How to connect a game console to your LG TV


The last way to connect an Android smartphone to a smart LG Smart TV is to connect them using a special wire. It is worth noting that HDMI technology has long gained popularity among manufacturers, so such an output is available even for old TVs.

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Initially, you need to decide on a suitable wire. The thing is that earlier there were cellular phones with an additional output for mini-HDMI. Currently, something similar is found exclusively on tablets with a docking station. You can find out if you have a suitable slot by referring to the instructions or by examining the case of an existing cell.

An alternative would be a dedicated mini USB to HDMI adapter. This method is suitable for everyone whose phones do not have an additional xdmi port. Further, the pairing takes place using a cable, followed by setting up the transmitted image in the settings of the communicator / tablet. This method is largely superior to data transfer via USB, because the signal is transmitted directly through the phone.

ways to connect your smartphone to your LG TV

Televisions are increasingly beginning to be used not so much for watching television, but as a multimedia center. A mobile phone paired with a TV helps with this. The screen of the second is suitable for watching video much better than the display of a cell, so we will figure out how to connect the phone to an LG TV. Connecting devices does not require much time, and all that is needed for this is a connected smartphone, adapter and TV.

  • Wi-Fi.
  • With Miracast technology.
  • Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Via USB.
  • With HDMI.

As you can see, only two out of five methods involve connecting a smartphone to an alji plasma using additional wires. As for bluetooth, this technology is not used in this case and can be used to operate peripheral controls (keyboard / mouse).

The quality of the picture will directly depend on the type of data transfer to TV. In most cases, you don’t even need to set up the Smart LG connection to the router.

Wi-Fi connection

This is far from the easiest way to connect a smartphone to a TV via WI-FI, but it is the most effective and versatile if LG does not support other modern wireless technologies. To do this, you will need a TV set with Smart TV support and a router with an Internet connection.

It is worth noting that the TV may need to be configured for the SSID to appear among the available networks. All data on setting up Ethernet is in the instructions included in the kit.

  • The TV set is connected to the router via an Internet cable.
  • Set up an active internet connection.
  • After it appears among the available contacts, the communicator gets access to streaming information to the TV screen.

A similar method works on both iOS and Android via WI-FI. In some cases, if it was not possible to synchronize the device with the general network, it is necessary to purchase a set-top box or other auxiliary devices.

Note! To stream, you may need an app to connect your phone to your LG TV. Suitable options are in the App Store and Google Play.

Wi-Fi Direct

Another way to pair your gadget without using routers or additional cables. An important condition will be the presence of WI-FI direct technology in the LG TV set. Synchronization takes place as follows:

  • Find and activate WI-FI direct in the network connection settings on Android.
  • We do this operation on the TV set (located in “Settings”. “Network”).
  • Pairing devices together.

Now, your communicator will be seen as a full-fledged media server.


If the TV does not carry a Smart set-top box, but has a USB connector, you have the opportunity to use it as a data storage device. If you don’t know how to connect your phone to your LG TV via USB, follow the instructions:

  • As a connection, a standard cable from the charger is suitable.
  • Connect the cord to the gadget and TV.
  • On your smartphone, select “Connect as USB storage”.
  • Using the remote control, go to additional functions and select the Android that appears.

Now you can view the data available on the cellular, including music and video files. It will not work to connect a gadget on iOS in a similar way.


When starting a conversation about broadcasting data from gadgets to a TV set, it is impossible not to mention the advanced streaming technology miracast. It is supported by a large number of modern devices. In TV devices, it began to be actively used back in 2013.

It does not require the presence of the Internet and the connection takes place directly, between mobile and TV. This function must be activated in the system menu. It will be located in the “Network”. “Miracast” tab. On the gadget, depending on the manufacturer, miracast will be located in “Networks” or control of screen parameters. It remains to choose the connected device, make sure there is an active signal and display images from the mobile to the TV receiver.

