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How to connect Apple Watch to a new phone

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How to unpair Apple Watch if your phone is lost?

In the absence of an iPhone and the ability to unpair, you can erase content and settings on your Apple Watch as follows:

  • On your Apple Watch, go to Settings General Reset Erase Content & Settings.
  • For GPS Cellular models, you can save or delete your cellular data plan.

How to connect Apple Watch to another phone?

On iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, go to the My Watch tab, and select the watch at the top of the screen. Click the i icon next to the watch you want to unpair, then select Unpair Apple Watch. Press again to confirm the action.

Can I use Apple Watch without my phone?

If the watch is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network

When iPhone is turned off or out of range, Apple Watch can receive or receive data over Wi-Fi. If your watch is cellular, you can connect it to a cellular network.

Can I use Apple Watch with Android?

Officially, Apple smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone. … Apple Watch cannot be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive call and notification notifications, as with other smartwatches.

Is it possible to pay Apple Watch without an iPhone?

With Apple Pay, you can pay for purchases right from your watch. You don’t need an iPhone or internet to do this: just double-click the Home button and bring your Apple Watch to the terminal. Learn more about how to use Apple Pay here.

How to untie Apple Watch without phone?

To decouple the Apple Watch from the iPhone without the smartphone itself, you need to do the following:

  • Go to and log in with your Apple ID.
  • In the Settings section, find the clock and click on it.
  • In the menu that opens, click the cross next to the clock and confirm the removal of the device.

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Have a brand new Apple Watch? Congratulations! Sit back and put everything aside. You will have to: pair with your iPhone, update watchOS, customize the Apple Watch for yourself, and, of course, install some cool apps. I’ll tell you about all this now.

How to update Apple Watch

First, you should check if there are fresh firmware for the Apple Watch and update to the latest one. For this:

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab
  • Select “Basic”
  • Click “Software Update”

If there is an update for the watch, then the iPhone will inform you about it. To install it, just follow the instructions on the screen and the iPhone will do everything by itself. But remember that the watch and phone must be charged at least 50% to install.

The clock turned on. What’s next?

Next, you need to customize the Apple Watch for yourself. And I will tell you how to do this using my personal example. In fact, my changes affect almost all settings, so by setting up the watch according to my instructions, you will immediately get acquainted with all the settings of the Apple Watch.

We will do all the watch settings through the Watch app for iPhone. Something can be configured directly through the clock, but working with a small screen is not as convenient as with phones. So reopen the Watch app and start.

How to set up notifications on Apple Watch

When the required programs are installed, I move on to setting up notifications. By default, they are completely duplicated from your iPhone. But I prefer to keep only the really important ones. Not only is it less distracting but also saves your watch battery.

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab
  • Select “Notifications”

Scroll to the bottom and turn off those notifications that you don’t want to see on Apple Watch. I’ve got a couple of dozen of them.

How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

You need a charged Apple Watch, a phone with Bluetooth running, and the Watch app. Pairing devices is very intuitive: the watch and the phone tell you what to do and where to press. To connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Charge Apple Watch at least 60%. Synchronizing with iPhone, setting quickly “eat up” the battery. And possible watchOS updates require the watch to be charged at least 50%. This is a very important point that will save you a lot of nerves. It takes approximately 55-60 minutes to charge Apple Watch from 0% to 60%;
  • Turn on Apple Watch by holding the side button for a long time (if they do not turn on, then, most likely, they are very discharged and you need to charge Apple Watch again). The watch will immediately ask you to select the interface language and go into pairing mode with iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and click on the “Pair with Apple Watch” button and point the iPhone camera’s video finder over the “galaxy” on the watch screen. The process is similar to scanning a regular QR code. Everyone, your watch is familiar with the iPhone. But this is where the fun just begins.

Follow the prompts on your iPhone to complete the pairing process. You will be asked to perform a series of actions that many are already familiar with when activating an iPhone or iPad.

