How to connect a wacom graphics tablet to your phone

Outer outline

The body is made of black plastic, the placement of the touch keys and other elements of the gadget is thought out, the designers approached with all seriousness. Very thin, and most importantly. ergonomic, suitable for both left-handers and right-handers.

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In addition, the cord is not removable, and this causes problems in a certain situation, but as usual. you get used to it after a while.

The pen is cordless, but you will have to periodically change the internal battery. Unfortunately, the creators did not think about its design and ergonomics. It feels like you are holding some kind of pipe. There are two keys on the body, can be used as a mouse.

Disassembling the handle is very simple. unscrewed, removed the old battery, inserted a new one, and screwed everything back.

In the best tradition, the handle stand is made in the form of a cone, which makes it more stable, so it is unlikely to overturn or accidentally fall.

The image above shows the nib changer on an electronic pen.

Budget device from Genius

Such a specific product as a graphics tablet is not necessary for everyone, and you should not immediately run and buy the first graphics device you like, because you just wanted to. Such a product was released for designers, computer artists, to make it easier for them to communicate in programs for creating graphic projects. After all, everyone, at least once entering Paint, found that it was not very convenient to draw with a mouse.

So, using the example of the Genius EasyPen F610E gadget, we will touch on the topic of how to connect a graphics tablet on Android to facilitate the creation of fine arts using a computer.


The dimensions of the graphic device under consideration are 33.9×20.5×0.85 millimeters, of which the working surface for interaction is 10×6.25 millimeters. The resolution of the working area is 4000 lines per inch, despite the amateur class of the device. this is a very good indicator.

Pressure sensitivity recognizes up to 2048 levels, baud rate 200 pps, and maximum pen motion recognition height of 10 millimeters.

Connections to external devices via a full-size USB port, the weight of the tablet is 512 grams, for a beginner and a novice artist within acceptable values. There are 8 customizable keys on the surface. In principle, a very good tablet, a large surface for interaction and an acceptable price for the average user.


The buyer of a graphic device will not be pleased with its economical configuration:

  • User manual
  • Graphic device
  • Pen
  • Electronic pen stand
  • Battery for pen
  • Two additional tips and a tool for changing them
  • Driver disk
  • Computer application suite

And this is all explained by the budget line of this computer device.

Tuning for stable performance

First of all, you should install the drivers on your personal computer that come with the kit. Please note that they are suitable for legacy Windows and Mac OS series. After that, we install standard applications for work. If you are expecting something from Photoshop. you should immediately disappoint, they are not. Includes products from Corel developers.

I was very surprised by the meager set of adjustable parameters, in principle, they can be counted on one hand. Function assignments for touch keys, changing the orientation of the working surface, and pen sensitivity.

It is worth noting that at first the pen works quite roughly, however, after several permutations in the settings, everything becomes perfect.

It is important to know that the applications that come with the bundle work only on the latest versions of Windows. For other operating systems, download separately.

Android connection

If you have a regular tablet, it can also be used as a graphics tablet, for this you need:

  • Install the standard editor for Linux. GIMP
  • Tablet app. XorgTablet
  • Driver for your tablet for Linux

This combination of application packages will allow you to connect a regular Android tablet to your computer and use its graphical surface. However, not all tablets will support this function, for some the screen is simply not designed for such work.

Before using the graphics tablet, you need to do eye-hand coordination exercises:

  • We launch any graphics editor. Select the most standard Line tool and draw a grid with square cells. cell size 20-25 mm. Initially, we use the mouse for drawing.
  • Select the “Pencil” tool in the graphics editor and draw a bold dot at each intersection of the grid lines with the pen on the graphics tablet.
  • We repeat point 2, but only draw a cross (X) at each intersection.
  • When we manage to do the two previous points, clear the screen and start drawing something.

It is important to know! On almost all graphic tablets, as well as on all Wacom tablets, the pen stops working at a distance of more than 10 mm. To move the cursor without drawing, the tip of the stylus should not touch the tablet surface, but also not exceed the maximum possible distance.

A little advice

Sometimes users of tablets on OS Android have a problem: how to unlock the graphic key of the tablet if they have forgotten it.