The advantage of miracast is that the data does not lose quality, the sound is transmitted in 3D, and the battery of the mobile device sits down much more slowly than with any other method.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to connect your smartphone to your LG TV. You can use a USB cable, optional equipment, or use the connectivity via built-in LG TV functions. However, it is worth deciding in advance what exactly you want to get in the end. After all, if you need to work with files, a cable from the charger is enough, but for displaying images from the display, you will need to resort to HDMI or a wireless connection.

How to connect the set-top box correctly

Before installing the set-top box, make sure that the 3RCA-3RCA connecting cable is included in the package. Also make sure you have the correct input on your TV. There is no red “tulip” on older models, in this case it is not used. Also, some in some TV models only have a SCART input. In this case, you need to additionally purchase a SCART-RCA adapter, because it is usually not included in the set-top box.

Connect the set-top box to the TV with the above cable, then connect the terrestrial antenna to the set-top box. Connect the set-top box to the power supply, the green indicator on the receiver should light up. Wait 5-10 seconds, because it takes some time to turn on the set-top box.

Now you need to switch your TV to video input mode. To do this, press the appropriate button on the TV remote control. It can be called “AV”, “TV / AV”, “SOURCE”, “INPUT” or indicated by an arrow pointing inside an oval or circle. If there are several video inputs on the TV, you need to press the button several times, as a result, the setup menu should appear on the screen. In most cases, it looks like this:

If the menu appears on the screen, you need to press the “OK” button on the remote control from the STB, the search for channels will start, after which the STB will be ready for operation. If the menu does not appear, make sure that all the previous settings are correct: the set-top box is turned on (the green indicator is on), the connecting wires are connected correctly (do not confuse the input and output on the TV).

If the channel search did not return results, or not all channels were found, you need to check the antenna and connections. Very often the cause of poor reception is poor contact in the antenna plug or the short circuit of the central core to the braid. How to properly tune the antenna, you can read in the article “Installing and configuring the antenna”.

How to use the prefix

If the setup of the set-top box turned out to be successful, then you need to master the basic nuances of using the receivers. Please note that switching channels and adjusting the volume is done with the remote control from the set-top box, the remote control from the TV is also needed to turn it on and off. The set-top box, in order to extend its service life, also needs to be turned off and on, but with the remote control from the set-top box.

You can switch channels on the set-top box in different ways: by digital buttons; using the “up” and “down” buttons (next to the “OK” button); or by pressing the “OK” button, then selecting a channel from the list and then pressing the “OK” button to turn on the selected channel. The volume is adjusted with the “right” and “left” buttons. Remember that all actions are performed by the console from the console!

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Installing and connecting the console

In addition to the receiver, we also need some details to connect digital television. First of all, you need to think about how exactly the decoder will be connected, more precisely, through which port.

First, we look at the ports that are on the TV. Let’s explore the inputs that we can use in the future:

  • HDMI is the most preferred as the picture will be of the highest quality. We will be interested in “HDMI” with the “IN” prefix. Also, do not use the input for the adapter to “DVI”.
  • AV. has three multi-colored inputs: Video, audio-L, audio-R. If HDMI is not available, you can use it too.
  • VGA is rarely used, but you can try it too. We are interested in exactly the input “IN”.
  • If there is nothing at all, then you can try using “SCART”. Present on very old TVs from the early 2000s.
  • S-Video is also a good option for replacing AV bells.
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It is on the basis of the inputs (IN) on the TV that it will be necessary to select a set-top box. Let’s take a look at my model as an example:

  • Antenna input. this is where we will connect our antenna.
  • Antenna output. required to connect another set-top box.
  • Digital audio. we don’t need it yet.
  • HDMI. ideally it is better to use it.
  • AV. the same bells that can be used if the TV does not have HDMI.

Some digital set-top boxes may have other outputs, which I wrote about earlier: SCART, S-Video, VGA, etc. but

There may be additional inputs and outputs:

  • LAN. needed to connect to your home router. Thus, you can go online from the set-top box and watch movies from there.
  • USB. some people think that it can be used to connect to a TV, but this is not the case. This port performs the same function as on the TV and is intended only for connecting external media, flash drives and hard drives.

