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How to connect Apple headphones to Android

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Do Apple Airpods work with Samsung Galaxy S8?

Do Airpods Pro work with Android?

Now that we know about the new features, a logical question arises: will this all work on the Hadroid??

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Airpods are designed to work only with the latest software from Apple devices. Because in the update, special settings were added for them (for example, a test for the correctness of the selected silicone nozzle) and the ability to toggle and turn off noise cancellation. Android does not have such buttons.

Airpods Pro on Android. working?

Apple introduced the new Apple Airpods Pro wireless earbuds. And they are liked not only by Apple users, but also by Android users. Will Airpods Pro work on Android?

Previous models of headphones could be connected via Bluetooth and even add gesture control via a dedicated app. But now new features have been added and control has changed. how the new Airpods pro work with Android?

Do Airpods connect to Android?

The first and second Airpods will fit Android without any intervention. I myself used Apple wireless headphones on a Samsung smartphone. You can install a dedicated app for Airpods on Android to get additional gesture control (for example, mute music when you take one earbud out of your ear). This app is called Podroid and can be downloaded from the Play Market.

Airpods Pro. what’s new?

On October 29, Apple unveiled a long-awaited update to the world’s most popular headphone, the Airpods Pro. The main change and the “chip” for which the headphones received the prefix “Pro” and the price of 20,990 rubles. is active noise cancellation.

We also changed the design: now these are earplugs with a silicone tip. The new shape should improve the fit of the earphone in the ear. Customers who have already bought Airpods Pro report that they actually stay in the ear better than their predecessors.

The design also has its drawbacks. Many people simply did not like him, while others find him funny and ridiculous. For example, wireless headphones have been compared to a hair dryer, a Plants vs. Zombies battle bush, a Pokemon, and even the B1 droid from Star Wars.

And Airpods Pro?

Yes, Airpods Pro connect to Android. This was proven by the first experiences of people who bought new Apple headphones. Here’s a sample post on the Reddit forum. The user posted a photo of the wireless headphones, indicating that new airpods have arrived. Another reader asked, “How do they work with Android?”.

I took my work colleague’s [Samsung smartphone] Note 9. everything works great! You lose some of the software, such as changing settings, etc., much like the original Airpods, but you can use everything that is installed on the headphones themselves. You can switch songs with gestures, turn noise canceling on and off, but the music won’t stop if you take one earphone out of your ear.

How to connect Airpods to Android

Place Airpods inside the case if you haven’t already.

On your Android device, open Settings.

Press and hold the button on the back of the box until the indicator blinks white.

Go back to your Android device and wait for the Airpods to appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. After that press the “Pairing” button.

Close “Settings” on Android. Airpods will pair and connect to the new device.

You can check the performance of such a bundle by listening to music, podcasts or any sound from an Android device. Sounds should go into and out of the Airpods as expected. As long as the headset is connected and paired with an Android phone or tablet, Airpods will become a wireless audio device used by the operating system to output audio.

On the Airpods side, working with Android devices is no different from working with a Windows computer. Don’t be surprised, but this is also possible. Yes, and Mac Airpods are perfectly connected, which is generally logical. Pairing with a macOS device is easier if the headphones are already connected to an iPhone with the same Apple ID. You just need to open the settings of Bluetooth devices and manually start the pairing process with the headphones. The accessory behaves simply and clearly, like any other Bluetooth-device or wireless speaker.

Note that when using Airpods alternately with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android, it is best to disconnect the headset from the current device, but not uninstall it. Only then can you connect Airpods to the new platform. If you accidentally delete some of the Apple device settings in the Bluetooth settings, you can always re-configure both iOS with Android and macOS.

How to check the charge of Airpods on Android

After installation, open the charging case cover of the connected Airpods.

Checking the charge on Android with the “AirBattery” application installed works in much the same way as on iOS gadgets. You just need to open the lid of the charging case, and the application will display information about the current charge of Airpods. The app also has a Pro version that allows you to receive an iOS-style pop-up notification without having to launch the app itself.