So, to get to the Wacom pen tablet settings, you need to:

  • go to the “Start” menu
  • open the “All Programs” menu
  • select the “Wacom Tablet” folder
  • run Wacom Tablet Properties

It is important to know! Settings program will not start without a graphics tablet connected to the PC.

Your pen tablet automatically adds settings to the settings for any pen you use. you just need to bring it up to the tablet. Each pen has its own personal settings.

There is an “Application” item in the settings window. It serves to define the tablet settings for each individual program. To add a program to the list, press the key

It is important to know! You need to add the program to the settings only after starting it.

Customizing Wacom Tablets

Before setting up your graphics tablet, you need to check the drivers for your device. So, bring the tablet pen to the upper right corner of the tablet and press there with the stylus. the cursor on the PC screen should move there. Then move the pen to the lower left corner of the tablet and press down there. If the cursor has moved. the drivers are installed, otherwise reinstall or reinstall them from the disk or from the official website of the manufacturer according to the tablet model.

If the drivers are installed correctly, proceed to disabling the TabletPC services. To do this, go to the “Start” menu and write “services.msc” in the search bar.

In the opened services, we are looking for the “Tablet PC Input Service”.

Double-click on it with the mouse and first stop the service. click “Stop”, and then disable it. select the “Disable” startup type. Reboot the PC.

All basic preparations are completed, but before using a graphic tablet, you need to customize it for yourself.

This requires:

The graphical editor is installed by default in the Ubuntu assembly on Linux OS. The XorgTablet application can be downloaded from the link

Driver link:

To use an Android tablet, you just need to install the application on it (2), install drivers on the PC (3) and work as on a regular graphics tablet.

But there is one feature, not all tablets are capable of detecting the level of pressure on the screen. For a complete resemblance to a graphics tablet, you must choose a tablet with an active digitizer and digital pen. For example, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with a Wacom digitizer.

Description of Wacom tablets

Over the years in the pen tablet industry, Wacom has achieved excellence. They make tablets that are easy to use to suit every user based on their needs.

The tablet itself has a handy Touch Ring and a set of custom keys that you can assign, for example:

For the convenience of the user, the tablet software includes a special display function. Heads-Up-Display, which allows you to quickly reconfigure the tablet without interrupting your work. The tablet has a built-in Wi-Fi interface that allows you to use the tablet at a distance of 10 meters from the workplace.

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The Cintiq combines IntuosPro tablet technology, but lets you get work done right on your tablet’s interactive display. Depending on the size, the graphic tablet weighs from 1.2 kg to 29 kg. The smallest tablet in this family is 13 inches, but even it does not have a battery, the tablets are powered via the network.

Depending on the modifications, different operating systems can be installed on these devices, for example:

The monitor is based on H-IPS Active Matrix, from 13.3 to 24.1 inches. Regardless of the size of the device, the screen has a resolution of FullHD 1920 × 1080 WUXGA, supports 24-bit color (16.7 million colors).

Wacom also has the versatile Bamboo Stylus in its arsenal. The Bamboo stylus fits most tablet computers and mobile devices with capacitive touchscreens and acts like a regular ink pen. And last but not least, the genius graphic tablet also supports this stylus, although Genius is a direct competitor for Wacom in the market for this type of device.

The Wacom Signsave Tablet is a device that allows you to receive signatures directly into an electronic document. This unique product pushes the competitive genius tablet into the background and strengthens Wacom’s position.

The Wacom STU-500 is the most popular signsave tablet. The monochrome TFT display has 5 inches and a resolution of 640×480 pixels. The screen simulates a paper surface and displays the result in real time. Electromagnetic resonance technology allows you to determine the pressing force in 512 levels. Powered by USB port.

How to connect a graphics tablet to a tablet?

How to connect a graphics tablet to a mobile device

  • Check if your phone / regular tablet is compatible with your graphics tablet.
  • Find a compatible OTG USB adapter.
  • Connect on one side of the OTG to the wire from the graphics tablet, and on the other side to the connector for charging the mobile device.

How to connect a graphics tablet to a computer?

If the graphics tablet is wired, it connects to the PC using a USB cable. Typically, tablets are removable cables. at one end a standard USB on the other (which is inserted into the tablet) micro USB. There are models with a built-in cable, for example, Parblo A609.

