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How To Clear Memory On Huawei Tablet

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Why is there less free memory than stated in the specifications

One of the frequent questions is why there is less free memory than stated in the specifications of the device, for example, a smartphone with 8 GB of memory, and about 700 MB free.

The characteristics of the device indicate the physical size of the memory module, which is installed in it. For a smartphone or tablet to work, you need an operating system and service applications, which are installed on this module. The amount they occupy depends on the device: for example, on the Galaxy J1. 6.5 GB, and on the Galaxy S10. 20 GB.

It turns out that the operating system takes up part of the free space out of the total. That is why there is less free memory than indicated in the specifications.

As you can see from the recommendations above, the pictures. It is easy to transfer music to a memory card, but there are very few applications that support this function.

Therefore, if you plan to download a large number of applications, especially games, buy a device with a large amount of memory. at least 16 GB, and in order to comfortably use the device. that’s 64 GB.

Can internal memory and memory cards be combined

No. Internal memory and memory card are two SEPARATE storages with different characteristics. Therefore, not everything that is stored in the device memory can be transferred to the card.

How to clear Samsung Galaxy memory. How to transfer files to a memory card. How to find apps that take up a lot of space and reduce their size

We found out that memory by itself cannot be lost, for this there are always some applications. The question is. which ones, because each one has different ones installed. Therefore, you need to find out which applications take up the most space on your device: open Menu → Settings → applications or Application manager → Application manager (if there is such an item) → the list of applications will open. Under each application, you will see how much memory it takes.

Test the applications one by one and identify the one that is taking up the most memory. You need to work with them further.

If you have a lot of space occupied by instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber.), Then most likely the memory is filled with pictures. Stickers and voice messages. This happens unnoticed, because these files are downloaded automatically. We recommend disabling the automatic download of THESE files. Below are the settings for the most popular messengers. For second messengers, please try to find SIMilar settings yourself.

Whatsapp: in the list of chats there are three dots in the upper right → Settings → Data and storage → in the Auto upload media section, items Mobile network, Wi-Fi, In roaming → Uncheck all the boxes. Also in the storage item you can see how much space the files take for each contact and delete them by selecting the contact and clicking the button to free up space.

Telegram: in the chat list, there are three dashes at the top left → Settings → Data and memory → in the Media auto-download section, items Via mobile network, Via Wi-Fi networks, In roaming → move the switches to the left.

Viber: there are three dashes in the chat list at the bottom right → Settings → Data and multimedia → Auto download in GSM network and Auto download via Wi-Fi → Uncheck all boxes.

If other applications are taking up a lot of memory, then most likely the memory is filled with cache. You can try to remove it for each application.

Important information!

Deleting a cache is not a one-time step. Have to repeat it every time the memory runs out.

Deleting the cache should not be, but may affect the information that is stored in the application.

Deleting the cache should not be, but it may affect the further performance of the application.

It is impossible to predict exactly how the application will behave after deleting the cache, because the programmer who wrote it might have associated important functionality with it. Therefore, if the application contains some important information, do not delete the cache.

To delete the cache: open Menu → Settings → applications or Application manager → Application manager (if there is one) → select the application for which you want to delete the cache → memory (if there is such an item) → Clear cache.

What to do if free memory runs out

Any application consists of three parts: application, data, cache. A detailed article that describes all three parts and what they are for is below the link.

In short, data and cache are the changing parts of the application that are needed to make it work. They can grow the original application size from a few megabytes to several gigabytes.

That is why it may seem that memory is wasting: during operation, installed applications increase their volume. The largest increase in applications that work with the Internet: YouTube.. Instagramm, WhatsApp, Browsers and other SIMilar applications.

For example, YouTube immediately after installation Takes 30 MB:

And after watching severals already 259 MB:

Increasing the memory footprint is normal for applications to run. Therefore, if the memory on the device is constantly running out, the options are only as follows:

1. Buy a device with a lot of memory and stop suffering from lack of memory;
2. Reduce the number of applications and keep cleaning the memory manually.

What happens when memory is full

When the memory is full, the device starts to work slowly and freezes. A corresponding notification also appears on the screen.

To prevent this from happening, keep free at least 500 MB of main memory. If the memory is still full, use the recommendations from this article.

