How To Connect A Tablet To A TV Via Wi-Fi


This technology is designed to connect Apple tablets to a TV. It is supported by iPads and newer device models from a popular American manufacturer. The function allows you to set up mirroring of the tablet display. To set up screen sharing, Connect your TV and tablet to your home wireless network. If the devices are compatible, then a window will appear in the iPad control panel to start the broadcast.

The technology allows you to sync only devices manufactured by Apple. Therefore, in addition to the iPad, you also need a proprietary Apple TV set-top box. AirPlay is special in transferring data with minimal latency. Therefore, users will be able to run games and various applications on the big screen.

Wire connection

Wired methods of connecting the tablet to the TV are convenient in that the user does NOT have to download and install additional software. Wired sync is suitable for device owners, not smart TV capable. To connect via a cord, use one of the following interfaces:

  • HDMI;
  • USB;
  • MHL;
  • RCA;
  • VGA.

Now let’s analyze in detail the advantages and disadvantages of all methods.

How to tie a double cord with a technique? All the details of the connection are described in detail in the user manual. SIMply insert the cable plugs into the corresponding connectors. There is nothing difficult. Mostly the HDMI interface is located on the back of the TV, sometimes on the side.

  • Setting up the transmission of sound and is carried out automatically immediately after both devices are connected with a cable. If there are problems with the transfer, then debugging is done manually. Take your TV remote and then select the HDMI port as the signal source. In the settings, you also need to set the input value for this interface. Data output must be set in the tablet parameters via HDMI.
  • Developers are constantly improving HDMI in an effort to improve picture quality and increase data transfer rates. Therefore, the generations of the interface on the TV and tablet may NOT be the same. In this case, you need to use the adapter, in which we already spoke earlier. This is the most practical solution to the compatibility problem.
  • The new HDMI 2.0 standard is enough to transfer 4K images to the big screen. The picture will be as natural and clear as possible. The channel bandwidth is increased to 18.2 Gb / s. This standard has appeared recently. Therefore, it is extremely rare on devices.

When the connection is finally set up, the tablet desktop appears on the large screen. Management is carried out precisely with the help of tablets. Another advantage of HDMI is that it allows SIMultaneous transmission of audio and. Therefore, there is no need to use additional cables.

In the tablet settings, you can activate the “Display mirror” option to duplicate the image. The user will be able to play games on the big screen, as well as use various applications: Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and other utilities.

The USB cable can also be used to set up sync. However, this interface will NOT allow duplicating an image. The connection is for using the tablet as a removable storage device. The user will be able to view photos, play and include any other content.

To set up the synchronization of tablets and TV via USB, use a cable to connect these devices. The cord is included in the basic package of all tablets, since the gadget is charged through it. Open the TV sources, and then select the USB port. With the help of the file manager, you can navigate between folders. Select the file you want and then Play it. Controlled by a remote control.

What if the TV does not see the tablet via USB? This problem can appear for several reasons. First, check to see if the interface is damaged. It is possible that the connector pad has oxidized. Secondly, start the data transfer mode on the tablet. Thirdly, the cable itself may be the cause of the problem. In this case, try a different USB cable.

The synchronization setting aLGorithm is not much different from the methods described earlier. It is necessary to insert the wires into the corresponding connectors, and then select the signal source on the TV.

The RCA interface is a familiar “tulip”. The main advantage of this connector is its versatility. Using RCA, even an old CRT TV can be connected to the tablet. “Tulip” is presented in the form of a coaxial cable. There are three connectors at one end: red, white, and yellow. Each plug must be inserted into the corresponding color port on the TV panel.

Connection through the “tulip” allows you to use the tablet as a USB flash drive. This means you can watch photos, play and watch movies. You will NOT be able to duplicate the image. The RCI interface is an analog port, so in addition to the tablet, you need to connect a charger so that the battery of the device does not run out.

Not all devices can be synchronized using this method. This is explained by the fact that “tulip” is an analog technology, it is NOT supported at the hardware level by many gadgets popular today.

Tablets are NOT equipped with RCA connectors. This means that the user needs to purchase a special adapter in advance, which will convert the digital image to analog. When the adapter is connected and the devices are connected with a special cable. Take the remote control, and open the basic settings of the TV. Output device mode must be selected.