How to connect your Wacom pen tablet to your phone using Bluetooth?

Press and hold the center Touch Ring button on your tablet for three seconds. The blue LED next to the Wacom logo will blink and the tablet will be discoverable via Bluetooth.

How to connect a graphics tablet via Bluetooth?

If your tablet has Bluetooth, put it into pairing mode. From Bluetooth settings on your phone, start scanning for nearby devices and connect to your tablet. The device will most likely connect, but will not work.

How to connect your Wacom Intuos graphics tablet?

To connect your Wacom Intuos to Android, you need a special adapter called a USB OTG connector. Connect your tablet to your computer and update the Wacom Intuos driver using the Wacom Desktop Center software.

How to register your Wacom pen tablet?

  • Log in to your account, if you do not have an account please create one on this page.
  • Click on “Product Registration; located in the” left menu.
  • When prompting for a product ID, enter the SBD (Software Bundle Download) key.

How to connect a Wacom graphics tablet to your computer?

  • Disconnect your tablet
  • Open the Bluetooth settings / options on the computer.
  • Press the power button (middle) on Intuos; the LED will start flashing blue.
  • Select “Wacom Intuos” on your computer and then “Link”.

Pen tilt angle

Starting in Photoshop CS5 and newer, Adobe has introduced a new feature for brushes. Bristle Tips. When combined with Wacom Intuos Pro or Cintiq tablets, they simulate the movement of the bristles of a real brush.

Using a mouse to do this, you will feel that this feature does not add anything special, but Wacom tablets can tell Photoshop the direction of movement of the pen, its approach to the tablet surface and the angle of inclination.

You can choose from a variety of different types of brushes, including sharp, blunt, beveled, and fluffy. The picture above shows some simple examples of what you can achieve with a pen and tablet versus using the same options but with a mouse.

Tip: If you purchased a Wacom Art Pen, it can also transmit pen rotation. This will allow you to rotate the brush 360 degrees.

Love creativity, design and marketing?

The Wacom Intuos Pro, Intuos 5, Intuos4, Intuos3, and Cintiq tablets are incredibly popular with designers and photographers in all creative industries. for greater precision and fluidity in digital processing.

Like all sophisticated hardware, tablets need to be set up to work in Photoshop.

For tablets, there are many settings in Photoshop. pressure force and tilt for the Wacom family of IntuosPro, Intuos 5, Intuos4, Intuos3 and Cintiq, and for Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets there is touch control.

Before starting the setup, visit to make sure you have the latest driver for your tablet.

Step-by-step instruction

As soon as you connect the tablet to your computer, you will need to install the appropriate drivers that come with the CD. But we recommend that you download the latest versions from the official website, in which possible errors have been corrected, and which have advanced functionality.

Well, now we will explain to you how the further configuration of the wacom graphics tablet takes place:

  • Disable the TabletPC service (Start menu. Search string “services.msc”. “Tablet PC Input Service”);
  • Reboot your PC;
  • Start configuring the required properties of your tablet (Start menu. All Programs. Wacom Tablet. Wacom Tablet Properties);
  • Use the “” button to add the required applications (they must already be running), for example, AdobePhotoshop;
  • In the “Tools” section, adjust the pen, namely, its sensitivity, eraser;
  • Get to work.

Color dynamics

Another of my favorite brush effects is Color Dynamics. This effect allows you to make a transition between the foreground and background color while painting.

Just select two colors, and then in the submenu of the brushes panel, select “Color Dynamics” and set the relationship between the pressure on the pen or tilt of the pen. Finally, check the Apply Per Tip checkbox and you’re good to go. This effect is great for shading surfaces.

Genius Tablet

Now you know exactly how to use a graphics tablet, whatever it may be.

Wacom Intuos tablet

Now let’s talk about how to use the Wacom Intuos pen tablet. Let’s go a little deeper into the details, because we have already discussed how to use a graphics tablet in a broad sense. Wacom’s Intuos line is divided into two types: Intuos and Intuos Pro. Each is split into four more models, which vary in size for the most part. The first one reveals such convenient functions as:

  • the pressure sensitivity of the eraser is a useful thing that opens up the possibility of using special drawing techniques “on the go”;
  • pen holder;
  • programmable hot keys;
  • multi-touch;
  • programmable keys on the pen;
  • connector for wireless receiver.