How to see how much memory is free

On most devices, the amount of storage can be viewed in the My files application (Often found in the menu, in the Samsung folder). The first number shows how much is busy, the second shows how much memory is in total.

If such information is NOT displayed on your device in the My files application, you can find it in Menu → Settings → memory.

How to clear memory: delete photos, music, and other files or transfer them to a memory card

The device uses the My Files application to manage files. It is analogous to File Explorer on a Windows computer.

Find the My files app in the device menu and open it. It is often found in the Samsung folder.

On the start screen, select the device memory.

The folders and files are displayed as they are stored in the device memory. Now you need to find large folders. To do this, select any folder (two options, the method depends on the device):

1. Or tap on the folder and Hold for a few seconds. A square or circle will appear next to the folder, and a check mark will appear in it;
2. Or, if there is a square or circle next to the folder, click on it. A check mark will appear in it.

Click Options in the upper right corner (may look like three dots) and select properties or details.

Also, this item can be at the bottom of the screen (you do not need to click Options).

The size item will display the volume, which is Occupies folder. If the folder takes up a lot (more than 300 MB), it is better to transfer it to a memory card.

Usually, the largest folders are: DCIM. photos from the camera, Download. Downloaded files from the Internet, WhatsApp or the name of second messengers. files from chats in instant messengers, Music. music.

To move, highlight the folder again, press Options and select Move. Select Delete to delete. You can move Not only folders, but also individual files that are stored in THESE folders.

Also, these items can be at the bottom of the screen (you do not need to click Options).

Select Memory Card and then Done or Move Here. Folder moved.

Deactivating Apps on a Huawei Device

If you have problems with the Internet and at the moment there is no way to launch Google Play, unnecessary games and programs can be removed offline.

  • Select the settings icon in the main menu;
  • Find the “Applications” item here. It may have a different name depending on the version of your device;
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Select “Applications”

  • Select the “All” tab next;
  • Find the programs to remove from your Huawei phone here and select them;
  • Click on the program you want to uninstall
    In the new window, click the “Delete” button;

    Click Remove

  • Revision carefully the entire list of programs in the general list. If the programs were installed by the manufacturer, they can be removed or turned off. Since these programs often run in the background. Even if you DO NOT use them;
  • Find such a program and go to the settings window;
  • Click the Stop button. Then “Disable”. Click the Disable button
  • And confirm disconnection.

    Click the “Disable Application” button

    The more programs are removed and turned off in the All Apps window, the faster and more reliable your smartphone will work. Perform cleaning in different ways to get the most out of your Huawei smartphone.

    Clearing memory and cache of Huawei smartphones

    Different models of Huawei smartphones have special built-in applications. Which help to clean the smartphone. This is a utility that resembles the memory cleaners from the Play Market. But they were created by the developers of the manufacturer’s company. Therefore, if your phone has such an application, then it is necessary to use it. Does NOT load additional programs. they are useless.

      Select the application icon in the Huawei menu;

    Select a cleaning app in Huawei
    After a while, you will see the result of scanning the device memory;

    Click the “Delete” button
    You need to select the appropriate action at the bottom. delete;

    Confirm data deletion

  • Further in the window, you can see which files were found by the program. They are categorized by data type;
  • The utility also offers to clean up RAM. Confirm permissions and wait for the process to complete.
  • In some cases, special uninstall utilities do NOT help to clear the cache of Huawei Some programs (for example, the Google Play cache is not always deleted by utilities). In such situations, we need to do it manually. In case of problems in the work of Some applications, it is recommended to delete their update through the market.

    An easy way to clear the memory of your Huawei smartphone

    You do not need to understand the phone system to delete unnecessary files. Application developers know how to help us with this. And we have already created several useful programs that automatically collect “garbage” at the top of Huawei. And remove it safely. Don’t think that this is a panacea. There are also downsides to this cleaning method. When you turn on Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, you will see ads in the program window.

    Also, cleaning programs take away the resources of a mobile device, constantly being in running processes. These programs tend to annoy notifications, allegedly that the smartphone’s memory is full. Although in reality he often “juggles” the scan results.