Customization and hand selection. If this is your first watch, then click Set As New Apple Watch. If you have configured it before, you can click Restore from Backup and follow the instructions on the screen. Then press “Left” or “Right” on iPhone to select a hand.

  • Enter your Apple ID password to use features such as Digital Touch and Handoff. If Find My iPhone isn’t turned on on your iPhone, you’ll also be prompted to turn it on.
  • Check your settings. IPhone settings from the Diagnostics & Usage, Location Services, and Siri screens will be transferred to Apple Watch, and vice versa. Therefore, if the settings of these services are changed on one device, they will be updated on the second.
  • Create a password. If you click Create Passcode or Add Long Passcode on iPhone, you can create a personal passcode using your Apple Watch. Then you need to decide if the iPhone will automatically unlock the watch.
  • Synchronize programs. Click Install All to sync iPhone apps that are compatible with Apple Watch. Click Later to sync only basic information such as Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

The duration of this process depends on the amount of data being synchronized. Keep the devices close to each other until you hear a beep and feel the slight pulsation of the Apple Watch.

How to install apps on Apple Watch

If you missed the automatic installation of all programs compatible with Apple Watch during the watch settings, you will have to install them manually.

All compatible programs are available in the “My Watch” tab and are conditionally divided into two categories: software from Apple and everything else. To install the app on Apple Watch:

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Choose any application from the list (below);
  • Click Show on Apple Watch.

That’s all. After a couple of seconds, the program will be installed on Apple Watch and will appear in the list of applications.

In some applications you will see additional options like “Show in Preview” and so on. We will return to these parameters a little later.

How to change the Apple Watch face

Unlike all the previous paragraphs, the setting of the Apple Watch dial takes place on the watch itself. To change the watch face on your Apple Watch, press down on the screen with a little pressure until you feel a vibration (press Forth Touch, like in iPhone 6s). A menu with a selection of possible dials will open in front of you. Choose the one you like and click “Configure”.

Left-right swipes will move you between the dial settings, and you can adjust them by turning the Digital Crown.

most watch faces have room to display extensions from third-party apps. These settings are found on the last screen and can also be changed with the Digital Crown. Press the Digital Crown and then tap the dial to save your changes.

How to connect Apple Watch to iphone

To use all the features of a smartwatch, you need to know how to pair with an Apple Watch. Before that, you need to prepare the device, and then follow a few simple steps.


If notifications are not received on the wrist device, then this is due to the lack of synchronization between the equipment. In this case, a red icon in the form of a crossed-out phone will be displayed on the screen. Also, verification is performed through the settings.

Preparing Apple Watch and iPhone for syncing

Breaking and re-creating a bond

  • On the Watch, select the “Settings” item, find the “Reset” section and tap on the inscription “Erase content and settings”.
  • Open the Apple Watch program on the phone, break the pair.
  • Create a new pair.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

What iPhone Apple Watch works with

To regulate and enforce Apple Watch, you need to update your mobile device to a newer version of the operating system. Examples of device compatibility:

  • Watch model 3 (GPS and cellular) iPhone 6 or higher.
  • 3 watch model (only GPS is present) “iPhone” 5s or higher version.
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If, after comparing the bundles, it turns out that your technique is suitable, then you need to do the following steps on your phone:

  • Go to the “Settings” program.
  • We are looking for the item “Bluetooth”.
  • Change the position of the slider to active.
  • We check that the mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

When you purchased a new iPhone and want to transfer your watch data through your old device, you should:

  • Find out Apple ID, equipment must be charged over 50%.
  • Refresh your old phone. In the “Settings” application, go to the “General” item, click on “Software update”. We are waiting for the gadget to detect them and download.
  • Launch the “Health” and “Activity” programs in iCloud.
  • Make a backup. You can find out detailed instructions and all possible methods on the manufacturer’s public website.
  • When setting up a new phone, when the question about synchronizing settings pops up, select the appropriate item. Then select the latest version.
  • Link watch to phone.

Contacting Apple Support

If these methods do not help, you need to contact the technical support of the company for advice.

