How to clear history on Samsung A 50

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Clear Internet History from Android

You can delete your Internet or browsing history in Settings on your phone. Depending on which version of Android you are using and which browser is installed on your device, you can easily clear your browsing history in the Settings menu.

For recent Android users who have Chrome installed on their device, you can follow these steps to clear history and cache.

Go to the settings menu.

Go to “Applications” and tap it.

Swipe to “All” and scroll down until you see “Chrome”.

Click on Chrome. Once you are logged in, you can click on the “Clear data” option and the “Clear cache” button to delete all history items.

Step # 5

Here you can fine tune what exactly you want to delete. Select “Browsing History” and “Cache”, then click the “DELETE” button in the lower right corner.

Clear call history on Android phone

Delete call history. a very simple process on Android. Just follow below steps to clear call logs.

Click “Call Application”. There you will see all call logs.

You can press and hold the call log you want to delete. Confirm that you want to remove it and it will be removed.

Common ways to clear history on Android

Delete history from Android. quite a simple task. Below we will discuss how to delete your call and browser history.

Samsung A50 Delete Contacts | How To Delete Call History In Samsung Galaxy A50

Step # 2

A menu will appear. Scroll down to find and tap the Settings tab.

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Open your browser, find and click the button with three dots in the upper right corner.

How to free or clear the RAM of Android devices

Android is a robust and multifunctional platform that provides developers with an almost unlimited range of possibilities. But at the same time, the main drawback remains. many utilities are not unloaded, but minimized to the tray, while the load on the RAM module greatly increases. Under some coincidence, this leads to the collapse of the system. With each new iteration, this drawback was partially eliminated, but it is still present. In this article, we will try to reveal in detail the question. how to free up RAM on Android.

Cleaning methods

There are several main ways to free up memory on Android:

    The first option is to use the internal tools of the system. Almost every manufacturer has recently built in a special utility that can be called differently. in some cases it is “Cleaning” or “Clean”. By clicking on it, all unnecessary applications will be unloaded.

At the bottom, the amount of RAM will be displayed: occupied and free. Utilities will be displayed in the table, some of them can be unloaded, others are important for the normal functioning of the system. After that, you need to put a tick next to one of the programs and click “Stop”. Part of the RAM will be freed.

There will be displayed information about the amount of free RAM and permanent memory. If you click on one of these parameters (in our case, this is RAM), another panel will be displayed, at the very top there will be a figure in megabytes of memory that can be freed.

When you click on the “Speed ​​up” button, the procedure will be carried out and a certain amount of RAM will become free. With the help of Clean Master, you can also free the permanent memory: the corresponding item is selected on the first page.

Clearing the Android RAM is a very important procedure for normal interaction with the operating platform. Such an operation allows not only to optimize the RAM, but also to significantly speed up the work with the system. If earlier, when using games or even simply opening new pages in the browser, they noticeably slowed down, then after the release procedure the problem disappears.

Of the above methods, the most effective is to use Clean Master, but if you do not have access to the Internet, but you urgently need to optimize, the built-in tools will do. However, it is worth remembering that closing some of them leads to incorrect operation of the platform. True, in the latest versions, developers have significantly reduced the ability to close certain running programs.

How to clean up your Android device: cache, history and junk files

Users of Android devices very often encounter messages “Not enough storage space”, which can cause it to slow down and lag. Over time, a lot of unnecessary data such as cache, history and files accumulates on the smartphone or tablet you are using. If you are looking for an application that will do everything for you, then I will immediately warn you that the vast majority of them will not improve the current situation in any way.

Before we start, it is worth noting that this article was created in collaboration with the readers of our site, including advanced users who figured out the problem on their own. We will analyze at once several effective ways to learn how to clean any Android device from garbage.

We are looking for a problem through the DiskUsage application

To begin with, the user first needs to determine what takes up the most space in the smartphone’s memory. Using the DiskUsage app, you can take a look at all the information that is stored on your gadget. Thus, it is very easy to understand which folders and files are consuming the most megabytes.

After scanning the built-in memory, you can see the size of each application, as well as the cache and other data. DiskUsage generates graphs that give you a better idea of ​​what’s on the phone. You can delete unneeded files right away.