In the second, you will find almost the same, only on top of everything else:

  • add sensitivity of the pen to tilt by sixty degrees;
  • there is a programmable touch ring for four modes;
  • more programmable keys;
  • sensitivity and accuracy are higher.

Wacom Intuos is perfect for those looking to get into drawing, illustration, sketching design, photo editing, animation, storyboarding, 2D, 3D sculpting, and more.

Wacom tablet capabilities and customization for your comfort. Lessons General Principles

For people, one way or another connected with computer graphics, it is no longer a secret that graphic tablets help to speed up work and improve its quality. over, some things are simply impossible to do without a tablet. Pens on all Wacom tablets are cordless and battery-free. which means they are as close as possible in shape and weight to the usual pen, pencil or brush. Going a step further, you can grab any pen from the Intuos3 Pro Tablet: it comes with 2 additional nibs in addition to the standard nib. Stroke and Felt, which create a tactile sensation when working with a brush and felt-tip pen, respectively. Well, the cover of the Intuos3 work area allows you to work comfortably like on a regular sheet of paper. And the entire working surface of any tablet by default matches the entire screen. you can quickly navigate through it and not only draw, but also fully control the interface of programs and the operating system.

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In this tutorial, we’ll start with the basics. how to customize your tablet and brushes to fit your needs in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Even professionals who have been working with tablets for a long time may find useful information.

First of all, let us draw your attention to the fact that after connecting the tablet, you need to install the driver for your model. Otherwise, without the driver installed, you won’t be able to use all the features of your Wacom tablet. You can use the driver supplied on the CD with your tablet, but it is best to download the latest driver from the website (section Support. Drivers). The latest driver versions may contain extended functions compared to the older version, possible errors have been fixed, and all the latest drivers are localized in Russian. Also, do not forget the rule that before installing a new driver, be sure to correctly uninstall the previous version.

Setting up your tablet and brushes for Photoshop

In this lesson, the version from the Adobe Creative Suite CS 2 package for Windows is considered, although everything described can be applied in any other version of Photoshop, including the latest CS 3, also on Mac computers the settings of the described programs and the tablet control panel are no different.

After starting Photoshop, immediately open the tablet control panel in parallel (Start. Settings. Control Panel. Tablet).

Let’s start by adjusting the sensitivity to the pressure level on the pen. Of course, some will be fine with the default tablet settings, but it’s still worth spending quite a bit of time to find the most optimal settings for yourself.

For users of the Intuos3 or Cintiq series professional tablets, we immediately recommend making all settings separately for Photoshop. To do this, in the tablet control panel, click on the “” icon in the Applications line and select Photoshop from the list of running programs. Now all the settings made will work only for Photoshop. For other programs, you can create your own set of settings:

Users of younger models of tablets (Volito, Graphire, Bamboo) will be able to adjust the pressure sensitivity only once. for all programs.

Create a new drawing. In the toolbox under Brush, select a brush with clear boundaries and set it to a fairly large diameter (40-60).

Now, touching the tablet’s working surface with different pressure on the pen, draw a few lines: you will quickly determine with what force it is most convenient for you to press the pen to get a line of maximum thickness, while being able to draw a line with a fairly small thickness.

Draw such “leeches” and adjust the “pen sensitivity” parameter until you achieve maximum comfort for yourself.

Well, now let’s get down to the fun part.

Open the Brush Engine (select Brushes with the mouse or press F5) and select the Brush Tip Shape item there.

The most important settings for us here will be 1) the shape of the brush: the Angle and Roundness parameters, which can either be set by values, or simply by visually changing the example of the brush on the picture to the right of these values. This way, you can create an elongated and oblique brush.

The next most important parameter is Spacing (2). The continuity of the brush depends on it.

The lower the value, the smoother your brush will be when painting.

In the lower window, you can immediately observe the result of changing all parameters.

Let’s move on to the next item: Shape Dynamics.

By opening the drop-down list in any section, we will see several important monitored parameters:

With Pen Pressure selected, you can control the selected parameter by changing the pressure at the tip of the pen while drawing.