Older TVs are equipped with a VGA output, with which you can also set up synchronization with the tablet. This technology is significantly outdated, but in rare cases it is still used. First, you need to get a special adapter, it will be connected via a USB connector or HDMI interface.

Separately, you need to think about how you will output sound to TV. Since the VGA interface is only for signal transmission. Audio transmission can be carried out using a special cable or speakers. Mostly this method is used to connect a computer to a TV.

Wi-Fi Direct

Synchronization setting aLGorithm:

  • Open device settings. Switching to the “Wireless Networks” tab. Find the “Wi-Fi Direct” option, and then check the box next to it.
  • In the TV settings, you need to find the “Network” section. The path to it may differ depending on the TV model and manufacturer. We activate the technology “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • In the launched window with basic parameters, move the slider to the “Enable” position. Find your tablet device list, and then start syncing with your TV.
  • To use the tablet as a remote control, you will have to download a special application.

With this connection of the Android tablet to the TV, a wide range of additional options opens up for the user:

  • Viewing photos;
  • Listening to musical compositions;
  • Playback (Non-streaming).

How to output from tablet to TV? This can be done using Wi-Fi Direct technology. We activate the option “Screen Mirroring”. It is available on devices running Android 4.0 and higher. To start mirroring the screen, open “Settings”, and then from the list that appears on the “Screen Mirroring” tab, select your TV.

The technology in question can also be used to remotely control TVs that support the Smart TV platform. To do this, you need to download a special application, for example, MediaShare. Ergonomics of the tablet touch screen will increase the comfort of TV control.

10 ways to connect your tablet to your TV from the experts

There are many different ways to connect your tablet to your TV. Synchronization of THESE devices will significantly expand the functionality of the equipment. You don’t have to limit yourself to watching a movie on TV. The tablet can also be used to control TV, launch various applications.

Users often have difficulty setting up a connection. Especially for them, the instruction “How to connect the tablet to the TV” was developed. Let us consider in detail all existing synchronization methods to determine the most effective one. We will also analyze the problems that users often encounter during the connection process.

Wi-Fi Miracast

Miracast technology is good in that it allows you to set up synchronization of two devices without using a router. It also allows the TV to be used as a second monitor. In other words, the image will be duplicated. The picture quality will be the highest. The technology supports 4K resolution. However, it will NOT start a resource-intensive game. This is explained by the fact that the picture will be delayed by about a few seconds.

Connection instructions:

  • Go to Smart TV settings to activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” option.
  • Open the tablet settings, go to the “mirroring display Miracast”.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • A list of devices available for synchronization will appear on the screen.
  • Select your TV from the list that appears.

When all these actions are completed, the second screen will start automatically.


Allshare software is SIMilar to AirPlay technology, which was created by Apple. The Allshare function is implemented by the developers of the famous South Korean brand. Samsung. The devices are synchronized by connecting them to your home wireless network. Then the Allshare application must be launched on the tablet, it can also be called Samsung Smart View. The program is available for free download on Google Play.

The program is equipped with a built-in file manager. When your TV and tablet are connected to your home network, you need to go to the application to display the image on the big screen. However, this program does NOT enjoy significant popularity. This trend is largely due to the lack of a mirroring screen mirroring option. You can only play previously downloaded files, but it will NOT work online.

Wireless connection

The use of cords and cables creates additional complications. This is why wireless technology is considered the preferred option. Absolutely all modern TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth chips. Therefore, problems with setting up the connection should not arise.

What is the principle of connecting a tablet to TV? There are several options. Each of them has certain advantages. Make the final choice based on your own preferences. Now let’s analyze in detail the most popular ways to wirelessly connect tablets to TV.

Tips before connecting

The choice of the optimal method for connecting the tablet to the TV depends on the specifications of the technology used. Conventionally, all available synchronization methods are divided into two groups: wireless and wired. Not all devices have wireless sync support. The advantages of wireless synchronization are obvious. there is no need to buy wires, adapters.

The wired connection is suitable for owners of older TVs that do NOT support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Synchronization difficulties should not arise. However, not every cable is capable of transmitting high-resolution images. Therefore, the picture quality can be poor.


