How to connect a smartphone to a sony bravia TV

How to Mirror Phone Screen to Sony Bravia TV

You can install Screen Mirroring only if both the TV receiver and the mobile device support Miracast technology. As already noted, Miracast is characterized by the simplification of technology. And here everything is really very simple.

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Depending on the Android version and smartphone model, the steps may differ slightly. In the Android 6.0 version, for this, go to the settings. “networks and communications”. “wireless display”. Activate the mode. The smartphone will start searching for available equipment, after which your TV will appear in the list. Click on it. the contact will be automatically established, and an image from your mobile device will appear on the TV screen.

If the connection was not established automatically, do the following: click on the “Input” switch, which is located on the control panel, then “duplication”, then turn on the wireless display from the smartphone.

How to display an image from the display of a smartphone or tablet on a TV? A few years ago, the only way to solve this problem was to purchase a micro USB to HDMI adapter. But the use of an adapter has a number of limitations and inconveniences:

  • not all TVs and smartphones support the MHL standard, which is required for video signal transmission;
  • the mobile gadget is physically “tied” to the TV.

To solve the problems caused by the physical connection of mobile gadgets to large screens, Wi-Fi Display technology was introduced in 2012. a wireless connection method developed on the basis of the Wi-Fi Direct standard, called Miracast.

The advantages of this method are:

  • lack of wires;
  • the absence of an intermediary in signal transmission. the smartphone and the TV connect to each other directly, without using a router or access point;
  • high quality of the transmitted image.

The only condition is that the source and receiver of the signal support Wi-Fi technology. This communication standard has long been an indispensable attribute of even the simplest mobile gadgets. In modern TVs, Wi-Fi support is also common. its availability can be clarified in the instructions for the TV.

If there is no such support, a special adapter that connects to the HDMI port will help to fix the situation. The main thing is that the adapter supports Miracast technology.

Among mobile devices, the standard is supported only by those running Android OS, starting from version 4.2. For convenience, the name of the technology is often paired with the name of the supported OS. Miracast Android.

For details on adapters, see the following

Turning on on a smartphone or tablet

To enable Miracast on Android devices, do this:

  • Check that the Wi-Fi module is turned on:
  • swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings panel;
  • if the Wi-Fi icon is white, then the connection is working;
  • if not, tap on the icon to enable.
  • Activate broadcast mode. Some models have built-in support for this technology, others need an additional program (application) for Mirakast to work.

How to check for built-in support:

  • Go to the settings menu: swipe down from the top of the display to open the quick settings panel;
  • “Tap” the gear icon;
  • Select the “Screen” item;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page;
  • If the line “Broadcast” or “Wireless screen” is present, it means that no additional programs are needed for the function to work. Just go to this section and activate the function.

In some versions of Android and branded skins from the manufacturer of the gadget, this functionality can be activated in a different way:

  • in the settings, go to the “Wireless networks” section, click on “” or “Other networks”;
  • select “Play to” or “Broadcast”;
  • select the “Transfer Screen” icon.

If there are no such lines, to use the technology, download a special application and duplicate the image with it:

  • Open the Play Store;
  • Type in the search bar “miracast”;
  • Install the application you like based on the rating;
  • Open the installed application.

After starting the program, a warning will appear on the display that not all devices support the broadcast. Click “Connect”.

On the broadcast screen, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and check the “Enable” box. Then enable “Screen Share” (LG) or “Screen Mirroring” (Samsung).

The found TV will be displayed in the list of devices. click on its name to connect. After that, the display of the mobile device will be duplicated on TV.

Connection completed! When transferring a dynamic picture such as movies or games, the picture on the TV may lag behind the picture on the mobile device.

If you need help connecting devices, write in the comments. Indicate the brand of smartphone and TV, let’s try to figure it out together.

Not all owners of modern Smart TV and Android smartphones or tablets know that it is possible to transfer images from a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi using Miracast technology. There are other ways, for example, using an MHL cable or Chromecast (a separate device that connects to the HDMI port of the TV and receives an image via Wi-Fi) or using DLNA when connected to the same network.