Once you’ve found the perfect ports, you need the appropriate cable to connect your TV box. There are also these type of adapters:

They can also be easily connected in cases where there is no corresponding port on the TV or on the receiver.

On very ancient TVs, you can try to use the same “RF OUT” antenna output. That is, we take and directly connect the coaxial cable to the old TV.

Now it remains to make the usual connection: we connect the TV via tulips, HDMI or any other cable that I talked about earlier.

Connection diagram

Now a digital signal will go through the TV set-top box and send an impulse to the TV in analog or digital form. Also, do not forget to connect the set-top box itself to the outlet. We just have to turn on the receiver, TV and tune the channels.

NOTE! It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have: Samsung, LG, Philips or Sony. the setting is still done through the set-top box, and the screen will act as a display device. See further step-by-step instructions in more detail.

  • To set up digital channels, turn on both devices.
  • Now on the TV you need to turn on the display from the input to which the set-top box is connected. To do this, we take the remote control from the TV and find the button that turns on or switches the “Input ports”. It can be referred to as “Input” or “Sources”. May just have a square icon with an arrow inside.
  • Then you can see this menu. just select our port. On very old TVs, there is no such menu, so here you just need to scroll through until you see the images of the set-top box menu.
  • We succeeded in installing the receiver, now we need to catch the necessary channels. The receiver’s systems are different, but the principle itself is the same. In the menu you need to find “Settings” and enable “Channel Search”.
  • The system will automatically search for channels and tune them. You can also do manual configuration.

How to tune digital TV through a DVB-T2 set-top box for 20 channels

Hello everyone, and Borodach is in touch with you again! Today we will have a rather interesting question. how to properly connect a digital set-top box to a TV and tune all channels. I have prepared a detailed instruction for you with all the main steps. But if you have any questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Let me remind you that we need a set-top box with support for the DVB-T2 or DVB-C2 standard. They are used in Russia, as well as in many CIS and European countries. If you have not yet picked up a model for yourself, then I advise you to take it with Wi-Fi support, so that you can connect to the network and the Internet. The best models have already been disassembled by my colleague Botan in another article.

I’ll tell you a little about the standards. If you will be connecting to cable TV, then you need the DVB-C or DVB-C2 standard. If you will connect an antenna and catch terrestrial TV channels, then you need DVB-T2 or DVB-T. Just in case, I’ll write. for satellite TV you need the DVB-S2 standard.

NOTE! For cable and satellite TV, you need to contact the appropriate companies to connect external equipment.

An external or internal DVB-T antenna is required for terrestrial broadcasting. You can see more details about popular and good models in our review at this link.

Connection problems

If, when searching for channels, you did not find any, then this means that there are some problems:

  • Make sure the antenna is pointing in the right direction. Let me remind you that there are towers in the Russian Federation that broadcast 20 free channels. The location of the antennas can be viewed at this link.
  • You are using antennas that are not suitable for digital TV reception. You can see the link to the required models at the beginning of the article.
  • If you are connected to a provider, then you should call him at the hot mowing line number or technical support.
  • You are using a receiver that does not accept a certain type of signal: DVB-T, DVB-C, or DVB-S. There are also second versions for reception: DVB-T2, DVB-C2, DVB-S2.
  • The cable is damaged or broken.
  • Check again that all wires are tightly connected to the ports.

You can ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will try to help you. Just try to write in as much detail and detail as possible. I hope this article was helpful to you.

How to Connect DVD to LG TV

The first thing that anyone who has bought a DVD player thinks about. how to connect it to the TV and can you do it yourself without resorting to the help of a wizard? LG has tried to make this process as simple and intuitive as possible, and all you have to do is follow the instructions. However, it is best to have a complete understanding of the settings before you start hooking up your DVD player to your LG TV.