This technology is mainly used for wireless transmission of audio signals. Therefore, Bluetooth is supported by almost all headphones popular today. You can set up a Bluetooth transmission, but this requires special software. You can download the application without any problems from the iOS and Android markets.

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Why is this technology used extremely rarely for signal transmission? She is not capable of broadcasting a picture in real time. The image quality is also poor. Therefore, it is more rational to connect the tablet to the TV via Wi-Fi. This is the most practical way to set up sync today.

What you need to connect your tablet to your TV

First, you need to find out if your gadget supports this feature. If so, ask what connectors will be used to connect, whether the necessary cables are included with the device and whether you can do without adapters. For those who are poorly versed in different types of connection, let’s dwell on each in more detail.

To begin with, a list of the methods available today:

  • Using the HDMI interface;
  • Using a composite (RCA) cable called a tulip;
  • Wireless Wi-Fi;
  • Via USB connector (mini USB)
  • Using a device that converts different types of signal. converter.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities, which means that almost any model is capable of it. The only differences are for what purposes you plan to combine two THESE devices: either for transmission. and audio information (for watching movies and launching games), or for using the tablet as a storage device, information from which will be available to the TV and read unilaterally.

Let’s consider the features of each of the 5 above methods in more detail.

Connection example on

HDMI is the best way to link two devices

Why the best? Because HDMI interface:

  • Allows you to transmit image and sound (including stereo) with just one cable. Thanks to this, you can get rid of the need to “hang” the TV set with a lot of cords and adapters;
  • Uses a digital signal transmission format due to which its highest quality is achieved;
  • It is present in most modern TVs, as it is very popular among users.
  • Increasingly found on tablets from different manufacturers;
  • Supports “display mirroring” technology, in which the TV “copies” everything that happens on the tablet display;
  • Allows you to set up a connection in one or two clicks (often without them at all).

To connect this, connect one end of the cable of the same name to the tablet, and the other to the TV. This will be followed by automatic transmission. and audio signals. In case this did not happen, visit the settings menu of both devices and select:

  • In the TV, the source (input, input, source.) of the signal is the HDMI port (if there are several of them, do not make a mistake with the number);
  • In tablet PC as output. HDMI.

If your tablet has only “mini-HDMI” or “micro-HDMI”, you can establish a connection via a cable that has a connector of this sample at one end, or use an adapter.

Composite RCA (cinch) connection

Does the TV have HDMI ports? Then the composite cable or, as it is also called, “tulip” will be able to connect the tablet to such a TV. Let the connection via RCA use the analog type of signal transmission (which is why the picture quality is a little “lame”), even if separate cables are needed to transmit the image and sound, but absolutely all modern (and not so) multimedia devices have the ability to connect in this way.

Use an HDMI-RCA converter, to which, on the one hand, you need to connect an HDMI-HDMI cable (its other end will “go” to the tablet), and on the other, three tulip cables (one yellow for signal transmission and red and white for sound ). The latter must be connected to special connectors on the TV, taking the color of the plugs.

This hi-tech connection method will be the best solution for users who have a “Smart” TV, equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Today, there are two ways to create a working tablet-TV system via Wi-Fi:

  • Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • Organization of work using third-party programs (selected individually for your equipment).

If your TV supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, you can entrust it with the connection: this method is the highest quality and most reliable, which makes it preferable.

Go to the wireless settings on the tablet, where you will find and start Wi-Fi. Some time after the successful launch of the function, go to the TV menu, where also look for the “Network” tab, and already in it. Wi-Fi Direct. After activating this connection, wait for the completion of the automatic configuration of both devices, upon completion of which the connection will be established, and they will work “in unison”.

Another method involves finding and installing software suitable for these purposes. It is necessary to find an application that meets all the requirements of the operating system that controls the tablet. Only in this case will its correct operation be guaranteed, and the connection will not torment you with constant failures. Install the program and follow the instructions of the wizard for the settings, after which the tablet will “inform” the TV in its readiness, and they will start working together.

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • Check if UPnP is active (used to automatically discover new devices)
  • Make sure firewalls are not blocking traffic between both devices.