    Launch the Google Play app

    If configured properly, the cleaning app is a good tool for deleting unnecessary data on Huawei:

      To find such an application, open the Google Play market and search for “Clear memory” or “Remove trash”;

    Clear smartphone memory

  • In the results, you can choose the best program for yourself. The most popular is Clean Master due to its thorough search for cache and junk files. It has been downloaded and installed over 1 billion times;
  • In all THESE applications, the operating principle and user interface are SIMilar. In the main menu of the program, select “Clean up trash”. Select the button in Clean Master “Trash”
  • And the application will start looking for unnecessary files on your mobile phone;

    Garbage found by the application
    After scanning, click the “Clear” button;

    Cleaning report window
    Then select the item that cleans the OP and in the same way Free it from unnecessary running processes;

    Remove your smartphone’s RAM
    Most of these programs have anti-virus protection or a scanner. Try to scan your Huawei smartphone. Antivirus scanner in Clean Master

    Perhaps, along with the downloaded files, you entered viruses into the memory.

    Additional Smartphone Cleaning Tools

    Take a closer look at all the tools in the app to clean up memory. Apply them. This cleaning method often helps to fix smartphone problems. Get rid of the lags and slowness of the Huawei operating system. Since the cache and other SIMilar files can take up not only the physical memory of the mobile device, but also part of the virtual one. Then you come across various errors in the Play Store when installing new applications.

    Removing unnecessary apps in Huawei

    The previous section helps to fix some errors and slowdowns of the system. Removing programs on your Huawei smartphone will help you free up a significant portion of the memory on your mobile device. This will also partially speed up its work. The time has passed when 3-4 interesting games could be downloaded from the Play Market with 200 MB of memory in a smartphone. At the same time, the memory still remained. Today games on Google Play have become more colorful and dynamic, but they take up a lot of memory.

    For a long time there have been applications that require more than 1 or 2 gigabytes of memory on a mobile device. If we revise the list of installed applications and successful unnecessary ones. we will do a good job to speed up the second programs and games. Well, clear the memory of your Chinese brand Huawei mobile phone. This can be done in two ways: in the device itself and through the Google Play application.

    To delete through the market:

    • Run the application;
    • At the top, click the three bars next to the Google Play search term;

    Click the three bars next to Google Play
    Select “My Apps and Games”;

    Select “My Apps Games”
    In the next window, click the “Installed” tab at the top;

    Select the “Installed” tab
    By selecting any of them, you can delete it in a separate window. To do this, click the “Delete” button;

    Click the “Delete” button

  • Revise the list and remove all programs and games that you have not used for a long time. Or do not plan to use it in the near future.
  • How to clear memory on Huawei phone

    Today’s smartphones are capable of handling any task: games, programs, VoIP conversations. They have built-in processors, the power of which can be compared with computer ones. But over time, the speed of the applications disappears somewhere. And the Android system starts to slow down at all. The question arises, how to clean the memory on a Huawei mobile phone. And also on second Android devices. In this article, you will find several different effective ways to do this.

    • An easy way to clear the memory of your Huawei smartphone
    • Removing unnecessary apps in Huawei
    • Deactivating Apps on a Huawei Device
    • Clearing memory and cache of Huawei smartphones
    • What is program cache in Huawei

    What is program cache in Huawei

    If applications in Huawei are full of cache, it crashes: it does NOT start, an error appears with different codes, it works slowly. Mobile applications work faster due to the downloaded data from the network. For example, in the Google Maps app, when you browse your browsing location, the app loads a map of that area into the cache. So that next time it starts it can quickly show it to you.

    Sometimes maps can even work without the Internet for the very reason that the map files are already in the cache. But if this storage is full, the program will have nowhere to put the files of the maps of the second areas. If you suddenly want to look at the Eiffel Tower. You can also delete the cache files of an individual program in the “All Programs” section, where we removed applications without the Internet. In the program window there will be a button “Clear cache”. Click it and Confirm deletion. And also use other methods to clear the memory on your Huawei mobile phone.

    SD Maid

    The most modern version is the SD Maid service. With it, you can clean not only the internal storage, but also external media, such as a memory card.

    How to clean the internal memory of Huawei and Honor phones

    While the latest generation phones pack an impressive amount of internal storage, the countless amount of content, system data, and installed app information clog it up pretty quickly. Therefore, the question “How to clear the internal memory of a Huawei phone” sooner or later becomes relevant for every owner of phones of this brand. We have collected the most proven and effective methods. This article will help you get acquainted with them and choose the best one for yourself.