Manually delete the cache of installed programs and games

Many smartphone users manually delete the cache of applications, and also regularly clear the folder with photos and videos received through instant messengers. That is, if you use the services of programs such as WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts or others, then you should often delete the files received through them, as they take up a lot of space.

Most cleaning tools for your mobile device promise to improve its performance. They manage to do this by clearing the cache. Basically, a cache is an area in memory where data or frequently used processes are stored for quick access in the future. Ultimately, it saves time and prevents unnecessary consumption of smartphone or tablet hardware. So, in the short term, it seems like the best option, but then it can have consequences.

I recommend doing proactive cache cleanups. It is worth performing the procedure through the settings:

1.Open the “Settings” application 2.Go to the “Application Manager” section 3.Choose the application that consumes the most memory

Go to the “Memory” submenu 5. And now click the “Clear cache” button

Resetting the device to factory settings

how to free up space on Samsung a10 a20 a50 a70 a90

Restoring to factory settings will provide you with a completely clean device, the memory of which will be as free as on the day of purchase. You don’t have to deal with any unnecessary apps, contacts, settings or other type of data, just what comes with Android by default.

We recommend this especially to those who have been using their phone for more than a year or two. Of course, before starting, you need to back up the data you need on your phone.

How to reset an Android device to factory settings?

-Open Settings. Go to the “Backup & Reset” menu

-Click on it and confirm that you really want to continue

SD Maid. system cleaning tool

This tool is able to find files or folders that are no longer installed on your Galaxy. A significant amount of such data can accumulate, so do not underestimate this feature. In addition, you can easily find unnecessary files, remove duplicates and much more.

SD Maid boasts an intuitive interface and can work with or without superuser rights. If you have rooted your device, then you will be able to free even more data from the smartphone’s memory. The free version without ROOT has all the necessary functions, but if you use superuser rights, then you will have to buy the Pro version for 3.5.

CCleaner. another useful tool

This app simply removes useless, obsolete and temporary data. The advantage of this application is that it can analyze the device’s memory, scan the cache section, browser history, call history, and other areas of the system. After analysis, the user receives cleaning recommendations.

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On top of all this, CCleaner will provide you with a list of applications that consume the most cache memory, as well as the ability to clear them. As with SD Maid, this tool has an intuitive interface.

If you are using a microSD card, transferring applications can help you a lot. If the operating system of your phone does not have such a function, then SD Maid will do it using ROOT rights. Unfortunately, gaining superuser rights can be a tricky process for many.

Delete Phone Call History on Samsung Phone

Deleting call history on Samsung is not difficult. Launch “Phone” and move to the last tab.

This location displays a chronologically ordered history of links. Select “Three dots” and click delete.

If you want to delete one call, highlight the contact, then select the “Connection Details” option and click the trash can icon or at the top right “Delete” (depends on Samsung and android version).

In this way, you can delete individual lines. If you want to remove all this. select the icon first from the top.

After selecting the history of all calls, click “Delete”. this way you can clear the call history. As a result of this operation, your Samsung will be cleared.

How to Delete Browsing and Browsing History on Samsung Smartphone

At some point, using a browser on a Samsung phone or tablet, you may notice a rather significant drop in application performance.

Some people mistakenly believe that slower browser performance is the result of internet problems.

For this reason, like so many others, it’s time to clear all your search and pageview history, cookies and cache.

Most modern browsers are equipped with mechanisms that allow you to browse the Internet in the so-called “private mode”.

Once enabled, the browser does not save any search history, cookies, temporary files or page browsing history on the Samsung phone.

After clearing all browser-generated elements when visiting subsequent pages, you can expect both positive and negative effects. slightly longer loading times, but only when visiting for the first time

How to clear your browser’s search and browsing history

Unfortunately, this method only works correctly if you are using the Chrome or Yandex app (Yandex uses chrome technology), so if you are using the default app to browse sites, and on Samsung this is the “internet” browser you will not be able to use this way.

Step. open the Google Chrome app.

Step. tap on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the app.

Step. a menu will appear, and in this menu click on “Settings”.

Step. After that, you will be able to see all the settings of the Google Chrome app. Click on the “Personal Data” option.

Step. Scroll down and tap on the “Clear History” option.

Step. A small notification window will appear on the screen allowing you to select the data you want to clear from the browser.

