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How to connect a USB flash drive to a Samsung TV

Digital TV set-top box

These set-top boxes are equipped with USB connectors. They are also called T2. The set-top box itself, most often, is connected to the TV using HDMI, but if the TV is old, then through the “tulip”. To play the desired file from a USB flash drive, do the following:

  • Connect the drive to the USB port of the set-top box.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Using the remote control through the “Menu” select the desired file.
  • Click the “Play” button.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and no conflicts usually arise in this case.

How to connect a USB flash drive to a TV

If your TV has a USB connector, then using the drive will not be difficult. But on older models, there is no such connector. However, if you wish, you can use a flash drive on an old TV. There are several ways to connect a USB storage device through intermediate devices. It is about this:

  • a set-top box for watching digital broadcasting;
  • media player;
  • DVD-player.

Consider all possible connection methods.

All ways to connect a flash drive to a TV

Many of us will gladly agree to watch a movie, video or just photos that are stored on a flash drive. And if all this is still in good quality and on a large TV, then even more so. But in some cases, users simply do not know what is needed to connect a removable storage device to a TV. Consider all possible ways to accomplish the task.

Using a DVD player

You can connect a USB flash drive to a TV using a DVD player that has a USB port.

  • Connect your drive to the USB port of the player.
  • Turn on your player and TV.
  • Enjoy watching. The fact is that the device must be independently determined by the TV, and it must automatically react and switch to it. If this does not happen, use the same “TV / AV” button on the remote control (or its analogs).

If viewing fails, the file format may not be supported in the player. You can read more about the problems due to which files on a USB flash drive may not play on the TV in our lesson.

Using the USB port

Most modern TVs are equipped with a USB connector. It is usually located on the back of the TV, sometimes on the side or front. The port we need looks like it is shown in the photo below. So, if your TV has a USB port, do this:

  • Insert your USB stick into this slot.
  • Take the remote control and switch to work with it with the “TV \ AV” button or similar (depending on the model).
  • A list of files on the drive will open, from which you will select the one you want to view. Use the fast forward and rewind keys to view selected information.

When viewing files on a USB flash drive, they change automatically at a certain time interval. Such files are sorted not in alphabetical order, but by recording date.

How To Connect USB Pen drive To TV | Watch Movies | Samsung N4200

Removable media must be in the correct file system format to play back data, usually “FAT32” or in older models “FAT16”. If your flash drive has an NTFS or EXT3 system, then it is not recognized by the TV.

Therefore, pre-save all the data, after which you will need to format the USB flash drive in a format compatible with the TV. Step by step, this process looks like this:

  • To remove the drive, press the “Stop” key and wait until the LED on the flash drive goes out.
  • Remove the device.
  • Insert it into your computer. Open “This computer”, right-click on the drive and select “Format” in the drop-down menu.

Next to the “File system” label, put the desired one. Check the box “Fast”.
Click “Get Started”.

  • A warning will appear. In it click “Yes” or “OK”.
  • Sometimes a problem arises due to the fact that the storage medium has a USB 3.0 specification, and the TV has a USB 2.0 connector. In theory, they should be compatible. But if the USB 2.0 flash drive does not work, then the conflict is obvious. Distinguish USB 2.0 from USB 3.0. just:

    • USB 2.0 has 4 contacts, plastic under the contacts is black;
    • USB 3.0 has 9 contacts, and the plastic under the contacts is blue or red.

    So, if you have such a conflict, or if the TV is not equipped with a USB port, you can use the connection through an intermediate device. This is our next way.

    Using the media player

    Another way to connect a USB flash drive to a TV without a USB port is to use a media player. This device has replaced DVD-players and supports any video format, which is certainly very convenient. The fact is that you will not need to convert the downloaded file for certain TV formats.

    The principle of operation is similar to the previous method. If the media player is connected to the TV, you just have to insert your USB flash drive into its USB port.

    Most of these devices come with cables that can be used to quickly and easily connect to a TV. In more detail, it happens as follows:

    • Insert the drive with video files into the USB port of the media player.
    • Using the remote control enter the “Video” section.
    • Use the scroll buttons to select the desired file.
    • Click OK.

    Watch a movie or listen to music. Done!

    If you have problems with playback, read the instruction manual of the equipment, and find out what file formats are supported on your device. Most video equipment works with USB drives in the FAT32 file system.

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    Often on the forums there are questions about whether it is possible to use specialized adapters such as OTG in an old TV without a USB port, where the input is USB and the output is HDMI. After all, then there is no need to purchase additional devices. So, you won’t be able to save money here. It’s just a cable of different form factors. And to transfer data from a flash drive, you need a data bus that has special drivers and converts data into a format that is understandable for us.