You can do this at home by going to the official website.

What to do if you need to disconnect iWatch from iPhone or iPad

Before connecting Apple Watch to another iPhone XR, XS, etc., or vice versa synchronizing iPhone with other watches, you need to break the pair between 2 gadgets.

How to do it right:

Nuance: when restoring from a backup, all the settings and parameters of the watch phone are saved in iCloud, so at any time you can recreate the old pair of 2 gadgets.

Things to know before connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

To begin with, the user must make sure that the latest version of the OS is installed on the iPhone (this one, for example, XS 64GB Space Gray), if not, update to the “fresh” iOS.

Tip: you can find out the firmware version like this: Settings → General → About this device → Version.

Honor also says that smartwatches do not sync with all iPhones:

  • watch phones starting from series 3 (GPS Cellular) are compatible with iPhone 6 and later;
  • Apple Watch 3 series with GPS and 1,2 series models can pair with iPhones starting from 5S.

There is no need to talk about preparations for synchronizing Apple Watch and iPhone for a long time. the whole process involves 2 steps: activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the phone. You don’t need to download and install any applications.

Step-by-step instructions on how to link Apple Watch to iPhone

For the first time, Apple Watch and iPhone are merging in this way:

Turn on Apple Watch (press and hold the button on the side, under the Digital Crown).

Bring the watch to the iPhone, for example, this XR 128GB Product Red.

The screen will display a menu from which you need to select a region, language.

How to sync iPhone with Apple Watch? Wait for the viewfinder to appear and point the photo module at the chronometer dial.

Nuance: you can bind devices manually, for this a 6-digit code is dialed (it will be displayed on the watch phone screen if you click on the corresponding inscription on the phone display) on the iPhone.

Wait for the message that the connection was successful.

The system will offer 2 options for the development of events: configure the watch phone as a new one or restore a copy from a backup. The first option is suitable for those who have just purchased a brand new device, as an option, Series 4 Gold Aluminum. The second. if the user has previously used another watch phone in conjunction with this iPhone. In this case, the system will automatically load the used parameters. To further configure Apple Watch, you need to select one thing.

How to proceed to connect Apple Watch to a new iPhone, say, X Silver? The user will have to choose on which hand he will wear the chronometer (right-handed / left-handed). After that, the system will ask you to agree to the terms of the license agreement in order to continue working with Apple Watch. And to log in to the Apple system, you will need to enter your ID. Was the authorization successful? It’s time to find out how to set up Apple Watch further. A separate section is devoted to this just below in the article.

How to find your device

If smart watches, for example, MNNL2FS / A are lost or stolen by intruders, you can use 2 methods to find them.

How to connect Apple Watch to WI-FI

Next, in order, what to do:

  • go to the settings of Apple Watch Series 4 or other;
  • click on Wi-Fi;
  • wait until the device finds available networks;
  • select a network (available in watchOS from version 5);
  • enter a password if necessary;
  • click on “Connect”.

It is important to know: 1. Chasophone is only able to connect to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz; 2. You can select a Wi-Fi network to which the iPhone was previously connected, synchronized with this chronometer.

How to connect watch to computer

Using Apple Watch in conjunction with a PC, as with an iPhone or iPad, will not work. But Apple developers have provided the ability to unlock the Mac using a watch phone. Why does the user need it? Auto unlock allows you to access your PC without entering passwords. Unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist. everything you need to get started with your Mac.

  • on Mac, activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID for Mac and Apple Watch;
  • set a password on the watch;
  • in laptop settings allow Apple Watch to unlock PC.

A nuance: this works on watchOS from version 3, and on Macs with Sierra OS and later.

Through the “Find iPhone” application

The user has to do:

  • Download from the Apple Store and install the utility on the smart.
  • Open the program.
  • Log in with Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Apple Watch.
  • Track the location of the clock on the map.

For a quick search, it is possible to activate an audible signal on the chronometer. But the sound can only be heard if the wrist device is nearby.