Pen tilt. Supported only by professional Intuos or Cintiq tablets.

Wheel position on the Airbrush pen (optional accessory for Intuos3 or Cintiq).

Since the wheel has a limited travel and gives out 1024 values ​​of its position, it is convenient for them to adjust not only the diameter of the brush or airbrush jet, but also, for example, very precisely control the rotation of the tool (although we will consider a more natural way for this later). In general, the functionality of the wheel depends on your needs and your imagination.

Rotation angle of the Art Pen (optional accessory for Intuos3 or Cintiq). The most logical option to which you can attach it is the angle of rotation of the brush (Angle Jitter).

In the image below, you can see an example of using this pen with an oval brush:

Finally, consider the last point of interest to us from the Brushes: Other Dynamics section.

By setting the Pen Pressure value for the Opacity Jitter, we will be able to change the opacity of the brush depending on the pressure on the pen:

It remains to add that not only brushes, but also other Photoshop tools such as the Clone Stamp Tool, Eraser, Healing Brush, etc. can be adjusted to sensitivity to pen pressure. All this is done through the same Brush Engine. after choosing the appropriate tool. For example, for the Clone Stamp Tool, it makes sense to set the pressure sensitivity to the Opacity Jitter parameter. The same with the eraser.

This ends the basic tool settings.

You can start drawing or processing images / photos.

Additional helpful customization for your Intuos3 or Cintiq tablets

Owners of Intuos3 tablets or interactive pen displays often do not take full advantage of these models. Meanwhile, Express Keys and Touch Strips allow you to almost completely eliminate the use of the keyboard, while with one touch you can call not only one key press, but key combinations or even entire macros. Some will argue that they are more accustomed to using the keyboard, but believe me. you get used to good things very quickly. Therefore, this lesson will tell you how you can customize your Wacom tablet in the most optimal way for Adobe Photoshop. to speed up your work and think only about creativity, without being distracted by memorizing and reproducing cumbersome keyboard shortcuts;.

ExpressKeys are located to the right and left of the tablet active area. By default, the keys are assigned to them Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Space (CMD, Shift, OPT, Space on Mac).

But with the default settings, the right and left keyblocks are duplicated and this is perhaps a big waste, considering that they can be programmed separately.

Open the tablet control panel (Start. Settings. Control Panel. Wacom Tablet Properties).

Select Functions, then you need to click on the “” icon in the Application line and select Photoshop from the list of running programs, or, if it is not running, specify the location of the Photoshop.exe file (or, similarly, the Adobe Photoshop executable file on Macintosh). Thus, we customize ExpressKeys only for Photoshop. when switching to other programs, the ExpressKeys function will automatically change. Those. you can make individual settings for each program. Unfortunately, for owners of younger models of tablets (Graphire, Volito) such opportunities are not available.

The next step is to click on the ExpressKeys tab and opposite the key we need, select the drop-down menu item “Keystroke. “. For example, let’s hang the Esc key on the left extreme key of the tablet:

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Set a key, keyboard shortcut, or even a key sequence.

We give a name to this combination after clicking Ok in the first window.

Done! Now in Photoshop, the Esc command will work for this key, and in the operating system and other programs (if we have not set separate settings for them), there will be a standard Ctrl key.

In the same way, you can program all the other keys, from the standard ones to your taste, leaving yourself, for example, Alt and Space. Remember that ExpressKeys can be used in combination with each other.

In addition to keystrokes, ExpressKeys can be hung up to call frequently used programs.

Customizing the Touch Strips

Touch Strips can and should be programmed as well: there is absolutely no need to keep the Zoom / Scroll function on them, this is enough for one strip. At the same time, the second can carry a different payload. For example, in Photoshop (and not only in it) it is convenient to hang the Undo / Redo function on one of the stripes.

To do this, first set up keyboard shortcuts for these actions in Photoshop itself. The Undo function undoes only the last action, so we need to use Step Forward and Step Backward for our purposes. Let’s open the section Edit.- Keyboard Shortcuts and set new keyboard shortcuts as shown in the picture:

After that, in the tablet control panel, go to the Touch Strip section:

On the reaction of the touch strip up, select “Keystroke” and set a key combination that performs the Step Backward function:

In the same way, we program the movement down the strip. for the Step Forward function.

