curtain, then activate Bluetooth, click on a special icon.
  • Search for nearby devices will automatically start.
  • Select the required headphones from the list provided and click connect.
  • The first time you connect, your tablet may ask for a PIN. This information should be listed in the documentation for the headphones.
  • After detecting and successfully connecting the device, you need to configure the sound. To do this, in the settings, look for the “Sound during a call” parameter. He is responsible for the ability to hear the caller during a conversation.
  • If you click on the check mark next to the “Multimedia Sound” function, the headset can be used as simple headphones.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to an Android tablet

It is no coincidence that wireless (Bluetooth) headphones are at their peak of popularity. No wires, ease of use, functionality, design are the main advantages of a Bluetooth headset.

Possible connection problems, how to fix them

The most common problem is that the tablet cannot see the wireless headset. Solutions:

  • Check if the Bluetooth function is on;
  • Make sure the devices are compatible;
  • Check the distance between the devices, for a successful connection it should not be more than 50 cm;
  • Turn off other devices (smartphone, laptop) for a while, they may interfere;
  • Restart both devices. this method often helps to fix the situation.

Wireless headphones turn off from time to time. Solution to the problem:

  • Reduce the distance between the headphones and the tablet, you need to stay within the range of the gadget;
  • Remove all unnecessary connections with other devices. they can interfere with the stable operation of the “ears”;
  • Make sure there is sufficient charge.

When connecting, the device gives an error.

  • Most often, this happens when there is a heavy load on Bluetooth: you need to remove all unnecessary, previously connected devices.

Configuration of a mobile gadget and peripherals

In order for external devices to correctly interact with the tablet, you need to take care of the current drivers for the peripherals. This will help to correctly and quickly translate commands from one device to the second and back. The software can be installed both in automatic mode and with the help of the user. For example, after the correct installation of the drivers and the connection of the mouse to the mobile gadget, a familiar cursor will appear on the screen.

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Physical connectivity benefits

The main advantage of this type of synergy is the fact that you know exactly what you have connected. It should also be noted that the speed of interaction between both devices is limited exclusively by the speed of operation of the slowest device. In general, physically connected peripherals have the highest bandwidth, which is why experts advise Synchronizing flash drives and 3G modems via a cable in order to ensure maximum efficiency in data exchange between devices. Please keep this in mind before connecting the keyboard to your tablet.

Infrared and Bluetooth

This method is slightly inferior in popularity to the first, but, despite certain disadvantages, it continues to be in enviable demand. Before connecting the “Bluetooth” keyboard to the tablet, you must first establish a connection at the hardware level, if it was not performed in automatic mode.

To connect two devices via Bluetooth or infrared, you need to do the following:

  • Activate the infrared port or “Bluetooth” adapter on the peripheral device.
  • Enable wireless protocols on mobile gadget.
  • Synchronize with external device.

If your peripheral device is equipped with only infrared port, then before connecting the keyboard to the tablet, keep in mind that this technology is outdated for a long time and many modern mobile gadgets no longer support infrared protocols. As for the “Bluetooth” radio module, it continues to be improved and replenished with new samples and versions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Protocols

Connecting external devices via Bluetooth wireless protocols and infrared ports has a number of indisputable advantages, which are only for physical synchronization of devices.

The main advantages of connecting peripherals via a radio module and an infrared port:

  • The independence and mobility of both devices. Both peripherals and tablet / smartphone;
  • Convenience and compactness;
  • Simplicity of synchronization;
  • The ability to connect several peripheral devices (if the capabilities of the adapter and the operating system of the mobile gadget allow).

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them, although some of them may become critical for a certain circle of users. Communication, although considered wireless, has its own “leash”, which is limited by the capabilities of the tablet or device peripherals. You can also note a small, but still a delay in the response of the keyboard or mouse, which is unacceptable for most gamers. Consider this before dealing with a practical solution to the issue: “How to connect a keyboard to a tablet?”.

Nevertheless, this method of connecting peripherals is considered a compact and versatile solution with maximum capabilities.

How do I connect a keyboard to my tablet? Step-by-step instruction

Today, all kinds of mobile gadgets are wildly popular, both among young people and in the older generation. From year to year they improve, become technologically savvy, more functional and more productive. Due to the popularity and widespread use of such devices, interest in the periphery of equipment that can work with them has grown at the same time. We are talking about a mouse-type manipulator, keyboard and joysticks.

connect, bluetooth, tablet

Let’s try to figure out if it is possible to connect a keyboard to a tablet, how to do it and what we need for this. And at the same time, we will find out what kind of arsenal of knowledge you need to arm yourself in this, albeit easy, but at the same time confusing enterprise.

Connection via Wi-Fi adapter

Before connecting the keyboard to the tablet via Wi-Fi protocols, a number of conditions must be met. Otherwise, successful synchronization is unlikely or will not be possible at all.

  • The connected external device must be equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi module (preferably the same standard as in a mobile gadget).
  • The keyboard or mouse must work without the involvement of any additional network adapter (such as a router), otherwise the mobile device must take over this function.
  • At the software level, the “masks” and the IP address must match, which will allow the devices to be combined into one network.
  • Both devices Must be able to independently and correctly process and send data both in one direction and in the other direction.

Due to the specific and rather complicated synchronization procedure, it is very difficult to find a mobile gadget with the ability to connect peripherals via Wi-Fi protocols, and therefore printers or MFPs are more often used by this method, that is, devices for which the speed of the reverse sign is not so important. unlike the same mouse or keyboard.

Connection methods

In total, there are three main ways to connect peripheral devices, which are available to the average owner of mobile gadgets. All of them allow you to correctly interact with accessories to enter this or that information.

  • Wi-Fi wireless protocol.
  • Infrared or Bluetooth connection.
  • Connect a mouse, keyboard to the tablet via a cable.

Each of the above methods has a number of both advantages and disadvantages, so which type of connection to choose depends entirely on you and the capabilities of your device.

Connection via cable or adapter

Most often, a tablet (you can connect a keyboard, mouse or joystick) is connected to the peripherals using a special cable or USB port, if one is provided in the gadget. For the correct operation of both devices connected via a cable, the following requirements must be met.

  • The device must support a pluggable manipulator, and vice versa;
  • The mobile device must support OTG and USB-host technologies to interact with third-party keypads at the hardware level;
  • On a mobile device, current drivers must be installed for correct interaction with peripherals at the software level.

Be sure to take into account the above nuances before connecting a keyboard and mouse to the tablet.


To physically connect any peripheral keyboards via a USB port, it is better to use the popular and well-proven ruKeyboard utility. This software is able to work with almost any type of keyboards, and then is in enviable demand throughout the Russian Federation.

To configure the utility correctly, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Install the downloaded software (it is better to use the official developer resources).
  • Go to the settings of your mobile gadget.
  • Select the menu item “Language and settings.”.
  • Place the radio beacon opposite the “ruKeyboard” position.
  • Then, in the settings of the utility itself, select the item “Hardware keyboard”.
  • In the “Layout selection” menu branch, find the “External keyboard” item and make it active.
  • Open any text editor or browser, and in the settings specify the input method “ruKeyboard”.
  • Connect the keyboard to your mobile device.
  • Test all symbols.

After performing THESE actions, both devices should work correctly. If something went wrong, it is better to start from the very beginning of the list and do all the steps again, nothing is missing.