    Types of memory installed on Android phones

    The internal memory of a smartphone is usually divided into two conditional positions: volatile and independent.

    The RAM cannot be manually cleaned. It can only be Unloaded by disabling one or more applications. But ROM-keepers can be cleared almost completely, it all depends on your intentions and desire to save the necessary data. Let’s talk about this procedure in more detail.

    Cleaning your phone from unnecessary files

    To optimize your smartphone performance, it is recommended to regularly manually delete unnecessary files and programs. These include movies, photos and music that you definitely do not plan to return to, applications that you DO NOT use.

    In the latest Android updates, there is an automatic memory cleaning option. You can activate it in the “Storage” section, which is located in the settings. You just need to click the “Free up space” button, and the system itself will offer you several options to do this, for example, delete duplicates or send a photo to Google Drive.

    Clearing smartphone memory using programs

    If you cannot or do not want to manually delete files, use third-party applications created specifically for such operations. Consider a few of the most popular options.

    Clean master

    Clean Master is another utility whose name speaks for itself. To use it, download it from the Play Store (the program is completely free). After starting, press the clear button and wait for the process to finish.

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    Browser cleaning

    The main “Polluter” is the browser. Every day an active user looks through more than a hundred pages in it, and each of them leaves its own “footprint” in the storage. Therefore, the first thing to do is to close all unnecessary tabs. This will also help relieve the load on the operational. Next, we need phone settings. In them we look for the “Applications” section, find the program we need and open its card. We press the button “Clear cache”, and wait for the process to complete. You can also click “Clear data”. this option will also delete all settings.


    The known computer program also has an analogue for smartphones. The utility works on the same principle as on a PC. The cleaner scans the file system and identifies harmful and unnecessary items. After scanning, a list of identified problem components appears. You can exclude the files you want from the list, then click “Clear”.

    Removing applications

    Clearing the cache

    In order to clear the application cache on a Huawei phone, the user needs to follow these steps:

    • Open mobile device settings.
    • Go to the “Applications” section.
    • Click on the term “Applications”.
    • After that, a list of all programs that are installed on the Huawei smartphone will open.
    • In order to clear the cache of a specific application, the user should select a program, click on its name. A new window will open.
    • In the information about the program, click on the term “Memory“.
    • Then click “Clear cache”.

    After that, the cache of this program will be cleared. These steps can be repeated with other applications.

    Ways to clear memory

    These methods can be used absolutely free of charge for every user of a Huawei smartphone. The user can choose the most preferable way for him to clear the memory.

    There are several most popular ways to clear memory:

    • Using the existing functionality;
    • Third party applications;
    • Via computer.

    You can find out the amount of free RAM in Huawei smartphones as follows:

    • Press the button “Recent” tasks on the navigation panel (square icon)
    • See free space below (e.g. 1.5 GB out of 4 GB free).

    In addition, in the same menu, there is a trash can icon next to the inscription about free memory space. The user can click on it, closing all recent programs, as well as freeing up additional RAM.

    Cleaning with standard functions

    The important procedures for clearing memory on a Huawei mobile device are as follows:

    • Clearing the application cache;
    • Removing programs;
    • Removing unnecessary files.

    Often these actions can take a lot of time, but, most importantly, they will bring results.

    Reasons for lack of free memory

    The built-in memory on a Huawei mobile device can be divided into 2 types:

    • Random access memory is the memory used to store temporary files. If you turn off the power of the smartphone, then the RAM will be cleared. In addition, the speed of the system depends on the RAM. Probably, all smartphone owners at least once noticed that the smartphone thinks and hangs for a long time before executing the user’s command. This means that the amount of RAM is not enough for the correct operation of the device. To do this, you need to clean it. The reasons for the lack of RAM: several heavy programs are running; there are many temporary files in the device, many programs are running in the background.
    • Internal memory is the memory where the user’s information and files of the Huawei smartphone are stored. The reasons for the lack of such memory are logical. there are many files on the media. You need to delete unnecessary files.