Alas, tablet manufacturers still have not figured out how to connect a tablet to a TV via USB so that it can be used as an additional display for watching movies and launching applications. But it’s not so sad.

Even if the technology “display mirroring” (“mirroring” of the screen) is not possible to implement via USB, This does not prevent you from connecting the tablet as a data storage device (flash drive, roughly speaking), which the TV will use as a signal source.

By connecting both devices with a cable, you can, using the TV interface, manage the media files that the tablet stores in its memory. This method will allow the gadget to be repurposed into the storage of the home cinema library, the film from which can always be quickly retrieved for viewing. The connection can also transform the TV into an impromptu presentation board.

All ways to connect a tablet to a TV

Modern Tablet Computers Providing their owners with a lot of unique opportunities, Acting as not only a device for high-speed Internet access, work in a variety of programs and watching movies in high quality, but also as a full-fledged game console. To take your work with your device to a whole new level, it will be useful to learn how to connect your tablet to your TV. This will allow the latter to “escape” from its body and fully “Spread the Wings” on the TV screen. But for this, the user must master the SIMple intricacies of this procedure, stock up on the necessary cords and, if necessary, adapters for them.

Functional converter

The basic, most common methods of connecting a tablet to a TV have been described above. However, it happens that one of the devices does not have the required connector. This is where a functional converter comes in handy, as it passes different types of signals through itself, “adjusting” them to your needs. For example, it can be used to convert a digital signal from an HDMI connector to an analog one compatible with a VGA input. Converters are specially designed to solve such problems, and in most cases they successfully cope with them, you just need to know which one to choose for a specific type of signal (connector, interface).

Sony connectivity features

To connect your laptop to a Sony TV via Wi-Fi, you must use the dedicated Wi-Fi Direct program. The connection is made as follows:

  • On the PC, go to the “Explorer” and select the “Network” option. After the announcement “Network discovery and file sharing are disabled” appears, right-click on it and select the “Enable.” option. Access to multimedia files on your computer will be open. Then, in the message that appears, select the option “Create a private network”;
  • Switching the network value to “Home” in the settings;
  • We activate the Wi-Fi Direct program in the TV settings, go to the “Home” tab. Clicked on the tab indicated by the suitcase icon, enter the “Network” section. It is necessary to activate the modes “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • Go to the TV menu “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”, where we select the desired object from those available for pairing;
  • We connect devices.

Note: All Smart TVs from Sony are equipped with this program.

The advantage of Wi-Fi Direct is that the Internet is not required to connect the plasma to a laptop / smartphone. With built-in software, connecting your laptop to a Sony TV via Wi-Fi is easy.

Connecting from Windows 10

Connecting Smart TV to a computer running Windows 7/8 / 8.1 is significantly different from connecting to the latest OS. Windows 10 has a built-in transfer of multimedia files to any object over the network, as well as broadcasting to two screens at once without the help of third-party programs. You can connect Windows 10 devices to your TV via Wi-Fi in the following ways:

  • We connect the PC and the monitor to the same network;
  • Go to the computer control panel, select “Media streaming options” and enable the transfer option in the window that appears;
  • We configure the name and list of devices that have access to the network. It should be noted that each device in the list can be configured individually;
  • On TV, go to the shared data folder and enjoy watching.

The following settings are provided to broadcast the desktop to an external screen:

  • Press the key combination Win P, a menu will appear in which you should select one of four options for image transfer.

You can broadcast the image to the monitor even without settings: just right-click on the file and select “Transfer to device”.

Basics of connecting a laptop to a TV

A very common question among computer users is how to connect a TV as a monitor via Wi-Fi. The idea of ​​broadcasting an image from a small screen to a wide diagonal TV attracts moviegoers and gamers. Of course, buying a specialized widescreen monitor for watching downloaded movies, playing games or listening to music is unreasonably expensive. Since almost every apartment has plasma TVs, they can easily be used instead of a monitor. On a wide diagonal, the picture looks more realistic, and the viewer gets several times more emotions from viewing. However, there are not always special HDMI cables at hand for connection, and the personal computer may be located too far from the monitor. The wired connection is outdated, so we explain how to connect a laptop to a TV over Wi-Fi. You can also study our article on how it is possible to find out the password from Wi-Fi if you forgot it.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wi-fi

Queries on the topic of how to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi are gaining more and more popularity. We will explain how to correctly connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi without a cable and without losing image quality (Figure 1).