Now let’s check our settings: sketch out a dozen separate pen strokes. Then, slide your finger across the Touch Strip. If the settings are correct, the lines will disappear as you move your finger along the strip;)

Similarly, on the Touch Strip, you can program the size of the pen (keys “[” and “]”).

If you are missing ExpressKeys for many of the program’s functions, you can create a Pop-up Menu with the rest of the commands you want.

The most logical thing to hang it on later is the upper key of the pen. At the same time, the lower one will still call the context menu of the program (right-click):

Setting up work with multiple monitors, changing the working area

And the last thing worth mentioning is that professional tablets can be flexibly configured to work on multiple monitors.

If you have 2 monitors in your system, then by default the tablet is divided in half. each half of the tablet corresponds to its own monitor. It is clear that this is not always convenient, moreover, there is no need to talk about the correspondence of proportions here. Therefore, if there are 2 monitors, and there is one tablet, you can make it so that the tablet will be displayed on only one monitor (you need to call the “Screen area” drop-down menu). By the way, all pens for Intuos3 / Cintiq have a unique Tool ID, so you can customize so that even if you have 2 identical Grip Pens, one will work on one screen and the other on the other. And without unnecessary manipulation: as soon as you bring the appropriate pen to the tablet!

Here you can also turn off part of the tablet’s working area. For example, to correctly match the aspect ratio of the screen or if you are just tired of waving your hand over a large format tablet in a day 🙂

The list of serious programs for drawing and photo processing deservedly includes Corel Painter, which today has grown to the tenth version. Corel Painter supports absolutely all the capabilities of Wacom graphic tablets. And, perhaps, not by chance. After all, only with a pen in your hand you can draw a confident and clear line when drawing, draw a contour in a picture or photograph.

All pens on Wacom tablets are pressure-sensitive: the harder you press on the tip of the pen, the more impact the selected tool will have in Corel Painter. For example, the stroke will be thicker, the intensity of the color will change, etc. All tools can be flexibly configured: just open the Show General item in the Window. Brush Control menu. and go through the settings

The main parameters of the current tool (Opacity, Size, etc.) have an Expression line. Here the value is Pressure. is precisely the dependence of the current parameter on the pressure on the pen.

For example, let’s take a Wacom pen, select the Oils tool. Bristle Oils 20 and draw a few strokes with different pressures: you can immediately see the difference between them:

The tilt and rotation of the pens of professional tablets is also supported. With a different tilt of the pen, the result of many brushes, even without preliminary adjustment, will depend on the angle of inclination of the tool:

Before you start, customize the pen response on the tablet to suit your individual working style. It will literally take a couple of minutes, but later you will get a more expected result when drawing. In the Edit.- Preferences menu, select Brush Tracking and drag a few strokes in the window that appears in the way you usually work and click “OK”.

If we go further. For example, you are not satisfied with the standard tools and want to edit the existing ones or do something of your own: welcome to the Brush Creator panel (invoked through the Windows menu. Show Brush Creator or by CtrlB). You will hardly find analogs of such a powerful tool for editing almost any instrument parameters in other editors. Use for health!

Intuos3 owners will also appreciate the ability to program ExpressKeys for their frequently used commands in Painter, and the Touch Strips can be configured not only to scale the picture, but also to change the size of the pen, or, for example, to the Undo / Redo function (CtrlZ CtrlY).

Now you can draw from the heart, or you can create drawings from a photograph. It is enough to open a photo, make it Quick Clone through the menu, create a new layer and select the necessary tool from a fairly large list of Cloners. You will paint with the selected tool, and the color will change depending on the color of the base under the cursor:

it remains only to summarize. to reveal all the possibilities of graphic programs and your own talents will turn out with a convenient and simple tool. graphic tablet from the world leader. by Wacom.

Degrading brushes

Starting with CS6, Adobe introduced the Erodious brushes to Photoshop. They work the same way as bristle brushes, except that they are grinded like pencil or chalk. That is, when you use them, their size, texture and stroke shape change.

In the settings for these brushes, you can choose the shape and also set its softness to control how quickly it will wear out. The picture above shows some examples.

These brushes can be quickly restored by clicking in the “Sharpen Tip” settings.