The first step is to carefully examine the rear (in some cases side) panels of both devices for available connectors. They may vary depending on the brand of equipment, models and age. The most common options are:

HDMI connector

The most common variety in modern models, which allows you to provide the highest quality image and the highest data transfer rate. Outwardly, this connector resembles USB, but thinner and longer. In order to guarantee distortion-free picture and noise-free sound, the HDMI cable must be 2.0 model or higher and be marked with High Speed ​​Ethernet.

If you have an LG Plasma TV, manufacturers recommend this method is preferred.

RCA connector

The most common connector for several decades, the second name is “tulip”, as it consists of three jacks of different colors: yellow for image transmission, red and white for sound. It is very difficult to make mistakes when connecting. You just need to insert the plugs into the connectors corresponding to them in color.

Scart connector

It is relatively rare, nevertheless, the quality of information transfer loses only to HDMI connectors. In order to connect the devices to each other, you need a Scart-RCA cord. The side with the Scart connector, the cord is inserted into the player, and the one with the “tulips”. into the TV.

There are five plugs on one side of the component cable. They need to be connected to the DVD player following the color coding. Three of them are responsible for the picture and two for the sound. Video ports are red, green and blue. Audio. red and white. To avoid confusion between the two red plugs, experts recommend that you initially lay out the wire on any working surface and separate the plugs according to their functional characteristics (audio-video), and then start connecting.

If your component cable has plugs of only three colors (red, blue and green), then only the picture can be transmitted with them. This means you need an extra wire for audio with red and white connectors.


Least preferred of all the above methods to connect your DVD player to your TV. This connector is for picture transmission only. To connect audio, you will need to use an additional RCA cable or 3.5mm jack.

If you have a standard antenna output on your TV, the S-video-RF adapter will be the solution to the problem.

Problems that may arise when connecting DVD-player to TV Lg and ways to solve them

Despite the perceived simplicity of the connection process, problems arise quite often. Fortunately, they are most often associated with improper cable connections and can be easily fixed.

Check if the cables are correctly connected to the connectors and their color matches.

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Check for proper cable connections and color matching.

If you have connected a DVD player and it is not detected by your LG TV, then the problem is most likely with the cable. Check if there is any mechanical or other damage on it, whether the connectors fit tightly. When connecting, the cord should not be stretched, but should sag a little, otherwise the signal may be transmitted with distortion.

The player does not turn on at the first start.

In this case, it is worth contacting the service center. It is not worthwhile to solve the problem on your own, let alone disassemble the device. This can lead to its permanent breakdown.


The easiest way how to play video from iPhone to TV is by using a USB cable. The principle is simple, you just need to connect one side to the TV, and the other to the smartphone. However, a special Lightning to USB adapter is required. It is much easier to find it than HDMI-Lightning. Most likely on the TV you still need to select the appropriate signal source.

The method is good because it allows you to simultaneously transfer data and recharge the device. The charge replenishment rate is slow, but it is still better than the power consumption in the case of HDMI and other methods. The downside is that the iPhone starts up in USB mass storage mode. Synchronization is not available, it is only possible to read a file from memory.

Via Wi-Fi network

Synchronization with iPhone 6 or other smartphone via Wi-Fi is possible only with Smart TVs. In conventional devices, there is no Wi-Fi module, which is a mandatory component for the procedure. Wireless connection is the most practical way to mirror iPhone screen to TV. We are absolutely not limited in movement (within the radius of the coverage area of ​​the access point), and connection takes a couple of minutes the first time, and then. a matter of seconds.

How to stream video from iPhone to TV:

  • Turn on the TV and install the Smart Share application on it.
  • We take a smartphone in our hands and install iMedia it. Belkin MediaPlay or similar app.
  • Launch the iPhone 8 program and select content for broadcast.
  • We confirm the connection of TV and smartphone on both devices.