Samsung connectivity features

To connect a Samsung TV to a laptop via Wi-Fi, you should use Special Programs: for example, Samsung Allshare PC (Figure 3). The aLGorithm of actions to connect a laptop to a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi is as follows:

  • In the settings go to the “Menu”, select the “Network” section, then “Network Settings”, where we click on the “Start” button. After the list of possible connections appears, select the network, and enter the security password (if set)
  • In the settings of a PC or laptop, go to the “Network” section and connect to the same network as the TV;
  • From a personal computer, go to the browser on the manufacturer’s official website, select a model and download the Allshare PC extension for it for free. Then the program should be installed and proceed to the configuration. If both devices are connected to the same router, this will be displayed in the program menu. The devices should be combined by ticking the appropriate box;
  • A folder is created on the PC and indicated in the “Device List” menu, the files from which will be broadcast on the plasma screen;
  • On TV, go to the standard Allshare Play program. In the left side menu, select the type of media file you want to start (for example, “music” or “”). The program displays available folders and folder contents.
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Note: As we’ve seen, connecting your Samsung TV to your computer via Wi-Fi is a snap.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct and WiDi

As you can see, there are a lot of methods to connect TV to a laptop via Wi-Fi. Confusing wires, awkward cables and dozens of adapters are being replaced by wireless. The most popular systems are DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct (which we wrote about earlier) and WiDi. What is the principle of their work?

  • DLNA is a system that allows you to pair compatible devices and transfer content at maximum speed between them. Works on the basis of a Wi-Fi connection of all devices to the same network. over, devices can be completely different: from a tablet and a smartphone, ending with an X-box attachment and printers. Suitable for both home and work use. The already well-known LG SmartShare and Samsung AllShare work on the basis of this system. To share files, each folder is opened separately on your computer. However, by default, the server looks for files in the root folders of the My Documents group.
  • Wi-Fi Direct is a system thanks to which two or more devices can directly connect to each other without an additional link. a router. It has a separate resemblance to Bluetooth, but many times higher in speed and connection quality. Even if there is no internet, you can connect your laptop to your TV via Wi-Fi direct, creating a dedicated home network.
  • Widi is a system created by Intel for transferring data from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices to the Smart TV screen. With its help, you can transmit “surround” sound and view full-length (Full HD). The most suitable option for home theater.

Smart TV

Smart TV is an actively gaining popularity digital monitors, the main principle of which is to connect to the Internet. It is not difficult to connect your laptop to Smart TV via Wi-Fi, since each of them is equipped with a powerful Wi-Fi module. Remember: for pairing, both the computer and Smart TV must be connected to the same router (one network). The principles of connecting the screen to Wi-Fi differ, depending on the manufacturer’s brand. Our article provides instructions for Smart TV from such world-famous and popular companies as Samsung, LG and Sony, as well as the connection features of Windows 10 OS (Figure 2).

LG connectivity features

Smart TV from the manufacturer LG has a built-in program for broadcasting images from a PC / laptop to TV. LG Smart Share. To connect your laptop to your LG TV via Wi-Fi, use the following aLGorithm:

  • Download the free LG Smart Share application from the official website;
  • Upon completion of the installation and launching the program, a window will appear in which different categories of multimedia files will be indicated (“music”, “”, “photo”). We choose one of the categories. Immediately after that, an automatic search for all files on the computer will be performed;
  • We create separate folders to make it easier to find the files we need and open public access;
  • On TV, go to the menu and select the “Smart Share” option;
  • Go to the “Connected devices” tab and select from the list the name of the network to which the PC is connected;
  • After connecting the devices, go to “All folders” and select the desired multimedia file.

Setting up a broadcast from a PC / laptop to a screen from the manufacturer LG is very SIMple and does not require a long study of the instructions. Note that LG Smart Share also works without restrictions on Smart TVs from the manufacturers described above. Sony and Samsung. The principle of operation remains unchanged. By using this application, you will significantly save both your time and money, which you could spend on buying an HDMI cable.