Airpods on Android: how to connect, does everything work as in iOS and how to check the charge

Who said the comfortable and popular Airpods wireless headset can only be used with iPhones? Owners of gadgets with Android will find it useful to learn about the capabilities of their device with Airpods. It’s easy to connect a headset, although it’s even easier on iOS. After turning on and pairing the device, the user will have at his disposal the same famous wireless headphones.

Before starting to use, make sure that the charging case for the Airpods and they themselves are sufficiently charged. The headset should fit inside the box and Bluetooth on the Android device.

Troubleshoot Airpods with Android

If you’re having trouble pairing your Airpods with Android, it’s best to start by resetting your headset by pressing the button on the back of the case. You can also try rebooting your Android device.

As additional troubleshooting steps, you should make sure Bluetooth is turned on on Android, there is sufficient charge on Airpods and the branded charging case.

Some Airpods features don’t work with Android

If you plan to use Airpods with Android, then you need to be aware of the unavailability of some proprietary Airpods for Android. For example, Siri functionality will not work in conjunction with a headset device on Android, simply because this operating system does not have a voice assistant from Apple at all. A feature such as auto pause will not work either. This does not mean that the devices do not work well with each other. Even if you don’t get the full benefit of Siri, the experience of using Airpods on Android will still be great.


The utility allows you to manage settings, track the charge level of the headset and case, and shows the connection time to the smartphone. Purchasing the paid version provides the ability to monitor the state of charge of the headphones using notifications on the taskbar. The user does not need to run the application every time to check.

What features will be missing when connecting Apple wireless headphones to Android?

Airpods were designed primarily for iPhone owners, so despite being compatible with Android, some features remain unavailable. Synchronization with non-native gadgets takes longer and is much more complicated.

Apple headphone features that don’t work on Android:

  • Access to a personal virtual assistant. Since the operating system does not have Siri, you will not be able to take advantage of its benefits. But you can install a similar service. Google Assistant.
  • Setting the double touch function. On Apple gadgets, the user can set a “double tap” for a specific action: launch the cloud assistant, activate the option of a separate icon, or go to the next music track. On other platforms, double-clicking can only start playback or pause.
  • Detection sensor. When synchronized with iPhone, Ear detection pauses the music track when the user pulls the earpiece out of his ear.
  • Gyroscope sensor activates audio playback as soon as Airpods are reinserted into your ears.
  • Check the battery level in real time. Since there is no virtual assistant Siri on the Android platform, you will not be able to find out the percentage of the headset’s battery. Only some smartphone models can detect the status of connected wireless devices. Even then, the level of the charging case cannot be checked.
  • Noise canceling function. The “Transparency” mode with the ability to drown out extraneous sounds cannot be configured on a “non-native” platform.
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Is it even possible to connect Airpods to Android?

It is possible to pair the wireless headset and the device with the Android platform. The headphone manufacturer has not set any restrictions on the connection of Airpods to computers, laptops and smartphones with different operating systems. The only requirement is the presence of a “Bluetooth” module on the device and the function of playing sound.

Pairing of the headset and smartphone on the Android platform is not performed in a situation of incompatibility of the versions of the Bluetooth module.

How to expand functionality?

If the owner of a smartphone with the Android platform has enough simple basic functions, then it is possible to limit the connection via Bluetooth. In a situation where gesture control and normal sound reproduction is not enough, it is necessary to expand the functionality of the headset. Installing special external utilities allows you to get rid of some pairing restrictions.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Airpods to Android via “Bluetooth

The pairing process is very simple and takes a few minutes:

  • First of all, you need to turn on the “Bluetooth” function on your smartphone. This can be done through the “shutter” or the “Settings” menu, in which the connection is activated.
  • Next, you need to place the wireless headphones in the case and leave it open. On the back of the case, you need to find a small button and hold it for 3-5 seconds. The readiness of the headset for pairing is determined by the white indicator that starts flashing inside the case or on the front panel.
  • On the smartphone screen, in the list of Bluetooth devices, select Airpods and allow pairing.