In this manual, you will learn in detail how to use the ability to broadcast images with sound from your Android 9, 8, 7 and earlier phone to a TV that supports Miracast technology (Screen Mirroring). At the same time, despite the fact that the connection is carried out via Wi-FI, the presence of a router at home is not required, in any case for the direct transmission, which is discussed in the first part of the manual. May also be interesting: How to use an Android and iOS phone as a TV remote.

Miracast sony bravia setup

In this article we will tell you how to connect your phone to a Sony Bravia TV via WI-FI, how to duplicate the display, as well as the Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast technologies themselves. Modern Sony TVs have many useful options that significantly expand their functionality. This is the ability to display images from smartphones “over the air”, without the need for wires. watch photos, videos, listen to music on a large scoreboard, use your smartphone as a control panel and much more. But in order to take full advantage of these functions, it is important to make the correct settings.

How to connect your phone to a Sony Bravia TV via WI-FI is described in the operating instructions. But, despite the detailed manual, many users encounter various difficulties during the installation process. For example, how to proceed if the smartphone is controlled not by Android, but by iOS, or what to do if the phone does not have Direct, where to find the access code from WiF-i in TV, or why did everything follow the instructions, but nothing happens? We will also analyze these questions in this article.

Wi-Fi-Direct is an option due to which you can combine mobile gadgets and TV into a single network over the air, bypassing a wired connection via a LAN or the World Wide Web. To connect them, there is no need to use additional equipment and consumables (such as routers, modems, cables, signal splitters and other telecommunications equipment). In this case, the bandwidth of the channel is identical to the bandwidth of 802.11 devices. In other words, the data transfer rate is the same as when using regular Wi-Fi.

Miracast is a new standard for wireless video transmission. It is based on Dir ect, but in comparison with it, the technology in question has a number of improvements and differences. When creating Mirakast, the developers tried to simplify the process of organizing communication as much as possible. And they did it perfectly. Any owner of a smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other mobile gadget with Miracast support can play games on a tablet or smartphone and display an image on a large screen, display photos, multimedia content. The TV will display everything that happens on the display of the gadget. And all this “through the air”, without wires and with just a few touches.

Turn on TV

How to enable Mirakast on LG TV:

  • Activate this function in the menu:
  • press the “settings” button on the remote control;
  • in the “Network” section, activate the Miracast / Intel’s WiDi item.
  • Run the application to display the image:
  • press the Smart TV button (blue) on the LG button remote, or the Home (house) button on the Magic Remote;
  • select “Screen Share”.

Sony Bravia Screen Mirroring- follow if you can’t mirror your phone. Activate Subtitle for more inf

To enable Miracast on Samsung TV, no preliminary manipulations are required. press the Source button on the remote control and select “Screen Mirroring”

On Sony Bravia TV, press the source select button and select Screen mirroring.

If you activate Wi-Fi Direct, then duplication will be turned on automatically when source appears (a smartphone with an activated option).

In Philips TV, a separate Wi-Fi Miracast item located in the network settings is responsible for this function.

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For instructions on connecting your smartphone to TV using Mirakast, see here:

How to connect your phone to your Sony Bravia TV

Now let’s look at the features of connecting Android devices to Sony TV.

As with the iPhone, the first step is to go into the device’s settings. In it, find the WI-Fi menu and turn on the module, then click on the three dots, then on Wi-Fi-Direct.

After activating the Wi-Fi-.Direct button, the gadget will start searching for suitable devices. It will take some time. Upon completion, you will be presented with a list of all gadgets available for communication. Select the SSID of your home theater from this list, specify Password. The TV screen will ask you to connect a new device. Click “Ok”. Next, the TV receiver synchronizes and then displays a message about the successfully established pairing.