Connecting TV to a laptop through third-party programs

In addition to the standard system settings and the applications discussed earlier in the article, you can connect the TV to a laptop via Wi-Fi using the following wireless transmission standards:

  • Home media server. The most popular application among users, downloadable completely free. The server converts the media files sent to the screen into a supported format. Powered by DLNA system.
  • Miracast is the second most popular free program that runs on Wi-Fi Direct. a connection without the Internet. With this application, you can broadcast Not only images and. But the very desktop of the device from which the playback is going. This function works in reverse. the screen image can be transferred to a computer or phone. The advantage is fast, uninterrupted operation of the connection even when transferring “heavy” files and support for 3D format.
  • Wild Media Server is a paid program that combines the advantages of the previous two applications. Powered by DLNA system.

Which program to use and how to connect the laptop to the TV via Wi-Fi, you decide for yourself. You can find programs in our section of programs for Windows. Each of the applications has a number of advantages and disadvantages. In this material, we examined the methods of broadcasting images from a PC to TV and answered all the questions on how to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi.

How to connect a tablet to a TV via a wireless Wi-Fi network

How to connect a tablet to a TV via Wi-Fi is a very common question these days. Thanks to modern technology, this has become possible. Of course, there are other connection methods, however, if the mobile device does not have an HDMI output, and the USB connector does not suit you for some reason, then wireless connection remains the only option.

It should be noted that in order to connect the tablet to a TV wirelessly, the latter must also support this technology. These TVs are called Smart TVs. They have built-in software and a real mini-computer. In other words, such a TV has a built-in browser and various utilities that allow you to use network resources.

What you need to connect a mobile gadget to TV via Wi-Fi

Let’s say you have a Smart TV. Now, to display content on a large screen from a mobile device, you need a special application that will open access to data for the TV. Here is a short list of programs from the most common manufacturers:

  • LG TV Remote.
  • Samsung Smart View.
  • Sony TV SideView.
  • Panasonic TV Remote 2.
  • Toshiba Remote.
  • Philips MyRemote.
  • Sharp AQUOS Remote Lite. See more.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to use the LG Remote app if you have an LG Smart TV. That is, the specified applications usually work with different TV models.

Of course, they work most stably with the corresponding brands. But, with others as well, problems, in the overwhelming majority of cases, do not arise. over, there are programs from third-party developers, which can be downloaded for free on the Play Market.

To connect your tablet to your TV via Wi-Fi, in addition to the corresponding app, you need a home network. In other words, both devices must be connected to the same access point. over, the router must have UPnP enabled, which can detect and recognize the connected devices and connection type.

What is Wi-Fi technology and how does it work:

How to connect a tablet to a TV via Wi-Fi

This is extremely easy to do. As mentioned above, TV and a mobile gadget must be connected to one router (access point). Looking for the most profitable casino? Mafia casino is your choice! Here you can get a sea call and finally hit your jackpot! This way you combine them into one group. Now, in order for the TV to access certain files, you need to launch any of the specified applications. In addition to these programs, there are others. For example, Media Server is the most widely used.

It is worth noting that you yourself can choose the files and folders that will be available for display on the big screen. over, in the settings you can specify trusted devices.

In this case, the program is already configured by default. That is, you just need to start it and enable the “Server” function.

How to make a Wi-Fi network at home:

I have over 10 years of experience in IT. I am engaged in design and adjustment of commissioning works. I also have extensive experience in building networks, system administration and working with access control systems and surveillance.
I work as a specialist in the Techno-Master company.

Third party applications

You can easily find these applications in the Play Market, download them to your tablet and use them to connect to the TV. In fact, they do the previous described functions, but in a convenient interface. this way you can clearly avoid misunderstandings from changes in the interface of new versions of mobile operating systems.

Here are some of them (selected for the manufacturer, but as a rule, the application can work with other TV brands due to the same standard):

  • LG TV Remote
  • Samsung Smart View
  • Sony TV SideView
  • Panasonic TV Remote 2
  • Toshiba Remote
  • Philips MyRemote
  • Sharp AQUOS Remote Lite

Your TV must support this technology to work properly.