    Thus, if everything is clear with the internal memory (open “Files” on the device, manually delete unnecessary files), then not all users of Huawei mobile devices know about the methods of cleaning the RAM.

    How to clear memory on a Huawei smartphone

    When a user purchases a new Huawei smartphone, he expects to get the expected. But, unfortunately, the expectation does not always coincide with reality. Sometimes there are hidden defects, flaws or flaws.

    For example, many users of Huawei mobile devices are experiencing insufficient memory on their phones. So, the owner installs applications on his smartphone, actively uses the device, and the system then reports that there is not enough memory, refusing to download programs. After that, the user realizes that the memory is completely clogged.

    In this case, most owners want to move applications from the phone to an external memory card, but even here users sometimes face problems. Someone does not know how to move files, while this method does not help the second, since NOT every program can be moved. There is also another category of users. Some users are unable to transfer applications because there is SIMply not enough support for a memory card in a mobile device. But you can find a way out of this situation.

    Clearing browser history

    The browser also stores a lot of temporary files, which leave a lot of garbage in memory. To clear memory, you can use the following aLGorithm:

    • Open Used Browser.
    • Select the “History” item in the side menu.
    • Press the button “Clear history”.
    • Then confirm your decision by clicking on the “Delete data” button.

    After that, history and temporary files will be deleted from the mobile device.

    Removing programs

    Sometimes the system notifies the user that there is not enough free memory on the device. Most often this happens when trying to install a new program. One of the ways to clean up memory is to uninstall unneeded apps.

    There are 2 ways to uninstall the program:

    • Click on the icon on the desktop, and then drag the file to the trash can or to the inscription “Delete”.
    • Through smartphone settings.

    The second method implies that the user needs to go to the phone settings, go to the “Applications” section, and then select the program in the drop-down list and click on it. After that, press the “Delete” button. The program will be removed from the device, which means that some memory will be freed.

    How to clear memory on Huawei phone

    When the internal memory of the Huawei smartphone is full, it is impossible to install applications, take a photo or download music from cloud services, which is reported by the corresponding notification. Let’s figure out where memory disappears and how to free it.

    What is the memory of a smartphone

    Phones use two types of memory:

    • RAM. volatile memory that is required to work with applications. Filled with active actions and running programs.
    • Persistent. and memory on Android, where personal information is stored, the operating system and other files.

    If RAM is loaded, applications will NOT be able to use it for work, which will lead to minimization or closing of second programs. To free up RAM:

    • Open the list of running programs.
    • Click on the cross to close a specific application or tap on the trash can icon.

    When memory is still Not enough, it means that some software is running in the background, for example, messengers, games with an online connection. They get rid of them as follows:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Go to “Apps notifications”.
    • Search for Viber, WhatsApp or Instagram and open the tab.
    • Click Stop.

    Removing the cache

    Browsers save not only browsing history, but also temporary page files to speed up their loading later, which are called cache. To clear it up, here’s an example from Google Chrome:

    • Go to your browser.
    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Personal data”. “Clear history”.

    Important! Delete only the cache and history, if you delete cookies or sites with passwords, authorization data will be entered again.

    Applications can also grow in size due to the cache in the form of commercials. It can be removed on Huawei Y3 or Y5 using built-in memory management apps or by using a third-party app like CClear.

    Note! Music streaming services also store tracks as cache, which prevents them from being seen by music players. You should delete the accumulated songs through the application settings.

    How to clear the internal memory of a Huawei smartphone

    An easy way to clear your smartphone’s internal memory is to transfer files to a memory card. The lack of a slot partially compensates for Cloud Storage. Solutions from Google and Yandex allow you to store an unlimited number of photos, which, with their size of 5 MB or more, significantly save space. An alternative is to transfer the data to a computer. After connecting the device to your PC, do not forget to clean the.Thumbnails folder:

    • In the root folder go to “DCIM”.
    • Select “.Thumbnails”.
    • Select and delete all files.

    This is where thumbnails of media files are accumulated to quickly display thumbnail tiles in the gallery. Mobile photography fans can save up to 1-2 GB of useless files in a folder.

    The second way to clear the memory of Huawei phone is via PC, pay attention to the folder. Also located in the root partition. The cache of the social network of the same name remains in it: voice messages, sent photos, and graffiti. Feel free to get rid of unnecessary files in the folder. sent, they are stored on network servers.

