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How to Clear Phone DO from Samsung Factory Settings

How to Factory Reset Android Phone Using Menu

All operations will be carried out from the OS Android main menu. You need to go to the “Settings” item, select the tab called “Privacy” there, and then click on the “Reset Settings” tab.

As you can see in the photo above, here you can activate the following items:

  • “Data backup” (“Data copying”). The system will automatically save copies of all applications installed on your device, settings from Google services, as well as data on each Wi-Fi network previously saved in the phone.
  • “Auto recovery”. All programs will be automatically restored with all settings.

Click the “Reset settings” item and confirm your desire to erase the data. You will see a window with a list of data that is deleted after a factory reset. As soon as the phone restarts, you can reinstall any programs, add accounts.

All the ways to factory reset your Android device

Not a single user can be insured and is 100% sure of the quality of his mobile phone, and even more so in the reliability of the operating system and other installed applications. Perhaps smartphones have become smarter, more convenient, but the problems in many cases remain the same. complete phone failure, the appearance of non-standard errors, glitches and freezes, mute and much more. As a rule, in the Android operating system, most problems can be solved on their own, and at the same time it is not necessary to carry the phone to the nearest service center, having paid several thousand rubles for actions that you can perform yourself without much effort.

In this article, we will tell you how to reset the settings on Android to factory settings, what it is for, what the consequences will be after the reset.

Why use this procedure?

Reset with service codes

In the Android system, as in any other (Java, Symbian), there are special codes with which you can activate the restore operation to factory settings.

Attention! The codes may change, they may not be suitable for your model or version of Android, so follow all the operations carefully! We are not responsible for all actions, and we provide information with codes for review.

Here are some codes. You will need to go to the dialing mode of the phone and enter one of these:

  • ###
  • 27673855 #
  • ###

What the user will lose from their device?

If you do not want to lose data, then create backups in order to restore them in whole or in part later. We also recommend that you copy some photos and videos to a PC or another phone with a certain period of time.

How to do a factory reset on Android

There are three ways in total, and they differ significantly from each other. Let’s analyze each of them in detail:

  • Reset in phone settings
  • Reset with service codes
  • Reset by keys

Reset with keys (using Recovery)

Each Android smartphone has dedicated keys that you can use to initiate the factory reset process. Since most phones at the moment are provided with a touch screen, the reset keys are mainly the volume keys, the Home button, the power key.

Here is a sample list of buttons that will allow you to reset your settings:

  • “Volume down” “Turn on the device”. This is one of the most common combinations used on many phones. Try it first. If it does not work, then see the list below.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down”.
  • Power on device Home key Volume up.
  • “Volume up” “Volume down” “Turn on the device”.
  • Volume Up Home Key.
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You need to hold and press the keys at the same time. The approximate retention time is 2-5 seconds. As soon as the system enters a special mode. Recovery, you will see a menu on your screen.

To move through the list, use the volume up and down keys, because the devices are mostly touch-sensitive!

Find the wipe data / factory reset item and click on it. Sometimes this item is not on the list, but instead there will be one of them: Clear eMMC, Clear Flash! As soon as you click on the selected tab, the system will ask for confirmation.

Samsung Factory Data Reset Tutorial

clear, phone, samsung, factory, settings

Select Yes. and at the end press the menu item Reboot System. this is the restart of the operating system.

In some versions of Android, the items presented may vary depending on the version, but the menu is mostly of the same type. We also strongly recommend that you look at the manual of your mobile device before calling the menu or using the codes. Sometimes there are already registered service codes and keys for resetting the settings.

Factory reset via One UI

The easiest way to “reset” a DO smartphone to the factory state, for example, before selling, is to use the method built into the Samsung One UI proprietary shell. This is done like this:

Open the smartphone settings, go to the “General settings” “Reset” “Reset data”:

In the last menu we find the “Reset” button and press it. After that, the smartphone will once again ask if we are sure of our actions and if we really want to fulfill our plans. We agree and wait. The whole procedure takes on average 10-15 minutes.