Nuance: Whichever method the user chooses, the watch will be reflected on the map only if it is connected to Wi-Fi, a cellular network or a paired iPhone.

How to connect and set up Apple Watch correctly. pairing with 3 types of devices

“Apple” watch is a miniature computer on the hand. But to start using this wonderful device, you need to pair it with a suitable gadget. How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, iPad or PC? How to set up your device correctly? Is it possible to break the pair and connect Apple Watch to another gadget? All about the nuances of synchronization and settings for a wrist accessory from Apple can be found in this article.

How to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device?

Today, wearable electronics tend to shrink in size, while naturally losing power, but winning in mobility and convenience.

Once an electronic watch with time backlight and an electronic dial seemed like a breakthrough, but today a smartphone on the wrist is no longer perceived as something supernatural.

Actually, the consumer dictates the conditions, and the developers follow the lead, so the world is presented with many different models of smart watches from the most famous companies. Wearable electronics from Apple and Google are developed exclusively for consumers using smartphones of these companies, but the question “Can Apple Watch be connected to Android?” until today no one gave a clear answer.

We can safely say that it became possible to make friends with an Android Wear watch with an iWatch device thanks to third-party developers.

Instructions on how to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device

For the initial personalization, Apple Watch owners still need to get an Android smartphone for a while, from which it is necessary to:

  • install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app from Google Play on your smartwatch;
  • while the application is being installed, it’s time to install BLE Utility on iOS.

After installing all the apps, Apple Watch setup begins and syncs with Android. Further connection point by point:

Install the Aerlink app on your smartwatch

  • Aerlink must be launched, iOS Service must be activated, and the notification disabled message must be ignored.
  • In the installed BLE Utility program, you will need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
  • Open the Aerlink alert on your watch, if it is lost, you must repeat the first paragraph.
  • If successful, the watch will notify you with the appropriate message, otherwise you should repeat the procedure again.

BLE Utility

We connect the device?

The Android Wear platform has a large number of iWatch competitors’ smartwatches, but they all differ in one way or another, and a pairing guarantee can be given to such models as:

But in any case, the loss of some functions of the watch, for example, “Through time”, is simply inevitable. But this does not prevent us from talking about whether the Apple Watch works with Android, and what stages must be passed to connect them.


The functionality is somewhat limited after such pairing, but the watch will retain its basic functions, such as:

  • call alerts;
  • SMS;
  • all current incoming calls that cannot be answered yet;
  • the charge of the smartphone itself.

In any case, the question of how to connect Apple Watch to Android has been successfully resolved, and this will be the right signal for developers.

Synchronizing iWatch smartwatch with Android device

How to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device?

The Apple Watch smartwatch is deservedly considered the best in its segment. They outperform the competition with their distinctive design, functionality, reliability and build quality. For their operation, the user needs an Iphone smartphone, which raises questions from users using Android phones: how to connect Apple Watch to Android OS and is it possible to fully preserve their functionality?

Is Apple Watch compatible with Android?

Initially, the watch works together with an Apple smartphone and is incompatible with Android technology for a number of reasons:

  • The internal policy of the developer company is closed in relation to competitors. The corporation values ​​its developments and reputation.
  • The underlying programs on the device are designed specifically for iOS and cannot function on third-party platforms without laborious optimization.
  • Apple products have their own interface design, which cannot be adapted in its original form. It will lose its specifics.
  • The availability of the Apple Watch connection with Android phones may lead to a decline in sales of smartphones from Apple, because their Android-based counterparts are more affordable and not inferior in performance.

Despite the manufacturer’s position, third-party developers have provided a way to connect devices on two different platforms. It does not guarantee the full operation of all functions of the watch, but it makes it possible to use the basic ones. Alerts about ongoing and missed incoming calls, viewing SMS messages, the level of your smartphone’s charge and all the functions of the watch that does not require a connection to the phone will work. The operation of other functions depends on the watch model and the specifics of your smartphone.