After pairing, the Airpods headset will connect and you can start playing video or music to check if the sound is working.

The wireless device operates on a simple principle: to adjust the volume, you need to click on the track, you can communicate, record voice messages.

Airpods wireless headphones and the Android platform: are there any chances to make friends?

Airpods wireless headphones deliver high quality sound. The minimalistic solid design also captivates users. IPhone owners appreciate the versatility and compact size of the headset.

But Airpods can be quite successfully combined with gadgets running the Android system. It is enough to study the subtleties and peculiarities of such synchronization in order to enjoy high-quality sound.

Assistant Trigger

The Assistant Trigger service allows you to see the charge not only of the wireless headset, but also of the case itself. The paid version of the application provides the ability to configure the double-click function. For each headphone, you can set a separate action: on the left. play the next track, on the right. go to the previous audio file.

What if the headphones are unoriginal, “fake”?

The copy of wireless Airpods is noticeably inferior to the original in terms of sound quality and base. But the owners of smartphones with the Android platform can easily combine such a headset with their device. The pairing process is also carried out via the Bluetooth module.

But there is a significant difference, if for connection the original headphones need to be placed in the case and kept open, then to combine the copy, you must first remove the headset and close the case.

Apple wireless earbuds are suitable for Android: how to connect

Apple’s wireless earbuds for Android are treated like a regular Bluetooth device. To connect them, no additional adapters or adapters are required, which is typical for Apple products.

Why are headphones suitable for any device? All modern gadgets have a Bluetooth data transfer function, which allowed manufacturers to produce accessories with a remote connection.

  • Press the power button on the case without removing the headphones,
  • Connect bluetooth in settings,
  • Select device.
  • After pairing, the case will give a color signal on the indicator.
  • Put on your headphones.
  • Check the connection by listening to audio.

Apple Wireless Headphones are suitable for Android, the process is the same for any device. simple Bluetooth connection.

If the music is not playing. check if the case with the headphones is turned on, turning on and off is accompanied by signals on the indicator. If Bluetooth does not find the device. check the charge and try again.

How to use Airpods with Android?

When headphones are connected, try not to move more than 50 meters from the paired device. This may cause the connection to be dropped. If the music starts playing, but the headphones are not discharged, remove them and place them in the case. Hold the power button for a few seconds until the indicator turns orange. After reboot, retry the normal connection.

Airpods fit all iPhone models from the fifth. To connect, you just need to get them out of the case and put them on. When connected, the sensors give a signal to automatically play music, and when removed, they stop it. The main condition is updated to the latest iOS version. The accessory also allows you to control the voice assistant, synchronize work with other gadgets, and the indicator notifies you of the charge level. Airpods work like a regular headset when connected to a non-native device.

To end the session and disconnect the accessory from the smartphone. go to the settings and disconnect the device. An indicator on the headset signals any action performed.

Advantages and disadvantages

No matter how much you argue about the practicality of wireless headphones, Airpods have undeniable advantages. The earbuds can last up to 5 hours on a full charge, which sets the product apart from the competition. The case extends the charge by 24 hours, and the 15-minute charge lasts for 3 hours, this is the leading indicator on the market among competitors. Also among the advantages are the quality and purity of sound. The device has the technology of suppression of extraneous noise, providing complete immersion in sound. Connoisseurs of music and audio content are ready to purchase Airpods, even with gadgets on other operating systems.

IPhone 7 ships with a standard headset that requires an adapter. The trap is that now even Apple product owners must have additional accessories in order to plug in their headphones. Connection is made by connecting to the adapter, then to the smartphone itself.