Do not forget that no more than ten external gadgets can be synchronized with TV via Wi-Fi Direct. To see the list of gadgets working in the home network, you need to go to the direct debug menu on the TV set, then press the “Options” button on the remote control and select “Show the list of devices”. If you want to remove any of the connections, click on the button located in the center of the remote control. You will see the “Do you really want to remove from the list” dialog box. Use the arrows on the remote to move to the word “Yes”, then click on the central button.

How to connect the Internet to a Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi if the phone does not have direct? It’s simple. In TV, go to Wi-Fi-Direct debugging mode, press the “Options” button on the control panel and select “Manual”. In the window that opens, select “Other methods”. A window will appear on the monitor displaying the name of the network and the password required to enter. This name must be found in the Wi.Fi-settings menu of the smartphone and write Password.

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Sony Bravia TV

It’s easy to activate Wi-Fi.Direct on TV. To do this, you must enable the “Built in Wi-Fi” checkbox, and then Wi-Fi-Dir ect.

  • Pick up the remote control, find the HOME button on it and click on it. Note! Some users are faced with the fact that after performing this action, the TV freezes and nothing happens. In this case, you must perform a power reset or reboot and then try again. If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting all devices from the TV and performing a factory reset.
  • Next, you need to go to the Advanced settings interface. To do this, follow this path: Settings. NETWORKACCESSORIES. NETWORK. Advanced settings.
  • On the tab “built-in WI-FI” Built-in.Wi-Fi put the icon in the On field.
  • Also set the On in the Wi-Fi.Direct box. Many users are also interested in how to find out the password for WI-FI Direct on a Sony Bravia TV. This can be done in the same menu in the Show Network (SSID) / Password dialog. When pressed, a window with the name of the network and the secret code will be displayed on the TV screen. These data are subsequently entered manually in the Wi-Fi debugs of the connected mobile device. If the connection was established successfully, a notification about this will appear on the TV-receiver monitor.

Now you know how to connect Wi-Fi to your Sony Bravia TV. Immediately after carrying out the above actions, TV goes into synchronization mode and waits for binding. Here you can also set the confirmation of synchronization when trying to communicate with an unfamiliar device: on the remote control, click on the “Options” button and enable the item “Registration notification”.

How to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi

If the relationship is not established, try again, after making sure that the password is entered correctly.

Connecting bluetooth devices via LG TV Plus app

For Android and iOS there is an application called LG TV Plus. It is designed to control LG TVs that run on webOS.

It seems to be where this application is, right? But I found a video that shows how almost any Bluetooth device can be connected to an LG TV through LG TV Plus. Including headphones and a speaker. But I just can’t say for sure, starting from which version of webOS there is such an opportunity. It looks like as of webOS 3.0.

How it works: install LG TV Plus on a smartphone or tablet. We go into the application and connect to your TV. There is a “Bluetooth Agent” section in the application settings. Through this agent, you can connect wireless headphones to your LG TV.

Here’s a video (about the Bluetooth Agent feature from 3:48):

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV. Solution

Connecting wireless headphones to a TV is identical to connecting to any wireless device (module). The only difference is the settings menu of the TV itself.

To connect Bluetooth headphones, the TV must have a Bluetooth transmitter. It is not available in all TVs, but mainly in models from 2010.

  • TOP 10: Best Headphones for TV
  • TOP 15: Best Wireless Headphones
  • We go to the TV settings and search for Bluetooth devices. Usually this function is in settings: sound.> loudspeaker / bluetooth / device / something similar. We search for Bluetooth devices (watch the video);
  • We turn on wireless headphones;
  • We turn on the pairing mode on the Bluetooth headphones. usually it is the power button held down for 5-10 seconds. See the instructions for your headphones;
  • In the submenu “List of Bluetooth devices” select your headset model.
  • We make pairing (connection). Done! Headphones are connected;

With different TV models, the setting is different, but the principle is the same.

Several different ways to connect wireless headphones to a TV that does not support Bluetooth technology. True, all of them will not do without assistive devices.