DLNA is a media server technology. Convenient to use for viewing. On the tablet, you must install any suitable DLNA application through which it will be possible to allow the TV to access the necessary folders and files. THOSE. You download all your movies to your tablet, activate the application, and the TV is already quietly connected to this created “media server” and plays whatever you want.

  • Bubbleupnp
  • Imediashare
  • DLNA server
  • Airwire
  • Mediaserver

Here’s an example using the latter program:

  • We launch it:
  • Indicate what you want to share with the TV:
  • On the TV, go to the desired section. On my LG. these files are visible through LG Smart Share. Alternatively, you can send the file directly from the application for viewing from the tablet to the TV, and on the TV you just have to confirm its playback.

Basic ways

Details for each specific connection method will be given below. Here we will focus on the general listing for a brief understanding of the technologies. Depending on the task and capabilities, you will choose one or another method. But the main thing that is worth understanding is that the connection method is NOT the only one and there is always plenty to choose from.

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The easiest way would be to connect via wire. modern tablets via adapters support many connection options. HDMI, USB, MHL, RCA, VGA, etc. But this article is clearly not about that. The task comes down to the fact that the TV and tablet are connected to a single network via Wi-Fi (usually to a router) and you just need to transfer the picture from the tablet to the TV.

On the one hand, the task is SIMplified (after all, everything is already at hand), on the other hand, it is far from always possible to make friends between 2 devices in wireless communication. But we will try. The main connection methods available:

  • Wi-Fi Direct and its offshoot Miracast. you can watch content and duplicate the screen.
  • Third-party applications. usually from official TV manufacturers, but there are also common counterparts.
  • DLNA servers. you can watch a movie or photo on TV, listen to music.
  • Airplay. for iPad.

For each of them I propose to run below.

Not all TVs and tablets support remote connection and screen mirroring.


Previous technologies have mainly spread to Android tablets. There is another thing for iPad owners. AirPlay. But the technology is strongly tied to Apple products. it will additionally require an Apple TV or an Apple TV set-top box to work.

To mirror, if compatible devices are found in the local network, the Detected TV will appear in the curtain, and to pair with it, just select this option:

How to watch a movie from a tablet on TV: 5 cool ways

Hello! In this article, we will analyze the main ways how you can connect your tablet to your TV via Wi-Fi to watch movies, photos, your tablet’s desktop screen, or just to listen to music. You choose the tasks yourself, but my goal is to show the available methods. We read about all this briefly and without water below.

Something may NOT work for you, new ways may appear, questions will surely arise in the process of trying. write in your experience in the comments to this article. This might be useful to other readers.!

  • Basic ways
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Third party applications
  • DLNA
  • Airplay
  • Youtube

Wi-Fi Direct

We have already written in great detail about Wi-Fi Direct in this article.

An approximate connection plan without the details of the above article (may differ depending on the model). The key point is that the tablet runs on Android, for iOS I recommend to act by analogy and independently find the desired option.

  • On the tablet: Go to Settings. Wireless networks. Connect to home Wi-Fi.
  • On the tablet: without leaving the connection menu, go to the Additional settings (with a separate button or through the “three dots” menu). Choose the option “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • On TV: Go to settings. You are looking for the Wi-Fi Direct option (everything is more complicated here, because TV interfaces differ markedly among themselves, because there is a single operating system). Including it, and a tablet should appear in the search, with which we do Pairing.

Then you can already watch movies and photos on the screen, and to display the whole screen through the “Settings” you need to activate the “Screen Mirroring” or “Screen Mirroring Miracast” function.


A very cool and handy feature. You can launch the Youtube application on your tablet, and if a suitable TV appears on your local network, just share any one on it:

Common techniques have been reviewed. For each of them, most likely we have large additional articles with all the details. So if something doesn’t work out. write comments, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Until next time!

Wi-Fi Direct

  • We go to the gadget settings. In the section “Wireless networks” we find the option “Wi-Fi Direct”, put a tick in front of it, then go to the settings of the TV transmitter.
  • In the TV parameters, we find the “Network” section. The path to this section may differ depending on your TV model. Choosing “Wi-fi Direct”.
  • In the open settings window for this function, put the slider in the “On” position, we find our device, synchronizing with the TV.
  • If you are going to control the TV, you will need to download the Corresponding applications in the market, in other cases you can only View photos and listen to music, broadcast streaming.
  • How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB

    So, in order to use a tablet to connect to a TV via USB, we need the presence of the MHL standard in the tablet. Otherwise, the TV will not give the device control and will perceive it as an ordinary USB flash drive. MHL protocol combines HDMI and USB.