    Therefore, if you do not have the above-described intermediate devices, you can purchase a budget option in the form of an Android set-top box. It has USB ports and connects to your TV using HDMI. In principle, it will be able to perform the functions of a media player: read a video file from a flash drive and send it via an HDMI connector for playback to a TV. Once you set up your TV to work with a flash drive, you can enjoy viewing any information from the drive. If you have any problems, be sure to write about them in the comments. We will try to help!

    TV does not read this amount of memory

    Some older “Samsung” TVs have limitations on the memory size of the connected devices. In most cases, the limit is 32 or 64 GB. You can find the exact number in the operating instructions supplied with the TV.

    It is not recommended to install additional programs or reflash the device. it is impossible to expand the specified limits.

    Method 1

    All video players are equipped with connectors for flash drives. Therefore, using a player connected to the TV, you can view information from the drive.

    To do this, you need to install the flash drive in the player, turn on all devices, select the desired movie in the menu and start watching.

    How to connect a USB flash drive to a TV

    To view files from a USB stick on a TV, both devices must be properly connected. There are 5 main ways to do this, which are suitable for any Samsung Smart TV model.

    • Via USB port. Most “Samsung” TVs released after 2010 are equipped with a USB connector. It can be found on the side or back of the device. To connect a USB flash drive to a TV, just insert it into the socket. You can view recorded files by opening the connected device with the remote control.
    • DVD player. This option is used if the TV does not have a USB port. To connect, insert the removable media into the corresponding connector on the player. The DVD player is connected to the TV. They turn on both devices and open the USB flash drive with the remote control from the player.
    • Media player. This is a modern device that reads any format and allows you to view files from removable media. The connection process is the same as for a DVD player.
    • Digital tuner. All set-top boxes are equipped with one or more USB ports. This allows you to view videos or photos saved on removable media. To connect a USB flash drive, you need to insert it into the USB port of the tuner connected to the TV. After that, it remains to go to the device menu and select the desired file.
    • A computer. This option is rarely used when there is no opportunity to use any other. To view files, the flash drive is connected to a computer that was previously connected to the TV (for example, via HDMI or Wi-Fi).

    Other connection methods

    How to connect a flash drive to a TV that does not have a connector. Usually these are old models, where the function of viewing video from external devices is not yet provided. Therefore, many are interested in how to connect a USB flash drive to an old TV. This can be done with a DVD and TV tuner, Android set-top box.

    The USB port on the TV is blocked

    The most common cause of malfunction is a broken USB connector. In this case, after turning on the TV, a message about the attached flash drive will not appear on the screen.

    The TV port is blocked due to the following reasons:

    • short circuit in the power grid;
    • mechanical damage to the case;
    • TV breakdown.

    It will be difficult to correct the situation on your own, because for this you need to have special knowledge and experience in such work. It is best to contact the “Samsung” service center, whose specialists will quickly fix the breakdown.

    Method 2

    You can start the operation of the USB drive using a set-top box for watching digital TV. Such receivers are equipped with all the necessary connectors, including USB. The device must be connected via HDMI, but if the TV is of a very old release, then you need to use the CRT inputs (tulips).

    After connecting all devices, insert the USB flash drive, select the required video for viewing in the MENU tab, press the PLAY button.


    Diagram of connecting the drive to TV directly:

    • Download the desired video or piece of music.
    • On the side of the TV, you need to find a USB connector (sometimes the connector is on the back panel), insert a flash drive with the uploaded content into it.
    • Turn on the plasma panel, a menu will appear on the screen, where all the materials contained on the media are displayed.
    • The user must select the movie or program of interest for viewing from a USB flash drive on the TV, press the “play” key.
    • Then the content will start playing.

    This is the basic method for connecting a USB stick to a TV. Suitable for most modern Samsung, LG models.

    Method 3

    Viewing from the carrier is carried out using an Android set-top box. The device is equipped with the same connectors as the digital tuner, so the connection is made in the same way. There are different models on the market, you can choose a set-top box at a fairly economical cost.

    All methods are also suitable for all well-known TV brands LG, Samsung, Sony.

    How to connect your phone to a TV via USB?

    If you have a modern TV and you take a look at the back or side of its case, you will see a wide variety of ports, among which there will certainly be a USB port. Since there is a USB port, it means you can connect other devices to it. Android smartphone is no exception.

    connect, flash, drive, samsung

    True, there are nuances here that you need to know about. The fact is that not all TVs are capable of recognizing a phone as a USB flash drive (storage device), which means that if you want to watch a movie downloaded to your phone, it will be impossible to do so. over, this method does not work even if you switch the device to other modes. If this is your case, the most you can do is view the photos taken with the phone or simply charge it. However, everything can be exactly the opposite. you need to check in action.