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Instructions for connecting Apple Watch to Android

To properly connect your smartwatch, you need:

  • Using the Google Play service, install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS program on your smartphone. The app is required to access various iOS devices. It allows you to keep track of calls, SMS messages and battery level. It also allows you to play audio and video files from the smartphone gallery and iTunes service. This is a free application that will not take up much space on your phone and will not harm the accessory in any way.
  • Install the free BLE Utility application on the Apple Watch through the App Store service. It is an assistant for simulating a device from Apple and allows you to connect to it via a Bluetooth connection.
  • Launch the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app and activate the iOS Service in it. Ignore disabling alerts as in the future you will need them.
  • Go to the BLE Utility application and open the Peripheral tab.
  • Go back to Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS. A notification about the discovery of a new device should immediately appear in it. If this does not happen, then you need to restart the program or repeat the connection procedure again. After the notification appears, it will be enough to click on it, after which the Apple Watch will notify you of the completed connection to your smartphone.

The connection is now complete and you can use the device without connecting to iPhone. However, it should be remembered: while all the working functions of the accessory can be called basic. In this form, Apple Watch has no advantage over competing models. Third-party developers continue to work on expanding their Android-based capabilities, so perhaps the watch will soon be able to unleash its full potential on a third-party OC. But today you should consider an Apple smartphone (new or used) or an Android watch.

First launch, pairing and setup

Before launching, smart watches need to be checked and configured. The manufacturer explained how to set up Apple Watch and prepared step-by-step instructions for this. The watch works with iPhone 6 and all subsequent modifications equipped with the latest version of iOS.

Like any other device, your smartwatch needs a charge. The device is plugged into a power outlet using an Apple charging cable or a magnetic docking station that attaches to a USB power adapter. It takes a while to fully charge.

The next step is to connect to the phone.

  • To solve the problem of how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you first need to turn on the smart device. To do this, there is a button on the side panel. Press the button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After switching on, you need to select the language.
  • The next step is to ask the watch to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. It is installed by the manufacturer in advance, during the software update.
  • The fact that the program is running is signaled by the appearance of different patterns on the screen of the gadget, and a camera is launched on the phone.
  • The iWatch device works on either side. you need to choose which hand it will be worn on. To continue, accept the terms of service and register your watch with your Apple ID.
  • In this case, a series of installation notifications from the iPhone will be displayed on the screen of the device.

If the camera does not turn on, you need to pair or sync Apple Watch with iPhone and try to pair. To do this, the watch and the iPhone are placed side by side and enter a six-digit pairing code for the devices. iWatch finds iPhone via Bluetooth within a radius of 10 m. The device will be able to contact the phone from a farther distance after connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth connection reduces battery consumption by 50%.

Try to connect Apple Watch to iPhone again

In case of unsuccessful contact, they try to connect the iWatch to the iPhone again. Step-by-step instructions for this process:

  • iWatch and iPhone are positioned next to each other.
  • On iPhone, turn off airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To do this, swipe upwards across the phone screen. to open the “Control Center” section.
  • Both devices restart.

Sometimes these manipulations do not lead to a positive result. In this case, you need to break the pair between the gadgets and create it again.

How to properly connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Smart watch is a multifunctional gadget from Apple. To take advantage of the device’s capabilities, you need to know how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone.

Check Apple Watch connection

You can check if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone in 2 ways. On the watch, the check is performed through the “Control Center” section. The “Watch” application is used for this purpose on the phone.

In the first option, they make a gesture upward to open the “Control Panel” section. A red icon in the form of a crossed-out phone or a red cross appears in the upper left corner. This indicates a lack of communication between electronic devices.

Turning on the Watch app shows that there is contact with the iPhone. If there is no connection during the next check, then turn on and off the “Airplane mode” button. The connection should be restored.

What if you can’t pair

If synchronization has not occurred, try to break the pair and create again. To do this, press the start of the program “Pair Apple Watch Maually”. Instructions on how to do this will appear on the screen.

Break a pair and create it from the beginning

In the absence of contact between the devices, the pair is broken and re-created.