How to connect to Android TV system?

Sony TV owners often wonder how to sync their wireless headphones with Android TV. Everything is quite simple if you follow certain instructions that have been tested in practice. There is a certain algorithm of actions that allows you to do everything quickly and efficiently:

  • Initially, you need to display the Android TV menu on the screen, find the icon for wired and wireless networks;
  • This is followed by turning on Bluetooth and searching for available devices;
  • Now it’s time for headphones, they need to be turned on, set up a search in Bluetooth;
  • After the TV detects them, you can start connecting;
  • If you did everything correctly, you will see an inscription on the screen that headphones of a certain brand are connected.

In the future, the headphones will automatically connect to the system, when you turn on Bluetooth, just wait a little.

For a long time I did not want to sit down to write this article, and not even because I was lazy, but simply the topic of connecting Bluetooth headphones to TVs with Smart TVs is very “dark”. It all started when I bought myself Bluetooth headphones and connected them to my Philips TV, which runs on Android TV. Everything was connected very easily and without any problems. I thought, why not write detailed instructions on how to connect wireless headphones to TVs. over, many modern TVs have Bluetooth support.

But somehow I didn’t really want to write only about Philips TVs, I decided to make a general instruction and show how you can connect Bluetooth headphones with LG, Samsung and Sony TVs. There, as I do not have these TVs, and I cannot check everything from personal experience, then I started looking for information on the Internet. And then it began. If Philips and Sony TVs that run on Android TV can connect to wireless headphones without problems, then LG with webOS and Samsung Smart TVs have a complete mess.

It is clear that the TV must have a built-in Bluetooth adapter. But you probably know that almost all TVs work only with original devices (cameras, adapters, remotes, etc.). It’s about the same story with headphones. You can easily connect an original Bluetooth stereo headset to LG and Samsung TVs. But ordinary headphones are unlikely to be connected. But it depends on the TV model, series, firmware version, year of production and what the hell knows what else. The porridge is such that after studying this topic for several hours, my brain boiled.

It seems that in the new models of Samsung TVs, you can already connect any Bluetooth headphones. There is also a service menu in which you can try to enable support for this function. But again, it all depends on the series and model. LG has pretty much the same story. And if you believe the support of LG, then only original headphones can be connected. But again, not on all models.

To avoid confusion, I will divide this article into three sections. I’ll tell you about each manufacturer separately. I’ll show you how you can try to connect Bluetooth headphones in the TV settings.

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In order not to waste time, I advise you to immediately make sure that your TV has built-in Bluetooth (if you have a Smart TV, then most likely it does). In some models, it must be connected with a separate proprietary adapter. You can see the characteristics of your model on the official website.

If your TV does not have Bluetooth, or it flatly refuses to see the headphones, then you can use a special Bluetooth transmitter. which connects to the 3.5 mm TV output (it is also possible to connect via RCA (tulip), or optical audio output). and headphones are already connected to it. I will tell you more about such adapters at the end of the article (or read the article about Bluetooth transmitters at the link above).

Where is the headphone jack on Sony TVs?

Modern Sony TVs are equipped with several connectors that allow you to connect to a wireless headset. To connect your headset to the headphone jack, you just need to find the required jacks on the back of the TV. There is a corresponding output, which is designed to connect wireless headphones. Manufacturers almost always add instructions to avoid mistakes.

2.1 Via bluetooth transmitter

The Bluetooth transmitter can have different connectors for connection:

  • mini-jack 3.5mm (Mini-Jack);
  • AUDIO RCA (tulip);
  • Optical Digital Audio.

To connect wireless headphones to a TV using a Bluetooth transmitter, proceed as follows:

  • Connect the transmitter to your TV.
  • Pair the transmitter with the headphones. To do this, use the instructions included in the kit.

In case of problems with the sound in the headphones after connecting, first make sure that it is the transmitter that is to blame. To do this, test it on any other device. PC or laptop. If the sound works fine on other devices, then it’s all about the settings of your TV. Sometimes in TVs, to output sound to external devices, you must manually enable this option in the settings menu.