Step. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked in the fields “Browsing history“, “Cache” and “Cookies and site data”, as well as any others that you want to delete.

Tap “Delete data” and then click “Clear”.

As I said above, the big disadvantage of this method is that if you are using a standard pageview application, you will not be able to use this method.

If you want to remove traces of visiting some sites on your Samsung phone without deleting all information from the device, then you should only clear browsing data.

Why clear history on Samsung phone

There are many different reasons for clearing history on Samsung Galaxy duos a3, S8, a5, j3, j2 and so on. Below are the two most common reasons.

Memory. If you surf the internet a lot on your Samsung mobile and then clear your history, you can clear some places that may be filled with other data.

Confidentiality. If you are looking to sell your cell phone and want to make sure that you still have personal data, knowing how to clear Samsung’s history will ensure that no one can view your history.

These are just some of the most common reasons for clearing browsing history on Samsung.

Perfectly Delete All History on Samsung Phone

Let’s start by completely wiping your Samsung phone of data. To do this, you need to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Then he will be in the state in which we were after removing it from the box.

It is good to make a copy of the most important data in advance and remove the memory card. To restore the original settings of the smartphone, enter the settings menu, and then find the tabs “Backup” and “Reset”.

Then look in the submenu for “factory settings” or “reset”. We approve the team if we are convinced of the need to delete all data from our device.

After a while, our phone should restart and after a few seconds you will see a welcome message and a request to reconfigure your Google account.

Please note that the path to a specific menu may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in all cases, the procedure for restoring factory settings is the same.

Delete Text Message History on Samsung Phone

How about SMS? Also, you shouldn’t have any problems deleting unnecessary messages. To do this, we need to open the list of messages, click the three-dot icon (or menu, depending on the device and the manufacturer’s overlay) and find the option “delete messages”.

You can then flag all messages or individual conversations with that person. Only if you want to delete only one text from the sequence of conversations, and not all correspondence with this person, we must go through a message from this person.

Then scroll down the list for that particular text message what we mean, keep your finger on that message until you see additional options and choose “delete message”.

You will get the same effect by designing a three-dot menu already in this post. Removing the entire history from our device or individual categories is not a difficult task.

Samsung allows you to erase data in almost any case and configuration. Whether it’s entire lists or individual cases.

Just remember to make backups before completely rebooting your device, as you never know when we’ll need them. Success.

Complete deletion of history on Samsung in Yandex Browser

If you want to completely clear the Yandex mobile history on your Samsung smartphone, there are several ways to do this.

  • Launch your Yandex mobile web browser;
  • On the screen that opens, click to the right of the search line on the button in the form of three horizontal lines;
  • In the menu section that opens, at the bottom, tap on the tab with the designation of the clock face;
  • Both the pages that you visited and a list of search queries entered by you will open;
  • Perform a long tap on any of the links you provide;
  • In the menu that appears, tap on “Clear history”. The entire history of your Yandex Browser will be deleted.
  • Launch your mobile navigator on Samsung;
  • Tap the button in the form of three horizontal dots to the right of the search bar;
  • In the menu that appears below, select “Settings”;

Features of saving search history in mobile Yandex

Many of us have our own secrets. They also concern search queries that we would like to hide from the people around us. That is why many are interested in deleting the search history in Yandex Browser, and are looking for ways to implement their plans. At the same time, clearing requests can help to increase free space in the memory of your Samsung phone, which will also be useful.

It is also important to distinguish the search history from the search substitution that Yandex performs. The latter is performed automatically from the most popular queries on the network, and you should not be afraid of them.

The history of user surfing is stored by mobile Yandex during the period while you use the browser of the same name or the Yandex application. Accordingly, a web browser can store your search history for months or even years. This is why you need to clear history on your Samsung.

Let’s see how this can be done.

Clearing Yandex app history on Samsung

You can also delete requests in the Yandex application installed on your phone.

  • Launch the app on your Samsung;
  • Tap on the search bar, and below you will see a list of what we searched earlier.
  • At the top left is a button with three horizontal lines. Tap on the indicated button, and in the menu that appears, select “Settings”;
  • In the list that opens, select “Clear history”;
  • A confirmation prompt is displayed. Click on “Yes”;
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If you now tap on the search bar on the main screen, you will see that the search history is no longer available.