The design drew a lot of criticism for its inconvenience. Wireless iPhone headphones have become a real salvation for iPhone owners.


An application whose functions are tied to the notification shade, where, as soon as the headphones are connected, information about the remaining battery charge appears. When the battery reading is critically low, an alert is also triggered. Individual functions can be customized. The disadvantage of the program is its and the lack of updates since February 2018, which is why some of the functions do not work.

Airpods Compatible Apps

Third-party apps make it easy to connect Airpods to Android and expand their functionality. Let’s talk about each in a few words.


With this app, Airpods on Android work like they do on iOS. In addition to checking charging and determining the position of the headphones, it can recognize tapes. You can assign track switching, stop playback, and even increase the volume. The main disadvantage is that the program requires access to all databases of the smartphone, which is alarming.

Assistant Trigger

The universal app that works with generation 1 and 2 of the wireless headset is also suitable for the pro model. The set of functions is the same as AirBattery, but shows the remaining battery capacity with an error of 10%. The utility can work with optical sensors of the earbuds, but only in the paid version.

How to connect Airpods to Android

Original Apple Airpods can be connected to all Android smartphones. There are several nuances of such a connection, which we will discuss below.

How to connect Airpods to Android

To connect AirPods to Android, do the following:

  • open the case with the headphones. The colored indicator should be green;
  • feel the round key on the back of the case with your finger and hold it down until the indicator starts blinking white;
  • go to the Bluetooth settings on Android, in the list of available for connection, select Airpods.

After the first pairing, the headset will automatically connect to the phone, it is worth getting the plugs from the case.

Despite compatibility with Apple product, the following functions are not available for Android OS:

  • accelerometer and optical sensors cannot be used. If you take out one of the headphones, the music continues to play as usual. On iOS devices, playback fades until the user inserts the earbud back into their ear or places it in the case;
  • there is no way to use a voice assistant. Airpods are only compatible with Siri and do not make decisions from Google or Windows;
  • it is impossible to see the charge of the battery and case.

How to pair Apple AirPods with an Android device.

The last point can be bypassed by applications written specifically for AirPods or other wireless headsets without proprietary utilities.


The program shows the remaining battery capacity in both earbuds and case. Lets you know if one of the earbuds is in your ear to pause video playback on YouTube, Netflix, or Google Play Music. In the pro version of the program, some indicators appear in the notification shade.

AirBuds Popup

The best application to connect AirPods and Android. For advanced functions, you will have to pay 130 rubles. The utility offers detailed information about the remaining battery life, suggests assigning an increase in volume to taps if the earbuds are playing quietly, interaction with optical sensors is implemented to pause sound playback when the earbud is taken out of the ear.

What to do if AirPods do not connect to your phone

In case your wireless headphones, which are designed for iPhone, do not connect to Android, we recommend that you do the following:

    Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. Banality, but sometimes forgotten about it;

Is it possible to connect Airpods to an Android smartphone?

Many users are interested in the question of the possibility of pairing Airpods with Android. We answer: of course, it is possible.

But before proceeding with the direct connection, you need to take into account the following:

    When you connect Airpods, you will lose the convenience of control. First of all, because there is no Siri voice assistant on Android. to work with which wireless headphones are sharpened;
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Thus, in the remainder we get a high-quality Bluetooth-headset with excellent sound and good battery life, which exceeds the duration of competing Andoird-devices. And this is quite a lot, although the functionality of the headset will be inferior to its functionality when connected to an iPhone.

Apps to connect wireless earbuds to Android

Without the functionality of these applications, working with Airpods will be truncated and not completely convenient. Therefore, we recommend that you install the specified products on your smartphone, and use their advanced capabilities when interacting with Airpods.