How to factory reset Samsung A50

In the life of almost any modern person at least once, but there is a need to reset the smartphone to factory settings. The reasons are completely different. the device may malfunction or it needs to be prepared for sale. Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy A50 can be done by absolutely any of you. for this you do not need any specific knowledge, everything is simple and accessible. I will show you two ways to reset the Samsung A50 phone settings, which the manufacturer provides to us. through the operating system or using the engineering menu. Drove!

Preparing your phone for a factory reset

Before making a hard reset Samsung, you need to save all the important information that is on it, otherwise you will simply lose them.

Also, I would advise be sure to delete the Google profile from the device, which is on it. The whole point here is that the latest versions of Android use a new security system aimed at preventing theft of devices. If you reset the Samsung A50 without unlinking your Google account, then after that it will require you to enter a password. If you forget it, it will be a disaster. the phone will not be able to boot into normal mode. Only the service center can help, and then only after the presentation of documents confirming the purchase.

Wipe data on Samsung

This method will help you to reset Samsung A50 to factory settings in cases where the phone does not boot into normal working state. For example, after trying to get Root or installing some “crooked” application. The so-called “Vipe” can help in this case. It runs like this:

First of all, you need to go to the engineering menu. To do this, turn off your smartphone completely. Then press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. You need to hold for about 7-10 seconds. First, the logo will light up and as soon as the screen goes out, you can release the buttons.

Next, the engineering menu of the Samsung A50 should appear. You can navigate the menu using the volume buttons. We need to select the Wipe data / factory reset item and click on the power button to enter the section:

In the next menu, select the Yes item and again confirm the selection with the “Power” button.

The screen should blink black and after that you will be back in the main menu. Now you need to select the Reboot system now item to reboot the device.

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Then you can put your Samsung Galaxy A50 on the table and go drink tea. for the next 10 minutes it will reinstall the system and erase old data. Good luck!

Via the system menu

This method is preferable when the device boots up and works more or less normally, that is, you have access to the system menu and all on-screen buttons.

  • Open the system settings utility and go to the “General” section. Some Samsung models do not have this section. If this is your case, proceed to the next step.
  • Tap the “Reset” button or its equivalent. “Privacy”, “Archiving (archiving) and reset”.
  • Go to “Reset device (data)”.
  • Click “Delete All” or “Reset”.

After a few seconds, the device will restart in a zeroed state.

If the device does not turn on after a reset (freezes)

Contact the Samsung service center, you need to reinstall the firmware using the engineering method.

How to reset Samsung?

There are several ways to reset the system:

  • Via OS menu.
  • Through Recovery.
  • Using the service code.

Physical buttons

This method is used for the most serious problems. He is the only salvation when the device does not load the operating system or insurmountable problems arise during its launch. For example, blocking by a ransomware virus.

Fortunately, Android devices, including Samsung, have a Recovery menu with a hard reset function for such a case. This menu can be accessed even when the main system has completely lost its functionality.

To enter Recovery, turn off your phone or tablet by long pressing the power button. Then press one of the following key combinations:

  • Home Power Volume up.
  • Bixby (Voice Assistant Activation Button) Power Volume Up.
  • Power Volume up (on devices with a touch home button).

After the manufacturer’s splash screen appears on the screen, release the power button. Continue to hold the rest until the inscription “Samsung Galaxy” changes to the menu “Android Recovery”.

  • Using the volume keys to navigate, highlight the ‘Wipe Data Factory Reset’ item. To confirm the selection, press the power button 1 time.
  • Confirm your choice again by pressing “Yes” or “Yes, delete all user data”. This will start the process of zeroing user data.
  • When you return to the Recovery menu screen, select the “Reboot system now” command. The machine will restart.

If the reset and restore is successful, after a few seconds you will see the desktop, which will look the same when you pick up the phone for the first time.

By dialing code

This option is applicable under the same conditions as the previous one. In addition, he can help you out in case of problems in the system menu, if you still have access to the application for calls.