How to clear Yandex search history on Samsung

Yandex Browser is one of the most popular navigators in Russia. Its versions are installed both on PC and on mobile devices, on which it is equipped with the equally popular assistant “Alice”. Having used the search engine on our smartphone for a long time, we may have a desire to delete the history. How can this be done? Below we will find out how to completely clear the Yandex search history on Samsung phones. And also what optional will help us with this.

How to Spot Clear Browser Requests on Samsung Phone

If you want to delete your search history in Yandex Browser only for a couple of your queries, then it is very simple to do this:

  • Launch your Yandex mobile web browser;
  • On the screen that opens, click to the right of the search line on the button in the form of three horizontal lines;

A way to delete all requests on the Yandex site

Also, to clear the histories of our search queries, we can use the functionality of the Yandex web service. It is relevant if you were surfing in the browser under your Yandex account.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A50

You may need to restart your Samsung Galaxy A50 if the device malfunctions, often freezes or does not want to turn on at all.

Features of the model

The budget model burst into the market and immediately impressed users with its technical characteristics, which are not inferior to the flagship lines. Face recognition and anti-tampering fingerprint features have appeared in low-cost devices only from Samsung, and this is a significant breakthrough. Two microphones and a unique noise cancellation system make the use of a budget gadget convenient and comfortable, and the high performance, economical battery consumption and fast charging with the original charger were immediately appreciated by the owners of the novelty.

The smartphone supports the functions of custom settings, in addition, the gadget has a night mode, perfectly takes pictures and shoots videos tolerably. A 50 has standard security and privacy features, and also allows the owner to have multiple social media accounts and clone applications.

A large number of positive aspects do not protect the smartphone from malfunctions. Often, the device requires a reboot, and this can be done in different ways.

How to restart a smartphone

The method of how to restart a Samsung A50 smartphone does not fundamentally differ from the restart methods of the entire line. For this:

  • Hold down the Power, Volume Down and Screen Activation buttons at the same time.
  • Wait until the phone prompts you to select an action and tap “Restart”.

The Samsung Galaxy screen will turn off, and after a while a splash screen will appear and the phone will enter operating mode again, getting rid of the existing Android crash.

If frozen

You can try to reanimate a stuck Samsung A 50 with a simple but very effective method: pry off the cover and remove the battery from the device. A cardinal solution will not eliminate the failures that have arisen, but will return the smartphone to work.

If the freeze problem persists, then you need to eliminate the root cause. Think about whether your smartphone has some dubious applications or programs that can conflict with Android? First, you need to delete them, and then reset them, removing their traces in the system:

  • Open “Settings” Samsung A 50.
  • Tap “General settings”.
  • Select the item “Archive and reset”.
  • Tap “Reset”.

We are waiting for the phone to reboot and enjoy a clean system that works without crashes due to conflicts with installed dubious applications. Reset allows you to troubleshoot the functioning of Android without affecting user files.

If it does not turn on

A reboot is sometimes required for a smartphone that has stopped turning on, although it is definitely charged. To restart and fix the system crash, follow these simple instructions:

  • Clamp the power and volume down buttons together.
  • Do not release the keys and hold them for at least 7 seconds.

The device should then start up, and the legendary Samsung screensaver will appear on the screen. If the problem recurs frequently, we recommend that you reset your phone to fix system problems.

Clearing browsing history in CCleaner

With the help of third-party software, the user can take all the necessary measures to clear the history of visited web pages on the Internet. Many Windows operating system optimization applications have built-in functions to remove unnecessary data.

Let’s see how to do this in the free CCleaner program:

  • In the CCleaner window, open the “Standard cleaning” section.
  • In the tabs “Windows” and “Applications”, in the parameters of the browsers installed on your PC, set the checkboxes in the items “History of visited sites” or “History of visits”.
  • Click on the “Analysis” button.
  • After it finishes collecting information, click on the “Cleanup” button to remove unnecessary data from your computer.

How to delete Opera browser history

The popular Opera browser has similar functions, because it uses the same engine in its work as the Google Chrome browser.