Applications: Description:
AirBattery AirBattery mobile application. from the series “must have!” for those users who want to enjoy the functionality of Airpods on their phones running Andoird OS. The most important function of the program is to display the charge level of both the Airpods headphones and the box itself. The app will notify you when the battery is low and will also detect the earbuds when you put them in your ears. The program does not currently support the new version of “Airpods Gen 2” headphones.
Podroid Unlike Airbattery, the Podroid app works pretty well with the second version of the earbuds. The program provides real-time information about the battery status. Allows you to assign a command to a double (quadruple) press on the headphones (the next song, increase or decrease the volume, and others). Sound notification function is supported when the pairing with the Android device is lost.
Assistant Trigger Like the two apps described above, the Assistant Trigger shows the charge level of your Airpods. One of the features of this application is the ability to call the Google Assistant (Bixby or other assistant) using a double tap. The program works well with the second generation Airpods, detects AirPods in the ear and continues playing the track (Pro version).

Pairing Airpods with your mobile phone

Connecting Airpods to a mobile device on the Andoird operating system is quite simple, and consists in performing the following operations:

    Place your Airpods in the case (the lid of the case should remain open);

The described mechanism is quite simple. But, as we already wrote, after connecting, you will not see many of the convenient functions of wireless headphones, including their charging level. What to do? To improve the work with headphones, we will be helped by special mobile applications, which we will discuss below.

How to connect Airpods to Android

The Airpods were introduced by Apple in October 2016, and since then have become wildly popular. These are the highest quality wireless headphones to date, and by purchasing this device you will immediately feel the convenience of functionality, sound level and battery life of the device. But since the headphones were originally planned for the Apple ecosystem, their functionality is tailored specifically to work with smartphones and tablets from the specified manufacturer. Below we will analyze how to connect Airpods to your Android, and what you need to do for this.

In our article, we examined how to connect Airpods headphones to a mobile device based on Android OS. And also what is the algorithm for performing this operation, and what mobile applications will help in working with a wireless headset. After pairing, we recommend installing the “AirBattery” application on your device. It will not only show the current battery percentage, but also detect the earbuds in your ears when you insert them. This convenient function will allow you to continue playing your favorite song right from the moment it was stopped, and enjoy your favorite hits without unnecessary movements to start them.

How to connect Airpods wireless headphones to Android?

There is a small button on the back of the charging case, press and hold it for a few seconds. As soon as the indicator between the earbuds starts flashing white, release the button. Airpods will appear in the pairing menu on your device, select them and follow all further instructions. May 17, 2019.

How to connect Air Pods to Android?

  • Place Airpods inside the case if you haven’t already.
  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Open the lid of the Airpods case.
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the box until the indicator blinks white.

Can I use iPhone headphones on Android?

Yes, of course, even if they are with a microphone. However, the controls on the headphones themselves (volume, pause, flipping) will most likely not work or will not work as intended.

How to connect Airpods 2 to Android?

How to connect Apple Airpods to Android?

  • Open the case without taking out the headphones
  • Hold the round button on the back of the case for 2-3 seconds
  • As soon as the indicator located between the earbuds starts blinking white, release the button

What to do if Airpods won’t connect to Android?

If headphones are not connected, go to the next step. Close the lid, wait 15 seconds, then open the lid. Press the setting button on the case for 10 seconds. The status light should be blinking white, which means the Airpods are ready to connect.

Can I connect

Many users are wondering if Apple Airpods are suitable for Android. let’s look for an answer to this question! Despite the fact that the device was created for apple technology, everyone can use it. But there is one condition. the presence of a Bluetooth-module in the smartphone, because the pairing takes place using this wireless technology. The operating system of the smartphone does not matter. The device is indeed one of the best deals on the market (albeit very expensive). So it’s worth a try! Now you know for sure if Airpods wireless headphones work with Android. it’s time to move on to connection issues?

What features will work with Android?

Most of the Airpods’ functionality with an Android will work the same as with an iPhone. For example, the touch sensors on the headphones, which perform many different functions with just two touches. At the same time, without taking the phone out of your Also, the headphones are equipped with a microphone, which is a huge plus for those who need to be constantly in touch. Especially during the cold season.