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    What needs to be done?

    Take the cable, plug it into the USB port that is on the TV. It looks like this:

    There may be several USB ports on the TV.

    Connect the other side of the cable to the USB port of your smartphone. When the devices are connected, your mobile gadget will give a charge signal. This is a good sign.

    Now we turn on the TV. If it is already on, take the remote and press the Source button on it, then select the connected phone.

    When using an early version of Android in a smartphone, you can immediately see the file system of the smartphone, which indicates that the connection was successful.

    In more recent Android (6.0 and higher), you first need to unlock the display and confirm the connection. Example. based on Huawei / Honor smartphone.

    Immediately after connecting the device, a choice should appear on the screen, in this case you must select “File Transfer” if you need the file system of the smartphone, that is, you want, for example, to watch a video.

    If you want to see only a photo, feel free to choose “Photo Transfer”.

    If nothing appears, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, then click on the line “USB Charging”.

    You decide what to choose according to the circumstances. If you don’t know, choose “File Transfer”. you can’t go wrong.

    And if the file system of a smartphone appears in front of you, we can only congratulate you.

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    Alternative options

    If USB is not on the TV, then you can use third-party devices: digital tuner, media player or DVD player.

    USB connection

    Almost all modern TV equipment (Sony, LG, Samsung, etc.) is equipped with USB interfaces. In this case, there should be no connection problems. It is enough to connect the USB flash drive to the USB port and open the files in the local manager. The TV will automatically recognize the external device and, after scanning, will provide access to the data. Difficulties can be with equipment that is 10 years old and older.

    Connecting a USB stick to old TVs:

    • We connect the flash drive to the USB interface.
    • On the control panel, press the AV button.
    • In the settings, in the “External devices” section, select “USB storage”.
    • Select the desired movie through the file manager and play it.

    Media player

    This multifunctional equipment allows you to work with a wide variety of content. Unlike other devices, any conflicts are minimized here. A good device reads formats in almost any encoding, ranging from the most common. MP4, AVI, and ending with exotic ones, like OGM.

    Just like other equipment of this kind, media players are equipped with a USB interface, most often a whole set. Ports can be numbered or prefixed. In / Out. You need to use the interface marked Out, while the number is completely unimportant.

    How to play video from a USB flash drive through a media player:

    • Connect the USB storage device to the device.
    • Go to the media player menu and open the “Video” section.
    • The equipment should scan the USB flash drive and give a list of found files.
    • Select the desired movie and launch it.

    If we are talking about a proprietary tandem, for example, when an LG media player is connected to an LG TV, then the menu for managing multimedia content on the set-top box and TV is combined. But the principle of playing files remains the same.

    How to connect a USB flash drive to a TV

    Watching movies, videos and working with other multimedia content on a large TV screen is much more interesting than on a personal computer monitor. Well, if the devices are united into one local network, then there are no problems with data transfer. Otherwise, you have to use drives: external hard drives and flash drives. The former are too cumbersome and finicky to synchronize, while the latter are compact and easy to connect. But some people have problems with this seemingly simple procedure. Let’s figure out how you can connect a USB flash drive to a TV.

    Preparing the drive

    Not every USB drive will be readable on a TV device. In a good half of cases, the problem lies in the file system of the flash drive. There are several of them, and each organizes the data on the medium in its own way. In addition to popular systems for the Windows platform. FAT and NTFS, there is also EXT (Linux) and HFS (Mac OS). The latter are much less common and, as a rule, on branded drives.

    The file format of a USB flash drive is especially important for a TV. If it differs from the standard for TV, then the data will simply not be read. Here it is necessary to clarify the standard file system of the TV, because the USB flash drive can be easily adjusted for it. Information of this kind is indicated in the specification for the device or in the detailed operating instructions in the “Compatibility” section.

    Formatting a USB drive (relevant for Windows platform):

    • Open “My Computer”.
    • Right-click on the desired drive.
    • In the context menu, click on the line “Format”.
    • In the window that appears, in the “File system” section, select the required type (NTFS, FAT32).
    • The capacity and size of the cluster are set automatically.
    • In the “Formatting method” section, click on “Quick”.
    • Click “Start” and wait for the end of the process.

    Then you need to insert the USB flash drive into the TV and check if he sees it. If yes, then you can safely copy files to the drive and play them on TV.

    Digital tuner

    Equipment of this kind is always equipped with at least one USB-interface, and only with rare exceptions it is absent. So before purchasing a tuner, it will be useful to check the availability of a USB output. Tuners are connected via HDMI port, and older models via RCA.

    • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB output.
    • Turn on TV and go to the tuner menu.
    • In the local file manager, select the desired movie and play it.
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    Not all DVD players are equipped with USB interfaces, so when buying a device it will be useful to focus on this point. What’s more, DVD players are picky about not only the file format but also the codec version. That is, it may happen that one MP4-video will be played, while another in a similar format will not.

    • We connect the USB flash drive to the corresponding connector on the DVD device.
    • Open the DVD menu on the TV and go to the file manager.
    • Selecting the desired movie for playback.


    Another device through which you can connect a USB flash drive is a DVD player. To view the content, do the following.

    • The USB stick is inserted into the corresponding port of the player.
    • Using HDMI or tulips, the set-top box is connected to TV.
    • The TV shows the signal source. the input to which the connection was made.
    • Using the remote control at the player, you need to find the signal source. a USB flash drive, and, having selected the necessary files on it, launch them.

    On some TVs, switching from the player to the antenna is carried out by the “TV / AV” button on the remote control.

    Read more about connecting DVD to TV here.

    Connecting a flash drive to a TV

    A flash card is one of the most convenient ways to transfer information from one medium to another. And it is not surprising that sooner or later every user of a computer or other device asks the question: how to connect a flash drive to a TV? The answer to this question depends, first of all, on the presence of a USB-connector in your device: if there is one, then you should not have any problems. Consider all possible situations.

    how to use a flash drive on a Samsung tv

    Media player

    The media player is a modern and versatile device that can perform a variety of functions. Unlike DVD players, which may have a weak built-in player and won’t read all formats, media players generally support all modern codecs. This allows you to download a movie without thinking about how it is encoded and looking for a way to convert it.

    Connecting a media player is no different from a DVD or digital set-top box. Usually an HDMI connector is used for this. It remains to insert the USB flash drive into the USB output of the media player, open the connected drives with the remote control and select the desired content.

    If you have any problems with the work, you need to look in the instructions which file systems the device can read. Some of them are designed for FAT32, in which case the drive will have to be formatted.

    The device does not have a USB connector

    How to connect a flash drive to an old TV if it does not have a USB port? In this case, you can use third-party adapter devices to read such information. These include, first of all:

    • media players;
    • dvd players;
    • TV set-top boxes.

    Using these devices as an intermediary between the USB storage and your device, you can read the necessary information.

    Built-in USB connector

    Modern TV models never do without connectors for USB-drives and provide a built-in mechanism for reading the necessary information. To watch movies or photos, just connect a flash drive and start the movie of your choice.

    The location of the connector is determined by the make and model of the TV. For example, Samsung and LG TVs have a USB port on the back of the case. Some manufacturers place such a connector on the side, less often on the front of the device.

    There is a situation when TV does not see the contents of the flash drive. This is very often due to the fact that the saved file formats simply cannot be played on this TV. To view them, you will have to convert the contents of the drive to other formats.

    In modern TV centers, you can use such technical means as a USB drive:

    • tablets;
    • smartphones;
    • laptops.

    Typically, these devices are connected via a USB or HDMI cable. To do this, simply connect the two devices with a cable and use your TV as a means of viewing photos or videos from your tablet. There are other ways to connect your tablet and laptop to your TV. Apple products are worth mentioning separately: connecting an Iphone to a TV has its own nuances, just like connecting an Ipad.

    Newer Smart TV models have wireless connectivity. Using Wi-Fi Direct and other similar technologies, you can easily connect your tablet or smartphone to your TV. Thanks to the same technology, you have the opportunity to view Internet resources from a large screen.

    Digital TV set-top box

    External tuners for digital television are often equipped with a USB connector. The device connects to a TV via HDMI, but older models may use tulips.

    To include a file from a USB flash drive connected via USB to a digital TV set-top box, you must perform the following steps.

    • Turn on broadcasting on the TV through the connector to which the set-top box is connected.
    • Its interface will appear on the screen. Using the remote control from an external tuner, enter the file system of the drive and select the required file.
    • Next, it remains to start playback by highlighting the desired content and clicking on the Play button.

    It is worth noting that users often try to save money and find non-standard cables, for example, OTG with an HDMI plug and a connector for connecting a USB flash drive. On the forums, they often ask questions whether the TV can read an external drive through such an adapter. Unfortunately, this is not possible, since HDMI is designed for digital transmission of audio and video signals, but at the same time it does not recognize the types and encodings of content that is usually contained on a USB flash drive. To read them, you need special applications and drivers, which must be installed in the TV.

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