Clearing the browsing history for individual sites in Opera is carried out in the following order:

  • Click on the button “Configure and manage Opera”.
  • In the context menu, click on “History” = “History”.
  • In the upper left corner of the browser window, the “History” panel will open with records of site visits.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the site name, click on the corresponding icon to remove it from history.

Follow the steps to completely clear your browsing history in Opera:

  • Press the keys “Ctrl” “Shift” “Del”.
  • In the “Clear browsing history” window, in the “Advanced” tab, you need to select a time range:
  • All the time.
  • Last 24 hours.
  • Last 7 days.
  • Last 4 weeks.
  • Specify the appropriate items in the settings.
  • Click on the “Delete data” button.

How to delete history in Firefox browser

In the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can delete information about visited sites in two ways: completely delete records of visits, or clear history from individual pages of sites.

To remove individual entries from history in Firefox, you need to do the following:

  • Click on the button with three bars “Open menu”.
  • In the context menu, first click on the “Library” item, and in the next menu window on “Journal”.
  • In the “History” menu, in the “Recent history” section, a list of visited sites is displayed.
  • Right-click on an individual record, and in the context menu, click on the item “Delete page”.

To remove all sites from history in Mozilla Firefox, you will need to perform some steps:

  • Go to browser settings.
  • Open the “Privacy and Security” tab.
  • Scroll to the “History” option.
  • Click on the “Delete history”.
  • In the pop-up window, you must select the appropriate time period:
  • For today.
  • In the last hour.
  • In the last two hours.
  • In the last four hours.
  • During all this time.
  • In the “History” parameter, mark the necessary items, and then click on the “OK” button.

Clearing history in Internet Explorer

Not a very large number of users still use the Internet Explorer browser, mainly due to the fact that only this Internet browser is used by some programs necessary for work. In Internet Explorer settings, you can clear the list of previously visited sites.

You can delete the Explorer browser history in the following way:

  • Click on the “Service” button.
  • In the context menu, go to the path “Security” = “Delete browser history”.
  • In the “Delete browsing history” window, you need to select the appropriate options, and then click on the “Delete” button.

Delete history in Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The Microsoft Edge for Chromium browser is used as the default browser in the Windows operating system. The browser is based on Chromium, so it has similar functions for deleting data from the Internet.

Removing some entries from history in Microsoft Edge is carried out in steps:

  • Click on the button “Settings and more” (three horizontal dots).
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Journal”.
  • In the submenu, click on “Log Management”.
  • Click on the cross next to the name of the entry to remove an unnecessary page from history.

Complete deletion of the history of visited websites is as follows:

  • You will need to simultaneously press the “Ctrl” “Shift” “Del”.
  • In the “Delete web browsing data” window that opens, you need to select a time range:
  • In the last hour.
  • In the last 24 hours.
  • Last 7 days.
  • In the last 4 weeks.
  • All the time.
  • Activate the appropriate options, click on the “Delete now” button.
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How to delete history in Yandex Browser

First, let’s see how to delete the Yandex browser history on a computer. Consider both options: selectively deleting individual sites from history and completely deleting the entire history of visits.

Depending on the circumstances, the user may need to delete only some of the entries from the history. In other cases, on the contrary, it is more advisable to completely clear the entire history.

To selectively delete individual sites from the Yandex Browser history, follow these steps:

  • Press the “Ctrl” “H” keys.
  • A list of visited sites will open in a browser window, arranged in chronological order.
  • Move the mouse cursor over the entry with the desired site.
  • Opposite the name of the visited resource on the right side, the “Delete” button will be displayed.
  • Click on a button to remove a specific page from your browser history.

Complete deletion of history in Yandex Browser is carried out in the following way:

  • Press the keys “Ctrl” “Shift” “Del”.
  • In the “Clear history” window, select the desired time period:
  • During all this time.
  • Over the past hour.
  • Over the past day.
  • Last week.
  • In the last 4 weeks.
  • Check the boxes you want, and then click on the “Clear” button.

How to delete Google Chrome browser history

Now let’s look at how you can delete the history of the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Both options are offered to your attention: clearing the entire browser history, or deleting records from the history of viewing individual pages of sites.

To delete Chrome browser history for some visited pages, follow these steps:

  • Press the keyboard keys “Ctrl” “H”.
  • The “History” tab will open on the “chrome: // history” page with the records of the visits, arranged in chronological order.
  • Check the box next to the required entry, click on the button with three vertical dots.
  • In the context menu, select “Remove from history”.