How to extend the functionality of Airpods with Android

You can expand the functionality of these headphones on Android using special applications. Take the Droidpods app, which offers us a constant notification showing the remaining battery life of the Airpods and telling us when it’s time to charge one or both of the earbuds. This app is publicly available in the Play Store for a purchase for just 2.49.

Or the free AirBattery app, which also lets you keep track of the amount of charge on your earbuds and case. Another plus of this app is that it can also support other W1 wireless headphones.

Android apps show charge

Is it worth buying

Smart headphones are worthwhile! You no longer need to take out your phone to talk, simple gesture control is available. However, you should be prepared for the fact that a pair of devices in a bundle may not work perfectly. errors and failures are possible. If you’re willing to take a little risk, don’t hesitate to purchase a quality device. The cost of the headphones is quite high, in order for them to appear on the shelf:

Are you afraid that you will not understand the question of how to use Airpods on Android? Don’t risk it, pay attention to cheap analogs designed specifically for the respective operating system. For example Xiaomi AirDots:

Some users believe that headphones can only be connected to phones from the same company. But it is not so.

Airpods functionality

Above, we answered the question of whether Airpods are compatible with Android. you can safely buy a cute device and pair it with a smartphone. However, the headphones were developed for Apple technology in the first place. this is associated with a cut in capabilities.

  • Access the voice control function. this requires Siri’s voice assistant, preinstalled only on Apple equipment;
  • The charging indicator will not be visible. it will not be possible to control the percentage of the charge without a special application;
  • At the moment of pulling out the earphone, the included music will not pause.

Two applications will come to the rescue. you need to connect Droidpods or AirBattery. to keep track of the battery power and battery life of the device.

All other functions are still available, you can easily connect to set up Airpods on Android and enjoy the convenience and comfort!

How to connect Airpods headphones to Android

Apple has made it as easy as possible to connect wireless Airpods across all of its devices so that it happens in seconds. But just because Airpods are made by Apple and integrated with Apple products doesn’t mean you can’t use them as Bluetooth headphones with non-Apple devices.

You can connect Airpods to your Android phone or tablet, PC, or Apple TV using the same Bluetooth pairing method we’ve all gotten used to over the years. To do this, follow the simple instructions below.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings screen on your device with which you intend to use Airpods.
  • Open the cover of the Airpods charging case, while the headphones themselves should be in the charging case.
  • There is a small button on the back of the charging case, press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • As soon as the indicator between the earbuds starts flashing white, release the button.
  • Airpods will appear in the pairing menu on your device, select them and follow all further instructions.
  • Of course, if you are using Airpods with a non-Apple product, you will lose some functionality. You will not be able to “seamlessly” switch between devices or without third-party methods to track the battery charge of the headphones on your device (but to find out how to do this using a special application, read our material on this topic). Nevertheless, these headphones are primarily loved for their compactness, ease of wearing and long operating time, and this, even if you are not the owner of an iPhone or iPad, you can use to the fullest.

    For any device you want to use Airpods with, just repeat the process above. If you have any problems during pairing, Apple advises you to open the lid of the case and hold the button on the back until the light flashes amber. Then release the button, close the lid and try again.

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    For me, customizing Android has always been something distant and downright geeky. Well, why, I thought, change something, if the developers.

    Despite the fact that manufacturers seem to have given up measuring the computing power of their smartphones, switching to

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    There is no need to argue that the Google Pixel 3a is a very cool smartphone. It really is.

    How to Connect Airpods to Android Correctly? Does the device support this option? Read the review, study the connection instructions, disassemble the functionality of the device. we have found answers to all your questions!

    How to connect Apple wired headphones to your computer?

    For wireless headphones to work, your computer must have a built-in or external Bluetooth module. To connect, make sure it is activated, turn on the headphones, and then go to Bluetooth settings. Wait for the system to find the headphones, find them in the list and click “Connect”.