Important! There is an alternative way to connect iPhone to TV. use Wi-Fi Direct technology. It works by analogy with the standard wireless method, but does not require a connection to a router. Data exchange will take place directly between TV and smartphone. If your TV supports this technology, you should open its settings, select “Network” and click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” option. It remains only to choose a device to connect.

Can iPhone connect to TV?

Almost all iOS devices can actually be connected to a TV. The operating system, although it is distinguished by the closed nature of its ecosystem, does not limit the user in the ability to synchronize with other devices. At the same time, the list of methods available for use is off scale. We’ve covered 5 good ways to watch iPhone movies on TV.

Connection is needed not only to watch videos, but also:

  • creating video conferencing;
  • more comfortable viewing of content on a large screen;
  • video calls via Skype and other messengers;
  • Internet access;
  • detailed review of photos, etc.

How to connect Apple TV to TV?

The next way how to connect iPhone to TV for watching video content is intended for owners of older devices, 4S and older. The Apple TV set-top box will allow you to watch videos from the Internet or broadcast data from your smartphone on any TV. The main disadvantage of the solution is the high cost of the TV box. about 13,000 rubles.

How to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV:

  • We connect the set-top box with TV according to the instructions in the documentation.
  • We connect the set-top box and smartphone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Press twice on the “Home” button on your mobile gadget and go to “Settings”.
  • Open the list of devices available for connection and select “AirPlay”.
  • From the list, click on the prefix and start synchronization.

Controlling Apple TV from iPhone shouldn’t be a problem, because all procedures are intuitive. With subsequent connections, everything will happen almost automatically.

How to Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV?

Smart TVs have become much more affordable, but still not everyone can afford them. A worthy alternative to buying a new TV would be to connect a smart gadget to an old device. However, the combination of iPhone and TV will be useful even if there is an operating system in both devices. Today our review is devoted to how to connect an iPhone to an LG Smart TV using different methods: cable, Wi-Fi, etc. This will allow you to watch movies from your phone memory or open a video on the Internet on both smart and regular TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV:

It doesn’t matter which smartphone is used, both iPhone 5 and iPhone 11 will do. In each case, we can display films or series on the TV display. over, the user is free to choose the methods of broadcasting. We offer a choice of as many as 5 options for solving the problem.

Using HDMI

Among the cable methods on how to display an image from an iPhone on a TV, the best is the one in which we use an HDMI cable. This is a high-speed digital interface that allows you to transfer both picture and video without delays and out of sync.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI:

  • We buy or find a special HDMI-Lightning adapter.
  • We connect the cable with the larger side to the TV, and with the proprietary Lightning connector to the smartphone.
  • Select the signal source on TV. HDMI.

Via analog cable

The last, least attractive connection method involves the use of tulips. To implement it, you need to prepare an adapter from Lightning or USB to RCA. We can only recommend this method for those who have an old TV set from the 90s or early 2000s. The setup procedure is elementary and comes down to connecting the plugs to the appropriate connectors.

The disadvantages of this method include the complexity of the selection of cables. Often you have to buy several adapters at once. Another disadvantage. the quality of the picture will be low, so you will hardly be able to enjoy viewing.

Here are all the ways to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV. There are really a lot of them, there is plenty to choose from. In most cases, we recommend looking at the wireless sync option. If this is not possible, methods with HDMI or USB will also help to achieve decent picture quality. The options with a set-top box and an analog cable are intended for those who have older TVs that are not capable of working with more advanced connection options.

How to connect a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV: step-by-step instructions

Today, televisions have ceased to be popular, because the Internet has replaced television, where users can easily find any movie or information. Despite this aspect, the TV set can still be found in any home. Recently, the government approved a bill under which the entire population should switch to digital broadcasting. Then many may have a question related to setting up and connecting. Let’s consider how to connect a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV.

We connect to the old TV

To connect the set-top box to an outdated Samsung TV, you will need to use SCART or RCA connectors. If the receiver does not have the required port, then you will have to buy an adapter. This happens quite often, for example, when a user has purchased a new set-top box for an old generation TV set.