How to connect headphones to a Sony TV?

To quickly and correctly connect headphones, you need to understand the design features of Sony TVs. There are 2 connection options. the rear panel is equipped with several connectors. It’s easy enough to figure out how to connect headphones to your TV.

  • Initially, you need to find the AUDIO OUT output, in some models it may be MONITOR OUT.
  • Using the MONITOR OUT jack, you can simultaneously receive sound from the headphones and the built-in speakers.
  • If you want to abstract yourself from society, you must use AUDIO OUT and first disable the functionality of the built-in speakers. After that, only the headset will be responsible for sound reproduction.

2.5 Using Roku

In order to watch TV with wireless headphones using the Roku TV box, you need:

  • Download and install the Roku app on your smartphone.
  • Connect wireless headphones to your smartphone (to do this, also make sure that your smartphone is connected to the same wireless network as your set-top box).
  • Enjoy private viewing of your favorite shows.
  • If you want to disconnect your wireless headphones from your TV, just turn off your headphones or disconnect them from your phone.

Also, some Roku models have a headphone jack built into the remote so you can watch TV with regular wired headphones without plugging them directly into your TV.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung TV

Moving on to Samsung TVs, which are in complete confusion about this topic. As I already wrote at the beginning of the article, it seems that new models of some specific series support the connection of Bluetooth headphones from any manufacturer. At least I saw a video where Beats headphones were connected to the J series TV without any problems.

I don’t know what kind of Samsung TV you have, what firmware it has, Smart TV version, etc., but I advise you to try it. What if everything works out and will work.

We connect: Open the TV settings. Go to “Sound”. “Speaker Settings”. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and place them next to your TV. They must be online. The blue indicator should be blinking. Select “Bluetooth Headphone List”.

If you do not have the item “List of Bluetooth headphones”, or it is inactive, then you can try to activate it in the service menu of the TV. About this below in the article.

Menu appearance may differ slightly.

Next, the TV should find our wireless headphones.

We select them and the devices will be paired. The sound from the Samsung TV will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the headphones. If you turn them off, then the sound will come from the TV speakers.

In the settings you need to open the “Sound” section, then “Select speaker” and “Audio Bluetooth”.

How to connect Sony Bravia TV to IPTV, setup and problem solving

Classic television, as a rule, is accident-free, and this is its disadvantage. To access a large number of channels, you need to be connected to cable or satellite TV. For some reason, not everyone has the ability or desire to install a satellite dish or run a cable into the house. Service providers know this and have come up with the perfect solution. IPTV. Next, let’s talk about installing IPTV for Sony Bravia TVs.

Some information about IPTV

IPTV technology, or Internet Protocol Television, is the transmission of a television signal using an Internet connection. It’s important to note that IPTV is not a streaming service like Netflix, for example. This means that to receive this type of transmission, you need a special set-top box or a Wi-Fi connection.

The biggest plus of this connection is interactivity. Due to the fact that playback is recorded, almost all broadcasts can be paused, rewound and re-started. By connecting IPTV, you no longer need to adjust to the channel’s schedule, you yourself control what you want to watch.

Depending on the service provider, the service part makes it possible to group channels by playlists to make navigation more convenient and take less time. You can also connect additional packages of TV channels, usually they are sorted by subject.

How to connect to WI-FI

Thanks to Smart technology, Sony BRAVIA TV can be connected to a wireless network. This is done as follows:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” item. “System settings”.
  • Use the down arrow button on the remote control to scroll to Network. Then press the “OK” button.
  • Next, select the “Network Settings” option and press the “OK” key again.
  • Select the “Network Connection Settings”.
  • When prompted how you would like to set up your network, select “Specialist”.
  • After that, click on “Wireless Setup”, then select “Wi-Fi Network” to check for available wireless networks.
  • After a short pause, all available wireless networks (SSIDs) will be displayed. Select yours from the list and click “OK”.
  • Enter your password in the access field.
  • When the TV is successfully connected to the Internet, select “Exit network settings”.