    How to connect Airpods to iPad?

    Pairing Airpods with iPad

    • Go to the Home screen on iPad.
    • Open the Airpods case and bring it to iPad.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen, then tap “Done”.

    How to connect AirDots to your phone?

    • Press the buttons on both earbuds until a red light appears.
    • Place the headset in the charging case.
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and wait until the accessory appears in the list of available devices.
    • When you click on Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (as the headset will be called), the connection will be made.

    How to connect Apple headphones?

    How to connect Airpods wireless headphones to an Android device

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device.
    • Put your Airpods in the charging case.
    • Open the lid.
    • Press and hold the setting button until the status indicator turns white.

    How to connect Airpods to Android?

    • Place Airpods inside the case if you haven’t already.
    • On your Android device, open Settings.
    • Select Bluetooth.
    • Open the lid of the Airpods case.
    • Press and hold the button on the back of the box until the indicator blinks white.

    How Airpods work with Android?

    But they can be connected to any device that supports the transfer of music and sounds via Bluetooth. They are connected simply. you need to open the case cover and press the only button on the case so that the indicator starts blinking white.

    How to connect Airpods 2 to Android?

    How to connect Apple Airpods to Android?

    • Open the case without taking out the headphones
    • Hold the round button on the back of the case for 2-3 seconds
    • As soon as the indicator located between the earbuds starts blinking white, release the button

    How to use wireless headphones correctly?

    • Make sure the audio cable is not connected to the headphones.
    • Power on the headphones. The Bluetooth LED on the left earbud will start flashing.
    • Connect to headphones from your phone or player.
    • The Bluetooth LED will blink four times to confirm the connection is established.

    Can Apple Earbuds Connect to Android?

    Some users are of the opinion that Airpods only work with iPhones, but this is not the case. Apple Wireless Headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Important: On Android and Windows, you won’t be able to control the headphones because Siri isn’t there.

    How to connect Airpods 2 to Android?

    How to connect Apple Airpods to Android?

    • Open the case without taking out the headphones
    • Hold the round button on the back of the case for 2-3 seconds
    • As soon as the indicator located between the earbuds starts blinking white, release the button

    How to set up Airpods pro on Android?

    Connecting Airpods Pro to an Android device

    To do this, you need to open the case with Airpods Pro and hold down the key on the back on it until the white indicator on the front starts pulsing white. At this point, the headphones become visible in the standard Bluetooth menu and, when pressed, connect successfully.

    How to pair Airpods with Android?

    • Place Airpods inside the case if you haven’t already.
    • On your Android device, open Settings.
    • Select Bluetooth.
    • Open the lid of the Airpods case.
    • Press and hold the button on the back of the box until the indicator blinks white.

    How Airpods work with Android?

    But they can be connected to any device that supports the transfer of music and sounds via Bluetooth. They are connected simply. you need to open the case cover and press the only button on the case so that the indicator starts blinking white.


    Connecting Airpods to Android using apps from the Play Store

    Today, getting the magic of Apple can be very simple. you need to install applications for yourself and the headphones start to work as if you had an iPhone.

    There are quite a few options, but I would like to recommend a couple that are the most popular: AirBtts (Paid), AirBattery (Free).

    • download the application for yourself (links above, click the name of the applications);
    • turn on Bluetooth;
    • open the lid of the case and the headphones are ready to use.

    Thus, everything works quite tolerably and you can even see the charge level of the headphones and case. So we use.

    Do Airpods work with Android?

    The answer is yes and no. The thing is that you can connect them, but you will not be able to fully use them, because there are some restrictions.

    Apple has always done this so that Apple gadgets are only used with Apple technology. Yes, you can listen to music and use the microphone, but you can’t get the Apple magic (spoiler: there is a program that partially implements this).