    We go into the tablet settings, turn on the MHL transfer, then connect via the USB-HDMI adapter to the Corresponding ports and start diving. In this mode, we can communicate with our friends in messengers, including streaming services, run high resolution. Unfortunately, you cannot use the MHL interface for both HDMI and USB connections at the same time, so take care in advance if your phone is DISCHARGED.

    How to connect a tablet to TV through a tulip

    If you are NOT a special fan of modern TV with a bunch of ads and your TV is old and Soviet, none of the above options will suit you. But certainly on any TV you can find an RCA interface, called “tulip” in everyday life. To combine a tablet with such a TV, you need NOT a SIMple adapter, but a converter adapter, which, unlike a modern adapter, is a little more difficult to find on the market.

    • You will NOT be able to control the old TV through a tablet, but you can use it as a screen, play music and watch movies, an identical scaled image is displayed
    • RCA adapter converts a higher order image (digital) into a signal for analog TV

    We need to connect the output device (in our case, a tablet with an HDMI connector) to the TV through the Corresponding colors in the tulip connectors. and audio. In the TV settings, select the output device mode. If everything is done correctly. Make sure that even an old TV can be connected to a modern device, although the quality of the signal will be chrome, due to the fact that the analog signal precedes the digital one in the hierarchy.

    How to connect a tablet to a TV wirelessly

    You will say that cords and wires are the last century, and you will be right. Already, wireless technology is helping us eliminate tons of unnecessary accessories while speeding up the setup process. Some TVs that have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, by default, are preinstalled by the manufacturer with special utilities that make it easier to connect the TV to any device. We will take a look at 2 of the most popular ones: Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Miracast.

    How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI

    • After we have connected both devices, the audio and signal setting will start automatically, if this has not happened, we need to automatically enter debug mode on the tablet and TV receiver and do the following: in the TV settings, specify the input value for the HDMI port, and on the tablet designate this port for signal output.
    • In the event that the generations of HDMI ports on the TV differ, you may need HDMI adapters for Microusb, but in this case the quality of the signal transmitted through the cable will be the most optimal.
    • The latest HDMI 2.0 standard provides the best signal quality, supporting up to UltraHD, while increasing bandwidth to 18.2 Gb / s. It is a pity that this standard was introduced quite recently, and has not yet become widespread on devices, while increasingly replacing the first generation.

    When the connection setup is completed, the image from the tablet is displayed on the TV, and the tablet becomes the control panel of the media system. Since the signal going through the cable is digital, we can watch a high quality image even without resorting to the services of a Smart set-top box. over, by activating the “display mirror” function, we get a replica of one image on the TV and the device. Instead of a bunch of wires. just one cord, but it is the cord that becomes a stumbling block for the ubiquitous adoption of HDMI. so the tablet’s working space is occupied by an additional slot.

    Connecting your tablet to a TV using Wi-Fi and USB

    • 1. How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI
    • 2. How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB
    • 3. How to connect a tablet to TV through a tulip
    • 4. How to connect your tablet to TV wirelessly
    • 5. Wi-Fi Direct
    • 6. Wi-Fi Miracast

    An ordinary modern tablet can be used Not only as a compact media center for watching movies, listening to music and games, but also as an output device connected to a TV, allowing you to do all of the above on a large screen. How to connect a tablet to a TV, what wires are needed for this and what this will give us in the end. we will tell you about everything in this article.

    Wi-Fi Miracast

    An absolutely innovative protocol that allows you to display live images from a tablet on a TV. It is just starting to appear on mobile devices, but deserves a mention. So far, additional testing is underway, but now you can find out if there is a function in your gadget. To do this, go to the tablet settings, in the “Screen” section, find the “Wireless Projector” menu.

    Due to its so far experimental distribution, the function can cause equipment malfunctions or conflicts in software, and then you have no choice but to connect the tablet to the TV in a SIMpler way.