Your Sony Bravia TV should now be connected to the internet wirelessly. Select Applications to test your connection. “Internet browser” and find something in the search engine.

How to set up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

Before you start setting up your IPTV, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. Without an Internet connection, digital TV from the network will not work.

Installing SS IPTV

So, after turning on the Internet connection, you can start setting up your IPTV. To do this, you need:

  • In the settings menu, go to the “All applications” section.
  • Launch the “Opera TV” application.
  • In the program settings, enable the “Developer section”.
  • Find and select the “Generate ID” option. Once the key is generated, write down or remember it.
  • Next, you need to go and register on the website, indicating your email there.
  • You will receive a letter with a link to this mail, you need to go to it.
  • A window will open where you need to enter the TV model and ID-key.
  • As soon as the data is entered, the TV will start syncing.
  • After the end of pairing, go to the “Developer” section.
  • There, select the item “URL Loader”, then enter into the line.
  • Finally, you need to agree to the user agreement, specify the country and provider.

The SS IPTV installation is completed, now the TV can be viewed through the program, you do not need to purchase a set-top box.

How to install Vintera TV

If for some reason the previous option does not suit you, then you should install Vintera TV. The functionality is almost identical, so you can consider this option.

  • Either in PlayMarket or Opera TV, in the search engine write “Vintera TV”.
  • Click the “Install” button.
  • Once the application is installed, go to it and apply the necessary parameters.
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Possible problems and solutions

The most common problem that appears after setting up IPTV is “Error 2200”.

  • Press “Home” on the remote and go to the “System settings”.
  • Then go to “Settings”. “Network configuration”. “Refresh Internet Content”.
  • If a window appears with the message “Please wait and try again later”, then return to the menu and repeat the sequence of actions.

MHL and SlimPort

This type of connection requires a special connector from the phones, and any TV that has an HDMI input will do. Most popular phone models are deprived of this kind of connectors, but still some manufacturers provide their offspring with such zest. These include Samsung, Sony, LG and Nexus.

  • MHL technology. Cables of this type have two types of connectors. eleven and five-channel, and the former are preferable only for Samsung phones. MHL cables need an additional power supply, which is provided with a power supply connected via USB. This technology is capable of broadcasting a picture in quality up to 1080p (for modifications with interface version 2.0). The new Sony Xperia and Tablet models have version 3.0, capable of reproducing 4K quality;
  • Slimport technology. The main difference from MHL is the freedom from an additional power source. The quality of the transmitted picture remains the same, but in the presence of a high-quality cable;

Pay attention to the final video clip:

Miracast technology

A fairly simple way to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-fi, but only on one condition. both devices must support this technology. In fact, such a function simply duplicates everything that happens on the phone screen and displays the image on the LED screen. The connection takes place directly, without the participation of a wi-fi router, but if the TV is connected to a home network, then wi-fi Direct mode must be enabled on it.

Not all manufacturers call the Miracast function the same, so different devices have the following names:

  • Chinese phone models. Wireless Projector, Wireless Monitor, Wireless Display, Screen Mirroring;
  • LG smartphones. ScreenShare;
  • Samsung. AllShare Cast;
  • All phones on the Windows Phone platform. Project My Screen;
  • Apple smartphones. AirPlay utility.

It would seem that such a connection is an ideal option for fully using the TV screen as a phone’s desktop, but there is one significant drawback, and it lies in the fact that when broadcasting media files, the picture quality is significantly lost. This nuance can be circumvented, since when playing content from a smartphone, the player used has a button in one of the corners of the screen, marked HQ. By clicking on it, the image will improve, because the smartphone will switch to broadcast transmission via DLNA technology (this function does not work when using a web browser and games).