  • On the watch, they select the “Settings” section, go to “Basic”, press “Reset”, select the “Erase content and settings” button.
  • The Watch program is launched on the phone. Select the section “My watch”. A clock icon appears at the top left of the screen. Next to it is the “i” button, which you need to press.
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Unpair Apple Watch” box. Click on it again to confirm the action.
  • Pair iWatch and iPhone.
  • At the end of the procedure, the gadgets restart.

Smart watch how to turn on WI-FI

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “Smart watch how to turn on WI-FI?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

After purchasing or updating to factory settings of an Apple Watch smartwatch, the question arises of how to connect Apple Watch to WI-FI and how to set up a connection and connection with Wi-Fi to which the iPhone is connected.

To use the communication functions of the gadget, you will need to check the appropriate settings both on the watch itself and on the iPhone with which it works. These actions will not take much time, they are quite simple, many of them can be performed without even looking at the instructions. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, on the paired iPhone, check if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on, if they are turned off, turn it on by clicking on the corresponding icons in the lower system menu (it is called up by swiping up the screen).
  • After that, check if the devices are connected to each other, to do this, on the watch screen, swipe the display picture from the bottom up, the “Control Center” will appear, and if iWatch are connected to the phone, then a green icon from the iPhone will light up in the upper right corner. If the watch is not paired, connect it via the “System Preferences” menu on the iPhone (by clicking the watch name in the Bluetooth item).
  • After the icon from the iPhone lights up in the upper left corner of the Apple Watch, the gadget automatically connects to the wireless network used by the phone. Now, if you wish, you can turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone, and then the Apple Watch will only be connected to Wi-Fi, since the connection with the phone via Bluetooth will be disconnected. To do this, you can also move away from the phone at a distance greater than the Bluetooth range (about 10 m).

iWatch 3 can be connected to Wi-Fi, both to a previously configured (connected with a minimum amount of additional steps), and to a previously unknown network. The operating system of the Apple Watch smart watch will only communicate with Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n operating at 2.4 GHz, it will not connect to 5 GHz networks. Also, the device will not connect to public Wi-Fi if it requires a password.

There are 2 options to check if there is an established iWatch connection to Apple iPhone. The first option uses the “Control Center” menu on the watch, the second. the “Watch” application on the smartphone.

  • For the watch method, swipe down on the screen and open Control Center. If there is no connection between the devices, an image with a red cross or a red crossed out iPhone will appear on the display in the upper left corner.
  • To check the connection through the “Watch” application on the phone, open this program, and you will see in the “Watch” tab information about whether the device is connected or not. If the device is not connected, but it was connected before, then just turn on and then turn off the “Flight Mode” on the phone, after that Apple Watch will be able to connect via Wi-Fi, as they were connected before.

If the green icon on the Apple Watch screen is lit and the devices are connected, then all communication services and applications of both the phone (sending notifications and reminders) and the watch (for example, biometric data) will work automatically.

Apple Watch Series 3 (cellular and GPS) can be disconnected from Wi-Fi. To do this, go to the “Control Center”, the Wi-Fi settings will appear on the display, click on the network icon, it will turn gray from light, this means that the gadget is no longer connected to any network.

After that, the gadget will not automatically connect to Wi-Fi until 5 am. To reconnect to Wi-Fi without waiting for this time, you need to do any of the following:

  • click on the Wi-Fi icon in the “Control Center” system menu;
  • change the geolocation (leave the range of the Wi-Fi from which you disconnected earlier, in another area the device will start looking for an available connection itself);
  • turn off and then turn on the device again.

After that, Wi-Fi will turn on again and will work in automatic mode.

With Apple Watch Series 3 (which supports cellular and GPS), you can send messages, make calls, and use apps even without a smartphone and disconnected from Wi-Fi. To do this, your tariff plan must be suitable for using a bundle of iPhone plus Apple Watch, iPhone model is needed from 6 and above.