To activate the factory reset procedure, enter one of the following codes on the Samsung phone keypad:

  • 27673855 #
  • ###
  • ###

After pressing the call button, the device will reboot and all data from it will be deleted.

Service code in the dialer

This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from the phone before use.

    Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

27673855 #
The device will immediately start the reset process and reboot when finished.

The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

How to reset Samsung to factory settings

How to factory reset Samsung? On Galaxy tablets and smartphones, you can easily complete this procedure. After reading our material, you will learn about possible methods for Hard Reset and receive instructions.

How to Factory Reset Samsung

This seemingly difficult task can be solved in several ways. Let’s consider each of them in order of complexity of both execution and problem.

Warning: factory reset will erase all user data on your device! We strongly recommend that you make a backup before starting manipulations.!

Instructions for resetting settings from the recovery menu

As a result, you will receive the phone in the same condition as immediately after purchase. All data will be deleted.

When to reset to factory state

Resetting allows you to quickly clear existing data, which is difficult or impossible to do manually. This is convenient when you need to prepare the device for sale or transfer to another owner. Another reset allows you to cancel irreversible interference in the system, as well as remove unwanted consequences. In addition, full cleaning will speed up the mobile device by removing many of the resulting temporary files. cache.

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Full cleaning is an effective way to remove viruses and malware that cannot be removed by antivirus software. Exception. the virus is in the system application.

What to do if your account data is lost

On a PC, follow the link, enter the login or e-mail of the previous account that was on the device before the reset, follow the prompts to recover the password. The new password can be used on the phone after 24 hours.

If you have lost not only your password, but also your account login, or the password cannot be restored, it is recommended to contact a Samsung service center.

Important: to unlock the phone and restore data, you need documents for the purchase of a Samsung device (receipt, warranty card, contract). If there are no such documents, the service center will not be able to assist in unlocking.

If, after resetting to factory settings, the device freezes or does not turn on at all, you also need to contact the service center specialists to reinstall the firmware.


Copy important information from your device.

During the reset, the device memory will be cleared and all data will be deleted. If there is any important data, make a copy of it.

Remove Google account from device.

If this is not done, then when you turn on the device after the reset, the account that was on the device before the reset will be requested. Without entering this account, you will not be able to turn on the device.

How to Factory Reset Samsung: 2 Ways

  • From the recovery menu.
  • From the system settings menu.

Reset from the recovery menu, performed before the operating system boots, which is important when the device does not start or does not allow entering the settings.

Clearing out of system preferences is easier, making it easy for any novice user to handle. In this case, you should get to the corresponding section, which requires a working operating system.

When to reset to factory state

Resetting allows you to quickly clear existing data, which is difficult or impossible to do manually. This is convenient when you need to prepare the device for sale or transfer to another owner. Another reset allows you to cancel irreversible interference in the system, as well as remove unwanted consequences. In addition, full cleaning will speed up the mobile device by removing many of the resulting temporary files. cache.

Full cleaning is an effective way to remove viruses and malware that cannot be removed by antivirus software. Exception. the virus is in the system application.

Factory reset on Samsung

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Do you have a Samsung smartphone and decide to sell or give it away for use? Or is the phone system clogged up so much that the usual optimization does not work? In this case, it is worth resetting the settings to the factory state. What is it when you need to reset and detailed instructions for resetting the settings on Samsung, we will consider in detail in this material.

What is a factory reset

Factory reset refers to the process by which the smartphone returns to its original state, as after leaving the assembly line or immediately after purchase. Installed apps and other user information on the internal storage will be erased. In this article

Instructions on how to restore factory settings from the system settings menu

Use the factory reset only when necessary. Remember to save important files and sign out of all accounts beforehand. Otherwise, after loading the smartphone, Google FRP protection is activated, and the smartphone cannot be used until the previous account is entered.

If you have questions or want to suggest your way to reset Samsung settings, then write in the comments to this article.