HDMI cable connection

In principle, the whole process of connecting devices to each other is similar to synchronization via USB, but there are still some differences. First of all, you need to make sure that your TV and smartphone have HDMI and mini-HDMI ports, respectively. Now you need to choose a good HDMI cable for your TV, which you need to connect to the connectors described above. If such a cord is already available, then the task is even more simplified. After these manipulations, it is necessary to turn on the HDMI mode on the TV (if there are several such inputs, then you need to select the one to which the connection was made), a window will appear on the phone about permission to switch the device to external storage mode, which must be confirmed.

The main advantage over other methods of synchronization, HDMI provides the maximum quality of the image and audio stream, and also provides high speed multimedia data transfer. Before connecting your phone to the TV via HDMI cable, you must take into account the lack of charge. For this reason, you will have to additionally throw up the charger.

Advice! If your phone does not have a special output for such a connection, then you can use an adapter from mini-USB to mini-HDMI, the transmission quality will not change from this.

Wi-fi wireless connection

This is the most common way to sync your phone to your TV. It is simple, convenient and does not require any in-depth knowledge. Absolutely every smartphone has Wi-Fi support, but the TV has this module only in modern models. Although it is also possible to connect an external wireless network adapter to outdated TVs. If you are the owner of a TV with Wi-fi support, then by connecting your phone to it without any cords, you will plunge into the wonderful world of the Internet and all kinds of applications on the big screen.

USB wired connection

Perhaps the easiest way to “connect” devices to each other. To learn how to connect your phone to a TV via a USB cable, you only need to prepare one thing. your USB cable (preferably the one that came with the gadget). In this way, you can combine almost any phone with an internal memory. We are talking about modern smartphones on any operating system. So, plug the cable into the appropriate jack on the TV, and connect the other end to the phone. In the TV settings, using the remote control, we select the signal mode from USB, and on the phone we confirm the transition of the device to the state of an external storage. That’s it, now you can play all media files from your phone to your TV screen.

  • The disadvantage of such a connection is the lack of using a browser, games and utilities.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct

For such a connection, it is necessary that wi-fi Direct technology is present on the phone and TV. If we consider smartphones, then you can find this function in the settings, in the “Wireless connections and networks” tab. By clicking on the wi-fi Direct option, the device will ask you to confirm its inclusion, which in fact needs to be done.

Advice! The same technology is used to connect the tablet to the TV. The whole process is practically unchanged!

Now you need to enable the same function on your TV. Using the remote control, enter the settings menu, select the “Network” item, and in the window that opens, click on the wi-fi Direct line. After confirming that the option is enabled, the TV will start searching for available devices in the range of the wireless network, where your phone should be detected. After selecting the found device, confirm the connection by clicking the “OK” button. After that, the phone will also ask you to confirm the synchronization with the appropriate action. When both devices communicate with each other, you will be able to view all the content stored on the phone (photos, videos, documents, audio recordings) on the big screen.

Let’s take a look at this procedure using the Sony BRAVIA as an example:

  • The undoubted advantage of this method is its versatility. Wi-fi Direct technology is supported by many devices, regardless of the price category and manufacturer.

We connect a smartphone to a TV: 5 ways

It has long been no secret that all sorts of devices can be connected to a modern LED TV, significantly expanding its functions. One of these devices is the telephone. Their current models are crammed with a huge arsenal of programs that are “sharpened” for synchronization with TV. Multimedia interfaces, playgrounds, Internet surfing, online communication: all these transform your TV into a home entertainment center. Experts give their advice on how to connect your phone to a TV via a USB cable or a Wi-fi wireless adapter. Whether it’s an old smartphone or the new iPhone 7 Plus, there is always a simple and convenient way to pair it with a good bigger screen. Absolutely all models will be able to play the video you want.

Now you know how to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI (USB) cable or Wi-fi wireless adapter and you can choose the appropriate method. Analyze each of them, compare with the capabilities of your TV and phone to determine the best connection option. Remember, high-quality connection between connected devices can only be achieved using original components. Good luck!