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To test the operation without a telephone, first evaluate the signal strength on the watch. Open the system menu “Control Center”, a green icon will appear in the upper left corner, showing the connection to the cellular network, and power will be shown above it with dots. The more dots, the stronger the signal.

You can also use this icon to turn cellular mode on and off for Apple Watch. If the watch is connected to a cellular network, the icon will be green, if not, it will be white. Now that you have determined the presence of a cellular signal, disconnect from WI-FI networks, and your gadget will only use the cellular network for operation.

Smart watches from the Cupertin Factory are a kind of small computer that is always easy to take with you. This modern apparatus already knows a lot, and its resources are constantly expanding. With it, you can track the progress of your workouts, monitor your heart rate and health in general, analyze your sleep and wakefulness patterns, listen to and control music, and do a dozen other useful things. And this is not the kind of thing that you forget when you leave the house. So, how Apple Watch connects to WI-FI.

So, the cherished device is already in your. that is, on your hand. It’s just a small matter. to connect it to your iPhone wirelessly.

The presence of the third generation watch allows you to use them autonomously, that is, without a smartphone. True, for the first activation, you still cannot do without a phone.

Apple Watch Wi-Fi connects only if the iPhone it is paired with via Bluetooth has previously interacted with that Wi-Fi. That is, if you want to connect the bracelet to a new wireless network, you first need to do this on your Partner device. It should be remembered that the watch only works with a 2.4 GHz network (802.11b / g / n), the connection will not function at 5 GHz. Also, the gadget will not connect to public networks, to connect to which you need a password or authorization. Therefore, only connect to known and secure networks.

There are several ways to determine the relationship between the watch and the phone. This can be done through the “Control Center” on your watch or through the “Watch” application on your phone.

To check on your watch, swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center. The appearance of a red cross or a crossed-out phone in the upper corner means that there is no connection between gadgets.

Through the Watch app on your iPhone, you can immediately see if there is a contact or the Apple Watch is not connected. If there is no connection, although it was previously established and functional, turn on and off the “Airplane mode”. After such manipulations, the watch will reconnect.

The first time you turn it on and sync, Apple Watch 3 retains all settings from the phone it is paired with. That is, even if Wi-Fi, Siri, GPS are enabled on the smartphone, they will also be active on the watch, including the input data for wireless networks and other information.

However, in order to use all the communication functions of the device, it is necessary to check the configuration of both the iWatch itself and the iPhone with which further synchronization will take place. The setup manipulations are so intuitive that you yourself will then give a master class on how to set up an Apple Watch without instructions. So:

    First, check if Bluetooth and Fi-wi are turned on on the iPhone you want to sync with. If they are in the off mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click on the required items.

  • Further, the smart watch will find the iPhone by itself, which will be evidenced by the green element of the phone in the upper left corner of the “Control Center” (gesture from the bottom up). If there is no icon, the watch has probably lost a pair and needs to be reconnected through the iPhone settings. To do this, you need to put both devices side by side and wait for the phrase to set the clock to appear on the phone. Then press “continue” and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • When a green notification appears, both devices are paired. By default, iWatch connects to iPhone via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 10 meters. And if the phone cannot be found within the specified range, Apple Watch connects to Wi-Fi. By the way, when connected via Bluetooth, the battery is consumed 50% more economically.
  • It was mentioned above that the third series watch has a built-in GSM module. Therefore, you can either disconnect them from the Wi-Fi network, and keep the connection connected. To disconnect the wireless network connection, go to Control Center (swipe up on the watch display) and click on the Wi-Fi network icon. It will turn from white to dark, which means that the device is disconnected from all networks with which a connection has been established.

    After that, iWatch actions will not try to connect automatically until 5 a.m. to the Wi-Fi network from which they were forcibly disconnected. If you want to connect Apple Watch to a wireless network before the set time expires, then:

    • swipe up, opening the “Control Center” with this gesture, and click there the corresponding Wi-Fi network icon;
    • change geolocation. the watch will see the new network and try to connect to it;
    • reboot watch.