    • Well, for starters, the connection: if you are using an iPhone, then simply open the cover of Airpods and on the screen we see a window that the headphones have been found. The whole process takes less than a second.
    • Further, it is worth noting such a nuance that the music stops if you pull out one earphone.
    • Using in conjunction with the iPhone, you can customize gestures (on Android they will be, but cannot be changed).

    There is one option that partially corrects the situation. So let’s proceed to the next part, where we will discuss everything in order.

    How to connect Airpods headphones to Android?

    When the earbuds first came out, Android users might have had an incomplete experience with these wireless earbuds. But the situation began to change dramatically when different developers began to release interesting applications.

    Connecting Airpods to an Android phone

    Many devices released by Apple for their own branded devices are quite compatible with smartphones on the Android platform. Among such gadgets, one can single out Airpods headphones, in the process of connection and during the operation of which there are still several important nuances. Next, we will describe the procedure for connecting them to the phone.

    Connecting Airpods on Android

    To connect these headphones to a smartphone, Bluetooth is used, which works in the same way as on any other devices that support a similar type of connection. Be sure to place your Airpods in the wireless charging case before connecting.

    • Press and hold the button on the back of the charging case for a while. As a result, the only white indicator next to the headphone cells should blink.

    Once you’ve finished turning on your Airpods, on your Android device, open the System Settings app and find the Bluetooth section. Its location may vary depending on the smartphone model.

    Activate Bluetooth and, after waiting for the completion of the search for supported gadgets in range, select the headphones from the general list of devices.

    Additionally, you will need to confirm the pairing process, as for any other device.

    After these steps, the earbuds are ready to be removed from the charging case. Be sure to check if they work and, if not, repeat the described procedure. In this case, more attention should be paid to the presence of Airpods in the case and the charging level.

    The main feature of these headphones work on any smartphones, with the exception of Apple branded devices, is the lack of support for many functions. For example, on Android devices, voice control becomes impossible due to the lack of Siri. over, some sensors will also be unavailable, including the charging indicator.

    Regardless, the Airpods’ main functions, not related to the connected gadget, will work as usual, allowing you to enjoy content with the highest sound quality. However, do not forget about periodic charging of the earbuds.

    Are iPhone wireless earbuds suitable for Android?

    Don’t be afraid to buy an Apple gadget for your Android phone. Of course, not all control functions are available on Android OS, but this is not displayed in sound playback. All you have to do is sync your devices to start listening to music.

    Are Apple Earbuds Compatible with Android

    Apple wireless headphones connect to Android. The gadget is synchronized with a smartphone via the “Bluetooth” function.

    Before using an iPhone headset with Android, the nuances should be noted:

    • Voice control is not available. The fact is explained by the incompatibility with the OS. The headset successfully performs voice commands on the phone only using the Siri voice assistant installed on iPhones.
    • Charging level viewing and control is not available. This function is activated only when syncing with iPhones.

    Music playback does not stop when headphones are removed, as it does with iPhones.

    How to connect Airpods to Android?

    To successfully pair the devices, you need to do the following:

    • Turn on the “Bluetooth” function on the smartphone.
    • Open the case without removing the device.
    • Press the button on the back of the case and hold it until the green indicator turns white.
    • In the Bluetooth section on your smartphone, select the “Airpods” device and connect to it.

    After the process is complete, the sound of the media files running on the phone will start playing.

    Are Apple Wireless Earbuds Suitable for Android: How to Connect

    Apple’s wireless earbuds for Android became popular right after their release. Airpods after the release became popular not only among users of iOS devices, but also Android.

    Why iPhone headphones don’t work on Android

    Headphones from iPhone are suitable for Android smartphones. Possibly the problem is related to incorrect connection.

    It is recommended to try pairing again:

    • Put the device in the case.
    • Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case until the indicator light turns white.
    • Connect to the device via “Bluetooth” on the phone.

    You may need to repeat the procedure several times until a successful sync is achieved. Airpods are available for all phones.

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