Signal quality check

Signal quality check is considered a useful option, especially when using an antenna. Find the INFO button on the remote, and press it several times. This should bring up a hidden menu, where two scales will be demonstrated by which you can determine the quality. than 70% is considered a normal value. If this indicator is less than the prescribed value, then move the antenna to another place to solve the problem.

How to Connect a Digital TV Receiver to a Samsung TV

Connecting a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV is easy. All you need to do is connect the cables and perform the initial setup. Consider the connection process depending on the connectors used.

Which antenna to choose

Initially, you must determine the distance from the nearest TV tower. To do this, go to the official website of the cartographic service. www SIM card.rtrs.rf /.

In the top search bar, enter the name of the settlement where you live. For example, Ufa.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

The red icons on the map are TV towers. Click on the icon and check out the coverage area.

If the repeater is located near your home and the coverage is good, you can use a regular antenna. Let’s present the main classification:

  • Room. They take up little space, they can be placed anywhere in the apartment, but it is better to put them closer to the windowsill. The indoor option will be an excellent choice if the repeater is close enough. the distance is no more than 15 kilometers.
  • Outdoor antennas. Used for remote locations of the TV tower. They operate in the decimeter range, which allows them to pick up frequencies of 470-860 MHz.
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If there is a bad signal in a country house (for example), where tall trees act as a hindrance, then purchase an antenna with an amplifier.

Connecting the device

Usually RSA cable or tulips are supplied. If you need to connect a set-top box to an old device, you will need a SCART adapter, and for modern ones, you can also use HDMI. Usually, all TVs have an HDMI and RSA connector, in which case it is better to use the first option, because it provides better picture and sound transmission. The connection process is straightforward. It is enough to turn on the power of the set-top box, connect the cable to the appropriate connector, and then to the TV. Further configuration is carried out via the remote control.

No signal

A damaged cable is often the cause. Make sure the wires and connectors are working properly. Also, the fault may be on the side of the service provider. Several times a year, providers carry out maintenance work, you are probably trying to use the TV at the very moment when maintenance work is underway. Call the technical service and clarify the question.

Setting options

Setting up a Dexp set-top box for digital television is quite easy. Basically, the system independently configures the necessary parameters, the user only needs to specify the required values. For example, in order for the prefix to determine the current time, check the box next to “Auto” in the appropriate section, specify the country of residence and time zone. And to find channels, you need to click on “Autosearch”, having previously selected the type of connection. The options themselves do not require settings, everything is ready to go, you just need to connect the equipment and start scanning the broadcasts.

How to connect a Dexp set-top box to a TV to receive digital TV

The first step is to make sure that there are batteries in the remote control. Also, so that you do not have any questions during the settings, familiarize yourself with the purpose of all buttons on the remote control. Below is a picture showing all the main keys used at the time of operation and setting up the set-top box.

Basic operations

The main operations with the receiver can be divided into points:

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Each category includes many items that can be customized in detail. Let’s study them separately.

Disadvantages of the “Smart TV” set-top box

In addition to the mass of positive qualities, there are negative aspects:

  • When watching a video in MKV or AVI format, there are problems with the image and sound, the screen says that the format was not found, although the set-top box should play all formats.
  • The games are of rather low quality, they differ significantly from those that are produced for computers or consoles such as “Sony Playstation”.
  • You can watch some films and videos only on demand, that is, to view them, you will need to pay a certain amount.
  • The problem with the browser, since the standard browser is not suitable for social networks, it is inconvenient to watch news and photos, as well as communicate with friends. We can say that the control function is not finalized. Also, movies and videos cannot be played. The main reason is the insufficient amount of internal memory on the Smart TV set-top box.

Many users are satisfied with the Smart TV prefix. First of all, it significantly saves money for people. No need to buy a TV with built-in programs and wireless connection. The prefix will be much cheaper.