    On the way, go to the Download folder. it contains files downloaded from the Internet, send unnecessary ones to the trash.

    Note! In the built-in file manager on a smartphone, these folders are often hidden. The exception is Total Comander, which allows you to view the above directives via a smartphone.

    How to free up memory completely

    If you cannot clear the memory, deleting residual files and large applications does not help, it remains to completely clear the internal storage by rolling back the smartphone to factory settings:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Restore and Reset”.
    • Click “Reset Settings”.
    • Agree to start the operation.

    Attention! Resetting to factory settings, among other things, will delete all data from the internal memory of the smartphone, so first copy them to a PC or memory card.

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    Cleaning your phone from unnecessary files

    If your Android phone’s memory is full, we recommend removing apps, downloads and system junk first. The largest amount of space on a smartphone Occupies the download folder and installed applications. An effective way to free up enough memory is to remove all unnecessary.

    How to clear internal phone storage:

    • Analyze all applications on the smartphone desktop. Most likely, you will be able to find several unnecessary or little useful applications that have not been used for a long time. It is better to delete them in order to free up memory;
    • Another common reason why the phone memory is full is that it contains a lot of photos. We can filter out bad photos and are useless. This may already solve the problem. If all the media is needed or deleting it did not help free up enough memory, all that remains is to transfer the files. We recommend moving the data to a USB flash drive or transferring it to a computer;
    • Clear Downloaded files from instant messengers. By default, they download the sent photos to the phone. Because of this, various postcards, congratulations, photos of strangers, etc., accumulate in the smartphone’s storage. The easiest way to clear this section is to use a computer. Through the explorer, we can open the folder of the same name from the messenger and remove its contents;
    • Check the folder where the browser downloads all files. A lot of data accumulates here, cleaning it will help free up a lot of space.

    These are the most effective ways to free up space on your phone, but they DO NOT help everyone. Did you still have an out of memory problem? Read on.

    Android phone is empty but memory is full 5 tips to solve the problem

    How to clear Android phone memory? is a question that interests many smartphone users. Lack of memory is one of the most common problems, as it can appear even on smartphones with large storage capacities. Usually, when a problem appears, a system message “Memory full” is reported. At the same time, the device really may not have free space, and sometimes there is enough of it. This problem leads to a ban on downloading, updating, creating a photo, etc. The phone turns into a device of little use, devoid of most of the functions.

    The way out of the situation is to free up space or change the settings. We will show you 5 effective ways to eliminate the lack of free space on your smartphone.

    Clearing the cache

    Another way to painlessly free up space on your phone is to delete the cache. Caches are temporary files designed to speed up data processing. Actively used data is placed here. Instead of reprocessing the data when loading the application, it is SIMply taken from the cache.

    As in the past, in small amounts the cache is useful, and in large amounts it can slow down the smartphone. Such a procedure is ready to give from 500 MB to 2-4 GB of free space and even more.

    How to clear phone storage by deleting cache:

    • Open the “Settings” application.
    • We are looking for the section “System and Device” and click on the item “Storage”.
    • After calculating the data occupied by the cache, click on the item “Cache data”.
    • In the “Clear cache” window, select “Ok”.

    How to clear cache on Google Play:

    • In the “Settings” menu, look for the “Applications” section.
    • Select “All Applications”.
    • Find the term “Google Play Store” and click on it.
    • Below, click on the “Clear” button and select “Clear cache”.

    Helpful! Often they use special applications to delete the cache, they DO NOT require root access and do everything in a couple of clicks. For this we can use CCleaner or Clean Master.

    Changing settings on an Android smartphone

    Now let’s find out in a way that is ready to give more free memory than any other method. This is a radical way to free up memory on your phone, the essence of which is to reset the settings to the factory state. The local storage will be formatted. At the exit we get a completely clean smartphone.

    Important! We recommend this method only if the other methods did not help.

    How to clear phone memory:

    • We enter the “Settings” menu and find the item “System and device”.
    • Open “Advanced settings” and at the end of the page click on “Restore and reset”.
    • At the bottom of the list, select “Reset settings”.
    • Click on “All files on the phone” and confirm the action.