    3rd generation iWatch can receive messages and make calls without pairing with a smartphone and with Wi-Fi turned off. However, when this function will become active in our country is still unknown. We use and enjoy what we have.
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    The only task that the wi-fi module installed in the watch solves is the ability to more accurately position the location of the child when he is indoors. Indeed, often in houses with reinforced concrete floors, mobile communication may even disappear or its quality will be low.

    Such a situation cannot be allowed, because the child should always be under protection and parents should always be able to see where their child is at any time.

    Children’s GPS watches cannot and should not be connected to a wi-fi network, they cannot be connected to a laptop or computer via wi-fi. The watch can only “see” the coordinates of the access point of the wi-fi network.

    Each access point has its own geo-coordinates and, depending on the geolocation mode set in the SeTracker application (every minute, every 10 minutes, every 60 minutes), the coordinates of the access point and, therefore, the coordinates of the child who is wearing the watch, are sent to SeTracker app and they can be seen on the map. In this case, the network can be both open and password-protected. The main thing is that the Wi-Fi network is in the room where the child is.

    In the SeTracker application, such coordinates of the child’s location are shown in green (beacon).

    All functions of the watch are available only if there is a mobile Internet, through which data is transmitted to the server and the SeTracker application.

    Sometimes there are times when, after buying a watch and installing a SIM card in it, the watch continues to show the location of its last access to the network (via a wi-fi access point). This situation is possible for two reasons:

    The way out of this situation is simple.: you need to either go out into an open space so that the watch can “self-determine” using GPS, or repeatedly press the “Find” button in the “Where is the child” tab in the SeTracker application.

    In order for the Smart Baby Watch to “see” the wi-fi network, you do not need to do anything. If the watch has a Wi-Fi module, then it will detect the network automatically.

    Unfortunately, the wi-fi module may not be present in fakes or cheap versions of watches bought on Aliexpress or from unscrupulous sellers. Due to this, the cost of the watch becomes less, but the accuracy of determining the place where the child is, also decreases. Externally, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the presence or absence of a wi-fi module in a children’s watch!

    Setup Apple Watch on Your New iPhone!

    For example, when a child is at school, where the mobile signal is worse, and the watch does not have a wi-fi module, the SeTracker application can show the last place where the child was. And, given the geolocation mode with a survey of 10 minutes, and this is about 400-500 meters from the real whereabouts of the child.

    OUTPUT! Buy only original baby GPS Smart Baby Watch

    A must-read for loving, caring parents!

    Perhaps you have your own opinions on the topic “Smart watch how to turn on WI-FI”? Write about it in the comments.

    Problems and solutions

    Sometimes it can be difficult to pair your Apple Watch and phone. You should not immediately fall into despair, as there is a suitable solution for many problems.

    Watch not pairing with iPhone or iPad

    Pairing can be unsuccessful for several reasons. It may be that Bluetooth is simply disabled on the iPhone or iPad. Also, synchronization will not be installed if the device does not have an up-to-date OS version.

    Activation lock is lit on the watch screen

    There can be only one reason for blocking activation. The gadget remained tied to Apple ID from another iPhone. If you bought the device hand-held, you will have to contact the former owner to find out all the necessary data.

    Password required on watch

    When trying to pair, you may be asked to enter a password. This means binding to another device. To sync with your iPhone or iPad, you need to reset the data from the watch and make a new setting.

    How to pair and unpair an Apple Watch and iPhone

    Preparing Apple Watch and iPhone for syncing

    Before synchronization, you need to prepare your devices. You need to check if your iPhone has the latest version of iOS. If the operating system is outdated, you will not be able to pair devices.

    To pair your watch, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. It is also necessary that the smartphone be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or through a mobile operator.

    Tips on how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

    For users who have just purchased a Smart Watch, the question is how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone. These two devices are designed to sync with each other. After pairing, information about the device will be displayed on the watch screen, notifications about calls and messages will be received, you can track the steps taken, monitor your health and much more.

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