What is a set-top box on Android?

Typically, this is a small device that connects to the TV through a special connector. The power supply is a regular 220 V power supply. If the set-top box is connected to the Smart TV using a USB connector, it receives power directly from the TV. The device is designed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This device can be compared to a modern tablet or phone.

Main sections

Among the main functions of the console are the following:

  • Media. This section contains programs thanks to which you can watch videos, listen to music and view photos when you connect the drive. The section has already installed a special player. MX Player. It is the most common and suitable for this set-top box. After disconnecting the drive, all files can be played. If the built-in player is not suitable, you can install another.
  • A television. This section contains programs with which you can view video files online. One of these utilities is YouTube.
  • Browsers. Here are programs for accessing the Internet, thanks to which you can freely go to social networks, download videos, music, photos, and so on. What if the standard browser doesn’t suit you? To do this, go to the Apps section and install a new one. If necessary, you can download it from the Internet.
  • Games. As a rule, this section contains several of the most popular games. To expand this list, you need to download games through certain applications.
  • Apps. In addition to many browsers, this section contains other programs that are aimed at making your work easier. For example, maps, mail, etc. Also in the menu there is “Play Store”, where you can download a lot of useful applications and games. The action center is in the lower right corner.
  • Watching TV. If you are tired of all the programs and sections, then you can just watch your favorite TV shows on TV. Your attention will be presented with many channels on which you can watch everything from films to various sporting events.

The main screen displays the time and date, the state of the wireless network, and the connection statuses of the drives. On the right side of the screen there is a menu where you can get acquainted with other functions of the operating system. For example, adjust the volume or turn off unnecessary devices. After pressing the shutdown button, the set-top box does not turn off completely, but goes into standby mode. You can activate it using mouse movement.

TV set-top box “Smart TV”: how to connect and how to use

The Smart TV set-top box is very popular. It is able to turn an ordinary TV into a gaming platform or an Internet browser. Thanks to her, you can freely watch videos, photos, and also communicate on social networks. But there is one important question about “Smart TV”: “How to connect to a TV?”

Many people are interested in the question of the advantages of this device, since its cost is far from small.

How To Connect Xbox 360 To TV (2021)

The Smart TV set-top box has a great future. Therefore, you need to become more familiar with this equipment.

How to set up a Smart TV?

After the set-top box is connected to the TV, you must select the appropriate operating mode. You should not immediately connect to the Internet, as you will not see the desired result. First you need to go to the HDMI section located in the menu. This procedure will make it possible to see the image. The active port is then selected. This procedure occurs if there are many ports. If there is one, then everything happens by default. Next, the main menu will appear on the screen, where other functions are configured.

Setting process

Many people find it difficult to set up “Smart TV”.

The set-top box can be connected independently, but setting up all the additional characteristics will take a lot of time. For convenience, it is best to use the keyboard and mouse to enter the required parameters correctly. Thanks to modern technology, you can use a wireless connection.

HOTEL LG TVs (no buttons): Connect your console/computer to hotel tv solution

So, “Smart TV” how to connect to old TVs?

For these purposes, a special model of set-top boxes is provided, which makes the connection even if there is no HDMI connector. For modern TVs, “Smart TV” is configured using a mouse or a special remote control.

Defender Smart TV

This is the most common model today, as it combines favorably, freely connects to any TVs. Upon purchase, the user is provided with instructions, a warranty card, cables and extension cords. The connection is made directly through the adapter. In addition, it became possible to connect power supplies using USB, as well as embed microSD memory cards.

[LG WebOS TV]. How to connect Game console(Sony PS4/Microsoft Xbox) to LG Smart TV

general information

TV via Smart TV is far from perfect. Every year it will be modernized and made better. However, the advantages overlap all the disadvantages. Most people wanted a Smart TV set-top box based on Android OS. Connecting and setting up this unit are two different things. In order for it to function better, it is necessary to configure all possible features and programs. Most of these devices run on the Android operating system.