    Finally, we left one more good way, which requires a small investment.

    Removing information from folder.Thumbnails on Android

    Probably few know, but when browsing the gallery, the Android system creates thumbnails. these are small snaps of pictures. Their main purpose is to increase the speed of the next file download. It is easy to guess that these sketches take up space and have minimal practical use.

    What to do if the phone memory is full:

    • Connect your smartphone to your PC and turn on the “File Transfer” mode.
    • Open the “DCIM” section in the phone section.
    • Go to the “.Thumbnails” directory.
    • Press the combination Ctrl A and Delete all content.

    Over time, this section accumulates data for 1-2 GB. Only removing them will help the phone, perhaps it will even stop slowing down.

    Important! We recommend performing this action at regular intervals. Depending on the activity of using a smartphone, this is 1-3 weeks. If we forget to clean up, the same number of files will accumulate in the section again.

    How To Clear Memory On Huawei Tablet

    Replacing the memory card

    We can just get a larger microSD card. Modern smartphones usually support 128GB drives. With such a storage volume, there is no need to observe a lack of space.

    Important! Many smartphones have a combo slot. This means that we can install either a 2nd SIM or a microSD card in the second slot. Have to prioritize correctly.

    Brief summary: Memory shortages can be easily remedied by deleting temporary and useless files. If you want to save all the data, we can SIMply install a more capacious USB flash drive. If a lot of data from your phone is outdated, it makes sense to transfer everything you need to your computer and format your smartphone. Factory reset frees up the most space.

    Transfer Apps to Huawei SD Card

    Immediately, we note that the system and pre-installed programs on the Huawei smartphone cannot be transferred to the memory card. The transfer can be carried out only with the applications installed by the user. Fortunately, the EMUI shell from the Chinese company provides such an opportunity.

    Note that the presence of the function of transferring an application from internal memory to external memory is the merit of Huawei. Previously, it was available on all Android smartphones running the operating system version 2.2, and in 4.2 it was removed.

    To transfer a program or a large game, you will need:

    • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”.
    • A list of all programs and games on the smartphone will open.
    • Select the utility of interest to the user, the game, clicked on it.
    • In the window that opens, the button “Transfer to SD card” will be displayed. It should be pressed.
    • Wait until the end of the transfer process.

    So, after that, the application must be transferred to a third-party drive. But do not forget that most of the utilities demonstrate stable performance only when installed on internal memory.

    SD card as internal memory
    This solution is sure to work for all the newest Huawei devices. This is the ability to format the memory card and use it as an internal storage device. That is, the installation of applications will be carried out for the most part on it, and information can also be transferred.

    Important! A memory card formatted in this way will not be read by a computer. you can count on stable operation only when paired with a Huawei smartphone. That is, all multimedia and text files can no longer be transferred via USB cable or using CardReader.

    • In the “Menu” item of the phone, go to the “Memory” tab.
    • Next, select the SD card, go to “Settings”. “Format as internal memory”. “Erase and format”.
    • After that, the SD card will be offered to use as an internal storage device.
    • The phone will automatically reboot and the innovations will take effect.

    Additional ways

    If none of the above methods is suitable for your Huawei gadget, you should use the help of third-party utilities:

    • Move to SDcard;
    • Appmgr III;
    • Recovery;
    • Link2sd

    over, if you can’t solve the problem anyway, you can use a PC. By connecting the drive to a personal computer, the user has the ability to create additional sections to store information from the application. This is facilitated by the EaseUS Partition Master utility.

    Memory card apps: how to free up space on Huawei

    People who actively use Huawei smartphones may have problems with insufficient memory on their smartphones. Surprisingly, it didn’t have its own memory, and a memory card was installed in the gadget. The fact is that all applications (and cache for them) on Huawei smartphones are installed on the main, built-in memory of the smartphone. Over time, it completely clogs up, leading to a lack of space. In SEPARATE cases it is not even possible to receive an SMS message. Let’s take a look at how to transfer applications to the SD card.

    There are several ways to transfer data from a Huawei smartphone to a memory card. The most popular ones are through the built-in functions of the phones themselves. If it does not work, you can resort to using third-party software, both on the device itself and on the computer. You can format a flash drive on it and create the necessary partitions using utilities.:

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