If you need to completely erase a specific site from the browsing history of the Google Chrome browser, you need to do the following:

  • Select the context menu item “Other entries for this site”.
  • In the opened tab with search results, select all site records one by one, and then delete them from history by clicking on the “Delete” button.

To delete the history of all views, follow the sequential steps:

  • Click on the button “Settings and control of Google Chrome”.
  • In the context menu, first select “History”, and then again “History”.
  • On the page with the records of the sites visited, click on the button with three stripes located on the left side of the top panel of the page.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the item “Clear history”.
  • In the pop-up window, you must select the time range for deleting data:
  • All the time.
  • Last 24 hours.
  • Last 7 days.
  • Last 4 weeks.
  • Check the “Browser history” item, and if necessary, select other additional options.
  • Click on the “Delete data” button.
  • In the “Advanced” tab, you can choose more options to clear history.

How to delete browser history on PC

When working on a computer, some of the users need to delete the browser history for one reason or another. The browsing history displays the sites that the user visited on the Internet.

The list of visited pages is saved in the device memory: PC, smartphone or tablet. There are situations when you need to get rid of some information to protect your privacy or privacy.

Modern browsers store various data about user actions on the Internet, which are needed for a more convenient use of the application. The saved information includes information about the history of visits to the pages of websites.

In some cases, it is undesirable for the user that information about the visited pages of the sites becomes available to other users. This possibility exists if several people use one computer, or unauthorized people have access to this PC.

It is easy to imagine a situation in which a stranger may see unwanted personal information that should not be advertised to other people.

One of the options not to get into such situations is to use incognito mode in the browser, in which the browser does not remember the history of visits on the Internet.

Can I delete my browser history? Yes, of course, this feature is built into all modern Internet browsers. In most cases, it is possible to delete individual records of visited sites, or to delete the entire history for the entire time, or for a certain period of time.

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to erase your browser history when using popular internet browsers on your computer.

How to Delete History on Samsung Phone

Hey! Today I will show you how to delete history on Samsung Galaxy phone. You can delete your search and browsing history on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone very simply and quickly. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

How to delete history in Yandex on Samsung

Open the Yandex browser on your smartphone. On the main page, in the search field on the right, click on the Menu button.

On this page, at the bottom, click on the clock-shaped icon. Click here on any site address in history and hold without releasing.

In the window that opens, click Clear history. All is ready.

How to Delete Google History on Samsung

Open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone. On the main page, at the top right, click on the Properties button.

In the window that opens, click on the History tab.

Next, click here on the Clear History tab.

Select the time in which you want to clear history. Check the boxes next to the parameters you want to delete. Click on the button Delete data below.

Note. There is an Advanced tab at the top. Here the Sites with saved passwords option will be checked by default. If you want to keep them, uncheck the box to the right of the option.

All is ready. You have deleted all your search and browsing history.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

How to delete SMS message on Android smartphone?

Despite the fact that the Android operating system is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, many users do not know the answers to some questions. For example, do you know how to delete SMS messages on your phone? If not, then you’ve come to the right place.

The process is extremely simple, it takes no more than a couple of minutes of time. However, it depends on the number of messages you want to delete.

We go to the “Messages” application. It can be called “SMS messages” or simply “SMS”. we think you can figure it out with no problems.

In order to delete a message, tap on it and hold it down with your finger until the trash can icon appears, as in our case, or the word “Delete”. Clicking on the trash can icon will delete the message. If you need to confirm the deletion, do so.

There is another option. Press the “Menu” button (in our case it is under the screen, you can have it in the form of a touch button right on the screen) to bring up the settings window. Click “Delete” or “Delete all chains”, as in our case.

In this case, all messages will be deleted.

Want to delete a specific message in your conversation? No problems. Go to the desired correspondence, find the message.

Tap on it while keeping your finger on it. A menu will appear, in it you will see the “Delete” button. Click on it to delete a specific message in the conversation.

This example is based on the standard Android firmware. Since many manufacturers use their own firmware versions (modified), the process for deleting SMS may be slightly different, but in general, the essence of the process does not change.

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